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Beware This Stove!
Posted by Jfs999 on 02/28/2006
RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently purchased a KitchenAid professional series stove KDRP707RSS with Steam Assist from Garner TV & Appliance, in Garner NC. (At the same time, I also purchased a KitchenAid range hood and KitchenAid drawer-model dishwasher.)

The stove arrived with the oven door pushed to the far left side as far as it could go, and it was locked shut. Some components needed for installation, along with the installation instructions, were locked inside the oven. The door itself could not be moved in any direction.

I called KitchenAid and requested a replacement stove, since the stove that was shipped to me was not usable. KitchenAid Customer Service informed me that their warranty is for repair, not replacement, and placed a service call to A&E Factory Service.

I then called Garner TV & Appliance and described the problem to them and told them I wanted the stove replaced. They told me they had to send a technician out first before anything could be done. They placed a service call to Appliance Connection.

On Monday, February 20, 2006, the technician from A&E arrived at 8 AM. He worked for two hours and although he partially dismantled the stove, he could not get the oven door to budge. He gave me a service ticket when he left which clearly states that the stove is badly damaged and the oven cannot be opened. Since he specifically said he could not repair the stove, I assumed it would be replaced.

At 4 PM the same day, the technician from Appliance Connection arrived. One of my friends let him in and ended up holding parts of the stove while it was being repaired. The technician was there for 2 hours. After an hour's work, he was able to force the oven door open and then exchanged the oven lock mechanism, which he said “looked defective.” After replacing the mechanism, the stove immediately locked again when it was powered on. It now displays an error code immediately after powering on and cannot be left with power because it beeps incessantly. It is actually in worse condition than before he arrived.

When he left he told me that the stove was “obviously DOA” and to give Christy at Garner TV & Appliance a call about an hour or so later to get the stove switched out.

When I called Garner TV & Appliance and asked when a replacement stove would be provided, I was told that they would not provide a replacement and that they would place another service call.

I have called KitchenAid at least a half-dozen times. When I spoke with KitchenAid, two different representatives told me that the dealer could provide a replacement stove, at the dealer’s discretion.

When I repeated this to Amgad Saad, the manager at Garner TV & Appliance, he told me there was no way they were going to replace the stove. I had two choices: have it repaired, or return it for a refund less 25% restocking fee (which is $930.75). I told him I have no intention of providing their business with almost one thousand dollars with nothing in return, and that it will not be repaired. Mr Saad also told me not to call the store again regarding the stove (that is, his word is final and there is no further discussion about it).

I did not purchase a floor model, sample, scratch-and-dent model, or reconditioned unit. I paid the full retail for a brand new stove from the factory. I am not paying nearly $4,000 for a reconditioned unit, and with the 4 hours of work already done on this stove and at least 2-4 more (a modest estimate, since there is now more than one problem evident), the stove I have qualifies as a reconditioned model.

KitchenAid needs to stand behind their products. All I get from them is stonewalling and a run-around that the dealer is the one to help me, not them. KitchenAid made the product and it is obviously defective, so they should be the one to take charge of the issue and replace it.

I am mobility impaired and do not want a stove in my home that might prove to be a fire hazard. The stove is so defective upon delivery in my home that I do not want it here. I have asked both KitchenAid and the dealer to do the right thing and replace the defective unit. Neither will do so and both claim it’s the fault of the other party.

I have filed a lawsuit on February 27, 2006 against Garner TV & Appliance to recover the money paid for the stove, delivery, and so forth.

KitchenAid has failed miserably to do the responsible thing and replace a stove that came through my door obviously defective. After four hours of repairs, it is in worse condition than when it arrived. I do not want a reconditioned appliance, nor one that is obviously defective, in my home, and since I paid for a new appliance (which I expect to arrive in perfect working condition), I asked KitchenAid to replace the stove.

At this point, I want a full refund of the purchase price. I do not want a replacement stove because I will not have any further interactions with Garner TV & Appliance after being told not to call them further about a defective product that they delivered to me. I have no faith that they will not do some damage to a replacement stove because of the nasty, rude, and belligerent tone taken by their store manager. I want no further interaction with them.

I will be posting my experience with KitchenAid on every Internet website that I can find that offers a forum for consumer complaints. I am also spreading the word locally about the reliability of KitchenAid products and the fact that the manufacturer refuses to stand behind their product.

I doubt that this posting or my letters of complaint will provoke either KitchenAid or Garner TV & Appliance to do the right thing at this point. However, as a consumer, I will not sit back and allow myself to be fleeced when spending four thousand dollars to buy what I thought was a premium product - and then finding out that K-Mart would have been the better source for my new stove.

