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Microwave Disaster
By -

I thought I was purchasing top of the line appliances when I built my home 4 years ago. Needless to say I made a very expensive mistake in purchasing these products. My Microwave has been in a state of disrepair 7-8 times already and out for the count as I speak. They come out to repair it and something else breaks. I called Whirlpool who owns KitchenAid and got a response of "We will document the call." I want to know why they don't stand behind their products and is there a lemon law. If not there should be on this unit Model KHHS179L.

People, this is a dud and I doubt that they will ever to get it to work for one solid year without fail. I want it replaced and guess what - "Fat Chance." The most you will get is lip service and for right now I will no longer recommend their products to anyone and will get these out of my home as soon as possible.

The refrigerator is a whole other book but those of you who own their products all I can say is good luck and don't let your warranty run out before you are ready to replace them. I will never buy this brand ever again. I am so dissatisfied with the product and response at this point that I want everyone who is considering a purchase to go with another brand because this one is not worth the misery it will cause.

Frustration and Anger
By -

2000 NORTH M-63, MICHIGAN -- We remodeled our home which was completed in Jan 2008. We purchased a front loading Whirlpool washer and dryer a month or so before moving into the remodeled house. Just after the one year anniversary of purchase arrived, (we probably had used the washer for eleven or twelve months), the washer's computer stopped working. After several calls to Whirlpool (no help whatsoever), finally a service company decided that nothing could be done with the computer and it had to be replaced. One had to be ordered and eventually it came and we had a bill of over $300.00. The attitude was "oh well!"

Recently, our daughter remodeled her kitchen. She purchased a KitchenAid stove and microwave and a warranty, thank goodness. In the first year of use, she used the self-cleaning feature of the oven. It rendered the oven inoperable after that because of the intense heat the self cleaner uses. The technician fixed the oven advised that she NEVER use the self-cleaning process again. He had seen this problem over and over again. What does that say for the workmanship of this KitchenAid product!

More recently her KitchenAid microwave stopped working. After much hassling with voicemail and 3-4 hour service windows, a technician arrived to "fix" her microwave. The very next day it stopped working. Again, voice mail, service windows of time, a technician comes out and says nothing can be done for the beautiful KitchenAid microwave which her cabinets were built around during the remodel. Mind you this process has been going on for more than two months with no usable microwave in the house.

She was now told that the warranty company (after getting an approval from somewhere) would send her a check for the price she paid for the microwave. The microwave has gone up in price since her purchase. There is no compensation for installation of the new microwave and there is no replacement value. Consequently, we would like to warn any potential buyers of both Whirlpool and KitchenAid products... BEWARE AND DON'T BUY. Buy some other product but do research first!

Microwave Oven
By -

In 5/05 I purchased an oven and microwave oven in the Superba line. This is two ovens combined in one unit. 3 years after I purchased the light in the cavity went out. It cannot be replaced by anyone but a technician. It cost $180 to replace. The springs in the door broke, and currently the unit goes off and on erratically. KitchenAid is willing to cover parts only and it's already cost another %80 to have the tech out to assess. He tells me $100+ for the springs and the control panel may need replaced, that's $500+. You bet right away. KitchenAid service is non-existent and they will never see my business again, not for a part, and appliance, not a hello.

Microwave Lemon
By -

I updated my kitchen with KitchenAid "designer series" stove, trash compactor and Microwave/Hood. The Microwave was a problem right out of the box. I owned a Sears Kenmore microwave all through the 80's without any problems. I think of microwaves as pretty much old, "tried and true" technology, what could go wrong? But the KitchenAid was plagued with electrical problems right out of the box. To make things worse, when we called for warranty repairs, we had to use one of two incompetent repair companies working for KitchenAid in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The "circuit board" was replaced three times, and, one repair person managed to "tear" the decorative air grill off the microwave, breaking it, and leaving a dent on the stove and kitchen floor. After all this, and multiple visits, the electrical problems were never fixed and now it appears the magnetron has blown.

Now it is past warranty, and upon calling for service, we are informed we must pay for the same repair people to come out and do a "diagnosis" which is a non-refundable $100 off the bat. We also found the "service record" had been falsely reported by the repair people to show only two visits. This puts us in a very bad situation of having to shell out money for work never done correctly, and, forced to trust the same repair people who didn't fix the problem. The service people have basically told us this is our only option.

In a recent Consumer's Report, this product received low scores for reliability. I want to maintain the "style" of all the appliances I bought together but find it hard to consider even buying a new one. The product was was very expensive considering its quality and the quality of service provided.

