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To Save Money,get Kaiser Prescription Filled At Costco Or Walmart
Posted by 10papakea on 12/13/2009
SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I are life long Kaiser members and medicare part d participants, so you can imagine the shock we experienced when we learned that we can (and now do) get all of our prescriptions filled at either Costco or Walmart.

When I filed a grievance, Kaiser responded that these stores charge lower prices to get customers "in the door". Is not Kaiser getting millions in medicare part d funds? I am going to list the specific drugs my wife and I use; the price comparisons are based on prices quoted by Kaiser, as well as prices we are now paying at Costco. We require medications for blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. Keep in mind that any customer at Costco can get these prices; no special membership is required other than what all customers are required to do to be eligible to shop there: please note that all drugs are the same dosage, and same quantity.

Price comparison of prescription drugs at

generic drug Costco Kaiser difference
1)amlodpine 8.32 19.80 11.48
2)Lovastatin 10.83 20. 9.17
3)Glipizide 14.36 20. 5.64
4)Metformin 6.60 20. 13.40
5)Atenolol 6.50 10. 3.50
6)Lisinopril 7.91 19.60 11.69

Please note that with items 1,4 & 6, the Kaiser charge was twice what Costco charged.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-12-14:
What's the complaint??? That Kaiser is charging a higher price? That's business. Don't like their price (which you don't) shop around (which you did)

This type of complaint would litter this board if everyone complained about one store charging more than another for the same product.
Posted by Class Advocate on 2009-12-14:
I absolutely disagree with The_Judge. A consumer pointing out massive price discrepancies between what an HMO charges for drugs verses a Costco is exactly why this board exists. We are not talking about two grocery stores pricing a gallon of milk. HMOs are in an unique position. I bet Kaiser's pharmacy is a few doors down from the doctor's office and most definitely in the same building. Moreover, Kaiser has the patients medical records and can project future co-pays and when it will exhaust Part D coverage forcing a patient to assume greater share of drug costs. There is always a natural tension between an insurance company, a medical provider and a pharmacy. When Kaiser acts as all three, that tension is lost.

Great post!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-12-14:
this board isn't going to be able to force kaiser to change their prices

if you found your meds elsewhere for cheaper then go to that location.

it's not like kaiser is preventing you from going somewhere else
and if they do... then it's a problem.

mom's old hmo tried that with our prescription lenses. mom had to fight with them because they kept insisting that she get them made at their location and mom wanted to get them done somewhere else.

so ... if they try to stop you, then raise holy hell
but if they just give you your script and let you go
then get your meds where you feel the price is best
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-12-14:
Walmart is becoming well known for having low prices on prescriptions. Kaiser's are more likely in line with most pharmacies. This probably would be a better review if it was written as a compliment to Walmart and Coscos instead.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2009-12-14:
The best way to save money would be to get healthier. People I know who take diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesteral medicine have two things in common: obesity and lack of exercise. I don't know if that is you, but some of them have been able to quit taking all the medicines when they lost weight and exercised.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2012-01-12:
Kaiser in Ohio charges $44 for a 90-day supply of Pravastatin (for cholesterol). I had it refilled at Giant Eagle for $10.
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Terrible Service
Posted by Wt on 05/11/2006
Kaiser Permanente is the nation's largest HMO and cares more about its bottom line than serving its patients. It's next to impossible to get an appointment, if you do.. the doctors throw a prescription at you without giving you a thorough examination. My friend went to them over and over again with stomach pains and they just kept giving him painkillers. One day, he started puking up blood -- turns out he had four bleeding stomach ulcers which could have killed him. The painkillers made it worse. Kaiser docs just push the drugs that they get for free from the pharmaceutical companies. No one should have to wait weeks for an appt. You should not get a voicemail when you call their emergency line. I can't believe they are still around...

