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Lenovo Customer Service Is Horrible!
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Rating: 1/51

Lenovo customer service is awful! My daughter ordered her first laptop to go to college. She researched it and placed the order directly with Lenovo. The next day, the exact laptop is discounted over $200 on Lenovo's website. She called Lenovo and asked if they would do a price adjustment. They said they would otherwise my daughter would have canceled her order and reordered it again. The laptop hadn't shipped yet.

Fast forward to two months and probably over 5 hours on hold and over 20 emails, they still have not honored their agreement to price adjust. I have gotten promised it many many different times, different agents etc with no results. I pray that the laptop doesn't need service because I am afraid that we will have paid $$ for support and they won't honor the service agreement. NEVER again will I order from Lenovo. I feel that they are dishonest and took advantage of my daughter. Find another laptop, it just isn't worth it!

Customer Support Has Improved at Lenovo
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Rating: 4/51

I had a frustrating experience trying to get Lenovo to correct a wrong warranty date in my newly purchased laptop.. it showed beginning 2 weeks PRIOR to the purchase. 6 emails, 4 phone calls with repeated requests for documentation already sent -- then on the phone 3 times they outright lied & said it had been fixed when it had not. I gave up in frustration. But it became an issue when I did need a warranty repair. It had been several months since my last contact... Now they had a link just for correcting wrong warranty dates -- and it was done immediately.

Based on the previous phone support incidents, I had dreaded phoning Lenovo, necessary for making a warranty repair ticket... However, the man ** who handled my case during a long, involved phone call was quite efficient, helpful & friendly.. (and no lies - ha). It all went smoothly as can be.

It appears Lenovo has re-vamped their customer support, as the warranty correction is in Argentina & the warranty repair support is in the Philippines, whereas before, it was all in India. I was the first to 'bad-mouth' Lenovo before -- but fair is fair -- things are dramatically improved & better now -- at least in my experience.

Worst Customer/Tech Support EVER
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Rating: 1/51

I will start off by saying that I have purchased from many other computer manufacturers before so I have a lot to compare this company to. By far, Lenovo has the worst customer service. Not only do 4/5 of the staff not even speak good English causing you to have to repeat yourself a thousand times but you literally have to be transferred to ten different people before you get someone that even works in the department you originally needed (despite selecting the correct option and despite explaining your issue to every single person).

My husband had an issue with his laptop and spoke to someone early in the morning who told him that they would be sending out a recover disc which would fix his problem and it'd be no charge to him however the department responsible for sending out said disc wasn't in yet. Keep in mind I have a app on my phone that automatically records my calls. My husband was told someone would call him after 10am to discuss having the disc sent. No problem, right? Well 10 comes and goes as does 11, 12, 1 you get the idea. We call back in just to get the run around and now we are told that they will charge us $60. Don't bother with this bootleg basement run operation.

Poor Customer Service & Sales
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Lenovo Y500 on the Lenovo website. This machine has been getting high marks and they offered a great deal! Better than any other reseller. Six days later, I received an email that my order was cancelled! I immediately called the number to Lenovo Credit Card Services listed in the email. After waiting 15 minutes, I received an automated message that due to circumstances beyond their control, they could no longer accept phone calls! The email did not list hours of operation.

I went to their website. I tried their online chat. I waited for another 15 minutes before my laptop died on me. The next morning, I got up extra early to call them as soon as their east coast office opened (I reside on the west coast). Another 17 minutes on hold. Finally, a stressed young woman answers. She informed me that they do not deliver to hotels. I am an IT consultant. I travel. I've had HP ship my last laptop to me to the hotel for which I was staying three years ago. No problems.

It takes six days to cancel my order? And, they don't deliver to hotels? How hard would it have been to let me know that upfront? I receive packages from Amazon, TigerDirect, etc. all of the time. Lenovo does not want your money! Very poor customer service and very poor policies! I need to shop for another laptop - NOT LENOVO!

Worst Product Ever
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- My wife purchase a Lenovo laptop for me at Christmas 2011. On Jan 3, 2012 I had to return it because the hard drive crashed. I lost all my information and it was not recoverable. I received a new one from Best Buy because of the warranty. On May 3 my new laptop will not turn on. I took it back to Best Buy and they have to send it out to Lenovo for repairs. They told me it would take up to 3 weeks before I will receive my laptop back. This was the worst 600 dollars we ever spent. DO NOT PURCHASE A LENOVO LAPTOP. THEY REALLY SUCK!!!

X220 Problems
By -

After extensive email exchanges this was my latest email to them. To recap: I bought a top of the line loaded x220 system and peripherals costing over $3000. I was quoted about 15 days for turnaround. My order showed up in parts over 35 days. This impacted my ability to get work done for my customers. A key item, a DVD drive kept slipping in delivery dates all the way to 2012 and then it was cancelled on me.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to find the DVD drive on the internet from multiple vendors. You can sell to resellers but not fulfill a paying customer's order. Did you consider buying back from a distributor and fulfilling my order? Did you consider telling me that I could purchase through one of your many vendors?

The additional slim power supply I purchased causes the touchpad to go haywire. After two weeks of tweaking everything on the system I found this out on a Lenovo user website where one smart user was able to figure it out a while back and let others know. Then I found a Lenovo blog where this has been going on since May. This means I was sold an item that was KNOWN to be a problem.

