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Don't Ever Use These People. Their Service and Their Promises Don't Match.
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Rating: 1/51
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We booked an "escorted" Alaska land and see trip for 16 days, with them to meet us in Anchorage and escort us by "bus" to three other land destinations and finally to the Norwegian Star for a one-week cruise. When we got to the airport it became evident that there was no escort. We identified a passenger van with a luggage carrier and the other 10 people who had signed up. The carrier was too small for all our luggage and the van was really too small for all of us. We rode cramped together with our luggage for 8 hours to Denali.

All 12 of us were calling and emailing asking where the guide was, but we got no response and the whole trip we were forced to figure out where to find our transportation, what excursions were available on line, book them ourselves, get ourselves to the excursion, etc. All they actually did is book hotels and reserve the already free transportation available through hotels and airports.

Everyone was so disappointed and some were pretty angry. To date, though all of us have written long emails, no one has received an apology (other than a form letter which was so general as to be meaningless). My husband is visually impaired and we really needed an escort. Lucky for us, the other people in our group were very travel savvy and we all pitched in to help each other. No thanks to Legendary Journeys.
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Rating: 1/51
SUMMERFIELD, FLORIDA -- I will never deal with this company ever again. They have disappointed me for three cruises. And every time, they have never taken the brunt.. I have. Because I am "Leader." There is no one on the ship to take flak. When we arrive in port, there is no one to greet us or direct us.

I have booked three very lucrative cruises with this company. The manager at the Summerfield office doesn't give a hoot about who is organizing the cruise. She should because we are paying her proverbial salary. She has absolutely no respect. Too bad because I had BIG groups and I will never book with them again. Horrible bus drivers that have no clue where they are going. If I am bringing 60 people I want preferential treatment. THERE IS NONE. I AM NON-EXISTENT. Therefore, I will NEVER use Legendary Journeys again. I will bad-mouth them whenever I can. I will bad mouth them through the Villages as often as I can.
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Very disappointed in 5 day trip to New Orleans, LA for Mardi Gras.
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Rating: 2/51
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- The hotels chosen were described as "first class". The rooms were dark and noisy and had serious plumbing issues. The included breakfasts were only available if you were in the breakfast room before 7am (a fact not mentioned to those of us on the tour) The guide failed to mention many of the pertinent fact to insure a pleasant experience, for example she never mentioned to the bus of 50 people that we should check the board in the hotel lobby for updates to times and places for our group to meet. Our tour bus could not park on the streets of the French Quarter so we had to have our luggage unloaded on Canal Street and each passenger had to drag our luggage a half a block down the street to the hotel.

The meals that were include during our bus rides to and from New Orleans were at places that were ill-equipped to handle an influx of so many people and the food was definitely NOT first class. I would never go on a tour with Legendary Journeys again.
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Trip Was a disaster....to Finish
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Rating: 1/51
THE VILLAGES, FLORIDA -- Trip advertised a bus trip to Orlando to see two hotel Christmas decorations, a surprise hotel and a lunch. Cost $45. Trip Started 45 min. Late..bus problem. Since the planned lunch was supposedly scheduled for 3 p.m. we decided to eat at first hotel on our own since it was noon. Second hotel No preparations had been made for us at the Grand Floridian (biggest hotel). Consequently we sat in parking lot instead of touring. We were then taken to Disney village and were given a very short time there. Next we were taken to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch at 3. Once again we spent time sitting in the parking lot as no arrangements were made for us. After several calls to the main office we were finally able to have a $ 7. lunch. We were then taken to a third hotel, sat in parking lot while
They asked if we could come. 30 min..there. Again no pre-planning. We then returned home. After requesting a refund to company and Seniors against crime we were given a voucher to use on another trip. Not a refund. AAA gave a refund for their same trip.
Bottom line...I will never travel with legendary again.
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Dishonest Practices
Posted by on
I am a tour operator in Skagway, AK. Legendary Journeys contracted business with me back in the 1990's. On our last tour, scheduled for mid-morning, and having had trouble with payment in the past, I got the payment up front. Legendary Journeys then, at the last minute, contracted an additional bus tour by phone to be paid for that day and departing at 8 AM, which I put in place and got underway. They then totally fouled up the original arrangements for later that morning by changing their demands to something I could not provide. Instead, unable to make contact with their group representative, a rather large man who was too busy having breakfast in a local restaurant to attend to the group, I upgraded the people at my expense and got them underway. I tried desperately to track down the representative all day long, but he evaded me. Long story short: they stuck me for the additional tour and never paid for it. When I tried to contact them by phone and get payment, they cited trouble with the changes I made in the tour and threatened to sue me! This is NOT a company you can trust in any way, shape or form, IMO.
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You Get What You Pay For
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SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- I just returned from an 18 day tour which included London and A Baltic Sea cruise on Carnival. The cruise went fine with Carnival but the travel arrangements from Legendary Journeys was a trip from hell. When we arrived in London we had to walk about a mile to board the bus. This was very hard pushing and pulling luggage. They they had changed our hotel and instead of staying near London we were about 45 miles out of town. Some of our group was left at the airport and had to pay $100 to get transportation to hotel. We were responsible for our luggage to and from our rooms off of the buses. We were not issued boarding passes and enough time was not allowed so we missed our flight in Germany. Yes, we flew from Jacksonville, FL to Germany then to London. The same on our return.