I urge everyone to write to Oprah and share their story -- if there is enough, she will do a show on this issue and expose Kaiser for the greedy and heartless company that it is.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-12:
I completely agree with you, the healthcare system is a mess. But please come back to reality and write to your congressman or senator not some tv diva
Posted by Kathy2006 on 2006-06-12:
Personally, I have never had a problem with a Kaiser doctor. I've received very good care. However, Kaiser Member Services is another story. They have little or no knowledge of company policies or procedure, and most don't give a horse's patoot if its members get care or not.
Posted by Legrand on 2006-07-31:
I have had great service with Kaiser, however some doctors are better than others. You can't blame kaiser as in insurance for the mistakes of an idiot doctor. I myself had a great doctor, however my daughter had an awful one. She had Pneumonia and kept getting send home until she got so sick she couldn't breath, or move. But kaiser paid the bills, so remember who is at fault here and make a complaint with kaiser against the doctor. They do keep those on file. Since this I have learned to do a background search on your doctor before deciding they are the one that you want. Our health is in our hands.
Posted by Collin on 2006-11-10:
I too have never had a problem with any of the doctors, it is the process ofgatekeepping that prevents a patient from seeing a real doctor unless you fight through all of the bureaucratic mazes. In the process I believe that they are indeed putting patients at risk. I am going on 5 months now with disc issues in my neck that I know need surgery but I have yet to see the surgeon. I just keep getting passed around and put on more and more addictive pain killers and pushed out the door.
Posted by CjC on 2007-08-07:
Kaiser is terrible. Money is their only interest. They will never care unless you're rich.
Posted by buggie on 2007-09-25:
I have,up till now, been fairly content with my health plan. But then, I have always been healthy. I paid $1200 a month for insurance premiums I seldom if ever, used. For YEARS.

But all that has changed. I have a pain in my knee that Kaisers' has put me on hold about. They OKed XRays and Ultrasound so they ruled out a broken patella and blood clots. They sent me to physical therapy for a month..which helped but didn't cure my situation. My doctor somehow is strangely unavailable. I emailed her. A month ago. (they boast of a two day reponse). No answer. I called.. "you will hear from a doctor in 24 hours" No response. I have had this ongoing knee thing All of JULY, AUGUST and now SEPTEMBER. Why are they dragging their feet over an MRI? I have no diagnosis. No prognosis.I cannot work.

To add insult to injury, literally, since I hobble around on one leg, I smashed my toes on my GOOD leg, and I know I broke my foot.(5 days of intense pain in the foot tells me that). Now I am pretty much lame. Forget about going to the doctor/hospital. I am nothing to these people
Posted by sam35 on 2011-02-16:
Do you ever wonder what they are doing ? For what it cost to be a member of Kaiser why would you treat your members like this ? If I put my customers
threw this I would be out of business ! But Kaiser keep building new hospitals. How can this be ? They
are not dumb at Kaiser . They wear 10 years ahead of every one Elset with the Internet. I think they have a plan for what cost effective to treat
and what cost to much with a low success rate they
will just screw you around and hope you go away !
I have though for years that Kasier would be the
model of what government run health care would look like. With all of us being force into buying it ! If that was true they would need a lot more
Hospitals . The Government is clearly trying to run
other health insurance Co. out of business . Then
it wont matter what we think . If we get sick we will just have to beg for Mercy and be happy if we are still alive !
Posted by Imelda on 2011-06-02:
Does anyone know any tricks or ideas for QUICKLY getting through the Kaiser Voicemail H___ and actually talking to a human? I like Kaiser and the docs pretty well and they do try to keep the costs down more than others. But I am becoming a virulent HATER OF THEIR VOICEMAIL. Help?
Posted by mizu on 2014-03-31:
Go to the ER, or call the call center as they are staffed 24-7 unlike the clinics.

