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Legendary Journeys
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Tour Orlando Hotels for Christmas Decoration.
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Rating: 1/51

The Orlando hotels had notified the companies that they were discontinuing these tours. AAA canceled the same trip and refunded the individuals
their money. After numerous calls to legendary office and to sue who
worked for them and went with the group nothing was done until some people notified seniors against crime. Legendary still refused a monetary refund but gave out a voucher that could be used on another trip with them.
Who in their right mind would ever book as much as a hay ride with them
after this disaster and their extremely poor treatment of their customers.
Needless to say I am sure no one used their voucher and legendary
retained all of the individuals money. Never ever again.

Company Response 08/11/2015:

Thank you for posting your continued concerns regarding this Day trip. In your previous posting we explained in great detail what had occurred on this one day trip. (Please see "Trip was a disaster .... to finish" below and our detailed response) In our original explanation we explained that while there were issues with this one day trip, Legendary Journeys did make alternate arrangements so that this trip would operate. Our decision to provide compensation to our guests in the form of a Future Travel Certificate was based on the fact that the tour did operate with some modifications and the prevailing hiccups that occurred throughout the tour due to the last minute modifications. Needless to say, your statement is wildly inaccurate and not correct. We actually had a large number of Future Travel Certificates used from this matter. We are sorry to hear of your decision to not utilize your certificate.

Again, Legendary Journeys apologizes that our tour, even with the last minute modifications, did not meet your expectations. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

Legendary Journeys

Trip Was a disaster.... to Finish.
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Rating: 1/51

THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- Trip advertised a bus trip to Orlando to see two hotel Christmas decorations, a surprise hotel and a lunch. Cost $45. Trip Started 45 min. late.. bus problem. Since the planned lunch was supposedly scheduled for 3 p.m. we decided to eat at first hotel on our own since it was noon. Second hotel No preparations had been made for us at the Grand Floridian (biggest hotel). Consequently we sat in parking lot instead of touring. We were then taken to Disney village and were given a very short time there. Next we were taken to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch at 3. Once again we spent time sitting in the parking lot as no arrangements were made for us.

After several calls to the main office we were finally able to have a $ 7 lunch. We were then taken to a third hotel, sat in parking lot while they asked if we could come. 30 min. there. Again no pre-planning. We then returned home. After requesting a refund to company and seniors against crime we were given a voucher to use on another trip. Not a refund. AAA gave a refund for their same trip. Bottom line...I will never travel with Legendary again.

Company Response 08/04/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. This one day trip did have a number of issues that occurred during the trip. Legendary Journeys sent an email to all guests on this tour explaining what had occurred. We will list them here in this response.

Our motorcoach departed 30 minutes beyond the scheduled departure time. This can occur for any number of reasons, including traffic delays. We were also informed that many of you were instructed, by someone who is not a Legendary Journeys agent, to be at the departure location by 8:30 AM and some of you arrived as early as 8:15 AM. For this we are very sorry, but we always inform all passengers to be at the departure location 15 – 20 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time and this information will always be stated on the bus list.

The incident with the Grand Floridian was beyond the control of Legendary Journeys. While it was unfortunate that you were not able to see the lobby and lights at this hotel, Disney's security guards reserve the right to refuse anyone trying to enter the property at any time without cause, which is what happened here. We did contact both hotels and were informed that no reservations were required and no reservations are accepted to see the lobby's and lights on Disney property. Once we learned of your refusal into the Grand Floridian we immediately took action and arranged a substitution, the Gaylord Palms, which is equal to or better than the Grand Floridian. This was to ensure that you were not left without seeing a second hotel.

In regards to Downtown Disney, we understand that many of you stated there was ongoing construction which caused some delays in being dropped off, but unfortunately this information was not listed on Disney's consumer website or any of their travel agent sites we reference for information prior to departure. Due to this construction you were re-routed to a different area for pick-up and drop-offs. Unless this information is available to us prior to your departure this cannot be anticipated.

We understand that many of you were under the assumption that the tour would return to the clubhouse at 6:00 PM. While this information was not published in your flyer, we are never able to guarantee return times as there can be delays due to traffic, passengers getting back on the coach or any other number of events that can delay the coach returning on time. For these reasons Legendary Journeys does not guarantee return times.

Legendary Journeys apologizes that aspects of your tour fell below your expectations. However, we feel that you have received everything that you paid for as you were provided access to Disney Wilderness Lodge Lobby & Lights, Downtown Disney for shopping and the lunch at Sweet Tomatoes as outlined in the trip flyer. The only substitution made was for Disney's Grand Floridian which was out of our control and replaced with an equivalent hotel.

Please Note: Legendary Journeys Terms and Conditions clearly state “Legendary Journeys reserves the right to substitute hotels, shows, airlines, restaurants, attractions, etc. of similar quality at any time”.