After I receive my full order I noted that the price has dropped considerably and I'm given the “match quote exactly” directive which is impossible to do unless you happen to work at Lenovo and have access to legacy data on parts and prices. (“Please note that closest configuration will not be accepted. It has to be the exact same configuration.” Per your instructions.)

If I should succeed in “matching quote” exactly you make it clear in all your emails that if it's not within 21 days of invoice you cannot honor it. My order date was 8/5/11. We are approaching 90 days and you are still asking me to do a quote match (impossible to do on the website because you changed part numbers) by going back in time to within 21 days of my order date. Just for my clarification, if I do manage to go back in time and get into Lenovo systems and do the match, will you credit my account within 21 days of my original order date?

Do Not Buy/Bad Customer Service
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MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Had product for 30 days, and while watching a movie with my daughter the LCD screen started to go out on us. Soon, you could see a crack in the screen towards the bottom right section and plaid designs going throughout the whole screen. Tried to simply reboot to see if perhaps by any type of miracle that would help. But, this was to no avail.

So, due to the seller (TigerDirect) company not handling the warranties personally, I had to then contact Lenovo for service. They, at first seemed helpful and more than willing to service the product. I gave them all the information regarding the Netbook S/N etc, they stated that they would not be able to send me a mailer. So, I had to pay for shipment to their service facility. So, I then paid for the product to be shipped via UPS.

A few days later, they called to let me know that the Netbook had been received and that the charge for repairing would be $154.00. To my amazement, I asked them why exactly was I being charged for a 30 day old product that had a defect in the LCD screen? The representative stated that it was a customer induced problem, and that I had broken the screen myself. Needless to say I plead my case and stated that I had simply been watching a movie on the Netbook with my daughter when the problem occurred and there was no foul play, nothing was dropped, nothing hit the Netbook.

At this point, they were not going to budge, and were very belittling stating that they had professional technicians that know for a fact it was customer induced, and not a problem of theirs. They said their warranty only covered the hardware aspects of the products they manufacture. Not the LCD, which isn't exactly a software issue. Then tried to lay out analogies of the automotive industry and mechanics.

I then requested to speak with a supervisor, explained the whole situation that was now going on with me and Lenovo's support team. Again, nowhere, he simply stated that they will not fix this at no charge, and that if I wanted they can simply send it back as it was, when I sent in. I am simply beside myself to have purchased a product only to have it go out in 30 days, and not have this covered, then they have the audacity to suggest I buy their extended two year service plan...

In conclusion, I paid the $154.00, cause the Netbook is for my little girl, and I knew that they were not going to help me in any way, and only wanted extra money out of a "former" customers pocket. I recommend anyone who is looking to by a new Laptop or Netbook to simply stay away from this company, as they do not care to service when needed, and are simply RUDE and unprofessional.

Lenovo Laptop Warranty May Not Be the 1 Year You Think
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MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My son bought me a Lenovo (ex-IBM) Y550P laptop computer from newegg.com. He has had generally good experiences with newegg.com. This experience has shaken that confidence. When I received the computer I went to the Lenovo website and found that the one-year warranty was only 10 months. It seems the warranty registration date is the date Newegg purchased the laptop from Lenovo. Newegg failed to inform Lenovo of the retail purchaser. There was no registration form in the box nor is there a method to register the unit on the website.

An email was sent to Lenovo to ask how to correct this. They responded to send them a copy of the invoice from Newegg. I did so. When I sent it this was the beginning of 33 email interceptions and responses by some company identified as aegisglobal.com. They modified subject line with "Not Read" added and an attached file of encrypted data. No text body content except "Lenovo writes:"

Contacting Newegg resulted in them stating I had to deal with Lenovo as they had no way to know what serial number they sent me without opening the box. That is a flat out lie. An extended warranty was purchased as well and the unit serial number is included on it. Additionally it took three phone calls and an email to Newegg just to get the extended warranty contract from them. It was supposed to be sent via email within 48 hours of purchase. Did not happen.

Contacting Lenovo again, this time by phone, letting them know about the email interception problem when sending the invoice and that Newegg said I had to straighten this out with them resulted in the barely understandable customer service representative calling me a liar. No one there would request I send a copy of the invoice.

In summary, if you buy a Lenovo computer from newegg.com you may have less than the warranty you thought you were getting. If you must contact Lenovo you are in for a treat. Piss poor phone support and intercepted confusing emails from aegisglobal.com. Even when asked neither Lenovo nor aegisglobal.com will explain (or even acknowledge) how Lenovo is connected with aegisglobal.com.

Lenovo Hardware and Support Sucks
By -

Like most of the other people on this site, I have to discourage anyone from purchasing a Lenovo Product. Not only is the hardware a continual problem, but service is horrible. On my laptop alone, I have had 3 new motherboards, 4 new Drive and new memory (basically everything in the machine except a new keyboard and screen). And still the machine crashes every days. And yet every time I call for service, I have to fight with them as their usual answer is "reload the OS."

When we started our small business, we decided to go all Lenovo to keep management and maintenance simple. Now we are replacing all Lenovo products with Sony and Apple machines. We are so happy with the performance of the Sony and Apple products - we will never go back to Lenovo. As a small consulting organizations, we have significant influence over our clients' purchase behavior. And I strongly urge all our clients to avoid Lenovo products as well.

Lenovo Laptop Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Lenovo V570 in March of 2012. Within a couple of months, numerous pixels had gone out. Within 8 months, the CD drive stopped working and even ruined a couple of disks. At 14 months, the Card Reader stopped working. The online site and the phone service sucks enormously and basically they told me "oh well."

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