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Lexus RX 350
Posted by on
LIVINGSTON, NEW JERSEY -- I recently replaced my RX 300 with a RX 350. At first I was very happy. The problem occurred after the air conditioning would intermittently stop working. The second time it went in to Warnock Lexus in Livingston, N.J.(the dealership where the car was bought) I asked they research why my airconditioning was not working and why they could not figure out what the problem was. They found out it was a problem in some of the RX 350 cars and at the present time they did not know how to fix it. I asked when it would be fixed and they said they had no idea. They also would not replace the car. At the present time I have an inferior loaner car and my car sits in the shop. Will it be days, monthes or years, no one can say. I understand cars can have defects, but the dealership should take responsibility for them and either fix the problem or replace the car.
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Anonymous on 06/10/2006:
This car dealership has an entry open at the bbb.
File a complaint, and see if they respond to the bbb complaint.
Anonymous on 06/10/2006:
I agree the dealership should take responsibility for them. How long have you had the car? I think if they know it has a problem they should replace the car. Good luck
Anonymous on 06/10/2006:
The BBB is a waste of time. Be patient, problems like this is not uncommon for newly released vehicles and Lexus is very good at customer satisfaction.
Anonymous on 06/10/2006:
These shady auto dealerships need to be run into the dirt! And fast, amply file a BBB complaint.
miketech on 06/10/2006:
Sorry to hear that. I'm trying to imagine a Lexus with no air and my mind can't do it. When I used to work construction the base work trucks didn't have air. Three things in life I really cherish are AC, high speed Internet and hot water. Best of luck. They should buy the auto back from you and study it. Could save them millions.
Anonymous on 06/12/2006:
Definitely file a BBB complaint!!! How dare that dealership be honest to a customer by telling them they have not figured out how to fix the problem yet!!! Those shady bas%#$ds should have lied to you and told you evrything was fine. PS Mrs, Crack kills
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Lexus windshield wipers
Posted by on
CALIFORNIA -- March 15, 2006

To: CEO Lexus – Toyota

From: Dorothy Walsh

Re: Terrible Scare

I bought new windshield wipers and had them installed on January 30, 2006 at Lexus of Serramonte in Colma, CA.
On March 10, 2006 at approximately 2:35 PM I picked up my six-year old granddaughter from school in Greenbrae (Marin County, CA) and was driving over Wolfe Grade (a two-lane road over the mountain) into San Rafael where my daughter lives.
It was pouring rain. The rain was coming down in sheets. The wipers stopped working. Just stopped. Both of them. There was no place to pull over even if I could see (no shoulder lane). I was petrified and my granddaughter was screaming. There was zero visibility in front of me. I put my head out the driver’s side window and could just see the lights from the on-coming traffic. I was never so scared in my life.
By some miracle I drove like this for several miles until I was able to pull over at the first house at the bottom of the mountain.
I got out (by now I am soaking wet) and checked the wipers to find that the right one (passenger side) had a piece of metal about 1/8 of an inch wide sticking out of the wiper blade that was stuck in the wedge between the hood and windshield, thus stopping both wipers from working. I pulled this stick out and the wipers started to work again. This thin stick is 18” long with a small notch on each end. I saved it.
I was shaking so badly I had to cancel all my plans for the day. I still can’t sleep at night thinking of what could have happened and today had to get a prescription to help me sleep from my doctor (Dr. Kutzscher at CPMC in San Francisco).
I intend to tell everyone especially at Lexus/Toyota about this so it won’t happen again and perhaps kill people.
Please acknowledge this incident.


Dorothy Walsh
1327 11th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
415 753-3858, cell: 415 297-7356
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/15/2006:
In a lot of cars the fuse or the wiper motor would have gone out and you would still be at the bottom of the mountain. This coming from a now Toyota owner and long time ex GM customer.
Slimjim on 03/15/2006:
Sounds more like the blade wasn't put on right when they replaced them.
tawanda on 03/15/2006:
I agree with slimjim. It sounds as though the piece of metal to which you are referring is part of the blade assembly. The metal piece helps attach the rubber blade to the wiper unit and if not assembled properly it can over time slide back out of the rubber blade.

It's not a perfect design, but I've gotten into the habit of replacing my own blades as my dealership (although more experienced) would rush and not seat the rod properly during servicing.
tawanda on 03/15/2006:
An easy (and affordable) trick you may want to try: my dealership once told me products like RainX work fairly well, but regular car wax works infinitely better. I put a little bit of Rain Dance liquid wax on my windows after washing and rain rolls right off of the windows. It works s well, in fact, that I can leave my wipers on intermittent (if I need them at all). :)
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/16/2006:
That reminds me of this time last week - I was driving up Wolfe Grade and coming down the mountain was this woman in a Lexus - and her head was hanging out the driver's side window. It was raining and her makeup was wet and running all over like a clown in a carwash. Well I was so freaked out I had to drink TWO beers to get to sleep that night.
Anonymous on 03/16/2006:
Tawanda, I shall try this RainX theory. "Like a clown in a carwash?" Come on Hugh. (LOL)
suemrose on 06/14/2006:
Dorothy, It sounds like you had a very harrowing experience and I'm glad that your fast reflexes and quick thinking enabled you to survive. (I think some of our reviewers are a little insensitive, but maybe because they've never experienced having their windshield wipers stop working during a storm.)