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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-01:
Your only course of action at this point is the suit against Garner TV & Appliance. Was this filled in Small Claims? Nothing gets quicker action from a local store than being slapped with legal action and also letters to the local media. Make sure you get lots of pictures, have them blown up and ensure you have copies for yourself and the court. Document everything clearly, especially the phone call where the owner told you to go away.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
Your suit should have been with Whirlpool Corp (Kitchen Aid's parent). Garner has no legal obligation to eat the cost of a stove with a replacement. That’s a manufacturer’s responsibility and you will lose that suit. Kitchen Aid has the discretion of repair or replacement under warranty, which specifically guarantees repair only to a customer. Your fight is strictly with Whirlpool/ Kitchen Aid over replacement. I would immediately withdraw your suit with Garner and re-file against Whirlpool if desired. Even that may be a lost cause because it appears they were willing to honor their warranty and fix the unit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
Slim, I'm afraid you're wrong (again.) I have to agree with the first poster on this one. Addiditonally, I'd have refused payment on my credit card of cancelled the check as soon as this hunk of junk arrived.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
Maybe he should name both parties in his suit. The court can decide which is responsible. If you have a TV station there with a troubleshooter, call them. That publicity will get things hopping.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-01:
For an issue like this, I would not name both parties in his suit. Adding Whirlpool or KitchenAid would seriously effect the suit. There would be a big difference between a claim against a local company and a claim that would add a monster company located in another state. Depending on the state law, small claims might be the best place.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
You're right, D. But I'd have refused payment in the first place.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
No pirate, I'm not wrong, and if you were inthebiz, again you would know how this stuff goes. Poster, take my advice or not, it means nothing to me. I will, however, be the first to congradulate you if you come back and tell us you actually won the suit with the retailer. It's not going to happen though.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
Will say this though, you should have been given a new stove. DOA's usually are replaced and Garner could have done more for you. However again, it's what they have to do for you that you're fighting for.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
Poster, disregard Slims errant posts. I think he means well, but is too hard-headed to realize common logic. That's the trouble with public forums, even delivery guys think they have insight into legal matters.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-01:
Slim, I am not sure I understand your approach. If the customer purchased the item from Garner and it arrived DOA, then how can the customer then file suit against KitchenAid to have the item replaced? What if the customer just wanted their money back, sue KitchenAid first and then for KitchenAid to sue Garner to get the customers money? The issue is most definately between the customer and Garner at this point.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
Spot-on, D.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
The way it works dsmith is Garner is the retailer; they buy the product from KA and resell it. If a product goes bad or is bad, the manufacturer is responsible. Garner did not make the stove, so how can they assure anything outside of not damaging it themselves. For replacement KA would need to send the retailer a new one to forward to the customer, then either take the old one back to the factory or let Garner keep it to part out. If KA won’t send a stove to replace the bad one, how can Garner help? Pull one out of their own stock, when it’s not legally their problem? Not likely, poster stated it was almost $4000, which sounds like a commercial style unit. Garner probably made no more then $300-$500 on the sale of the thing to start with. THEY ARE NOT going to give the customer a $4000 stove “on them” when it’s Kitchen Aid’s responsibility by warranty to assure their own products work for the consumers as described.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
While your efforts seems sincere, I'm afraid they are a bit off the mark, Slim. We need facts here, not mindless speculation.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-01:
Slim's right.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
No, I'm afraid he's not. He gets credit for a decent google, though.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-01:
I am mostly going on my own experience when something similar happened to me. My action was against the reseller and I succeeded. At the point of sale, the unit was sold by Garner, not by KA. Therefore, it is Garners responsibility to ensure the unit works. This is not a case of buyer beware. From what Silm is saying, the reseller would NEVER be held accountable for anything they sold.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
You’re right to an extent dsmith but, here’s the kicker, Kichen Aid was perfectly willing to make sure that stove worked. Customer wants a new stove. That’s between them and Kitchen Aid and Garner’s out of the mix. Hey pirate, why don’t you back your smack up! See if Mr. Kellett has anything on his site about this for us.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-01:
You're right pirate. I wouldn't know anything about this sort of thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
All I know is that if the local appliance store (which I don't own) happens to deliver a faulty or mangled product to my house, they are not leaving without it going on the truck. I'm not going to waste my time calling the manufacturer, I'm gonna grab the store manager by the lapels and make sure he brings a new unit to my house. But hey, that's me, I don't let people give me the runaround.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
Well clearly you know more than he does about it Maddy.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-01:
And what if he doesn't pirate and has your butt thrown in jail instead? So what your saying is you really don't know and have nothing to back up your flagrant trolling. But again, that's just you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-02:
No, guess you can't comprehend what you read. If somebody delivers an obviously damaged appliance to my home, then they should be expected to haul it immediately out to the truck it came in on. What is unreasonable about that? If they refuse, I stop payment, plain and simple. That's how business works, slim, or are you new to the planet.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-02:
Just a little food for thought on this subject. Keep in mind that I've never been a retailer so I am not claiming to know much. But I purchased a very expensive Canon Camcorder ($2,500) a couple of years ago from a company in another state. One of the features didn't work so I sent it back and they sent me a new one. However, some of the mail-order internet companies tell you up front that once it leaves their warehouse, any problems you have must be addressed to Canon. That's part of why they sell it so cheap. They don't have to deal with returns. As long as you know that up front, you can decide if it is worth the few dollars that you save not to have the option of returning it to the store. I don't know how appliances work, but what would the store that you bought your oven from do if they opened one for their own use/demo and it was defective? Surely they wouldn't just eat $4,000. Heck no, they would return it, I would think, so why can't they return this one for this man?
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-02:
I doubt that stove was in stock because of its specialty. Special order, heavy deposit in advance, payment long since cleared upon delivery. Don't you think the poster is smart enough to stop their payment if they could? Are you done being publicly schooled yet, pirate? Sheriff, these aren't cars and not demonstrators. Stores really have no idea if their floor models work before they see the field.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-02:
I think the store would notice the type of damage that this person descibed.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-03:
Regardless of who was at fault. I would still file a small claims action against the local store first. It is much easier to do so and most of the time, the local store will take action when they are served.

