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The Survey Site Is Awful
Posted by on
PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I received very good service at the Long John Silvers on Brownsvile Road in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that I decided to participate in the survey. Well sadly, I couldn't find the site. This is why I am here; to complain about how hard it is to find the site to do the survey. We had such excellent service that we promised the young man we would do the survey.

His name is Ryan and he is the best. His personality, professionalism, his willingness to please us and how he came back to the table to check on us and see if we wanted anything else was most impressive.

Thank You Ryan for a job well done. To the survey site "peeuuu", you STINK!!!!!
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Alain on 11/22/2011:
Contact Long John Silvers corporate headquarters (1441 Gardiner Lane, Louisville, KY 40213) directly at (502) 874-3000 and let them know they have a good franchise location in Pittsburgh and that they need to find someone else to run their survey site. By the way, thanks for the information. We've passed this particular Long John Silvers frequently on our way to Trax Farm. We'll give it a try!
Flo on 11/20/2012:
Thumbs down to LJS.
joe harris on 02/20/2013:
At the Waynesboro store at lunch time was the worst service I every received. 30 min wait girl on front like not knowing what to do.a employs named Jerri was refunding money saying sorry over and over.very short staff and no manager.the lady Jerri did a wonderful job and so did yr cook. But will never return.and who run a store with three people it was awful.
Wayne on 04/10/2013:
?Same deal Survey link is awful couldn't find it on the www.web...
pat on 04/25/2013:
I agree with the rest of the people--Your site stinks!
bobbie smith on 08/05/2013:
where is the survey?they offer a free food for taking the survey and then you cannot find it.
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Oh Brother! Another Tartar Sauce review...
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
I would've liked to rang their bell...both literally and figuratively. The chicken planks were delectable, as were the new style of fries they serve. The problem was with the tartar sauce and its consistency...or lack thereof. It had obviously been watered down, much the same way your buffet style restaurants derive pleasure from doing that to their Ranch dressing at the salad bar. Perhaps, I am just spoiled, and have become accustomed to receiving a quality tartar sauce that could stand on a spoon turned sideways. Whatever lofty ambitions they may have had at getting another patron to ring the bell as they exited the door, went down the drain when they decided to dilute my delightful dip.

In my opinion, the standard of your average fish & chips joint boils down to the tartar sauce. That is the deal breaker for me.
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trmn8r on 02/28/2013:
I ate at LJS once in my life, and it was the "planks" that led me to never return.

I don't believe they called them planks, but that describes what I was served. Bad memories.
MDSasquatch on 02/28/2013:
My wife is also a lover of the Tartar Sauce; we feel you pain.
DebtorBasher on 02/28/2013:
I noticed how thin and runny their Tartar sauce is in the little packets they give you to go. If their sauce is like that inside, then it's probably not them watering it down, but the way it is made when it's sent to them. There was hardly any pickle in the packets when I used them. I make my own Tartar sauce and keep it in a little jar.
madconsumer on 02/28/2013:
at least they did not charge you 30 pence extra for it!!
MRM on 02/28/2013:
I love tarter sauce on my fish filet! HmMmMm!!!
Mota_Manual on 03/01/2013:
Eeww GROSS! Nothing they makwe is worth eating.
Wally25 on 03/01/2013:
I ate there couple time! wasn't really worth coming back.
Old Timer on 03/01/2013:
Tarter and LJS, tarter and the FOF disaster, when does it end?
Anna Molly on 03/01/2013:
Old Timer, it never ends :(

