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Be Aware of Lingo Scam
Posted by Ahmedari on 02/28/2012
Customer service people appears very friendly when you show interest. This company is a total fraud. They offer you free international phone calls with no limitation. But when you make several phone calls they will warn you and after a few days depending on your call volume they will disconnect the service without any notice and charge on your credit card a hefty amount that includes the charge for calls and their equipment, that equipment was originally offered free with the subcription.

I disputed the charge with credit card company. American Express took care of that, I did not have to pay anything. Lingo then sent the bill to a collection agency. That agency never contacted me instead it went to my credit history. I am not too concerned about credit history. This was a fraudulent charge. I am contacting Attorney Generals office to report this fraud. I want everyone to be aware of this scam and stay away from the phony phone service.
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Lingo Was Good, Not Anymore!!!
Posted by Captainggl on 07/08/2009
I am subscribing to their services for more than a year now. Initially Lingo was very good as it saved me a few bucks every month. The real problem came when I called in to cancel my account last month as I have already switched over to Vonage. When I had initially signed up, my contract with Lingo was only for a year, now out of nowhere they have changed it to two years with a higher termination fee. When I tried to dispute that with the call center people, they simply refused to listen to me stating that my Terms and Conditions has a clause which says that my Terms and Conditions can change anytime and I would have to agree to it. On top of that they said it is absolutely legal to change the Terms and Conditions, which I had signed on during signup, anytime.

I know that the call center people are somewhere in Asia who have no idea about the laws and ethics which needs to be followed by every American company. If you put a clause in your Terms and Conditions that you would steal from me, and you steal from me, it does not make the stealing legal.

When you say "Lingo was a good VoIP", I assume that you are not a customer with them anymore, so let me tell you the present ground realities about Lingo:

1) On my business number, my fax machine works with Vonage. Granted it does not work perfectly, but we still receive and send faxes on a regular basis.

2) With Lingo, I also find it tricky to reestablish a connection if the power goes off. Have to reset the cable modem, then plug in the Lingo unit, let it download and a couple of minutes later, the router.
However, I can't talk on the phone and download anything on the computer without it cutting out on the phone.

3) Call center staff for Lingo have heavy accents and they repeat the same things over and over again no matter what issue you have (seems like you are speaking to robots). Sometimes when they get bored of repeating the same sentences, they would put you on hold 5 minutes to consult a supervisor, and guess what, they would come back and still repeat the same sentences all over again. They have absolutely ZERO knowledge of their own product going along with their thick, heavy accents.

4) I have my business numbers from Verizon and Vonage and, really, others should learn from them how call centers are supposed to work, esp. from Vonage. These companies too have call centers in Asia - so how is it that they get it right and Lingo doesn't?

I don't mean to take away anything from your experience with Lingo, but it seems like you were amongst the rare breed of happy customers Lingo ever had out of those hundreds and thousands who have expressed their views on the internet. Lately Lingo customer service staff SOLICIT good things to be said about them in the surveys, etc.

As far as I am concerned I paid a heavy price for saving a few bucks a month, $100 to be exact because I have made up my mind to cancel my account as soon as possible before they change the termination clause in the Terms and Conditions to 5 years or $1000 penalty.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-07-08:
The ability to change the terms and conditions at any time does not give them the legal right to extend the term of your contract without authorization or just cause. Contact the Federal Trade Commission.
Posted by stingrayann on 2009-07-09:
I found the number of a senior management person at Primus Telecommunications (Lingo) on this website .... +1-703-902-2810. Call and see if this helps or at least give them a piece of your mind. After all they decide the policies, systems and find such pathetic customer service staff! Its time they get a wake up call.
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Crooked Company
Posted by Disgusted3 on 01/15/2009
SELMA, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered service with LINGO and cancelled the service 30 minutes after I ordered it. The next night they took the 20.73 off my debit card. My husband then called them that same night and cancelled the service again. Four days later I received the box in the mail. I called them the next day and they made no mention that they did not show our cancellation they just apologized and said they would send a prepaid label so we could send the box back. They said they would not give us our money back until they get the box. It took another 7 days to get the label and we sent the box back 3 weeks ago. I still do not have my money back. I contacted them again and they said they were only going to give me back 5 dollars due to I did not cancel the service until 6 days later and they are charging me for the shipping label. Customer beware. I have contacted the NC attorney general and will be filing a formal complaint.

