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Unsafe, Unclean and Disorganized
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- For years I have been communicating with the Operations Manager, Cesar **, about the condition of the gym (equipment breakage and free weight area disorganization). I have even spoken with several staff as well as attempted to reach corporate which is almost impossible.

The main issues with the gym/management is the free weight area is always a disaster. Sometimes there seems to be more free weights in the aerobics room than the free weight area. The weight plates are always all over the floor and the dumbbell rack is empty. Because of the disarray it takes me longer to work out and have even skinned my shins because of all the land mines in the pathways.

I have sent several emails to Cesar advising of the unsafe conditions and extremely unhappy customers I have interfaced with and all he can say is that corporate won't allow for additional overhead or support. I explained to him that the LA Fitness near the expressway (5 miles down the road) is always neat and clean and I am sure they are subjected to the same corporate limitations and demographics. Long story short there is no excuse and he needs to become more of an accountable manager.

Another issue that has been progressively getting worst is the cleanliness of the workout area and locker rooms. When you first enter the lobby it smells like a sewer. As you go in the locker room there is an musty mildew smell. I know it is a men's locker room so there will be other smells but this is 5am and already smells bad.

About 6-8 months ago there was a change in cleaning personnel and the new guy I have been witnessing for awhile now and yet to see him clean the bathrooms with any kind of disinfectant. All he does is get paper towels from the machine and wipe areas of the mirror and wipe down the sinks. As this has progressed there has been an increase in odor, roaches and bugs in the shower. Additionally there is frequent trash left in the lockers and sticky residue on the work out floor.

I did an experiment to see how long some powder will last on the floor in the locker room (tile floor) and it stayed there for 3 months. I don't think the floor was ever cleaned but it got worn away. Needless to say I wear flip flops and shoes all over.

I have told Cesar that I refuse to move since the expectation of their gym is to provide a safe, clean and organized gym. I am also taking the lead to be a voice of all the disappointed members of the morning dedicated work out people. This problem is going to be fixed when Cesar addresses the systemic breakdown for good, gets removed from his position or an accident occurs and LA Fitness will be sued and the gym will close or change management/ownership.

I suggest any potential customers avoid the gym for now until we can get is straighten up and safe. To all existing members settling for an unclean, unsafe and below expectation manager write reviews and post your issues. The more we get them recognized the more loss of business to the point corporate will have to investigate. In the meantime I will continue to address this as well as find ways into corporate to bring this to light. "The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different result" - Albert Einstein.

Terrible Place to Workout
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Rating: 2/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I feel like I am at a discount gym. For weeks the cable has been malfunctioning. 2/3 of the treadmills have issues with sound plugs for earphones or ability to hold a TV signal. All this while a gaggle of employees stand idly at the front desk doing no more than scanning member cards. They could be out surveying the equipment on a daily basis to see what is working and what is not, cleaning the machines (yes, that is an issue as well).

We left another local gym after they opened big guns, like you did, and did no machine maintenance, put signs on machines that they are out of order, for weeks or months, like you are doing. Workouts that become opportunities for frustrations are not workouts. This morning I started on four malfunctioning treadmills before walking out in disgust. Atlantic Blvd LA Fitness.

Hearing Issue Caused by LA Fitness Staff and Horrible Treatment Thereafter
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The step class instructor at 9025 S. Highway 6, Houston Texas 77083 puts the music in her step class extremely loud and also screams at the mic. This gave me tinnitus based on my ENT. I called and the manager ** said he was busy and was extremely dismissive. He actually hang up on me. I was stunned at how awful a person he was. I have never seen anything like that. He was extremely unprofessional and hostile. I find that LA Fitness is not what it used to be. I called back several times to get a hold of someone and finally a guy picked up the phone and he said they were busy and he couldn't help me. He also hang up on me.

Finally I called a third time and after several attempts the call did go through. A lady answered the phone and she gave me the corporate number. I complained to corporate. The complaint was handled by some kid who did not seem to take my complaint seriously. I have serious damage to my hearing as a result of the class I attended. The ENT doctor said my hearing issue was due to loud sound and that is the only place I have been exposed to a loud sound.

I had complained to the instructor before about how loud the music was and how loud she was when she talked on the mic but she did not seem to care about my complaints. I may sue them. I think they are awful and would not recommend anyone from attending the gym.