Alain on 03/01/2013:
Nothing says "We don't care" like cruddy condiments.
leet60 on 03/01/2013:
@madconsumer - are you in Europe? While living in Germany, I was taken aback by the fact that fast food restaurants charged extra for condiments - note that is not "extra" condiments (I.e. ketchup etc.) but you are charged extra for even a single packet. I was also somewhat amused by finding McDonald's in Germany having their restrooms staffed by an attendant and that you were expected to tip the attendant to use them - which I did not mind as they were exceptionally clean and well stocked.
JAKFK on 03/01/2013:
One good thing about dining in at LJS is that they won't charge you extra for packets, since they don't give you any to begin with. Instead, they have large stainless steel containers with hand pumps on them. You give em' a push, and out comes a serving of your desired condiment.
JAKFK on 03/01/2013:
DEBTORBASHER> Please tell me that you do not carry a little jar of sauce with you in public?
CrazyRedHead on 03/01/2013:
The last time (3 years ago) I went to LJS, I got sick. I think it was the amount of grease in the food.
Laurella on 03/01/2013:
LJS has gotten so expensive recently. I used to love their food, but the high prices are keeping me away.
Natalie on 03/28/2013:
I haven't been back since the tartar sauce change... The old tartar sauce was one of my favorite things and complemented the fish perfectly!
Holly on 06/24/2013:
Omg every time I been back I try the tarter sauce and it always taste the same like POISON, lol but I just read that THE OLD TARTER SAUCE SHOULD BE BACK IN FULL FORCE STARTING IN EARLY JUNE AND FULLY BY SEPTEMBER IM SO HAPPY !!! Yay I love u again long john silvers!!!!!
Bob on 07/15/2013:
The new tarter sauce has lost me as a customer who was there at least 5 times a month... Whatever group that taste tested that and decided it should be in LJS had to be smoking crack .. I hope they get the other tarter sauce back because I won't return until they do.. As a business owner if something works Don't change it .... Ugh brain dead whoever thought that was a good idea!! Have a great Day !!
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nasty manager in a nasty store
Posted by on
MARIANNA, FLORIDA -- Kentucky Fried Chicken and Long John Silver’s dual franchise location

2242 Highway 71

Marianna, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

First of all, let me stress that we are NOT troublemakers or are we looking for ANYTHING free! We feel that someone needs to know what happened to us at this store!

My husband and I went into a dual franchise store with Long John Silver and Kentucky Fried Chicken located at exit 142, Interstate 10 in Marianna, Florida tonight, April 25, 2005. It was about 7:45PM and there were only 2 other customers in the store. The front doors (the ones facing the main street) were locked. We walked to the side entry doors and the right door was locked but the left one was open. I checked the closing time (9 PM on Sunday night) to be sure they were open. We went into the restrooms to wash our hands and then to the counter to order. The girl at the counter acted like we had interrupted her, but we didn't see her doing anything other than standing. We ordered two platters with 2 pieces of fish, fries, hushpuppies and Cole slaw, and two drinks. My husband also ordered an extra piece of fish. We received our order and tried to find a clean table to sit at. There were no clean tables! There were napkins on some, pieces of food on others, and general mess on others where food and drinks had been sitting. We picked a table in the northwest corner of the restaurant that was the least dirty, wiped it down ourselves and sat down. Problem!!! The fries were cold and tasted like they were from the morning shift! My husband had a hushpuppy that was so hard, he couldn't mash it and he is not a weak man! So... he went to the counter and asked for some fresh fries...what did we get?? Fries that had been heated up somehow (we think by dumping them back into the oil!) and brought out to us as fresh fries! By this time we were absolutely fed up! We have never done this before, but we walked out without cleaning up our used plates. We thought that may be then the table might get cleaned, at least on the top. The floor is another story!

The girl at the counter...who was too busy to bother with us when we wanted to order...ran after us and told us to clean our table. We told her since we had cleaned it up to eat; we were not cleaning it again! A young man, who said he was the manager, yelled at us out the drive-through window and said we "WOULD" clean up our trash! He came outside with the tray. I asked him what store number was this location and he said K15. My husband told him that we had asked for fresh fries and got refried fries. We didn't ask for fresh hushpuppies. He told us we "WOULD" put our trash up or he would put it on our vehicle. All of the stressed words are as he stated to us. All of this was occurring while he was walking outside with the tray and with Sonny's Barbeque customers (located next door) looking on. My husband told him that we would be glad to do clear our trash if he would refund our money for the fries. He stated that he didn't get tips for cleaning! As my husband asked for the refund for the fries, he put his hand on this young man's shoulder in a friendly gesture. The "manager" told him to not touch him and then I said maybe we should call the cops! After all, I had the distinct impression that this manager was about to get violent with my husband! There was another employee outside as well that was also acting aggressively. The manager walked inside cursing us as I walked to Sonny's Barbeque to call since we had left our cell phone in our truck. By the time I walked inside Sonny's, several local people that were inside Sonny's asked what was wrong since it was obvious there was a problem and I was upset. I related the above to them and was told that they never go there since they have had problems as well. I decided to write an email instead.

