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328ik Issues Horrible Customer Service and Did Not Care About My Frustration
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Rating: 1/51

SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA -- I emailed this to KZ and customer service did nothing but point blame at me on a 2 month old camper. They did not care and did not even apologize about the issues that I am having as a new camper owner

I am having serious issues out of this camper and I am becoming very irritated almost to the point of breaking down and raising hell but I know from being in the Auto business things happen and the most important thing to do is provide good customer service when issues like these arise so I am hoping KZ can provide me with the same service. From the day I left the dealership with my 328ik I have had issue after issue with the camper.

To start off the lights on the electric awning went out and I had to get them warranted and fixed just days after I purchased the camper. That issue was a simple repair and a minor inconvenience but could have been worse. I get my camper back and decide to take it to my camp which is a yearly lease where this camper will be 98% of the time about 45 minutes from my house and will rarely every move from this spot.

We leveled the camper and got everything situated and I lowered to "self leveling jacks" until the sounded like they did not want to lower anymore and stopped. Later that night before we went to bed I felt the camper wobbling more than it should in the front end so I went out to check on it and adjusted a little and noticed it was not doing anything or sounding like it was in any kind of bind but could not see so I waiting until the morning to go check it out again. The next morning I noticed the front jack was buckled almost in two when I walked around and checked it out in the daylight . I called my dealer and they go right on getting it covered by warranty and then said they could not get it covered because the company said I am not supposed to lift the camper with the Jack "Which I do not believe could possibly even be done they do not seem to have enough power and get very weak when weight is applied to them which notified me its time to stop.. These jacks bog down and its common sense when to stop them so that's what I did, I did not lift the camper. Mccants mobile home covered the jack so I did not have to pay and they graciously went out to my campsite for the repair which is A++++ on their end.

The front jacks were replaced this last week on Thursday the 14th I believe and I got to my camp Friday and noticed the back jack was starting to do the same thing and I had not touched the camper after setting the jacks the first weekend when we went to my camp. so now I am having the same issue out of the rear jacks that I had with the front jacks and I honestly believe that every piece of metal on this camper is cheap and does not hold up like it should. The metal on the jacks are super thin and I do not see how they can even properly support the weight inside the trailer when we have guest over. The camper weighs roughly 9000 pounds empty and they say not to pick up the camper with the jacks which is understandable but what happens when 8 people are inside adding another 2000 pounds to the jacks? I believe that is what made the one on the front buckle because the camper did not move or anything the jack just started to bend.

Now..... The awning has collapsed before the bad weather even go to our camp.... I called my wife and told her to let the awning down before they bad weather gets to the camper and seriously 3 minutes later she called me and said that it collapsed which again... I believe has to do with the cheap metal that is on this camper. She was prepared to let the awning down and was watching the weather move in and the awning collapsed on one side. I noticed the awning holding water the few days before when we had rain so before I left for work that morning I tilted the awning which when tilted the slide rubs the awning so maybe it let enough water build up to buckle the arms or something even in the tilted drain off position.

So far I have been very unhappy with my purchase and I am hoping that someone can help me out with the issues that I am having instead of me having the give the dealership that sold me the camper so much hell when they have done nothing but provided excellent customer service since day one.

Minor Issues I have had so far I can work with:

Shower leaks out by the sink in the bathroom

Cannot get spray nozzle off the outdoor sink I read directions and now see to use a hammer and screwdriver to knock the connection loose which is weird for being brand new.

Awning lights went out - Warranty had to drive 45 minutes for repairs


Jack Broke in front with camper 1 foot off ground - Not covered under warranty dealership covered it because he knew it shouldn't have happened and I did nothing wrong

The rear jack is doing the exact same thing the front jack did and I do not understand why they are doing this. The metal is thin and weak and I do not believe this metal can hold up to weight and I have not "tried to pick up my camper with these jacks..."

Awning collapsed on front side - It holds water pretty bad so I tilted it and it still holds a little water and touches outdoor kitchen slide and collapsed before the wind picked up which never got real strong now it is dangling and I am 1 hour away and can't get to the camper to get it situated with my 2 kids and wife alone not knowing what to do.
Hopefully I am the only person in the world having these issues but I seriously doubt it and I hope there is something that can be done to help me out with the jack and awning issue this camper is not even 3 months old yet and I am having a horrible experience with it so far.

KZ Problems
By -

SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA -- I purchased my KZ Coyote in 2006. It was LOVE at first site. The "Honeymoon was short lived.

