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Horrible Service And Food
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Rating: 1/51

MARYSVILLE, WASHINGTON -- This is not a good review of the Marysville IHOP. First of all the wait time to get our water and one iced tea was way too long, then when I got my iced tea there was no ice in it. It took over 10 minutes for me to get her attention to get me some ice in my tea. Then it was another 10 minutes or so before she came and gave it to me. Then she took our order. While waiting over 35 minutes for our dinner we tried to get her attention again for another glass of ice water and a refill on my iced tea. We waited and waited again. She would walk right by us and ignore us.

THEN when our meal finally came my dinner I asked her to bring me some butter for my potatoes. I ordered the chicken fried chicken which showed that it came with gravy on it. Guess what? There was no gravy on it. I had to track her down to finally ask her for some gravy. She brought it and plunked it down on our table without saying anything. By that time everything on my plate was cold. The gravy was only lukewarm. My husband's bacon was undercooked, but he didn't want to say anything to the server. Unbelievably bad service.

When she ran my debit card she said it didn't work. I had just used it at Costco and it was fine. She said she tried it again and it said it was my card. So husband gave her his card and it worked. By the way we went to the bank following this awful lunch and the teller said it worked just fine, that IHOP's machine must be faulty. What a horrible experience. That was the first time in my life that I did not leave a tip. P.S. I never did get my butter!

Carrying iHop's Food Baby
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Rating: 4/51

SALEM, OREGON -- CARRYING IHOP'S FOOD BABY. Period 4. I went to iHop for breakfast with my family and when entered, I looked around, seeing most people enjoying each other, laughing and having a good time. The vibe in the building matched the sunshiny happiness outside. They had old school music people still hear and listen to. The wait was not long, if you get there early around nine through ten or during the night then you would be seated right away.

My waiter was very nice, she kept a smile on her face. She did not sound or look grey, she matched the positive atmosphere. The food took a long time to get to my table, and I got there early so I would not have to wait forever on my food. By the time the food arrived they get my order mixed up and forces me to wait even longer.

The reason I chose to eat at iHop was for the happiness it gives me. I chose ihop because I always leave stuffed from breakfast or lunch. The service is nice and it's like they want you to feel at home. When I walked in with my family we got sat and enjoyed ourselves.

The food may have been taking a while, but when I got my ham and egg melt with a side of fries it was worth the wait. When I took my first bite it brought my insides and out to tears knowing that the food wasn't going to last long. The fries were still hot on the first crunchy bite, I knew right then that it didn't need ketchup. I am in love with ihop even though they are not as fast. They still put my tastebuds to tears.

I would definitely come back knowing I would be carrying a food baby full of deliciousness in my stomach. If ihop put smiles on people's faces like it did to my face, a lot more people would show up, then there wouldn't be any space. Honestly ihop has something bad about it but I really didn't notice and neither will others. They have such positive things in the building and their food take your tastebuds on a rollercoaster of satisfaction. You get extra things if you make your waitress smile, luckily for me I had a female and I made her smile.

Do They Not Listen To People's Request?
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Rating: 2/51

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- We ask for cracked/fresh eggs. Daughter has wheat/gluten allergy. Hers came out correct. I had ask for this for my scrambled eggs. Mine did not come that way. They were hard, leathery like. I was so disappointed in our trip to Ihop this time. Also ask for my hash browns to be stirred so they get a little brown thru out and they came with the brown on the outside of a cake and white in the middle. We have eaten at this Ihop several times and really enjoyed it and also the Canon City Ihop and never have had a problem. May go back to this one but they better get the order correctly made.

By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- Clearly, one can understand why all the IHOP parking lots and empty and why only TEN customers are in any location even at rush hours, as was the case today. IHOP, 11613 Bandera Road, San Antonio TX 78250. The last three trips here, disaster, but today was the straw that broke the camel's back. We will never return to ANY IHOP ANYWHERE.

Three trips ago, (May 2011) the beef tips were RAW, camouflaged by the sauce of course, I spit them out into my napkin in disgust. I could not eat. I complained when I left and the manager told me I could not complain "because the waitress kept checking on us and I did not order a replacement." Sorry, ma'am, I was too nauseated to order a replacement. Two trips ago (June 2011), the IHOP canned potato soup was served ice cold in the center.