Also, I am curious how the local store sending out a techinician to try and fix the issue effects who is responsible. Would this not show they were taking ownership by sending someone out to fix it?
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-03:
Not really, they are billing Kitchen Aid for the service call(s) under warranty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-03:
Doubtful. At the point the store is assuming liability for the damaged product and in the court's eyes will have to make good with a smililar or better unit.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-03:
BTW, no consumer in their right mind, despite the type of "specialty order" is going to pay in full BEFORE delivery. A deposit may be in order (though I've never heard of such) but certainly a consumer should hold back the majority of the fee, just for such cases as this. That way if a damaged unit is delivered, they won't have to dispute the charge/exchange with an uninformed former appliance store salesman like Slim.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-03:
You want to know why I said Slim was right...that going after the manufacturer is 'right'? Look at it from the point of view of the lawyer. Most lawyers will go after BOTH parties...but they'll always find a reason to go after the big company first and foremost...any guesses as to why? Here's a hint. If $$$ = 'Small retailer', and $$$$$$$ = 'manufacturer' then who does ( * ) 'the lawyer' want to try to get settlement offers from?
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-03:
What really could you sue for here Mad eye outside replacement? Pirate has never heard of taking a deposit on a high ticket, special order item?! Well I think that should about wrap it up here.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-05:
Guess you've just done business in a lower class part of town than I ever did, Slumjim. Our slogan was "A handshake is all it takes." We had a smalltown appliance store, as well as one "superstore," which we were part owners in. We sold a to a variety of clients, but I can't recall ever having one balk at payment, once the unit was delivered and setup. We had a few clients whom we had to work with on credit, but it was in our best interest to get the products into the consumers home. None of our technicians would ever think of leaving a damaged unit and say to the consumer, "Well, you're screwed, better call GE, we're outta here." Guess that's why we were successful and your little store went down the drain. But look at the bright side, now you get to answer the "trouble line" at the applinace phone bank all day, while posting drivel and trolling here all day looking for man-dates. Life just doesn't get any better for you, now does it.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-05:
"Super Stores"? You're saying you owned part of publicly held company's like Circuit City, AND at the same time, a competative Mom and Pop huh. More lies from the troll. I own some Intel shares, does that qualify in your book as owning part of them? ROFL.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-05:
"super-store" well, that's what we called it when we partnered with a major supplier. Whatever half-wit. I don't feel the need to prove anything to a dope like you.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-03-05:
Partnered with a major supplier, you mean like GE?? Hmm, isn'that what all retailers have to do to get product?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-06:
maybe in tinytown USA where you live.
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Buyer Beware - KitchenAid Appliances
Posted by Ghudson276 on 09/10/2006
MATHEWS, ALABAMA -- We have a Superba Architect that is less than 5 years old and I'm now in the middle of my second repair issue. First, my thru-the-door ice maker went out. Turns out it was due to the wires in the harness [which is located at the bottom of the door under the hinge] breaking. The repairman explained that Kitchenaid was aware of this over 2 years ago - the harness was strapped into place with a plastic tie and the tie made the harness (wires) bend hard in the same spot each time the freezer door was open. The fix was to splice the wires and cost over $100. The repairman said I was lucky because a lot of them were breaking inside the door which required a full door replacement in excess of $500. I was appalled that KitchenAid did not alert consumers that the prevention was to simply cut this tie with a pair of household scissors. Its only purpose had been to keep the harness hidden under the door. I wrote them concerning this and got no results. Now on to my second issue. The refrigerator stopped cooling and the freezer was only cold in the very bottom. Turns out it's the computer board that's gone out. It should tell the fan to circulate the cold air but won't. It will cost over $400.

