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Do not get this card or refer to anyone if you consider them a friend
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This card was horrific!!! When I first got this card I thought it was great a low rate but it changed really fast. First of all I have had numerous ongoing discussions with reps. clearly not American which really frosts me. When I call customer service I would like to be able to understand who I'm talking toand have a phone number avaialbe that is toll free and doesn't say to call collect!. My first few months of owning this card was fine when I made my payment online, however when we had to replace our computer and I was without it and mailed my payment things changed drastically. When my first payment reached Juniper late I was dismayed. I sent it in more than enough time to have it post to my account on time two weeks before it was due and somehow it ended up posting 4 days late so I was smacked with a late fee. When I called to contest this I was told that all payments go to a P.O. Box and Juniper only checks this box every 7 to 10 days so if possible I should send the payment at least two weeks ahead of time, kind of hard to do when sometimes I get the statement in the mail and have less than two weeks to get a payment in on time. Even if you do send a payment in with more than enough time it can still be posted late. It's all in Juniper's hands as to when they check their P.O. Box and apply your payment. Again, unless you pay online if you have access to a computer or by phone and call collect you aren't left with much choice other than to mail your payment. This has happened twice and 3different customer service reps. verified this to me. In November of 2006 I received my statement saying my low rate of 12.99% suddenly jumped to a ridiculous 30.49%. I never in my life have paid this on any card. I wrote a letter to the company and told them to close my card to further purchases all I wanted to do was pay it off and be done with them. I tried 3 times to get my fee lowered and they refused saying I managed the card poorly. I asked them how when I sent my payment in with more than enought time to reach them and to be applied to my account on time did they considered it to be managed poorly went it sat in their P. O. Box. After getting no where with the customer service rep. I spoke to I asked for a supervisor. When I talked to Joreen the floor supervisor she tried to tell me all 3 reps. misinformed me. She said that the payments are posted immediately and blamed the postal service and that I need to send my payment in even earlier than two weeks ahead of time and couldn't refund my late fee. My question is who's lying the 3 customer service reps. or the floor supervisor. Finally, I sent in a payoff of $840 on April 7th when they payment was due the 16th. I received a letter on the 20th that they could not close my account because I still owed $97 dollars. I couldn't understand why and when I called to question it I was told that I was charged a late fee and overthe limit fee plus finance charges. Has anyone else noticed that when you used to pay off a credit card in the past whatever that statement said and you mailed in that pay off check sealed the deal. Finance charges didn't get added after the fact. The rep. told me this payment didn't reach them until the 19th. I went round and round with this rep. who refused to refund anything so I hung up and called back again. When I was done, after three calls, I had 3 different customer service reps. Adrian, Cryanka and Micheel verfying that indeed the payments can sit in Juniper's P.O. box for 7 to 10 days and since they may have had it and didn't post it in a timely manner they did at least refund the late fee. I also told them it's ridiculous that I'm paying an overlimt fee strictly on finance charges they have applied since I haven't used the card since Nov. 06. When I asked this rep. Adrian to let me know what I owed after the fee adjustment he asked me when I would be making the payment. I asked why that mattered and he said he needed to calculate more finance charges. I said on what? The only thing remaining on my account is the fees Juniper applied and the finance chrages they added after I paid off the card. How can they possibly add more finance charges to their own fees. This is when he really sent me over the edge informing me that although they received my payment, due to the size of the check the Federal Reserve has the right to hold my check and not post it to my account for 7 days and they can assess finance charges during that time. I never in my life with all of the cards I have had heard of such a thing. They have my payment and the check I wrote them already cleared my bank so the only one holding it and making more money of off me is Juniper themselves. I would love to hear from a lawyer who deals with credit card fraud if this is legal because it's a new one to me. I just love asking to speak to a supervisor above these reps. because they play dumb and ask why. Why? because your a misinformed robot who doesn't know their job. When I got a supervisor today she told me Adrian was wrong and that although they will hold my payment no more finance charges will apply. My suggestion to all is that everyone that has ever been screwed by this company write and inundate the president's office with complaints. They need to bring the company back to America, get better training and seriously revise their practices. Although it may not be cool to put in the names of the reps. I talked to, I myself was a customer service rep. for 13 years in the banking industry and learned how important it is to get the name of who you talked to and who told you what so when it's a tooth and nail fight you aren't just saying "The person I talked to told me this." It gives you more validity and supervisors listen more when you can put a name to what you're told also when your misinformed or need to take the problem higher up in the company they know who to go directly to when they need straightened out. Also, for nay who have had the misfortune of dealing with this company you may have dealt with these same people and know hoe hopeless a cause this is. Anyhow, the president's name is Jim Stewart. Just stay away from this card, return your mail ads to them if you get any and don't refer them to anyone. Just let them know with a letter how fed up and disgusted you are.
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Anonymous on 04/23/2007:
While I don't defend this horrible outfit in the least, I cannot believe that payments sit in a mailbox. Those payments represent a great deal of money to them that can be re-lent out... if they let payments sit, they have to borrow money themselves to cover purchases others have made. This is expensive and foolish.