These points notwithstanding, due to the issues outlined above, Legendary Journeys provided all guests on this tour a Future Travel Certificate valid for $45, the cost of the tour, to be used with Legendary Journeys in the future.

Again, thank you for posting your concerns. Legendary Journeys strives to provide the greatest value for your travel dollar.

Legendary Journeys

Bait and Switch
By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We are scheduled to leave on a trip to Rome this weekend. We received our travel vouchers several days ago to find out that they did not book us on our requested excursion for the 1st of November that they advertised but changed it to the 2nd without even contacting us. We paid for this 2 1/2 months ago and never heard from anyone regarding the change. When I contacted ** the person we booked with to say we did not want to do an excursion on the 2nd of November and wanted our money refunded, he sent the request to corporate and they have refused to refund our money.

We paid for a full day of touring in Rome and this has been changed to a tour plus transportation to Tuscany. We had plans for Tuscany on the 2nd of November. They would not accept credit cards for this and have refused to refund our money. I will be contacting our attorney regarding this but want other people to know how you are treated when you book with Legendary Journeys. This is our first and last experience with them.

Company Response 08/25/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. We are sorry to hear of your optional tour conflict due to our modification of the tour. Legendary Journeys advises all guests that Optional Tours are 100% non-refundable. The only exception to this is if Legendary Journeys cancels the tour, in which case we promptly refund anyone booked on that optional tour.

On the optional tour form that you signed, directly below the signature (where you signed agreeing to our policies) it clearly states:

"Reservations Are Non Refundable After Booking, including, but not limited to, cancellation of port by Cruise Line or weather issues and can not be given to another guest. Your signature acknowledges that excursions cannot be canceled for any reason including but not limited to regret of purchase. Additionally, while no revisions of the itinerary are anticipated, Legendary Journeys reserves the right to change any tour, schedule, or price, or to substitute stops and attractions on any tour without notice, and to use substitute equipment as necessary. You must contact your Travel Insurance provider to insure your optional tour purchase (or any additional pur¬chase). Do not assume that tours are insured because you have a policy on your base travel package, Legendary Journeys will not be responsible for tours not insured by your Insurance Provider. We also reserve the right to require a minimum number of passengers to operate any tour. Any tour canceled by Legendary Journeys will be promptly refunded. Additionally, please review your signed passenger information agreement for the trip. That agreement applies to any optional tours you purchase from Legendary Journeys. Legendary Journeys acts as a representative booking agent for airlines, motor coach companies, tours and the like. Therefore, we remind you that we can not accept responsibilities for their actions. You agree to make no charge backs for purchased tours."

In the above verbiage, we advise you of the potential for changes. Once you confirmed your participation in the tour, your reservation was locked in and payments made on your behalf to our Vendor who was providing the tour.

Many times, we are asked why our policy on Optional Tours are so strict. This is how we obtain our lower optional tour rates. We guarantee with our vendors that they will be paid for the excursions purchased, including, but not limited to the ship not coming into port that day. By guaranteeing payment, our vendors provide us with the best possible prices for optional tours in the industry and we pass these savings along to our valued clients. Furthermore, we advise all of our guests to purchase optional travel protection. In our optional Tour information we further advise our clients that they will need to contact their travel protection provider and increase their coverage to cover any newly purchased optional tours.

Again, Thank you for posting your concerns. Legendary Journeys strives to provide the greatest value for your travel dollar!

Legendary Journeys

Beware Of Prepaid Tours
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- A warning regarding nonrefundable prepaid tours booked through Legendary Journeys on their cruise tours. We booked 3 tours 6 months before the transatlantic sailing with 6 days in Tuscany included. Once onboard the ship, we discovered that none offered paid access to any of the attractions like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and secondly, most required walks of a mile or more to the attraction as tour buses are not allowed near and cannot park.

Also, by pre-booking these tours through Legendary Journeys, you might find that a 300 mile round trip bus trip to Venice is planned for the day after you spent 6 hours on a bus from Rome to Tuscany. Many hidden charges from advertisements in the papers or online. If planning to travel with a group of friends, be prepared to pay to stay together, either on the ship or in hotels. They charge for everything including the selection of your cabin.

Bait And Switch
By -

STUART, FLORIDA -- My husband and I booked a trip in July 2007 with Legendary Journey/Royal Caribbean for March 30, 2008. The cruise was to include Ireland, Azores, Paris, London, Amsterdam and the Tulips in Amsterdam plus hotel for two nights in Amsterdam.

