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Poor Customer Service & Sales
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Lenovo Y500 on the Lenovo website. This machine has been getting high marks and they offered a great deal! Better than any other reseller. Six days later, I received an email that my order was cancelled! I immediately called the number to Lenovo Credit Card Services listed in the email. After waiting 15 minutes, I received an automated message that due to circumstances beyond their control, they could no longer accept phone calls! The email did not list hours of operation.

I went to their website. I tried their online chat. I waited for another 15 minutes before my laptop died on me. The next morning, I got up extra early to call them as soon as their east coast office opened (I reside on the west coast). Another 17 minutes on hold. Finally, a stressed young woman answers. She informed me that they do not deliver to hotels. I am an IT consultant. I travel. I've had HP ship my last laptop to me to the hotel for which I was staying three years ago. No problems.

It takes six days to cancel my order? And, they don't deliver to hotels? How hard would it have been to let me know that upfront? I receive packages from Amazon, TigerDirect, etc. all of the time. Lenovo does not want your money! Very poor customer service and very poor policies! I need to shop for another laptop - NOT LENOVO!

By -

Hi there, I placed a call approximately two weeks ago regarding a manufactured defect on the LCD screen of my y560 laptop. I bought the y560 from PCC in mid December 2010, a little over a month ago... I take extremely good care of my PC products knowing how delicate they are. I never open it, I have it set up as a desktop connected to an external monitor. It's left untouched on my desktop.

I opened it up and there are multiple cracks on the lcd. I ran my fingers along the cracks to see if the glass was broken, it is not. Being that I never take it from its place or bring it with me anywhere, and there are no indentations or indications of it being struck by a hard/large object, and it has never been dropped (lack of outer casing scratches and/or cracks/fault lines) I assume that it is a manufacturing defect.

I had called on this issue and was accused of lying and was told that my machine is not covered by accidental damage. Being that it's not accidental damage and an obvious manuf. defect, I was going to be contacted by the repair/returns dept on the following Wednesday one and a half weeks ago. I still have not heard from you yet. I am not happy with this product and the MAJOR CONTRIBUTING FACTOR is that I am not getting any good service from you and this is not a company that I am happy with AT ALL.

I have already put in a complaint with your service department with my school, and they are extremely unhappy with you as well. My friends whom I attend school with are instead purchasing Macbooks from Apple because of the lack of service I'm receiving from you. One of their names is ** - I can give you a phone number to reach him and you can ask him why he's not purchasing a Lenovo Laptop from you or PCC.

When I called, the only thing I wanted done was for the LCD screen to be replaced. This was not my fault. I would be completely happy paying for a new one if it was my fault. I have no explanation as to why this LCD screen has broken and I am absolutely fascinated by the fact that it can do this all by itself. I called the manufacturer of the LCD departments that Lenovo buys directly from. They were extremely unhappy with how I am being treated. I paid over a thousand dollars!!!

That's not chump change to a full time student. I have had several IBM products in the past and I have never had a problem with them until now, and all of the sudden I am being treated like a liar and a thief because I called you for help. If you will call me back asap and help me figure this out, replace the LCD or exchange the laptop for a new one, I would be grateful. This is not something I want to share with the world. This is not an experience I am very happy with. I do not want to post this on Consumer Reports. In case you haven't figured out if I liked the product or not... I DO NOT!!

Just Don't Order From Them
By -

My awesome IBM laptop that I had for 4 years starting running out of memory so after a while I order a new computer. Since my father had worked and retired from IBM we went with Lenovo since they took over the laptop division and I had loved my IBM. It took them 3 months to ship me my new computer and only after I had one of my clients (who thankfully worked for them) move it along faster otherwise I don't even want to know how long it would have taken.

Then on June 24th my 2 month old puppy bit through my power cord, my dad did a temp fix on it but told me I need to order a new one. Which I did the same day. I was told it would ship the next week. Sometime in early July I notice that the money had been taken from my account so I got excited that it was on the way. Not so, middle of July rolls around and no power cord not even an estimate ship date.

I call in - got a service person who grated my nerves, got a supervisor who grated my nerves and got $15.00 off my order once it shipped, being told that a part was on backorder (a freaking power cord on back order). Estimate ship date was then the week of the 27th, no power cord.

