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Lemon Computer and Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 2/51

I purchased a Lenovo IdeaPad Z580 in January 2013 after my HP laptop stopped working (which I had for 2 years). I conducted my purchase at Office Depot. At first, I loved the computer. It ran quicker and was easy to operate. However, my impression changed about 2 weeks ago when my computer showed the "blue screen of death" and I couldn't repair it myself. I even used the One Key Recovery and it didn't even work. It kept giving errors and would shut off or restart. No matter what I tried, it didn't work.

Since my computer is still under warranty, I had to contact an authorized service provider and there was only ONE in my city (and my city is pretty big). I called them and explained what happened and they asked me to bring the laptop in and warned me that the turnaround time was 7-10 business days.

I brought it in Monday of last week and waited. The receptionist told me that the technician would call me on Tuesday but he never did. I found out today that he was out of town. I called him today and he informed me that he was unable to perform any services because my s/n was not one of the systems they are authorized to service. I'm posting a different review on this company but I was furious. They told me to call the company and I would probably need to send it in.

I called Lenovo and I cannot stand their automated system. It sent me around in circles and the music is very annoying. I finally reached a specialist and told them of the problem and that I needed a working computer right away since I am taking online classes. They told me there was nothing I could do but send it in to their repair depot (and I have to foot the bill) and wait another 7 business days to hear anything back. This is too long for me to wait. I don't like that they don't provide options.

Resigning myself to my fate, the specialist asked me for my email and told me he was sending me an inventory control sheet that I needed to fill out and send with the laptop and also instructions on how to send it in for repair. I spelled out my entire email address but he still managed to send it to a different email so I never received it. I ended up having to call them back (again with the annoying music and runaround) to explain YET AGAIN that I needed to have my PC repaired. The second specialist was a little more helpful and could understand me better, thankfully.

So, I am forced to endure 2 weeks (at least) without a computer and I am very frustrated. I've never had problems with Dell, HP, or Toshiba but Lenovo is supposed to be better and my computer failed after 4 MONTHS! I understand that problems occur but I wish they provided better options.

Lenovo Provides the WORST Support and Customer Service I Have EVER Experienced
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Rating: 1/51

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- I had purchased a laptop from the outlet store after having good feedback from speaking with a sales associate. When I received the order confirmation that same day, the 4th of Feb, I had been shipped the wrong T430, a S instead of a U. When I called immediately I was told I was unable to cancel, I called back when they refused to transfer me and someone said they couldn't either so I had to call again and the third person said that they would be able to cancel it. The next day I received tracking info and the item was being shipped.

Called in two more times to try to get it cancelled to no avail, a third time proved effective and the shipment was turned around in transit. When the item was received back at the warehouse on the 9th of Feb I called in regards to my refund being processed. The first two people that I spoke to assumed the "Delivered" status meant I had received the item, the third person finally understood the situation and said they would try to issue a refund and it would take 3-5 business days before I'd see it reflected on my account.

I called in on the 14th of February to inquire about its status, of which the first person was confused, and they stated the same thing, "3-5 business days sir." I called in two more times, the first unable to understand the situation and the second being unhelpful as well. I called back in on the 21st of February to inquire about my refund, first time the person was unhelpful to an extreme degree (tried to read the same paragraph I had been read before after telling me that the item had been delivered). The second person was also equally unhelpful and the third proved to be of the same quality.

I called in a 4th time to find that the person was somewhat helpful and stated that no refund had been started and then quoted me the same thing, 3-5 business days. I then called in on the 23rd to make sure it had gone through, first time failing to even get my query across and the second person quoting the same thing as the past and a fourth confirming that the request had been received.

I then called on the 25th to check only to receive not only an unhelpful representative but a rude one that made accusations about my character as well as my purchase. When I called the next day on the 26th I tried other departments for help. Every person I spoke to couldn't help me cause they didn't know what I was saying, would not help me at all and rudely hung up or simply stated that they don't deal with anything after the product has been shipped.

When I continued my research I refound my hope that IBM's old quality was hidden under the MASSIVE layer of terrible that seems to be Lenovo's support, so I called in to see about purchasing one from a person. The first person stated that they would help and send me quotes via e-mail. Nothing by late the next day so I called them and left a voicemail. Nothing again the next day, same thing.

Third day I tried to get a hold of someone who dealt with selling to military personnel, as I am active duty. I was routed to a few different people before they quoted me the standard price that you could find on Lenovo's website, when I inquired if they had anything for students they then quoted me the price from the site for student purchases.