We have a side-by-side refrigerator [GE] that we bought 16 years ago and has not had a single repair issue. It cost under $900. This KitchenAid cost over $2,300 and has been the worst purchase I've ever made. Proof, I guess, that you don't always get what you pay for.

Stay away from KitchenAid. None of these universal problems posted by so many people are covered under warranty.
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Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-09-10:
Sounds like factory defects and the should alert the customers and fix the problem for them...without charge.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-10:
That's a shame to because Kitchen Aid used to be one of the higher quality appliances on the market. Thanks for the post and the information.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-11:
This isn't good news.
Posted by Mad In Texas on 2006-09-15:
Today I was considering buying a Kitchen Aid frig. (don't know which one yet tho, model, style etc.) because it doesn't come in under the Maytag umberella.... however, since Whirlpool owns Maytag, and Kitchen Aid is made by Whirlpool, does that mean that it is going to be the same ole, same ole (run around) with Whirlpool, like it is with Maytag, should something go wrong with the KA frig.???
OMG !!! I was told by the appliance store I"ll be buying from, that : "with all the different brands we sell, Kitchen Aid is the one that we have the least problems with, Kitchen Aid is a really good product".
When I go in and read about most all the other brands, they all seem to have tons of complaints against them. How does one go about making a decision as to what to buy?
Posted by ghudson276 on 2006-09-16:
I made this original post. I think that if you are absolutey hooked on a KitchenAid/Whirlpool line product, just make certain that you buy the additional warranty. The repairman made the comment that he'd choose their line over the others (who knows?) and he felt they responded beter to customers than any other companies but only if the product was just a year or two old. I'm sorry but for products in excess of $2,000, I expect customer service to run a little longer than a couple of years. Bottom line, if you expect that too - buy the additional warranty.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-09-27:
I only own a kitchenaid mixer... and that sucker is indestructable. I love it... I'm sorry for your pains with them, but at least the mixer is awesome! :)
Posted by MAXT on 2006-11-22:
Unfortunately, I have not been so lucky!! Had my ice/water dispenser repaired three times already for this problem with the door wiring. Each time the wiring has been fused together, so it works for a little while until we open the door again!! Now the technician is telling me that it can no longer be repaired because there is no more excess wiring! The only way to fix the problem is to replace the door for approximately $1500 at my expense...I paid $2200 for the fridge in 2001. I think because this is a design flaw, the manufacturer should own up to their mistake and repair it at their cost. Spoke with Kitchenaid Customer service...that was a joke...flat out no we can't help you...the service agent I spoke to wouldn't even pass my call on to anyone else. Apparently, she has the final say after listening to my concern for 5 minutes!! Anyone have any suggestions on where I can take my complaint from here? And I won't even get started on the 'lemon' Kitchenaid dishwasher I have!!
Posted by Eastin on 2007-06-16:
Read my review on KitchenAid. Their service is non exsistant along with the companies they ask to service your appliance. Whirlpool's moto...""Whirlpool’s code of ethics requires each of us to act responsibly and maintain the highest levels of personal, business, and legal conduct. That means walking away from a business agreement rather than violating the law or compromising our standards. We are ever mindful that there is no right way to do a wrong thing." They must not include their customers in that

