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Beware! Junk cars!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- These people are a bunch of con artist who are money hungry scammers! All of their cars are jjunk and lemons! They purchase these vehicles from the auctions And only do certain repairs so you can drive it off lot only to find later out it's a piece of crap! I bought a Range Rover from them in November 2012 And was convinced to buy the gap insurance (Which I later found out my vehicle wasn't even qualify to purchase this insurance But they sold it to me anyway)!

Not even 3 days later the car completely locks on me and will not start!! I later found out the alternator was bad and had to replace it for $1800! I tried to talk to Bridget to see if there was a way they could split repairs or even have me return the car and exchange it for something else! She proceeded to curse me out and tell me that I was an idiot for paying $1800 for the repair Although she was the one who referred me to this mechanic !!!

Sure enough After getting the alternator fixed, I found out that there are oil leaks on the car and that's another thousand dollars! In a matter of 4 months, I have managed to spend over $7000 in repairs on this vehicle!!! This was the biggest mistake that I have ever done in my entire life! And these people at International Motor Productions are scam and they sell a bunch of junk!

Please do not make the same mistake I did do not buy from these people!!! Save yourself the agony and go to some professionals!!
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Alain on 03/10/2013:
While some reviews are good about this place (not here, but on other sites), there are a lot of people, like yourself, who were pretty dissatisfied with them. Used car companies like this can be tricky to shop at since they may get some of their vehicles (with a variety of possible problems) at auction. At the very least, your warning is a good cautionary statement for anyone considering buying a vehicle here. Thanks!
trmn8r on 03/10/2013:
"splitting repairs" is in most all cases not going to happen with a used car purchase. Third party warranties need to be checked very carefully to see what they do and don't cover.

Buying a nice used car needs to be done carefully. My first such experience yielded a car with a warped head, only discovered months later. I resolved then to be a lot more careful in the future. I recently bought a late model used car with a manufacturer certified pre-owned warranty, which I highly recommend. It gave me piece of mind.

Your review should be helpful to others - I am afraid you got burned pretty badly.
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Warning! Do Not Buy From This Dealer
Posted by on
CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- I recently was going to purchase a BMW from Brigette at International Motor Production in Carrollton Texas. I live in Chicago and saw the posting on the internet. I called Brigette for information on the vehicle and she described it as a 9/10. According to her she doesn't give any vehicle a rating of 10. She said it ran great and looked great.

I called a few days later and asked about the car again. This time asking more specific questions about mechanical condition, tires, etc. Again she said it was in great shape and that it needed nothing. I decided to put the $500 deposit on the vehicle and flew down on the weekend. I looked at the vehicle and discovered the body panels didn't line up. Also, the tires were mismatched and looked worn.

After taking a test drive, I heard awful noises coming from the area where the panels didn't line up. Also, the car pulled under acceleration. I quickly found a reputable dealer in the area that inspected the vehicle that instantly could tell the car had been involved in an accident and had frame damage. I returned the car to the dealership and asked politely for the deposit and told Brigette what I found. She refused to return the deposit and would not let anyone test drive the car with me so they can see the issues I found.

She misrepresented the car and would not consider rectifying the situation. THIS DEALER IS A FRAUD! I read other reviews of this dealer with similar situations. Check the Better Business Bureau and State Attorney General's office in Texas for their record. I currently have a pending case with both.
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abimmer3 on 10/15/2008:
Check out other complaints
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Car dealership
Posted by on
CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- We bought a 1994 BMW 325i from the "girls" at International Motor Production. We were told the car was in good shape, it would be sold that evening if we didn't buy it, blah blah blah. One week after buying it, it broke down and we took it to a BMW mechanic in Dallas. Guess what? $4,000 in repairs. The car had been totally screwed with. The mechanic couldn't believe that someone would sell a car in this condition to anyone without disclosing the problems. I know, I know, we didn't have a mechanic look at it before we bought it b/c we thought a place like International Motors would stand behind their product. We had read a glowing article in D Magazine about their business and how good they were. So after paying $9,000 for a $5,000 car, we wrote the "girls" a letter and asked if they would help us with the repair bills since they represented to us that the car was in good shape and they basically told us to go to hell.
And another thing, before the problems started, we could never get them to return our phone calls about the title, plates, etc. Not one time did they return our calls. In fact, when the title and plates did come in, we had to drive 55 miles to pick them up b/c they would never call us back or mail the plates as they promised.

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/18/2007:
Welcome to the land of used cars. Where they invented the term "buyer beware".
Pomona Guy on 04/18/2007:
Before anyone buys a used car, they should take it to a mechanic and pay $100 to have it looked over. Penney wise and pound foolish if you don't.
gnarleyspoke on 04/24/2007:
Hello there, I am just about to buy a used 911 from the company. Can you confirm that they have done nothing to reach out and solve the issue with you?

Thanks, they seem to have fair prices and cars in good condition.
vindication32 on 04/21/2008:
Anyone who has ever attempted to do business with International Motor Productions knows first hand how dishonest the "girls" are. I do not recommend ever setting foot in the establishment. They have 28 BBB complaints and 9 Texas State complaints. My experience was unbelievably fraudulent.
jumpstart on 05/01/2008:
I wish I had seen these comments before I purchased from them. They are absolutely the worst people to deal with. The warranty was worthless and they argued with me about how worthless it was when I canceled it. I had to replace the alternator less than a week after owning the car. They wouldn't help in any way. The warranty people wouldn't pay 3/4 of the rental car fee, would only pay about half of the Firestone labor cost (car broke down in front of a Firestone) and wouldn't pay for the alternator because they found a cheaper one on e-bay. I wasted 6 hours that my car could have been worked on and fixed for them to get back with me with that information. I'm still trying to get a check back that they owe me from the financing, but they did not mail it as promised, and they never call me back or are there when I stop by. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.
abimmer3 on 10/15/2008:
I recently had a problem with Brigette at International Motor Production. She is a fraud! View my review at or contact me
Dalguy on 02/22/2009:
Some of these people need to grow up... In any business where you sell used goods, not every transaction will be perfect. When you buy a used car, esp. a really used car cheap, what do you expect?... If you want Park Place service, go pay Park Place prices... If you buy a used home and the water heater goes out, do you go to the seller and ask them to pay for it...??? NO, life doesn't work that way... GROW UP!!!
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