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Kaiser Sucks
Posted by Jhwk13 on 06/04/2010
DENVER, COLORADO -- I was diagnosed in April of 09 with Stage III breast cancer. Little did I know, but Kaiser Oncology FAILED to tell me that the type of breast cancer that I suffer from is called a Triple Negative and is rare and aggressive. The one thing that they did right was to treat me with chemotherapy first (which shrunk my tumor), but they NEVER told me any details about my cancer. When I asked if it was estrogen positive, all I got was a "no" and sent off to chemo treatment. The oncologist always rushed us and never gave my husband or me any clear answers. When I finished my chemo treatments in November of 09 I asked what my prognosis would be. All I got from the oncologist was, "I don't know. We won't know until we do surgery." No support whatsoever! I made an appointment in early Nov with the surgeon to discuss my mastectomy and she "informed" me of what "they" were going to do for my reconstruction. No options...Just one procedure. When I started doing research, I didn't like the butcher job that they were proposing, so I asked questions. The surgeon told me that I could not have breast implants as I was to have radiation and they couldn't do tissue expanders due to radiated skin. I kept asking questions, which started to tick her off. I asked for a consult with the plastic surgeon and he told me that tissue expanders would not work with radiated skin (he had spoken with the surgeon prior to my visit). When I asked about the TRAM flap procedure (a tummy tuck and use of abdominal muscles for breast reconstruction), I said that I would look like a patchwork quilt and he said "yes" without any hesitation! He treated me like crap. My husband asked if there was anyone in Colorado that did do breast implants and he thought that there was "some guy up North". My current plastic surgeon (NOT related to Kaiser) is a half a block to the south and has been doing breast implants on radiated skin for years! The Kaiser plastic surgeon then asked me if we had any other questions, told us that he was late for his next appt (which he was late for mine and didn't give me the full hour I was promised) and then told us (very sarcastically) "Good luck". I went to work the next day, made appointments with a new plastic surgeon, a new oncologist and had a referral to a new general surgeon. I then switched my insurance to United Health Care (thank God for open enrollment). I then finished my chemo on the 23rd of Nov. I visited the radiologist oncologist (through Kaiser) and he said the same thing...Can't do breast implants with radiated skin and then proceeded to give me information for support groups and counseling (which I NEVER got since I was first diagnosed...Too little too late). I went home and cancelled my surgery for December. The general surgeon was such a chicken that she didn't want to call and find out for herself why I had cancelled; she waited for her nurse to get back from vacation (over a week later) to call and grill me. Then she had the oncologist call and grill me some more. I told them that I had switched insurances and that I would not be having surgery until after the first of the year. I am very happy to report that I had a double mastectomy on Feb 10th and I have been given such EXCELLENT treatment by United Health Care. They have called me and referred me for counseling and checked on me frequently. Kaiser is the worst possible place to be treated for cancer (in Denver, at least). I have had two other women come to me to discuss their breast cancer treatment with Kaiser and neither one has been good. Enough is enough!
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Posted by Skye on 2010-06-04:
I'm sorry you had to go through this cancer, and that Kaiser wasn't there for you. They were so good to my sister, who at 30, last year, had a double masectomy and reconstructive surgery. It was a horrible time for her and our entire family, and I hope you will also have better days ahead.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-06-04:
I'm sorry this happened to you but I'm glad that you were finally able to get adequate care. Unfortunately, there are some physicians who apparently were home sick the day that bedside manner was taught in their med school.
Posted by Xylie on 2010-11-13:
Good for you.We don't have to take what they dish out to us.My sister had cancer 6 yrs ago and I matched and we did a stem cell for the non hodgekins {SP} lymphoma. {Denver,Colorado} They got way more than they needed,but she does have a ample supply should she need another one down the rd in case I get killed or something.Anyway,she has been cancer free ever since.But of course has all the crappy things that do go with it.But they asked questions too,and I am so glad you pushed the issue.It's your body,and I don't blame you.It's bad enough to have that god awful cancer,then to have attitude from your caretakers is unacceptable.And to rush you through like cattle,tells me they were only interested in the $$ and not the well-being of their patients concerns.Good for you for helping others to speak up and say no,that's isn't what I want!God Bless and keep you!
Posted by sam35 on 2011-02-17:
When you have Cancer or sick with anything you don't need any more stress ! Iam sure it just make everything worse . I hate Kaiser , If it was free I
still would not go their . But I have had skin Cancer twice . Once with blue cross , Wear they wanted $2.000 before they would even look at Me .
They worked on me for one hour and the total bill
was almost $5.000 ! I needed a skin graff but they did do a nice job in a timely manor . The other time I just payed a Doctor cash .Wear He spend-ed 4-5 hours on Me, did all lab test,and did
a very nice job for about $500. ! Iam a Veteran
so if it ever get real bad I will go their and Iam sure they will help me for cheap ! The V.A is
far better than Kaiser or blue cross for cheap .
And maybe for free depending on how you rate in their system !
Posted by mikem on 2012-03-22:
i was on chemo and they didn't monitor me or anything almost died cause had bad effectso f chemo, bp at 200/135 they did nothing, no telling how long it was that high. water in my stomache they ddin't want to check it out. neuropathy now cause of chemo and alot of other sides 2 yrs later. worst insurance i ever had and the worst dr's, if you go in for a cold its ok, but something complicated i feel bad for ppl who have to go to these dr's, they just don't care. they black listed me when i made a complaint so would have to pay my copay and the doc would come in go straight to the computer and never say a word give me a paper and leave. i thought he was coming back and he never did. canceled my insurance quicly after that.
Posted by Launie on 2014-02-01:
Worst experience I've ever had @Kaiser.Treated like a dog! Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma 3rd /Follicular/Indolent Small B cell-Severe reactions Bendamustine Rituximab and abandoned by oncologist.Body attacked by OA after 2 days infused.Unable to walk one day and arm not functioning Neuropathy loss of balance PAIN-bone muscle nerve joints memory/multitasking issues vision issues skin and pad sensitivity fever muscle cramps incontinence fatigue Im sure Ive forgotten something.Feel like Im going crippled 10 monthes out of chemo-bendamustine/rituximab Changed insurance now -Wish me luck! Love n Light
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The Worst Experience
Posted by Ericka on 04/21/2009
FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I really wonder how inhuman can someone be?, doctors treat their patients like we are a bunch of animals, nurses treat everyone like we have no right to ask any questions!!!

