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Don't Book With Legendary
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I booked a tour for my family and myself, paid for 4 people plus an optional Grand Canyon Train tour. This tour was from Oct. 5th-Oct 12th, right at the beginning there were problems. I dealt with ** at the Summerfield office, what a case she is, doesn't know anything but to take your money. The whole experience was a nightmare and a rip-off of false advertising and a scam.

We were to go to the Albuquerque Balloon Fest, then stop at the Petrified National Forest, Grand Canyon, and on to Las Vegas. The balloon fest was cancelled the day we went and the tour company had no back-up schedule to go the next day even though we were still there. We had to find our own way back and pay extra to see what we already paid for. Everything was rush, rush and you had no time to walk around and see other things.

The hotel they put us in was doing renovations and we were supposed to have a handicap room and it was not done, in fact the room was the farthest from an elevator and exit. Also, there was no safe place for eating. Then we left there and did a quick drive-through of the Petrified National Forest. That night we were put up in a hotel outside of Williams to go to the Grand Canyon the next day, instead of putting us in a hotel in town where we could sight see and make use of the trip. The only place to eat was Denny's and they only had 2 people serving so that was another nightmare.

We were expecting the Grand Canyon Train to take us around and through the Grand Canyon, well that was a rip-off, because the only Grand Canyon you see with that train is in the name of the train. They charged us more through the tour company than the actual tickets cost and you saw NOTHING. Because we paid extra for a no nothing train ride when we got to the Grand Canyon we only had 40 mins. and no time to take the free shuttle to other spots of the Grand Canyon.

To get to the Canyon view point from the train required walking and steps, well my mother was handicap and there was no wheelchair for her when we got off the train, it took all she had to try to make it where we had to go and then less time to look. The tour guide was no tour guide, she didn't help with handicap at all, she gave no information during the bus travels, and was not around when you needed her.

The hotel in Las Vegas that was supposed to be handicap was far from anything and meant she couldn't leave the room because it was far from an elevator and exit. They put us in the dumpy, far away from everything Riviera to save their expenses but of course still charged us a fortune. We had to keep paying bus fare to try to get to anything on the strip and then it rained and flooded the couple of days we were there. Then the flight home was another disaster and they put us on an airline where you had to pay for every checked bag and they had nothing ready for handicap assistance like they were supposed to.

The shuttle from the hotel to the airport was an hour late, for a 7:00 am flight we were told to be outside with our bags at 4:20 am, the shuttle didn't get there until 5:15 am. The trip was told to be 8 days and 7 nights, but that also was not true because day one you fly out late and get in with no time to see anything and the last day they booked us out so early that again another you saw nothing except an airplane all day long.

I have taken many tours with other agencies and this is the worst I have ever dealt with and been through.. Everybody I talked to that took this tour was very pissed also and said they were writing complaints and never going with this company again. There are so many more bad things about this company, but I only have so much time and every time I think about it I get more **. The owner of the company claims there are not complaints or bad things about the company but that shows he doesn't have a clue or doesn't want to deal with all the problems. I would not recommend this company to even an enemy it's that bad.

BEWARE DON'T TRAVEL WITH THEM YOU'LL DEEPLY REGRET IT. I wrote a complaint to the owner and told him I wanted a refund, of course I haven't heard a thing, so I'm trying to warn everybody I can. I'm also going to send a complaint to the BBB, they need to be shut down now.

Get it in Writing with Legendary Journeys
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- After a bad mis-communication experience with ** at LEGENDARY JOURNEYS our friends sent us an email with new quotes for us to join them to Australia. We are now, again, getting her sly tricks with the "check/cash discount" figures.

A month ago we almost booked this trip with our friends but canceled the last day when Ms ** told us a different trip price than we had discussed. She said she didn't realize we wanted the WHOLE trip with our friends and that the price was $2300 per person more! Wow! This after I had been talking with her for a week about every aspect of the trip. We have never traveled with an agent or cruised before and although our friends booked months previous, Ms ** quote to us was similar. Additionally, it occurred to us that the industry was struggling this spring with two cruise liner mishaps in the news. We thought our quote was good. WE DID NOT GET IT IN WRITING FROM HER. OOPS.

