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Do not place an order before reading this
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PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I wish I had reviewed this company before placing an order. I did not know anything would be wrong until I did not received a confirmation e-mail. To place the order I had to register my account. I then googled the company and read some complaints. I e-mail them regarding this and hoped they were repretable. I received a phone call from "Steve" stating that he wanted to talk to me regarding my order (he left a message). I had mentioned the complaints I read in the email so I am sure that is why he called. I then looked at the charges they put on my card and instead of $45.95 they took out $85.80. I called them and got an answer machine. I left a message asking why I was over charged. I immediately called my bank. Since the charges were pending they could do nothing until it went through. "Steve" called me right back and he said I must have called while they were at lunch. I asked why I was overcharged and he said I ordered
I said I ordered one and I looked in my account and found that I had only ordered 1. He started to say that many order 20 bottles and they don't really check. Didn't make since to me. I told him I already notified my bank and he seemed upset with that. The next day the charges went through and I faxed my dispute to the bank. I sent them an email canceling my order. The next day I received the following email:

Your order was already sent out 2 days ago, so it’s too late to cancel. That’s fine if you want to waste your time disputing the charge with your bank, we will simply fax them the necessary paperwork and the dispute will be reversed. I’m sorry about your extreme obesity problem, but please don’t be frustrated with our company because you can’t stop eating so much food.
Sandra Kaselean
Customer Service Department
International Supplements
Phone: (+1) 561.626.4787
Fax: (+1) 561.691.0161

This was my answer to her:

I will forward this email to my bank and post it online (with the other complaint I have read) to show how rude this company is! I wouldn't call 25 lbs I want to lose being obese. I do not have an eating problem but wanted faster results. Since I am going to Hawaii to live with my daughter and grandson I wanted to lose the winter weight I gained.

For being in customer service you are the wrong person for the job. My order was for 1 bottle not 2 and I obtained the proof from your website. If received I will gladly pay for the one bottle if it proves to be what I ordered! I believe your website is designed so customers are not able to view their orders online. You don't have an obvious login link.

I will not pay a dime to return the 2nd bottle so you will have to provide a shipping label with proof of delivery. The mistake was on your end and I never received an apology for that mistake..

Your e-mail was VERY rude and this confirms the fact your company is not reputable. This charge will never come out of my account.

Unsatisfied Customer

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User Replies:
Alain on 04/01/2010:
Glad you got your money back. I not a big fan of these type of stores, myself. Too many of their products produce adverse effects for me to take a chance with them.
family woman on 03/24/2011:
PLEASE everyone register complaint at Better Business Bureau:
annas on 03/03/2012:
This company did the exact same thing to me. Over billed then tried to blame it on a double order which still didn't cover what all they charged me. Then when I told them I was filing a fraud complaint "steve" called and tried to run a further scam on me.
J G on 03/15/2013:
Here is what they just sent me ',

You must be a comedian because your e-mails are quite funny and entertaining.

You're making demands that we need to answer you quickly? Are you serious?

What exactly do you plan on reporting to the Regulating Trade Body?'

They have not sent my product or I would have received it now in the UK, they are now not replying to my emails and they charged my bank account a lot more than expected! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

jade7851054 on 05/26/2013:
I ordered from this company recently,and got my order in about 4 days. knock on wood. I stumbled up on this forum just now.although, I don't really believe I got what I paid for.I ordered the ephedrene and got herbal crap.I will not order again.
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