TODAY, the sign said, "A good meal can make the day." All the customers were laughing and saying, "They should change it to... A Good Meal TAKES all day." We arrived at 1:20 and placed our order at 1:30. Half the restaurant was roped off and closed. The other half... a total of TEN customers ONLY.

Our meal arrived at 2:10 AFTER the waitress kept saying, "It will be five more minutes." We requested tartar sauce (none available), we requested cocktail sauce (none available). (I ordered Tilapia). My husband's bread, which we had to request 3 times, arrived as a dessert, after we had finished. So it took 35 minutes to receive our order (or I should say the initial part of our order), and the waitress said there was only one cook and they were CROWDED... ten customers. I counted them.

When we went to pay out check, the "system was down", we stood at the register for l5 minutes and I finally asked to see the manager and inquire as to how we could get out of the place... She gave us our meal, along with the other TEN customers, the entirety of their workload... I asked for the receipt so I could call the 800 number for the survey. She gave me someone else's receipt and refused to give me my receipt. This is nothing new.

At this location, they refuse customers the right to obtain their receipts to participate in the survey. Additionally, the restrooms are FILTHY... I supposed this is because the staff is overworked with their TEN customers. No paper, no toilet seat cover, the trash cans, all of them were running over with trash, and the walls contained urine. Disgusting. Never again will I ever go into another IHOP. To say the staff and management is INEPT is a compliment to the way this location is operated.

Two managers on duty, one female came out and gave away the meals complimentary due to the poor service. (ten people). The other manager (male), we watched him throughout our entire meal, he never came out from behind the counter, we could see him from the table, despite l00 percent of the customers ready to walk out, he continued to be preoccupied with entertaining the waitresses behind the counter. Phone: I-HOP-STINKS.

Very bad management
By -

LAWTON, OKLAHOMA -- This IHOP is very bad for not only the customers but even worse for the staff. Night management yells at servers in between the front doors of the restaurant. Welcome to IHOP to watch our disgusting display of public humiliation before you are fully in the building. The manager is very short-tempered and downright rude to the staff. Cooks threaten and scream at waitstaff in front of management, yet no action is taken to stop the scene in front of customers. Night management doesn't even know the menu, and very loudly in front of customers has actually asked a member of waitstaff if the never-ending pancake special comes with pancakes.

Servers are punished for calling the district manager and the corporate office when their checks are: 1. Not right for their hours; 2. Not right for tips reported; 3. Not the correct amount. False write-ups are made to fire people they don't like or people managers are threatened by. Management even writes up employees for doing things management tells them to do. For example: management tells servers not to allow people over the age of 12 to order from the kids menu, then when the server doesn't let a 35 year old woman order off the kids menu the server gets wrote up.

Management also tells servers not to charge VIPs for or police officers for their drinks, then when the server doesn't charge for those drinks the server then gets wrote up yet again. Management makes up a lie that the server swore and said things that were never said yet again writes the server up and suspends the server. The server then asks to see the tape of this happening and suddenly the manager claims there is no sound on the tape which is another lie. Then the same manager that claims there's no sound on video tape claims that it was heard on video tape that the server told a customer her phone number and was discussing IHOP personal business with a customer.

In actuality the server simply said to a personal friend, "hey give me a call I want to talk to you about something later because I can't right now." All the server wanted to discuss was going to the club they work at with a mutual friend of theirs to cheer him up in hard times. In return, the general manager has fired a cook that was there for years and actually told members of waitstaff it was because that cook knew more than he did. After working in different IHOPs in the state of Oklahoma for over 5 years as not only a server, shift leader, crew chief, manager on duty, and a manager for many years my employment has come to an end due to a manager's lies.

Time and again has come up that this manager feels threatened because either I or someone else knew how to do our jobs as well as management's jobs. I am not writing this as any form of attempt to "save" myself or even my job, but rather to warn people of what is truthfully going on in this store. Maybe this might stop a few people who don't deserve this fate which I have been talking about in this complaint. I would gladly have even included my name for all those who I have either served or worked with whom know that I "do not" lie, as well as for all of those IHOP supervisors that are fully aware of my work ethics.