So now we are back to booking based on the figures in our friend's email from his conversation with Ms **--AND CONFIRMED over the phone by my husband before giving her his credit card number. Oops. Not in writing again from her. Now she is adding the $100 ($200 dbl) cash discount to the cabin price which she quoted before the discount. She, and her math, and explanations circle how we (our friends and us) misunderstood the discount. She always quoted all the items and lastly, the discount. It was always separate, though now she seems to think we don't understand that she is changing the cabin/cruise price.

What a run-a-round! Don't know how the rest of the company is, our friends say it is OK, but don't anyone deal with this agent. And get your quotes in writing. Of course that is basic. :-(

Discrepancy In What The Company Offers And Then Provides
By -

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. All their fliers state "From $xxx per person per day INCLUDING all taxes and fees!" About 4 months before the trip was to depart Legendary Journeys offered lots of options like trip excursions, hotel location, buddy charge (same hotel and air). All this should have been made available when we paid a deposit for the trip. Even though about 19 signed up together we were not a group according to our agent, but lo and behold those people were listed on my invoice as additional traveling companions.

Pre Trip Concerns: 1. Trip Insurance (refund due) - On May 17, 2007 our agent sent an email instructing me to complete the attached forms and mail them back with a check for trip insurance if I wished to purchase it. Which I did not. When the Final Invoice came I paid it. I later found that Legendary Journey put the charge for trip insurance on the invoice. When I called and asked for a refund I was told there would be a $100 charge and I would only get a $380 refund from the $480 charge for trip insurance. There was never another communication between me and Legendary Journeys concerning trip insurance and when I called about the charge.

  1. Bus transportation. - Free Bus to ship we were told and on the invoice says Boca Raton (I-95) where in actuality it was SW 10th Street in Deerfield Beach which is in the next county and the travel documents that we got 5 days before we left said pick-up would be at 8 am for a 50 mile trip and that people could not board the ship before 1 pm. A 4 hour wait in the Florida sun.

  2. Hotel Switch - Approximately 3 weeks before the trip I tried to find out if I was in the same hotel as my in-laws as my father in-law fell. I wanted to be closer to them if they needed help so I asked if we were in the same hotel. I kept getting "hotels had not yet been finalized" from our agent. I called again and again she was out sick but the person who I spoke to gave me the information and I found out that we were not in the same hotel.

So I called asked if we could switch but I was told that I had not paid the $49/pp so it could not be done. I asked if anyone cancelled their trip that was staying at the Hotel Byron where my in-laws were staying, I was denied that information as it was confidential. I asked if I could get a list of people who were staying at the Hotel Byron so I could offer a financial incentive to someone to switch hotels but I was told that the lists were confidential (that turned out to be a lie as lists of people and their hotels were publicly posted on the Lido deck for all passengers to see).

About 10 days before we set sail I called the Hotel Byron directly to see if they had availability to which they replied "only singles". A day or two later I get a call from someone at Legendary Journeys saying that they heard my concerns from the travel agent and they wanted to see if they could help. I told them I called the Hotel a day earlier and was told they only had singles but maybe he had more pull then me. He told me that before he made the call I had to agree to a $99/pp charge. I agreed and I got a call less than 30 minutes later that he was able to get us a room. Hummmm. I have the phone call on tape as well as emails to substantiate this.

  1. City Center (Refund due) - About 4 months before the sail date and were told that it was advisable to be in City Center to be closer to downtown or we might far enough away from everything it might take a taxi to get everywhere and that could be expensive, the charge would $129/pp. It turns out that our hotel was not in City Center as were most of the hotels that were selected by Legendary Journeys.

  2. Fuel Surcharge (refund due?) - Everyone paid this which was refunded to everyone. Question is how long long did Legendary Journeys have the money in an escrow account before Carnival Cruise Line was paid. If this is the case why is Legendary Journeys not refunding the interest that was accrued in escrow?

