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Treated like animals
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MANTUA, NEW YORK -- To whom this may concern, This comes with great regret. My husband and I have been going to the Marine Base in California for the past 3 years. I always look forward to going to Long John Silver restaurants,which were all out west. I have been telling family and friends how much I enjoy there food. To my surprise my nephew called to say one had just opened near me. I couldn't wait they finally came east coast. Boy, I should have.I went on 6/03/07. The store is located in Mantua, New Jersey ,store #022267 the number on the receipt for comments or complaints just so happens to be the in store number 856-415-2092. I know this because the gentleman sitting behind me called to complain and was hung up on. What ever was said he and his companion left without taking there food. I found out what was going on. They were surving food and had no untencils to eat with. I wasn't about to try eating cole slaw with my fingers. So I went up to ask for either a spoon, fork anything. How dare I! I was told very ignorantly,"We don't have any, I just told some other man I just came in 10 minutes ago, what do you want me to do? So I think this is just an employee having a bad day. Maybe the manager can help. Oh ye! I don't think that's what it's called. First I was refused the managers name. Then a young man said,"Jewels". He was quickly hushed and told to go back to work and not to talk to me. Then as dialing the number for the police I was told she'll be right with me. I hung up and waited. Finally, a lady came and asked if I had a problem? Mind you still politly I asked for something to eat the food with that I had just bought. She said"You were told along with everyone else we have none." I once again ask for her name. She said she didn't have to give it. (Still not done-can you believe this?) I suggested," if your the one in charge there are other was of handling an emergency situation. I understand things happen but, you could have politly said,"I sorry but you may have to get some of your meal as take-out because we have no utensils" OR "I am going to make a call and have them here as soon as possible." OR "How about even telling your patrons as it was ordered?!" Any of these would have been great. Guess what I got? "Leave my store or I'll call the cops" (Can you believe it?) So I informed her to do so, one way or another I will get your name and I am complaining about being treated like an animal. My son and his Marine friends have been to places where you use your fingers and America is NOT one of them. So to keep from losing it. I went outside and waited for an Offier-keep in mind it was also raining-the officer said"No one should be treated like that and if I was him he'd report them to the Better Business Bureau and get ahold of Corporate and complain." So I am trying to do just that. I can't find an address or a legitimate number yet, but I will keep trying. If anyone who reads this has any other advise I am all ears.
nasty manager in a nasty store
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MARIANNA, FLORIDA -- Kentucky Fried Chicken and Long John Silver’s dual franchise location

2242 Highway 71

Marianna, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

First of all, let me stress that we are NOT troublemakers or are we looking for ANYTHING free! We feel that someone needs to know what happened to us at this store!

My husband and I went into a dual franchise store with Long John Silver and Kentucky Fried Chicken located at exit 142, Interstate 10 in Marianna, Florida tonight, April 25, 2005. It was about 7:45PM and there were only 2 other customers in the store. The front doors (the ones facing the main street) were locked. We walked to the side entry doors and the right door was locked but the left one was open. I checked the closing time (9 PM on Sunday night) to be sure they were open. We went into the restrooms to wash our hands and then to the counter to order. The girl at the counter acted like we had interrupted her, but we didn't see her doing anything other than standing. We ordered two platters with 2 pieces of fish, fries, hushpuppies and Cole slaw, and two drinks. My husband also ordered an extra piece of fish. We received our order and tried to find a clean table to sit at. There were no clean tables! There were napkins on some, pieces of food on others, and general mess on others where food and drinks had been sitting. We picked a table in the northwest corner of the restaurant that was the least dirty, wiped it down ourselves and sat down. Problem!!! The fries were cold and tasted like they were from the morning shift! My husband had a hushpuppy that was so hard, he couldn't mash it and he is not a weak man! So... he went to the counter and asked for some fresh fries...what did we get?? Fries that had been heated up somehow (we think by dumping them back into the oil!) and brought out to us as fresh fries! By this time we were absolutely fed up! We have never done this before, but we walked out without cleaning up our used plates. We thought that may be then the table might get cleaned, at least on the top. The floor is another story!