I have travel extensively and have never had such a horrible experience as this. PLEASE, just pay a very little more and go with a reliable company that gives you what they promise.
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User Replies:
travelalot on 10/01/2008:
When I read these comments and anyone post ( I have traveled extensively) I have always wondered what that really means and now understand. It means someone who has been on two trips or so and think they understand how the world should work. Anyone who really has traveled to any degree understands delays, hotels, transfers and so on. I was also on this trip and found it an incredible value and know it went really well. First at the airport we did not walk a mile to board the bus. As we both know the bus was not right at the door but the signage as we both know only allowed the bus to park in certain areas. As to your luggage why not hire a porter or get a luggage cart. If you only had one bag as outlined there would have been no issue but it sounds like you brought more than your fair share. Explain to me how the hotel was changed. We were in London which is a massive city we were 30 to 45 minutes from anywhere and the hotel was great. Where did you expect to be in a city that large. As to your air again what is your point as you only had one stop I had two. If you have for one moment looked at air you are fully aware a one stop flight is a great thing to have. As to missing your flight because of a boarding pass how is this the fault of this company. It appears you were not issued one by the air line. I am not sure why you have a concern about the passengers that missed there bus and had to make there way as it appears not to have involved you. I also know about this but there flights was delayed, again I am not sure how this an issue for this company. If you or I were to fly in and were delayed due to an issue with the airline and missed a cruise is it the cruise lines fault. Of course not on this trip or any trip. As to your last issue of paying a little more what do you consider a little more. I explored this trip in detail before purchase. To go to the cruise line the cruise only was more than this package. I am sorry to hear you had issues but from someone who was there you really are being unfair and I must say untruthful.
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Posted by on
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- We too booked excursions through Legendary Journeys. The descriptions we received said that the excursions offered were less expensive than those offered on board the ship, and that by booking ahead we could be sure of getting the trips we wanted. We paid $474 for 3 excursions for myself and my husband. They all went - but not to the places that were described in the brochure. We weren't told that they were being diverted until the busses pulled away and were blocks away from the pier in unfamiliar territory. The excursions were all OK but we never would have chosen them, as we had already done them on previous trips. We complained to the excursion people on the various busses, but were ignored. When we got home we wrote letters to the company and they went unanswered. I should add that we were to have a bus pick us up at the pier when we returned to Ft. Lauderdale to take us home. No bus. 2 hours later, still no bus. At that point I called and was "lucky" enough to get through to someone who "authorized" me to rent a car to get home, but she stressed that each party had to call to get authorization on a case by case basis. She also said I would be reimbursed immediately. I just got reimbursement 2 weeks ago, the trip was in February, it is now June. I only got reimbursement after faxing bills, which was understandable, but I had to follow up with multiple phone calls almost every day for the 3 months that I had to wait for reimbursement. I have received reimbursement as I mentioned for the rental car, however, the check bears the notation that if cashed the company is released from any and ALL claims. I have no intention of cashing this check until we decide if we will take this to court. I have not to this date had even so much as a letter about the excursions. We did receive a $25.00 voucher for a future trip. Either way I guess my idea of "immediate" and their idea of immediate is quite different. Also their idea of "expecting things to have glitches" means that they don't have to live up to their end of the bargain. I might add that their agents are great, but they are not told the truth to pass on to customers, they only tell you what you hope to hear. The management lets them down too.
I notice there is a place for the company to respond to this posting. If they do, it will be wonderful, and will be the first time they have addressed this issue. Meantime, they have about 100 or more people that booked one or more of these excursions who all know what happened. We are in touch, and are deciding on whether we wish to proceed and how.
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User Replies:
Noneill on 06/04/2007:
Sounds like you got ripped off. How did you come across this company? Their website looks cheesey. "Sign up here for secret cruise tours and specials."
cadydid on 06/04/2007:
I currently work in the travel business and I can tell you that Legendary Journeys causes more problems than I can count. Let's just say this.. dependability is not a word I would used to describe the company.