Excursions - Bad trips: 1. April 29th Dutch/French St. Maarten. Supposed to be a tour of both sides of the Island the we only did half as we were told by our driver that due to Carnival the shops would closed. You would think that a tour company would know that in advance.

  1. May 9th World Famous Cinque Terra Ports. Days before we arrived in Livorno we made aware of a possible train strike which might affect the trip. We got off the boat, followed the Legendary Journeys tour flag for the Cinque Terra Tour to the bus. As soon as the bus took off we were handed a printed piece of paper that stated due to the strike we were going on another tour and that we had no recourse against Legendary Journeys. We asked that we be returned to the ship and were refused. We were driven to the city of Lerici about 90 minutes away.

We were dropped off about 10:30 am and were told to be back at 2:15 pm at the same spot to be picked up and we were on our own till then, no tour guide. The shops in the town closed at 1 pm for siesta and the only other tourist venue was a castle/fortress to visit (additional cost to enter). When we were picked up we were driven to Forte dei Marmi we got there at 3 pm, we told to be back at 4:30 to be taken back to the ship also, we were told we were on our own again. No tourist venues here and the shops were closed until 4 pm for siesta.

When I got home I did a search and found this but was not offered by Legendary Journeys: "From Lerici, you can take boats across the gulf to the Cinque Terre, five villages strung along the coast north of Portovenere. A leisurely
walk between two or more of the villages along the footpath which connects them will provide some absolutely breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding mountains."

If you do an internet search for these cities and select things to do you get " NO THINGS TO DO LISTED." Carnival Cruise lines did arrange alternate transportation to Cinque Terre but not Legendary Journeys. Also, I am sure that Legendary Journeys got a refund for the train ride part of the excursion.

  1. May 10th Vatican City, Sistine Chapel & Rome Orientation Tour. We did the Vatican and Sistine Chapel after lunch we got on the bus for orientation tour of historic Rome including the Forum and Colosseum. What this consisted of was a drive by of the just the Colosseum we did not go by the Forum. According to Webster's the definition of tour is: "a journey for business, pleasure, or education often involving a series of stops and ending at a point."

  2. May 12th Best of Pisa/ Enchanting Lucca. In Pisa when we were on the tour of the Cathedral, the Bapistery, the Leaning Tower & the Monumental Cemetery we were charged admission to the Cathredral. Next you will visit Piazza dei Cavalieri, which in the Middle Ages was the political and commercial center of Pisa. We never made it there.

Discrepancies in LJ's Brochures. Between mint (#1) one to select excursions which was sent in about 4 months before we departed and the one given in our state room yellow (#2) 1. #1 It is impossible to purchase these tours from ANY Legendary Journeys Representative WHILE ON THE SHIP. This is your only notice of the limited sightseeing available. #2 They list the excursions and the amount of spaces left for each one.

  1. #1 Legendary Journeys designs all tours primarily for seniors, you may expect moderate to normal amounts of walking on some excursions. #2 Parking at the Vatican requires significant amount of walking to the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica as vehicles are not allowed in proximity to the museums. This is false as buses were dropping off tours right in front.

  2. #1 All Guests will be off the ship by 7 am. It was a nightmare for example when giving instructions for debarkation the cruise director said sorry that he had to use "L" word. 4. #1 Allowed 1 Carry-on bag and 1 checked bag. #2 Allowed 1 Overnight bag and 1 checked bag. If you had an extra bag Legendary Journeys wanted an extra $39 it was waived for me after I pointed out the discrepancy, but about other people, I do not know.

  3. #2 Please remember that Legendary Journeys will be the ONLY company offering any tour options in Montecatini. This is false as we visited the tourist bureau 100 yards from city hall on Via Verde where tours were available. 6. #1 Describes the trip to Venice. #2 Urgent notes Regarding Venice Tour - long ride 4-5 hrs each way. I wonder if anyone got a refund.

    1. Flyer states 6 days 5 nights in Montecatini and you get breakfast and dinner daily in Montecatini. If on the last day you get picked up at 2 am for a 4hr trip to the airport in Rome how do I get my breakfast and dinner. Also what a great way to spend your last day.