At least you are rid of them, and that's a beautiful thing.
DebtorBasher on 04/24/2007:
I went thought the same thing with MBNA. They charged a late fee when I sent it two weeks before the due date. The Late fee put me over the credit limit which caused another fee. When I called and asked why the late fee was charged, they said it didn't matter when I mailed it or when it is postmarked, but when they enter it into their computer. I asked if that meant that my payment could be sitting on someone's desk for two weeks until they were ready to enter it...and she said yes. I transferred that account to ... Juniper...which wasn't much better.
As for the pay doesn't matter what is on the statement because charges can be added on between the time they print it and the time you receive it and pay it. Any time someone wants to completely pay off a bill, they should call the company for the pay off amount and find out how long that amount is good for. Usually it is for a certain time (like the last payment of your car loan, etc) then finance charges can be added and left to build up as late fees etc, if you aren't aware of them.
Dizey on 09/23/2007:
I honestly believe you when you say the payments sit in the mailbox because I had my first 2 payments mailed over a week in advance and those checks were posted the day after the due date resulting in late fees, etc. I am doing everything I can to fight this ripoff so called bank - there has to be someway for this fraudulent, criminal way of business to STOP! Juniper are a bunch of crooks - what goes around comes around and they will get theirs one day soon.
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Thank you for this site.
Posted by on
I have been swamped by this company to get their credit card. I though I'd see what others had to say and walla I got an ear full. As a result I will not be subscribing to this bank for their credit card. Thank all of you for posting your experience on this bank and their products.
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I tried to play fair and then I contacted the BBB
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WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Not unlike most, I am in a bit of a financial pickle. Recently graduating from college again, exhausting my unemployment, 401K, savings, and patients while desperately searching for a job. I am convinced they must not exist anymore. Jobs that is... Unfortunately for all of us Juniper is still there like the playground bully, the jerk in traffic, the fly on an otherwise lazy summer day. I contacted Juniper's Customer Service Specialists, yes they are right they are very, very special. Liz was from pretending not to be in India, but her lack of basic English kind of tipped me off. I tried to explain my situation to her, and did so several times, but she just couldn't seem to get it. I explained that I was a recent college graduate and I was really struggling to find employment. But I wanted to make some payment to them, but was afraid I couldn't make the entire payment due at this time. Could you offer me some temporary options just for 6 months or until I get a job. I even told her that I hoped it wouldn't be 6 months and that as soon as I find something I would gladly contact them to get my payments back on regular schedule. She just kept telling me she could not offer me anything and that my minimum payment was $131. Funny thing was my payment had been only $68 for a long time, how was offering my a payment almost double going to be of any help? Liz told me did not understand why I have no money or income. She actually asked me, "Don't you have Medicare?" to which I calmly but firmly replied, "I am 36, not 90, and generally Medicare doesn't cover credit cards." So after a frustrating bit of time dealing with the "Specialist" I concluded that they would obviously rather receive no payment than work with me. Blocked their phone calls and set about drafting a letter to the big wigs at Barclays. Oh, Liz did give the address of the credit collection department where I could plead for lenience. Plead for anything from blood sucking credit card scum, not going to happen. Instead I filed the case with the BBB, because I just feel that this is unacceptable. I in good faith was trying to work out a temporary solution, but they won't play nice. Schoolyard Bullies! I wouldn't think it so bad I guess it I had been met with the same resistance from other creditors, but most were actually helpful. They are no saints, don't get me wrong, but truly understood that it was in their best interest to come up with some compromise and I will figure out a way to meet those payments because they worked with me in this difficult time. After filing with the BBB I received a response from the "Executive Office", oh goody! She basically stated they aren't interested in helping me. I owe them this money, and maybe I should go to Consumer Credit Counseling Service for help. I wonder if she's ever heard the phrase squeezing blood from a stone. Oh wait! I think the Executive Office has people to do that for them! I used to work around an Executive Office, they have somebody to do everything for them. I am drafting a second letter to the Executive Office, my response to their deep concern for their monies owed. They have made it more than clear that they are most definitely part of the huge problem with the entire country right now. Running around, unchecked, and allowed to treat people so badly, and profiting so greedily. And they will settle for nothing less than everything, I guess I have no choice but to give them nothing. I'd say send my account to collection, but they already have, and go ahead and try to collect it. As I told them I have nothing! No income, savings, 401K, rich dead relative, job, NOTHING! I think the best way to get some say in this is to contact the BBB, as screwed consumers I can't think of much else we can do but report their unfair practices and hope others look at that before they too are trapped in the same unfortunate situation a lot of us find ourselves in. I did end my stern letter to the Executive Office on a high note, wishing them a Christmas filled with poverty, unemployment, hunger, and all around misery. Where's Karma when you need it???
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User Replies:
werelucky on 12/17/2010:
Only in America can someone borrow money, not pay it back, and then complain about the entity they owe money to. It looks like you had money to pay for college but not your credit card bill. The bottom line is that is will be paid by the other borrowers in higher fees and interest. If you can pay your credit card bills then you should not be borrowing money using credit cards.
Anonymous on 12/17/2010:
OP, you are not going to get sympathy from anyone on this site. We have a lot of bill collectors and bank employees on this site.
Alain on 12/17/2010:
Just some ideas here. Confrontational attitude is not the way to go no matter how frustrated you are. You owe the money, they hold the cards. Contacting the BBB is no good since they are not regulatory and are very much supported by the very corporations they rate (they still maintain some objectivity, though). Try going down and talking to someone at Juniper/Barclay personally. They might be willing to deal with you if you indicate a willingness to pay the debt. Be prepared, though, they might not feel like helping at all. Credit counseling? Maybe a good idea. Remember, if you declare bankruptcy (assuming you can get it) you will be screwed for a minimum of 7 years and quite possibly longer.
FlShopper on 12/17/2010:
I'm neither a bill collector nor a bank employee. But I am someone with debt who lives paycheck to paycheck and understands that it's tough to make ends meet and that sometimes life hands you a curveball and it makes things even more difficult. My lack of sympathy comes from the attitude of the OP. You're looking for the cc company to work with you...understand that they don't have to and you still have an obligation to them, not the other way around. That being said, Alain offers some good advice and good options. Check out credit counseling and see if they can help you.
Your idea of giving them nothing is not a good one. You risk ruining your credit a lot more than it may already be, and the debt (which you do owe) will just continue to increase with late fees, interest, etc. You will only be hurting yourself.
momsey on 12/17/2010:
I'm also not a bill collector or a bank employee. I'm also struggling day to day, but thankfully my husband and I both have jobs. It literally would never occur to me to go to a person who lent me money and ask them if they'll accept less of a payment every month. If it DID occur to me, and they denied me, I'd say, geez, well it was worth a shot.