However, I am unable to give out this information due to fear of legal actions for "disclosing company policy." If they are suing "The International House of Prayer" which is a church, why wouldn't they sue me?

Slowness and Theft of a Cellphone
By -

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- First of all I went to eat breakfast with my daughter one morning. She ordered the breakfast that had the Whoville pancakes that came with it and I ordered the "Cheese Blintz" breakfast. When they finally did come out her breakfast was correct but mine was the "breakfast blintz" which is nothing like what I ordered. I had them take it back and I guess they put my order at the end of the line since it took another 1/2 hour to come out!!! I wasn't hungry by then since I was so angry about the length of time it took so I said that I didn't want them. They packed a bag to go for me and brought it up to the cashier like I was going to eat them later?

I told the manager that I would not pay for the order and since it took so long they could cover my daughters meal since she didn't eat the whole meal either due to feeling bad that she was eating and I was sitting there. Even the manager was saying that I could take the meal to go though! I couldn't believe it.

Then my daughter went to the same restaurant weeks later with some of her friends and when she got up she forgot her cell phone on the seat. She went right back in the store to find the table had been cleaned and the Blackberry cell phone was gone. She asked the manager about it and of course she said, "No one had turned it in." Well my daughter tried several times to call it and it would ring a few times and then hang up.

She spent all afternoon with the same friends so I believe that she would've heard the phone ringing if "one of her friends" had grabbed the phone off of the seat. When I went to talk to the manager later she said that I was not allowed to view the video but that it looked like the kids were playing around with the phone. Then the other manager said that it looked like a female had passed the phone to one of her friends... doesn't make sense since my daughter knew that there wasn't any insurance on the phone. Why would she give the phone to a friend and then the friend not answer the phone?

Also the first manager told my daughter that the busboy had a long way to go home and that he usually takes the bus. Then she said that he rode his bike home. Seems to me like that manager needs to think before speaking. Anyway, The head of the IHOP here in San Antonio is just as rude as his staff. Needless to say that is not a place that I will be eating again. So IHOP you really need to look at the type of people you are hiring! I was also told by the head of IHOP here that I better make sure that what I am saying is the truth. Funny how I take that as a threat. I would still like to see the video. I'm sure that it has disappeared by now.

Poor Food Quality, Twice
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Rating: 1/51

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK -- Stuffed French toast came out of the kitchen hard -- possibly put in microwave to heat up, left in too long, sent back. Strawberry topping ice cold. Asked for crepes instead. Crepes had sauce frozen in a solid lump which I literally could pick up in my hand. No apology for either. I will never go there again!! The absolute worst experience I've ever had at a restaurant with what should be the easiest meal one could buy at a restaurant.

5929 N.Lincoln, Bad Food, Filthy Restaurant
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Rating: 1/51

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- On Nov. 9th a companion & I went to IHOP at 5929 N. Lincoln Ave. for dinner. My companion ordered an egg dish that was ill prepared. I ordered the country fried steak with mashed potatoes and substituted corn for the broccoli. The meat tasted of old grease, the "mashed potatoes" tasted NOTHING like mashed potatoes and was cold.

The next morning we, for some crazy reason, decided to go to the same place for breakfast. We were seated, handed menus and the waiter walked away. I went and ask him for a wet cloth so I could clean the syrup from the table where I was seated. He told me he would get it. He came, he swiped, he missed.

My companion ordered pancakes this time and I ordered the stuffed french toast and, not learning from the evening before, eggs. I like my eggs over med but when I order them over medium at IHOP in the past, they come to me over easy. So to compensate I ask for my eggs to be over medium well. As my friend ordered pancakes we pulled the syrup tray closer. OMG, the table and the little short wall the syrup sits next to were filthy. Dried syrup with dirt dried in the syrup. The little short wall even had syrup dried on it. The floor under the table had, a spoon, several empty sugar packets, a couple of crayons and enough food for an appetizer.

Our food came. My french toast was cold and the eggs were as hard as an egg can get with both sides brown and crusty. When I paid for this filthy, poor food experience I ask if a manager was on duty. The young woman said, "Yes, he's here." So I asked to see him. She ask what could she tell him it was about. I said, "the dirty restaurant, I'll be waiting be my table."