Nice Trip, But The Write Up Was Very Misleading!
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Rating: 3/51

SARASOTALARGO, FLORIDA -- The trip wasn't bad, we just had a problem with the write up on the flier. Such as "after breakfast we will all meet...." Breakfast wasn't at a restaurant or at the Killington Resort it was what we made in the condo. On the way to the "Resort" (which was a condo near the resort) the tour guide gave us $35.00 each to go grocery shopping for food we had to prepare in our condo. We were also told we would have a tour then the next day would be a leisure day so we could relax and rest up for the next day to sit on the bus for 3 hours to go to the next touring destination.

My husband has an illness that he needed the resting day before the next trip day. We read that on the flier and we felt we could do this trip. When we got on the bus the tour guide said she was changing this around and we would be touring three days in a row. If we went on the weekend it would be to busy to get the bus in and out. There would also be double the amount of people there so it would be to congested to tour around. If we would have known that we wouldn't have taken the tour, because of my husband's health problem.

My advice to anyone booking with Legendary Journeys ask questions about everything, like "are you making your own breakfast or eating in a restaurant?" What is the name and address of the resort they say you are staying at, will the tours be as stated or will the tour guide have the option to change it around. Over all the trip was enjoyable, just be careful about the wording and phrasing they write on the FLYER DESCRIBING THE ITINERARY OF THE TRIP.

Legendary Journeys Has No Business Being in Travel Business!!!!
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Rating: 1/51

VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- I have to admit, we were impulsive in booking the cruise from Sydney to Hawaii with a group of friends, who actually originated and advised us to book with "LJ" who was marketing it as discounted rate for groups! This blunder was committed in April 2012 when we deposited $3,000.00 for a cruise we would take in April 2013! Yes, I know, we were fools to have let LJ sit on our money for a WHOLE YEAR! But then there is always first time for everything, right?

This was our first and last time to be scammed by LJ. Also, to top their scamming, LJ 'Reservation Agent' informs us since we are on the east coast, we have to pay $300.00 each for flying from NY! Stupid us! We did. After this absolutely no communication from so called 'Reservation Agent' for 9 months and year 2012 is gone. Come January 2013 we are supposed to pay balance for the cruise - guess what? No reminder or call/email from this scuzzbucket of 'reservation agent' - we still did the right thing and paid balance and called him up to get further details about flights/hotel etc. of which he provided none.

It went on back and forth till end of March 2013 when Royal Caribbean emailed us with confirmation no. and 'check in' online since we cruise with them often. So now we emailed this LJ idiot again about flights etc. Turns out LJ air dept. had booked us on outlandish routes! How about on return from Hawaii, we had to wait 11 hours at Honolulu airport to catch a flight to SEATTLE and next day from Seattle to New York!! So it took us 2 days to fly within US! Upon questioning his answer was "he doesn't do the air reservation and for additional 600.00 he can have the flight changed to direct flight!!!" Say what?? We already paid $600.00 in 2012 as penalty for flying from NY!

Then, he had no clue as to what hotel we would be staying in Sydney till seven days prior to our departure of April 14, 2013! I must have called him relentlessly so many times and he had the nerve to threaten to hang up on my husband because he was angry about ** asking for additional 600.00 while American Airlines was ready to change our flight for half that price! This company should not be in Travel Business. They are nothing but extremely incompetent, rude, ignorant bunch of scammers and the owner is the head scammer. All I have to say to my fellow senior travelers: "Beware of Legendary Journeys - you have been warned". Thank you.

No Problems
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Rating: 4/51

LARGO, FLORIDA -- We dealt with Legendary Journeys in Largo, Fl. and had no problems at all. We made a deposit and continued to pay until we have completely paid for the trip. They made all arrangements, we left from Tampa International Airport, flew into Munich, 3 or 4 people had lost luggage. We were met by a tour director who gathered everyone together, we rode on a beautiful bus to Seefeld, the hotel was quaint and very nice. Legendary Journeys worked with the airline to get the luggage for those people and saw that it was delivered to the hotel in Seefeld by the next day. The hotel staff was great, we did not have a great selection on the food but it was just fine.