Yes, it's tough out there. But believe it or not, the banks have to make money too. If they let everyone slide who is having financial troubles, they'd all be out of business.

The best thing you can do is whatever you can to make that minimum payment every month. Protect your credit score. It might be even tougher to find a job if you have bad credit.
saj80 on 12/17/2010:
Find some type of job, whether part-time or temporary, to provide some income. If someone told me they hoped to find employment within six months and would repay me then, I would also be hesitant to give any concessions. Times are difficult for many people; when my wife's hours got cut from 40 to 15 per week, we adjusted our budget and I found a part-time job. Not exactly ideal, but this is our problem, not our creditors.
Weedwhacked on 12/17/2010:
Partial payments do nothing but disappear into their interest charges without bringing down your balance. I realize its difficult these days for many people BUT you owe them the money and promised to pay it back when you opened the account. By the way, the BBB can't do anything for you, they just take complaints.
leet60 on 12/17/2010:
If the OP's financial situation is as dire as the picture they paint, credit counseling and/or bankruptcy may be the best option available. Keep in mind the credit card company is not simply going to go away because you are not able to pay them. Eventually they may write off the debt and sell it to a collection agency. If that happens you may well find yourself in front of a judge and may have your assets garnished.

Being confrontational will not work, ignoring them will not make them go away.
bob932304 on 12/17/2010:
Most fast food places have permanent signs up for jobs. Try one of these - try 2 of these. You aren't going to get rich but you might make enough to at least make some kind of payment. FedEx and UPS have big ads for Christmas workers. I guess I am a little baffled by obviously people capable of work saying they can't find a job.
trmn8r on 12/17/2010:
I'm not a bill collector or a bank employee, and I don't know anyone who is. Are there really people on this website that fit this description?

