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Jiffy Lube
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Failure to Inform Me of My Dangerous Tires
By -

On April 2, 2011 I took my car in for a check-up and oil change. A few days later, I had a flat tire. When my boyfriend examined the tire, he discovered that my two front tires were bald. As he rubbed his hand around the tire, he cut his finger on the wire because the seams of the tires were poking through the rubber.

Jiffy Lube should know for the most part, tires should be replaced when the tread is worn down to 1/16 of an inch. Tires have tread wear indicators that show when the tires should be replaced. These indicators are the raised sections in the bottom of the tread grooves. When these indicators are even with the outside tread, the tires should be replaced. I took my car to a tire dealership and they couldn't believe that Jiffy Lube let me drive off the parking lot with the unsafe tires.

From my understanding, Jiffy Lube is dedicated to “quality.” “Jiffy Lube will inform you of services that may be necessary during your visit. Jiffy Lube will recommend services based on manufacturer's time and mileage intervals for 'severe' driving conditions.” However, my tires were not even brought to my attention. What if I drove on the highway and the tires gave out?

Tire blowouts can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. When the tread comes off of a vehicle at high speed, the loss of control can be due to friction or braking action as the loose tread piece strikes against or catches on the undercarriage of the vehicle. This sequence of events occurs so rapidly that it is virtually impossible to handle most high speed tread separation failures without losing control. I do not trust Jiffy Lube to keep me safe on the road.

Terrible Customer Service, No Follow Through
By -

LEWIS CENTER, OHIO -- I took my vehicle to Jiffy Lube to get the oil changed. I am a long time customer of 10+ years but just started going to a new location closer to my house. A week after the oil change I took my vehicle for other repairs and was informed it had no air filter and the cover was never locked in position.

I contacted the manager at Jiffy Lube and he insisted I come in to talk to him about, he didn't want to discuss on the phone. I asked why I needed to come in to the store. He hung up on me! I called back and he tried to lie that he didn't hang up on me at first, but then started yelling at me and admitted that he hung up and then hung up on me again!! I called the 800 number and reported it. They said someone would contact me within 2 days. 3 days later, I called back. Again, they said someone would contact me.

This went on for 2 weeks - no call back. Finally, a very rude person contacted me, no apology, nothing. Basically not believing me and wanted a written letter from the other business as well as a receipt where I paid for it. Then I got a survey via email, I completed and checked "contact me" - well, it has been another 2 weeks and no call. Stay away from this place!! Not only do they not know how to do their job, they have absolutely terrible customer service!

Free "$5.00" Rock Chip Repair at Jiffy Lube
By -

LACEY, WA, WASHINGTON -- Nice younger kid working for Jiffy Lube as a rock chip technician convinced me to let him do rock chip repair on my wife's car while I was getting the oil changed. I said no several times before I gave in. Firstly because it was cloudy and raining and I know from using the resin in the past it won't cure unless it is sunny out. He promised me their resin would work in overcast conditions and all I would have to pay is the $5 for insurance. The whole process took way over an hour, not the few minutes he let on like it would take. They would also file with the insurance co. I wouldn't have to do anything.

Guy came over and drilled holes on top of the rock chips and exposed my window to the environment. I thought "Oh hell if that sealer don't work I'm screwed." Then he went to call the insurance company. He handed me the phone to prove that I really was getting the service. The insurance guy was really suspicious and asked me a million questions I wasn't prepared to answer. Then guess what? Resin wouldn't harden, and kid didn't care. I made the punk keep taking the resin out and re-applying it until it hardened.

Every time he tried to leave me with unhardened resin I would say "NO I want it fixed, I told you that stuff wouldn't harden on a rainy overcast day, now you're going to stay after this until you fix it." They conveniently forgot to tell me they have an ultraviolet hardener light for this circumstance, but the three they had were broken and they didn't have another one for this kind of emergency. The first time I used Jiffy Lube in Olympia WA I was satisfied, once they get you in their computer, they start screwing you.