Posted by ghudson276 on 2007-06-16:
Back again - just to let you know that I spoke with a man whose wife received an electrical shock when opening the door with the faulty wiring. He passed this along to customer service and asked who would be responsible for an electrocution of one of his family members if he could not afford a new door. KitchenAid was more than happy to replace the door. If mine goes out again, I'll certainly use this argument along with who pays if it causes a fire? Keep in mind too that the broken harness is within reach of any kid and especially those who are still crawling. It's a shame that it takes the possibility of a major loss to get them to do the right thing - but it seems that's what it takes these days.
Posted by Carolyn on 2013-08-26:
bought our kitchenaid side by side in 2002 and have had 3 repairs on the wiring for the ice dispenser. Now, it is out again. We were told at the last repair there is no extra wiring to splice - so either a new door or a new refrig. Unbelievable there is no recall for this. NEVER ANOTHER KITCHENAID ANYTHING FOR ME. So frustrating.
Posted by Colette in Simi Valley on 2013-10-10:
I have a Kitchen Aid Superba Side by Side. It is just turning 10 yrs old. It has been junk. I've had to have the ice maker repaired/replaced 3 times and it still has issues. The fridge door hinge went bad and somehow caused the interior to heat up to 80 degrees. Yesterday the freezer stopped freezing and this morning the refrigerator was warm. I'm done with with it.
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Terrible Product
Posted by Kabul on 09/11/2010
I have a KitchenAid Stove/Oven which I bought in 2006. My first problem is that the oven does not heat correctly. The temperature rises and falls while in use. The main problem I have is the panels on the front of the oven. I couldn't change the temperature or turn off the oven. I had to turn off the breaker to do so. I had a repair man and it cost me $500 for a whole new panel. Now one year later it has happened again. While telling my tale of woe to someone the other day, she stated that she has had her same appliance as mine for 7 years and the repairman told her she was lucky it lasted seven years, as he usually gets this complaint when the oven is three years old. I have gotten no where with the company where I purchased it and I refuse to pay another $500 to repair it again. We are now looking for a new stove and oven. I feel so cheated.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-09-11:
Did you have an extended service guarantee that should have covered said charges kabul? If so, then I would agree you have a legitimate platform to complain. If, in fact, the merchandise and service are out of warranty, then you would not.
Posted by pipewelder on 2011-07-25:
Really. Does everything come down to having a extended service warranty? Shouldn't the company stand behind their product and if it was a well made product, they would. There is a reason why everything is junk out there now. NOT UNION MADE!! Made in Mexico.
Posted by B. H. on 2012-12-26:
I just purchased a Kitchen Aid, 5 burner, glass cooktop. I had one in our other home for 13 years and it looked brand new for the entire 13 years. This new one has had the glass replaced once in the short 11 months that we've owned it. The reason for the replacement is that this new model does not have the watermarks or "specks" on the burners as our previous cooktop did. The watermarks protect the burners from scratching!!! It's a no brainer, yet Kitchen Aid people keep telling me that it's my fault that the burners are scratching. I keep telling them that no one is more careful than I am and that it IS NOT MY FAULT!! IT IS THEIR FAULT FOR MARKETING A COOKTOP THAT DOESN'T HAVE THE PROTECTION OF THE SPECKS OR WATERMARKS ON THE BURNERS. THE BARE GLASS IS GOING TO SCRATCH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. This isn't rocket science! Bring back the old design with the watermarks on the burners and stop shafting your customers with this inferior product!!
Buyer Beware!!! BH
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KitchenAid Ice Maker and Customer "NO" Service
Posted by Hooverkay on 07/14/2008
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- We bought 5 KitchenAid appliances from HH Gregg in December 2007. The ice maker worked intermittently until March 2008 and then quit completely. We have had 8 service calls and replaced 4 parts. It still does not work. We paid $1,400 for the ice maker and have been having to buy bags of ice for 5 months. Kitchenaid/Whirlpool Customer "NO" Service is very arrogant and condescending and refuses to replace the defective unit. HH Gregg has asked Kitchenaid to replace the icemaker, but they obviously don't have much regard for HH Gregg either.

Kitchenaid has offered us a 6-month extended warranty, but I can't understand what good that will do us for an appliance that does not work at all. I guess we can meet a repairman at our house every 2 weeks for six additional months before we accept the fact we have been cheated and buy a different brand ice maker. I wish we had read reviews on the internet before we remodeled our kitchen.

We bought Kitchen Aid appliances thinking we were buying quality products from a reputable company. We were badly mistaken.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-14:
I'm sorry but why cant the fix the icemaker? It does have a warranty,they should fix it.I bet you had A&E service out,they are the worst.
My advice would be to try and fins a local shop that can do warranty work on your appliances,and bypass the factory and all of their nonsense
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KitchenAid does not care about Product Longevity or the Environment!
Posted by Ericha_kemm on 01/09/2012
Moved into a home with a KitchenAid Range. It looks new, but in fact is 11 years old. The Range is a glass top, electric range with an electronic touchpad, Model # KESC300HWH5.. The pad died for the oven part of the range. Sears Appliance repair gouged me, charged me $139 to tell me the part was no longer made!! That's another story, and another review.... So I am forced to call KitchenAid myself and see what gives. When did 11 years mean an appliance is obsolete!? We complain up the food chain. No remorse, they don't care about their products once the warranty runs out! Now I have a stovetop that works and stove that does not. REALLY DISAPPOINTED in the greed, lack of environmental care American Businesses have come to. We repeatedly asked if throwing this 11 year old range in a dump was ok with them!!! You can bet I will not be replacing with another KitchenAid.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-09:
My understanding is that the industry builds appliances to last 7 years these days. That sounds shocking from the perspective of someone whose parents had an oven that was 50 years old when both had died. It outlasted them.
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-01-09:
all appliances are recyclable. even the insulation. as often as electronics improve, not a bad idea to replace them every 7-10 years.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-09:
"as often as electronics improve, not a bad idea to replace them every 7-10 years." That's a super idea, except the OP can't without replacing the entire range due to the part being unobtainium.

