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Posted on
Rating: 1/51
HILLSBOROUGH, NEW JERSEY -- This place is terrible. I have never received a worse picture. Do not waste your money on it. They do not fix anything on your picture. You are better off taking a picture with yourself with the IPhone 4
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customer service and account handling
Posted by on
UNION, NEW JERSEY -- Here is a company that operates under several different names (LTC, Lors photography studios and photography studios of Lors,Keepsake and Empires Classics) but the customer service and accounting department are the same one. This company took pictures at my daughters school and even though my payment was sealed in their envelope and then taped shut they sent me a letter stating thet they never received my payment. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I sent a replacement check. They in turn cashed both checks and did not send the pictures. After contacting them several times The only response I got was sent proof of payment and that they would "reprint the pictures". I have to pay for copies of the checks from the bank to send to them and they get to sit on my money in their account for free. As for them reprinting the pictures, that would imply there had been a first printing of the pictures. I sure didn't receive them so who did? This company is costing money and are being dishonest about receiving both checks. They claim to be using proper accounting programs but refuse to refund my money until they receive copies of the cancelled checks. I will never let them take my childs pictures again!
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zeldaz on 11/02/2008:
My son had senior portraits taken by Lors and did receive them. He had them taken again. The second sitting was worse than the first - and he had the first proofs with thim to show what he didn't want. They did the same again. Lifetouch, where wer you? Lors customer service was very nice; however, their photograhers could not deliver professional photos in line with the prices they are asking.
mstenacious on 03/19/2009:
My daughter has her senior portraits done by Lors. First they lost the ENTIRE senior classes pictures, which meant I had to drive into the next county (when gas was $4 a gallon) to have them redone during summer break. When we got to the hotel where they were shooting there were at least 20 schools being done all at the same time and from talking to other parents they lost all the pictures from those schools too.
I had to call numerous times to get the proofs from that shot, I was repeatedly told they had been mailed but never got them. It took almost 2 months to finally get them and when we did they were horrible, the lighting was off and they looked like they had been shot by a high school student. Not to mention they had her in the WRONG cap and gown! Parents were not allowed in while they shot the pictures and my poor daughter kept telling them those weren’t her school colors but they just ignored her and rushed her though, probably because they had so many lost pictures to redo.
When I FINALLY got the proofs from that shot it was too late to have them redone at her school and they told me if I wanted them done I would have to drive up to Union (a 2 hour trip one way) during studio hours- this would mean I would have to take a day off work and pull my daughter out of school. When I told the customer service rep that wasn’t acceptable I was told “Oh well don’t order them then” and they hung up on me. I tried a few more times to have this resolved but was treated rudely each time. I ended up taking her to a different portrait studio to have her senior pictures done and they did a MUCH better job then Lors ever could.
Mariella on 06/24/2009:
I completely agree with the complaints expressed by the other reviwers. Customer service alone is horrible. I had called several times to ask about the packages, and each time I was given rude and curt replies. At one point, the customer service representatives were very rude and sounded more than irritated. This is a very unprofessional business and should not be in service.
LEChakan on 11/21/2009:
My story mirrors the ones that came before it: my son had his high school senior portraits taken by Lors last spring. Upon receipt of the proofs, and as directed by the company, I mailed in my order and Visa payment. Fast forward four months, and the people at Lors seem perplexed by my pique: they tell me that they never received my order. "Well, you certainly received my payment," I told them.

The upshot is that they sent me a miniature copy of the proofs again (all one one sheet), and told me to call them back with the order. I received this proof sheet within days of my phone call. When I then gave Lors my order again - over the phone this time - they said it would be a mere couple of weeks turnaround.

A month later, and still no pictures, I called Lors again. It would be another 4 weeks, they told me.

OK. It's now been eight months since my son had his portrait taken, and six months since I paid my money. No pictures.

I wrote to Lors again last night, asking them to process my order immediately or to refund my money. On Monday, I'll need to follow this up with an email to the school yearbook advisor to make sure my son's photo is in the yearbook.

All in all, a very unsatisfactory experience with Lors. I would encourage anyone looking for a company to handle their school's photography, to consider going elsewhere.

Skye on 11/21/2009:
OP, why didn't you put a stop payment on the first check??
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