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Poor and bad-mannered services
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KLANG, SELANGOR -- On 30 Oct 2009@11.45am.

We placed the order immediately when reached around 11.45am. After 15 minute, we noticed that no staff attended to our order. I went to check the order status with the Restaurant Branch Manager named Mr. Wan Ahmad. He had treated me impolitely with below conversion:

Customer (myself) : Sir, can you please check my orders?
Wan : You just order right?! Can’t you just wait!! (With frustration tone and moody face)
Customer (myself) : How’s long it will take as our company management staff are waiting for these lunch before go for Friday praying?
Wan : Could you please just wait? It will take around 20 minute!! (Again with high tone)

After that, he grabbed the receipt and prepared the order reluctantly.
Lastly, he delivered the order to us without saying “Thank You” and apologies words.
We managed to get our food at12.50pm, about 1 hour after we stepped in the restaurant.
Is this so call “fast food restaurant”?

I puzzled.

Secondly, Is this the way KFC trained their staff.
Wan Ahmad is a branch manager.
I believe the staff under him might behave like him since he play the role model in the branch.

I spend my time feedback my negative experience this afternoon with the intention that KFC will improve your service.
Or I cannot see there will be any business development with this poor service.
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Bad Service
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Rating: 1/51
PERRYVILLE, MARYLAND -- On April 21 2013 at 6:38 pm I placed my order at the KFC/Taco Bell. I had ordered a chicken special that consisted of 4 pieces of boneless chicken with 6 piece original chicken meal. I waited 45 minutes still no order so I went to the counter asked an employee if my order was done if not I wanted to see a manager to get my money back he look at my recipient an said they ran out of dark meat but I can give you all white meat if you want. I said yes cause I don't eat dark anyway he said OK I remind him that the two breast were supposed to be 1 crispy & 1 original cause I paid extra to up grade a thigh to an extra breast he said OK.

So I waited about another 5 minutes got my order finally an left when I got home there were no boneless at all an the other 6 pieces were all dark meat the biscuits were hard. I was very angry I tried calling the store several times but no answer. I wasn't driving another 10 miles to take the order back cause by the time I got home with my order it was already 7:45 pm my family was ready to eat so I had to go to a store closer to get my husband & I something to eat cause we don't eat white meat.

If there would have been some kind of communication from the employee an the manager then I could have changed my order to something that wouldn't take s long or just cancel my order an went somewhere else, cause there was 8 other customers in there as well waiting.

I'm usually not the complaining type cause I've been in the restaurant business for the last 15 yrs an I know how busy & hectic it can get, but that store is ridiculous.
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Etiquette in Customer Service
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Rating: 3/51
TUMWATER, WASHINGTON -- I ordered the 2 piece Boneless Chicken meal, and while eating lunch with a co-worker, I found a bone in the piece of chicken I had inmy mouth. I felt it while biting down. No damage to my teeth. I pulled the bone out and it was about 1 inch long and about 1 to 1.5 millimeters in diameter. I showed my co-worker and we thought it was sort of funny. After I got done with eating I got back in line to show that I found a bone in the boneless chicken. The cashier called for a manager, and I informed the manager I found a bone in the boneless chicken. The manager was very nonchalant and wanted to know if I wanted another piece of chicken. Didn't apologize, just seemed very unconcerned. I just let the manager I didn't want anything, I just wanted them to know they should be aware there are bones and it can be dangerous. It didn't occur to me until I was in my car that the one bone has the potential to be very dangerous. Could have chipped a tooth, speared soft tissue in my mouth, could have choked on it, or even worse, could have choked and had it speared in my throat. I don't want anyone fired or get into trouble, but KFC should create procedures for when bones are found. Ask if I was injured and possibly find out where I found the bone to prevent the same piece of bone being found on other meals. If I had a child and if something happened to my child while eating "boneless" chicken, I would be very upset. The manager should at least put the customer's thoughts at ease before they leave. I ate there 3 times this week, and now I'm not sure if I'll go back. The food was fine, just the lack of concern bothers me.
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Nasty Chicken
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Rating: 1/51
LAKELAND, FLORIDA -- I went to a KFC in Lakeland Florida last night and I was not satisfied with anything. I asked for a 20 piece hot wings at the drive through and was told that it would take 10 minutes to complete my order. I had no problem with that, but after 25 minutes of waiting, someone came out and said that the fryer wasn't working and that she would complete my order with chicken tenders. I agreed to that, since it was late and I wanted to go home. I then had to wait another 10 minutes for my order before it was brought out to me. I was also told that for my wait that I was given 3 cookies for the wait...I finally got home after waiting 35 minutes for my food and no one in the store nor did anyone come through the drive through to find very dry, nasty, disgusting tasting wings...I ate 3 wings and I didn't dare try the soggy chicken tenders that were on top.

