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Kimberly Clark needs to pull their hourglass pads that are causing allergic reactions and rashes
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEENAH, WISCONSIN -- Kimberly Clark has made a poor decision. That have forced a very horrible light bladder protection pad on it's consumers. Not only that, but they have discontinued their original tried and true product. They didn't let any of the merchants that sell them know that the originals were going to be discontinued. I went to all of the sold them, they all ordered them for me, but the order couldn't be filled.. All of the merchants told me they had no idea the products were no longer going to be sold.

Their new Hourglass pad as well as many of their other "new and improved" pads contain a dye to which MANY women are allergic. See http://community/. That topic alone entitled "allergic reaction" has had 8337 views (as of this review) That should give corporate a clue that it is just more than a few consumers who are having allergic reactions. On this forum they plant company reps who, in the words of one consumer who posted

"1. Dismiss the pain your customers are experiencing:

2. Dodging the questions asked in previous post; specifically, GIVE US A FULL NAME, FIRST AND LAST, OF A REAL PERSON ALONG WITH THEIR DIRECT PHONE NUMBER whom we can contact and who will be able to give us some assistance;

3. Dummying down the conversation by giving us the spin-doctored media response rather than actually addressing the needs of your customers."

The new pads are also horrible at containing leaks and odor. The old pads did EVERYTHING they were supposed to do. The new pads bunch up in the middle which cause leaks and embarrassment (ironic because they are supposed to PREVENT leaks and embarrassment) They come apart and don't stay in place. There WAS a Poise on the market that had wings that kept it from bunching up, but that was discontinued also. Kimberly-Clark has even stooped so low as to put their new substandard product (which comes in purple packaging) into their original pink packaging. They thought we, the consumers (some who have been using their product for 20 years) wouldn't notice. News Flash Kimberly Clark, we aren't the stupid people you think we are!!

I called the support number, I got a representative who apologizes profusely, tells me there are no plans to pull the rash causing product, assured me my complaint is being taken seriously and will be passed on to the research and marketing department. When other people have complained they are told that nobody has complained about the itching, burning, rashes except for them.. which is also what I was told when I called KC to complain. They are trying to sweep this problem under the rug and keep forcing this horrible product against unsuspecting consumers. Then, those consumers ecxperience the rashes itches and burning, call to complain, are told there are no other complaints about this product, offered a check and the cycle starts all over again. I was then offered coupons; she was obviously NOT listening to my complaint.

Yes, there are other LBL products out there, none of which have wings, but that is not the point.

The point is, our complaints are being ignored and dismissed. This new product was shoved down our throats with little option to continue using the original product.

Kimberly Clark should be ashamed. The CEO who is a MAN, does not seem to care what is happening to his consumers.

Update and additions
I am just sickened at how Kimberly Clark KNOWS about the allergic reaction and rashes that have been caused by the dye in their "new and improved" Light Bladder Leakage(LBL)protection pads and have known about it since 2008 and have yet to pull the product from the shelves. Instead, they tell you to call the consumer line where a supervisor offers you a check for $50. That is disgraceful in my book. One look at most all of the subcategories on Poise's website http://community/. or http://community/. or http://community/. and you can see what a problem this is. Not only do they cause rashes, but they fall apart, the adhesive doesn't stick AND they leak. Kimberly Clark pulled all of the original pads (which worked perfectly fine with NO ALLERGIC REACTIONS) off of the shelves. That says to me.. "We are doing things our way, if you don't like it tough Shlt"

Please don't tell me to find another product. THERE ARE NO OTHER PRODUCTS THAT WORKED THE WAY THE ORIGINAL POISE DID! I have tried. Others have tried.

Ladies, or husbands if you or your wives have recently started using the new Poise in the Purple Packing and have suddenly developed a rash or other allergic reaction, PLEASE get to your OB/GYN and take the package to them. Tell them about this review as well as the sites so that they are informed and can help get the word out about this since Kimberly Clark is sweeping it under the rug and sticking it's head in the sand

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User Replies:
raven2010 on 04/28/2012:
Try TENA brand pads---no dyes and according to my friend who just had a baby they work great
tnchuck100 on 04/28/2012:
They destroyed the quality of VIVA paper towels several years ago as well. I complained to them in writing. They sent coupons for free VIVA towels. I sent them back stating "free" does not fix garbage.