I am having trouble wrapping around the concept that the customer is the one who was "screwed" here. Seems to me the bank is the one that trusted someone and got the short end of the stick.
Nohandle on 12/18/2010:
I'm truly sorry you are having a difficult time right now. Did you contact them the first month when you realized you couldn't make a payment? This would have been before your account went to collections. From my understanding many creditors will attempt to work with someone if calls are not continually avoided for a number of months or promises made and never honored.
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Beware and Be Aware of this company's Credit Card deceptive practices
Posted by on
I have an MasterCard account with this company, who "lured" me in with a balance transfer scheme of a one year zero '0' interest rate. I paid an initial transfer fee of 3% and then expected to pay down the transferred balance in the 12 month time frame. I was not able to pay it down within the 12 months. However, upon the arrival of the 13th month, the interest rate spiked to over 17%! okay, I was prepared for that. However, what is listed in the very very fine print is "interest is charged on balance transfers on a daily basis. Interest is also accrued on the balance. I basically found myself making a payment and having it wiped out with the interest being accrued and added to my unpaid balance for the next month. With the recent Federal law change that requires companies to provide a "picture" of how long it would take to pay down a balance to zero, the picture I got on my recent statement was that it would take 3200 years (not making this up; I have to think it was a computer glitch) if I only made the minimum payment. As I didn't think I would live that long, I decided to pay this off. In fact, I made two payments (both in advance of the next month's due date) and got the balance to ZERO!!!. I checked with their customer service dept and they told me that since my payments were made prior to my next month's due date I should expect no more amounts. Well, I got this month's statement and there are new interest charges, because interest is charged on a daily basis and interest was accrued between the my Nov due date and my actual payment date (5 days later). In fact, based on the explanation that the Customer Service person gave me, even after I pay the $15.41 of new interest charges, I could have interest accrued on the interest charge between the statement date (Dec05) and my actual payment date (Dec10). So although my next payment date is Jan05, (in what should be the 30 day grace period) and I pay off the balance on Dec10, they are accruing interest between Dec05 and Dec10. In my opinion, this is Usury in its absolute worst form. What makes this even more hilarious is that during this 8 month time-frame, my credit card limit was raised! (to over $20,000) As if I would actually look to continue to do business with such a company. I strongly urge anyone who is thinking of doing credit card business with this company be fully aware of their practice on accruing interest on a daily basis so that even when you make your payments on time, in advance of your actual due date, you will still find more interest added that will appear on your next month's statement. With such a scheme, I don't know if one's balance can ever really get to zero. I need to wait for two complete billing cycles.
I also want to say that I don't usually perform reviews (positive or negative), however, this company's practices are so blatantly abusive that I am glad for my3cents being available to provide a means to bring attention to companies who border on being unethical in the manner in which they conduct their business.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 12/10/2010:
All credit card companies accrue interest daily. The only time the no interest grace period comes into play is on new purchases against an initial zero balance.

Otherwise they will charge interest for every day there is a non-zero balance right up to the time of posting your payment.

They ALL do it in this manner.
trmn8r on 12/10/2010:
This is exactly like if you get a 12 month zero(0) percent interest credit line for purchase at a store or retailer. Interest accrues daily on the full amount, and if you don't pay the balance after 12 months you owe it all.

Fine print is very important in banking. You have to find out all the details when someone waves 0% in your face. They expect a certain % of borrowers to default, which helps allow them to offer 0% in the first place.

I bought a vehichle for $18000 three years ago at 0% interest. I have forgotten, but I fully expect I would owe a tremendous amount of interest would be charged if I didn't pay on time one month. I can pay cash for it, so it doesn't concern me.
Fufu487 on 12/11/2010:
Couldn't have said it better than the two comments above.
Fufu487 on 12/11/2010:
and I almost always have comments when it comes to banking... +10 guys!!
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Horrible Service And Beware Of Interest Terms
Posted by on
WILLMINGTON, DELAWARE -- 1. BARCLAYCARD charge compounded interest. They take a daily balance and calculate interest and add it to the balance. Next day balance includes the prior day's interest. Interest is again calculated from the balance and added to the balance.
This is the kind of interest you want to receive on your investment accounts, but not what you want to pay to this credit card company.

2. BARCLAYCARD penalizes you for three months, if the full balance is not paid. "If you do not pay your entire balance by the due date, YOU MUST PAY THE ENTIRE BALANCE BY THE DUE DATE FOR TWO MONTHS IN A ROW TO AGAIN BE ABLE TO AVOID INTEREST ON PURCHASES." Even if you are not late, and even if you pay off the monthly balances on the next two months statements, they stretch out the interest charges.

3. If a minimum payment is late, they charge a LATE FEE AND A PENALTY APR. (Increased interest rate.) The PENALTY APR may continue to apply to new transactions indefinitely, or if "the next six months are paid on time this rate will go down on certain existing transactions."