As long as "electronics" are reliably designed and built, they will last a lot longer than 10 years. It isn't as if electronics wear out. They may fail if subjected to a harsh environment such as humidity or heat. That can be prevented in a good design. My 16 year old GE appliances with touchpads are going strong.
Posted by MRM on 2012-01-09:
Unobtainium- I have never heard this term before.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2012-01-09:
MRM, Unobtainium is a new element used in the manufacture of appliance electronic control boards. It is VERY expensive and has a half-life of 8.3 months.
Posted by MRM on 2012-01-09:
Thanks for the precise definition, Chuck.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-01-09:
That's a new element, discovered by people who buy appliances these days. Chemical symbol "Um".
Posted by At Your Service on 2012-01-10:
All these comments bring up very good and interesting points. It is true that the average appliance lasts about a decade now. Depending on several factors, one may get more or less on the product. Kitchenaid is no different than any other brand in this respect, so writing off one brand is not likely to resolve anything with the next.

Overall I have to say I like Kitchenaid brand ranges and ovens. They're rated fairly well by most publications. You may consider a Wolf range on replacing the unit, however expect to pay considerably more.
Posted by Pat Mann on 2012-01-10:
Unobtanium... a rare and valuable substance found on the planet Pandora (?), as shown in the documentary entitled "Avatar"
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-01-10:
I'm willing to bet that the only appliances that last a decade are the ones hardly used, and even then it's a stretch.

A well built appliance shouldn't break the bank. Why can't they be affordable and reliable?
Posted by madconsumer on 2012-01-11:
my GE washing machine and dryer are over 10 years old and going strong.
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Worst Warranty Ever
Posted by Oldperf on 07/11/2011
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I purchased the warranty that KitchenAid authorizes and it was the worst experience I have ever had with a warranty company. My refrigerator stopped cooling and they would not send anyone for five days. I was told several different stories - one that I should call a company was not on their list of repair people and they would pay me directly for my out of pocket expense. When I double checked on that I was told that was not true and they would not reimburse me. Five days later after my food had spoiled not only one company came but three companies either came or called to say they were on the way. They said they had no emergency plans.

I would buy a new refrigerator (not a KitchenAid) rather than pay any more money for a warranty from them.
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-07-11:
That's one of the drawbacks of extended warranties. You are bound by the company's choice of repair shops, and oftentimes they are either incompetent or make you wait too long, or both. Instead of buying an extended warranty, it's better to put the money aside for repairs. That way, you can call the repair shop that's most convenient.

By the way, five days is pretty quick. There's another review posted today where the customer is expected to wait almost a month!
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-07-11:
I know 5 days sounds long, and obviously it means you lose all your food. But I don't know of a warranty service that will come faster than that. Maybe there are contracts that provide emergency response times.
Posted by consumereye on 2013-01-07:
I must agree this warranty is the worst investment ever! Called kitchenaid because my basket was broken after just over a year on my dishwasher. I purchased the 3-year extended warranty but of course, this wasn't covered. Is a basket supposed to fall to the bottom on a $1000 dishwasher after 14 months??!! do not purchase this rip-off!!
Posted by April on 2013-08-05:
We have also had no luck with Kitchenaid. After about a year our top rack broke and had to get that replaced. Now after a year and a half we are told our motor needs to be replaced and will be at least $275 to fix. What happened to the appliances that are expected to last 10 years? This is our third dishwasher since we've been in our house just over 10 years! I'm sure we'll pay to fix the motor and just hope it holds up but I am soo tired of thinking we've bought nice appliances only to wish we had the old reliable basics!!!
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Customer Service As Bad As The Product
Posted by Comment67 on 02/14/2009
The following is a record of correspondence with KitchenAid. If you don't have time to read it, just skim through.

January 2005

Dear [KitchenAid VP]

I am writing to you after unsuccessfully dealing with various levels of your organization. I read with interest your comments on customer service in an article in “Inside 1to1.” I hope your general success is better than what I have experienced.

In early August I ordered a full set (Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Microwave, Range) of KitchenAid stainless steel appliances from a dealer in Phoenix, Arizona. Because the range was a new model, we understood the delivery of the range would be delayed for a few weeks. In September the range was still being postponed, so we took delivery of the other appliances.