Lack of Basic Customer Service and Unkempt Amenities
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Rating: 1/51

JOHNS CREEK, GEORGIA -- If you like a workout place where:

  • Playing racquetball in courts where the air conditioning only works half the time and burnt out lights haven't been changed in years.
  • They allow tennis players to use the racquetball courts to practice tennis.
  • Black scuff marks on floors on the RB courts,
  • Terrible music played so loud that you are not able to drown it out with your personal music on your ear buds.
  • TVs in every aisle of the locker room on different channels played very loud.
  • Mold on the shower walls and shower curtains.
  • Shower drains that are plugged and full of hair.
  • Continually wet carpet in the locker rooms.
  • Where they will not have the courtesy to send out an email blast that the pool is not heated or the Whirlpool is not working so you don't go there just to find out that you can't either of them.
  • “Managers” that ignore your complaints about any of the above items.
  • “Managers” that refuse to provide their managers phone number or email address (“I will have them email you” which never happens).
  • A company where you cannot email or contact the home office.

Then this is the place for you!

Do not Join L.A. Fitness
By -

26455 GOLDEN VALLEY ROAD, SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA -- To actually take the time out to write a "review" online, I need to be pretty upset to do it. The unprofessionalism and lack of welcome, begins the minute you step in the door. You'll be greeted by... correction you'll greet one or two of the young adult occupying the space at the front counter who's basically there to scan your key chain and look confused whenever you have a real question. See because your disturbing them, from waiting 'till their shift is over. If you do have a question, an already seemingly frustrated unqualified manager will be there to recite anything you didn't happen to catch on the forms.

There's no real logical human interaction, you're wrong and that's pretty much it. So any logical conversation into resolving any issue(s) you have regarding them stealing from your account, won't be resolved because everyone's trained in passing the buck and making sure you leave unsatisfied, if you're ever in the this luxury of requiring any personnel assistance. You'll be handed corporate phone number. But they won't help you either.

There's no desire in satisfying their customers nor is there any expressed appreciation of your business. At least when I'm being mugged I get gun stuck in my face. I know I'm being robbed. But the real low lifes the real criminals, are the legal ones.

Don't bother with hiring a personal trainer either. They're as dispassionate about their job as the mules at front desk. My free assessment consisted of a personal trainer who met me for the first time, 3 times. And each time was the first for him. He gave me his resume of dedicated service in kinesiology and certifications in nutritional study which he so dedicatedly earned threw out his career, a rehearsed pitch which he closed each time with; "I'll change your life, man." Now, the appointment at 11 am went something like a coloring book session with a kindergarten student who's had an alcohol problem for a few years.

He told me what a bad day he was having and sped through a jumbled mess of routine information that he was tired of dishing out. He laughed at himself and occasionally touched upon a plan he would work out for me in between asking me how much I can pay today. It was a lesser equivalent of what can be gathered in reading an article of men's Health magazine while in line at the grocery store. He then proceeded a sales pitch that I should hire him to help train me.

He said he was tired and that he'll have someone else go through my free assessment workout tomorrow. He laughed and said "that was classic," in a proud astonishment of his display of failure as a personal trainer I guess... that's not even the half of it.

Everyone deals with customer assistance as if they are shocked that you are asking them a question. As if they forgot they were at work. As I'm working out on the machine I am treated to background music of foolish laughter of the conversations of how members are complaining about their staff. (A successful day for them I guess) as it's treated as humorous that so many of the guests that do interact with the staff at LA Fitness leave unsatisfied and undermined. Nothing like doofus obnoxious laughter echoing from the front desks of what are supposed to be professionals using profanity and laughing at their paying customers.

The trainer that I wrote about, avoids me like the black plague never making eye contact and I have never been approached with an apology or another trainer to provide the free assessment workout that is offered with new membership. I'm a fit, healthy individual. I workout pretty much everyday. I eat healthy and stay active. I meditate. But the negativity and stress that is created by the company of LA fitness's employees is enough to make me want to stop going to that environment.

Instead of wasting another minute on the stress and dis-satisfaction that is consistently provided at your local LA fitness center I'd urge you to consider your other options of fitness. As for me I've canceled my membership and will leave the rest up to the law of Karma. This is my fair warning. Don't join this gym. If you do you may find yourself wasting your time writing up reviews on a place that deserves neither your time nor your business. Best wishes.

LA Fitness - Unfair access to facilities (men only)
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I joined LA Fitness in June 2010, partly because they have a basketball court and I love to shoot - typically after a challenging cardio workout. I try to time my workouts so that I am not at the club at the busiest times so I will not be impinging on full court games put together by men. As a woman and at 51, I have no desire to play full-on basketball, nor any other contact sport, with a bunch of playground males.

One afternoon I went to the court to play and there was a group of men playing full court. I went to the front desk and asked what the bball court policy was to see when I would get a chance to play (thinking that like the cardio equip policy, when it is busy and people are waiting, there is a 20 minute limit on the equipment.) I was told there was no policy.