Trip was paid, side trips were booked. Oops, everything was changed and not even Legendary Journey knew about it until I called to tell them. In mid-January, Royal Caribbean "dropped" Ireland, and changed Cornwall to Dover. No replacement was made and now we are spending 9 days on the water which is 75% of the trip. Ugh! This is not the trip I purchased but, it was too late to get a refund. I wrote to the Attorney General Office in Florida at that time and have not gotten a response.

I called, e-mailed Royal Caribbean and have gotten "0" except that they have the right to change the itinerary. I feel that this is a "Bait and Switch" since no replacement was made for the dropped Ireland except for more water time. Legendary Journey has looked the other way and refused to fight for any compensation.

Today, was the last straw (13 days before departure), the hotel that is booked for Amsterdam is 66 miles from Amsterdam in the middle of nowhere. I asked where the upgraded hotels would be and never got a response from Legendary Journey. Legendary Journey also booked us the late dinner when I asked for early and booked our return into Orlando instead of Miami. This is the last time I will book with Legendary Journey and the last time I will sail with Royal Caribbean. This trip was expensive and has turned out to be a very expensive disaster.

I thought the reason to book with a travel agency was that they took good care of their clients since it was important to have repeat business and a good reputation. I guess they don't care!

By -

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We too booked excursions through Legendary Journeys. The descriptions we received said that the excursions offered were less expensive than those offered on board the ship, and that by booking ahead we could be sure of getting the trips we wanted. We paid $474 for 3 excursions for myself and my husband. They all went - but not to the places that were described in the brochure. We weren't told that they were being diverted until the busses pulled away and were blocks away from the pier in unfamiliar territory. The excursions were all OK but we never would have chosen them, as we had already done them on previous trips.

We complained to the excursion people on the various busses, but were ignored. When we got home we wrote letters to the company and they went unanswered. I should add that we were to have a bus pick us up at the pier when we returned to Ft. Lauderdale to take us home. No bus. 2 hours later, still no bus. At that point I called and was "lucky" enough to get through to someone who "authorized" me to rent a car to get home, but she stressed that each party had to call to get authorization on a case by case basis. She also said I would be reimbursed immediately.

I just got reimbursement 2 weeks ago, the trip was in February, it is now June. I only got reimbursement after faxing bills, which was understandable, but I had to follow up with multiple phone calls almost every day for the 3 months that I had to wait for reimbursement. I have received reimbursement as I mentioned for the rental car, however, the check bears the notation that if cashed the company is released from any and ALL claims. I have no intention of cashing this check until we decide if we will take this to court.

I have not to this date had even so much as a letter about the excursions. We did receive a $25.00 voucher for a future trip. Either way I guess my idea of "immediate" and their idea of immediate is quite different. Also their idea of "expecting things to have glitches" means that they don't have to live up to their end of the bargain. I might add that their agents are great, but they are not told the truth to pass on to customers, they only tell you what you hope to hear. The management lets them down too.

I notice there is a place for the company to respond to this posting. If they do, it will be wonderful, and will be the first time they have addressed this issue. Meantime, they have about 100 or more people that booked one or more of these excursions who all know what happened. We are in touch, and are deciding on whether we wish to proceed and how.

Tuscany to Greece Land Cruise
By -

Six adults are concerned with the response we are getting from LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. We leave on Feb 27th, still do not have reservations on the airlines, cruise ship, hotels etc. in Europe. Unable to reach by phone, the web site they gave for reservation information is not available. We were told to contact the airlines to make our seating assignments, but LEGENDARY JOURNEYS did not give us the confirmation numbers that the air line requires, and our names are not on the passenger list. We have been calling for 3 days and get the same recording that this is Feb 15th.

Wonderful Trip to Costa Rica
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- Legendary Journeys definitely out did themselves with the Costa Rican trip. It was 7 days of wonderful, exciting experiences. Our guides ** and ** were excellent. Hotel was fantastic and the value was unbeatable!

Company Response 07/13/2015:

Thank you so much for your kind words regarding your recent Costa Rica Trip! We are thrilled that you had a wonderful time on the tour! We look forward to seeing you on a Future Legendary Journey!
Legendary Journeys

Bad Experience
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Rating: 1/51

SUMMERFIELD, FLORIDA -- We also had a horrible experience with Legendary Journeys on a 16 day land and sea trip to Alaska. I have written about it so many times I am not going to tell the whole story. However, I also dealt with ** in the Summerfield office and was completely disgusted that she never contacted us when we returned to see how our trip was. I copied her on all my emails to the company about the many problems we had and we never heard from her!

