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There is no customer Service at Joann's
By -

THOUSAND OAKS, CALIFORNIA -- I recently went to my local Joann's store to buy some of their flannel that is on sale right now. I took the bolts up to the cutting table and asked for a yard each of about 13 different prints. As the girl was cutting the fabric, I noticed that the selvage edge was 36" but the folded edge was much shorter. I tried to be very polite when I told her but she very brusquely told me that it was a full yard. She seemed to think that I had insulted her. I didn't want to cause an argument so I just tried to watch and make sure that she was cutting it correctly. Well, I got the fabric home and as I was cutting it I again noticed that 4 of the thirteen pieces were nowhere near a yard.

I took the fabric back to the store I guess expecting a simple apology and a new cut of flannel. This is where all the trouble started. The first person treated me like I had caused the problem. She was very patronizing to me and seemed to be quite irritated that I had bothered her. I was very upset about the way I was being treated so I asked to see the manager. Instead of the manager I got another extremely rude sales clerk who told me to calm down. It was like the movies where everyone is telling the calmest person in the room to calm down. I have to admit that I probably raised my voice a little at this point.

I finally did get the manager and the first thing she said to me was "I am going to have to ask you to leave the store." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I wasn't yelling, I wasn't cussing, I wasn't insulting anybody. I just wanted an honest cut of fabric. I spoke to three people and anyone of them could easily have solved the problem by just saying "I am so sorry that this happened, let me take care of that for you." That would have been that and they would have had a very satisfied customer.

I took the fabric to the other Joann's in my area and asked for replacement fabric. When she saw my receipt and from what store the items were purchased she said that they had had a lot of complaints about that store. I had absolutely no problems returning the fabric to that store and I will be driving the extra 20 minutes to buy my sewing supplies.

I am unhappy with my local JoAnn's
By -

MCMINNVILLE, OREGON -- I am writing to you to inform you about my experience with one of your local stores. I have been in many JoAnn's Fabric stores, and I'm normally very impressed with the selection and the customer service, but today I found myself angry at my local JoAnn's and don't have a positive feeling about returning. To cut costs this year, I decided to handmake all of my Christmas gifts. On my way to the checkout stand I spotted a large selection of Christmas wrapping paper advertised for .88 per roll, and I picked a couple out. This was yesterday, December 17th.

It wasn't until today, while showing my husband what a great deal I thought I got, that I actually looked at the receipt to see that I was charged 3.99 for one of the rolls! This wasn't even the part that made me the angriest, for I understand that mistakes can be made, but it was what happened next. I then called the number on my receipt to explain the mistake, and the woman on the phone argued that I was charged correctly and explained that they separated both kinds of wrapping paper, and I must have gotten them from 2 different locations in the store.

I know that I got them both from the same compartment. In fact, the woman behind me had the same 2 rolls of wrapping paper, her and I laughed about this. With all the different selections, it seems odd that her and I both pick one roll of .88, and one of 3.99 paper! What a difference! I explained this to the woman who took my call. I wasn't trying to get a refund, and I'm still not. I simply wanted to notify the store of the problem so that it would not happen to someone else, as I'm sure it has happened at least to myself and the woman behind me in line. To have an employee continue to argue with me over the matter was angering.

I don't think that I will revisit my local JoAnn's for a while, however my opinion on your chain in general is still good. I would recommend some extra training for the employees. A simple apology and promise to double check the items would have been nice, without attempting to convince me that I was wrong.

Dishonest Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

CUDAHY, WISCONSIN -- I am fed up with JoAnn's misleading advertising!! I recently visited my local JoAnn Store where a sign posted in the middle of several shelves stated that Copco was on sale for 40% off. The sign led me to believe that both the cups AND the water bottles were on sale. When I checked out, the water bottle was not discounted. I questioned the clerk, so she called the Store Manager up front who stated that the cups and bottles are usually on sale at the same time and it should be discounted. However, the clerk would not adjust the price. I was livid!!

This is not the first time that I purchased an item, only to find that the advertising sign was placed in the incorrect location. (If an item is not included in the sale, DON'T POST THE SIGN WITH THE NON-SALE ITEMS!!! Common Sense!!!) With another incident, the clerk cut my fabric too short. I had 6 pieces of fabric that I could not use because the measurement was shorted! When I filed a complaint about this, the Regional Manager contacted me and stated she would send me a gift card, which I NEVER received! I am DONE with JoAnn Fabrics!!

Joann Fabrics - Bad Return Policy
By -

MARLTON, NEW JERSEY -- On 4/25 I purchased a couple of yarns from JoAnn Marlton NJ store and wanted to return them yesterday 6/5 within 90-days from the purchase. Their return policy without receipt sucks. Basically it is not there. So the manager there said he can scan the merchandise back and the corporate will send me a check within 2 weeks. I said OK, but the minute he started to ring the products on the register I noticed he was refunded me half of what I paid. I stopped him and asked "Why?" He stated that per company policy they have to give me the actual lowest price of the merchandise. I asked "How much does the same yarn cost now?" and he gave me the price that I paid ($9.99).

When I asked him why does he refund me only $4.99 if the product did not have a price change he said because he doesn't know when I purchased the items because I do not have a receipt. I think if you use common sense and a little bit of logic he should refunded me the price that I paid regardless the date of the purchase if the item did not have a change in price!!!!!