Got an email the next week saying that they were going to cancel my order, needless to say I was a little irate. I called in and pressed the zero button and got another grating on my nerves voice and asked for someone higher than him and higher than his supervisor (since they were no good to talk to). He asked me what it was concerning and I said that I did not want to yell at him - I wanted to talk with someone above those 2 sources. He put me on hold twice, the third time he tried again.

I had enough by then since I had been on hold for over 10 minutes and told him everything and said I wanted to talk to someone higher and he said that he would have someone call me back in 48 hours and I told him that was unexceptionable and to transfer me and he said that he would not. I have a feeling someone overheard the conversation and I was then put through to a very nice woman who said that the estimate ship date would be the next day (4th of August) and she would find out why it had not shipped and of course she said that there was a part missing and it was on backorder.

And of course there are NO department stores that carry Lenovo or their powe rcords anywhere!!! Tell me how long does it take to get a simple power cord and what is horrible is that I make a living via my computer and they are costing me money everyday!

Customer Dis-Service
By -

FLORIDA -- On September 10th of last year, our house was robbed and my beloved HP laptop was stolen. When we got our settlement, I set about looking for a new laptop. At that time, HP was not offering the Vista downgrade to XP, so I had to look elsewhere. On the basis of the facts that I'd heard and read a great deal of good things about Lenovo, I decided to purchase from Lenovo. I placed my order on October 15th. A few weeks later my order began arriving in Bits and Pieces. Over the course of a couple of weeks I received everything I ordered except Corel Draw Graphics Suite 4, which was priced so low I HAD to have it.

Within a week the problems started. The remote keyboard typed gibberish, the computer frequently "blue screened" and the card reader slot was either not what I ordered or didn't seem to be working properly. The only instructions I could find were loaded on the computer and they were general, not product specific and about as clear as mud. In addition, the program I HAD to have was being delayed.

I called customer service. English was clearly not their native language so communication was iffy at best. It was obvious they were working with the same set of instructions I was from the lack of information they were imparting to me. They seemed to feel that if they repeated themselves enough, I would go away. I did, in frustration. Oh, and that program? It was delayed again.

I decided to try to tackle the blue screen issue on my own. I educated myself all about blue screens and what caused them. Since the machine was not that old, there couldn't be too many causes. I began writing down each error so I could trace the cause. I updated all drivers, unloaded and reloaded programs, etc.

A few weeks later, the program was delayed again, the card slot was still not working and I could not for the life of me find any instructions for my model. I called customer service again. They could not help me with the card reader slot and all they would tell me was the ship date on my program had been moved back again. I asked why and they had no answer. I asked to speak with a supervisor and kept asking to speak with a supervisor until I got someone who understood English, wouldn't keep repeating the same lame excuses and who could answer some questions.

We'll call him CSR1. CSR1 assured me they would replace the keyboard and repair or replace the card reader slot. When I explained my frustration about the delays in getting Corel Draw 4 when I could go to my local electronics store and buy it off the shelf in a matter of hours, he suggested I do just that and send him the receipt and he would reimburse me the difference. He also said he would remove that item from my order. At the time, it seemed like a great solution.

I got an email telling me the order would be cancelled. The packing slip arrived in a timely fashion and I sent out my computer with high hopes that this would all be over soon, and after months without a working computer, all would be well. In the meantime I received the packing slip for the keyboard, but had not sent it out. I also bought the Corel Draw 4 and emailed the receipt to CSR1, which he acknowledged.

When my computer was returned, the slot was exactly the same. There were no instructions included, the blue screen errors that were a minor nuisance before were now happening almost every time I turned on the machine. (I didn't ask them to look at that problem when I sent it in the first time. I admit that was my mistake.) I couldn't get anything done without it shutting down.

I emailed my man CSR1 again and explained the situation. He acted like he'd never heard of me and sent out a rather curt response. This time I got upset. I sent back an email reminding him of his promises and the deal we had, also pointing out that he had confirmed receipt of my receipt for purchase of the program.

He sent back an apologetic letter, admitting he had forgotten who I was and what we had agreed on. He further suggested that at this point it would be best for Lenovo to just replace the machine. He asked if I would make any modifications to my original order. I asked for one small modification, but told him if he couldn't arrange that, I would be OK with it. All I really wanted at that point was a working machine and my reimbursement for what I spent on Corel.