Company Response 07/20/2015:

Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. Legendary Journeys apologizes that your June 2014 "Alaska at Leisure Southbound Glacier Tour" did not meet your expectations. Luckily we were able to locate your reservation and retrieve all of the correspondence between yourself and Legendary Journeys. Incidentally, there was considerable communication back and forth between these clients and our Customer Relations Team. The majority of this client's concerns revolve around the fact that we tried to accommodate a small group of 10. Being a smaller group, we utilized transportation that best fit a group of that size. Unfortunately, due to that smaller size we did not utilize a large 54 seat motorcoach, however we used a 14 passenger van. Also due to the small size of the group, we did not have an escort that traveled with the group, however gave instruction in the document packet. We further had some misprints in some of the information within the travel document packet that caused some frustration to some passengers on this tour.

We sincerely apologize to this client for these items and for the tour not living up to their expectations. We tried to make arrangements so that this tour could run with a minimum number of passengers. The alternative would have been to completely cancel the arrangements at the last minute and we did not wish to do this and completely disappoint those that purchased the tour and made arrangements to travel at that time.

In the matter of these clients, Legendary Journeys provided compensation to them to be used on a future travel package with Legendary Journeys. To date, these clients have utilized this compensation and I do hope they have a wonderful time on their upcoming Western Caribbean Cruise they purchased through Legendary Journeys.

Again, Thank you for posting your concerns and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. Legendary Journeys strives to provide the greatest value for your travel dollar.

Legendary Journeys

What a Terrible Company. Stay Clear of All Hire Hype
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Rating: 1/51

OCALA, FLORIDA -- From the day we booked we should have got the message. Do not trust this company. They clump everything together so that there is no way to check prices. We paid for an upgrade in Hong Kong for a better hotel and never got it. We had pay 100 dollars for luggage traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong. This was not excess baggage either. Have we ever got that back. No. No matter what I do. We now realize that we paid far in excess for what we got. Never Ever Again.

Company Response 08/06/2015:

Thank you for posting your concern and giving Legendary Journeys the opportunity to respond. We are sorry to hear that you were not pleased with your overall experience with Legendary Journeys. We strive to provide our guests with great value by packaging together all the components that are needed for someone to successfully travel. In the case of your package, You took our Best of Asia Royal Caribbean Mariner of the Sea Sailing from Dubai to Singapore, which INCLUDED the following:

~The 12 day sailing aboard Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas
~FREE AIR from Select Florida Cities to Dubai and returning from Singapore
~FREE 3 Night Dubai Pre Tour
~FREE 2 Night Singapore Post Tour

We further show that you opted to upgrade your Hong Kong hotel to a 4 Star City Center Property.

Please understand that if you were to purchase these items ala carte, you would have paid much more than what you paid with Legendary Journeys. We are able to use our buying power to purchase items in bulk at a greater discount. This enables us to package together these trip components to provide our guests with the absolute best value and rates!

We also make you aware of our Airline policy regarding Baggage fees in our Terms and Conditions under "Airline Arrangements" where it clearly states: "Once Legendary Journeys purchases any airline ticket, said ticket will be 100% non-refundable/non-changeable/non-transferable. Legendary Journeys does not pay ANY airline imposed fees for Baggage, Seating Assignments, check in fees, etc. Please contact your specific air carrier directly, or go to their website, for complete information of their additional fees charged. TSA requires that names on Airline tickets MUST MATCH the name as it appears on your passport. Having an incorrectly spelled name could result in additional fees, a new ticket being purchased and/or denied boarding. ANY costs involving a name change to an airline ticket will be the responsibility of the traveler. Legendary Journeys is not responsible if an airline cancels or delays a flight for any reason, including weather. If you are unable to make your departure, it is your responsibility to work with the airline on which you are ticketed to reach your destination. Legendary Journeys is not responsible for any additional expenses you may incur prior to joining your trip. Legendary Journeys is not responsible for, and will not provide any refund for components of trips missed due to canceled or delayed flights. Legendary Journeys does not participate in, nor can we assist in any frequent flyer programs."

These points notwithstanding, Legendary Journeys provides an optional service called Legendary Premium Air. With Legendary Journeys Premium Air program you can customize your airline arrangements to your exact specifications for a fee of $49 plus the additional cost of the service requested. This means you could have specified your airline(s) and chosen an airline that perhaps would not charge any additional baggage fees.

In this post, you state that you never received the 4 star upgrade that you paid for. We are a little confused as you had contacted us after the trip to seek reimbursement for your baggage fees, however you never mentioned anything to us about not receiving your upgraded hotel. Our records show that the hotel you were placed in was the Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong located at 387-397, Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong. In fact, this is a 4 star property located in the city center of Hong Kong. If this was not the case with you, we ask that you please contact our Customer Relations Team by emailing us at Customerrelations@LJ.travel and provide your names, Invoice number and as much detail of your concerns as possible and we will be more than happy to respond accordingly.

Again, Thank you for posting your concerns. Legendary Journeys strives to provide the greatest value for your travel dollar.

Legendary Journeys

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