Two days ago, I was moving in Orlando during Hurricane Alberto, where my windshield wipers suddenly stopped working. Luckily, I was able to pull over and wait it out...albeit for several hours.

Automotive experts, please advise. What could be wrong? Is it a fuse issue? I have a Toyota Sienna minivan.

Thanks for your help!
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Bad Service
Posted by on
I am filing this complain regard the unethical practice of Lexus of Rockville Centre.

With a good will, I spent $42,000 to purchase a pre-owned Lexus LS430 in September. I made a request to a locally well-known locksmith to make a copy of my car key as a spare one. The locksmith wasted about 2 hours trying to duplicate the key, but he did not succeed. In the end, I was told that Lexus dealership intentionally blocked the car ignition computer and it has made this car key duplication impossible. This kind of action is against Fair Trade Act law. I was surprised that this actually happened in Lexus dealership, no other car manufacture would do this kind of cheap trick.

Regard the car key matter, I called the dealership and tried to find a solution for it. At the time, my phone call was transferred to a chief of the parts department, he told me that it was Lexus head quarter’s decision and he can do nothing about it. Again, my phone call was transferred to a Lexus company manager’s
office where no one answered my phone call, so I left a message. I am expecting a call from the manager very day and he has never bothered to call me back.

With the whole affair, I have experienced a “moment of the truth” which totally destroyed my previous good image towards Lexus. Until today my problem is still remained unsolved. I am waiting for the replies from the companies or I will have my attorney to initiate a legal action.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/27/2005:
Let's see....Lexus, a high priced Toyota!!!!!
Anonymous on 10/27/2005:
...And what is wrong with Toyotas? Are Cadillacs high priced Chevys?
Anonymous on 10/28/2005:
First of all, the dealership did not do anything here. Lexus uses a key that has a computer chip in it that flashes the ECM when the original key is used to allow the vehicle to start. This is part of an anti theft device that comes standard on Lexus (along with a lot of other "high line" vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Porsche, Saab, Etc.) To get an extra key, you must go through Lexus so that the key can be programed to your vehicle, your "well known local locksmith" should have known this right away, maybe he would not have wasted 2 hours attempting the impossible. VERY IMPORTANT!!!! Don't lose the master key!!!! Otherwise you will be forced to not only get a new set of keys but also you would need to have your ECM unit either reprogramed or replaced at a cost between $1,000.00 to $3,000.00. Good Luck
Slimjim on 10/28/2005:
Like DealerD said, that’s an anti-theft device, and a pretty good one. Why accuse your dealer like they put it in to be malicious? They couldn't care less if your keys can be copied. Your locksmith should have known he couldn’t reproduce that key from the start.
Anonymous on 08/05/2006:
for $42k you could have spent that money on a brand new Lexus and not a pre-owned certified one...yeesh

and I'll laugh at the fact that you wanted to make a spare...if you can spend $42k on a car, I'm sure you can also spare the two hundred bucks to purchase a Lexus master key
sfampking on 11/24/2006:
Why go to the "butcher" locksmith when you drive a Lexus my friend??
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Lexus AFS headlights
Posted by on
MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I am also having problems with the Lexus AFS headlights. When driving on hilly roads at night, there appears to be a black curtain that comes down and you cannot see in front of you! It is definitely a safety issue. I am dealing with Lexus now but am being told it is the nature of the self adjusting headlamps. I can't believe that this is acceptable. It must be some kind of design flaw.

If I had driven this car at night, I would not have bought it.

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User Replies:
DigitalCommando on 10/04/2007:
The whole concept of "steerable" headlights is pretty silly to me. Could they just disconnect the motor drive and keep them facing straight like other cars? That dark curtain may turn into a brick wall.
shawnp80 on 10/04/2007:
Did you have your sunshade in the windshield?
N Ross on 05/24/2011:
The spare tyre was stolen from underneath RX400 car as it appears to be easy to cut through the small metal casing holding it in place. Will cost about £800 to replace/labour charge to put right. Won't buy another.
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Lexus IS300 transmission shifting roughly
Posted by on
LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- I currently own a 2001 Lexus IS300 Sedan that I purchased in November 19th of 2000. Since then, I have noticed my transmission shifting roughly. It only happen at time and only between the 1st and 2nd gear. It seem as the computer in the vehicle could not decide to shift from the 1st to 2nd gear, and when it decides to do so, it will be a hard drop to the 2nd gear creating a load thump noise. And again, this only happen at time and not all the time.

I have checked my vehicle into Lexus of Seattle in Lynnwood, Wa about the concern that I have. The service advisor could not find any problem nor able to fix the problem. With our recent discussion over the phone, they had ask me to set up a time with the technician for a test drive.