I Got Ripped Off
By -

CANON CITY, COLORADO -- This is why I change my own oil. A few weeks ago it was time for my Saturn to get an oil change. I normally do this myself, except this time the bolt was stripped and I was unable to remove it. So I decided to take it to Jiffy Lube. Their customer service is amazing, but that is only a distraction to get their hands deep in your pocket. I told the guy I need the high mileage oil, and asked if they could please check my other fluids. (I did not ask them to fill any of my fluids just check and see if they were low!)

So they do the oil change and everything and then they come over and tell me that I owe them almost $70. When I was going to change it myself, it only cost me $30 and that is with the high mileage oil, Fran Tough Guard oil filter, and a new oil bucket!! I asked them how it could possibly cost me $70 dollars, they charged me almost $10 to top off my anti-freeze.

Then to make matters worse I spent $60 some dollars on low grade, Conoco brand oil, they didn't even put in the high mileage. I was completely outraged, I will never go back to Jiffy Lube again and I would not recommend anyone else to.

Transmission Fluid Flush
By -

OAKBROOK TERRACE, ILLINOIS -- In February of 2005 I took my 2002 Escort into Jiffy Lube for a routine oil change. It was recommended that I have a transmission fluid flush performed, and since it was part of the regular scheduled maintenance, I agreed. Throughout the summer of 2005, I had problems with acceleration in my car, which peaked in August when my car started sticking in gears.

I brought my car into a Ford dealership where they determined that the drain plug for the transmission had been improperly reinserted, resulting in a slow leakage of transmission fluid. Over the months, the fluid eventually got down to a low enough level to cause overheating, which burned through a few clutches, causing over $2200 worth of repairs (plus almost $300 for use of a rental car for 2 weeks).

I contacted the manager at store #1100 to make him aware of the situation. He acted strangely when I told him that I had already had the car looked at, and so I offered to allow them to inspect the vehicle since the repairs had not been performed yet. He said it wasn't necessary, but when I asked for that in writing, he told me he didn't have the authority to do that.

He got me in "contact" with his District Manager, ** (in quotes because I wasn't allowed to have his phone number OR e-mail address... we'll get back to that), who then spent three days dancing around my request for written approval to continue with repairs. On the third day, he stated that he would prefer to inspect the car.

Just as a side note, the "District Manager" of this Jiffy Lube had NO company e-mail address (he used Hotmail as his personal/business e-mail), and the only way to contact him was to leave a message with his office, as he traveled around all day and only carried a PERSONAL cell phone with him. Apparently, the largest oil change business in the land does not find it necessary to provide their Managers with the tools they need to keep their customers happy.

Anyway, after having JL inspect the car, they lied to me and told me there was no blowback (trail caused by motion of the car blowing back the leaking fluid onto the undercarriage) visible. This was not true... in fact, my service department provided photos of the undercarriage to show the blowback.

A week later, the repairs were done and I got the statement for the work to give to the District Manager. I didn't hear back from him for a while because (you guessed it)... he went on vacation. Meanwhile I have almost $2500 on two different credit cards collecting interest. I finally got word back from the District Manager a few days ago... Jiffy Lube is refusing to reimburse me for the repairs.

I'm currently going through arbitration through the BBB. Jiffy Lube has up to 30 days to reply to my complaint before the negotiations even BEGIN. Since JL is a "member in good standing" (meaning, they pay their BBB dues on time) I doubt I'll get anywhere with this, and will probably need to sue in Small Claims.

Left Oil Level 3 Quarts Low
By -

After going to the Jiffy Lube on Knox Abbot Drive in West Columbia for 7 years to get my oil changed and getting good service, they left my truck 3 quarts low. I have gone back and let the service person know and he looked under the truck to make sure there was no leaks. He also said he would let the area manager know and I would hear from him. I have called him twice and still have not heard anything from anyone on this. If 7 years of business is not worth a phone call, then I don't know what is.