How can we stop this???!!! Who should we need to talk and complaint?!
I really don't know where to begin with all the mistreat my husband and I personally received from Kaiser, but I'm pretty sure what I'm gonna say is not new to all the people that have Kaiser Permanente as a health insurance specially Falls Church Center. Well, lets start on the calls...whenever I call to make an appointment or just to leave a message to my doctor it takes forever to get to someone that will redirect me and tell me that "in case we get disconnected can I have your number" so like always after 15 min the call is lost, after calling back and have to go through the same standard questions I did before, I finally get to the nurse who gets my number again and puts me on hold to wait for a nurse again... and again the call is lost, one could think that hey I gave her my number twice maybe this time I should just wait for their call...but after two days I finally got the call (this happened 2 times that I waited to see how long it will take them to call me back).

Ok well I finally got the appt, got there 15 minutes early, btw I was having severe pain on my lower right side abdomen and began spotting since I was 6 weeks pregnant (3rd time trying) I was really scared that I was having a miscarriage, so once I was there I had to be on the waiting area for 1 hour so exactly 45 minutes from my time of appointment, when the nurse finally called my name I thought "thank goodness! its my turn" but she left us in the room waiting for the nurse for another 50 minutes, when she came in told me to get ready for the Dr and she left as soon as she finished pronouncing the last word... Well I was ready for the Dr, I was having really bad pain by now, after 40 min my husband went to the front desk n told them I was in pain, but the nurses told him that I should've have gone to the ER and that besides the Dr is in his way... They didn't even came to see how I was doing, one came after probably 15 min my husband told them, looked at me and told me the Dr is in his way...