The CEO is not concerned with customer satisfaction in the least. His ONLY concern is the profit in the next quarter.

It's not just Kimberly-Clark either. Quality products are becoming harder and harder to find. And when found they too, in time, are changed for the worse.
trmn8r on 04/28/2012:
I don't think the fact that the CEO is a MAN has anything to do with it. A man or a woman CEO is interested in the balance sheet.

Your best recourse under the circumstances is to take your business elsewhere. Sounds like you have made your complaints quite clear, and if they choose to ignore them it is their loss.

I can't think of a case where a company posts a full name and telephone number of a company rep who will handle complaints about a product. Think of all the calls that person would get, and the problem might actually be fixed.
psycoticsmartass on 04/28/2012:

Thank you, I have tried Tena.. they bunch up in the middle also and they don't have wings, in fact no other LBL product, not even the generics, have wings. THIS is why I am so angry with Kimberly Clark
psycoticsmartass on 04/28/2012:

Unfortunately, you are right, no one cares about reputation anymore, it's all about the money. It's just plain wrong. But the more people who complain to the company as well as to the general public, their friends, family, neighbors, the more the word gets out and hopefully they will start feeling the loss of business.
psycoticsmartass on 04/28/2012:

I would take my business elsewhere, except for the fact that NONE of the other LBL products, not even the generics work the way they are supposed to. They all bunch in the middle causing leaks and embarrassment.

The number for the CEO was posted on the poise website. I will give him a call on Monday. I think you're wrong about the fact that he is male having nothing to do with ignored complaints. I can almost be 100% sure that if it WAS a woman, our voices would be heard because she would have empathy and sympathy for the thousands of women that suffer from incontinence. I'm sure that she would recall all of these rash causing, defective products and bring back the old. I could be wrong, but no one will ever know for sure, unless he retires, gets fired or resigns and a woman takes over

trmn8r on 04/28/2012:
You told Chuck it is all about the money, and if they (and the CEO) feel the loss of business things may change. I suggested a course of action that would lead to such a loss of business, but you told me that you are almost 100% sure if a woman were CEO she would understand and bring back the product you love.

These can't be both true at the same time, in my opinion.
psycoticsmartass on 04/28/2012:
LOL In my perfect twisted world, they can be. Besides, the old product was doing perfectly well. If they were to bring it back.. their customers would come back in a heartbeat.. thus generating the money. Right now, I am pretty sure they are losing money due to this debacle
Jodyblon on 04/29/2012:
I have developed an itch and rash from the "new and improved " Poise pads. New is bad and nothing is improved. They are terrible! I cannot believe KC would keep these on the market since so many have complained. The old ones worked just fine. There is nothing poised about the new poise pads. Just awful!!
I am finished with these things.
Wednesday1 on 05/06/2012:
I was amazed and to learn that I am not alone in having problems with the new Poise "purple" pads. I started having problems with irritation "down there" when I used the last of the pads in the pink package, and started using the new ones. It took about a month for me to make the connection, and I immediately called the KC consumer affairs department. They assured me that other than the flowery, feminine design which is on the "underside" of the lining, the pads were the same. I don't know what the designers were thinking, but adding dyes and/or inks to a product like this is like adding fuel to a fire. Naturally I stopped using them immediately, although I haven't had much success in finding pads as good as their original ones. If KC truly cares about their consumers, they should bring them back. Otherwise they might as well shut-down their consumer care center because it serves no purpose at all.
psycoticsmartass on 05/07/2012:

Thank you for posting. It is unbelievable the lack of care and compassion this company has for its consumers. All they want to do is apologize and send coupons out for more of the same crap we complain about. If they are truly "sorry", the would pull all of the "new and improved" product and bring the original pads back. THAT would be the ONLY apology a majority of us would except
kauai on 05/23/2012:
I called again yesterday and talked to a 'supervisor' who apologized profusely and offered me a check for $50.00. that is beside the point. They need to pull this product. I have switched to Tena which is better, but not as good as the original Poise product, and am using Vagisil cream. It is slowly improving. I am writing letters to newspapers and magazines and telling my physician and pharmacies about this. It is a very serious problem. Keep pressing Kimberley-Clark to makes changes. I for one am boycotting any of their products. If enough of us do this, it might get their attention.
psycoticsmartass on 05/25/2012:

It is repulsive the way Kimberly Clark is handling this! I wish I knew a lawyer. on 06/07/2012:
I too have suddenly experienced "yeast infection" type symptoms! I've had them for 3 months and they always seem to go away when I get my period, which happens to be when I switch pads! I made no connection until I contacted my OB and she asked if I had switch pads, I had not but Poise did change their pads around that time! I will not use these again and hope that is the answer to my problem! I was beginning to worry it was something very serious! Thanks for posting!
Mija333 on 06/07/2012:
I would also like to say that if the CEO was a woman, who had experienced this horrible vaginal burning and itching, the product would be pulled!
psycoticsmartass on 06/08/2012:

Thank you for replying,I am sorry you are going through this. And you are right, the the CEO was a woman.. we'd have a total recall 4 years ago. please report this to the Federal Trade Commission Make sure you link back to the Poise site for "Allergy to new product" and "What do you think about Poise Hourglass pads" so that THE FTC can see for themselves what is happening. Educate as many people as you can. If you haven't already, please create an account here and post a negative review.

I do hope you get to feeling better soon.
Choose Carefully on 08/27/2012:
I just got a full refund on my order for these from Amazon. They were ordered months ago, and they just gave me the refund and told me to dispose of them. They must be aware of the problem. I let Costco know to because they sell these. Keep getting the word out.
Choose Carefully on 08/27/2012:
I also warned our local women's shelter about this product. They get many donations and I alerted them to pull these and dispose of them. They were so glad to know. Why add misery to traumatized women? Imagine how many may be in use in nursing homes. Awful.
Kat on 09/14/2012:
I recently started having sore, burning and uncontrollable itching in my private area. I thought it was the urine on the pad mixed with sweat (hot humid summer) that was causing the problem, so I began changing the pads more often, and buying "new ones". The reaction keeps getting worse and worse, and my skin is raw and painful.

