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Chicken Breast with Cancer
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a 10 pc bucket of chicken from the KFC at 955 Saratoga Ave, San Jose on Sunday Feb. 1, 2015. The bucket contained 3 breasts total. I paid a little extra for the 3rd breast as the bucket normally came with two. I personally ate 2 breasts on Sunday and refrigerated a few left over pieces.

On Tuesday afternoon I took the remaining breast and micro waved it. The skin was soft after micro waving and came off when I started eating it. Inside the breast I saw discolored meat - grey and black with a honeycombed material near the bottom. The area in question is about 2.5" by 1" wide. There are also areas in the white meat nearby that are discolored. To me it looks like a cancer growth. I may have eaten some of the bad area - see bite mark on left side - but have not gotten sick so far. I kept the breast in the freezer in case someone wanted to examine it.

When I called the store, they offered to replace it for another piece but I declined. I sent two emails with pictures to the franchise owner - Harman Management Corp. to the attention of ** Tuesday afternoon, but have not heard back from them. I also sent the picture to the Santa Clara health dept as instructed when I called them on Tuesday as well. After not hearing back from either message I called the health dept again. Finally connected with the inspector in charge of the area that the store is in and sent him another email explaining the issue and two pictures of the breast.

This morning I received a voice mail on my phone from the inspector. He said he contacted the store and they did an internal audit on themselves and no problems were found. Apparently the inspector never even went there. He only called the district manager for KFC and said they dealt with it internally. I find it hard to believe the issue was so poorly investigated. The condition of the food is horrible in my opinion. I would hate to find out that someone had eaten something like this and gotten ill. The inspector even said he had never seen anything like it. I would think that alone would prompt more than a phone call. I have attached 2 photos - the same that I sent to the health department.

KFC Manager and DM Making Money Off of Towing Patrons Cars
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On 5/8/2012, I parked in the parking lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken @ 3535 SW 22 St Miami FL 33145. It was about 11:30 am. There were no cars in this huge parking lot. I went to the mall that was located right next door to the KFC to meet my friend and then we were going right back to the KFC to have lunch. When I got back to the KFC it was 11:50 am and my brand new Buick Enclave was gone from the parking lot. I looked around the parking lot and noticed a sign that said TOW AWAY ZONE.

Unauthorized vehicles or vessels will be towed away at owners risk and expense. Kings Wrecker Service and their address and phone number. Nowhere on the sign did it say anything about KFC and there was NO sign in front of the parking spot that I was in. But as far as I was concerned if it did have to do with KFC, I was authorized because I was going to eat at KFC. I was only gone 15 minutes and there was no one even parked in the parking lot when I got there.

I immediately went into the KFC and asked for the manager. A Spanish woman came over and said she was the manager. I told her I parked my car and went to get my friend next door and was coming back here for lunch I was only gone for about 15 minutes and now my car is gone. I asked if they knew anything about it. She said no they didn't call the tow company she knew nothing about it. So I then called the police because my car must have been stolen.

I waited outside for the police and a sergeant came by. I flagged her down and told her what happened. She told me I had the right to go and get my friend if I was coming right back here to eat. But she was not there for me she was actually going in to eat herself. But the other car was right behind her to talk to the other police officer and file the report.

I told the other officer what had happened. She mentioned about maybe the car was towed. I told her I had gone inside and the manager said they didn't call the tow company and they didn't know anything about it. She told me to call the tow company anyway. I did and they said they did tow my car. I asked why they would tow my car when I was going to eat lunch in KFC. The girl was kind of nasty.

The policewoman asked me to ask her who authorized them towing my car. The Tow Company girl said she couldn't give out that information. I told her I had the police there and she wanted to know. She said she wouldn't give me the information, so I asked the policewoman if she wanted to talk to her. She took the phone and identified herself and told her she needed that info for her report.

The girl still wouldn't give it to her. I hung up and the police asked me to ask the manager to come out and speak with her. I went inside and asked to speak with the manager again. After 10 minutes the same woman finally came over and I told her the police wanted to talk to her since no one authorized the towing. She said again, she didn't sign anything and she didn't call the tow company and she couldn't go outside she was working the drive through.

I went back outside and told the police what she said. So the police called her lieutenant to have someone go to the tow company and have the person who towed my car arrested because no one authorized them to tow my car. She was waiting to hear back from him and decided to go inside to talk to the Manager herself. She went to the counter and asked for the Manager.

After a few minutes another woman (** [snip]) came over and said she was the manager and she authorized my car to be towed. I told her how she could do that when I was gone 15 minutes to get my friend and come back for lunch. And I asked why the other woman lied about towing my car. She just shook her head and walked away.