I told her I was in pain and if I should go downstairs to the ER but she said "the Dr is coming just wait" I couldn't believe it!!! No one was doing anything!!! They were laughing outside telling jokes at the front desk...so the Dr showed up after 20 min, but it was a nurse not a Dr like we thought, as soon as she got to the room she said hi n spread my legs apart and told me that she was gonna take a sample from the cervix for some test and she was about to use the wrong size of instrument!!!! And it hurt!! Besides she didn't even give us time to say something... so I told her that that wasn't the right size and she told me "but you have kids already, why are you complaining!" what!!!??? I don't have kids, this is my first one. I was so frustrated and upset... Well she finally changed instruments and got the sample and told us the Dr will see us soon... At this time I was crying, hurting and upset, my husband was trying to keep me calm while he was asking her what are the tests for, why no one told us that, I was coming for pain not to check for Chlamydia besides we were tested before we decided to get pregnant both my husband and me...but she didn't pay attention to what he or I were saying...told me to get dressed go downstairs to the laboratory, get some blood test done and wait 1 hour for my results...but we told her that I needed to see the Dr for the pain...and she said "once you have your results come back here in 1 hr" so we went to the lab waited for another 15 min I had the blood and urine test done went outside to the waiting room waited 1 hr went upstairs again...waited another 30 min for a nurse to call my name, took us inside waited 15 min for the nurse who saw me before and she said "ok so why do you wanna see the Dr?" I couldn't believe it!!

My husband told her what were my symptoms because I was so frustrated and upset I was crying easily...she said "ok go to Inova Fairfax Hospital to the ER if you are in that much pain" so my husband hold my hand for support and I walked out the room but before, he asked her what was the result on the tests and she said " oh yeah everything is good"...I left kaiser regretting ever ever getting into their health insurance...I was so mortified. It took us 4 hours and 50 min to find practically nothing. I don't think even our pets are treated this way!!! I don't wanna say that they treated us like that because we are Hispanic but that definitely came to my mind...

I'm very sure we are not the only ones that came across to this kind of people, but if my words can help someone, and/or prevent someone to get into Kaiser especially when they are planning for a baby, please take in consideration what I'm writing "Don't get Kaiser" you will regret it. Just to let you all know my baby is fine. I'm now 7 wks but not thanks to Kaiser nor the staff.
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Posted by Disaster Worker on 2009-04-21:
Wow. What an experience. I wrote a review on the horrible Dr. Hwang in the DFW area a few months ago after we waited almost 4 hours for nothing. (I almost got arrested for asking why it was taking so long.)

Many years ago, I believe back in 1990, a friend of mine had an abnormal mammogram. Kaiser was her healthcare provider as well, and when it turned out she had stage II breast cancer, they tried not approving her for chemo/radiation. She had to retain an attorney just to get Kaiser to do what was right. I had hoped Kaiser had gotten better since the 1990's in their care, but obviously, I was mistaken.

How did everything turn out? Are you alright now?