I went to the Poise website to read the forum to see if anyone had suggestions for treating this issue, that is where I discovered it was actually the pads causing my misery !!! I am shocked. What should I due to help with this cause to get the pads discontinued ??
Jan on 11/30/2012:
I am so glad I found this article. I have been suffering and wondering what was going on. I have a terrible reaction to Poise. Could not figure out what it was. Then here I am. I'm done with Poise. Thank you
kauai girl on 01/02/2013:
Jan. 1/2013 It has taken months but the painfull rash that I first experienced in May 2012 has finally gone. I switched to Tena when I made the connection. I had used Poise LBL products for years, and it was only after they switched to the 'new, improved' pads with the purple paisley design that the problem happened. I was forced to use a strong steroid cream for several months. The product is still on the shelves. It is apparent that Kimberley Clark does not care about their customers. I no longer buy KC products.
CLB17401 on 03/03/2013:
Thank you all for commenting. I have been in ANGUISH for over 6 months. I have been to the doctor then the dermatologist 4 times! I am not sure when I will get better. I need the LBL products. I am on my third type of cream but never suspected these pads until last week. SOMEONE please help us! These products need to be pulled. Women perhaps in their 80's would not know what is going on with them and may not have the hospitalization/medical coverage to find out.
icantsit on 03/05/2013:
thank you for posting all these comments. I too have been in anguish for weeks after using the new poise pads. The rash and itch I have experienced has been unbearable. This product is terrible and I hope that the manufacturer will pay attention to all of these complaints.
gg on 04/06/2013:
I wrote to the Poise people last year, and of course, my advice was ignored. If you are a stock holder in Kimberly Clarke, I would advise you to immediately sell any Kimberley Clarke stock. They are in for a beating and possibly legal action against their products and management.
Jeanne on 08/13/2013:
I am amazed at these allergy reports to.
I have all the same symptoms and have been to the
doctor with irritation,soreness, incontinence, burning,
continual UTI infections, cystitis.
Ya know I wondered about the change of Poise with Thelma purple dye if that was the connection. Then I finally went on line
Put in google allergy to Poise and bingo! All these stories came up and wow ! the connection finally came to light.
I am so appalled, all the Cipro I have been taking and
The prescriptions creams only to confirm the allergy was the cause. stopped using them Saturday night and and feeling a lot of relief.
Now the real story did my research tons of similar stories and found a site this is what it said: In April
Of 2000 patient developed a severe ACDin super pubic and genital area after using Poise.
It was revealed that Poise had several layers containing,
Polydactylate,polyethylene, polypropylene and stretch
bond laminate
Patient re- patch tested to various components of pad and she had some strong reactions .
This case demonstrates the spectrum of acrylate allergy in this I patient
It revealed a new potential source of these allergens.
Finally I have taken step to stop all this confusion
and health problems and torment.
I really am going to go to a good health food store and look for an all cotton pad. Relief at Last.
Please consider this info before spending lots of money
On prescriptions and Dr. Visits.
smb09 on 09/08/2013:
Break out in v area every time I use these pads. Also be on the look out for the Off brands that are the same product, UP and UP (Target) and CVS Off brand, same replica of this product. I would rather use maxi pads, Stayfree or UP and UP maxi pads.
christine on 11/13/2013:
I went to my gynecologist, my GP AND a proctologist to treat unbearable anal itching. None of them had the answer. It was I who finally realized it was the Poise pads!! I switched to Tena and I don't like them because they bunch up but at least I don't itch anymore. I find it incredible that a company would sell a product to a consumer knowing full well it is harmful. That's why they took colored toilet paper off the market years ago! Who knows, it may later be discovered all the dye in it causes cancer. Is Tena all there is? Because I'm certainly not giving a dime toward a company who might cause my death!
Leslie on 11/21/2013:
Benn horribly uncomfortable for 2 months. Just made the connection. $100's of dollars in Dr. visits, cremes etc and within 4 days of stopping usage of the Poise pads I am nearly 100% better.

Target and CVS and Walgreens all use the same purple dye :( Can't use any of them.
Gail on 03/07/2014:
I have been experiencing the same things described by the other glad I found these letters ... I am so disappointed in poise for not listening to women. I also used the small pads for my small dog's belly band. I will be doing some more checking on these products...maybe we should start law suits...Thank you for sharing information.
Deanna M Smith on 09/04/2014:
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The worst itch of my life 'down there'
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEENAH,, WISCONSIN -- I have been a user of Poise pads for a few years and have never had a problem with them. However when the new product came on the market I purchased it and within a month or so I began to notice a terrible itching. It took awhile to connect the problem with the new pad. The itching is precisely where the pad touches my genital area and it is extremely uncomfortable. I too called the customer service telephone number and told her the problem. I was informed that nothing had been changed with the pad -
it was the same as the old one. (It says right on the package that there is a 'fresh new look and dry-touch layer'. She offered to send me coupons!
Thank you but no thank you.

I have switched to Tena and five days after switching, the problem is finally dissipating. I would not wish this on anyone. It is a red itchy rash. I am not prone to any type of allergies and I am absolutely positive that the Poise pads have caused this reaction.

Try Tena and I would hope that the Poise Ultra thins producer will rethink this new product, or at least bring back the old product, in addition to this new one.
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User Replies:
bramdi on 05/23/2012:
You could have developed an allergy over time. it is completely possible.
psycoticsmartass on 05/29/2012:

Go to there are over 10000 views on this regarding allergy and rashes to this product. Unfortunately OP's allergy is not unique.. this product really needs to be recalled
kauai on 05/31/2012:
it is almost three weeks since I switched, and the itch is finally going. to Bramdi I have used poised pads for several years with no problem. it is only after buying the new product at the end of April that the allergy appeared.
Choose Carefully. on 09/01/2012:
Tena is just as bad. Same purple dye. What are we to do?
Mrs. MC on 10/09/2012:
I had been using Tena, then switched to Poise because of a sale.
First package, fine.
Second package, I developed itching, burning and extreme discomfort.
Went back to Tena, in 5 - 6 days the problem was gone.
j judd on 08/06/2013:
OK now I know where this terrible itch came more poise ultra.where can I buy tena was going to call my obgyn...going shopping
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Bring Back Poise With Wings!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
It seems that Kimberly Clark, the makers of Poise Pads has discontinued their line of pads that have wings. I have tried all the other Poise, including the Hourglass and they ALL bunch up leaving my panties damp on the sides. Many of their consumers (including myself) have made complaints on their website and by phone about this issue, but yet I still can't find the ones that have worked for me through all of these difficult years. Their answer? "Well, let me see if we can find one of our products that can fulfill your needs" I ask, "Does it have wings to keep it from bunching up and causing embarrassment?" "well no.. but.." "Then I am not interested. Without something to hold the product in place, it's useless" LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS BRING BACK THE WINGS ON ALL VERSIONS OF ALL PADS! I'm sure its to save money (as always seems to be the case when quanity over customer satisfaction is the main goal).. but in the long run, you make it back. Not sure if you have heard of a basic economic concept of supply and demand. Here's how it works: People want a product, a company supplies that product. The people who want it, buy it, therefor, the money is made to make more. So people can buy it so the money is made to make more.. and so on. Simple

I have looked everywhere for any other LBL product with wings. I have looked in NUMEROUS stores for the Poise with wings, (even begged my store to bring them back to no avail).. I can't find ANY. Even the generic products don't have them.

You know who does? EBAY and THAT is where I am going to start buying mine. So until Kimberly Clarke wises up and brings them back, my business goes to the lucky sellers on Ebay.

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User Replies:
clutzycook on 02/12/2012:
Does any other company make pantyliners with wings?
psycoticsmartass on 02/12/2012:
I have looked everywhere for any other LBL product with wings. I have looked in NUMEROUS stores for the Poise with wings, (even begged my store to bring them back to no avail).. I can't find ANY. Even the generic products don't have them.
*Brenda* on 02/12/2012:
Amazon has "Poise Ultra Thin Light Pads With Wings" and if you subscribe to regular deliveries you can get a discount. Hope this helps, I know how frustrating it is to get used to a favorite product then have it go away!
Venice09 on 02/13/2012:
Amazon's Subscribe and Save program works great. I use it for a couple of things not available in stores and love it. Not only do you get a discount but shipping is free. You receive an email about a week before each shipment giving you the opportunity to either accept or skip the scheduled shipment. Don't be afraid to use Subscribe and Save. It's a wonderful program. I highly recommend it.
psycoticsmartass on 02/13/2012:
Thank you both! This is excellent news.. I didn't even think about Amazon for this. You guys ROCK!
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Kimberly Clark needs to pull back the new Poise hourglass pads
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I have used Poise Pads for about ten years now. They worked so much better than all the other pads on the market. Then Kimberly Clark saw fit to mess with a good thing. The new hour glass pads leak, have no odor control, bunch up, and causes a terrible rash, which causes (Urinary-Track-Infections) that is very hard to get rid of. I only used half a package and threw the rest in the garbage. I’m still fighting the infection it caused. I have spent over a thousand in doctor bills because of this product.

They have pulled the original product from the shelves. Go into any store, and you will find shelves overflowing with the new hour glass pads. No one wants them. The only people buying them are new customers to the pad market. It’s so sad that these new customers think this is what they have to look forward to. I saw a young woman in the store looking at the products. She is contemplating surgery because of her experience with the new hour glass poise. I told her that they used to make a very good product, but have discontinued them.

I think all us ladies that have been harmed by this product should contact a lawyer. This should be the newest class action law-suit.

I have boycotted all Kimberly Clark products and advise others to the same.
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User Replies:
psycoticsmartass on 07/08/2012:
Thank you for posting here! Hopefully others will do the same! Kimberly Clark HAS to be held accountable for all of the hell they have caused. Don't forget, go to
jewltone on 07/09/2012:
I always appreciate advice from someone who calls themselves 'psycoticsmartass.'