A few days later I got a call from a CSR2 at Lenovo asking where the keyboard was. I called her back, got her voicemail and left a message explaining that since I would be sending the computer back as well per my correspondence with CSR1, I was waiting for the packing slip for the computer so I could make one trip to the UPS/FedEx place.

And that was the last I've heard from anyone at Lenovo. It's now been 6 weeks and I have no packing slips, no check and no response to either phone calls or emails. Yesterday I received a copy of Corel Draw 3 from Lenovo. I called CSR1 and asked him what was going on and would he PLEASE return my call or email me, just to let me know what is going on. Still nothing.

Now Lenovo has laid off half their American employees and are focusing on China. They have restructured their business and who knows if CSR1 still works there? In the meantime, I have lost almost $1000.00 worth of business because of this. I have filed a complaint with the state of Florida's consumer help line and I'm considering hiring a lawyer.

Lenovo Laptop Sucks
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased a Lenovo V570 in March of 2012. Within a couple of months, numerous pixels had gone out. Within 8 months, the CD drive stopped working and even ruined a couple of disks. At 14 months, the Card Reader stopped working. The online site and the phone service sucks enormously and basically they told me "oh well."

Don't Gouge Me
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Rating: 3/51

When attempting to load photos onto laptop every command went to German. Customer support said if you buy a service contract they would fix the problem. I'm sick of being gouged, squeezed, screwed by service contracts. Nuff said.

X220 Problems
By -

After extensive email exchanges this was my latest email to them. To recap: I bought a top of the line loaded x220 system and peripherals costing over $3000. I was quoted about 15 days for turnaround. My order showed up in parts over 35 days. This impacted my ability to get work done for my customers. A key item, a DVD drive kept slipping in delivery dates all the way to 2012 and then it was cancelled on me.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to find the DVD drive on the internet from multiple vendors. You can sell to resellers but not fulfill a paying customer's order. Did you consider buying back from a distributor and fulfilling my order? Did you consider telling me that I could purchase through one of your many vendors?

The additional slim power supply I purchased causes the touchpad to go haywire. After two weeks of tweaking everything on the system I found this out on a Lenovo user website where one smart user was able to figure it out a while back and let others know. Then I found a Lenovo blog where this has been going on since May. This means I was sold an item that was KNOWN to be a problem.

After I receive my full order I noted that the price has dropped considerably and I'm given the “match quote exactly” directive which is impossible to do unless you happen to work at Lenovo and have access to legacy data on parts and prices. (“Please note that closest configuration will not be accepted. It has to be the exact same configuration.” Per your instructions.)

If I should succeed in “matching quote” exactly you make it clear in all your emails that if it's not within 21 days of invoice you cannot honor it. My order date was 8/5/11. We are approaching 90 days and you are still asking me to do a quote match (impossible to do on the website because you changed part numbers) by going back in time to within 21 days of my order date. Just for my clarification, if I do manage to go back in time and get into Lenovo systems and do the match, will you credit my account within 21 days of my original order date?

Do Not Buy/Bad Customer Service
By -

MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Had product for 30 days, and while watching a movie with my daughter the LCD screen started to go out on us. Soon, you could see a crack in the screen towards the bottom right section and plaid designs going throughout the whole screen. Tried to simply reboot to see if perhaps by any type of miracle that would help. But, this was to no avail.

So, due to the seller (TigerDirect) company not handling the warranties personally, I had to then contact Lenovo for service. They, at first seemed helpful and more than willing to service the product. I gave them all the information regarding the Netbook S/N etc, they stated that they would not be able to send me a mailer. So, I had to pay for shipment to their service facility. So, I then paid for the product to be shipped via UPS.

A few days later, they called to let me know that the Netbook had been received and that the charge for repairing would be $154.00. To my amazement, I asked them why exactly was I being charged for a 30 day old product that had a defect in the LCD screen? The representative stated that it was a customer induced problem, and that I had broken the screen myself. Needless to say I plead my case and stated that I had simply been watching a movie on the Netbook with my daughter when the problem occurred and there was no foul play, nothing was dropped, nothing hit the Netbook.

At this point, they were not going to budge, and were very belittling stating that they had professional technicians that know for a fact it was customer induced, and not a problem of theirs. They said their warranty only covered the hardware aspects of the products they manufacture. Not the LCD, which isn't exactly a software issue. Then tried to lay out analogies of the automotive industry and mechanics.