4. BARCLAYCARD processes your payments in different amounts of time based on whether it is considered CONFORMING OR NON-CONFORMING. CONFORMING ARE POSTED the DATE RECEIVED IF they get it BY 5:OOPM EST. (Otherwise it is posted the following day.
THEY delay processing "non-conforming" payments up to 5 days. PAYMENTS received, not in the envelope and with the coupon provided with the statement, are 'NON-CONFORMING". Using BARCLAY'S definitions, online banking payments are NON-CONFORMING since they go out in the required envelope with the correct coupon.

5. BARCLAYCARD allows 23 days from the account closing date to receive and post a payment. However, mailing time of statement and payment takes 14 days, add 5 days if payment is considered non-conforming. This leaves ONLY 4 DAYS TO GET THAT PAYMENT OUT, from the day the statement is received by mail.

6. This leaves a lot of potential for late payments to be posted and for Barclays Bank/Juniper to impose late fees, and outrageous increased compounded interest penalties! In determining what rate they will charge (Penalty APR) Barclay's Bank includes your credit performance with other creditors.

7. The BARCLAYCARD agreement states:
"We may suspend or close your account ...without prior notice. We may do this at any time for any reason", including if your account becomes inactive.

Why not just don't use the card, but keep it open for emergency or to help with FICO score?
(Higher ratio of available credit to debt raises the score.)
But they might close it due to inactivity.

So it seems BARCLAYCARD/JUNIPER BANK want to keep us in their game, MAKING IT VERY EASY FOR CONSUMERS to make late payments and not be able to pay off balances.

(Had to threaten to report them to the BBB to get unfair late fee reversed.)

IN CONTRAST: DISCOVERCARD HAS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Friendly, helpful, answer the phone quickly, located in U. S., speak English, and seem to really value the customer. Feels like the old fashioned service we used to enjoy in this country. No problem over the 15 years with the card.
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Exorbitant Late Charge for 1 Day Late.
Posted by on
I was charged a late fee of $39.95 for being one day late because of illness. Employee of Barclays Card US that I spoke to informed me that they would not retract the late charge. Very poor service from this firm. I very definitely recommend that all persons that are thinking of taking the CARNIVAL Fun Points credit card offered to them on Carnival Cruises think very seriously about making such a terrible mistake before accepting one. This is a genuine warning to all persons in the aforementioned category. My balance that was one day overdue was $17.00 I have now had to pay $58.95 These people are no better than legal loan sharks. Be forewarned.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
How long before the due date were you notified that you had an upcoming payment? Not really an issue, to be honest. You signed an agreement to use credit from them. Part of the terms is that you will make payments at a certain time or a fee will be imposed. You didn't hold up your end, they are holding up theirs. I don't see the problem.
Slimjim on 02/12/2010:
All banks charge a late fee around that number and yes, for even just being a day late. Most card lenders will give a one time waver on a late charge, so I guess you could be disappointed there. Have you ever been late with them before?
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
It is freaking ridiculous for a company to charge a late fee of $39.95 for an outstanding balance of 17 bucks. Cancel the card. Don't ever do business with Barclays again. This kind of abuse will only end when we the customer start flying these scum bags the finger. Good review.
Slimjim on 02/12/2010:
I think it's kind of ridiculous to let a card with a balance of $17 go late and subject myself to a $40 late fee personally.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
How much should a company charge a person who fails to pay on time? If $39.95 is too much (when the balance is only $17), what would be appropriate? Maybe they're not charging enough...certainly not enough to persuade the OP to honor his/her agreement.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
Agree with SJ. Pay your bills the day they arrive. Late fees will be a thing of the past.
@Stew.....should the late fee be prorated? Should it not be applied to an account that has a balance below a certain amount? Hogwash. These people signed on the dotted line and now complain when the terms are enforced. Quit siding with people who break contracts.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
Still, shouldn't a late fee be a percentage of the balance and not a set fee? I'm all for larger fees for bigger balances, smaller fees for smaller balances. People have to be responsible. OP, I would have called the CC holder and asked them to waive the fee. If they refused, I would pay the fee and cut the card up and send it back to them. If it's a first time late pay, they could afford to be gratious.
Anonymous on 02/12/2010:
I'm not sure if people are ignorant or just plain have short memories. A short while back, financial institutions got a whopper of a loan. They have to pay it back. They have been. Billions and billions at a time. Where do you think these billions are coming from? They are no longer waiving fees. And for companies that didn't get a loan, they can now follow suit and not waive fees cuz nobody else is. Pay your debts or the fees will come.
Anonymous on 02/13/2010:
I don't disagree with you, but people make would be nice not to get bent over for just one mistake. I would rather the banks expend their resources on the idiots who charge and have no intention of paying.
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Raised my interest rate on a cancelled account
Posted by on
WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- I am highly agitated with this bank. I had been a customer with them since 2005, but I got fed up with them after they repeatedly raised my interest rate. So, on Dec. 2008 I closed my account, with a balance on it, BUT, let me stress, I have been making scheduled automatic payments through Juniper's site, on time. (My online access to my closed account on their site.) Well, I get an e-mail from them stating that my bill is ready to view. As I was reviewing the e-mail I noticed that my minimum payment went up. So, I contacted Juniper via phone. I inquired if my APR went up and asked them why, since it is a closed account. Plus, I mentioned that I never received my 45 day notice that my interest rate was going up. The representative informed me that my APR did go up due to the economy. (Are you serious? Is that a valid reason? That is definitely not valid in my opinion, especially since my account is CLOSED and I have been paying my bill on time.) I informed him that I refuse to accept the current APR because my account is closed and I agreed to pay the APR that was on my account when I closed it. The representative would not budge, so he just filed a complaint and submitted it to higher up and informed me that I will be receiving a phone call 24-48 hours regarding my issue. I am hoping they will call and I am going to fight hard to get my APR to what it was when I canceled my account. I am fuming with this company. If the issue does not get resolved, I will seek legal counsel and contact the national media outlets to let them know what is going on. I am not going to be pushed around anymore by this bank.