At that point, the police said she authorized it and there was nothing she could do. She added that it wasn't right how the whole situation was handed and I should have been able to get my friend and come back. I could go to small claims court to get my money back. In the meantime, I had to call my husband (which was an hour drive for him) to come and get me to bring me to the Towing Company that was across town. My wallet was in the car and I had no money to even take a taxi.

My husband came and we had to drive across town in the pouring rain. The towing charge was $101.00 for towing and $29.00 for other equaling $130.00. We asked what the other charge was and she wouldn't tell us. I spoke with a few officers that patrol that area and they all said that KFC/manager gets a spiff (a kickback) every time a car gets towed.

I called KFC Corporate office and spoke with Customer Service and told them what happened. They said they would pass along the info and someone would call me. About 2 or 3 days later and Spanish man called me. I couldn't even understand his name or who he was with his accent.

It wasn't till I heard KFC that I figured it was someone from corporate office. He told me he was the District Manager. I explained to him what happened and how the Manager (**) called the Towing Company the minute I got out of my car because they towed my car 10 minutes later. He told me I should have gone in and spoke with the manager to tell her I was going to go get a friend from next door and be right back and she would have authorized me to be there and I wouldn't have gotten my car towed. Or why didn't I go and get at least drink first when I got there.

He told me ** saw me get out of my car and walk towards the mall next door. That's when she called the towing company. He also told me that ** saw three Spanish women the other day park in front of the store and begin to go to the mall and she told them they would get towed if they didn't eat there and they moved the car.

The way this store is situated when you walk into the KFC there are seats and tables and then a very long walk which you have to walk around in order to order your food. The employees cannot see into the parking lot. So ** the manager had to be standing by the front door when she saw me.

So why didn't she just open the door and tell me and I would have told her that I was going next door to get my friend and be right back and that would have been it. I wouldn't have had to go through all this trouble and aggravation. Besides there was NO ONE in the parking lot. It wasn't like they was a crowd and I was taking a spot away from anyone.

The DM continued to tell me that the manager spends her whole day matching up cars with their patrons. She even goes in the bathroom to see if anyone is in there to match up their car. I told him I didn't think that was very productive and I'm sure that isn't in her job description. I told him that she was getting money for every car that gets towed that why she's so interested in matching the cars with the customers. He asked me why didn't I order lunch when I came back to the KC-maybe because my new car was gone?!

Well our conversation became a shouting match and he was very nasty and rude. He called me a liar and told me if I ever go back to that KFC and I am parked there for only 1 minute he will have me towed away. I wound up hanging up on him because I couldn't believe a DM was actually speaking to me like this. I immediately called the KFC Corporate office and made a complaint against the DM. They put a supervisor (**) on the phone and I told him what happened.

I asked him how KFC could condone their managers spending all day matching cars with customers so they could make money off of the towing. I told him how the police was going to have the Tow Company driver arrested because their manager lied. He said he wrote everything down and someone from corporate office would call me back. I told him I would not speak with that DM again. He noted that the towing charge was $130.

I have since called KFC Corporate office 5 times and they all say the same thing they will pass it along electronically to Corporate Office and someone will call me back. It has been 7 weeks and no one has called me back. I cannot believe KFC would let this go on. They have definitely shown me that they do not care about customer service or their customers.

I have been eating in and driving through that KFC for the past 6 years, so I am a loyal customer. There is a towing company only a few blocks away, why are they using a towing company across town? Because there is a connection between KFC/Manager and Towing Company.

The bottom line is that I left my car there for 15 minutes in the morning with no one even in the parking lot only to get back to have my lunch and find my car towed so that the manager could make money. There is a big scam going on here and someone needs to investigate and put a stop to it. I wound up paying $130 for a $10 lunch with a big side of aggravation!

I have written a letter to the BBB of Louisville and the DM responded by saying that the Store Manager saw me get out of my car with a pet and saw me and someone else walking towards the mall. So the BBB just dismissed the case. I didn't have a pet or someone with me. The police could testify to that. So the manager and DM have lied to me, lied to the police and lied to the BBB and they just walk away from this.

So now I can only believe that the DM is in on getting a kickback too. He is trying to cover his butt so he doesn't lose that income. I have called Customer Service 7 times and spoken with three different supervisors to make a complaint and to see why no one has followed up on this from corporate office. It has been three months and not one person from KFC Corporate has called me. Shame on them. If anyone else has been towed from this KFC please write me and let's start a class action suit.