Design Flaw
By -

We purchased a KitchenAid microwave oven/range hood in March 2008, we paid almost $1,000 for this "top of the line" product. It is now a total loss due to the "wave guide" {which is made of plastic instead of metal} burning up, rendering the entire unit totally useless. The plastic "wave guide" became coated with grease and moisture from normal use and caught fire. This problem is not discussed in the owners manual and of course the warranty has expired. The oven is designed for baking, grilling, broiling, simmering and steaming. They should have known that moisture and grease would accumulate on the "wave guide" causing this failure.

Kitchenaid KHMS155LSS Microwave Self Starting
By -

PALM CITY, FLORIDA -- While we were away, the person checking on our house discovered that the KHMS155LSS KitchenAid microwave was running by itself, even when the door was opened. The only way to stop it was to unplug the microwave. The unit was past the warranty date by a few months, but because we had previous problems with the Mag Tube wiring, KitchenAid agreed to pay for the repair.

A service technician replaced the Control Panel, and then when we returned we discovered that although the unit sounded like it was running, did not actually heat anything. The technician returned and replaced the Mag Tube, but it still did not work. He ordered a new Capacitor and a new diode, and when those parts were replaced, the microwave finally worked. The serviceman told us that he has had the same problem with other KitchenAid microwaves, and that this is a definite fire hazard.

It worries us to think that we still may have such a fire hazard in our kitchen. I would never buy another KitchenAid microwave. On the plus side, KitchenAid did pay for our repairs with the exception of our first loose Mag tube wiring, which cost us $102.

It Is All Whirlpool, F-Level
By -

SIMI VALLEY -- We just spent $3800 for a new combo unit on 5/7 and got in installed. Microwave was inoperable so the installer recommended we contact warranty for a fix. They have dispatched on two occasions now, ordered 13 parts at a cost to them of $1300, spent 8 hours on a 2-man job, eroded 6 weeks and we still don't have a working unit. They now have diagnosed a new electric panel is needed and scheduled the third follow-up for 6/27. The microwave will operate with the door open and we have children plus an elderly parent in the household. They really don't see any sense of urgency to anything and we are loyal users. Their mission statement is a sham.

The customer service department is absolutely useless and you can contact the corporate office at: Whirlpool Corporation 2000 North M-63 Benton Harbor, MI 49022-2692. This site is helpful to see current executives for contact purposes: I wrote a letter to their corporate and filed a claim with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

KitchenAid: BAD! BAD! BAD!
By -

WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT BUY KITCHENAID PRODUCTS. We bought 2 KitchenAid items for our kitchen renovation. Microwave oven combo and a dishwasher. Both brand new (not the floor models) and both top of the line. Within 2 month of installation, 2 weeks apart, both microwave and dishwasher stopped working. KitchenAid people send repair people. With dishwasher, we had 2 wrong diagnoses, after which we were told, called your plumber, maybe he knows how to fix it. (He actually did)

With Microwave it's another story. It's been 2 month now, 4 visits later from repair people, and it still not fixed. The magnetron (the thing that actually makes the magnetic waves) is factory defective. In order to replace it they have to disassemble the whole thing. KitchenAid, with their rude customer service people, refuses to replace the unit. They said the warranty is for repairing, not replacing, and they will repair it as long as it will take.

They said I will not get a replacement, they don't give a damn about if I will write to you. After talking to them for 2 hours last time, they said we will send you $50, go and buy yourself a new microwave. Funny, the unit that we bought is almost $4,000 dollars. Shame on them.

Microwave Cuts On By Itself
By -

MARYLAND -- This microwave cuts on by itself. Potential fire hazard. Can only be shut off by unplugging it. This has happened several times. We are keeping it unplugged. Help? Any info would be appreciated.

KitchenAid Microwave
By -

I recently purchased a $1200.00 kitchen aid microwave oven from Sears.. It stopped working before even using it. K.A. sent there A&E tech out to fix it. After ordering a control panel which was back ordered they came to install it. Then that tech had to order another part. After approximately 1.5 months they were able to fix it.

Now about 4 months later it's broken again. This time it's another problem though the techs don't know what it is so after ordering about 10 parts they came to fix it. No such luck. So they ordered about 11 other parts which I'm still waiting for meanwhile my microwave sits on my dining room floor. So this time it will be down for at least a month. K.A. won't replace it though they gave me $150 so I could buy another one to use in the meantime. I just want a new one.

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