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4506 Dorchester Rd
North Charleston, SC 29405-6847
706-634-6767 (ph)
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Abyssmal Customer Service + Rip Off Fees
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Despite the fact that tens of thousands of Knology customers are snowbirds (a huge source of seasonal customers) and suspend their service for at least half the year, Knology charges $5 per month, per service to suspend services: a flat out money grab. When you call to question this, the reps are rude, abrasive and downright nasty. They act appalled that a customer has the audacity to complain.

I wrote directly to the CEO about this, and naturally was bumped to some customer "service" rep, who basically told me if I didn't like it, I could cancel and return the equipment -- despite her having addressed her response to me in Canada, 1,500 miles away. That's their attitude and mindset. If I had any other option, I'd quit Knology so fast, but our park has a contract with this greedy and customer-hating company.

The Reason Behind Internet Issues Within This Area
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Rating: 1/51

GROVETOWN, GEORGIA -- The real reason behind the internet issues within this area are because they are still having to rewire the entire area. Since they taken over from Charter and there is no telling just how long this really will take. Knowing that, I have heard more excuses since I requested their service and to top that of, they thought they were going blow smoke my way about billing people in advance.

I never heard of such a thing knowing they already had my first payment from the initial install. I thank god that I am moving from this area. The only thing good that I have to say is the area manager out of Augusta. Help me, and I am still having slow and freezing issues. I feel sorry for anyone else in this area that just so happens to be having the same problem. Knowing that I am not the only one in this area that has been complaining about the so called service.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GROVETOWN, FLORIDA -- Knology is by far the worst cable company I have dealt with. Their customer service department is rude, all they care about is their money. I regret going for the cheaper price. I cancelled services the day of installation, the cable guy did not inform me that he had to bury the cable since our neighborhood is so new, and since we are renting we aren't allowed to have anything buried. We found out only when we called them up wondering why there was a bright orange cable all around our house.

We were promised a full refund of $114.00 but now we aren't getting one. I have been on the phone for the past week speaking with the ill informed rude customer service representatives with no results. I am going with Comcast!

Pay More, Get Less
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DUNEDIN, FLORIDA -- Here are the complaints I have: 1) As a woman, I find pornography disgusting, and resent having to scroll through 7 channels of pornography with titles like "** Mothers" and "Hot Dripping Hos" while attempting to find a PPV movie to watch. (Only three non-porn PPV movie channels where I live). It is demeaning. Bunch them together in another location so that your customers who are offended by porn don't have to see those titles every time they look for PPV movies. Believe me, the people who want to watch porn will FIND them.

2) There may be two or three PPV movies per month that could be called major films. Most of the selections are low-rated films that are used to fill up the PPV channels, making it seem like there is a good selection when there is not. I would be a regular customer of PPV if I could find better films. 3) NO Movies on Demand. 4) Terrible internet strength. My son is an IT person, and he said it was the worst he had seen from a cable company that provides internet.

5) Terrible company website. Certainly not professional looking or user friendly. I was on the website last month looking for future developments that might be coming, and could find nothing. I clicked on a link to check out "Bundles" and found one page with a "Buy Now" link, and it didn't even have a price quote. The website looks like it could have been developed in a high school computer lab.

6) I resent being forced to be a Knology customer, and then being forced to have sub-par selections and services. I am seriously considering moving out of my apartment when my lease is up, simply because I don't want to deal with Knology anymore. 7) I also resent that the city of Dunedin, FL named a park after Knology when they have such little regard for the sensitivity of their women customers. I do not consider this the actions of a FAMILY company.

Don't go with Knology!
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I've never had such poor service with any kind of cable company as I have with Knology. When I moved into the apt I'm living in now, I had DISH and I had happy with it. But where I live we could only have Knology cable so I really didn't have a choice. I just assumed it would be okay though because I'd used Charter before I used DISH and it was fine. But Knology is anything but fine.

Right in the middle of a TV show, the cable will just go out. Last night I was watching a movie... It was a suspenseful movie and I was on edge just waiting to see what happened. I never got to see what happened because the cable went out. It was out for about 20 minutes. It would start going in and out but I couldn't see anything. Just snow (like back in the 70's).

Since the first day I got Knology it's been like this. As I'm writing this, the cable is acting up. It's kind of how DISH did when a storm would happen. Only there isn't a storm and I don't have anything but basic cable. I'm not giving them anymore money for a service that is so bad. And it keeps popping up "poor quality signal" on my TV... and I'm so sick of it!!!

I've called them, I've begged, I've done everything but nothing is working. They've been out here and every time they say the same thing. "It's a technical problem, someone else will have to come out". They never do. So I'm stuck. But if I had a choice, I'd change services.

