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Appalling Service in Lufthansa's Business Class
Posted by BizClassCust on 06/01/2009
I had to take care of some business in Frankfurt and I took a Lufthansa flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt (which was incident-free) and a Frankfurt-LAX flight back. I had a business class ticket. There was a passenger who just got onboard before me, and I noticed how one of the flight attendants immediately walked over to the passenger in front of me who was just starting to settle down and offered to hang the passenger's jacket in the cupboard at the very front of the seating area. I took some time to put my briefcase away and took off my suit jacket. 2 flight attendants saw me but were not interested in putting my jacket away. I didn't want to make a big fuss and I'm not entirely familiar with the storage cabinet at the front of the plane, so I put my jacket on the back of my seat. I doze off for 30 minutes.

When I woke up, I noticed my suit jacket had been stepped on and was crumpled near the bathroom door. The flight attendants had been walking up and down the aisle where my jacket had fallen, but apparently they didn't feel compelled to pick up a passenger's jacket that had fallen. During the flight, except for 1 friendly female attendant who was mostly helping out with the other aisle, the rest of the flight attendants repeatedly skipped me when they were pouring drinking water and distributing bread rolls for the passengers. At that point in time, I was starting to feel that I was being discriminated against because I was an Asian (Japanese Chinese) passenger. I was the only Asian in the whole section. Fortunately, I had a kind Italian gentleman from Turin sitting next to me, so I asked him to get another glass of water every now and then, which he would then pass on to me.

Towards the end of the flight when we needed to fill immigration form, I realized that my pen was in my briefcase which by then had been well wedged in in the storage compartment which would be a nuisance to dislodge during the flight, so I raised my hand in the air and asked to borrow a pen. A flight attendant came to tell me that they didn't have any pens. But a few minutes later when another customer asked, the flight attendant came with a tray of pens. I was truly fortunate that my neighboring Italian passenger again was able to come to my rescue with his pen. I am a well-mannered, well-educated (PhD in Mathematics), patient person and I have never been a fussy passenger. The only thing that came to my mind was that the cabin crew in that section must have an aversion to Asians since I was the only Asian in that area. I have flown with many airlines throughout Asia, Europe, America, and Australia the past 30 years and LUFTHANSA was, by far, my ABSOLUTE WORST flying experience.

I wrote a complaint to Lufthansa via their website and after over a month, their response was a generic statement that said that they always tried their best to provide the best service. Given that the appalling service I received was their best service, I dare not imagine what the service would be like on their not-so-best days. I have since spoken to my employer to not fly us on Lufthansa and have spoken to colleagues, family, and friends about
the rude cabin crew who provided such appalling service.

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Posted by Disaster Worker on 2009-06-01:
I agree...absolutely appalling service!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-01:
Sometimes, people are a little too quick to yell racism when they get bad service, but, in your case, it sounds pretty accurate. I commend you for not raising a scene on board. You've done the best thing you can do - talk with your wallet and share your story with as many people as you can.
Posted by Ben There on 2009-06-02:
I met an Indian man in NYC a few days ago and he had a very similar story about Lufthansa. He claims that there is a very noticable difference of treatment between races. I am normally the first to call BS with the race card, but my new friend had no reason to make up this story.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-06-02:
I'm in agreement with all the other responses and the poster. The majority of the posts that cry racism seem to be because the complainer was told 'No.' This complaint lacks the usual rants and raves of what the complainer is going to do, how many people will be notified, how many letters will be written to our various ABC organizations, suits in small claims court, etc. Good review.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-06-02:
Voted helpful. I too believe that this is a legitimate case of racism.
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The lost meaning of “a better way to fly”
Posted by on 11/13/2003
The lost meaning of “a better way to fly”
by Siswa Rizali

This is a recount on my dreadful fly to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It supposed to be my great adventurous travel to be remembered. But thank to Lufthansa, it become my long nightmare in the airline. It was a long delayed travel (longer than my actual fly time), full with confusing reroute and agony.