I explained that this made it difficult for me to use the court - if I knew when there would be full court games, I could schedule my workouts around them. I was told to call "corporate", that there was no policy. I decided to try to anticipate when the club was busy and not go at those times.

About a week or so later, I went to LA Fitness on an early Saturday evening when the club was sparsely attended. Lo and behold, when I went to the bball court, there was a group of males playing full court. I went to the front desk again, and asked again to please put together a usage policy for the basketball court, whether it be a schedule or time limits, something so as a member I could have equal access to the court. I was told by the attendant that there that there was nothing he could do and that I needed to call "corporate".

I returned to the court and at first I simply shot while avoiding the players ( i.e. when the game was centered on one end of the court, I took a shot or two until the game moved back to my end). Another LA Fitness employee came to the gym and I told him that this was not a good situation. He told me that, "You should play with the guys." I replied that I did not play contact sports with males, that it was dangerous among other things. He then told me that I should call "corporate". At some point my ball got away from me and interfered in the game - a dangerous situation for the players and one I did not want to create. I left the gym.

On the following Monday I called the LA Fitness in Bellevue, and asked for the manager. I got a woman and after I explained the situation, she assured me that indeed she was the correct person to speak to. After discussing the problem, she told me that if a member wanted to use the court and others were playing full court, that the full court game needed to change to a half court game so other members could use the court. I told her that she needed to inform the employees of this because clearly this was not well known. She also told me that if a situation like that occurred, that I should go to the front desk and an employee would tell the full court players of the policy.

I went to the gym yesterday (Friday) afternoon, thinking I was before the busy after work crowd, and did my cardio workout, then went to the basketball court. There was a group of men milling about on the court, but I could tell they were getting ready to organize a game. I began shooting, then a few minutes later they just started playing. I loudly said that they would have to play half court, based on what the "manager" had explained to me. One of the players began to argue with me, saying that they played this game regularly, that he has never seen me before.

I told him that I would not argue with him, that I had tried to get LA Fitness to have a policy on full court times/court usage, such as posting a schedule, but they would not so I had no choice. This man then stood in the middle of the court and stared and me while I shot baskets. At one point one of the men asked me how much longer I would be playing - I responded that no more than 10-15 minutes. In the meantime, someone went to the front desk and got a "manager" (still not clear what his title was).

This young man (he looked to be in his twenties) came up to the court (it was becoming a spectacle)and told me that the woman I had spoken with earlier in the week was not really a manager, that she was just in charge of finances and that he was the true person in authority. He said that because the men were on the court first, and that because there were ten of them and just one of me, that they could use the entire court and if I wanted to shoot I could not.

When I explained that this precluded me from playing, i.e. being able to use the facilities - and could there please be a time limit so I could have turn - he replied that no, if there were ten members who wanted to play full court continuously then too bad for me.

It was extremely humiliating, and reminiscent of the days when I was younger, before Title 9, when females were not allowed equal access to sports programs and facilitates. If a member wanted to play basketball but not with the bullies who have the court, they would be out of luck. This is not a government entity, so Title 9 and other civil rights laws probably do not apply, but I pay just as much money to belong as male members, yet I do not get equal access to the facilities.

The Good Ol' Boys club and its stupidity are alive and well at LA Fitness - I am going to have my lawyer attempt to get my money back.

Most Horrible Fitness Club
By -

Everyone in life wants to stay fit and healthy so they can live more. I also had that kind of ambition and for that purpose I was looking for fitness center. I came across LA Fitness fitness club on Hurontario street. I visited their club on weekend. There was one marketing guy in white t-shirt. (They are the actual people who will make you fool) who took me across their fitness center. It sounds OK to me so I hope to join their center.

Before visiting their center I had read reviews about their club on various blogs. These blogs were actually written by users of LA Fitness club in USA. None of the user had given good review about this Fitness club in USA. Everyone was crying because of waste of their money in this fitness club. I thought they would have improved their services in Canada as its new facility.

In spite of reading all these things I thought of taking risk as I read one of advertising put by LA Fitness outside their club. It states that no contract is required. After visiting their center I made deal and paid first month and last month fees. (Initially they asked for $50/month but when I negotiate they came to $34. They have intentionally increased price already.) I was happy overall to get good deal.

After 4 days I visited first time their gym. The marketing guy told me before this visit that trainer will do your fitness check up for one month. They didn't do anything instead those trainers were most arrogant and disgusting people. When I asked them about communication between myself and marketing guy that trainer told me that fat check is only thing which they do. After that I asked them to show me up how to start various exercises and to utilize other exercise instruments. They disclose their hidden tactics and asked me to hire personal trainer. (This also I had read on blogs which were written by users from USA). This was not at all surprising for me.

