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Kroger Does Not Honor Money Orders They Sell!
Posted by Lmchenko2 on 12/12/2013
WOW- I was given a money order bought from Kroger - I tried to use it at a Kroger and was told that they will not accept it, that policy says that I would have to go to the Kroger where it was purchased....Wouldn't you think that they would honor their own product! NO WAY will never accept a money order bought from Kroger ever again.. Best for everyone to go elsewhere for money orders

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Krogers Is Adding Water A Lot To Their Beef
Posted by Janmas on 11/03/2013
DALTON, GEORGIA -- A few years ago I purchased a large package of what was suppose to be quality ground Chuck at Krogers and when I opened the package up and removed the meat, there was a "Red Plastic wrapper" that had been cut in half and you couldn't see the package until you turned the meat over. This was a package of the cheapest ground beef that you can buy cut in half. Krogers meat dept had forgotten to throw the wrapper away before repacking it in their own meat dept wrapper and was selling it for quality Ground Chuck!! I swore that I would never buy meat from them again.

Well, this weekend, I broke my rule and bought an expensive SIRLOIN TIP ROAST from them. It weighed 4 lb and when it was cooked in the crock pot for about 4 hrs, it had already shrunk to about 2 lb!! THEY HAVE GOT TO BE ADDING A TON OF WATER TO THEIR MEAT and this time, I WILL NEVER BUY FROM THEM AGAIN!!!
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by LC1114 on 10/15/2013
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- 3 months ago I asked a store manager to add a product to the store. He refused so I contacted a local dist, manager he said he would look into it (MARCO). He worked through a Regional Brand Manager Gary [snip] who told me after 3 month they would get me some product only to lose it in a warehouse. He refused my calls for over a week and then insulted me. I also consulted Kroger's customer service # only to also leave frustrated at how poorly trained they are in customer service issues. By the way the product I asked added is a product that is Kroger owned. Seems like a no brainer!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2013-10-16:
I'm not agreeing you have the buying power or jurisdiction to tell them what to stock outside of a suggestion.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-10-16:
Stores tend to stock what sells. And often there are minimum orders. So if the wholesaler says "You need to order 300 of these before I'll sell them to your" and the store owner only has demand for 15 of the item, then obvously it would be foolish for them for place an order. Then you get into the logtistical issues of Shelf/floorspace, displacing other products whose manufacterer may have paid for certain shelf/floor space, and what do to when you're stuck with X amount of this product that doesn't sell well. (If it did sell well they would already be selling it).Often times request like these aren't worth the hassle on the store's end.

I think you're oversimplfying the situation. And I think you may be overestimating the amount of influence you think you have.
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Rude Employees, Poor Management to Boot
Posted by Echad25 on 10/06/2013
this is how i feel.
this is how i feel.
LAGRANGE, GEORGIA -- I have been shopping here for years, I enjoy the fuel points that you earn and use them frequently. Me and my family (husband 2 young sons) were getting gas. The attendant was angry because she was having to clean a gas spill at the next pump. When my boyfriend was standing at the kiosk waiting to pay she glared and him and shouted that she would be right there very angrily. She was curt and rude, and following him to the pump informed him to turn off the car when we were pumping our gas. Ok for ANYONE that has ever kept their car going, forgot to discharge static electricity or have been talking on their cell phone while getting gas, keep your comments to yourself you are no better than I.

I have seen COUNTLESS people not follow these rules and nothing is said to them. This girl was in a bad mood and felt like being bossy. My children were in the car, and it was a very hot day. So when we didn't comply, she turned off the pump, and as we drove away proceeded to shoot us a bird. this is the kind of trash that Kroger employs, and then refuses to take any action against them, even though she is clearly shooting a bird at customers on camera.

The manager at this particular store is careless and lazy. He has since went on vacation before resolving the issue, and has this same cow running the customer service desk. Despicable.

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Posted by CU on 2013-10-06:
No disrespect, but when you failed to comply with her request AND the law, it's disengenuous for you to complain about her.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-10-06:
Contact Kroger corporate. They have a website that lists both an email form or, better yet a phone number to call. They need to know about this location's employee problems.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-10-06:
Did you look at this from the attendant's point of view? The attendant was in a bad mood because someone spilled gas - that isn't surprising, but that doesn't give them an excuse to be rude.