Jiffy Lube Horrible
By -

Took my car home after an oil change and found oil leaked on my clean driveway. Found out Jiffy had stripped the threads on the oil pan over tightening the plug. Took my car back to them and they did not honor the satisfaction guarantee on the receipt and did not accept responsibility for breaking my car.

I wrote their customer care dept. and they did nothing. I wrote Jiffy Lube CEO/President and he did nothing. I will never take my car to Jiffy again and recommend that nobody else use their irresponsible services again too. I now get my oil changes at the dealer for nearly the same cost and time. Don't take any chances with Jiffy Lube or you may up spending more in the long run.

UPDATE to Jiffy Lube's Rock Chip Repair Scam
By -

LACEY, WASHINGTON -- I posted a complaint last year in August 2009 about the terrible quality work performed by Jiffy Lube on a rock chip in my front window they insisted they could fix. On May 1st 2010 I thought I had another rock chip in nearly the same area. Come to find out upon inspection it was the resin coming out of the hole Jiffy Lube drilled into my window to fill the Rock chip. The resin was just like clear silicon, very elastic. It came right out of the window by just scraping it with my finger nail.

I went to a local autoparts store and bought a tube of Loctite chip repair resin. I did it according to package directions. So far it looks great. Do the math. Jiffy Lube charged my insurance company $55 and me $5. I paid $7 and fixed it myself and I nearly guarantee it will be fixed for at least another year unlike Jiffy Lube's 9 month fix. Don't let Jiffy Lube mess with your rock chips. They can barely get oil changes right. Do it yourself or get a professional to do it. Too much "Grab Ass" at Jiffy Lube for them to know what's going on. I switched to a much better lube shop.

These People Broke My Car
By -

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I used to go to Jiffy Lube all the time to get my oil changed. This time was no different, except that by the next day, my car wasn't starting. My husband messed with it a little and finally got it to crank up, but this went on for about 3 days before I took it back to Jiffy Lube to let them look at it. My husband discovered that they didn't secure the oil filter on properly so it jarred loose and sprayed oil all over my starter.

When I took it back to Jiffy Lube they fixed the filter, then one guy told me something was wrong with my transmission. The manager came up to me and said it was my spark plugs. Another guy said it was the battery. They tested the battery about 4 times between them. I kept explaining that it was not the battery. They completely ignored me. Finally, the manager said it was definitely my starter.

When I asked about my transmission, he said it was fine that he didn't know why that guy told me that. So I said, "You guys are paying for the starter right? Because I didn't have any problems with it before you guys messed with my car." He says, "Oh, well we don't know if it's because of us or not. You need to take it to a mechanic and get it looked at and confirm that it was because of the oil spraying." So I did. My mechanic told me that the starter was "slipping" because of the oil, that there was no way to clean it, that it had to be replaced.

I took it back to Jiffy Lube with a written account from mechanic. They wanted a second opinion so they called corporate and got the name of a mechanic to send me to. This guy was located about 30 miles away! I went to him and of course he said that the starter was already "about to go bad" and that "the oil pushed it over the edge but didn't directly cause the problem." So nevertheless, I had to pay $275 for a new starter. If you ever go to Jiffy Lube and they mess something up, do not go to their mechanics because they are paid to make sure the company isn't liable, even if they are.

NBC Uncovers a Chain-Wide Scam
By -

I just got done watching an NBC video uncovering a Jiffy Lube scam. I wanted to share it with everyone on this forum: They went undercover and found that in 5 out 9 Jiffy Lubes did not do the repairs they charged the consumer for. In one scam they told the customer they needed a new fuel filter, charged them and never replaced it. In a more common scam they offer a trans fluid flush service. In most of their service attempts (5 out of 9 locations), the service was never done!!!

My favorite part of the video is when the district manager was caught and questioned. He denied he was the manager and said he was a customer. Jiffy Lube executives later confirmed that he was indeed the district manager. Steer clear of Jiffy Lube!!!

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