That aside.. I know that bookign shore excursions through the cruise line is more expensive. However, there are advantages to it. The first being the ship knows where you are. Meaning that if the shore excursion is delayed, it will be communicated to the ship and they will delay departure if necessary. Ont eh flip side, if you book on your own, and you're delayed.. the ship has no way of knowing this and hence may leave you. In which case, you would be responsible for joining the ship in the next port of call.

A close second would be recourse. If something like that happened to one that you had booked through the cruise line.. all you would have had to do is contact the shore ex staff onboard and they would have taken care of it. It may not have resulted in a full refund, but certainly a credit of some kind.

AFerguson on 06/21/2007:
I am surprised here. My group has taken more than 12 cruises with Legendary Journeys and we have had great experiences. First, I have compared and compared rates and found them to have substantially better rates. Second, my group had a Med Cruise with Carnival this spring and Legendary's shore excursions were terrific. My group was more than 150 with them to Alaska and it was a great trip.
Anonymous on 06/21/2007:
Hi Noneill!
joytravels on 05/08/2009:
This is ABSOLUTELY WILD. The above comment by AFerguson about "my group has taken more than 12 cruises with Legendary Journeys" is FROM ADRIAN FERGUSON, THE PRESIDENT OF LEGENDARY JOURNEYS!!!!!!!!! It comes directly from the computer at Legendary Journeys. That is just more fraud than I can handle. Anyone who has a complaint about this company should use this fraud in their defense.
BokiBean on 05/08/2009:
joy, that's just silly. Anyone could have written that comment.
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Tuscany to Greece Land Cruise
Posted by on
Six adults are concerned with the response we are getting from LEGENDARY JOURNEYS. We leave on Feb 27th, still do not have reservations on the airlines, cruise ship, hotels etc. in Europe. Unable to reach by phone, the web site they gave for reservation information is not available.

We were told to contact the airlines to make our seating assignments, but LEGENDARY JOURNEYS did not give us the confirmation numbers that the air line requires, and our names are not on the passenger list.

We have been calling for 3 days and get the same recording that this is Feb 15th.
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User Replies:
Skye on 02/17/2007:
I just called, and yes the message says Feb.15, and it also says they won't be answering the phones due to computer upgrades. Also, the page they gave you is probably unavailable due to computer upgrades. Maybe you can find a working number from this page.

Slimjim on 02/17/2007:
Yikes! An extensive tour like that with a cruise and you don't have your entire itinerary, tickets, boarding passes etc.,etc., in your hands by now? I don't have to tell you that's not good. Hope you paid by credit card. Not saying they definitely will fail you, but their service and correspondence here coming up on the eleventh hour is far less than perfect.
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Travel insurance reimbursement
Posted by on
SARASOTA, FLORIDA -- Legendary Journeys Travel Agency cheated my friend and I our of almost $4000. We contracted a trip to Alaska and paid for the trip and insurance by check. We were told we had insurance that would allow us to cancel until the day before we departed. This was a lie. Legendary never paid for our trip insurance. We had to cancel our trip and we were not reimbursed. The FDACS say they do not have the authority to order this reimbursement. Legendary's manager Charles Scott, says he will not refund our money because he doesn't have to. This is fraudulent and disgusting.

Hiring an attorney will cost me more than I'm owed. Legendary knows this. We're two senior citizens living in New York. He knows we cannot run down there to fight this nor is it cost efficient. No one has a right to steal another person's money. This is a terrible blemish on Florida's tourist industry. They should not be permitted to perpetrate such an action.