**Update 1/15/2010: Still have not received a phone call from them. It has been over 24 hours and still no call. As for my account being closed, it is indeed closed, I cannot use the card, the automated phone system says it is closed, the Juniper representatives have verbally told me it was closed on numerous occasions, and it shows that on my credit report as being closed. I just carry a balance on it, which unfortunately, I am unable to make big payments to pay it down. (My fault since I was irresponsible with my spending). So, I will keep everyone posted. I have currently filed a complaint with the BBB.

**Update 1/16/2010: I went ahead and called Juniper and spoke to a very insightful person at one of Juniper's call centers (Colorado Springs). Here is the deal with my account: I closed the account at a variable rate, which means that even though my account is CLOSED, which he confirmed was closed, they CAN change my APR as high as 37% (Yikes...37%!!) So, he recommended paying my card off in one lump sum or transfer the balance out to another credit card or loan with a lower rate. He informed me that there is nothing they can do to lower the rate. But, I wish this was explained to me before, so I would have known better. *sigh* Definitely learned my lesson.

**Update 1/20/2010: I have been communicating with Barclay's bank via the BBB. They have decided to reinstate my old APR. (Hallelujah! Amen!) It took two responses from Barclay's though. The first letter they sent me addressed me, but had numerous errors within the letter. (Addressed me in the opening of the letter and then within the first paragraph they had another person's name and a different credit card type. Plus, if I decide to opt out, they told me to respond by November 29, 2009.) The second letter was a letter of apology for their error and to confirm that they were reinstating my old APR. I accepted it.
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Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
You have a balance. Your account will not be closed until that balance is paid off. Until that time, the interest can be raised.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
It was my understanding that if there is a balance on an account, the bank does not close it. It isn't beneficial for them to do so. I don't know what gave you the impression that you're account is closed other than you thought it would be.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
You most certainly can close a credit card account that still has a balance. People do it all the time in order to opt-out of unfavorable changes to the terms and conditions.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Although I do not agree with the credit card companies for raising your interest, this is a lesson learned for people in this tough economy. Before the recession, banks were lending tens of thousands of dollars in credit to people with little to no thought, and people were spending and spending with little or no thought. Now the recession hits, and NOW the banks are realizing all the debt they have accrued from thousands of people. So instead of trying to help people, they think its better to raise their rates. I guess they feel that people will try to pay it off quicker if they raise their interest rates. Banks are evil. They don't look at what is best for the people, they look at what is best on a piece of paper and in their wallet. Its the way it is. Your bank is hoping you will just pay it off quicker so they don't have the liability.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Not exactly Stew. LS is correct, the account isn't closed until it is paid off. When you opt out you are agreeing to no longer use the card, and pay off the balance. When someone has opted out, if they then use the card, the charge will go right through, the new rate will apply, and the account will stay open.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Thanks Ken. That's good information to know. I stand corrected.
skelly39 on 01/15/2010:
I am standing with Stew's first comment, to a point. I received an opt-out notice on a credit card. I declined their new terms and wrote them a letter. I still carry a balance, but when I get my bill, it says "This account is closed" and I'm still bound by the old terms.
That being said, I think the others are correct-if you just said "close the account" without actually opting out of anything, they don't have to be bound by the old terms and conditions and can make any changes they want until your balance is paid in full.
Are you still allowed to make charges on the card even though you asked them to close it?
Ytropious on 01/15/2010:
Why do people think 3 years is a "long time customer". 3 years is NOTHING. Heck, these days 20 years is nothing.
Anonymous on 01/15/2010:
Yes Skelly, but your credit report will show it as an open account, and they'd re-open it in a heartbeat if you started using it. (assuming you are in good standing) Checking accounts actually work the same way.
skelly39 on 01/15/2010:
Ken-I can't use it (besides the fact that I cut it up, it shows available credit as "0" on my bill), but I agree that, if it wasn't an opt-out situation and the OP just told them to close the account, it's still open.
Just makes me sorry credit score even sorrier because I still have a balance and no available credit.
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Barclays re-writes the Calendar to soak customers in fees
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A recent emergency move turned my life on its ear, and I was forced to make a "day due" payment to Travelocity Mastercard. The payment was made on the 17th before midnight PST, but was assessed as the 18th, because of an unrealistic cutoff the company puts on payments as 7PM eastern.