• In early October, a range was delivered which was damaged to the extent that the door would not even open. Needless to say I did not accept the product.
• On November 2, another range was delivered, this time with no visible damage. Very quickly we realized there was a heating problem when the oven temp is raised after the initial preheat. It would take 30+ minutes to go from 350 to 500. I contacted KA Customer Service and scheduled service with “Appliance Doctor” on November 22. Diagnosis “Bad Heat Sensor,” and the part had to be ordered.
• While preparing Thanksgiving dinner, we discovered that periodically one burner would just not work.
• Heat sensor arrives mid December but does not fix the problem. New diagnosis, “Bad Control Panel." Control panel and heat element switch is “rush ordered.”
• Control panel arrives December 20; the new service tech is not aware of the problem history. The wrong part was ordered for the burner switch. The technician did not want to install the control panel because he did not have the switch to replace at the same time and he wanted to talk to the KA service technicians. And he was also trying to get out of town for Christmas.
• Switch arrives January 8. The service technician installs both the switch and control panel, turns the burner on to establish that it would heat and leaves without checking the oven performance. He told me to call if it did not fix the problem.
• I contacted the sales person at [Dealer] who gave me the number for his customer service person at KA. I contacted [KA representative], who scheduled A&E Factory Service to come out January 13.
• A&E spent 1 ½ hours only to say “I don’t know what is wrong – I need to call KA technical service.” He left stating he or his boss would get back to me the next day.
• During the week of January 17, I left two messages for [KA representative], but never got a return call.
• With the help of a friend, I was put in touch with [higher-up KA representative], who assured me she would resolve the problem. On January 20 she said she had a call in to the engineer and would get back to me. On January 24 & 25 I left messages for [higher-up KA representative] but did not hear back.
• On January 25 I called and ask to speak to someone in the executive offices to see if [higher-up KA representative] was in the office. The person I spoke to (unfortunately I did not get her name) said [higher-up KA representative] was on a conference call but either she or [higher-up KA representative] would get back to me that day. It is now 5 PM EST and still no call.
• This letter was put on hold on January 26 because [higher-up KA representative] did get back to me and put me in touch with [KA Engineer] in the engineering section. His team was able to reproduce the heat recovery problem I have been having.
• The control panel “fix” was turned over to [KA Engineer #2] who I believe is the project manager for the “fix” project.
• On February 24 [KA Engineer] notified me via e-mail that the new control panel should be ready to ship as early as “next week.” At the same time replacement cooktop controls would be shipped, and a local repair person would do the work.
• On March 7 and again on March 14 I sent e-mail to [KA Engineer] with a copy to [higher-up KA representative] and [KA Engineer #2] to check on the status. As of today I have not had a response.
• On about March 16 I had a call from [higher-up KA representative] to see if I had been given any information on the parts. I said I had not but was about to send a follow-up e-mail. She said she would check on it and get back to me.
• On about March 18 I called [higher-up KA representative] and left a message requesting a return call. As of 3 PM March 21 I have not had a call.

Needless to say my frustration level is very high. I would appreciate any help you can give me which this situation. I can be reached 7 AM – 4 PM at [phone number].

July 26, 2005

Dear [KitchenAid VP]

I have not been in touch with you for several months so, just in case you forgot who I am, I have attached a copy of the letter I wrote to [you] concerning the problems I had with my KitchenAid range.

The reason I am writing is that I recently received correspondence inviting me to purchase warranty extensions for the suite of KA appliances I bought at the same time as the range. Since I hardly got a “Thank You” for all the trouble I went through with the range, I thought it would be very kind of you to grant me a three-year warranty extension on all the products.

August 19, 2005

Dear [KitchenAid VP]

I am writing to you once again to ask for your assistance but also to make you aware of a complete lack of follow through of your customer service organization.

As I explained in my first letter, I had a very frustrating experience getting resolution on basic design flaws in my KitchenAid range. It was only after a letter to you that the problem was resolved. When I received offers for extended warranty coverage on my appliances, I wrote with a simple request to extend all the warranties for the three-year offer at no cost to me. I received a call stating that [higher-up KA representative] was no longer with the organization but [KA representative] would handle the issue. [KA representative] stated that there was no way they could possibly extend the warranty on all the appliances but they would be willing cover any repairs to the range to be reviewed on a year-to-year basis. I agreed to the offer but explained how disappointed I was with the handling of the problems from day one. I stated that it seemed as if I fell through the cracks at every turn. [KA representative] apologized for the previous problems and stated she would send me a letter stating what we had agreed on so I would have documentation to refer to. It has now been almost three weeks since the call from [KA representative] and I have not received the letter as promised.

I am once again mystified by the lack of commitment to customer service of your organization.