Then I took them left and right. I called their marketing guy who shown me all stars in day. Then they agreed to show me all exercises for that day. Their marketing guys and fitness people doesn't have any coordination and they are just making fool. When you start your routine work out then only you will come across reality. They will ask you to hire personal trainer if you want any help for exercise. (This will cost you 100 your monthly fee = around $140/month). This things they won't indicate when you take deal.

I found that their fitness trainer are college going kids who are just making extra money apart from study. In the evening time their gym will be completely crowdy. You won't get much room to utilize resources. Whatever I read on blogs from USA customers of LA Fitness it appeared true to me. I searched for reviews on google for LA Fitness in Canada but couldn't get one. This what made me to write this story.

My one advise is don't even go around this people otherwise you will feel shame on your decision. After knowing also I did big mistake... so I hope anyone who is reading reviews won't do mistake. Instead of quantity go for quality that's what I learn from this. Now again searching for good gyms... All the best.

Beware of LA Fitness York, PA
By -

YORK, PENNSYLVANIA -- Anyone thinking about joining the LA Fitness in York, PA beware!!!!! Their business practices are very deceptive. They rope you in with attractive offers and tell you that you can cancel your membership at any time, but when you really need to cancel the story changes. They pull the "bait and switch" where they offer you one price and a set of conditions but when you go to sign the contract the price is a lot more and the conditions are much more limiting.

So be careful of what you are signing and by no means trust them when they say to you "trust me, I was given permission by my boss to give you this great deal today, but it's only for today so you have to jump on it quickly." It's all a lie and you will be screwed!!!

The trainers are inexperienced, and their turnover rate is high. So if you've purchased a personal training package, don't expect to see the same trainer much of the time. Don't expect that the personal training package you purchased will be tailored to your needs so if you have any kind of special circumstances that need some attention (injury for eg.) don't expect your trainer to care.

The trainers who do have some experience do not show up for scheduled sessions that are already paid for. And don't, I repeat, don't even try to express any of your concerns to the management team because you will be ignore and if you pursue it further you will be called a "**" and will be threatened to have the police called on you. You may even be threatened to be punched in the face by that manager. And he may enlist other members to do so if he realizes that he cannot do so himself.

Take for example, this past Friday May 29, 2009, my trainer didn't show up for my scheduled session at the York, PA LA Fitness. I didn't even get a phone call or any message saying that my session was cancelled. I showed up and my trainer is nowhere to be found. The other staff paged and paged him with no response. After a while I became impatient and asked the staff to page the manager. "The manager" came and started giving me dirty looks, hissed and stormed off calling me a "**." I have to reiterate this; I went to talk to the manager about my missing trainer and I was called a "**" for bothering him with my concerns.

I went to another staff person who identified himself as the new "general manager" and told him about the disrespectful way I was treated by the other manager. The new “GM” completely ignored me. He walked away to talk to other people. I'm now pissed because I've already paid for the service that I'm currently not receiving. I am the paying customer and I'm being treated like a freeloader. Like any other paying customer, I confronted him about the way I was being treated and he threatened to punch me in the face.

So to re-cap; I was blatantly disrespected (called a **) by one manager and was now being threatened to have the police called and be thrown out of the gym by another. I purchased permission to be on the premises so said I will not leave. So he got two other members to verbally assault me and threatened to physically assault me if I didn't leave.

It sounds unbelievable, but believe it. And if you are not careful, you will be screwed over by this gym. There are already (8) eight other 'pissed off" York LA Fitness clients that I know of. If you are not careful, you could be another. *Thanks for reading :)

Harassment By A Gym Member
By -

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I am a member at the LA Fitness at 1300A LITITZ PIKE, LANCASTER, PA 17601.

On March 25, 2009, I told one of the female managers about an individual that has been bothering me for a while. All I had to say was “I have a problem with a gym member” and she knew exactly who I was referring to. I told her that he constantly approaches me and talks for a long time. I try to ignore him but he will stand there and just talk for a long time. I have tried to be polite but he doesn't get the hint that I don't want to talk. I have to always be aware of where he is to avoid him. He is always talking to the girls there. I try to sneak around so as not to be seen by him but he always finds me, everyday.

Sometimes he sees me in the parking lot as I am going into the gym with my 8 month old son and he walks me in. He will stop me as I am walking in to the gym to see my baby. He is always asking about my baby. As a parent, this freaks me out a little. He is not a friend at all. I don't even know him except that we go to the same gym.

