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Questionable Product, Terrible Service.
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Rating: 1/51

RENO, NEVADA -- In 2008 we purchased Hunter Douglas Duette cell blinds for our back wall. Four large blinds with power lift. We had problems immediately that were reasonably taken care of. Recently one of the power lifts failed. We called the Reno store and were told they did not handle service any longer and were told to call the Salinas, California store, and they told us to call Hunter Douglas. Hunter Douglas said the local store should handle any service problems and would call to straighten things out.

I just got a call from Salinas with the following info: Power lift system is out of warranty (so much for "lifetime warranty" - read the fine print folks. Power lift system is not the current one and we need a newer system and remote. Hunter Douglas price was a reasonable $195 for the lift and remote. But... Penney's wants $85 to handle the service and will add a 25% surcharge to what Hunter Douglas charges. Now we are up to $332.6! I would boycott Penney's but Hunter Douglas told me Custom Decorating is an independent business operating under the Penney's umbrella. Next time I will deal with a local business with better concern for customers.

DO NOT USE J.C. Penney's Custom Drapery Service
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Rating: 1/51

SACRAMENTO -- I have used J.C. Penney's for my custom drapes for many years, but their service is not what it used to be and I will never use them again. The custom decorator in the Sacramento area provided terrible service. In August 2015 I ordered custom curtains for my kitchen window and dining area. When the curtains were installed, both of them were too wide for the windows and they ended up sagging with extra material scrunched up at the end of the curtain rods.

I called the store and asked for the decorator to come back to my house to figure out what went wrong. The decorator took two weeks to call me back which she did only after I called the Arden Fair store numerous times. When she came out and looked at the curtains she admitted that the curtains did not fit the windows. She said that they would pick them up and have them fixed but they never did.

It is now December and I ordered the curtains back in August. I finally called the store and they put me in touch with the district manager. He said that they would take my curtains apart and re-sew them, but I informed they are made of very sheer material which will likely show needle marks if re-sewn in different places. He did not listen to me and insisted that is how they do it. I still haven't heard from anyone to pick up the curtains. So be aware that if your drapes are made wrong Penney's is just going to take them apart and use the same material. Save yourself a lot of grief and hassle and do not use custom decorating from Sacramento J.C. Penney's.

Credit Card
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Rating: 1/51

ROSEVILLE, MICHIGAN -- JC Penney will cancel your credit card and ruin your credit if you miss two payments. I talked to a supervisor and they did not care. I used the website to make payments. The payment the second time took a week to come out so it bounced. I told them I would pay my whole balance in full to keep my card and account active. They said "no and you still owe us the balance."

Synchrony bank is a joke and don't care about the customers. I won't shop there again, so JC Penney, you just lost 4 more customers because of Synchrony bank. I used my card all the time and tried to make it right. The website payment doesn't work. I would go into the store and make a payment if I would have known this. They wouldn't even give me a chance.

Misleading Coupons
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Rating: 1/51

GREENSBORO / FOUR SEASONS MALL, NORTH CAROLINA -- On December 23rd I went to JC Penney to use a coupon given to me by an employee at Hanes Mall after I purchased approximately $87.00 the previous week. I decided to go to Four Seasons Mall, as sometimes the merchandise is a bit different, and I needed to use my coupon for $10.00 of $20.00 purchase by 12/24. I first went to the Men's Department, and was going to use the coupon on a $23.00 flannel shirt. However, it was on clearance, so the coupon would not work. It was in fine print that the coupon could not be used on clearance items, and I had seen other shoppers who had a coupon for $10.00 of $25.00 using their coupon on clearance.

So, I decided to go downstairs found some hair products and a shirt, both of which were not on clearance, but was told I could not use my 20 percent off coupon with my $10.00 coupon. The items individually did not add up to $20.00 so I had to look for something else. I went to jewelry and found a ring for $17.99 and a bracelet for $7.99, neither of which were on clearance. I went to the junior register, to check out, and was going to leave out the junior's door, as I was finally finished, only to find for some reason the ring, which was not on clearance, rang up at her register as if it were clearance.

So she sent me to jewelry. I have now been upstairs, and to 3 separate checkouts. I have been at the store for two hours. I go to the jewelry counter and the lady there sends me to another register. Finally I find an employee that is willing to help me. She scans the ring which comes up $17.99, not on clearance, but is willing to help me find something else to go with it. There is a box of candy at the register, so I ask about that. She rings it up, scans my coupon, and then reads in fine print that candy is an exclusion.