There are water and gas leaks, broken drawer guides - TWICE, electrical problems, blinds not working, hot water heater SNAFUs, noisy furnace fans, and now the outside vinyl /skin is separating from the frame. Air is getting under it causing buckling and air pockets. I look like the “Beverly Hillbillies” with all the duct/Gorilla tape trying to “band Aid it back after caulking didn't work.

I sent e-mail and pix to KZ requesting a how-to-fix solution, but never heard back. Every time I go out something else breaks. I thought I just had a “LEMON”, but seems I'm not alone.

John Marshall
Mobile Alabama

KZ Spree Escape 170S. Worst Trailer Ever
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Rating: 1/51

MERRIMACK, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- The KZ Spree Escape 170S is our first camper, and I would tell anyone who wanted to buy one to run the other way. We bought a new 2012, in March of 2012. We have had nothing but problems since we brought it home. First was the bathroom door would not clear the light just outside it (POOR PLACEMENT). That took 4 trips to the dealer to fix. We made sure it was level first. Our first camping trip, we discovered a leak under the bathroom sink. Water everywhere. My hubby looked under there to find that the hot water line is connect with a simple squeeze clamp. This has now leaked 5 times. It is absolutely ridiculous. Each time we've had it in for service, it has taken at least 5 days to fix. When we get it back we have more problems. Usually I would say this is a dealer issue but I have gotten past the point of a simple fix to a health hazard too.

Today, the CO alarm went off. We both tried to see what was wrong, but there was nothing on in there and we had turned off the propane. The molding by the door has come loose and the windows stick. I will never buy another KZ and I would try very hard not to let anyone else buy one either.

KZ RV Deception: Discovered Floor Patch in New Spree Camper
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Rating: 1/51

SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA -- In August 2010 we purchased a NEW 2011 KZ Spree & later discovered a patch in the middle of the floor after the flooring began to shrink around the patch. This patch was NOT disclosed to us. Had it been disclosed, we would NOT have purchased it.

We contacted Greg, HarTVille RV (where we purchased our camper from)service, in reference to this problem. He stated that they did not have a floor repair record & it must have been done at the factory. I contacted KZ on 6-15-12 and spoke with Neil who stated "he has been in the business for 18 years and has seen this in the past and has questioned it himself". He stated he'd call me back on Tuesday, 6-19. He did not, so I called again on 6-26 and left a message. Neil returned my call that day and KZ offered to seal the patch and give us $500.00 "to go away". This will NOT fix the problem.

NOTE: This patch is now very obvious and is located in front of the kitchen/fridge area. Just imagine you just had a new linoleum floor in your kitchen at home and then discovered a carefully disguised patch in the middle. Well, in a home it would be a few hundred dollars vs a $20K + camper with a shrinking patch in the middle of the floor!

We filed a complaint with the Indiana Consumers Protection/Attorney General's Office on 6-26-2012 with the first and second requests being ignored. We have also filed with the Indiana Better Business Bureau on 9-17-2012.

We just want to warn consumers that they need to really inspect any camper prior to purchase.

Poor Quality
By -

LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO -- My wife and I are relatively new to RVing. We purchased this unit since we felt it would be suitable in economy and our RV experience. Granted we are neophytes and probably expected a little too much (thinking along the lines of buying a new car). Well, within two weeks into our first campsite we made a list of problems that nearly filled a page of paper. There were leaks, broken drawer guides, electrical problems, noisy furnace fans, etc. The dealership was great and provided help and will attempt to resolve other issues upon return from our summer trip. I sent a two page letter to the KZ RV manufacturer one month ago and they are yet to respond. I was tactful yet direct in my letter giving a full list of problems and recommendations about quality improvements during construction. I also stated that I doubt they or anyone on their staff would buy a car or truck with the same deficiencies they passed onto their customers!

If anyone considers purchasing from KZ, and they May have good products elsewhere, I would highly recommend a very careful scrutiny before they affix their signature to any purchase. My initial experience, as noted above, has been quite unpleasant and I would rate the quality of their products as very, very poor!!