--The Medic
Posted by DRVROFRED on 2009-04-21:
I watched a documentary a few years back on this type of insurance. It's like herding cattle and getting a certain quota of patience in and out without much regard for the actual health problem. My dad had it for awhile and when he got an infected gall bladder he almost died in their hospital and ER. My sister and I did most of the nursing and always getting someone in his room since they never answered the call button. It was a 5 month nightmare getting him admitted and then they would discharge him even though he was still sick. He is now doing better and under a new insurance and I do understand the trauma you went through. Several times we sat with my dad in the ER for hours at a time in those tiny plastic chairs. He had no place to lay down. I am so glad to hear your doing better and congrats on your new member of the family. I wish you all good health and a great time making awesome family memories. God Bless!
Posted by Disaster Worker on 2009-04-21:
Wow, DRVROFRED! Did it really get you when they billed your Dad for "nursing care" when they should have paid you?? I was a nurse many years ago (now on the EMS side), and we would have never dreamed of treating a patient the way your father and family were treated. Poor patient care is inexcusible. I'm so glad your father is better now!!!
Posted by DRVROFRED on 2009-04-22:
Thanks DW,He's doing good. I am so thankful for the compassionate heart you seem to have and for others like you. I know you have a difficult job. Too bad the unprofessional/uncareing are left to care for peoples loved ones and they get away with it. Good point also. I didn't think of reversing the bill back to them. Wish I'd thought of that. Thanks for being someone out there that cares for the health and wellbeing of people. Good for you.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-22:
FRED - you're a good man, Charlie Brown.
Posted by monta on 2009-06-10:
I have always believed that part of medicine is care and concern.Going to KP is like going to your auto mechanic. My Doctor doesn't know my name nor does he care to. KP is probably good at stitches but pity the poor soul with depression.
Posted by heart broken on 2012-10-06:
I lost someone very close to me recently due to misdiagnosis and neglect from all the staff @ Kaiser Permanente. None of the doctors, specialists, nurses, administration, nobody cared and they were incompetent, unprofessional, unethical, and illegal. I can not believe that these hospitals exist!!
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Lousy Service for Immediate Health Appt Needed
Posted by 6662370 on 04/11/2007
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- Called appointment line at 7 am on 4/10/07 for Kaiser Riverside. Informed that I was assigned a personal physician and since he was in the clinic that day I could not get an appt confirmed until the appt center talked to the personal physician. Appt center returned my call about 9:30 am and informed me that my personal physician would call and attempt to treat my symptoms over the phone for symptoms that appeared to be pneumonia. Could no longer get a same day appt and would need to wait until late the following day to get in. Called back asked for supervisor, refused to accept no appt. Went to urgent care with 103 degree temp and severe breathing difficulty. Waited 4 hours to see physician and was treated for early stage pneumonia. Informed by NON-personal physician that if I had waited until the next day that I would have likely required hospitalization.

Been with Kaiser for 26 years but this will be the last year. Penalized for choosing personal physician. Service sucks. They'll let you just die rather than give you an appointment for a serious condition. GOOD BYE. I'd rather switch than fight this mega health system that stinks!
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Posted by CjCinColorado on 2007-04-12:
Kaiser sucks ! End of story.
Watch it too....they alow miss-billing from hell.
Never gets straightened out.
Screw it all....we went bankrupt from them.
Hope they're quite happy that I'm dying.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2007-04-12:
Why didn't your personal physician call and treat you over the phone that day? An antibiotic script would have solved the immediate urgency.
Posted by Noneill on 2007-04-13:
There are 2 types of pneumonia, bacterial and viral. If either was suspected a patient should not be treated over the phone. Antibiotics will not help viral pneumonia. Kaiser's system is flawed and it is the patients who suffer. When I had Kaiser 18 years ago I was very happy with it. Glad I don't have it now.
Posted by Sylvianna on 2007-04-23:
I understand that our governor wants to base the single-payer system on Kaiser's great success. If this is true, we're all in trouble.
Posted by OnWatch on 2007-05-11:
I am so sorry to hear about your experience. For minor conditions they have been fine getting me in. They tend to wait until you are on the brink of having it become serious before you can get an appointment. By then it tends to be a long period of time for the appointmen. Duh, if you catch something before it gets to that point you save the patient from having to go through suffering and I would think they would save some money. I guess the old saying applies You get what you pay for.
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Bad Health Care System
Posted by Mariex800 on 10/22/2008
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Kaiser Permanete is a bad health care system.

In a nutshell, the doctors are rude and the services are just a big joke. I am amaze that no one has filed a law suite against them yet. They don't care about their patients. All they see is how fast they can get you out of their facility!
The doctors (ER) don't really care. They just try to get you out as fast as they. I guess the bottom line is that, they try to save some $$$.

So, it seems the system is not really a proper, functioning system - should we say....