If you want to be taken seriously, you might want to act seriously.

Just My3cents
P. KLINGENFUS on 08/06/2014:
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Still Suffering From Using Poise Pads
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
NEENAH, WISCONSIN -- After switching from the new dreaful poise pads because of a severe allergic reaction I saw my Nurse Practitioner today. She said the whole area (she could see exactly where the pad touched my skin, was very red and irritated. She has put me on a strong cortisone cream and I am now bathing with baking soda daily too.

People have been having severe allergic reactions going back to Jan. 2009 and still they not changed the product.
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 05/25/2012:
This should be added to your original complaint.
trmn8r on 05/25/2012:
That's interesting. I didn't notice complaints until just the last few months.
psycoticsmartass on 05/25/2012:

The product didn't go nationwide until recently. Many women were still able to use the original products. If you look at this post on poise's website, you will see it actually started happening in 2008 Some women haven't yet made the connection between their rashes and swelling to the Poise pads. We are trying to get the word out
poisehurts on 09/13/2012:
The new poise pads are horrible! After using the new poise pad I noticed the redness, burning and itching so severe that I had to see my doctor. It has been over a month since it stated,and while it is better it isn't totally gone. NEVER again will I use this product!
Letsstartpetition on 10/23/2012: should hear about this! Suffered for months before I figured it was the poise pads that created my misery! Tena products have also gone to using the same ingredients with the same terrible results. We need to organize against Kimberly-Clark!
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What has happened to Viva paper towels?
Posted by on
Viva paper towels used to be the absolute best! When I moved to another state years ago, I couldn't buy them and had them shipped to me from my home state.

I have allergies and Viva was the only thing that worked. It was soft, strong and didn't leave lint everywhere.

Now they feel like medium grit sandpaper on one side and fine sand paper on the other side. They fall apart after you blow your nose once. It is a huge disappointment.

I hope I can find a replacement that works almost as well as Viva used to.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/02/2011:
When I was growing up in the 40's, we used Scott's TP and Viva paper towels.

At some point I started buying Charmin TP because the Scott's reminded me of sandpaper. I started buying Bounty paper towels that come in SelectASize for the convenience, and the quality is good.

We don't use a large quantity of either, and I can see how more cost conscious households that use more might try to avoid these brands. For me they work.
DebtorBasher on 07/02/2011:
Ewwww...I hate linty paper towels!
DebtorBasher on 07/02/2011:
Here is a link. Click on it and you can find out where it is sold in your area just by entering your zip code or you can order Viva Paper towels directly from them.
Venice09 on 07/02/2011:
I would suggest Bounty Soft. Hopefully, you can find it in your area. Of all the brands, I find Bounty to be the strongest and most consistent. And the Soft variety is great for nose blowing. I have allergies, too, and tissues just don't do the job. I always reach for a nice, soft Bounty paper towel. And they are lint free enough for allergy suffers. Probably cheaper than Viva, too!
Venice09 on 07/02/2011:
Trmn, Viva was THE paper towel back then. My mom used them, too. But Viva evolved into something that resembles a cloth and became ridiculously expensive. And the last time I looked, the roll was so small, it was almost laughable. If Viva has now lost that cloth quality, I can't imagine people continuing to buy it.
Jay on 07/02/2011:
I experienced the same thing. I even wrote to them and told them of my dissatisfaction with their 'new' product. What did they do? They sent me coupons for more paper towels. I sent them back with a note stating 'free' does not fix 'bad product'. Fact is they don't care. The 'new' formula nets greater profit. We will never see the Viva of old.
DebtorBasher on 07/02/2011:
"Free does not fix a bad product'...Man-O-Man that's the truth! Seems products get worse when they 'improve' it.
Jay on 07/02/2011:
The only thing that is ever 'improved' is their profit margin.
nobody on 12/20/2012:
I complained on their website back then also. They obviously aren't getting enough complaints or would have changed it back, or offered the soft variety also. If you only knew how moronic the people making those decisions are now in big corporations, you would understand why they change things like this. Since the drops in sales can take up to a year after such changes, and very few people actually complain, they just don’t see the link. And wouldn’t you think that before making changes like this they would try some samples on the target audience to see what they prefer? I always used viva for napkins since every brand of napkin you can buy either tears the hell out of your lips since they are stiff or rough, or the soft ones fall apart and stick to your lips. Even when they do perform opinion polls, the decisions are being made based on the people that don’t mind talking to rude people calling their homes in the evening, or vagrants they pull of the streets.
Patricia on 02/11/2013:
I am very disappointed with Viva towels. I used to buy them for my father who really liked them as handkerchiefs.He passed away two years so I did not buy any more until recently when I wanted them for guest towels in the bathroom.My husband needed to use them and we discovered how rough they are - like sandpaper. They used to be so soft and even felt like they had a hint of lotion. I will not be buying any more. Now I will try other brands to find one that meets my need for softness, not grit! Shame on you, Kimberly Clark for your now inferior product!!!
JAbby on 03/25/2013:
I just switched to Bounty for the lint issue. I used Viva for years and the lint problem suddenly started, it's quite bad, really.
Rayn on 05/06/2013:
I used to use ONLY Viva back then as well and have been using Bounty forever until about a week or so ago when my wife came home with Viva again. I was excited(I know silly) to use these Viva's again and when I did, what a HUGE disappointment. They leave lint ALL OVER the place. On the dishes, sink, counter,'s absurd! This company has lost it!