We really don't like to complain, but this young man's attitude was just a little too much! The store was filthy, the fries were cold and nasty, and the hushpuppies would have made good ammunition (HARD!!!). This manager's attitude was that he had the right to order us to do something that evidently his employees would not - clean the tables. I would like to be charitable and say maybe there had just been a rush, but since three doors that we tried were locked, I really don't think that was the case! Isn't it against the fire codes to have doors locked during business hours??

I do have a compliment... there was ONE employee that had a smile on her face and did try to make things right. She was working drive-through I think, since she did have a head set on. She apologized for the fries and hushpuppy. That should have been the manager's job. Not hers! We do want to give praise where praise is due!

As for us, we will not be back. Mealtime is supposed to be a relaxing time, not a time of confrontation!

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User Replies:
compwiz on 04/25/2005:
**Waits for a comment about tartar sauce***
Anonymous on 04/25/2005:
Too easy.
Anonymous on 04/25/2005:
You again? Sounds to me like you ARE a troublemaker!
Anonymous on 04/25/2005:
I simply replied to the earlier post, emma75. What did I SAY wrong? Old habits are hard to break, huh?
Anonymous on 04/25/2005:
BTW, saw your blog. Nice arsenal of "bad words!" Turn the page and quit being bitter.
Anonymous on 04/26/2005:
zzrokk, that was not directed towards the letter writer, not you. Stop being so paranoid!
Anonymous on 04/26/2005:
My mistake. No more paranoia from zz.
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Terrible Customer Service!!!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- My husband and I went to the Long John Slivers' location on S. Garnett today and it was terrible! Had to get small or large drinks do to no medium cups. When we choose the large drinks we got charged for the large drink when I feel that we should have gotten charged for a medium! Then they were out of cheese curds. Then they didn't change the Mt. Dew on the fountain when they had told me they were going to do it.

The manager on duty looked like a slob and no one could read his name on the name tag because it was on the right side his belly and sideways. Then we asked for a receipt and the manager wrote down what we ordered, price of items, and grand total. When I asked why I got that instead of a printed receipt, he says that they have no paper for the register. This was a terrible experience at LJS. We will NEVER go back to this location!! Sorry excuse of customer service!!!
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 09/06/2013:
Sounds like a poorly run place to me. I can see charging you for a large if you're getting a large. And I can see running out medium sized cups, it happens. But not having any cash register paper on hand? Sounds like this place is run by either completely inept or exceedingly cheap franchisees.
Chaparrita on 09/08/2013:
If the small drink size was available, then I could see them charging you full price for the large since you had an option to get the cheaper size. Personally, I always get the small size if the soda fountain is in the lobby and refills are free.
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Out of Advertised Stock and Closed Earlier Then Other Restaurants
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HILLSBORO, OHIO -- First we stopped at the restaurant to be served a meal as advertised. " Cod is back" This sign is visible to hundreds of people as it is on a street that leads to several other restaurants and shopping locations. Their response was Quote "out of stock " My response was "then take the sign down. The employees had time to talk about other things that had nothing to do we Long John Silver except doing their job. Do Not advertise something you do not have.

