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Never Again
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Rating: 1/51

SARSOTA, FLORIDA -- Went on a bus tour which included Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and the balloon ascension in Albuquerque. Bus was bad with broken seat recliners, shades that popped up if you touched them, a crummy bathroom worse than you would find on an airplane and considerably less leg room that we had on our Southwest Airlines economy seats flying in. Motels were poorly thought out or L.J. just didn't care. We arrived into Winston, AZ one night around 1.5 hours late (for no discernible reason) and were glad that we had not chosen to go on an optional dinner tour. We would have had 5 minutes to rest after 400 miles before boarding the bus again.

After the dinner tour left, we started to think about our own dinner only to find out from motel staff that there were no restaurants within walking distance. So we ended the day eating a warm pizza that we phoned in. The hotel in Albuquerque, a city I am familiar with, was in the worst part of town and dinner was at a next door Burger King. Used condoms, needles, and panhandlers made our 50 yard trip exciting!

The balloon ascension was wonderful, but again L.J. royally fouled up the bus schedule by trying to use the same bus to bring in another group and finding that buses who brought people in could not turn around and leave for another hour or so (i.e., only one way traffic allowed). Consequently, we were very late getting back to the motel and again had no time to catch a breath before the tour to Santa Fe left (we were to have had at least an hour). That tour got back hours after when it was supposed to and we missed having dinner with local friends.

I know that this is a budget outfit and you pay a budget price. Fine. But I have been on many great budget tours in the last 40 years and come back fully satisfied. This was a joke as nobody at L.J. coordinated anything and in my world, that is what you pay travel agents to do. Anyway, if you go and come back unhappy, don't complain to the Better Business Bureau. They don't belong.

Bait-and-Switch Ripped Off
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Rating: 1/51

Signed myself and 5 others up for the Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parade. Flyer and still to this day states 3 nights in Jekyll Isle. Also reserved seating for the parade. 4 of us paid extra for drinks and food. Received the dues on Friday 3/11/16 and it stated we are staying at a Comfort Inn off I-95 in Brunswick Georgia, definitely not Jekyll Isle. Called my agent (Sandy), left message then called main office in Sarasota, spoke to Marco. He would get back to me.

Here we are 3/13/16, have heard from no one. Have a 6:00 am pickup for a ride that is less than 5 hours from home (Melbourne, Florida) going from Melbourne off I-85 to Orlando and then back to I-95 to Daytona. No mention of reserved seating and the extra we paid for. I am so upset and we haven't even left yet. I can't imagine what else will happen. Will never travel with this agency again. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau and the Elder Abuse hotline as we are all over 65. Please be aware this is not a good company to travel with. This is not my first rodeo. I have been traveling for many years. I am very very upset.

Good Deal
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Rating: 4/51

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- Took a 60-day trip and Cruise. Price paid was fair, trip was great, everything promised we got! We have used them many times and understand they are a B travel service, if you want a A travel company, pay more go elsewhere. There are some glitches it overall it's pretty good. The travel agent we used with them is the worst I've used but I kept getting her.

I just booked a 37 day trip to Australia with them and used a different agent. Her name is Maribeth. She came highly recommended and did everything we asked, got back to us and was very responsive. One thing LJ never told us with our 60-day trip that we needed visas for China and India. When asked Tammi she said, "It's in the documents, didn't you read them?" Well yes, but a Visa should have been explained in large red letters. My trip to Australia needs a Visa and Maribeth explained the process. Are they the best? Not sure but they always offer pretty good deals. I'll continue to use them with the understanding they are just that, a pretty good deal!

Abandoned By LJ Travel At Resort Without Tours
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FL, FLORIDA -- Legendary Journeys Travel sold an all-inclusive cruise, air and resort post cruise stay with choice of daily tours. We, 8 customers, were told when we arrived at the resort 90 minutes from Seattle and ANY transportation, that THE TOURS WERE CANCELLED. LJ did not respond to our calls, texts or emails for a satisfactory resolution to this situation. They knew before we arrived this was the situation but did nothing to rectify it. We were abandoned by LJ. None of us gambled, but we went there so we could take the promised tours.

LJ continued to advertise and offer this trip EXACTLY as it was paid for by us even though we were told their subcontractor went out of business. False advertising, fraud and failure to meet contractual agreements?? TAKING ADVANTAGE OF SENIORS TOO... Buyer beware of Legendary... Corporate greed at its finest.

Itinerary Information Late
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Rating: 3/51

THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- This is an opportunity for Legendary Journeys to do something about a false promise before it is too late. Hopefully someone cares enough to help our travel agent with her inability to get a response from the travel itinerary group, which seems to be overwhelmed and too busy to meet their scheduled commitments.