Now they are dealing with that, and someone is filling their tank while the engine is running. I have to say, I have never witnessed that in 36 years of driving and getting gas.

I can understand the attendant to be upset about leaving the car running while fueling, and to say something about it, if that is what happened. If you choose to ignore such a request, that business can *require* that you no longer shop there. Insisting you leave the car running so the little ones can stay cool and comfortable like they are at home in the living room is, well, it is selfish and endangers not only them but everyone else and any nearby property.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2013-10-06:
When I worked at a gas station, if someone failed to comply with these rules, we were required to halt the pump. ESPECIALLY after I asked them to turn off the vehicle. You were asked to do something and ignored the request. Personally, I find that rude. I would rather my children be hot for the few minutes it takes to fuel up a vehicle, rather than igniting static electricity and being blown sky high.
Posted by Popcorn on 2013-10-07:
Your husband put the safety of the employee, other customers, and Your Children in danger. They had every right to act that way. These rules are not to inconvenience you, but brought about by previous accidents where there was a loss of life.
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This is a complaint about a Kroger Brand purchase, not the store.
Posted by Gen3043 on 08/09/2013
RIO HILL SHOPPING CENTER - CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA -- Two weeks ago, I purchased a 1 liter bottle of "Mixed Berry Sparkling Water Beverage," distributed by the Kroger Co.. After just having finished a 2 liter large bottle (purchased several months ago) of " Raspberry Flavored Seltzer Water, with other Natural Flavors," with a TM logo of of a large orange section (or cup) with one each of a red, purple, and green segment inside the large section (or cup), which I had noticed on other Kroger store brand products, distributed by Foodhold U.S.A., LLC..

I loved the Raspberry Flavored Sparkling Water, which tasted like seltzer (unsweetened), with a nice scent of raspberry flavoring along with carbonation.

Imagine my surprise (shock, really), when the Mixed Berry sparkling water beverage (distributed by the Kroger Co.) turned out to be noncarbonated - not one bubble and, worse yet, very sweet! Before purchasing it, I thought I had checked for an indication of sugars other than "0 g of calories from sugars" on the label, but evidently I missed seeing Sucralose under ingredients, which may be an artificial sweetener. At any rate, if it is the latter, shouldn't it have stated "artificially sweetened" somewhere on the labeled? I only purchased the Mixed Berry bottle because there were no flavored seltzer water bottles on the shelves and assumed it was a substitute. If you have discontinued the flavored seltzer water products, that is too bad for those of us who actually like seltzer, but, why did you make it sweet? There are so many other sweetened sodas in existence, I wish you would save one of the unsweetened ones for us?

By the way, I am generally well pleased with most of your store brands, especially the "Private Selection" items, and, to close this complaint on a good note, I must tell you that the Private Selection of Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream is the absolute best Butter Pecan Ice Cream that I have ever tasted! It is delicious. I know this is too long an e-mail, so I'm sure you would not reprint it, but I thought that someone in your firm would like to know about the sparkling water and the Southern Butter Pecan Ice Cream.
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Just Clean it Up already
Posted by Thorgan6465 on 07/22/2013
DEARBORN HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- If you can smell fish when you walk into this store, it's not a good sign, because of this I choose not to purchase any meat at any Kroger.
Why is this store always dirty?
Every time weather it's day or night, the floors are dirty, and there's always inventory in boxes sticking out in the isles, loose items stock piled in carts waiting to be put away, Always! It seems to be getting worse.
I never saw this when it was Farmer Jack. It's only out of convenience, that I come to this store for milk usually, however I am more happy to shop else where, now that I have found a better place to shop and it is not as convenient, but its clean, and it does not smell like old rotting fish.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-22:
The store is located in Dearborn Heights. Enough said.
Posted by The customer on 2013-07-22:
You're absolutely right!
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Kroger Manager Does Not Support Our Troops
Posted by Roger.larose939 on 07/13/2013
ARLINGTON, TEXAS -- As a veteran I have bought nutrition bars at Kroger for our overseas troops for several years. My purchases generally include one hundred or more of a specific brand. The store managers who work the day shift know me and approve my large quantity purchases. I recently decided to go earlier in the morning to make my purchases. The night manager at the Arlington, Texas Lamar store (not a real smart guy) implied I was a liar when I told him I was purchasing the bars for my veteran's group. Having spent over $50,000 at Kroger over the last several years this was the last straw. I was one of Kroger's best customers until this dummy ended it.
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-07-13:
Instead of just up and stopping your purchases because of one manager why not call during the day to the store's General Manager and making a complaint and follow up with the Kroger Corporate office ?
Posted by Bee on 2013-07-14:
I'm sorry - but just because he won't let you buy such a large quantity all at once doesn't mean he automatically doesn't support the troops.
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Selling Old Food
Posted by Jesntoria on 07/08/2013
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Mall these happened from my last purchase 7.6.13. I have been buying in this neighborhood grocery for a long while now but the rotten orange juices (supposedly unexpired and new) were totally a waste of money. I thought the rest of the stuff that we got are ok but guess again unfortunately this chicken with rice branded but the cheapest brand went on sale but unlike the ones that I used to buy, it was totally smelling rotten as well. Lastly, the supposedly fresh fruit bowl worth $17.00 also had fermenting fruits with it. It's totally sad how they try to make money without considering the buyers' health. I've been feeling real sick after my LBM of just a single sip of that juice. I don't or ever have any intention of damaging the grocery giant because they've been fairly doing well before but I don't know maybe it's just the branch or the employees that are being careless. I have not managed to return the products or to complain about it but I'm all ready scared of buying there again. Sometimes there are tactics done for profit that will eventually make things worse for them in the end.