That was the worst food I have ever tried to eat and I feel like KFC just doesn't care what goes out the door as long as they get paid. So with that 17 dollars for nasty food and bad service, I am done going to KFC....oh yeah I also ordered the half gallon of sweet tea and it was hot, it was hotter than the food was so if KFC is going to sell a drink of any kind it should be cold or let it be known that it not with that I threw 17 dollars of food away, a hot drink and I didn't even eat the cookies because they looked just as bad as the food did...thank you KFC for the wonderful experience! Never again!!
Fall on premises
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MALDEN, MISSOURI -- I went to the Kfc at Malden, MO as I was entering the restaurant I stepped on the curb and the curb crumbled on the end and I fell down. It skinned my face, cut my hand and skinned my knee. I went in and told them I fell on their lot and the waitress said OK do you want a band aid. When I went back to the car and my husband saw me bloody and bruised he went inthe restaurant with me and asked to see the manager. The waitress sent for the manager and when he came up to the counter, we told him what had what happened. He just said he wasn't responsible. My husband asked him to look at the curb so he could see it needed repaired. The manager's name is [snip], he was very rude and said again that he wasn't responsible but he did go out with us finally. When he saw what we were talking about all he said was "that's why its painted yellow so that you won't step on it." My husband was very upset because I was hurt and bleeding so he told him again that it should be fixed and again Mr. [snip] said that's why it is yellow and if you take a step toward me I will call the police and have you arrested! This is no way for a manager of a restaurant to treat his customers! Mr. [snip] was rude from the time he started talking to us was clearly not upset because I was injured. I am writing this complaint for the way I was treated by the manager, not for my injuries I received from the fall. This not the way a manager should treat people, he was horrible in the way he spoke to us and treated us. I feel that I was treated terrible by him and will not go back and I will tell people how I was treated. I am a certified food manager and a human being and I know how to treat people and that was definitely not the case here! It was very clear that I was hurt and having difficulty breathing because the fall had knocked the wind out of me and blood all over my hand and pants, where was the compassion for a person in this case, how many other people would want such a rude manager talking to them?

As much as I have always loved KFC food, I think it will be a long time before I ever go back to one because of the way I was treated in this whole incident. This type of person shpuld not be a manager or deal with people.
Posted on
 I am VICTOM of KFC'S RUDE SERVICE! And here is the complain letter wrote to KFC headquarter which also shew all the process and matters. One maybe we all should remember is that no matter where it happened we all maybe in the same shoes some time in reason IT IS KFC's restauants.