I had to attend international training on microfinance in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, from 22 to 26 September 2003. I used Lufthansa airline. The flight is Jakarta – Frankfurt – Munich – Sarajevo. The flight to Sarajevo began in Jakarta at 19.00 o’clock, September 20, using LH 779, and the connecting flights are LH 216 and LH5328.

The trouble began in Cengkareng Airport, Jakarta. When I checked in, and I arrived right on time (around 17.00), the officer told me that I cannot take the flight caused I do not have visa to enter Bosnia & Herzegovina. I showed the document from Bosnia & Herzegovina authority explaining that the visa would be issued on my arrival in Sarajevo Airport. The officer does not sure and he asked his supervisor. Then the worse came.

Ms Sri (the senior officer, Ms Sriningsih Suprapto) informed me that even if I was right that my Bosnia & Herzegovina visa is on arrival, I couldn’t take the flight because I do not have Schengen visa.

I told her that I do not have any intention to stay in Germany and I just transit there to travel to Sarajevo. She informed me about ‘the domestic flight’, Frankfurt – Munich, which needed Schengen transit visa. Ibu Sri clarified that I couldn’t go unless I reroute my flight.

So I asked, why Lufthansa do not inform me about the visa requirement when I ordered the ticket? Surprisingly, Ibu Sri argued that I supposed to know and if I do not know I must ask. How can I know? Does the costumer supposed to know better the product sell by a company? Should have been the company who inform the costumer about the product that they sell?

As I must take the flight, I made no longer argument and accepted that Lufthansa reroute my flight through Jakarta – Frankfurt – Ljubljana – Sarajevo (Flight number: LH 779, connecting flight LH2504, and then JP700). To reroute from Frankfurt – Munich to Frankfurt – Ljubljana, I was penalty for US$ 120. And for Ljubljana – Sarajevo I have to buy new ticket at US$ 440. (See the attachment, which contain scan document from my flight).

Surprisingly, I cannot reimburse my ticket which I would not need from Munich to Sarajevo at all.

It took around two hours for me to settle the entire ticket/visa problem. I checked in at 17.00 and only by around 18.45 I have to rush for the plane. What a stressful checked in I ever done.

We landed in Singapore for transit at around 21.00. Like thunder striking in daylight, the Lufthansa officer informed that the flight had technical problem and had to be grounded for repairmen. As there is no spare part in Singapore, it took ten hours to bring the component from Frankfurt plus four hours for repairmen. In total, many passengers have to wait 24 hours in Singapore before continuing their flight. (Please refer to Lufthansa Singapore office announcement dated September 20, 2003).

Lufthansa did not do much to get another flight as soon as possible for their passenger. Instead they only provide accommodation for one night stay.

In the morning, I phoned Lufthansa to enquire about my flight. They explain that my flight would be reroute through Frankfurt – Vienna – Sarajevo. Because Vienna is in Schengen visa countries, I explained the problem I encounter yesterday and urged them to find out the immigration issues.

From the morning, I also informed the officer that I had have to attend training which begin in Monday morning, September 22. If I would arrive later than Monday night, I prefer to cancel my trip and will demand reimbursement on my ticket and compensation for my training fee which cost me US$ 1500. The officer told me it is possible for Lufthansa to reimburse my ticket if I cancel the flight, however Lufthansa will not cover any other cost that I would have burden.

Isn’t it wonderful? If the costumer presumably made a mistake, Lufthansa could charge high penalty. But when Lufthansa fails to delivery necessary service, the costumer must bear all the loss occur.

None of Lufthansa officer called me back to confirm my enquiry. So I called again several time from 14.00 to 16.30. I have to make all the called, none Lufthansa officer has the initiative to inform me about my enquiry (although they promise to do so).

Finally, at 16.30, it is confirm that my flight would be through Vienna. Lufthansa officer said they would prepare document for immigration office in Vienna that explains I only transit in Vienna to travel to Sarajevo. The route and flight number are Singapore – Frankfurt (LH779), Frankfurt – Vienna (OS122), and Vienna – Sarajevo (OS757). It is expected I will arrive in Sarajevo by 14.30 on September 22.