Talk about a Super Bowl!
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Rating: 5/51

They should contemplate renaming their item "Super Bowl", instead of "Famous Bowl". I ordered one today during lunch, and it was absolutely delicious (see attached picture). I was initially concerned that they may just toss in leftover scraps of chicken, and hope the average consumer doesn't recognize the difference. That definitely wasn't the case this afternoon, because as the picture shows, you can see the fresh ample cuts of chicken, breaded and spiced to perfection.

I've heard some folks refer to this dish as a bowl of slop, but in my opinion, it's no different than mixing the corn with your mashed potatoes & gravy on your dinner plate, which most of us are guilty of doing anyway. Great tasting dish and very filling as well! I would recommend trying this to anyone that hasn't already.

Finger licking good?

FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- Finger licking? No, not so much anymore. For the most part, I can't complain too much. There are two locations within our small city. One has great service, and mediocre food quality, while the other lacks the service skills and their food is much better. Pick your poison (poor choice of words in the restaurant business).

Most complaints are made when something dissatisfies a consumer right then and there. For my message today, it's not really any one particular incident. Rather, a gradual decline that I've seen over the past 1-1/2 yrs at these two establishments. My favorite thing to order is the Honey BBQ sandwich. Sandwich= Honey BBQ meat & a bun of sorts.

Pretty simple, but yet for some reason on the past 3 times that I've ordered the simple two ingredient snack, I end up getting shreds of lettuce on my sandwich. Lettuce? I don't recall that being in the picture on the display menu? I don't remember asking for it as a specialty? Yet, low and behold, there it is each and every time. On my visit today for lunch...ta-da! Lettuce appears again! Now the quantity of lettuce that is being misplaced on my sandwich ( a string or two) tells me that it isn't part of the sandwich. Are the wrappers stored directly below the lettuce bin? Perhaps.

Contrary to popular belief, I'm not confrontational enough to throw a big fit about it and make an issue of it. I simply pluck the string of lettuce and remove it from the sandwich, since it hasn't tainted the flavor as onions might tend to do. I also USED to love ordering the Crispy Chicken Ranch Wrap. When it first came out and they attempted to contend with the version McDonald's sells, it was the best by far. They loaded it with two, sometimes even three pieces of chicken. Smothered it with shredded cheese and plenty of that Ranch sauce that is to die for. That was then. Now...not so much.

Very disappointing because that they grill/toast their tortilla, and it was better tasting than McD's. I realize that with any promotional item, that when they first hit the market they are "stuffed" to help aide in sales. But the past few visits have left me with a wrap containing one piece of chicken, a light dusting of cheese, and a minimal amount of ranch sauce.

McDonald's is once again the leader in that aspect of their menu. So, I suppose this isn't a complaint in the truest sense of the word. But more of an overall observation that the quality of food is gradually beginning to decline, and hopefully notifications on forums such as these are enough to help warrant corrections before they slip further towards customer angst.

KFC Chicken Bites

I stopped by KFC for lunch Today. I got the Original Recipe six piece Chicken Bites meal which comes with a side and a drink. What I got was six tiny pieces of Chicken no bigger than your average popcorn Chicken. The chicken itself was good just not filling. I would pluck down a few more bucks for a two piece instead.

Horrible Service and food!!
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Rating: 1/51

FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- My experiences with KFC in Fort Worth TX have been horrible. I'm going to start with my most recent visits to older visits. After I left church Wednesday December 11, 2013 I visit the one on Mansfield and got the 2 piece boneless combo. I asked for all white but got mixed. I had to wait 5 minutes on potatoes wedges. When they brought my order I asked for my drink and she said "they didn't give you one?" I said "no I wouldn't have asked." Get home and the white meat look like strips that were very, very, dry and the dark pieces was dry and hard on end.

Bridge street have too many young people that don't care and they make excuses for them being rude. I have got numerous wrong order and not fresh order after waiting so long to place and receive orders. They never have chicken ready for it to be a chicken place. I have order 2 pieces white and get home it's a thigh. Go back that manager was nice that day and even though they didn't have and breast she gave me a drink and a piece of chicken extra. Order 2 of the chicken bites combo and get home I don't know what was harder the potato wedges or the bites.

When I called and complain to the manager he said the manager that night was young and her first time working nights. Get outta here! Then the Kfc at 777 n. e. loop 820 in hurst their crew sometimes suck and the other time it's the food. I got 3 go cup of hot wings and another the other boneless chicken. After waiting for about 5 or 6 minutes he come say they out of boneless chicken he would give my son 3 strips and I said OK. I order cookies. One of the wings we OK the other was hard and dry and the cookies were hard as rock.