Dear Sir ,
   I am writing this morning to appeal unfair treatment I have got in one of your KFC dining-room which is located in chengdu city ,Sichuan province and its name is Huada KFC.
   I would like to introduce the whole process. It is for your reference.
   On June 24 ,I have supper in Huada KFC ,when I was standing in cash register I to pay for meal ,an employee of KFC mopped in my foot and not saying sorry to me .I murmured several words such as why you did not say sorry to me etc ,two minutes later another employee of KFC came to cursed on me .at this time , I paid for my supper so I determined to appeal to the manager on duty during this time I can finished eating my supper.
  I appealed , twenty minutes ,no response.
  I appealed again. This time ,a Lady came out .she is Miss Heming vice manager on duty .
  First she did not say sorry to me and spent twenty minutes to debate with me who is right for this matter , until a eyewitness stood up to confirm what I have said is right .Miss Heming stopped debating with me .
  And then she spent forty minutes to teach me why employee from KFC can not say sorry to me .she said employee from KFC have no ability to say sorry to clients.
  At last Came out a lady again .she said she is Miss Shiyibo who is Manager on duty .and she told me it is the rule for KFC that employee can not say sorry to the clients. At this time ,in order to settle the whole matter ,I have spent two hours in Huada KFC.
   Manager Miss shiyibo advised me appealed to fill in the a kind of form which is used for clients appeal first and then I can appeal to public relationship department of KFC company.
   According to Miss shiyibo instruction I filled in the form and got the confirm from the Vice manager Miss HeMing who signed her name in this form.
   On June 25(Monday) I phoned public relationship department ,and a lady called herself Miss Pengzhihui answered my question.
   Also first Miss Pengzhihui who is in charge of public relationship department spent 10 minutes to debate with me who is right in this matter ,I asked her to refer to the form I have filled in. in the form it is clear explained what is the fact ,the most impartment of all ,the fact in the form is confirmed by the employee of KFC and I .Miss pengzhihui said she have not got the form yet. She only heard about this .
   On June 26(Tuesday) Miss Pengzhihui who is in charge of public relationship department of KFC gave me an answer she were willing to arrange two employee to make an apology to me .
   On June 29(Friday) Miss Pengzhihui who is in charge of public relationship department of KFC gave me a phone to confirm if I will come next day to accept the apology from the employee of KFC . I agreed.
   On June 30(Saturday) I arrived on Huada KFC according the instruction of Miss Pengzhihui .Miss Shiyibo who is on duty told me it is a pity she can not arrange the apology from the employee at the same time refused arrange another time .
   I waited one hour in Huada KFC to settle this matter and at the same time I Phoned Miss Pengzhihui who is in charge of public relationship of KFC ,she said she can change her arrangement at any time .it is no need to inform me .also she advised me to go to lawcourt to get the apology.
   During my waiting in the Huada KFC ,Ialso bought my supper there and unfomatedly ,a unknown man spilled a hot water on my body and at same time threatened me:” stop claiming or I will kill you.”
   So I felt so puzzled for how this happened?
  1. If it is true KFC do not permit his employee say sorry to the client even if his employee really made something wrong no matter he is willing or unwilling.
  2. If Yes ,why Miss pengzhihui who is in charge of the public relationship of KFC can arrange this apology activity on June 29 (Saturday)
  3. If No ,is that mean this apology activity which is arranged by Miss Pengzhihui just a trick ? I mean the real purpose that invited me to Huada KFC is not for apology but just to threaten me ?
  4. KFC enjoy challenged his clients to go to lawcourt? Is that also a kind of way to provide service to customer or a kind of way to put up ad?
   I have to mention here I have worked for a MNC for over ten years ,also I have enjoyed KFC service for fifteen years , I have never though it is so confused for the customer relationship management in KFC.
   Also I felt so puzzled according to America culture it is the basic rule to keep a promise .why for a employee who is in such impartment position , she can break a promise so easily ? also she is so willing to challenge customer to go to law court, what is that mean?
   Anyway what I want is just to ask you to keep the promise .
  if you can not keep this promise to me ,please write to me to explain why .
  furthermore I need your apology formally ,as this matter hurt my me deeply and waste me a lot of time .
   I hope you can understand from my side ,if it is you what shall you do ?
  only an apology ,please pay attention it is a reasonable apology ,why it is so difficult to get ?
Stole My Money
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ST.PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- 8 pieces Family Meal

Mash Potatoes were okay. Mac & Cheese okay. CHICKEN DRY HARD. BISCUIT DRY HARD.


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BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- After the last few visits to the KFC at 8004 Cortez Rd W. in Bradenton, FL, I've decided that it's consistently bad. I can't get over how poor this KFC has become. Every time we order from inside the joint, we have our order taken by an inexperienced employee who needs assistance to enter simple combo meals or requests. Either KFC needs to update their system, or they need to find employees who won't leave after a few weeks.

On my last few orders, I simply wanted the Variety Big Box, however I didn't want cole-slaw. Instead, I asked that the cole slaw be substituted by another biscuit. The response I was given was "we can't do that." Baffled by the response, I asked if they could if they charged me extra. She said no once more and eventually, after explaining that it's never been a problem in the past at other KFC's, she then said "I'll see what I can do." She asked her Manager who just told her to include the cole-slaw in the order but give me a biscuit instead. So, the order was placed to-go and we sat around waiting for it to finish.

After 5 minutes of waiting, we then heard the girl who took our order Shout to the back that she needed "original" chicken. In an empty restaurant that hadn't been busy in over an hour, the fact that they don't have any chicken available amazed me. So, being that the restaurant was empty with the exception of us, the employees decided to stand around and have personal conversations with one being, and I quote, "If you hate this job so much, why don't you quit?" This statement was directed at the guy making our chicken, so that was comforting...-_-

After realizing that we were still waiting for our order after 10 minutes, the employee yelled back to the chicken guy asking when the chicken would be done. His response, "I don't know." The employee then needed to tell him that customers were waiting and she needed a time. I at least appreciate the effort by the young girl in finding out an ETA of the chicken.

So, we FINALLY get our food (was only an order for 2 people) after 20 minutes and we leave to go home. When we arrived home, we opened up our food only to find that my variety box was completely missing the chicken strip. Mistakes happen, so I got over it, but then I looked down at the popcorn chicken. Not only was it not even in a container, but merely scattered around the box, but 80% of the pieces weren't even chicken, just crunchy fried batter. Apparently, ordering the variety big box is permission for the staff to give you the worst of their selection. Luckily I got to enjoy my 2 biscuits and mashed potatoes...$7.99 for essentially a puny, meatless drumstick of chicken, fried batter, 2 biscuits and mashed potatoes, nice...