During my stay at hotel, I also notice that none of Lufthansa officer present there to explain any progress on our flight. While their customer stranded, it seems no care was taken by Lufthansa.

At 20.30, the bus took us to the airport. Surprisingly, when I check in, I have to face another shock. Lufthansa officer at check in counter said that I couldn’t take the flight through Vienna because I do not have Schengen visa. How could this happen? I have reminded them about my condition since the morning. I also told them what Lufthansa officer in Jakarta informed me. But why Lufthansa officer in Singapore does not know about the procedure?

This case may indicate that Lufthansa has no standard information about the requirement for ticket sell in certain route. This case also suggests that actually Lufthansa cannot put the blame on me for my ‘mistake’ earlier in Jakarta (So I cannot be charged/penalty for any reroute).

Lufthansa officer reroute my flight once again. They informed me that the flight route (and number) would be Frankfurt – Zagreb (OU411) and Zagreb – Sarajevo (OU342). (See the attachment, which contain scan document from my flight).

It took around two hours (from 9.30 to 11.30) for me to check in. And again, I am one that check in early, I also the last one that get into the plane. What a disgraceful service!

The flight LH779 arrived in Frankfurt in the morning (around 05.30) of September 22. As soon as I arrived in Frankfurt, I directly checked my connecting flight and report to the Lufthansa counter. Just like another hard punch straight to my face, I found out that my connecting flight would be at 18.00 o’clock.

While waiting, I found out that there were another three flight to Zagreb (and the time) on that day. The flights were OU417 (at 09.55), LH3436 (at 12.10), and OU405 (at 12.10).

So I wondered, why Lufthansa officer did not put me in the earlier flight? Why I must wait almost 12 hours at the airport for my connecting flight.

I decided to enquire at transfer/ticket counter whether I change flight schedule to an earlier flight. The officer turned me down because I have baggage in the flight. With great disappointment I just wait my flight at the airport.

The flight from Frankfurt – Zagreb – Sarajevo itself was another trouble. I arrived in Sarajevo at 21.00, just to find out that my baggage did not arrive. I report to airport officer about my baggage problem (baggage tag LH684562, baggage irregularity reference SJJOU13141). My baggage arrived at the hotel in Wednesday noon.

On my return trip to Indonesia, my flight went smoothly. Only small annoying thing happen; my baggage once again did not include in my flight. But later that night, my baggage arrived at my home around 24.00 o’clock. The bag itself seemed like have been ‘torture’, because the corner at the bottom was tear off.


What a tormentor flight! I have to pay more, yet I get the worse service. The distance of Jakarta – Sarajevo may need around 15 hours flying time, but it took me 50 hours to complete the journey (the delayed time was longer than the flight itself). I completely lost the meaning of “a better way to fly”.


Siswa Rizali
Assistant Program Officer
The Asia Foundation
Jl. Adityawarman No. 40
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12160
website: www.asiafoundation.org

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Posted by hc on 2004-07-20:
It's always the passenger's responsibility to check they have all necessary documentation for the flight. This includes a valid passport, entry visa and any transit visa. If you book through a travel agency they can help advise you on visa requirements. An airline is not responsible for this.
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very bad service by Lufthansa
Posted by Yuwang on 02/07/2006
VANCOUVER, FRANKFURT -- I took Lufthansa from Munich to Vancouver, transferred from Frankfurt. Since I was going to snowboard in Whistler, I took a big burton snowboard pully bag with me. It was not problem to check in Munich.