Lynda Sposato
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 07/23/2006:
Why did you cancel your trip. There are restrictions on trip insurance.
glc on 07/23/2006:
Lynda: Legendary Journeys is licensed by the State of Florida. If you want to file a complaint go to: www.stateofflorida.com, but consider what Spiderman said..the insurance does cover cancellation reasons such as medical, death etc..but not all.
taloolah on 07/23/2006:
My reason was legit. My husband suffered a very serious injury. When we called them they said our insurance would cover both of us as she was my roommate. Turns out they paid my premium too late and hers not at all!!!! Very shady indeed!!!!
Hugh_Jorgen on 07/24/2006:
Does the AARP have a consumer advocate? I would imagine these folks would not like their practices exposed to a wider audience.
Timboss on 07/24/2006:
If the travel agent did not really pay for the insurance then you have to go to him, unfortunately. But sending letters and emails is cheap - try sending to the newspapers, travel organization, sites like this, etc. There are so many different travel policies. If you paid the extra to have total refund if you canceled for any reason you would be covered but, if you cancel for medical reasons it would have to be one of the people traveling.

Check the complaint at http://www.sptimes.com/2003/07/20/Action/Refund_on_Alaska_crui.shtml, guess who it is about, that's right, Scott
taloolah on 07/24/2006:
I've complained to the attorney generals in Florida and New York, lots of newspaspers and I've even been on national television, Ask Asa of NBC. We called the travel agent and were told that both my friend and I were covered as the injured was a family member and she was my roommate. They also said we could cancel until the day beforethetrip and wouldbe entitled to full refund. The story changed when we found out the insurance was paid too late. Legendary should have paid them on time. I paid Legendary early. I later found outI never should have taken out insurance with the agent that booked the trip. They work together. I also never should have paid by check! Had I paid by credit card there would hav been no problem.
taloolah on 07/24/2006:
Timboss-thanks for the tip! I'll be writing to the St. Petersburg Times for help!
Rubyred on 08/17/2006:
The first question I have for you is: Did you get the insurance policy in writing?
taloolah on 08/17/2006:
Charles Scott never paid for the policy when I booked. When I called the office said it (insurance) should go into effect as soon as they receive my deposit. It was listed on my bill, I gave him a deposit, paid for my trip in full on May 31, 2005 and the insurance policy went into effect on August 4,2005. And he keeps trying to blame me.
Rubyred on 08/18/2006:
That still didn't answer my question. Did you get the terms of the insurance policy in writing?
taloolah on 08/18/2006:
I did receive a brochure from the insurance that covered my situation. Legendary did not pay for the policy when they received my deposit. My policy went into effect two months after I paid for the trip. This is not my fault.
AFerguson on 10/07/2006:
Mrs Sposato is providing 71% of this information. She purchased the Alaska trip in December 2005. The booking form required a deposit and (if you wanted insurance) the full payment of the insurance policy. She only paid the deposit. At Final Payment was made in June 2006 with the insurance payment. The policy was purchased then because it was paid for then. The insurance company declined her claim because the medical condition (which was her husband) occurred before she paid her insurance. The claim has been rejected by the state of New York and Florida. She continues to tell 71% of the entire story. Lesson learned here for everyone else...to waive pre-existing conditions for travel insurance you must pay the policy premium at time of booking. She didn't and insurance only became of interest to her after a medical condition occurred...but continues to tell this same story. Legendary Journeys handles more than 20,000 cruise guests a year. Our unresolved complaint ratio is almost non existent. There is no way we can satisfy this client. Any questions I am available at al@legendaryjourneys.com www.GoLJ.com Frankly, I think her efforts are unfair but that is the situation here. Al Ferguson, Legendary Journeys.
taloolah on 10/07/2006:
Mr. Ferguson, I find it amusing that you are addressing my complaint here but never answered the letter I sent you. I have the paperwork to support each of my claims. I was never asked for a separate insurance payment. My initial receipt from YOUR office proves this. The rest of your story is nonsense as it is based on disregarding this fact and many others. My husband didn’t have a pre-existing condition; he had a life threatening car accident after the trip was paid in full. If your office had paid the insurance premium when I sent my deposit there would have been no problem. Both the New York State Attorney General’s office and the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services tried to assist me. Neither rejected my claim, only you did. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has received many complaints about you that are still not resolved. I am not at liberty to discuss that matter further. Your BBB Membership Status was revoked by the Board of Directors due to unresolved complaints. Detailed information is available on their site. The lesson to be learned here is to never ever pay for any service by check. This gives you no recourse. You could easily satisfy this client. Just reimburse $1937 for both my friend and myself. We paid for our insurance, but you didn’t. When a person tells the truth, the story always remains the same. Lynda Sposato