Anyway - I am just saddest to see that we are a big nation like USA - should have the greatest health care in the world - but - it turned out that other country - like Canada, Switzerland., have the best health care - hospital service, etc.
Kaiser is a big broken system that doesn't seems to work.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-23:
I have friends in Canada, and I don't envy them their health care system one single bit. Think about being sick, and having to wait six months for a MRI.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-23:
I agree, Ken. My friends in the UK say the same about their national health insurance. When it comes to America, government health insurance will have the efficiency of the Postal Service and the compassion of the Internal Revenue Service.
Posted by Cyn on 2013-08-19:
Have Kaiser in Georgia just refused to pay for my Vitamin D tablets. Bad healthcare glad I will be on Medicare soon. Call this a group plan just managed care.
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Happy With Kaiser Permanente
Posted by Busybee2 on 12/07/2010
It's Funny over the last few years I have found myself using reviews more and more to help me make decisions on everything from purchases to places to eat and not once did it ever occur to me to complete a review myself.

So bare with me people, this is my first one. So it's 3 days before the end of open season I am going through the grueling process of looking for a new health insurance provider which I have done for the second time now and I am frustrated and annoyed because I don't want to switch insurance companies......

I have been with Kaiser Permanente for almost 15 years I have three great child and they have grown up with KP. I know that you hear so many bad news stories but this is a good news story and I just wanted to share.

Just like any organization or business you frequent all it take are a few bad apples to spoil it for the bunch and I have see 1 or two bad apples at KP but in comparison to the many great apples that I have seen at KP there are no comparisons.

My youngest who I will call my Miracle baby was born with more than a few medical problems but under the watch of KP practitioners who would not give up on him, 9 years later you would never know that he had such a rocky 1st year and they have been there ever since.

I took ill myself and the care and concern that I received from the KP doctors and staff has been amazing. Okay so like I said there are a few bad apples..... so my illness causes me to have frequent broken bones and on this particular evening I had broken my foot for the 3rd or 4th time and I was in the waiting room waiting to be seen. I was in pain my foot was swollen and obviously broken to the naked eye. I had only been sitting there for about 1hr. )-:

So in walks my doctor on the same evening who just happened to be sick himself and wanted to be seen for a very bad cough.

He proceeds to walk over looks at my foot and ask how long had I been waiting and immediately has me in a wheelchair and whisked off to get my foot reset...good apple.

okay..... okay.... I know so if KP is soooo great why am I leaving? I know that's my dilemma for the last two years I have been commuting to work and now the closes KP is 10 hrs away and my health is still an issue and I have been missing a few appointments. (not good!)

So it is with regret that I have to give KP up. I pray that I find an Insurance provider that have nurses that will stay on the phone with me until my questions get answers, that have doctors that call me back when I have a concerns. Receptionist that realize that I'm not just another body in there waiting room but that I am a person and finally an insurance company that gives me the care and services I pay for with out sending me through a bunch of hoops.

That was just my experience with KP and for those of you who have not had good experience with them I hope you have better luck with them in the future. FYI I have visited there office in MD, CA, GA, DC,& VA .
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Posted by Spaced on 10/16/2007
FONTANA, CALIFORNIA -- I was put on a medication that made me unable to think, converse, and remember so that I appeared on the wrong day for an appointment and another time couldn't remember it at all even with the reminders for my cardiology appointments. Most of the time I didn't know what day it was or the time of day. When I went to see my GP doctor, he said it wasn't the medications and wanted to refer me to mental health care for depression. The cardiologist wouldn't give me another appointment even though I was on aspirin, atenolol, nitroglycerin, plavix, diltiazim, and the culprit flexeril. I read in an article that flexeril built up in the system of the elderly and caused side effects and quit taking it. Then it took awhile but I finally was able to think clearly again.

Now my cardiologist says I'm stable and with the meds and he doesn't need to see me again unless I have a problem. If so, I can always call and make an appointment.

Last two times I had chest pains I went to the emergency room--no time to wait for an appointment.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
Yeah, if I had chest pain, I'd go to the ER, too. I'm not a doctor, but, it appears, by your meds, that you DO have some type of cardiac history.