I will never purchase them again and will be sticking with Bounty who seems to get it right.

Shame on Viva!
cindy on 05/08/2013:
Have been buying Viva paper towels for many years. Even stuck with them when the large roll got smaller. I understand inflation and the need for profit, but I will not buy another roll. The lint is ridiculous. These towels are junk!
KT on 07/20/2013:
Your linty paper towels SUCK!!
Dennis Collins on 09/27/2013:
I've been using these towels for years. No more. They are rough and leave paper dust on everything. I tried to just use the smoother side but to no avail. I cleaned the inside of my porsche's window and now there is lint all over the dash. I'm done with this brand after 15 years of using them. I agree, they suck!
Rachel on 12/20/2013:
I have used Viva paper towels for over 20 years and told so many people how great they were. I didn't mind paying more money for the quality. Now, that they have changed, I'm very disappointed and am going to find some other brand to use. I hope there is some brand out there that is good -- I'm not a fan of Bounty or Scott, either.
Barbara on 01/12/2014:
I believe that I've used Viva exclusively since probably the 60's. I've even stuck with them the last couple years even though they seemed to go downhill. The last few rolls have been worse. They don't unroll well at all. I'm done. I just tried another brand from While Foods. Don't like that either.
Anna on 03/13/2014:
Oh, how I miss VIVA!!! It is evident that Viva has made a big down hil slide! I haven't bought them for a while, and the large pkg. I bought this week at Sam's are horrible!! Opted for them even though they were more expensive than the brand my husband had been picking up, even though they were more expensive. I THOUGHT I was getting the old VIVA. They are "stretchy" but that ain't got it and I will never buy again! Like so many of our products now, maybe made in CHINA? This week we looked at the food products we were starting to buy--less and less PRODUCT OF USA. yES, WE ARE SENDING OUR JOBS TO CHINA, MORE AND MORE! wHO ELSE SAW THE LITTLE GUY IN cHINA PICKING UP "ROAD KILL CHICKENS" and dumping them at the Chinese factory where they were to be chopped and molded in to nuggets and patties for the US market??? The old time coal miners owed souls to the company stores, but that
connie lawrence on 04/02/2014:
Why do companies change good products? I don't care if viva cost more, throw away your new product and bring back the old viva. All my kids got hooked on viva from me, now they cannot find anymore. Hopefully a new company will come up with same recipe that old viva used and put them on the market. So sorry they have cheapened themselves!
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Viva has been un-improved!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
A once very happy customer will never used these low quality, poor excuse for a paper towel ever again. I do not know what you did to ruin a wonderful product, but you did a very good job. Your product will never be purchased by my household again. Do you think everyone is so stupid that we cannot tell the difference? These are comparable to the cheapest, lowest quality paper towel that is on the market today! I hope all of your old faithful customers stop buying this worthless product, and you go out of business.
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Bryn on 08/31/2014:
They really have become the worst. These now rip into pieces as you try to take one off, they are thin and awful. They truly used to be the best, now they are truly the worst. I would rather get the cheapest, generic paper towels over these and they'd still be better. Total bummer Viva. Bring back the good ones please.
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Poise Pad, and Allergic Reaction
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FLORIDA -- Found out that since the Poise Pads changed their product I had experienced constant UTI infections, irritation, itching, bladder incontinence, it was just a horrible time.