We leave Saturday, April 2 for a three-week trip to Europe, staying overnight in three different countries and a river cruise. This is a long and complicated trip with transfers, bus, ship, airplane, etc. At the last minute we did receive our airline reservations. Of course at the last minute a couple of flights do not have seat assignments, reservations made too late to get seat assignments, but so far we are able to get there, but no idea what we are doing when we get there.

We were promised our itinerary yesterday by 6pm by our travel agent, who seems to have little control over the response of her organization. Of course, it's impossible to contact anyone at LJ on a Saturday. So, hopefully someone will read this and help out so this turns out to be a good trip instead of some of the disasters I have read about. Better to write before and give them a chance to make things right before they go too wrong, right?

Oh, did I mention we made these reservations in December, 2015? One would think it's enough time to plan and issue the itinerary 7 days in advance as promised. Thanks for your help. Hopefully the follow-up will be positive with great reviews for LJ.

Company Response 03/31/2016:

Hello, we would love to help you on this issue and we have received an e-mail to our e-mail customer relations mail, but we don't know if it is you on there because you listed no way to contact you here. Your concerns have been noted about how we give out information and please rest assure that do listen to our travelers on these issues.If it was you who e-mailed us in, great, if not please follow up at so we can personally help you.

All the best,

Legendary Journeys

New Mexico Balloon Fiesta
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Rating: 2/51

LADY LAKE, FLORIDA -- After reading previous reviews it seems this company will not change. They never take the blame for anything going wrong and blame the customers. We never could get any info before our trip and we were leaving early and meeting our group. We never had name of hotel till day before we left. We were never told we could upgrade our hotel. We Never got to the balloon fiesta on the scheduled day as local driver got lost and we spent 5 hours sitting on bus with a tour guide who went into a meltdown and screamed at all of us.

They did take us the morning we were to leave for the Grand Canyon which meant we spent from 5 am till almost 7pm on the bus. We ended up paying for our own hotel room in Las Vegas as we were not happy with their choice of circus circus and were never given the option to upgrade. Never again.

Don't Book With Legendary
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I booked a tour for my family and myself, paid for 4 people plus an optional Grand Canyon Train tour. This tour was from Oct. 5th-Oct 12th, right at the beginning there were problems. I dealt with ** at the Summerfield office, what a case she is, doesn't know anything but to take your money. The whole experience was a nightmare and a rip-off of false advertising and a scam.

We were to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fest, then stop at the Petrified National Forest, Grand Canyon, and on to Las Vegas. The balloon fest was cancelled the day we went and the tour company had no back-up schedule to go the next day even though we were still there. We had to find our own way back and pay extra to see what we already paid for. Everything was rush, rush and you had no time to walk around and see other things.

The hotel they put us in was doing renovations and we were supposed to have a handicap room and it was not done, in fact the room was the farthest from an elevator and exit. Also, there was no safe place for eating. Then we left there and did a quick drive-through of the Petrified National Forest. That night we were put up in a hotel outside of Williams to go to the Grand Canyon the next day, instead of putting us in a hotel in town where we could sight see and make use of the trip. The only place to eat was Denny's and they only had 2 people serving so that was another nightmare.

We were expecting the Grand Canyon Train to take us around and through the Grand Canyon, well that was a rip-off, because the only Grand Canyon you see with that train is in the name of the train. They charged us more through the tour company than the actual tickets cost and you saw NOTHING. Because we paid extra for a no nothing train ride when we got to the Grand Canyon we only had 40 mins. and no time to take the free shuttle to other spots of the Grand Canyon.

To get to the Canyon view point from the train required walking and steps, well my mother was handicap and there was no wheelchair for her when we got off the train, it took all she had to try to make it where we had to go and then less time to look. The tour guide was no tour guide, she didn't help with handicap at all, she gave no information during the bus travels, and was not around when you needed her.

The hotel in Las Vegas that was supposed to be handicap was far from anything and meant she couldn't leave the room because it was far from an elevator and exit. They put us in the dumpy, far away from everything Riviera to save their expenses but of course still charged us a fortune. We had to keep paying bus fare to try to get to anything on the strip and then it rained and flooded the couple of days we were there. Then the flight home was another disaster and they put us on an airline where you had to pay for every checked bag and they had nothing ready for handicap assistance like they were supposed to.