Finally, I ask to speak to a manager on duty, and the MOD has her scan the ring at $26.00 with a discount so that I end up paying $10.00. I was a former employee of JC Penney at Hanes Mall, and we were told to always satisfy the customer. "Customer First" was the motto we were always told to go by.

We could not give away the store, but we could make manual changes on the register, to make the customer happy, i.e. price modifications, and manually discounting $10.00 for a coupon, if that was what it took. I think that the coupon was totally misleading and there were a lot of things employees could have done without my having to go through all those registers, and waste my time, which is valuable. I feel that I should in some way be compensated for this horrible experience. Thank you.

Want Cabin Creek Pull-On Pants Back
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CABIN CREEK PULL ON PANTS are the best pants ever! I buy them for my 100% disabled daughter who cannot zip zippers or button closure snaps. They also fit well over her leg braces and are comfortable to sit in and don't get caught in her wheel chair. I have purchased these pants exclusively for the past 25 years. I have purchased HUNDREDS of pairs! I have tried JCPenneys' Alfred Dunner, which seems to be what Penneys wants to dump on us now, to replace our CABIN CREEK pants with.

However, Alfred Dunner pants are inconsistent both in size and quality of material and workmanship. Alfred Dunner cannot compare to these Cabin Creek twill or denim pants and shorts. I will NEVER purchase a pair of Alfred Dunner pull-up pants for my daughter instead of CABIN CREEK!!! PENNEYS have you lost your minds and your BUSINESS SENSE????? If all your customers are screaming for these pants and the CABIN CREEK brand, then please bring them back. These Cabin Creek pants are the very last and ONLY THING that would drag me into a JCPenneys store where there is no customer service and a high stress purchasing environment.

Furthermore, I also consider the elimination of this CABIN CREEK WOMEN'S/MISSES TWILL AND DENIM PANTS to be an attack on people with disabilities everywhere. PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES NEED CLOTHES TOO! Not everyone can do up a zipper or buttons. People who use wheelchairs and have various other disabilities REQUIRE PULL-ON PANTS. And WHY do they even need to have one million different pairs of pants in the same other styles with zippers and buttons? They just end up clearing them out at the end of the season because NOBODY WANTS THEM!!!

PENNEYS if you are reading this column then please bring back our cabin creek pull-up elastic waist pants. We want them and we need them forever and ever for the rest of our lives. Do not discontinue cabin creek pull-on elastic waist pants! These were the only pants on Earth that I could ever find for my daughter. I always know that these CABIN CREEK PULL-ON PANTS WITH ELASTIC WAIST fit PERFECTLY and I could order them online without a worry of size. They can dress up or dress down. They always look great. They wear fantastically.

I throw them in the washer and dryer and they come out perfectly every time. You can wear them to church or wear to the park. they are very versatile and very FABULOUS PANTS. I predict that if JCPenneys cancels these it will be the store's demise. There are a lot of us out here who will ONLY buy the Cabin Creek pull-on pants. After they canceled my drapes I never walked into the store again but only ordered Cabin Creek pants on line.

Now, I won't ever bother even going to their website if they do not bring back these pants. I was hoping that Penneys was simply changing over from fall colors to all those nice CABIN CREEK PANTS colors that they have each springtime. Let us all hope that is the case and that Penneys will listen to us. WE WANT OUR CABIN CREEK PANTS BACK PENNYS!!!

Can't Find Cabin Creek, Where Can a Person Get a Catalog?
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Rating: 4/51

HELENA, MONTANTA -- The Cabin Creek line is wonderful. Since I can't buy them at Penney's store, where or can a person get a catalog? That brand is one that fits the body beautifully, especially if a person is long-waisted. No other brand has the top quality for the different shapes of our bodies and so this brand is missed so much.

Also, the price is right, that company doesn't overcharge like so many of other brands do, and those brands for the price doesn't even fit well. So, if possible there might be a place out there were the Cabin Creek is still available and a person could order them or whatever needed by mail?

I haven't heard if their company is still in business, hopefully it is. A smart business, or wanted to start a business store person is letting a great thing get away as it would be a good thing to invest in. So many, not just women, but men also always have thought Cabin Creek was the best. I know my husband thought the jeans especially fit really great.