The girl at the counter...who was too busy to bother with us when we wanted to order...ran after us and told us to clean our table. We told her since we had cleaned it up to eat; we were not cleaning it again! A young man, who said he was the manager, yelled at us out the drive-through window and said we "WOULD" clean up our trash! He came outside with the tray. I asked him what store number was this location and he said K15. My husband told him that we had asked for fresh fries and got refried fries. We didn't ask for fresh hushpuppies. He told us we "WOULD" put our trash up or he would put it on our vehicle. All of the stressed words are as he stated to us. All of this was occurring while he was walking outside with the tray and with Sonny's Barbeque customers (located next door) looking on. My husband told him that we would be glad to do clear our trash if he would refund our money for the fries. He stated that he didn't get tips for cleaning! As my husband asked for the refund for the fries, he put his hand on this young man's shoulder in a friendly gesture. The "manager" told him to not touch him and then I said maybe we should call the cops! After all, I had the distinct impression that this manager was about to get violent with my husband! There was another employee outside as well that was also acting aggressively. The manager walked inside cursing us as I walked to Sonny's Barbeque to call since we had left our cell phone in our truck. By the time I walked inside Sonny's, several local people that were inside Sonny's asked what was wrong since it was obvious there was a problem and I was upset. I related the above to them and was told that they never go there since they have had problems as well. I decided to write an email instead.

We really don't like to complain, but this young man's attitude was just a little too much! The store was filthy, the fries were cold and nasty, and the hushpuppies would have made good ammunition (HARD!!!). This manager's attitude was that he had the right to order us to do something that evidently his employees would not - clean the tables. I would like to be charitable and say maybe there had just been a rush, but since three doors that we tried were locked, I really don't think that was the case! Isn't it against the fire codes to have doors locked during business hours??

I do have a compliment... there was ONE employee that had a smile on her face and did try to make things right. She was working drive-through I think, since she did have a head set on. She apologized for the fries and hushpuppy. That should have been the manager's job. Not hers! We do want to give praise where praise is due!

As for us, we will not be back. Mealtime is supposed to be a relaxing time, not a time of confrontation!

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Tainted Fish
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Rating: 2/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- Bought fish, fries, slaw and shrimp. Tasted OK but not the usual taste. Had diarrhea 4 hours later and urine smelled of fish., With all the seasonings and breading on the fish could have been tainted., I have tried to file complaint with company but finding a site to do it has not been possible.
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Food Was Old, Cold. Overpriced
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Rating: 1/51
RIPLEY, WEST VIRGINIA -- My orders (2) consisted of fish, fries and chicken. It was warmed over slop. The price was approx. six (6) dollars more than advertised, no soda included (that was extra.) Needless to say, I won't return.
The sweepstakes is a scam
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Barstow Store #31860 ~ Ticket # 2605 @ 4:43pm
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BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I waited in the drive through for at least 15 minutes with only 1 car in front of us. I got out and went into the store to see what was taking so long. When I got into the store they only had 1 young man working both the drive through and the front counter, So I ask the cook where the manager was and he said "Tammy is on the phone." This explains why the young man was by himself. Then after about 5 minutes Tammy the manager came out and when I told her how long I had been waiting then all she had to say was that she had to count the drawers for the next shift. It took 20 minutes to get 1 Fish and Chicken Combo. Even though I was inside the restaurant it was rang up in the drive through. However I do not think the young man Michael A. was at fault, I believe that it was the rude managers fault, she should have been helping customers instead of talking on the phone.

I WILL NEVER GO TO THE BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA, LONG JOHN SILVERS RESTAURANT #31860 AGAIN. Also the telephone # on the receipt is incorrect. Barstow's area code is 760 not 909 as printed on the receipt.
My Children Were So Scared They Didn't Want To Stay And Finish Their Food
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WACO, TEXAS -- I visited the Waco TX location on 6th st. with my two children today and I was not happy! The employees were loud, unprofessional, and just ghetto! While getting our drinks they were talking about how one of the employees has stabbed someone!!! While we were eating my kids said " mommy can we just go I don't feel comfortable here". I've never been to a restaurant with this type of atmosphere. All the loud inappropriate conversation was uncalled for! I work in a restaurant myself and we strive to make every customer feel at home.