I am so glad I found my 3 cents site and confirmed all my symptoms.Everything the women are saying helped me finally figure all this out.
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VIVA paper towels - They aren't what they used to be
Posted by on
NEENAH, WISCONSIN -- VIVA paper towels used to be the best on the market. They were soft, absorbent and lint free. Excellent product. That changed a couple of years ago. I tried them again based on their recent TV ads. Here is a copy of the letter I sent them regarding their "improved"(???) product.

About 2 years ago I submitted a comment regarding the severe drop in quality of your paper towels. Then it was the because you changed your processing method and they left paper lint on everything. We stopped using them.

Recently your ads on TV indicated you had changed again. We tried them. I had hoped they had gotten better. Boy, was I wrong. They are coarse (not SOFT as the package states), do not tear evenly and produce more lint than ever. Your product now, in my opinion, is the worst one on the market.

I realize that profit trumps quality in today's market. I know there are millions who will continue to buy your product no matter how bad it has become, but it won't be me.

Good bye and good luck.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/22/2010:
I think they are very lint-y, and can't stand them. Nice review, Chuck.

I like the Brawny pick-a-size.
Anonymous on 08/22/2010:
I like the Bounty Paper towels.
Venice09 on 08/22/2010:
I'm the paper towel nerd. I've tried and compared them all. The only time I buy Viva is when there's a 75 cent coupon in the paper which is doubled at my supermarket. I get one roll almost for free. The last one I picked up looked half the size of the previous rolls, but the quality seemed the same. However, Viva is ridiculously expensive. I would never buy them on a regular basis.

Brawny and Sparkle are inconsistent. Sometimes I love them but other times they are like the worst bargain towel. I'm not sure what the reason for that is, so I only buy them when it's a good sale.

Scott's quality has changed drastically over the years. They are too papery now and don't hold up at all. Those ridges don't seem to do anything. I've noticed that the 'natural' ones are a little better.

When Target first came out with the new Up and Up brand, the paper towels were great. But as I predicted, the quality went downhill quickly. I don't even buy them anymore because the quality no way meets the price.

And the winner is...


I think Bounty towels have the most consistent quality. They tear easily, aren't too linty and hold up great when wet. You really can reuse them just like the commercial says. And when they're on sale, they are no more expensive then the other brands.

The worst paper towel I have ever used is the new Marcal (I think they're called Small Steps). One towel equals the size of one select-a-size and they are totally useless. I'm all for saving a tree, but these towels are a disgrace. I wouldn't take them for free.

Chuck, try Bounty Soft. I think you'll like them. And they are cheaper than Viva.

Nice review!

Venice09 on 08/22/2010:
One more thing. Rolls of paper towels are about half the size they used to be. What is now sold as BIG rolls are the size of the old regular rolls. But there's no way around that. It's something we just have to accept along with all the other downsized products on the market.
CrazyRedHead on 08/23/2010:
I grew up with Viva. My mom used to get them all the time. I left home at 18 and it was about 20 years later when I saw them again, but they aren't like they used to be. The rolls are much smaller now and they really are quite linty. With 6 messy people in my house paper towels go fast and I need a roll that will not only last a long time but soak up the messes. Brawny lately seems to be good. I have to get the big packs (8 rolls) and they seem to last longer than any other one. I hate the select a size ones, so the big rolls are best. Bounty just seems like paper and disappear to fast. Marcal is like paper, and Sparkle is about just as bad. The great value brand is like a combination of paper and tissue paper. So for now it's Brawny for me.
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