I read the site, and being a non-moron, understand why a late charge was applied. My request to them was that they understand my circumstances, and given my excellent payment history, remove the late charge (in an amount more than triple the required payment).

"We do apologize for any inconvenience this service fee may have caused. However, we can certainly assist you".

Evidently not...

"Our records show that you have a payment due date on November 17, 2009. Your payment in the amount of $15 was processed on November 18, 2009. Since we have received your payment after your payment due date, therefore, a service fee in the amount of $39 has been assessed on your account. As indicated in your terms and conditions, if a payment is not received for at least the amount of the minimum payment due by the payment due date shown on the monthly statement, a service fee will be applied to the account."

The truly backwards part is where I was in the country, the legal date at that time WAS the due date. Disgusting that a company in the digital age creates mock deadlines when the transfer of funds is effectively instantaneous once processed. This is just another tool used by the company to soak customers in fees that are paltry to such a large company but quite significant to those of us 'below the line'.

"Please keep in mind, we offer several payment options to assist you in managing your account to maintain it in good standing. You can make payments, free of charge through our automated phone service ",

Again, an emergency move, didn't even know where the card was until I unearthed the box...

"or through the web site listed on the back of your card. Simply click on "Pay Credit Card" then select "Make Payment Now". Please keep in mind that you will automatically be provided with a reference number for your payments, when and if they are scheduled correctly. You may verify if the payment was successfully requested by clicking on "Payment History" tab under "Pay Credit Card". Online or phone payments made by 7:00 pm Eastern Time will be credited for the same day".

Yeah, got WAS THE 17th here! My PC says 17th, it's still the due DATE!!! Imagine the ego of a company - next they'll be determining what the definition of "is" is...

"We also offer an automatic payment program that will draft payments automatically each month on your payment due date. We can send you a form to enroll in our automatic payment program or you may also enroll your account online at our website through the "Pay Credit Card" link. Please choose the "Set Up Repeat Monthly Payments" option to enroll in our automatic payment program."

Screw that noise! There is no way in Hades that I would enroll in their automatic payment program. I have read too many of the horror stories on this and other sites to ever give Barclays that kind of access to my account - they are ineptitude incarnate.

My gripe is not with the charge, but the lack of anything approaching understanding in these financially desperate times. I have had an excellent payment history with this company, and for them to maintain the charge is decidedly consumer unfriendly.

I will be transferring the balance of this card to another in my possession, and ceasing all use of the card (not closing the account, mind you - they can have the overhead of my open unused account to manage, and earn their $39 in costs over time).
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User Replies:
goduke on 11/18/2009:
It is not instantaneous. They create batch jobs and run them. In orde to create the batch job for the evening, they have a cutoff of 7p.

Do I think it's a bit snarky for them not to be nice and waive the fee? Absolutely. Does that make them the devil or his spawn? Not at all. They're just sticking to their policies.

You may want to find a way to schedule paying your bills a couple or three weeks in advance. I get paid 1/month, so it kind of forces me into that behavior, and it works pretty well to avoid problems (except for the time I mixed up the gas and electricity companies on the banks bill pay site).
BEJ on 11/18/2009:
You waited to the last moment to make a payment and it was after the cut off time. You might want to consider automatic payment or pay as soon as you get the bill rather than waiting to the last moment.
JR in Orlando on 11/18/2009:
Accept your responsibility. The 7:00 p.m. cut off means nothing, because even you admit you did not pay until almost midnight, which is past 7:00 p.m. regardless of the USA time zone. You did not pay until it was November 18th in 3/4 of the country, including where you had to pay. Do you think if a payment is due in England you get an extra 8 hours because you live 8 time zones or so away? Read the contract. Accept that your life's emergency does not create a problem or need to accommodate by others.
MaggieMcT on 11/18/2009:
They abide by their posted deadline -- that's hardly "rewriting the calendar."
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My Juniper Story
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My Juniper Story

After getting my op-out letter from Barclays Bank of Delaware, the bank which puts out the Juniper Credit Card, I did a little Google searching and see I’m not alone.