I called in to inquire about if my University had a purchasing program and I was routed to my "rep." He said he would quote me some prices for my build and would call me with them. 15 minutes later another representative calls and said they were asked to help, they quoted me the standard online price, followed by the student price when I inquired, and said they could not help further.

Tried two more times calling in for purchasing help and none was really received except "Just buy it from the website." I have since had a order already placed for me using my credit card for a T430u without my complete consent and I'm expecting more craziness to ensue as I PCS overseas for a stay of 4 years.

Throughout this whole process I was amiable and let them do their work as I had admired IBM Thinkpads since I was working on them in High School and college. I tried my best to deal with the side of Lenovo that was based in Malaysia and could barely understand me, let alone read a script properly, as I am a linguist and I know how hard it can be.

Despite all these things I had hope that someone good could come of it but I have only just received my refund on the 1st of March (almost a month later) only to find being double charged for another laptop. I don't think I could recommend this experience to anyone and I am sad to say that I may never get that Thinkpad I had wanted.

Terrible Sales Experience
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- A Complete ** from the beginning! More than two weeks ago, I tried to purchase a ThinkPad but one thing led to another and I went another route. The first order was discarded immediately because my bank was limiting transactions. Once we found a workaround, finally completing the transaction, still more issues. Things really started getting bad when I called to check the status of charge removal from a previous botched order (they cancel your order but do not release the funds, this is per the bank). I was told there were more problems with the card. This, after being in contact with the bank and finally getting a go-ahead!

They evidently took my threat seriously and cancelled my last order, even though I did not specifically say to CANCEL the order. Despite receiving a notice that the most recent order was cancelled, the hold was not released for over 10 days! Having cards from two different banks, my girlfriend involved, I was confused as to which bank it was with.

This rep's name is **, who, reacting to my confusion and frustration, even though I did NOT get nasty with him, he proceeds to become accusatory that I told him which bank to call. Yes, this is true but placing blame is NOT appropriate here. I tried to ask him to call the other bank and he called me ** and hung up. Called back and spoke with ** who was very helpful but I could not speak to management. I was promised a call back within the hour. There is NO excuse to treat anyone like I was treated! My purchase with them did not happen

Now, that said, I did go another route. Also will NOT be using the Mfr. warranty. I purchased my Lenovo X1 Carbon through Amazon and used Square Trade for the warranty. Lenovo actually puts out an excellent product. Unfortunately while adopting IBM's manufacturing methods, they forgot about customer service. I could have written the above more eloquently but I feel it would have lost some impact. At any rate, if you really want a Lenovo, like I did, DO NOT go through the manufacturer and most definitely purchase a 3rd party warranty so you do not have to deal with the company at all. I am pleased with my product, Amazon was great, too.

Overpriced Substandard Product - Worthless Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- As with other reviewers I have found the Lenovo product to be junk and not backed by customer service. My Yoga 2 Pro Thinkpad has wireless connection issues - it keeps disconnecting and requiring re log in. The yellows are horrible. Several screws from the base plate came loose and fell out. Customer service, located in Manila when I called, said I would have to send the entire unit to Texas for the base plate screws, they could not send the parts to me directly. Given the other reviews on sending in the product I am not willing to take the chance. This is a very expensive machine with poor quality and a worthless warranty.

Worst Computers We've Ever Purchased.
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Rating: 1/51

SUSSEX, WISCONSIN -- We purchased two Lenovo Ideacenter B320 computers from INET Computers in Waukesha, WI. From the very first day we've had problems. One computer had a screen gasket that was not properly installed. With a touch screen, it's very important to have it installed properly.

LESS THAN TWO YEARS after our purchase one computer had a "failing hard drive", another now has "bad video." Nothing can be seen on the screen. A Lenovo "tech" AND sales manager at INET Computers both were/are unaware of the Ideacenter being an "all in one" computer.

So much for confidence in dealing with either one again. We spent almost TWO THOUSAND dollars on what are now expensive paperweights. RUN AWAY FROM LENOVO!!! And, if you are in Wisconsin, be careful of who you deal with for your computers.

Lenovo T430 Problem and Poor Service
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Rating: 1/51

UNKNOWN -- In August 2013, I purchased a Lenovo T430 for my college bound daughter. With the computer, I purchased a 4 year next day, on site service agreement so she would have tech support while away at school. On Monday Jan 13, 2014 the computer crashed and Lenovo decided the it needed a new hard drive. Lenovo said that a hard drive was not covered by service agreement and she would have to install it herself. Luckily she was home on winter break.