I had already figured from the great price we had that there would be some compensations, but a full European breakfast with several juices, etc and dinner with 2 selections for the main course again was fine with me.. each night the salad bar was full. Our rooms were clean, lobby clean, etc. We really liked ** our tour guide, she had a quirky sense of humor and was quite knowledgeable.. No problems on our trip.

Do Not Use this Company
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We just returned from the Cruise/Rail tour from New York to Quebec, and then back to NY via Montreal. Legendary Journeys promised better land excursions and better prices than if booked with the cruise - not true - excursions were often less with the cruise, and went to better places and had better times. One shore excursion was done by a "city" bus - and the guide said he had no idea where he was supposed to take us! We jumbled off, jammed into our uncomfortable seats, some facing BACKWARDS, while the cruise line shore excursion folks boarded their nice, plush, good visibility coaches. Typical of whole tour.

LJ did not account for time changes, and we only accidentally found our Green Gables tour bus as we were heading for a nice lunch on shore, thinking we had an hour to kill. At least 4 booked passengers missed this tour. (The cruise ship, MSC Poesia, was very nice BTW).

To top it off, we were promised airport transport from our included hotel in NY at the end. Well, LJ booked all our flights, and then put us in a hotel next to LaGuardia - we were booked out of JFK. The hotel, when we asked for our transport to JFK (as LJ directed us to do) said, "we only provide for LaGuardia." So we got up at 4:45 AM to get and PAY for a taxi to JFK. We were stupid for not checking this site before we booked, and we will never book with them again. BEWARE!

Don't Ever Use These People. Their Service and Their Promises Don't Match.
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Rating: 1/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We booked an "escorted" Alaska land and see trip for 16 days, with them to meet us in Anchorage and escort us by "bus" to three other land destinations and finally to the Norwegian Star for a one-week cruise. When we got to the airport it became evident that there was no escort. We identified a passenger van with a luggage carrier and the other 10 people who had signed up. The carrier was too small for all our luggage and the van was really too small for all of us. We rode cramped together with our luggage for 8 hours to Denali.

All 12 of us were calling and emailing asking where the guide was, but we got no response and the whole trip we were forced to figure out where to find our transportation, what excursions were available online, book them ourselves, get ourselves to the excursion, etc. All they actually did is book hotels and reserve the already free transportation available through hotels and airports.

Everyone was so disappointed and some were pretty angry. To date, though all of us have written long emails, no one has received an apology (other than a form letter which was so general as to be meaningless). My husband is visually impaired and we really needed an escort. Lucky for us, the other people in our group were very travel savvy and we all pitched in to help each other. No thanks to Legendary Journeys.

Company Response 07/21/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. Legendary Journeys apologizes to this client as the tour did not live up to their expectations.

Many times, due to a groups smaller size, it is necessary for us to switch out a full size motor coach transportation for a smaller vehicle. In this case, we had a group of 12 passengers and attempted to accommodate this smaller group and substitute smaller equipment. Also, many times we will utilize driver/guides that do both the driving and the Tour Manager work. However all detailed information regarding hotels, excursions, transportation, meeting locations were all provided in your travel documents.

In the case of this tour, Legendary Journeys made the decision to run this group even with the low passenger count. The only other option would have been to cancel the departure all together. We did our best to make this trip operate even with the low passenger count. Again, we apologize that our tour did not live up to your expectations.

If you would like for us to review your concerns directly, please email us at customerrelations@LJ.travel and be sure to include your name, invoice number and a detailed summary and we will respond accordingly.

Again, thank you for contacting Legendary Journeys. We look forward to working with you towards an amicable resolution.


Legendary Journeys

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Rating: 1/51

SUMMERFIELD, FLORIDA -- I will never deal with this company ever again. They have disappointed me for three cruises. And every time, they have never taken the brunt.. I have. Because I am "Leader." There is no one on the ship to take flak. When we arrive in port, there is no one to greet us or direct us.