A few days later I stop to try this again and the restaurant was closed. I can understand the restaurant has hours; however all other restaurants in the area were open and would be open for as least one to two hours later than Long John Sliver. I forgot to mention this was on a Friday. Most people are working at their job and have things to get done around their house. If it had been at a late hour I would have been OK with this. They were closed at 8:30 pm. Was served at another restaurant and will not go back.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 08/19/2013:
They probably can't take down the signs if they are participating in a corporate promotion, and I assume they'll be restocked in a day or two anyway. As for their hours, as long as they are open during the hours they state they will be open, then is it is what it is. If they were closing an hour or two earlier than their stated business hours then that would be a problem.
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Allergic Reaction to Multi-Use Cooking Oil.
Posted by on
Rating: 3/51
WOOSTER, OHIO -- My wife is allergic to Shell Fish, Sunday evening we went to the Wooster Long John Silvers unit for a meal. Today she has been experiencing difficulty breathing. After some thought she called the local unit and asked if they used separate oil to cook fish and shrimp, the person said that they do not. This is not a good idea because of peoples allergy to Shell Fish. Some years ago at a restaurant in Memphis TN, I asked if the Shell Fish was cooked separate, and was told that they use an entirely different kitchen for Shell Fish just because of this. My suggestion to Long John Silvers is give this some serious consideration.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 08/12/2013:
If were allergic to shell fish, I'd steer clear of seafood places all together. Also remember than you're talking about a fast food seafood place here, they probably aren't going to go have a separate kitchen or anything for shellfish.
olie on 08/13/2013:
Agree with FoDaddy. If you are allergic to shellfish, stay away from a place like Long John Silver's that prepares shrimp and clams. Surely, you must have other choices for dining.
JoeKay on 08/13/2013:
I can top it. I went to a regular restaurant that fried french fries in the same oil they used to fry fish. I got an allergic reaction (swollen tongue and lips) before I realized that these odd tasting fries had been put in oil that had fish in it. I am allergic to all seafood. I told them and they shrugged their shoulders as if to say "what do you want us to do about it?" By the way, there are more people allergic to seafood then there are allergic to peanuts. Funny you rarely hear about seafood allergies. What's with that?
Cheesehead on 08/13/2013:
I'm not sure how to break it to all of you, but from my many years in the restaurant business, all of the frying oil is filtered in one filter machine, so even if they fry shellfish in a separate fryer, a portion of that oil gets mixed every time they filter. This includes the oil for fries, shrimp, whatever. This is true for quick casual as it is for McDonald's. There may be a few exceptions, but believe me, they are VERY few.

I think that restaurant in Memphis with a "separate kitchen" for shellfish was telling you what you wanted to hear.
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CRAP, CRAP, Insulting, Rude
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- My wife and I stopped to get a fish dinner. I asked the cashier what you got in the lunch special posted by picture with no details, just a price. He said like I was stupid, "it's right there in the picture." He then continued to be rude through the ordering process and never told me what came with the order. My wife ask me to just put it on a customer complaints site and not say anything there. I did and the site was sh... too. I felt they purposely made it hard to complain, asking for receipt numbers etc. We will NEVER go there again and help them stay in business. You should do the same, give your money to the deserving.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 07/02/2013:
You might've been asking a little much from the guy behind the counter. It's fast food, you're probably not going to get a description of the food like you might get at a sit down place. What you see in the picture is roughly what you can expect to get when you order it.

As for asking for receipt number on the complaint website, that's simply to make sure the complaints they get are legitimate.
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Unhealthy food
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
FLORIDA CITY, FLORIDA, FLORIDA -- I visited the Long John Silvers 12-11-12 around 1 pm. ordered the 2 pc fish
and more, The lady was unable to tell me if their Mist Drink was decaf, so I opted not to get a drink. After sitting down, I tried the Coleslaw first and it tasted like a dirty dish rag, so I thought maybe I missed something and tried another bite which I had to spit out. Then I tried the fries and they tasted like they were cooked in old grease. I then began to try the fish which seemed to be okay, but after trying the other two items I wasn't feeling quite well. After finishing the fish, and began to leave I approached the lady that served me which another employee was sitting beside us listening as I explained about the Coleslaw tasting sour, and the Fries tasted as if they were cooked in old grease, they offered to give me something else, but I did not want to take any more chances with my health and told them thank you, but I was threw.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 12/11/2012:
To answer one question for you Sierra Mist is indeed Caffeine free and even uses real sugar and natural flavors. AS far as the fries and slaw go I understand there. It seems to me no matter where I try slaw this time of year it tastes bad because of the quality of the cabbage used and fries that are cooked in old oil are nasty.
trmn8r on 12/12/2012:
I've had Long John Silvers once in my life, also in Florida. It was horrible, but I decided that all the food there was. That was in 1990. Never went back.
Anonymous on 12/12/2012:
The few times I've eaten at Long John Silvers, the food tasted like oil. Not necessarily old oil, but the main taste was oil, not fish or chicken.
Whiteduck on 12/12/2012:
Who goes to a place to eat healthy when they even fry the bread?