Just recently, I read an article from Road & Track for December 2001 on page 122 by Jim Hall who does the Long-Term Test with a 2001 Lexus IS300, and he had encountered that very same problem. In the article, Chick Orr from Desert Lexus in Cathedral City, Ca was mentioned because he was one who teamed up with Tony Schreiber, the webmaster for for IS300 owner forum. The article mentioned that this is a problem that could easily be fixed by replacing or reprogramming the ECU computer and would take about an hour.

Well, with all the information I have provided you, please let me know what the solution is for the abrupt shifts with the transmission. For $35,000, I would expect as best out of the vehicle as possible, but this is frustrating.

Please respond ASAP. Thank you.

An answer!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.
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User Replies:
chunkystewys on 04/26/2004:
I have the same exact problem with my '01 IS300. Lexus is an amazing company and I love my car more than anything. I have the same problems between first and second gear. I have checked mine into Bobby Rahal Lexus in Mechanicsburg, PA but just like you, they told me that nothing was wrong. I have contacted Lexus customer care as well, but they couldn't give me any other information other than going to the dealer.
Flintmicais300 on 11/06/2006:
I am having the same exact problem with my 01 Lexus is300. Did anyone find the remedy to fix this trans problem. Let me know? Thanks.....
odar420 on 09/04/2009:
My 2001 IS300 does the same thing. Do you guys see a very slight slip under full throttle if you downshift from 5th to 4th gear in manual around 4000 rpms?
bofa the thief that smiles on 12/28/2009:
Lexus" Your Making me look Bad " I have nothing But Praise For Your Cars. But when I see this ithink MAKE IT RIGHT !
KonigFB on 04/13/2010:
I've owned a '01 IS 300 since buying it new in December 2000. It has been excellent in every respect, especially in its reliability -- the best car we've ever owned which is why it has stayed with us for so long. It did indeed display the infamous 'clunk' from 1st to 2nd under certain conditions. The problem was an error in the ECU programming. It was identified by Lexus early in 2001 and the two Lexus dealers in my area at the time (Ottawa, Canada) both had been given the necessary resources to fix it. The fix was to reprogram the ECU and it took about an hour. The transmission has worked perfectly ever since.
edub on 05/11/2012:
try cleaning the MAF sensor.
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Lexus ES 330
Posted by on
The worst car I have ever owned. Brand new 2006 full of rattles they can't find. The headlights are so low you cannot see the car in front of you. The dealer tells me that all of the customers are saying the same.
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User Replies:
Ms.Consumer on 01/22/2006:
Brand new Lexus shouldn't rattle. He's got a legimate complaint.
KenPC on 01/23/2006:
And of course you immediately asked the dealer why he chooses to tell you this AFTER you bought the car, and not before?
Slimjim on 01/23/2006:
The dealer should be able to re-aim the headlights. In fact, if he gets that so much, probably should have checked them before delivering it to you.
Anonymous on 01/24/2006:
Sad to hear this about a manufacturer that I consider one of the finest. Send a letter to Lexus about your issues, Lexus is a very good customer satisfaction company and I believe thay will take your issues serious. Good Luck
Mad Eye Moody on 01/24/2006:
Lexus and Toyota the same people? Toyota's obviously a very good company...but being in the field I'm in...I've had to be on the fighting end of some engine sludge issues that weren't taken care of. You remember this fiasco a few years ago, Dealer? We had some owners manuals that said you didn't need to change the oil in your Camry for 5k miles.
Anonymous on 01/24/2006:
I remember, here is a little secret. The engines that were replaced because of sludge......were replaced with the same poor designed engine, no changes.
Anonymous on 01/24/2006:
Can you say "Repeat Business?"
Mad Eye Moody on 01/25/2006:
I can say it twice.
Bkm on 07/30/2006:
I was a service tech for Lexus prior to (now) taking an engineering job at Honda. I recommmend: Call the Toll Free hotline and open up a case. Follow up and write a polite, yet firm, letter to Lexus corporate explaining your situation with the rattles and the dealer that's attempting to fix them. (When I was at Lexus, we seldom had rattles on the ES; most were on the RX sport ute.) Next, and I realize that this may be a big hassle, is try another dealership. Quality of the techs varies widely. I was one of a handful of techs that could solve electrical problems in our shop. Treatment of technicians is so poor, it drove me out of the business. They don't pay the good techs enough to keep them. (But, that's another story in itself.) As far as the headlights are concerned, they are adjustable but you'll have to find some "shadetree" mechanic to do it for you: Adjustments "out of spec" cannot be done by any dealer. BTW This complaint is not just specific to Lexus automobiles.
Good luck with your resolution.
khang on 09/09/2006:
those who against the people, they're coward. we're the one that make companies make better product. if you don't complain, they'll give you piece of crap, and then you'll know why we're important. the world just don't get better by itself, idi-ot.
khang on 09/09/2006:
my new IS250 2006 is also a piece of crap, and they refuse to fix it. whatever they fix, the made it worst. that's the new Lexus for you. for some reasons, I think Lexus is a better company when it's much smaller, when it tries to get our business.
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