I have booked three very lucrative cruises with this company. The manager at the Summerfield office doesn't give a hoot about who is organizing the cruise. She should because we are paying her proverbial salary. She has absolutely no respect. Too bad because I had BIG groups and I will never book with them again. Horrible bus drivers that have no clue where they are going. If I am bringing 60 people I want preferential treatment. THERE IS NONE. I AM NON-EXISTENT. Therefore, I will NEVER use Legendary Journeys again. I will bad-mouth them whenever I can. I will bad mouth them through the Villages as often as I can.

Company Response 07/21/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. To be completely honest, we are a bit perplexed by this client's statement that was posted to this site. She has been a good group leader of Legendary Journeys and has even written us letters of praise upon completion of her group travel. Legendary Journeys never received any telephone or written correspondence from this group leader to ever let us know she was unhappy with her experience in any way. In fact, she posted this 2 years after her last trip with Legendary Journeys.

With that said, Legendary Journeys prides itself on having one of the best and most comprehensive Group Leader/Group Travel programs in the industry! The industry standard for Group Travel is that the Group leader earns 1 fee cruise berth for every 16 paid double occupancy passengers. When you travel with Legendary Journeys as a Group Leader, Once you have 15 paid double occupancy passengers (the 16th is free) anything your group package includes will be FREE. FREE means FREE. No other travel company in America gives you FREE AIR (If included with the package), FREE Port fees, FREE Government Taxes, and MORE! We strive to keep our Group Leaders happy because we appreciate the large amount of business they bring to Legendary Journeys.

These points notwithstanding, we appreciate this post and urge this client to contact us directly to discuss her concerns further. If you will please email us at Customerrelations@LJ.travel and include your name, invoice number (if applicable) and as much detail as possible and Legendary Journeys will be more than happy to respond accordingly.

Again, Thank you for posting your concerns. We look forward to hearing from you! Legendary Journeys will always provide the greatest value for your travel dollar.

Legendary Journeys

Very disappointed in 5 day trip to New Orleans, LA for Mardi Gras.
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Rating: 2/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- The hotels chosen were described as "first class". The rooms were dark and noisy and had serious plumbing issues. The included breakfasts were only available if you were in the breakfast room before 7am (a fact not mentioned to those of us on the tour) The guide failed to mention many of the pertinent fact to insure a pleasant experience, for example she never mentioned to the bus of 50 people that we should check the board in the hotel lobby for updates to times and places for our group to meet.

Our tour bus could not park on the streets of the French Quarter so we had to have our luggage unloaded on Canal Street and each passenger had to drag our luggage a half a block down the street to the hotel. The meals that were include during our bus rides to and from New Orleans were at places that were ill-equipped to handle an influx of so many people and the food was definitely NOT first class. I would never go on a tour with Legendary Journeys again.

Company Response 07/28/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. We do apologize that our tour to the New Orleans Mardi Gras Festivities did not meet your expectations. We can certainly see your point that stating "First Class" hotels can open a wide array of meanings. This is why Legendary Journeys utilizes a minimum 3-star property for all of our Tour and Cruise Tour Hotel Properties. We do offer upgrade options for CITY CENTER 3, 4 and even 5 star properties. This way our guests can choose the level of service and location they prefer.

Many times Legendary Journeys contracts the included breakfasts to the Hotels that we use. When this occurs, the operation times of the included breakfasts are up to the individual hotels. We do ask our guests to please check with the hotel upon check in as to the details of their breakfast program.

Legendary Journeys feels it best to have a central point for information in the hotels. This is why we typically place a whiteboard in the lobby and place detailed information pertaining to the tour. We certainly apologize if you did not hear your Tour Manager's announcement of this information board being in the lobby of your hotel.

We do apologize that you had to handle your luggage from the motor coach drop off point to the hotel. While every effort is made for our motor coach to drop off our guests as close to the venue as possible, sometimes due to a variety of reasons, it is completely out of our control. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Again, thank you for posting your concerns. Legendary Journeys strives to provide the greatest value for your travel dollar.

Legendary Journeys

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