The shuttle from the hotel to the airport was an hour late, for a 7:00 am flight we were told to be outside with our bags at 4:20 am, the shuttle didn't get there until 5:15 am. The trip was told to be 8 days and 7 nights, but that also was not true because day one you fly out late and get in with no time to see anything and the last day they booked us out so early that again another you saw nothing except an airplane all day long.

I have taken many tours with other agencies and this is the worst I have ever dealt with and been through.. Everybody I talked to that took this tour was very pissed also and said they were writing complaints and never going with this company again. There are so many more bad things about this company, but I only have so much time and every time I think about it I get more **. The owner of the company claims there are not complaints or bad things about the company but that shows he doesn't have a clue or doesn't want to deal with all the problems. I would not recommend this company to even an enemy it's that bad.

BEWARE DON'T TRAVEL WITH THEM YOU'LL DEEPLY REGRET IT. I wrote a complaint to the owner and told him I wanted a refund, of course I haven't heard a thing, so I'm trying to warn everybody I can. I'm also going to send a complaint to the BBB, they need to be shut down now.

Company Response 08/12/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. We would like to first point out that this client began making unreasonable demands and threats long before her trip left, continuing on the trip, as well as after she returned home. Legendary Journeys did everything within a reasonable expectation to attempt to appease this client and her concerns. At the time, our Vice-President, who is now our President, personally responded to this client. In fact, it was a mere 6 days prior to this client posting on this site was when our then Vice President threatened legal action against this client due to her unreasonable threats and libelous actions. In fact, this person's post is libelous, at best!

It is most unfortunate because our Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta trip is one that we repeat year after year with great success! Our clients love the features of the trip, plus the huge event that IS the Balloon Fiesta is simply spectacular! We continue to receive rave reviews on this trip from many clients each year.

In the case of this trip, all aspects of the trip that were scheduled to take place, happened. The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta events took place as scheduled. In fact, we received rave reviews from other guests on this trip.

The hotel in Albuquerque was undergoing renovations, however the Balloon Fiesta is such a huge events that changing hotels at the last minute for a group is an impossible task. The point the client makes about the Handicap accessible hotel room is just one example of her unreasonable expectations. Just because the room is Handicap accessible, does NOT mean the room will be next to, or close to, an elevator. The reason a room is accessible is because the room can accommodate someone restricted to a wheelchair, or other mobility device, with wider doorways, wider interior doorways (to accommodate the mobility device), and a bathroom & shower that can also accommodate a mobility device.

The Grand Canyon Railway does not take you into the Grand Canyon. A simple Google search would have let this client know that "the Grand Canyon Railway travels 130 miles round-trip from Williams to the South Rim" (This verbiage is taken directly from their website and our literature). At no time did Legendary Journeys ever state this railway took you into the depths of the Grand Canyon.

Furthermore, your statements regarding your "Tour Guide" are simply invalid. They were not a Tour guide, but were your Tour Manager. They are in place to ensure all components of the trip happen and to smooth over any hiccups that can occur along the way when one travels. They are not your personal assistant.

Our records indicate that you had our Standard Air Arrangements. On our trip flyer and your Client information packet we explain our standard air arrangements as follows:

STANDARD AIR: Refers to the Free Air (and Low-cost add-on cities) included with the package. Standard air arrangements, Airline and Flight Schedule, are at Legendary Journey's sole discretion. Standard air schedule will be available approximately 7 days prior to the trip departure date. Requests cannot be accepted for Standard Air Arrangements.
Please note: Standard Air low-cost air gateways will require payment of all air costs at the time of acceptance.

If you were concerned over the airline you fly, or any aspect of your airline arrangements, why did you not take advantage of our optional Legendary Premium Air Program? For a fee of $49 plus the additional cost of the service requested you can customize your airline arrangements to your exact specification. With Legendary Premium Air you will never again be unhappy with your Air Arrangements! You did sign your contract booking form acknowledging that you were offered Premium Air. Why did you not take advantage of that? More on this point, Legendary Journeys offered a NO AIR / NO TRANSFER Credit that you could have taken advantage of, then made your own airline & Transfer arrangements. Why did you not take advantage of that feature? Again, both of these features were presented to you on our trip flyer and the Client Information Packet that you received upon making your reservation.

In Conclusion, you were the only person to have issues with this trip as you were the only complaint we received from this departure (both before the trip left and after the trip returned). Legendary Journeys does apologize that your experience did not meet your overly high expectations. Legendary Journeys strives to provide our guests with great value for their travel dollar.

