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Poor quality frame on Jackson sofa
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Less than 8 months ago, I purchased a Jackson sofa and loveseat from Badcock Furniture (retailer). Within three weeks, the sofa was sagging in the middle. Upon turning the sofa over and removing the bottom liner, I discovered the bottom wooden board(main part of the frame on the back)was broken at a knot in the wood. I called the store and they promptly picked it up and did a warranty repair. They placed a "band-aid" on the broken spot and returned it. Two weeks later, it broke in another spot on the same board...at a knot again. I called the store and told them not to return the sofa to me again. I pointed out that the sofa was too long to not have a middle leg, which put undue stress on the 3/4" frame board. The store "band-aided" again....and then placed a 2x4" block in the middle as a third leg. The store called me to come by to see if it was satisfactory, to which is said, "Absolutely not!" I was given a new sofa. Three months later, the TOP board broke on the back frame. AGAIN, IN A KNOT. I cannot say enough about the poor quality of the wood that is used to construct this furniture. Jackson builds its reputation by emphasizing the use of solid wood frames. I am in the construction business and quality. Perhaps, Jackson Furniture should consider switching to a laminate product that has many times the strength of "solid" wood that contains knots throughout. Better yet, spend the extra $2 and put a third leg on the back. That would probably last at least a year!

My 2nd sofa in 8 month is now at the store being repaired. It replaced a sofa I have for 11 years...with not problems! I have called Jackson 3 times today to no avail. I was connected to parts. For what? I got a recording telling me to fax in my order. And on the third attempt, I was asked to leave a voice mail. I still have confidence in customer service and I am hoping Jackson will try to fix this problem. We'll see.
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