On Wednesday Jan 15 we received the harddrive and I installed it. The harddrive was not the solution to the problem. Lenovo now decided it must be the System Board. This would be covered by the service agreement and an appointment was made for a tech to come out on Friday Jan 17. On Friday, the tech called me and told me that the part had not come in and we would need to reschedule for Monday Jan 20 (so much for next day). My daughter had to go back to school on Jan 19 without her computer to use.

On Monday Jan 20, I received a call from the same tech stating that the part could not be found anywhere in the United States (REALLY?) and maybe it could be found in Canada. He told me that if it could be found he would call me in a few days. I am very disappointed in this product and the service or lack thereof that I have received so far.

Lenovo Laptop
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Rating: 1/51

COOK, MINNESOTA -- I am writing in regards to an incident that occurred with my Lenovo Thinkpad W530 Laptop. While waiting for a metro coach... I was standing with my laptop hanging on my left shoulder... when a man went around me and knocked my laptop off my shoulder. After being a little more than annoyed with this very impatient man... I picked up my laptop carry case, boarded the metro coach and went home. I had no idea there was any damage to my laptop at that time.

Upon arrival to my home... I pulled my laptop out from the carry case to finish a project I was working on and when I opened it... I noticed that the lid was loose. As I began looking at it... I noticed a large crack on the left-side of the hinge assembly, along with some damage on the bottom left-side corner of the laptop. I can't imagine how this damage could occur... my laptop was within a Targus Checkpoint-Friendly 16" Corporate Traveler Case, which is well made and specifically designed for travel.

The crack on the left-side of the hinge assembly has become worse due to opening and closing of the lid, even though I have been very careful opening and shutting it. I do not expect any service due this event having occurred shortly after the warranty ended, but I am hoping that consideration will be given to the damage of my laptop. Thank you kindly for your time and interest.

Lenovo Customer Service Is Horrible!
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Rating: 1/51

Lenovo customer service is awful! My daughter ordered her first laptop to go to college. She researched it and placed the order directly with Lenovo. The next day, the exact laptop is discounted over $200 on Lenovo's website. She called Lenovo and asked if they would do a price adjustment. They said they would otherwise my daughter would have canceled her order and reordered it again. The laptop hadn't shipped yet.

Fast forward to two months and probably over 5 hours on hold and over 20 emails, they still have not honored their agreement to price adjust. I have gotten promised it many many different times, different agents etc with no results. I pray that the laptop doesn't need service because I am afraid that we will have paid $$ for support and they won't honor the service agreement. NEVER again will I order from Lenovo. I feel that they are dishonest and took advantage of my daughter. Find another laptop, it just isn't worth it!

Customer Support Has Improved at Lenovo
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Rating: 4/51

I had a frustrating experience trying to get Lenovo to correct a wrong warranty date in my newly purchased laptop.. it showed beginning 2 weeks PRIOR to the purchase. 6 emails, 4 phone calls with repeated requests for documentation already sent -- then on the phone 3 times they outright lied & said it had been fixed when it had not. I gave up in frustration. But it became an issue when I did need a warranty repair. It had been several months since my last contact... Now they had a link just for correcting wrong warranty dates -- and it was done immediately.

Based on the previous phone support incidents, I had dreaded phoning Lenovo, necessary for making a warranty repair ticket... However, the man ** who handled my case during a long, involved phone call was quite efficient, helpful & friendly.. (and no lies - ha). It all went smoothly as can be.

It appears Lenovo has re-vamped their customer support, as the warranty correction is in Argentina & the warranty repair support is in the Philippines, whereas before, it was all in India. I was the first to 'bad-mouth' Lenovo before -- but fair is fair -- things are dramatically improved & better now -- at least in my experience.

Worst Customer/Tech Support EVER
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Rating: 1/51

I will start off by saying that I have purchased from many other computer manufacturers before so I have a lot to compare this company to. By far, Lenovo has the worst customer service. Not only do 4/5 of the staff not even speak good English causing you to have to repeat yourself a thousand times but you literally have to be transferred to ten different people before you get someone that even works in the department you originally needed (despite selecting the correct option and despite explaining your issue to every single person).

My husband had an issue with his laptop and spoke to someone early in the morning who told him that they would be sending out a recover disc which would fix his problem and it'd be no charge to him however the department responsible for sending out said disc wasn't in yet. Keep in mind I have a app on my phone that automatically records my calls. My husband was told someone would call him after 10am to discuss having the disc sent. No problem, right? Well 10 comes and goes as does 11, 12, 1 you get the idea. We call back in just to get the run around and now we are told that they will charge us $60. Don't bother with this bootleg basement run operation.

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