Also, the employees look like they can't stand what they're doing but really I think it's Just this branch. I'm not one who complains about things around me but for all those things happening at one time is indeed a sad thing to hear about the good name that they've established for a long time.

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Watermelon Is the Worst I Have Ever Eaten in My Life. the Shop at Kroger
Posted by Rutyala38 on 07/02/2013
Watermelon is the worst I have ever eaten in my life. The shop at Kroger
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Loss Prevention Department Falsely Accused Me and Harassed Me .
Posted by Dlcarp17118 on 05/31/2013
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I was leaving the Richmond road Kroger when this man stopped me. He put his hands on my cart to stop me, asked for my receipt. He said mam I am from loss prevention and were checking everyone's receipts I said then why didn't you check the people in front of me receipt then he said well we saw you pick up an item and when you went in another isle it went missing (this was a $3 item) .

He went on and on asked me to go show him where I placed it on the shelf I said no if your that worried about it go check your cameras he said no go show me where you put it. I refused to do so I was in a hurry. I asked for his name and he would not give me his name then he still continued to accuse me he was extremely rude, public humiliated me and falsely accusing me of stealing and he would not let me leave until I said here you want to look through my purse then he said just go. I had just spent over $50 that day why would I want to take a $3 item?

And when I contacted his boss he seemed very unconcerned on how I had been treated he asked me if I had been in that store earlier that day I said yes I am in that store everyday sometimes 3 or 4 times a day. I am a mom I forget things but the way he made it sound I guess your guilty of stealing for shopping in a store more than once a day and your not allowed to change your mind and place an item back on the shelf. So from here on out I will never shop at Kroger again they lost my business for good.
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Posted by FoDaddy on 2013-05-31:
I can see where it would be annoying to be publically called out like that. But from Kroger's end it does look suspicous if someone is coming in and out of the store 3 or 4 times a day and is moving products around, I cannot fault the loss prevention guy, he was just doing his job, he told you exaclty why he stopped you. All you had to do to defuse the situation was simply show him where the product he was refering to. By arguing with him, I think you made yourself look more susicious. I know you think you were wronged, and indeed it seems that you were wrongfully stopped, but you have to look at the situation from both sides to understand why it happened in the first place.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-05-31:
You created suspicion by entering and leaving this store 3 or 4 times a day. Thus, I can see where Kroger finally got suspicious of you and kept watch on you. However, you made a mistake by letting the guy rifle thru your purse. You should have just walked past him and if he touched you, called 911 on your way out the door and claim assault. Since he did not identify himself with proper credentials, name, etc., you could have assumed he was a pervert, robber, etc.
Posted by Susie Tuck on 2013-05-31:
I would have also told him to go check his cameras and unless he had probable cause and he was dam sure I took something he best be sure because otherwise I "wiII" be calling my lawyer and suing.....
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