After a wonderful vacation in Whistler, I went to Vancouver airport to check in. But this time, I was told the burton pully bag was too heavy (34kilo), they had changed the policy from Nov. 1st. 2005, all luggage should be less than 25 kilo, bla bla bla. I had to pay 30 dolloar for this. My good feeling of vacation was completely ruined by this. I was issued an electrical ticket in Munich and there was nothing mentioned about luggage weight (this same pully bag). Second, later some passangers told me I could remove some staff from the over weighted bag and put it into another bag. I did have a backpack. The point is that the lady in the check in didn't bother to give me this advice. How would Germans learn how to provide services? Their altitute is totally unacceptable. Later I tried to complain at Frankfurt Airport, the feedback from Lufthansa employee was also very bad. He was so rude. I would never fly Lufthansa again.
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-02-08:
I would not call having to pay 30$ a good reason to state that your holiday was ruined or took away your 'good feeling'. If you had read the information on your ticket etc.. you would find in most cases that 75lbs is well over the weight limit for transatlantic flights.
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Non Existance Of New Business Class Service And Disgusting Customer Service From Lufthansa
Posted by Niel on 05/16/2007
Have you tried to contact lufthansa customer services only to be ignored completely, amazingly this company does not have a direct contact number for their customer service dept in any country worldwide. All you can do is write a letter or send them a fax, which is then ignored. I did manage to get some contact from them but only after I sent an email to the companies directors.

Company directors emails are as follows,








I wrote to them regarding a complaint relating to their advertised business class seating, it simply does not exist as advertised. Do not be fobbed off by these people.

for details of my complaint see below, in the meantime enjoy busting their balls, I will continue to do so until I get very very old.

I am fortunate, my cousin is a lawyer and he is taking legal action against them so will wait and see.

Dear sirs, I am writing to you to express my disgust with the lack of customer service shown by your company. I have been trying to contact your customer service dept to register a complaint regarding a flight in January.

I have faxed my complaint to the address shown on your website and have still not received even an explanation or even confirmation that my complaint has been received.

I would hope that one of you would be able to give me some kind of response, in the meantime I will be writing to the TTG to advise my colleagues in the travel industry of the shocking customer service that can be expected from your company.

I did call your company in the UK only to be advised that there is no telephone number for customer services, I can only assume that this is in an effort to discourage customers from raising complaints in the hope that unhappy customers will go away and forget about it.

Please see below a copy of the fax that was sent your customer service dept.


Niel Hayhoe

Dear Sir / Madam,

I find myself in a somewhat frustrating situation, I have worked in the travel and tourism industry for nearly twenty years and for the first time find myself writing a letter of complaint. Having so many years in the travel and tourism industry I find that I am more patient than the average customer and certainly more understanding when it comes to “problems”.

As part of my role I travel extensively on business and vacation and was persuaded by a colleague to look at travelling with Lufthansa when taking my recent vacation. I have not travelled with your company before and had experienced several problems with one of your Star Alliance partners ( Tap airlines - Late departure of flights ) so was initially sceptical, my colleague however was quite persuasive and advised me that in his opinion the business class offering on Lufthansa long haul was exceptional.

I went to your web site and sure enough the description of the business class seating and the photographs shown were impressive. It clearly stated on your website that this new business class was being rolled out on your fleet from May 2004, indeed the only photography of business class seating that was shown was of the new style flat bed seating.

As I would be traveling in January 2007 I felt that it would not be unreasonable to expect to receive the service and style of seating depicted on your website in April 2006, I therefore went ahead and made my booking, reservation code xxxxx.

My flight details are as follows;

Manchester – Frankfurt LH4853 January 16th
Frankfurt – Bangkok LH782 January 16th

Bangkok – Frankfurt LH773 February 13th
Frankfurt – Manchester LH4850 February 14th

When I boarded the aircraft in Frankfurt I was disappointed to find that rather than the heavily advertised new style business class seating, I was seated in a standard business class seat, this seat I found to be quite uncomfortable. The main reason that I booked with your company being your new style of business class seating. As I am six foot six I struggled to get comfortable on the seat, I was determined however not to let this mar my annual vacation.

On my return flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok (LH773) I was to be doubly disappointed, on boarding the aircraft I found to my dismay that once again your company had failed to deliver its advertised product and the style of seating in no way resembled the seating that you heavily promote on your website. I was allocated seat 25C, as you are no doubt aware there is a bulkhead directly behind this seat which prevents you from fully reclining your seat. The seat reclined to roughly the same level as an economy seat, I was able to confirm that this seat did not recline fully by comparing it to the level of recline of the passenger seated in 25B.