They are now claiming that they do not see in their system where I called back in 30 minutes and cancelled.. This company is a bunch of crooks. Consumer BEWARE,
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Posted by shenpa on 2009-03-06:
I just had the exact same thing happen only 3 months later they never took the charge off and out of the blue started getting random charges from them on my card.
Posted by anonymous on 2013-04-22:
i ordered this sevice and they told me my monthly charge is gone be $9.99 . very next month they took $100.23 from my credit card without sending me invoice or without my authorization.
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Posted by Ffets on 08/23/2012
LOS ANGELES, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I ordered Lingo phone service on 6/19/2012 and called to cancel three days later & told to 'Calley' to cancel the account. She determined that I had not used the service at all but offered me 'one month free and three months at a reduced rate. I told her I wanted nothing but cancellation since I had signed up for phone and cable internet service from Comcast. She kept talking and I kept telling her I wanted no service-free or charged- from Lingo and ended the call with clear and emphatic instruction that I wanted no service from Lingo and would not pay any charges.
After I'd canceled the service they proceeded to charge my credit card two month in a row, so I called back on 8/23/2012 and got a runaround from four different people-most of whom spoke halting English. They canceled the account but said I' have to call back the next day to learn if the charges would be refunded. This was the worst business practice I've ever experienced from an online service company. I strongly advise everyone to avoid Lingo. They are a terrible, predatory company.
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Posted by Thang on 04/04/2005
POTOMAC, MARYLAND -- 1. Once they got your Visa number, they will charge
at will. there is no such thing as account adjustment or explanation.
2. It takes 2 weeks to ship the phone adapter to your house. About 3 days to establish the phone service. You have about 1 week to cancel the service. After a month from the date you order the unit, if you cancel, they charge you $40 for cancellation fee.
3. Lingo has a lot of exotic but unnecessary features. The basic services such clear voice, non drop off or disconnection are terrible. It is so terrible that my wife has to throw the phone and demand to cut off the service RIGHT AWAY.
4. I have requested to get my personal phone number transfer from Lingo to Vonage for more than 2 months. They never transfer it. Once they got your number, consider it is lost to LINGO.
5. Lingo phone service can be considered as high tech toy but never a serious family service to replace Verizon.
6. Price is cheap but not worth it. Sercive reliability is real CHEAP.
7. I would never sign with LINGO again and I will
advise all my friends to stay away from LINGO.

Good luck,
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-04-05:
Why sign up for this garbage service in the first place?
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-04-07:
Hey Legal, whatever happened to the good old days when all we had were the "Bell Companies" to beat us out of our money?
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Bad Service
Posted by Salmanbangla on 02/05/2013
It is the worse Phone service ever. If you want to enjoy a hell time then try Lingo. Funny part you can't call any AT&T customer on Lingo also international calls are terrible. Alos they charge me cancellation service without solving my problem. Bad Bad Bad service.
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Beware Of This Internet Phone Service
Posted by Jc19063 on 10/18/2008
Bad service very often. I got signed up for one year with an early withdrawal penalty of 59.99, but about 11 month into the contract we get a mail saying that week later the terms of the contract will change to 2 years and the penalty for early termination will increase to 99.99 dollars.

Now who knows what they will do next year if you sign up for 2 years, the contract period may go up to 5 years and fine may increase to 1000 dollars.

They are trying to make the window for termination of service as short as possible so that they can milk the customer as much as possible. I am going to take this further.

I suggest that all customers, please do keep all the necessary e trails.


One outraged customer
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-10-18:
There is a discussion of this in another forum. It might be illegal to apply the new 2-year contract to existing customers. According to the terms of service when you signed up. . . 'A disconnect Fee shall not be charged to Customers who purchase Lingo approved Equipment from retailer.' However a number of existing customers are planning to cancel before the 23rd.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-10-18:
First glance, it does look like a rip off. Someone in the know can correct me, but 11 months into a 1 yr. contract would be about right for renewal and/or a change in terms. Read the fine print. You can probably "opt out" when your original contract expires at no additional charge.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-10-18:
I just read their Terms and Conditions. It is a mystery to me why anyone with more than a 6th grade education would ever agree to such one-sided non-sense. They definitely rely on people not reading what they are agreeing to.
Posted by LingoHater on 2008-10-21:

As I mentioned earlier it is pointless talking to lingo.com

What lingo.com is doing is absolutley illegal. there have to be definite guidlines regarding ethical business practices. This company needs to be shut down

They auto bill you. the only company that we have seen does tnat. They do not provide an option to pay your own bill. they are just suckers for your money.

But the right course of action needs to be taken to teach them a lesson

Posted by UnhappyLingoCustomer on 2008-12-16:
What Lingo did was completely unethical. For someone who never made a single call with this service, to be slapped with another $99.99 for cancellation is extremely disappointing. Talking to Lingo to waive the fee of course was of no use.
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Posted by Humay on 02/27/2013
Lingo Phone service is the worst phone service ever. I got ripped by this company, I received 3 different bills which came up to
$400. They gave False information, misled us on taking the phone service and ripped us. Never take this phone service again.

Customer service talks rudely and they hang up on our face. Everyone in the billing department talks to us like they are the manager.
They don't care if we are paying about $400. They don't show any courtesy.

Never take their phone service again!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No Dial Tone
Posted by Lingo sucks on 01/10/2010
My Lingo VOIP has been down for 2 days without dial tone, called Lingo tech support umpteen times but always greeted by a voice message thats says a representative will attend to you but for more than an hour and no technician. Their modem has constant hang-ups, no action. Called their sales line one representative said there is a problem and another representative said there are no problems.

Lingo did not post any outage on its part and didn't seem to care about their customers satisfaction let alone the agony of not having a phone line for several days. No courtesy calls to inform and bad customer service...But they claim they are there for you 24/7....What a joke???

I certainly will not recommend Lingo to anyone as this would make me lose face.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-10:
Lingo is a service that works with your internet connection....do you HAVE an internet connection? Have you checked to make sure no connection has come loose?
Posted by bdiddy832 on 2010-01-10:
My service has been down since at least Saturday morning as well. My internet works along with the voicemail forwarding but there is no dial tone. I've rebooted everything a number of times and can't get through to support. I've been a member for nearly 2 years and this is the first time it's been down for more than a few minutes.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-10:
Sounds like an outage then.
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Posted by BUTTERFLY_NOV74 on 08/05/2009
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