Legendary Journeys

Company Is Claiming No Cabins Available After Deposits Accepted and Confirmation Given...
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Rating: 1/51

FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I was in progress of having several friends booked for a cruise departing on 11/26 on the MSC Divina to Panama Canal. I completed 2 of the booking and paid the deposits with agent, Erika on 1/18/2016. Within the next two weeks 5 other couples had completed their bookings and paid their deposits of $400 each, as required. Four other couples were told after that that Legendary Journeys had completely booked all of the available cabins, therefore were unable to book.

On 2/17, I contacted Erika with an inquiry. It was then that she told me that three of those cabins that were booked and the required deposits paid, were not available and that every cabin on the ship had been sold out, claiming having been told that by the MSC representative. She said that the deposits paid could be refunded or they (the three cabins) could just wait in hopes that cabins may later become available through cancellations. One of those who has "lost" their cabin, I had booked on their behalf, and paid their deposit on 1/18, receiving written confirmation that same date.

Yesterday and today I have made 2 calls to the Inventory Supervisor, Heather and also to another supervisor, Gayle, hoping to resolve this huge problem and be assured my friends will get the cabins which they have properly reserved and paid deposits. Neither of these persons have bothered to return my call. I am hoping that you may be able to assist me in getting these issues resolved. I have used Legendary Journeys travel services several times in the past and this is my first serious problem.

Tour Orlando Hotels for Christmas Decoration.
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Rating: 1/51

The Orlando hotels had notified the companies that they were discontinuing these tours. AAA canceled the same trip and refunded the individuals their money. After numerous calls to Legendary office and to sue who worked for them and went with the group nothing was done until some people notified seniors against crime. Legendary still refused a monetary refund but gave out a voucher that could be used on another trip with them.

Who in their right mind would ever book as much as a hay ride with them after this disaster and their extremely poor treatment of their customers. Needless to say I am sure no one used their voucher and Legendary retained all of the individuals' money. Never ever again.

Company Response 08/11/2015:

Thank you for posting your continued concerns regarding this Day trip. In your previous posting we explained in great detail what had occurred on this one day trip. (Please see "Trip was a disaster .... to finish" below and our detailed response) In our original explanation we explained that while there were issues with this one day trip, Legendary Journeys did make alternate arrangements so that this trip would operate. Our decision to provide compensation to our guests in the form of a Future Travel Certificate was based on the fact that the tour did operate with some modifications and the prevailing hiccups that occurred throughout the tour due to the last minute modifications. Needless to say, your statement is wildly inaccurate and not correct. We actually had a large number of Future Travel Certificates used from this matter. We are sorry to hear of your decision to not utilize your certificate.

Again, Legendary Journeys apologizes that our tour, even with the last minute modifications, did not meet your expectations. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Legendary Journeys

Don't Ever Use These People. Their Service and Their Promises Don't Match.
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We booked an "escorted" Alaska land and sea trip for 16 days, with them to meet us in Anchorage and escort us by "bus" to three other land destinations and finally to the Norwegian Star for a one-week cruise. When we got to the airport it became evident that there was no escort. We identified a passenger van with a luggage carrier and the other 10 people who had signed up. The carrier was too small for all our luggage and the van was really too small for all of us. We rode cramped together with our luggage for 8 hours to Denali.

All 12 of us were calling and emailing asking where the guide was, but we got no response and the whole trip we were forced to figure out where to find our transportation, what excursions were available online, book them ourselves, get ourselves to the excursion, etc. All they actually did is book hotels and reserve the already free transportation available through hotels and airports.

Everyone was so disappointed and some were pretty angry. To date, though all of us have written long emails, no one has received an apology (other than a form letter which was so general as to be meaningless). My husband is visually impaired and we really needed an escort. Lucky for us, the other people in our group were very travel savvy and we all pitched in to help each other. No thanks to Legendary Journeys.

Company Response 07/21/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. Legendary Journeys apologizes to this client as the tour did not live up to their expectations.

Many times, due to a groups smaller size, it is necessary for us to switch out a full size motor coach transportation for a smaller vehicle. In this case, we had a group of 12 passengers and attempted to accommodate this smaller group and substitute smaller equipment. Also, many times we will utilize driver/guides that do both the driving and the Tour Manager work. However all detailed information regarding hotels, excursions, transportation, meeting locations were all provided in your travel documents.

In the case of this tour, Legendary Journeys made the decision to run this group even with the low passenger count. The only other option would have been to cancel the departure all together. We did our best to make this trip operate even with the low passenger count. Again, we apologize that our tour did not live up to your expectations.

If you would like for us to review your concerns directly, please email us at and be sure to include your name, invoice number and a detailed summary and we will respond accordingly.

Again, thank you for contacting Legendary Journeys. We look forward to working with you towards an amicable resolution.


Legendary Journeys

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