I would be ashamed as a manager to have this type of behavior at my establishment! I will never subject my children to this again! I hope something gets done about it.
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I never experienced such an event. And I felt so very sorry for the employees on board!!!!! There was an irate customer that came into the restaurant, after throwing a cup at a window (that an inside customer was sitting by). The female that came inside had been through the drive-through and was evidently upset. After the customer screamed her problems and profanity, the Manager on duty left the "inside store" and was on 2 cell phones. The phone was ringing off the hook. "UNBELIEVABLE", I am at a loss for words, it is Friday evening in Tampa, Florida. I was actually afraid of the way the situation and the way it was handled. That's all I can say. I hope the employees didn't have to "pay" for the mis-management at your "used to be thriving location".

I won't visit that location again with such unprofessional management, I work for the School Board locally and have never even seen such behavior in "Jr. High Schools". Help yourselves and get rid of whomever was in charge.
Nasty and Dangerous
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SUMMERVILLE, GEORGIA -- On August 1,2008 my husband, grandson and myself went to Long John Silvers/A&W in Summerville, Georgia. This was the worst experience that we have ever had.
First of all, when we went inside and tried to order, the girl waiting on us seemed very confused and not very knowledgeable of the procedures and/or food choices. We finally got our orders placed(while other customers were having the same problems) and waited and waited. Finally, a man that was working in the back called a number, a lady that had been standing there since before we came in, stepped up to get the "to go" order and I just happened to notice that the number called was my number. I told the man and told him that my order was for "there" he apologized and the other lady still waited.

This was really irritating but nothing to what we discovered when we went into the dining area to eat.The table and floors were nasty and the area around our booth smelled soured. In front of the drink counter, water was standing like you wouldn't believe. I told a girl (same one that took our orders)that someone was going to get hurt(I almost fell and so did other customers, that I saw)she said that she would take care of it right then. Well she did take care of it, she put a wet floor sign on one end of it and didn't even mop the water up.In this water was also food that had not been swept from the floor. The floor area around our booth had food, liquids and paper all under and around it. The seat that I sit in was "sticky"! I had to wipe the table top before we could eat. The whole place was so nasty and disorganized. As we were leaving, around back the manager was in her vehicle with the door open and smoking a cigarette. She should have been inside trying to teach the help something and cleaning that NASTY place up. The health department would not appreciate this at all.

Last year, I became very ill after eating at this same Long John Silvers along with co-workers that ate the same food and the same day.

I was so sick that my husband had to come to my job and drive me home because I was not able to drive myself(food poisoning). This has never happened to me before. I should have complained then, but I just let it go. I felt like I needed to complain about this last visit because people that dine out deserve a clean and safe place to do so, as well as people that are trained well enough to take care of them and the surroundings.
Nasty Food With Hair - Unclean Employees
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HARRIMAN, TENNESSEE -- My wife and I stopped at Long John Silvers Restaurant in Harriman today, March 4, 2008, for dinner. We ordered 2 fish dinners with slaw, fries and hushpuppies. I started eating my fish and felt something in the corner of my mouth-low and behold it was a very long hair. When I finally got it all out of my mouth, with a rather sick feeling in my stomach. I ask a guy (who had his head shaved bald) if he was the manager. He said yes he was. I told him about the hair in my food and actually showed him the hair. His statement to me was well, its not mine. I stated to him that it was not mine either nor was it my wife's as we both have very short hair. The guy did not say anything else, just turned and walked away.

The french fries were cold and appeared as if they had stayed in the grease for an extended period of time because the inside of that had fries had nothing in the center of them. The employees looked nasty and were all wearing nasty and unkept uniforms. At one point some guy came in with a friend, got cups filled up drinks, then went behind the counter and picked up his own food. He and his friend then went over to a table and ate the foods. He came in off the street handled food behind the counter, without washing his hands nor did he put on any gloves.
This in my opinion is absolutely against Health Department rules and this will be reported to them
as soon as they open up tomorrow morning. The restaurant is nasty and unfit to serve the public.
Before we left the restaurant the manager did come back to our table, said sorry about the hair,would you like a piece of pie. We said no.

It is kind of hard to eat a piece of pie after having a piece of hairy fish. This restaurant needs to be cleaned up and also the employees need to be trained in customer service and cleanliness. It is rather hard to eat at a place that is so nasty. Clean it up-hire cleaner employees or call in the demolition team. That would be my recommendation.
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