September 20, 2007

Dear [KitchenAid VP]

I am once again writing to you to keep you abreast of the ongoing saga of my KitchenAid appliances. So I don’t have to recap here, I have attached my previous correspondence with your organization.

• In July 2007 the refrigerator compressor went out, which was covered under warranty. However, I was charged $129 for Freon.
• In December 2006, the refrigerator startup capacitor for the compressor went out which cost $229.
• In January 2007 we discovered a half-inch chip in the plastic handle for the microwave. I decided I could replace this myself and purchased the handle from a local parts dealer for $46. After some study I realized I could not figure out how to remove the chipped handle. When the repairman was here in July, I ask him to replace it. After considerable study and calls to KA tech support, he/they could not figure out how to remove the handle. I later got a call from the owner of the repair company stating the only way to fix it is to replace the entire door at a cost of $300. At this point an additional crack has developed in the plastic handle and I’m sure it will eventually break. It is just my wife and I using this appliance, so it is not caused from abuse.
• Sometime prior to December 2006, the range sounded like a helicopter taking off when in convection oven mode. Since it was still under the repair agreement your office extended, I contacted the person who took over for [KA representative] and they arranged for service. It turned out to be a loose nut holding the convection fan blade.

After the most recent refrigerator repair I received an offer for an extended warranty at a cost of $138. Because of the demonstrated unreliability of KitchenAid products, I paid for the plan.

I am so fed up with these appliances that I would replace them with another brand if they were not so expensive. If I do not hear from you with an offer to fix the microwave door and restitution for my repair expenses, I will be forced to go to my local newspaper and television consumer complaint office as well as posting my experience on any Internet site I find under “KitchenAid Problems,” of which there are many.

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Posted by Kitchenunaided on 2009-06-22:
I too had the issues of my dual fuel range malfuncitonig. The que to plug in the oven probe would come on when the oven was turned on and would not allow the oven to work. After multiple attempts by the technician to cure the issue,( replacing the mother board, the sister board and I think the cousin board, there was a crimped wire found and when that was replaced the oven now works. I am never going to buy another kitchen aide appliance as my diswasher is proving just as unreliable.
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Kitchen Aid Refrigerator Quality Issues & Company Refuses to Acknowledge
Posted by Skmidgett on 03/06/2007
DEVON, PENNSYLVANIA -- When I remodelled my kitchen I bought Kitchen Aid major appliances because I perceived them to be high quality, however I have since found that THE QUALITY IS AWFUL AND THE COMPANY WILL NOT RESOLVE COMPLAINTS ABOUT FACTORY DEFECTS!

The molded plastic door liner of the refrigerator has developed cracks. The stainless steel skin of the freezer door has sunken in as a result of air pockets in the foam filler. The microwave oven clock LED has burn out digits.

I wrote a letter to the President of the company and he had a customer service minion call me to tell me that they will do nothing to help because the 1 year warranty has expired. What a pathetic reply from a pathetic company.

So if you want quality appliances, do not buy Whirlpool or Kitchen Aid Products.

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Posted by Slimjim on 2007-03-06:
Well writing a letter about a service issue to the president of a corporation like K/A really should not surprise you it was handed off to those paid to handle them. Exactly how old are the products?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-06:
I read this before some where?
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2007-03-06:
I am astounded, to say the least! I am in the process of having my kitchen remodeled and I ordered all Kitchen Aid
appliances! I will take my chances!
Posted by ROJO456 on 2007-11-09:
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$6000 Refrigerator Unrepairable
Posted by Kathy.branch on 03/08/2014
USA, WASHINGTON -- I purchased this high end refrigerator in 2008 for my new home...along with $10,000 additional dollars worth of Kitchenaid appliances. It stopped working on January 11,2014. The local authorized dealer and repair sent the circuit board back twice to be rebuilt. I am told that this board cannot be repaired and I can wait until 2020 (that's right!!!!) for a new one or I can accept a pro rated exchange; the details of which I am still waiting to hear. In the last month I have spent endless time on hold for various departments to help with this problem. Please tell me what the lifespan of such an expensive appliance should be. I would like to know if this company expects consumers to send all these huge refrigerators to the landfill every 6 years...and how will we afford new ones?

This is a huge disappointment and I still do not have a refrigerator after 2 MONTHS!!!!!
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Kitchen Aid Double Overn Kems308sss04
Posted by Mikejola2000 on 02/23/2014
Kitchen Aid double oven, which I paid dearly for is reporting fe20 error. This is ridiculous, the oven is only 3 years old and should be broken, it's not like we're abusing it. My wife is the only one who cooks with it and this it total bullshit. The oven was 3k when I purchased it so it was not like it was a discount oven. I will not recommend any Kitchen Aid products and I would not purchase from them if I were you.
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