To further compound my unhappiness there was a young baby seated in row 24 who was unable to settle and spent the majority of the flight screaming quite loudly, I realise that this is something that is totally beyond your control but when added to the fact that I was seated in the most uncomfortable business class seating that I have ever experienced it led to a truly awful flight, certainly one that I would not recommend to friends and colleagues.

I look forward to some kind of explanation as to why the service received was not as advertised and would expect compensation for the inconvenience and discomfort that I experienced.

I am frankly outraged that a company of your reputation could allow such blatant misrepresentation of its services on its website and I am sure that this is not the first time that you have received a letter commenting on the misleading contents of your website.

As mentioned earlier I have many years experience in the travel and tourism industry and am fully aware of my rights as a consumer, should I fail to receive an appropriate explanation and offer of compensation I will have no hesitation in contacting the relevant consumer watchdogs and ombudsman.


Neil Hayhoe
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2007-05-16:
Q: What's the difference between Neil and the aircraft he flew on? A: When the aircraft arrived at the gate it quit whining. What do you expect them to do? They made no guarantees about the type of seating, you made assumptions based on a photo on a website - if it was so very important, a phone call ahead of time would have confirmed the tail number of the plane you were on and what type of business class seating it had installed.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-16:
I agree with Hugh.This is a stupid,petty complaint.There are bigger problems in the world to deal with other than airplane seating.
Posted by wachoviacustomer on 2007-05-16:
I have never heard of this airline before....
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-16:
This post has no merit. If you traveled a fraction of what you claim you would know the airlines and the seating they have. This was probably your first flight in years, welcome to the new age of airline travel. Stop your whining and learn how to use the airlines in todays world.
Posted by runaway on 2007-05-16:
I've got to ask...how many hotels do you stay in during your extensive travels that look exactly like the photos in their advertising?
You made the assumption that seating that was in the process of being "rolled out" would be available to you...did you inquire before booking as to the seating available on those flights? Did you inquire/attempt to reserve seating that would be comfortable for your height (i.e. non-bulkhead)? If you had reservations promising that you were indeed reserved seats on a plane with the new style of seating or non-bulkhead seating I would understand your complaint. But you know what they say about assuming...

And way to whine about the baby...you admit it was nothing they could control, yet had to throw it in there anyway, as another reason your flight was so bad.
Posted by Pomona Guy on 2007-05-16:
The phone number for Lufthansa complaints of this type is 1-800-CRY-BABY.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-16:
The McDonald's hamburger I just ate didn't look exactly like the picture on the web page. Even though I was disappointed the product was consumed. Now I demand an appropriate explanation and compensation or I'm going to whine about it.