She comes back several minutes later... "Oh, he's not here." She ask if I wanted to leave my name and number so he could call me. "OH YES." I did, he didn't. So the next day I fill out their online form, one for each visit. I called their customer service number and told my complaints to them. I was told someone would call me. No one has.

Horrible service, Apathetic manager
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Rating: 2/51

MANASSAS, VIRGINIA -- On Sunday, May 6th, I visited IHOP #3190 in Manassas, VA with my son and his friend. This is usually one of our favorite places to grab a quick breakfast or lunch when he's home from college. We have always experienced good food and excellent service, which is why this visit was so disappointing and annoying.

When we entered, the restaurant was starting to empty out after the post-church rush. We were seated at a booth where the table was cleared but dirty. It took about 5 minutes for the waitress to take our drink orders and then our drinks didn't arrive for another 10 mins. She forgot my water (which I never received) and said she would come back for our food order. We waited another 20 minutes. BTW, the coffee was undrinkable - tasted about 3 days old.

Tired of waiting I went to the service station and asked to speak to the manager. He emerged from the kitchen and barely listened to my complaint. He never made eye contact, never apologized, never walked over to our table. I went back to the table and the waitress came over and practically hissed at us as she took our order. She was inexcusably rude. I wanted to leave right then, but my son said we should stay because he was very hungry. We waited another 15 minutes and our food never arrived though the waitress did continue to give us hateful looks every time she walked past.

The manager never walked over to check if we'd been served. At that point, I was so furious, I got up and left. There were several waitstaff gathered around the service station doing nothing, so it's not like they were short-staffed. I used to be a regular customer, but I will never ever visit this IHOP again. And, I will be sure to tell others not to go there. BTW, the General Manager's name is ** - I picked his card up from the front desk.

I don't know the name of the manager on duty, but he clearly needs to be replaced - he has no sense of customer service and at this rate a popular and busy IHOP will soon go downhill. There are lots of other restaurants in the area for people to go to.

Poor Service And Unprofessional Management
By -

SOMERSET,, NEW JERSEY -- ON Sunday 2/13/11 after church, I went to the Ihop restaurant on Easton ave. in Somerset, NJ. for omelet meal. My two girls ordered from the children's menu. The server took my order as follow: omelet w/egg white, mushrooms, spinach, no cheese, add grilled chicken and a mocha raspberry decaf. I first rec'd the mocha without choc. chips (as shown in the many rest. advertisements) and it tasted nothing like raspberry. No big deal, so I just reordered a hot choc. instead.

My children rec'd their order in a timely fashion, but my omelet order took time and arrived with cheese on it. Unfortunately, the order had to be sent back to the kitchen to be corrected since I am on a low choles. diet. By the time I rec'd the corrected omelet order, I was sitting there close to two hours and my daughters completed their meals. I then asked the Mgr., "is the omelet free because of the terrible inconvenience?" He responded with "no". Shortly after, I decided to just leave without eating the omelet.

At the register I spoke to the Mgr. again and he shocked me by saying "you were just here on Monday 2/7 and pulled this same stunt. So, please do not return to this restaurant again." I can't explain in words how embarrassing his accusations were to my girls and myself. (In a proper manner I expressed my displeasure about this horrible experiences). My first thought was that this Mgr. can't be talking to me. The second thought was that he was maybe racist or just crazy, since I was never in this rest. a week ago. Nonetheless, his public accusation doesn't change the fact that, my order was completed wrong.

He insulted me publicly like I had a criminal history of ripping off their rest. Finally, at the end of this crazy experience, I paid the $19.00 bill with a hundred dollar note and he held the money up in the air to check if it was authentic, then shoved the change in my hands. All of this was done in front of my children and other patrons.

On Tuesday 2/15, I spoke to the owner who said the Mgr. told him all about what happened. He said, "I was told that you used profanity towards my Mgr. and other employees heard you." My response was, "did you talk to the other employees?" He said "no". I responded, "so you believe your Mgr. without any type of investigation? What is he, your cousin?" Since this owner seems to stand behind his Mgr., then he will be legally responsible if I take this matter to court.

When I first went into the website, I was shock to find out how many complaints Ihop has across the country. The question is, does Ihop CEO Julie Stewart ever read these complaints? WELL, I HOPE HER STOCK HOLDERS DO.

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