AFerguson on 10/10/2006:
Dear Mrs Spasota: Again 71% accurate. When you made your reservations in December 2005 you signed a reservation form that said EXACTLY: "You will note that trip cancellation/interruption insurance has automatically been placed on your booking receipt. We do this because Legendary Journeys highly believes that insurance is an important protection while you travel. Enclosed is a summary of rates and benefits of the travel insurance program. The insurance is automatic. If you are paying by credit card, the insurance will automatically be processed with your returned paperwork. IF YOU ARE PAYING BY CHECK (WHICH, MRS. SPASOTO YOU DID) YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR INSURANCE PREMIUM WITH YOUR RETURNED PAPERWORK......now, you signed and only returned your deposit and did not include your insurance premium payment. Additionally, I am sorry about your husband's auto accident. However, your check for Insurance Premium was received in June 2006 (6 months later) and 10 days after your husband's accident. You then didn't cancel your trip until a late August 2006. For My3cents readers...here is the lesson. Insurance premiums must be purchased at time of booking. Either through the operator or your local travel agent. A company like Legendary Journeys carries 25,000 passengers a year and will have a handful of complaints like this (50 a year.) I am spending the time here because I think insurance is critical for travel (especially if you travel internationally.) Even if you grant Mrs. Spasoto's complaint..she doesn't accept that she paid a deposit for the trip but did not pay for the Insurance Premium. She will never be convinced otherwise. For everyone else that might travel with any company...insurance premium must be purchased at time of booking. It provides piece of mind and coverage for many, many issue. Thank you. Al Ferguson, Vice President, Legendary Journeys
taloolah on 10/10/2006:
Mr. Ferguson, My trip was arranged by phone. Then I received a receipt reflecting all options, including insurance. Your reservation form said the insurance should be included. Mine already was. There was no rate schedule and no request for additional payment. I discussed this extensively with Ms. Archer who can verify I called and asked if anything else was needed. She said, NO. Please stick to the facts not what you should have done! I am a very responsible person. Had I been informed that you wanted payment a particular way it would have been done. My timely payment and communications with your office verify that. Again, Mrs. Friedman and I contracted our trip on the phone. Our paperwork included the insurance and YOUR office verified it went into effect as soon as our deposit for the trip was received. My receipt verifies this. Your agency and agent were negligent. Your denial of responsibility is becoming absurd! Lynda Sposato
PeeCee on 03/08/2007:
RE: Legendary Journeys;
I, too, have had an issue which as of this writing has not been resolved. It concerns reimbursement for a cancelled land tour scheduled during a Hawaiian Cruise in January, 2007.
My main beef is that these people fail to communicate and say absolutely nothing - not to mention calling back after giving info and phone number to do so. AND, Mr. Ferguson's failure to have the courtesy to answer my letter (Certified) and advise me of my refund for the cancelled tour (cancelled by the Cruise Line, NCL, no less!). NCL advises me that they have reimbursed LJ and it is up to LJ to reimburse me. As of yet, nothing, but, I guarantee, I will either get the refund or LJ will regret the outcome through damaged reputation!!
PC in GA
towemowak on 02/29/2012:
This company is non ethical and immoral with their dealings with the public. They hav overcharged me also and will not adjust my accxount
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What a Terrible Company. Stay Clear of All Hire Hype
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
OCALA, FLORIDA -- From the day we booked we should have got the message. Do not trust this company. They clump every thing together so that there is no way to check prices. We paid for an up grade in Hong Kong for a better hotel and never got it. W had pay 100 dollars for luggage traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong. This was not excess bagage either. Have we ever got that back. no. No matter what I do. We now realize that we paid far in excess for what we got. Never Ever Again
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