Which is even more reason to call 911 with chest pain. That's not something I'd wait for a Dr. appt to deal with.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
I agree 100% with emt_c and 911 would be a good thing to do. They have me on all kinds of meds and I read about the side effects and wonder why I even take them my self!
Posted by Principissa on 2007-10-16:
Lid I take a prescription for migraines and one of the side effects is a headache. Guess what I stopped taking! If it's meant to cure a headache why would I take something that gives me one. Drinking a cup of strong coffee black works better than that medication ever did.

To the poster, please do not wait for an appointment if you are having chest pain. If they have you on plavix, nitro, and aspirin you already have serious cardiac issues. Waiting for the doctor's appointment could pose a serious risk any chest pain should be taken care of right away.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
Principissa, it is crazy isn't it? I take Lisinopril for the heart and a few of the many side effects are uneven heartbeats, chest pain or rapid weight gain. They are always telling me to watch my weight, so what good is the diet?

One more is coughing, so I quit smoking after 35 years because of the heart attacks and I think at least I will stop coughing, still cough only worst at times. What a cruel joke medicines are... LOL
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-10-16:
Spaced: In the future, any chest pains, call 911 without delay.
Good luck.

Posted by steve101 on 2007-10-17:
Its very sad that most medications are tested on young adults but given to seniors who can react differently to these medications. You really need to find an internist who specializes in geriatric medicine who will scrutinize the medications that you are taking from other doctors.
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Kaiser Won't Let Me See Specialist
Posted by Krane1208 on 08/17/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I got some kind of issue where the hair follicles on my chin would get itchy and secrete a clear fluid - also some swelling.

My Kaiser doctor told me I had a sexually transmitted disease. I had not had sexual contact for over 20 years before that happened.

I was denied an opportunity to see a specialist.

I switched carriers and saw a specialist. I had some kind of bacteria. I was treated by a SPECIALIST!

Kaiser does NOT treat people - only takes their $$$
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-08-18:
It wasn't Kaiser, it was the doctor. That's why second opinions are so important.
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Kaiser Is an Assembly Line With Low Standards
Posted by 2.rellie on 07/30/2013
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Kaiser mishandled my father's last week of life and the process leading up to this. They violated their pain management care claim as stated in their handbook which is basically false advertising and misrepresentation of what actually goes on once inside chaotic Kaiser care. My father suffered a very painful death all because of their lack of urgency, lack of prescribing the correct pain medication and many other incidences that were not monitored by my father's oncologist and medical team. Once on hospice the hospice nurses were negligent in effectively monitoring my father's pain and he basically was bleeding to death from his rectum. At one point I called "Gio" on Santa Teresa hospital's supervisor line. Gio said that he could not get a hospice nurse out to see my father for another 3 hours. This is while my father lay there bleeding profusely in pain. It took a call to my father's attorney and a threat to sue for Kaiser to get a hospice nurse to my father sooner and to get him situated and prepared to die with dignity. Should people have to do this to get healthcare staff to do their jobs?

Next, my brother also was recently diagnosed with colon cancer and wanted specific information about his upcoming surgery. Kaiser states this and on Dr. Wright's (his former surgeon's) website he clearly states how he likes to ease the comfort of his patients as surgery can be a daunting experience. Dr. Wright had misread my brother's chart on more than one occasion, and later with specifics about the surgery. This was a concern so more questions were asked of this Dr. to ease my brother's mind about the procedure. After a few hours Dr. Wright called my brother stating it be best that he have another surgeon perform this procedure. What kind of doctor doesn't have the integrity to finish what he started? What a loser to just walk away at the last minute when he is just being asked to do his job and ease the patient's mind for an upcoming procedure. Providing more information is too much sweat off of Wright's brow? Wright is clearly Wrong just as my father's oncologist Dr. Kwong was wrong. Fascinating how the names connect so well with these experiences. It's easy to make jokes of the care or lack of, at Kaiser. They must take the rejects from more reputable healthcare groups. I don't have Kaiser and I will not lower myself to a place which operates below standard. I am fortunate I have a choice.

I will surely stand up for family and friends who have Kaiser. They are easy to outsmart and not very bright, and quite irresponsible to just name a few....and these are their good qualities.
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