Other time I would go inside and they are not busy. I'm waiting and waiting to place an order like they busy. I said "hello someone gone take my order." Well a short African American bald head man with glasses come out and said "go head. No sorry to keep you waiting or anything." I order the 2 piece boneless combo. He didn't ask is there anything else, is that it or what side I wanted. He said "that would be $."

Another time left a party and order me the same 2 piece boneless combo and get home it's the wrong thing. Came back and the short Latino girl was looking as if I got on her nerve for them messing up. She gave me the right order no extra or nothing. I have called the 1-800 # and have yet to hear from the Kfc in hurst. I think I'm gonna give Kfc a long break and start giving Popeye's, golden chick, and churches my business. But I will never visit bridge street Kfc too many mistakes and not enough courtesy. And hurst Kfc will be going on that same list because they can't even reply to your numerous complaints.

KFC Store #G160001
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Rating: 1/51

GALESBURG, ILLINOIS -- On Aug. 27, 2013 my boyfriend and I were tired and hungry that night because we had been working on our new place so we decided to get KFC's grilled chickens for dinner. The closest location for us to go to in Galesburg, IL was the one located on 1017 North Henderson store #G160001. We placed our orders at the drive through at 7:42 PM. After we paid for our orders with debit, the girl at the window return card to us and told us the dark meats need to wait for about 6 minutes.

My boyfriend thought 6 minutes should be fast so we waited by the window since there was no one behind us. 3 minutes past and one car pulled up the drive through so we were told to move the car up front a bit so we did. From that point, we should have only needed to wait for another 3~4 minutes but no, we waited for more than 15 minutes in car.

I finally couldn't stand it anymore so I walked in with the order ticket and told one girl that we have waited for more than 15 minutes but have not gotten any of our food yet. She did not ask to see my ticket and just said “we will get them for ya.” She turned around and told the others and the girl in the kitchen asked her “which one is it? The original? Didn't we just gave that one out?"

I told them we placed the order at 7:42 PM. After a minute of watching them struggling to figure out what is going on and finally someone check the monitor and said it is the 2 pc dark meat combo and a 2 pc white meat combo which my white meat combo was packed and left on side getting cold.

Now this one girl from the kitchen starting to pack the grilled chickens into the box and realized someone had forgotten to spray the liner that the skin stuck to it. Another 30 second of standing there watching her struggle to get the meat off the liner and threw it into box, packed and handed to me. Now, I will tell you what I really want to complain about.

Told to wait for 6 minutes and waited more than 15 minutes. Walked in to see 5 employees working and no one had a clue (the store was empty, therefore, they weren't busy). After I told what happened, the girl I talked to didn't look at my ticket to check which order was it and just assumed (as the ticket said GRILLED, not ORIGINAL). She told me the ticket must had lost somewhere in transit...after I told her ticket printed out on 7:42 PM than she check the monitor and reply, “oh, now it is coming out.”

The white meat combo was packed and left aside getting cold for about 10 minutes. After they packed the "completed" order and handed over to me, NO ONE apologized at all. She only said, “there you go, it is ready.” I like KFC, but this is far more than one should be handled. I began to wonder on our way home, if they had a manager on site? Because everyone seem clueless!

Those Darn Last Minute customers...
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Rating: 3/51

I thought I would share this one, just to see what people think. My teenage daughter works at KFC, and had one of those "wonderful" customer experiences last night. She just turned 16 and doesn't drive yet, so I was picking her up from work that night. Anyway, onto the story....

The restaurant closes at 10 pm, and two women walk in at 9:48 (I know the time because I was sitting in the parking lot). Fast forward to 10:30, my daughter hasn't walked out yet. I call inside on my phone to see what's keeping her, and she tells me that the women had ordered 150 pieces of chicken, numerous large sides, and a bunch of bread and other stuff because they were entertaining people. The kitchen was essentially cleaned up and the place only had a limited amount of food left.

The manager tells the ladies that they cannot produce an order that large with the time they had left, but they decide to play the old "You close at 10 and it's before 10 so I get served or I'll call corporate" routine. Long story short, the manager gives in, the kitchen essentially has to be reopened, all that food made, and then everything cleaned up all over again. They didn't get out until 12:30 am.

Now for all the customers with a strong sense of entitlement (and you know who you are), I completely understand the whole concept of posted business hours, so I don't need to be educated on that. The question here is where do we draw the line on what's reasonable and what's not reasonable? You're getting off work late and you're hungry and you want to order yourself dinner at 10 till close...absolutely and totally reasonable.

You're having a party and you want a place to basically cater it, without advance notice right before they close for the night...completely unreasonable and totally rude in my opinion. People just never cease to amaze me. Do we actually make ourselves believe that because we have a couple bucks in our pocket that we are always right all the time?

