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Smoking On Board Has Destroyed Me
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ASIA -- Its been a few years science but travelling at least twice a year from Asia to Los Angeles in flights 90% with incredibly stupid smokers has caused me horrible emphesyma. I used Korean Air because of cheape fares. I hated the arrogant unsmiliing staff and food. I flew at least 35 return flights. One especially the pilot was going to make an emergency landing to Alaska. The Korean passengers refused to head his anouncments to cease smoking!! Even their ashtrays were smoking. I'm checking to see if I can get a class action suit going.

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I canceled my return flight to the USA with KAL (within the time frame allowed)because my fiancee and myself are having a baby. I thought it best to be with her during her pregnancy especially since this is her first.
It has been over two months now since I canceled the flight and filled out the required forms for the refund. They took my phone#;cell#;and my email address but still after many calls and no reply from them in any way I still have not received my money back.
In all fairness though the KAL representative did tell me it could take up to two months to receive my refund and I was okay with that as I planned on using the refund money for our new baby, but now it's more than 2 months and all I have gotten from KAL is disregard.
KAL website says only 2-3 weeks for processing refunds from the USA.
My main complaint here besides them keeping my money for so long is KAL didn't even have the common decency to contact me in any way as to the progress of my refund, after all its my money right?

Don't expect to sit by your wife or family.
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I bought my tickets on Dec 1st through Airfare.com. For my wife and I to go to Korea on Dec 21st to see our son. Korean Air decided that we do not need to sit together for the 15 hour flight, in fact middle seats in separate parts of the plane will be fine. When I contacted Korean Air about this they told me to ,"wait until I get to Seattle and hope that somebody cancels and the seattle agents might consider accommodating you." $4500 for tickets on a 15 hour flight and I get a "Hope" for an answer. I have spent numerous HOURS on the phone and writting emails and Korean Air refuses to even accept the fact that A MARRIED COUPLE SHOULD BE AFFORD THE BASIC AND SIMPLE CIVILITY OF SITTING TOGETHER FOR A 15 HOUR FLIGHT!!!!! But KOREAN AIR refuses! Of course for $750 I was told I can change the tickets. Yes, $750 is the change fees, I would still be responsible for the difference in price of the new tickets. THANKS KOREAN AIR FOR SHOWING ME YOU WILL NOT HONOR YOUR OWN CUSTOMER COMMITMENT!!

Very Nice In Flight Service
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I flew with Korean Air from LAX to Seoul and then Seoul to Kathmandu. I was extremely surprised by the amazing service provided by Korean Air flight attendants. It was simply perfect. They were all very pleasant and very attentive to our needs. They kept the bathrooms very clean at all time (with hand lotion, individual toothbrush and toothpaste, face lotion etc. ). The meals were delicious (I tried the Korean meal from Seoul to Kathmandu, I strongly recommend it). Those two flights could not have been better.

I'm used to flying mostly with Delta, Air France and KLM. This was a very pleasant change.

Korean Negligence
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WASHINGTON IAD, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- On the 11th of March 2009, I was scheduled to travel to Hanoi-Vietnam from Washington DC. Upon Check in, the airline did not inspect my passport and travel documents. I was admitted onto the plane without a Visa to Seoul-South Korea. Once in South Korea, the same airline did not check my documents again and I was further admitted to travel to Hanoi-Vietnam. I had checked in advance that I do not need a visa for Vietnam and being reassured by email by the Vietnamese embassy. The airline also confirmed that and let me travel to South Korea and then to Hanoi-Vietnam.

Upon arrival at the airport in Hanoi-Vietnam, I was ridiculed by the police in Hanoi and deported back with Korean Air to South Korea for not having a visa. The airline bluntly obeyed and disregarded my health concern as a result of an earlier long flight with them in the same day. The police changed my ticket with Korean Air without any notification. They also gave me no reason for my deportation. Korean air disregarded my health concerns and preferred to please the police in Hanoi instead.

I lost $1,400 as a result of their negligence. I also suffered an illness as a result of the trip, for which I seek medical help upon my arrival back in the USA.