If YOU have a choice, go with ANYTHING... just not Knology. You'll hate it and you'll miss most of your programing. It's overpriced and when you have the basic channels, you don't get as many as you do with other basic cable companies. The channels aren't that great. I'm so disappointed. I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through this. I'm just thankful I had the good sense to tell them I didn't want to go with their bundle.

I'd hate to know I was stuck with their Internet and their phone! Oh, I'd be without cable, Internet and phone. I might as well be living during the depression. That's what it feels like when you're with Knology. So save yourself from this... just go with another option! ANY option!

This is not the company for you.
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LYNN HAVEN, FLORIDA -- OK. So. I was living with a roommate, and I was moving out of the apartment to Texas. So I called Knology to transfer my subject to my then-roommate. I got the A. O.K. that everything was cool, so I proceeded to move out. Two months later I get phone calls saying that I have a balance of sixty-something dollars, and that if I failed to pay there would be a late charge.

Naturally, I called the company to dispute this. I talked to a customer service representative who was extremely understanding of the situation, and who indirectly admitted it was a mistake of the company. Unfortunately, she could not repair the problem herself. So she forwarded me to a supervisor.

"Wonderful customer service galore!" I thought to myself. Little did I expect what was coming next. I was told there was absolutely nothing that I could do at this time because the account was in my name, and we failed to go in to a branch and show our ID's for an account change. What, REALLY? "But I was not told this at the time. I was told it was taken care of."

"I understand, but what you were told was wrong. The bill is yours to pay." "You can't just switch the bill to her name?" "No, not since you did not come in and show your ID's for the change." "But I was not told this at the time. How is it my responsibility AT ALL? I had my name removed from the service!"

Then it proceeded to go in circles. Woe is this hassle. I was also told that if I did not pay the bill, and failed to turn in the modem, there would be a monthly fee tacked on to cover the hardware. Still, IN MY NAME? REALLY? I remain in shock at the company's blunder, which I bear the brunt for.

Where can I file such a complaint against Knology and it will be heard?
By -

I have had constant problems with Knology as they are a monopoly with apartment buildings. I asked the apartment manager if there was an alternatives to Knology due to the bad experiences I have had with them in another city within the same state. I was so angry with Knology as they made the same mistakes again when I transitioned to another city temporarily. They did not give me the correct service that I've ordered, the phones would go out occasionally and for the phone being a digital phone, there should not be static on the phone lines constantly.

The internet is totally another story. Everyday almost, I have to unplug the cable modem and my router to "reset" the cable and internet. Every other day, I am on the phone with a customer service representative talking to them and they suggest each time to do the unplug the cable and router and then plug it back in. I would explain to them that I've done that already, yet cable and internet does not work.

They would send a technician out, and the first technician had a snotty attitude and he tried to tell me it was the problem with the electricity in my apartment and my computer. I explained to him that this is incorrect as everything is hooked up to a surge protector. My computer is not running slow either, as I know how to fix it when it goes down.

The next time I called, thanks to my cable constantly freezing up and then my internet went out again, they sent a technician out on the weekend (finally) and he was "fixed" the issue, because the cable box was incorrectly programmed. He worked on the box and internet cable wire coming from the wall and all seemed fine for another week. The freezing and internet would go out constantly.

I spoke with a CS representative and he said to unplug the cable and modem for the internet. I left them unplugged and then took care of the cable box. The box was fine, but there still remained to problem with the digital freezing and skipping. They soon tried to say it was an issue with my TV. I said wrong answer, and then the REP got an attitude with me and I hung up.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the cable had the digital freezing issues again, and yet they say they was going to send a weekend tech out, and the tech never arrived. I will continue to complain about this company each and every chance I get. They are ridiculous and then they raise the bill every month. Well I hope that I can remember to pay the bill each month, as I am fed up with them and will not pay another dime for crappy service that does not work half the time. Knology sucks horribly!!!!!

Long-Time Inept Service
By -

Unfortunately, Knology has a monopoly in our County so years and years of bad inept service has to be tolerated. Company bought out our existing services; however, the very same people continue to be employed. 1. Called to report phone service problem-service lady screamed at me that it had already been called in on Monday, however, the phone didn't do out until Tuesday. She had wrong account.

  1. Same service lady called for an employee who was gone for the day and screamed at me about his new lines even though I kept explaining that I was simply taking a message. 3. Called service for a new cable hookup and was promised that service tech would be there at a specific time and date - took vacation day and he didn't show - two days later he arrived and cancelled our request because no one was there.