I go to the LA Fitness everyday for an hour. I put my son in the daycare. He is there when I get there at 8am. So I tried going later in the afternoon, he's there. My relatives go to LA Fitness as well and say he's there when they are there. I tried going as late as 5pm, he's there. This leads me to believe that he is at the gym everyday for about 8-10 hours a day.

The female manager I spoke with was very nice about it. She told me that there have been many complaints by other women there about him bothering them. She, herself, has had many talks with him about his behavior. She had said that if they get one more complaint about this member, they will revoke his membership. My friend who also is a member was so harassed by him that the management told him to leave her alone and don't talk to her anymore. His response was “You need to hear my side of this”. This shows that he doesn't think he is doing anything wrong.

After management spoke to him about bothering my friend, he confronted my friend in the middle of the gym. She then yelled at him so loud that a trainer came to her aid and told him to leave her alone. March 26, 2009, the same manager I spoke with said that the problem was taken care of that morning. I wasn't given the details of what was said, only that the issue was dealt with. I was at the gym today, March 28, 2009, and he was there. He walked by the treadmill I was on and waved and said "HI!" He also follows me from machine to machine sitting and staring at me just waiting for me to pause so he can talk to me.

I asked the manager what the policy is for this. She said it's a very lenient policy. Only after several warnings by local management does the corporate office send a letter to the member's home warning them about their behavior.
I do fear retaliation by him. I have requested that someone walk me to and from my car when I have my infant son with me. As of yet, nobody from the gym has contacted me regarding my request.

He needs to have his membership revoked and be banned from the gym. This member, according to the manager, has been giving several warnings about his behavior. He obviously does not understanding the situation. I am very disappointed at LA Fitness for not having a Zero Tolerance policy for this type of behavior. I am also disappointed that the gym is putting his feelings above the safety of the women members. This guy is a predator and needs to have his membership revoked.

Crime Committed and Management Awful
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Rating: 1/51

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- First of all let me say my husband and I were big LA Fitness supporters when they opened their new Memphis locations. We are not complaining customers and I do not talk to management needlessly. That being said, I am stunned and disappointed at the company's flagrant disregard for the safety and care of LA Fitness customers.

On March 12, 2015, I went to the Polo Grounds LA Fitness location in Memphis, Tenn. at 9:40 in the morning for a workout class like I do every week. However, when I left the gym, an hour later, and unlocked my truck, I discovered that someone had broken into my vehicle and tore out my radio system ($200 system) as well as stolen a few less-valuable items. In addition to the stolen items, there is significant damage to the passenger door and the key lock a busted from where they forced their way into the vehicle. All of this now has to be repaired or replaced.

I went back inside the building and spoke to a manager who apologized for the incident and called the police for me. We have filed the police report, but it does not look promising as LA Fitness does not have security or security cameras, and there were no witnesses. The detective handling our case has stated that, even though this has happened many times at LA Fitness, the company refuses to put security cameras in their parking lot.

It shocked me that a company who places a business in the 4th most criminally active city in the nation doesn't care enough about its customers or employees safety to protect them with any type of security. Since then, my husband and I have tried to reach the company and express our concerns about this issue, but an email didn't do anything. In fact, they didn't even read it, just retorted that they are not responsible for items left in your car. We didn't leave anything in the car and it WAS locked. A radio is hardwired in, therefore it IS part of the car!

Next we tried contacting the managers at the facility directly. We were met with attitude and distain and told they don't think they need security. In a last ditch effort, we contacted the corporate office once again via phone call. My husband spoke to the customer relations management and explained the situation. Again, our concerns were met with disdain. He told us that it was not the company's problem and they don't care about our experience. The conversation actually went as far as him saying he can't stand dealing with “you people.” My husband couldn't take the extreme disrespect and ended up hanging up on him.

It is a slap in the face to be a victim of a crime then to be treated like that by the company who allowed that crime to take place. I enjoyed and supported LA Fitness coming to Memphis. My husband and I were daily gym-goers and liked being customers of the company. However, since this crime was committed, we have not been back to LA Fitness and were seriously considering revoking our membership. However, this was not necessary because LA Fitness took the Liberty of canceling our memberships without our approval.

It has been made clear that this company cares nothing for the safety, security, or happiness of its customers. They have made it clear that the only thing management and corporate cares about is money and taking advantage of customers. This is not a matter of petty complaining over the business. It is a matter concerning a crime being committed on company property. They have been extremely rude, demeaning, and unprofessional and given us no resolution whatsoever. Please, save yourself the headache and DO NOT join LA Fitness. Search for other gym options who actually care about your well-being.

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