Korean airlines TV commercial
By -

The Television commercial for Korean airline HAS to be the most irritating TV spot ever produced.

Little or nothing relating to the airline industry is Identifiable because the whole commercial features stewardesses prancing about as if in a fashion show.
It makes the whole spot look like an ad for a cat-house!

If I want to see an ad for sexual romance I'll find a lingerie ad!

I wonder what Madison avenue genius came up with the concept and what idiot ad-- manager accepted it!

Chances of my using Korean air are nil, zero, zip!

Friendly, Best Food
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I read review on this airline and wanted to let people that I feel some reviews are very personal.


By seeing that peta web address attached at the end of review, I can tell this is someone who called himself/herself "True Dog Lover" who just cannot tolerate differences in culture and had to trash other people/countries or any services relating that country/culture.

Quote: "This Airlines do not understand beyond beaten or smoked dog meat, monkey meat or snakes which is staple food of Korea."

Hmmm.. He/she could get some help with research that monkeys do not even live in Korean peninsula! and those are staple food of Korea? wow.. it's scary how someone's ignorance can affect innocent people...
people, watch out those reviews.

If you want to find out, call airline yourself for menu, they do not have dog, monkey, snake food... how stupid.

My experience with Korean air (4 times so far over 9 years) was the best of any airlines.

Once, I was going to India from JFK and I had to mail my rent bill and realized that JFK airport stopped having mailboxes due to terrorism.

my flight was leaving in an hour and I was going to be out of country for two weeks. the guy at the front desk was very nice to mail it for me so I wouldn't miss my due date for my bill(he had to go outside of airport for this specific request!!).

And their prompt service was always pleasant.

Try bimbimbap for food (if you are OK with beef). I think they won award or something for this menu. It is mixed veggie+beef+egg over rice (all cooked).
very healthy and tasty!!!

Using Korean Air air miles
By -

Well if this is not a typical way to cheat the air travler I don't know what is. I take trips to Korea on a regular basis and use my air miles for upgrades and just as I finally get enough air miles to get another round trip upgrade, I receive a Email from Korea Air that they are now going to double the required air miles for an upgrade. And when I rush to buy my ticket the price I was quoted went up $100 when I informed them I was using my mileage. This increase was never added before and now I guess not only do I have to get double my miles for an upgrade now I have to pay an extra $100 to use them. I can see that I am going to have to look for a new airline for my trips to Korea.

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SEOUL -- If you are a vegetarian or Vegan and want to travel by Korean Airlines just beware.
They have no place for vegetarians and there is no vegetarian word in Korean lanaguage. Most of Air crew who speak little broken English do not understand what you really need.

If your special meal is by mistake not available, that case you may get Veg Salad with Fish or You may get some rice or noodles with some meat.
I have tried to explain them hard that give me some bread or fruits, or vegetables which they did not understand and kept offering me some fishy, meaty or doggy flavoured stuffs.
There was no one who could understand my starving situation in 13 hours of flying and 20 hours of starving. At last when I wrote a complaint on board just before landing, one crew came and offered me some fruits which they could have done before. I suffered acidity and other medical complication for starving 20 hours of flying and Seoul airport waiting.

Unfortunately even Seoul Airport do not carry anything vegetarian. In a response from Korean airport authority who responded as they do not understand what vegetarian means. Expecting a relevant reply from Korean customer service is distant dream.

I booked my meals as vegetarian while buying ticket from HK to Canada by Korean Airlines via seoul ,which they missed it.

Be careful if you are trying to travel expecting vegetarian food. This Airlines do not understand beyond beaten or smoked dog meat, monkey meat or snakes which is staple food of Korea.


Helpful, friendly
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My parents left without their e-itinerary. Because the flight was international, they needed to have a copy with them at check in and all times. I had no way of getting it to them. The customer service representative at Korean Airlines took the time to fax the information to the gate agent and was so friendly and helpful. They also insured that my parents would receive the fax. So different from my conversations with the Delta Reps regarding their domestic leg of the trip.

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