I have tried to tell him that what he says and what he's doing doesn't make sense and it is illogic to refund me half of the price if the price didn't change and the policy says to refund the lowest price of the product at the time of the return. He was looking at me like I have stolen the yarns from the store. Bad customer service!!!!! Do not shop there!!! I will never ever shop there!!!!! Sorry for the long post but I needed to share my bad experience with you.

Jeld-Wen Window Failure
By -

I purchased a home that was about 10 years old which was built with Jeld-Wen windows. My crank out casement windows had to be replaced starting as soon as I bought the house, about 6 years ago at this point. Jeld-Wen did sell me the windows at a discount. I thought that the failure was possibly because the previous owner failed to take care of the windows. Now, however, most of the fixed windows, including 2 big picture windows, are failing. These are vinyl clad, permanent windows. I started noticing the failure at about 14 years.

I understand they are out of warranty, but the replacement of these windows will cost me thousands. I am hoping Jeld-Wen will sell the windows at a greatly reduced cost, but have not heard from them regarding my request. I would certainly not recommend Jeld-Wen windows if they fail in such a short time.

Ripped off by Joann Fabrics
By -

Watch out for Joann Fabrics no receipt policy or them in general. They say they have a no receipt policy. They reduce your refund amount give you a receipt then keep both your money and merchandise saying they can't find a receipt. WHAT A BUNCH OF DECEPTIVE CON ARTISTS!!!! They take your merchandise in exchange for a worthless refund receipt which indicates they will send you your money in 14 days. That never happens and they refuse to give you a check or your merchandise back claiming it is theirs since you have no receipt. They basically think their customers are thieves and they stole the merchandise.

So everyone boycott the cheats with the deceptive holding your merchandise hostage policy until they get what they stole from others. They always claim they can not find one in their records nor do they tell you they have to find a receipt on their end. So they now have tons of money and merchandise from customers who came in WITHOUT a receipt in the first place. They basically confiscate your stuff under false pretenses and say you didn't pay for it . HOW ABOUT THIS LOVELY MERCHANT WHO THINKS THEIR CUSTOMERS STEAL?

Horrible Management - Madison, WI
By -

MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I have had it with my local Joann's store. I sew for a living, and do shop locally for some of the items I use. However, I will never shop at that store again! I have had various complaints over the years and was always met w/ sincere and apologetic managers who took my issues seriously and corrected them. Not any more! After manager changes this year, my complaints are met by rolling eyes, snide comments and attitudes of "so what?" Particularly by the asst mgr ** who not only is nasty with customers but w/ employees as well! How they think this is a valued employee is beyond my comprehension! I will buy online or at Hancock from now on.

Charged for no order
By -

OHIO -- I have been a shopper at Joann Fabrics for many years but now no more. I attempted to place an order online but kept giving me the error notice. I gave up but the next morning my debt card was charged 4x. I called Joann Fabrics' customer service but was told NO order was placed and I should call my bank. I never received a confirmation email either about this order that was never placed. I called and they reversed the charges. I then verbally placed another order with Joann. Now today I go into my account and there are another 3 charges for the order that was never placed.

I have tried calling Joann Fabrics all day but cannot get an answer except "just wait 5 days". In the meantime I have over $300.00 and some change debted on my account for no order. I have called and left numerous messages for supervisors and corporate but never heard a word from them. My bank will not reverse them unless I get written notice from Joann faxed over to them. BUT at Joann no one will do it. Buyer beware and I promise I will NEVER shop at Joann Fabrics again!

No Customer Service
By -

ALGONQUIN, ILLINOIS -- The Jo Ann Fabrics on Randall road in Algonquin has no idea what customer service is. Long lines at the cutting counter while staff walk in and out behind the counter looking at you. We ordered 15 yards of heavy fabric. After it came in and we drove to pick it up it was the wrong fabric. We spent an hour waiting while we were blamed for ordering the wrong fabric. They actually had the same tag on two different fabrics. They reordered and called us in to pick it up a second time. When we got there they didn't have a 15 yard piece but two 10 yard bolts. We took a 5 and 10 yard piece. Got home to cut the fabric and the five yard piece was 4" short.

We called to have them hold the remainder till we came in and they corrected their cutting mistake. We got chewed out and told they would have to measure it. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. Measure all you want, it's 4" short and won't be growing before we bring it back in. THIS STORE NEEDS HELP. In a job market like this it should be easy to find people who would be "happy" to be working.

Double Charged
By -

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- I was not going to write a complaint, but I see that Jo-Ann's has done this to people before based on what other people write. On 11-28-09 My wife made a rather large purchase. Today 12-1-09 I notice on my online banking that Jo-Ann's made a double charge to my MasterCard three days ago in the amount of $150.98. I called the store, and at first they said they did not double charge my card, but when they called their corporate office they told the local store manager that yes, there are double charges to many cards that day. They said I will get my $150 back some time this week.

I don't know about most of you, but right during Christmas Shopping season I cannot afford to be MINUS $150 on my bank card for a whole week. This is my checking account and even though I have some overdraft protection my money is not locked up in some corporate mistake and they don't try to make it right - An attitude of "you will get your credit from corporate when they get to it" attitude.

Summary, they have done this before, and it appears that they did it again, and they make no move to try to reimburse me $150 RIGHT NOW when I need it. HOW MANY PEOPLE are out $100 or more this week, right after a big shopping weekend and before payday? Rotten Corporation!

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