I’ve been a member for a few years with no issues till recently. I started with a limit of over $1500 and an APR of 7.74% which was great because I was able to close out an account with an APR that had a double digit APR. I was charge a small balance transfer fee which I was warned about in the fine print but it still made financial scents to go with the balance transfer.

So as time went by had no complaints or issues till the last few months ago, which is now more like almost a year ago.

Back in the end of ’08 I was going through the process of being medically separated from the army which took a great deal of my time away. So before things got too involved I set all my cards, to include Juniper, to automatically pay of the minimum each month.

The minimum payments for Juniper were much less, about $50 less, than the current interest and account protection that was being charged to my account each month. Soon those charges made my balance higher than my limit. It wasn’t well in to the 3rd month of being over the limit that I was able to see just what was going on. And what I saw that even with my account being over the limit by almost $70 Juniper minimum requirement was twenty something dollars. So after $117 later in over the limit fees I paid down the amount to within a hundred of my limit and paid $10 over what the last charges to my account was. And only after about two payments of paying what was needed, Juniper’s required minimum, finally was more than what was being charged each month in credit protection and interest.
And just like most, Juniper’s Customer Service department was no help in refunding any of those over the limit fees or changing my APR back to the 7.74% it was before these over the limit charges occurred. There was no changing anything. My APR went from 7.74% to 11.24%, 11.24% to 26.24%, and 26.24% to now 27.24% in the course of a few months with no written notices to inform me of the changes to my account.

Now in August my rate will be no less than 29.99% but I now, for the first time, have the option to reject these new terms which will terminate my account leaving me responsible for the outstanding balance.

So that’s my Juniper Story…

Any feedback or suggestion will be welcomed, mrmike. e.mack@gmail. com
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User Replies:
skelly39 on 07/15/2009:
Just curious...what do "financial scents" smell like?
Pay it off and be done with it, if you can.
ambrosia on 07/22/2009:
That exact same thing happened to me!! I ended up having to enroll inthe hardship program because I was never going to be able to afford to get it below the limit.
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CLASS ACTION SUIT ? Juniper is withholding statements to force customers to pay late
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I saw another post from a week ago mention a Class Action Suit against Juniper. I have felt for a long time that this bank was handling their affairs unethically. First, they pushed me into balance transfers with 0% interest offers they were calling with every other day. I rolled balances over just to shut them up and stop the calls. Then after 6 months they hiked my rate to almost twice what they told me it would be after the promotion, saying that they had the right to do so because I was carrying such a high balance ($5k). A balance THEY pushed me so hard into. My payments skyrocketed and when I complained, they hung up on me.

Next, they pushed me to get paperless statements, stating that as part of the package I would receive email alerts informing me of upcoming due dates, approaching credit line, etc. I signed up, and in the past 24 months, they have neglected to email me my statement 9 times. They have also neglected to send me my due date alert 7 times. I missed a payment because of this, and they hit me with a $39 late fee which pushed me over my credit limit by $2.00 so they hit me with a $39 overlimit fee. If that wasn't bad enough, when I went overlimit, they increased my APR from 24.99% to 36.99% !!! When I called to complain, they told me their records showed all emails and statements being sent without problems. When I asked if they could send me a copy of what they considered proof of this, they told me they didn't have to. I asked to enter a dispute, and they told me I could only send disputes in the form of a written letter via snail mail. When I asked for the address, I was told I had to be transferred to get it, and then I would be hung up on.

I really believe this bank is running unethical and even illegal practices against their customers, and I would not hesitate to join in on a class action suit against them if anyone knows of one.
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User Replies:
Buddy01 on 07/09/2009:
If they really did send all emails and statements, then perhaps they went to your spam folder.
MaggieMcT on 07/09/2009:
1. No one forced you to do the balance transfers. You didn't have to talk to them when they called.
2. You know you've got a payment due to them every month. With so many missing statements and alerts, you could have made a note to yourself about paying them.
melisa on 11/24/2009:
Yes, agreed that the lost statements should have been addressed differently. I usually check my accounts a couple of time a month.

However, there is no reason why the customer service representative did not have the address. They should have such information for the company and not have to redirect the call.
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