Sorry I couldn't help it. But it sounds just as silly as the complaint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-16:
something here's not adding up.
Posted by poppapia on 2007-05-17:
PassingBy, you can't do that unless your cousin is a lawyer!
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-05-21:
This poster "Niel" is a real idiot, he is sending out stupid emails to anyone that posted here. Real troll, asked Admin to hose his account as he is another "one post wonder".
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Pet Transport Service
Posted by Bajamama on 04/30/2006
In March I shipped my three dogs from Arizona to Abu Dhabi, UAE. United Airlines informed me I must use Pets.fly a pet courier service. I also booked the tickets on Lufthansa Airlines as I thought that would be the best route and Frankfort had reputation for pet handling. Pets.fly charged us over usd$1000 per dog, and my own vet here and in Abu Dhabi secured all the paperwork. The dogs went MISSING from Frankfort and were found two days later in DUBAI!! by a Customs officer our UAE vet hired!! Pets.fly didnt have a clue, gave us wrong information, caused considerable additional expense, and acted as if it was no concern of theirs regardless of their claims of delivering your pet to your front door!! Lufthansa not much help either. The good news is our dogs were still healthy. But Pets.fly would have let them be lost forever. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE FOR YOUR ANIMALS. If you are flying overseas (Europe wise) use KLM as they have excellent reports of routing animals through their Amsterdam facilities.
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Lufthansa Ruined My Vacation Too
Posted by Steve.kustura on 05/31/2013
GERMANY, OREGON -- En-route on this airline connecting flight through from Split Croatia to Milan Italy
Change of planes in Munich Germany
Bags checked through for me
From Milan transport arranged to Bergamo airport and fly to Tel Aviv
While stuck in passport control and again through security Lufthansa left with my luggage but not me
I was lied to. Repeatedly
I believe they over sold that flight and resold my seats
My luggage was not in Milan when I got there telephone numbers they have me
Did not work. Lufthansa customer service in Milan yuk!
I am out prepaid airfare and lodging not to mention my luggage
Do not use this airline. They are not customer service. Try British Airways for a refreshment!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-01:
I don't see the connection between being stuck in passport control and security and alleging that the airline oversold seats, but I was not there.
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Sitting next to an obese person
Posted by Dorislarson on 08/29/2012
HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- On June 27th I boarded a flight on Lufthansafrom Frankfurt to Los Angeles. My seat was next to a very obese woman. It was an eleven hour flight. This woman was hogging at least 20 to 25% of my seat. I was very uncomfortable. As you know in economy there is not much room to spare. I complained to Lufthansa and as compensation they sent me a 50 Euro voucher for duty free merchandise on my next flight. Completely outrached, I sent it back letting them know that I would never fly their airline again. Two months later I am still livid having been exposed to such a flight. Of course the flight was completely full with nowhere to go.
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Posted by andbran on 2012-08-29:
are you saying only people of a certain weight should be allowed to fly?
Posted by BigAl on 2012-08-30:
I flew on an American Air flight from Chicago to West Palm Beach and my seat was between 2 grossly overweight people. Both their bodies protruded into my seat which made it virtually impossible to sit at my seat. When I pointed this out to the flight attendant I was told that there was nothing they could do about it. During take off and landing I had to endure 2 seperate mounds of flesh laying on top of me and stand in the aisle during the flight. This OP has a genuine complaint and should not be chastised for expressing it.
Posted by yoke on 2012-08-30:
The OP has a valid point. The OP paid for an entire seat and was not allowed what was paid for. Something similar happened when flying last. I was in the row with my daughter. The person on the window seat was very big, took up most of my daughters seat so my daughter and I had to share my seat. The flight crew really did not care.
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-08-30:
There should be height/weight standards. If you can't fit into whatever seat they offer, you should have to buy two seats, plain and simple. No one should be asked to endure the 'overflow' passenger next to them. You can bet your patootey that no deadheading airline employees are sitting next to one.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-08-30:
CUonthe flip side-absolutely right. No one should have to experience that. The airlines should have denied the fat lady boarding unless there was a second seat available.
Posted by Suzy on 2012-08-30:
Not discriminating against overweight people, but if I pay for the space I am going to use what I paid for. If needed I would sit on or push against whatever flesh was in the way of my using the space I paid for which would give a very broad hint to the person overflowing into my paid for space that I was not going to accept doing with considerably less than I needed for my own use. Maybe the overweight person wouldn't be able to move enough out of the way for me to use the space comfortably but I wouldn't be the only one uncomfortable for the duration of the flight as the whole time I would continue resist their overflow with my own body. I've got no problem with overweight people but if they are that much larger than the space they pay for they need to ante up the funds to get two spaces, they as well as everyone else would be more comfortable. What I would not do is simply accept letting them get away with using my paid for space.
Posted by jonthethird on 2012-08-30:
SouthWest requires some to purchase two seats if they cannot fit into one. Of course, the chorus then sings "discrimination" and demands retribution from SW for doing such a thing. Most airlines just do not want the hassle.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-08-30:
I thought it was an industry standard to make obese people buy a second seat? If not, it should be. I know that Southwest has that policy. This is a very valid complaint and to be honest, I would raise quite the scene. You, OP, definitely deserve compensation.
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Excellent Airline
Posted by Samboulis on 05/13/2012
I flew to Germany several times on Lufthansa and found them to be one of the best in the business in all categories, from booking the ticket to the destination without a hitch, I just wish they would ditch United Airlines.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-05-13:
LH can't "ditch" UA. Both airlines are founding members of the Star Alliance and share justice department anti trust immunity crossing the Atlantic. Lufthansa has consistent service... fewer of the middle aged grumpy f/a's.
Posted by Churro on 2012-05-13:
I agree Lufthansa rocks and UA bites.
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Lufthansa openned Miles and More account without my permission. Will not release miles.
Posted by Sbajovic on 01/09/2012
DENVER -- I've been flying Lufthansa for over 12 years. In general I was pleased with their service.
During all these years I used United Mileage Plus program to collect miles from all Lufthansa flights.