I understand the oil thing, though. I quit going to them for the same reason. Not sure why the slaw would have been bad.
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This LJS needs new management, the women @ this restaurant could care LESS about her customers at all.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
KIRKSVILLE, MISSOURI -- We have eating at this restaurant a lot of times, never having a problem there ever before. I ordered our food to go. Got home to find that part of our order was missing. I tried to call them 5 times to get no answer until I was on my way back to pick up my forgotten food. When I did get an employee to pick up, I was told the manager was to busy to talk to me. I went to the restaurant and was made to wait in drive Thur for over 10 mins. on the food forgotten. The manager then made time for me and was not helpful at all and of cared less if I was happy or not with LJS. We will not eat there for a very long time if ever again. This women needs to learn how to handle her self in this type of situation and at least act like she really cares about LJS and her customers.
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User Replies:
FoDaddy19 on 10/01/2012:
The manager and probably everyone else at the restaurant was indeed busy, that's why you had to call several times. Nothing they can do about it, people who are in the establishment come first.

I'm not sure why you opted to go through the the drive through again. If it were me, I would've gone inside to better explain the situation. I wouldn't expect the manage to carry on a conversation with you if you were in the drive through. Time of the essence with drive through orders, and only person can be helped at any given time, as opposed to inside the restaurant where usually there are a multiple points of sale open at the same time.

I'll also mention once again, that if you get your food from the drive through, it always is a good idea to check the order before leaving, just to make sure you have everything, it only takes a few seconds.

I don't think the manager did anything particularly wrong. Yes, they apparently forget part of your order, and they did what they were obligated to do, in that they gave you the missing food upon your return. As I mentioned before, I don't think it's reasonable to expect to the manager to have a chat with you while you're in the drive through as that would unduly hold up everyone else in line. Especially if the issue had been corrected anyway. If you felt that you needed to speak with the manager, I think going inside would've been the better option. It's obvious the place was busy at that time.

It also helps if you look at the situation from the manager's standpoint. Which do you think is better for business? A. Holding up the drive through line (making one person happy, but angering several more) or B. Just getting you the missing food and sending you on your way (The line isn't held up, making several people happy, but making one person unhappy)? The answer is obvious.
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Not What's on the TV Commercials
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
KINGMAN, ARIZONA -- I was told today, that they did not have a fish deal. I told them that it is ongoing on the TV and I just had some last week. I explained the deal to the gal because maybe she was new. She said that they only had a chicken deal. I told her how far we had driven just for the fish and we were sure about the TV ads. We always watch the ads so that we can afford your delicious fish and that wonderful coleslaw.
Since we've been home from our wasted trip we have seen the TV ad twice.
I have had missing hush puppies and got 6 fish instead of 8. Once I went back for it the following week while I was in town. The next time I let it go.
I've gone to the store in Bullhead AZ and they always know what the current deals are. I would go there more but it's out of my and further away.
The store is always clean and the people are pleasant but I don't think they are kept up to date on the latest deals and ads.
Often many people drive far to go shopping and to pick up a bite. They can't afford to go back when vendors have again made another mistake.
If times get harder this could make an impact on your sales.
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User Replies:
DebtorBasher on 09/25/2012:
Does the commercial say, 'At participating locations'? Most of the TV ads say that, meaning the deal may not be at every location.
Tezrien on 09/25/2012:
Actually the special changed over the weekend as they often do. It is a chicken meal and those are the ads running on tv now.
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