Bring Back Cabin Creek Jeans, etc.
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Rating: 1/51

MANY, CALIFORNIA -- J.C. Penney's is definitely no longer the store that we have all grown up with that sold quality merchandise. We bought new towels about a year ago and they're already fraying and seams are coming undone. We bought 2 sets and they are interchanged every other week so it's not like we wash them to death. The sets of towels that they replaced were 8 years old and still in good condition.

Also, J.C. Penneys has discontinued their "Cabin Creek" jeans for women. They wore well and were comfortable. I have not been able to find other "pull on" jeans that compare to Cabin Creek. I've shopped at Penney's for years but that is coming to an end because I just can't find the product that I want. No wonder they are struggling. Keep it up, it won't be long before they're out of business also. What a shame! Another American icon down the drain.

JC Penney and Cabin Creek Clothing
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Rating: 1/51

NEW PHILADELPHIA, OHIO -- I was surprised to find this string of complaints. I thought I was the only one who was unhappy that JC Penney had dropped this brand. I complained at the office of my local store but got nowhere. The only time I go to the store now is to see if by some miracle they have restocked Cabin Creek. Corporate managers are clueless when it comes to what real customers want. I worked in retail once and saw it all the time.

Somebody at corporate office would get a brainstorm because they have to justify their jobs and the poor "associates" at the bottom level have to listen to the customers' complaints. But nobody higher up will ever admit they made a mistake.

Fake sales at JCPenney
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BRONX, NEW YORK -- In reference to the complaint against JCPenney at Bay Plaza Mall, 100 Baychester Avenue, Bronx NY 10475. My wife and I were buying blinds for our home and noticed a 70% off sale at JCPenney. The measurements were entered in at a computer in the back, and the sale completed at the register up front. We wanted to shop the price around so we priced out one blind. At Home Depot the price of a 30" x 53" Bali Casual classic white satin pinstripe shade was 150.00. At JCPenney the price for the same exact shade is $566.00. Which seemed outrageous.

But an "Event Retail price" was applied at the computer at the back which brought it down to $169.80. Still not competitive enough with Home Depot. That's when the manager, Henry moss stepped in and told me that the 169.80 had not yet received the 70% off. I pointed out the math and said that it looks as if it had. 169.80 happens to be 70% off of $566.00. He re-iterated and told me that the 70% off cannot be applied until the order gets to the register up front and rung up. To which I said let's ring it up and void it so I can see the price (which should come to about $50.00). ** told me that if he voids the order I will be charged 25% of the price.

Also seemingly outrageous. I said "How do I know if I want it if I don't know the price?" And in front of 2 other employees pointed to the 169.80 and said "I swear to you 70% will come off of this price when you ring it up." Just a little background: I have my MBA in finance from NYU. My wife who was also present, is the senior marketing director for credit cards at Citigroup. If there is one thing we know it's numbers. There was no misunderstanding. ** made it clear at least three times. The information given to us by your manager was false.

I took all of the measurements around my house (14 windows) and drove back to JCPenney the following day. My wife and I spent 2 hours logging in the information into a computer in the back. It took this long because the woman who helped me was painfully untrained and had to re-enter the information several times. When the offer did not stand at the front register I demanded to speak to **, but he was not around. I got passed around to a few employees landing at ** who took the information, left for an hour and came back telling us there was nothing she could do. 3 hours and 30 minutes total of my time in the store.

The employees who were present at the time ** told me about the price coming off at the register could not recall any details about the night before. I feel like I was reeled into making this huge investment just so ** or one of the employees could make a commission. It also seems as if the price of the shades was jacked up to $566.00 so that JCPenney could bring the price down to a competitive level and call it a 70% off sale. I will be contacting Bali to investigate the possible price fixing.

Women's Underwear on Display at Store Entrance
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Rating: 2/51

VANCOUVER, WASHINGTON -- This store at the mall in Vancouver has two entrances: one to the mall and one from the parking lot. When one enters, the women's underwear is displayed for all patrons to see--families with young children, teenage boys, etc. Is it necessary that all who enter get an eyeful of mannequins that are mostly naked? I heard a child ask a parent about the "swimsuits". And I don't appreciate having to shop for underwear right in front of men walking by. Stores with more class have underwear away from main walkways. Is it asking too much for Penney's to do the same?

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