  2. Had a computer crash and called tech support to get me sets back for internet - I called three nights in a row trying to get them to read me the sets and they just blew me off... a month later I found their old sheet and did it myself.

  3. Purchased a home theatre and was advised that I would have to contact the cable company for a special box for high definition. Visited our local office and the woman who worked there told us that we had everything we needed and no changes needed to be done.

So when they showed up to install the very expensive home theatre they needed the cable box first. So drove back to the local office and she continued to emphatically state that we were all set with our present equipment. So we spent a month and a half without TV after we finally got our correct cable box for the theatre company to come back to properly install our new TV setup.

  1. Our TV service went out and called for service - the woman on the line kept telling me that it was our TV and not their box - I finally talked her into refreshing our line and after continually explaining that when we jiggled THEIR box it might work for a while she called for service. When he showed up he kept telling us that it was our TV cable and we had to have them back out to replace their cable. Well, lo and behold after taking THEIR box back to the office and working on IT - it worked well.

Sick and tired of their idiocy - they haven't a clue as to what they are doing and now are expanding into other countries where there is competition. If you have a choice PLEASE do not choose them -- you will be sorry and regret it... wish we had another choice...

Billing and collection errors
By -

CHARLESTON,, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Every once in a while you have the pleasure of doing business with a company that is run by a group of people that really know what they are doing. There are procedures and safeguards to ensure that all problems are identified quickly and fixed in a timely manner. All communications are checked for accuracy, the staff is courteous and helpful. Billing is handled efficiently and all the paperwork is designed to ensure that the client is kept fully abreast of any conditions that may affect their experience with the company. Unfortunately, Knology fails on all of the above.

We had an inkling that things might be screwy with Knology when our service was interrupted for non payment of a bill. We had no idea that there was a problem with the account and were kind of baffled when the service was interrupted. We asked Knology why there was no phone call to discuss the problem, they hemmed and hawed and finally said they left a message on our 800 number. Folks, let me be the first to tell you, I don't have an 800 number.

To make things even more interesting, we had paid the bill over the internet and had a confirmation number. So my wife calls customer service only to be told by the charming cubicle dweller, "Well, sweetheart, you must not have had no money" even after she knew that we had a confirmation number and we had plenty of money in the bank. So, we do get the service reactivated and receive the next month's statement. Lo and behold, there is a $30 fee for the supposed bad check for the payment that we made over the internet.

We contacted our bank and they assured us that there was no way that there could have been a problem with the payment clearing. Knology couldn't care less and if their computer says we owe the money that is it, end of story as far as they are concerned.

So about this time we are a little ticked off and are dealing with some other Knology issue when the salesman from Comcast knocks on our door. Needless to say, we switched to Comcast and I wish I could say that the story clears up here. Nope, things only go from bad to worse.

Now in order to switch our existing telephone numbers from Knology to Comcast we have to have a zero account balance. This is taken care of and we are now in the Comcast fold and happy to be rid of Knology. But, we are not truly rid of Knology. Knology decides that we need to pay for a month of service that took place in the August billing cycle. Mind you we dropped the service on May 2nd. But somehow Knology has decreed that we owe for a month of service that took place well after we dropped them.

It doesn't matter that we have statements showing a zero balance. It doesn't matter that the new bill clearly shows that the new charges are for services from Aug 1-31. Knology account reps have tried to explain the charges away by saying that they are related to late fees and service charges. I find that hard to believe especially considering that the fees are identical to the fees we were being charged for our monthly services and they are clearly marked as monthly service fees on the bill. What is up with these guys? Now they have turned over our account to a collection agency.

When we informed the collection agency about the obvious error we are told that the only thing they can go by is what Knology tells them so pay up or they will damage our credit. The reality of the situation is that my credit is great and have been able to secure low interest loans and credit cards. Nowadays, a ding to your credit score allows the issuing agencies to raise your interest rate to the highest allowed by law. It doesn't have to be a fair and accurate report to trigger the rate increase either.

So, the way I see it these folks are in a position to blackmail us with the threat of higher payments on other bills for a long time or fork over the money they say we owe. There ought to be a law against this type of chicanery is all that I can say.

Anyone else out there have a similar story to tell? If this problem is widespread perhaps there could be some kind of class action suit brought against this group to make them think twice about pulling this kind of stunt on other people. Watch out for these guys.

Clearwater, FL
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Rating: 1/51

Terrible customer service! The Internet and cable goes in and out. Constantly have to send techs out to fix issues and then charges you to do that! One of the tech support guys sat nearly on top of me on my couch and made me feel very in uncomfortable. They constantly overcharge on the bill for no apparent reason. I would give them no stars if it was possible and I will be switching back to bright house ASAP!

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