Electrical slide motor
By -

During the warranty period one of my slide motors failed and after attempts at a dealer with no success I went about 800 miles out of my way, all at my cost to the factory in Indiana. The motor was replaced and as it was on warranty I did not pay much attention as to why it failed.
17 months later it failed again. The Fifth wheel was now close to 1 year out of its 2 year warranty.
I then took off the motor for inspection, and found out that it was all corroded and rusted. The small springs for the brushes had disintigrated.
These slide motors are mounted directly behind the tires. When driving on wet pavement they are being blasted with rain water. There is a rubber sleeve that goes about 1/2 way on the motor, but because the 12 volt wires come out the end there is a gap for water to get in. It is my opinion that there is nothing at all wrong with the motor, but is a poor design installation by KZ. I have caulked/taped around the rubber sleeve, and put a deflector shield between the tires and motor. I think it shall greatly increase the life of the motors. These motors are expensive, and lasting only 18 months or so is a joke. I advised KZ of the problem and I thought they would be happy that I brought this problem to their attention. I also requested a new motor and that I would be willing to meet them half way on cost. I got a flat out rejection.
For about a lousy $200.00 they could make me a happy customer and praise their product to all RVers I meet. They chose not to. Please beware of KZ. They would trip over a dollar to save a nickel.

Poor Quality of Construction on 2007 KZ Coyote 22CT Trailer
By -

MESA, ARIZONA -- I just purchased a new 2007 KZ Coyote 22CT and it is the worst travel trailer I have had to date. On the first Trip 28 items broke. Everything from plumbing leaks, and roof leaks to shorts in the electrical system. The toilet did not work, the bolts holding the couch to the wall pulled completely out of the wall, and the bed broke away from the wall causing a water leak where rain ran inside the trailer. The heater was incorrectly calibrated and never worked. Many other items malfunction including the AC. Also, the dealer, Little Dealer Little prices, was not very helpful. The only thing they offered to do was repair everything under warranty. Something that they couldn't even do correctly.

After 2 trips to the dealer for repairs there are still 3 or 4 things they can't seem to fix. Including lining up the front door so it latches and fixing water leaks. Also, I found the dealer broke a cabinet while it was in for repair and never fixed that or told me about it. Now we are fighting over that. I had to get a lawyer involved to even get them and KZ to repair it the first time under warranty. KZ even sent me a letter stating they were sorry but there was nothing they could do to help. The letter form KZ was so cheap that it was on plain paper, they did not even care enough to respond to a customer on their company letterhead. I guess that was too expensive for them. And finally, don't let them tell you the DSI award is some sort of quality award. It is not. This is an award KZ has won many time because their dealers vote on it, not consumers who buy their products. How does that translate into manufacturing quality?

Like I said neither the dealer nor the manufacture, KZ RV, stepped up to the plate to help get stuff fixed until I got a lawyer involved. At this point Little Dealer Little Prices, where I bought the trailer, has attempted to fix things 2 times and some items still remain unfixed. Maybe they can get them fixed on the 3rd visit and without breaking anything else.

However, with all the bad stuff there are some good points I like about this new trailer. It is larger inside than most of the same size. It has more room inside than my buddies 32 foot Bellair. It also has a very large 3rd queen bed. It is much larger than others of the same size/class. That is if they even offer this 3rd bed option. Also the refrigerator worked great.

Although I would not purchase another trailer from KZ or Little Dealer Little Prices, I would look for some of these options list above in a different manufacture and dealer.

Worst Camper Ever
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Rating: 1/51

SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA -- Purchase a 2008 Montego Bay by KZ and everything broke on this 68,000.00 dollar camper and so KZ sent someone out to look at camper they said they would replace it that was in 2010 and I have yet to get it or hear back from them sent registered letters and emails and now we are stuck paying for a camper we can't use. BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY. Do not let their website fool you. I had an attorney, the company representative they sent out said we didn't need an attorney they would definitely replace camper. Don't be fooled like we were.

2015 Durango 1500
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Rating: 1/51

SHIPSHEWANA, INDIANA -- After one shakedown trip (several hundred miles), the main slide failed to open completely. Heading south for the winter before Thanksgiving. Found a great dealer in OH that checked it out. The slide out motor mount had torn from the frame. KZ says it is a Lippert issue and you will have to deal with them. NO help and won't talk to us or the dealer any further.

Lippert takes 2 weeks to get the part to the dealer. Keep going back to KZ. They refuse to respond.

Brand new 5th wheel! Adding insult to injury, Thor (who bought KZ in 2014 - surprise!) has changed the 2015 model numbers, so my 2015 no longer exists.

WORST customer and warranty support ever! I guess the guys and gals at KZ don't like Thor, and I don't think I do either.

2015 stoneridge
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Rating: 5/51

Me and my wife purchased a 2015 stoneridge fifth wheel, it has had many issues. To many to list. The worst one is they plumbed the washer into the black tank so when you use the toilet and the washer is on spin cycle and you flush it blows back on you. Why didn't they plumb it into the grey tank? We will never buy another kz ever. My list of problems exceed 25, and I believe that's to many.

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