During last Flight in Nov/December for reason unknown to me, Lufthansa opened Miles account for my self and credited all 38,000 miles to their program.
The only thing I did differently this time was using online check in program that I never used before.

Once I realized what happened I called Lufthansa to release my miles but Lufthansa refused saying I can not move the miles between partner programs!!!
After about 15 calls to both US and Germany, I was finally told that I need to close my Lufthansa account by written request and that my Miles will be annulled. Lets' hope that United will be able to pull them in after account closure.

Not to mention I need these miles to keep my 1K status with United.
What a mess.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2012-01-09:
The definition of annulled esentially means cancel. If your miles are 'annulled' it is doubtful if the other airline will be able to pull them.

[uh-nuhl]   Origin
   [uh-nuhl] verb (used with object), -nulled, -nul·ling.
(especially of laws or other established rules, usages, etc.) to make void or null; abolish; cancel; invalidate: to annul a marriage.
to reduce to nothing; obliterate.
to cancel (a regularly scheduled train, plane, social event, etc.) for one day or one time only.
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LO398 Flight Cancellation
Posted by Icogan72 on 10/20/2011
Flight Cancellation
1. When it was my turn after lining up for quite a while to rebook my flight, I asked the LH staff what is my compensation since EC regulations indicate that passengers have a right to claim. She just told me that the flight was operated by LOT and not LH. That's it. For me, that is not the proper response. I've booked the flight thru LH and LH is the marketing carrier and I expect LH to take responsibility.
2. I am disappointed that LH staff did not even consider my previous seat preference when she rebooked my flight. I am in Business class and I expected the LH staff to respect my previous seat selection or at least ask me. Note that my previous seat selection was not yet taken. I have to go to check-in kiosk to change the seat myself.
3. I was given a lesser known hotel and is farther than the other 2 hotels near the airport. I am a Loyalty member and I am booked in Business. They were not considered.
4. EC regulation dictates that I have a right to 2 phone calls or e-mails. The hotel does not offer free internet and does not even have bottled water in the room! I have to use my own phone to make international calls to inform my family what happened and I even have to pay for water.

The worse
1. When I've approached a LH staff asking for directions where B2 counter is, the staff was not pleasant and with a hand motion, she just pointed towards a general direction. As I am not familiar with airport layout, I've tried asking for more directions but was answered with a rather unpleasant and rude response saying just go ahead. I'm not happy with this behavior. I expected courtesy from staff.
2. While lining up to have my flight rebooked, there were also a couple of other anxious and worried passengers who don't know what to do with the flight cancellation. They've tried asking the LH staff and LH staff was very disrespectful and sarcastic. She goes something like - "we will rebook your flight, you have to wait and don't worry you have lots of time... you have until Monday to wait.". I believe this kind of comment is not appropriate. I understand that during flight irregularities, things can get overwhelming. Treating passengers rudely however does not help the situation.

I have already email Lufthansa twice and LOT once and that was 3 weeks ago. Until now I have not heard back from them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-20:
I'm really sympathetic to airline staff when a flight cancels - 150 ticked off passengers all at once - they really do yeoman's work, given the circumstances they get things right most of the time. Not sure what a Loyalty member is... both LOT and LH share the same program and if you were a SEN or HON you would have the opportunity to calmly walk into the lounge, relax, grab a Warsteiner and have the staff make alternate arrangements for you.
Nice to see you are able to report this incident not having bottled water and all.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-10-20:
I don't see how the employee's comment was rude.
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