Having to Wait
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Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- Yesterday was Friday - a long and hard workday at the end of the week. To make our supper meal easy, I decided to stop at KFC for an order of chicken - "comfort food". I pulled up to the outdoor speaker and I ordered a chicken pot pie for my husband (at his request since he had talking about them all week after seeing several KFC commercials advertising their pot pies) and a 3 piece meal with mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese for myself (again, I must say that I was looking forward to "comfort food" after spending the day with 24 first graders).

Much to my surprise I was informed that there would be a 20 minute wait before the chicken pot pies would be ready. I HAD TO WAIT!?! I thought that KFC was a fast food restaurant! It sounds like someone in management wasn't doing their job and staying on top of the restaurant menu, especially for suppertime on a Friday night when I am sure that there would be a lot of people such as myself not wanting to prepare supper meals for their families. I decided to wait - my husband REALLY was looking forward to having that pot pie for supper and myself, I would comfort myself as I waited for my "comfort food."

The time on my ticket printed out as 5:38 PM and as I waited in my car, in the KFC parking lot, I anxiously watched the time go by. As I watched a fellow come outdoors with a bag of food to go and try to hand it to a family in another car, my anxiety rose and I again looked at my watch. After they turned him away (obviously it wasn't their meal) he came to my car, apologized briefly for the delay and turned and retreated into the KFC store. The time was 5:58 - exactly 20 minutes from the time that I had ordered.

My disappointment - I was not offered a soft drink or other item while I waited (since my husband had managed several KFC stores in his earlier career of restaurant management, he said this was the usual policy) and upon preparing to eat his pot pie, my husband said by looking at it, he could tell that they had rushed its cooking and it wasn't completely done (most likely not to anger me and to stick to the 20 minute time frame they had told me).

I am disappointed in the management at this particular store because at the window before my wait I had expressed my displeasure and I was told that they had run out of ingredients to make the pot pies and that was why they weren't ready. I hope that there weren't any other disappointed KFC customers that evening - I did observe another car driving off before they got to the pick-up window.

KFC, I hope that you do a better job of training your managers about the preparation of your products (including ordering and time management) and also customer service. I will not be back at this KFC location again when my husband has a desire for chicken pot pies - I will make them myself, even after a long work day.

Chair-slamming Employee, Wrong Food & Flooded Dining Room

NORTH WINDHAM, MAINE -- On Saturday night, January 7th, my husband and I stopped for dinner around 9pm at the North Windham, Maine KFC. We decided to eat inside, seeing the entire restaurant was empty of customers at the tables. We did spot an employee mopping up toward the back of the dining room. When we went inside, we saw that half the floor was flooded with soapy wash-water, but the tables closest to the door were on dry ground. We decided to sit in the front area, out of the employee's way. We ordered our meals, paid & sat down.

Starting at the rear of the dining room, the male employee was literally shoving the squeegee along the floor, forcing waves of soapy water across the floor toward us, the water stopping just short of our table. Then, starting again at the back of the dining room, he began picking up each metal chair, one by one & forcefully SLAMMING them down hard onto the tile floor. It was very loud & jarring. We couldn't carry on a conversation across the table, he was so unnecessarily noisy! He'd pick up a chair, shoving the squeegee forward, then SLAM! Down went the chair with as much force as he could muster.

It went on for a LONG time. I thought he would never stop! It was absolutely deafening. Then the place filled up suddenly with a very large group of children accompanied by adults. These customers had to wade through the soapy water to get drinks & get to the restrooms and tables. People with long-legged pants or tennis shoes got soaking wet on a very cold, winter night. The employee spoke loudly at the group waiting for their food, asking them to use the tables toward the rear of the dining room. At no time during our meal there, did the male employee attempt to upright the traffic cone warning of a wet surface.

He had a mop bucket and mop thrown aside carelessly as well. I use a cane to walk, due to knee problems, and I didn't even dare try to cross the wet floor to wash my greasy hands in the restroom. The female who waited on us was friendly, but we asked for 2 chicken strip dinners and she gave us a bucket of chicken with coleslaw and potato with gravy & biscuits. We had no wet towelettes with our 'silverware', and none were available on the counter, either.

My husband attempted to get the attention of someone working at the counter, in order to ask for wet towelettes for our hands, and a cover for the bucket of chicken so we could take our leftovers home. The crowd who came in after us was milling around the counter, talking loudly and nobody could hear my husband, or see him waiting to ask for something. We eventually ended up leaving with the open bucket with only some napkins to cover the food. We left as soon as we were able, and at no time was the water on the floor cleaned up by anyone.

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