The thought crossed my mind to call and complain, but what would that honestly do. I wasn't in the mood to drive back, so I just took my losses and reminded myself to stop going there. I honestly just can't fathom how such a rag tag group of employees can even keep their jobs. My poor girlfriend has been searching for a job for months now, with no luck, yet every where we go the most incompetent employees are being hired. Solid.

Final thought: KFC has gone downhill. Overpriced, horrible employees, new items make you go WTF!?
Incredibly Unsuitable Customer Service & Closing Hours
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HUGO, OKLAHOMA -- I went on to KFC, in Hugo, Oklahoma expecting to have chicken for my supper!!! Pulled up, went to go in... the doors were locked!! NOW THIS WAS WELL BEFORE 8:30... On the door the time states open til '9:00pm'. I drove around to the drive-through and they had it turned off!! So I thought okay, they have a problem going on... drove around to other side and ... there were two cars waiting for their order.... really peeved me off that they were shutting the whole thing down before 8:30!!!

So I pulled in behind others to get info for calling in a complaint. Sat there 45 minutes waiting, I feel for the others that had orders!!! I sat there mostly to find out why they closed the lobby plus drive-through so early. I have been eating there ever since the store opened years ago, I live 32 miles from this store and usually make special trips there just to eat!! I work a 11pm - 7am shift in another town 19 miles north of this town, although it is out of my way, a lot of times I'll drive the extra miles just to have a good meal before work or to get something to go for later!!! Never in all this time has the store closed the lobby or the drive-through before 8:30pm or (pm for that matter. Anyway after 45 minutes I was able to pull up to the window ... it was not even 9:00 yet!!! The guy who waited on the other two cars wouldn't even come to the window to see what I wanted. I finally had to say, "EXCUSE ME" (service window was open) and a girl stopped and walked over and I asked for the manager, she stepped around corner and holler "MOM, some woman wants to talk to you"!! After hearing my complaint about the early closing, the manager proceed to tell me they closed down the lobby at 8:30 now... I told her they needed to change the door sign... and that the drive-through was also turned off. She aruged w/me that it was working ... ALL OUTSIDE lights w/in the drive-through lane were off... the guy standing in the background flipped them back on as we were talking, that really peeved me off!!! Within the time it took for me to get to the service window several others had pulled into KFC and had to leave!!!

Now, I love KFC, this store has always been clean, has had good customer service and great food. Except for the last few times I have been there to get from the buffet, there is never any assortment of chicken to pick from. What is there is oily and old looking, you have to ask for what you want to get fresh, BUT the service has always been great!! Until now.... it just doesn't sit well w/me that in this economy ... driving 32 miles (one-way) to eat out and then arrive to find that they would lock the doors sometime between 8-8:15!!! The manager acted incredibly unconcerned and did not offer to take an order!!! It wasn't like they had run out of chicken .. and it was to late to start a fresh batch, which would have been understandable. BUT personally, I could see from the service window there was over two full trays of cooked chicken sitting in the hot box!!! I guess all the employees had nice hot chicken to take home for their supper!!! This store will soon go under if this sort of behavior continues and if these employee are kept in place!! I for one will never attempt to eat there in the evenings ever again...

Peeved Okie
Boswell, OK
Employee Complaint
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I've worked at a KFC in a very small town in Canada for over a year now. After reading some of the reviews on this website, I decided to write my own complaint.

Let me start by saying that the KFC I work at is very clean, as fast as possible, and almost always friendly. I'm 19 years old, saving money for college. And I actually like my job, however the worst part of it is the customers.

The customers are VERY rude. I don't know how they were brought up as children, but they seem to think that it's alright to act superior to me because I work in food service. I definitely do not look 19.. I've been told that I look 14 even. So middle aged people are coming in, making themselves fatter, and trying to make themselves feel better by ridiculing a "14 year old."

The men who come in urinate all over the toilet seat, and don't flush the toilets. Customers leave garbage on the tables, talk on their cellphones while ordering, let their children climb all over the tables. It's really quite tiring. I had one customer who called me to make a delivery order, and ended up calling me a dumba$$ because I told her that 1. We don't do delivery and 2. Our store was 45 minutes away.

The truth is, some people go to fast food restaurant's and take out their frustrations on them. I bet half the reviews on this website written about poor customer service failed to mention that they were rude first with the employee. And if that's the case, hopefully the next time you'll think twice about making someone else feel miserable.

And about not having chicken ready...
At the store I work at, after 7pm we cook to order, because chicken is expensive and we can't keep cooking and expecting people to come in. If the chicken is thrown out, it's money lost. Also, it takes 16 minutes to cook the chicken. Add 4 minutes for breading, and that's why it takes 20 minutes to cook.
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