I then requested to speak with a supervisor, explained the whole situation that was now going on with me and Lenovo's support team. Again, nowhere, he simply stated that they will not fix this at no charge, and that if I wanted they can simply send it back as it was, when I sent in. I am simply beside myself to have purchased a product only to have it go out in 30 days, and not have this covered, then they have the audacity to suggest I buy their extended two year service plan...

In conclusion, I paid the $154.00, cause the Netbook is for my little girl, and I knew that they were not going to help me in any way, and only wanted extra money out of a "former" customers pocket. I recommend anyone who is looking to by a new Laptop or Netbook to simply stay away from this company, as they do not care to service when needed, and are simply RUDE and unprofessional.

Lenovo Laptop Warranty May Not Be the 1 Year You Think
By -

MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- My son bought me a Lenovo (ex-IBM) Y550P laptop computer from He has had generally good experiences with This experience has shaken that confidence. When I received the computer I went to the Lenovo website and found that the one-year warranty was only 10 months. It seems the warranty registration date is the date Newegg purchased the laptop from Lenovo. Newegg failed to inform Lenovo of the retail purchaser. There was no registration form in the box nor is there a method to register the unit on the website.

An email was sent to Lenovo to ask how to correct this. They responded to send them a copy of the invoice from Newegg. I did so. When I sent it this was the beginning of 33 email interceptions and responses by some company identified as They modified subject line with "Not Read" added and an attached file of encrypted data. No text body content except "Lenovo writes:"

Contacting Newegg resulted in them stating I had to deal with Lenovo as they had no way to know what serial number they sent me without opening the box. That is a flat out lie. An extended warranty was purchased as well and the unit serial number is included on it. Additionally it took three phone calls and an email to Newegg just to get the extended warranty contract from them. It was supposed to be sent via email within 48 hours of purchase. Did not happen.

Contacting Lenovo again, this time by phone, letting them know about the email interception problem when sending the invoice and that Newegg said I had to straighten this out with them resulted in the barely understandable customer service representative calling me a liar. No one there would request I send a copy of the invoice.

In summary, if you buy a Lenovo computer from you may have less than the warranty you thought you were getting. If you must contact Lenovo you are in for a treat. Piss poor phone support and intercepted confusing emails from Even when asked neither Lenovo nor will explain (or even acknowledge) how Lenovo is connected with

Once IBM Now Lenovo ThinkPad - No Longer a Quality Laptop Line
By -

I've owned IBM ThinkPads for all of my adult life, using them at work & home. IMHO, they were the most robust and reliable portable computers available at a reasonable price (between $1 & $2k). When I bought my last ThinkPad a bit over a year ago, I was surprised at the new company name: "Lenovo" and a bit concerned at the cheap feel of the package (it just didn't seem as solid as usual) but I was determined to give it a chance. Also, after so many years of using the trackpoint pointing device, I didn't want to give it up and it seemed only ThinkPads had it. Well, Lenovo seems to be phasing that out now but that's a rant for later.

Out of the box I had problems - there were no restore disks (just a restore partition) and as a former PC support tech, I know there is no substitute for O/S and Application Restore CDs. It took a lot of arguing & pleading to get support to ship me a set of CDRoms. Immediately the hardware startup security conflicted with Windows user security, an issue I never resolved. The speaker volume was never loud enough to hear anything properly and the cheap tinny speakers gave out entirely after a few months.

There was a defect that resulted in a hideous time lag in characters appearing once you typed them (sometimes I'd key a full sentence & have to wait for 30 or 40 seconds until it would flash onto the screen). This happened frequently across many applications. The system was prone to locking & crashing to Blue Screens and within 6 months the system failed to boot at all (the restore partition was useless as anticipated) & I had to reload the OS & apps from the CDROM's Lenovo begrudgingly sent me.

Once this occurred a second time, I decided I was done wasting time on a lemon and swore I was going to trade Windows for a Mac computer. Instead I bought a 5 year old used P3 IBM Thinkpad and a new MacBook for new stuff the aging (but still working) IBM ThinkPad could not handle. Thank you Lenovo for forcing me to break old habits and try a new direction after decades of Windows only machines.

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