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Deceptive Information On Lufthansa's Website - LH Won't Comment
By -

Lufthansa lies on their website about the benefits of their "Miles & More" program and won't change the information that is wrong. I am under the impression that lying is part of their marketing strategy, obviously they do it because it does not have any consequences other than losing a few customers who are pissed off. I have a Lufthansa "Miles & More" card and they have a list of partner airlines on their website.

According to LH Miles & More members can get an upgrade if they book a flight with one of these "partners". Only because I believed that I could get an upgrade I booked a flight with SIA that was more expensive, had longer flight times and more stopovers than a flight with a competitor. When calling LH to get that upgrade, it was "sorry, the upgrade does not go through". I called SIA and they told me that Star Alliance members can only accrue miles but not upgrade unless it is a code share flight.

According to SIA only members of their own frequent flier program can get upgrades. I have this in writing and submitted it to Lufthansa. They still insist that they are able to upgrade a flight that is booked through the SIA website. They don't want to comment the discrepancy between their "partner's information" that contradicts what they say, it's like they want to say "SIA is our partner but we don't talk to our partners..."

In regards to the United First Class lounge: LH's website states: "A First Class ticket holder can use any lounge of any Star Alliance partner". Still, United refused to give me access to their First Class lounge when I showed them my First Class LH ticket. I have contacted both airlines, LH never responded, United made some explanations that are contradictory to what LH explains on their website. No comment about Lufthansa's promise that a First Class ticket gives access to any Star Alliance lounge.

For someone who considers paying $ 13,000-(!!!) for a LH First Class ticket: don't expect that Lufthansa will give you any response if there are any issues. Once they receive your money, they are happy and don't care if you use their services again. By the way: the main dish on that flight was "Fish and Chips", I could have gotten this meal for $ 1,99 + tax from Long John Silver. Not really what I expected in First Class.

Lufthansa Lies That Can Cause Security Breach
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- On November 9, 2008, Lufthansa Canceled their San Francisco to Frankfurt flight around 3:00 pm. (Just writing from memory, it was supposed to take off around 2:15 pm). Then after keeping everyone standing in line at their counter upwards of THREE HOURS (STANDING OF FOOT -- no exaggeration), they called my name, not from the counter, but around the corner from departure floor -- around 6:40 pm (3 hours, 40 minutes standing on feet).

A very rude female Lufthansa Employee pointed to some luggage and demanded that I pick mine up! (I had already checked in two pieces, each over 50 lbs and had Lufthansa Checked in tags). It was physically impossible to have picked them up. When I asked for a luggage cart, she said "you go get them..." Then having finally reached my turn really close to the counter, I went to process my ticket (passed 6:40 PM), then paid $4.00 for a luggage cart that Lufthansa was too cheap to obtain, or too dumb and condescending to know.

At the luggage cart stand, an airport security on bicycle approached and asked what I was doing. Turns out the Lufthansa Lady HAD LIED TO AIRPORT SECURITY ABOUT UNATTENDED LUGGAGE (I had LH checked in Tags, plus both pieces had my name address and telephone number). By the time I went back to retrieve my luggage, about a dozen Uniformed Airport Security were around them. Security Level was intermittently announced as Orange! Just because of her (willful & irresponsible Lufthansa employee) lie, security was tied up attending 2 pieces of luggage that were checked into Lufthansa already.

Heaven forbid, a couple of irresponsible employees who lie through their teeth, in a real security situation can put the whole Airport and the public at real danger... Lufthansa has been dragging their feet with this complaint that I made in December 2008, after returning to the US.

Lufthansa Ruined My Vacation Too
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Rating: 1/51

GERMANY, OREGON -- En-route on this airline connecting flight through from Split Croatia to Milan Italy. Change of planes in Munich, Germany - Bags checked through for me from Milan transport arranged to Bergamo airport and fly to Tel Aviv
While stuck in passport control and again through security Lufthansa left with my luggage but not me - I was lied to. Repeatedly I believe they oversold that flight and resold my seats.

My luggage was not in Milan when I got there. Telephone numbers they gave me Did not work. Lufthansa customer service in Milan - yuck! I am out prepaid airfare and lodging not to mention my luggage. Do not use this airline. They are not customer service. Try British Airways for a refreshment!!

Lufthansa opened Miles and More account without my permission. Will not release miles.

DENVER -- I've been flying Lufthansa for over 12 years. In general I was pleased with their service. During all these years I used United Mileage Plus program to collect miles from all Lufthansa flights. During last Flight in Nov/December for reason unknown to me, Lufthansa opened Miles account for myself and credited all 38,000 miles to their program.

The only thing I did differently this time was using online check-in program that I never used before. Once I realized what happened I called Lufthansa to release my miles but Lufthansa refused saying I cannot move the miles between partner programs!!!

After about 15 calls to both US and Germany, I was finally told that I need to close my Lufthansa account by written request and that my Miles will be annulled. Let's hope that United will be able to pull them in after account closure. Not to mention I need these miles to keep my 1K status with United. What a mess.

Handling of delayed luggage claims
By -

We were flying Lufthansa last week for a one week vacation abroad. Two out of three suitcases didn't arrive with us. We only got them 2 full days later. Both me and my son only had no clothes and had to spend the short vacation time on buying a few necessaries, about half we can prove with receipts. In reality it was quite a bit more since we needed transportation to the stores, we didn't think about taking receipts till after our shopping was well on the way - we were a bit tired after a day of flying topped by 2 hours of waiting for luggage and filling out the forms.

Imagine my disappointment when I was told at Lufthansa Lost & Found that I am not even entitled to the compensation I can prove with my receipts, but just to a half of it, because "I get to use the bought items". I don't need a second toothbrush, shaving set or another 3 pairs of trunks! (No, I forgot to take receipt on the first two). I'll give the sandals and the shorts to Lufthansa! I feel I should be compensated in access to the receipts I have submitted, using common sense (they are all for clothes, I forgot the receipt for the toiletry items). Also, credit cards charge extra for currency conversion (US dollars to Israeli NIS), I should be paid that as well.

Be aware buying tickets using Miles and More
By -

You can buy flight tickets and make use of bonus points via the Lufthansa Miles and More program BUT be careful! Just bought 3 flight tickets for my wife and two children for our summer holiday in Spain; decided to make use of points for my own ticket, which turned out to be bad business for us: Miles and More - on some routes - make use of expensive tickets and claims accordingly tax, meaning that you will be charged extra (besides the used points).

In our case I ended up paying much more for the same ticket as rest of the family and at the same time lost a lot of my bonus points. As a consequence of that - and because Lufthansa will not refund - I have cancelled my membership of Miles And More and I have changed my business travel profile to exclude Lufthansa in the future.

Stay Away From Lufthansa Airlines if You Are Business Traveler
By -

Lufthansa have lost my luggage (reported) three days ago (March 27, 2011) and they still do not know when I will get it! It was just a flight from Berlin to Dubrovnik (through Munich). They had 2 hour and 45 minutes between my flights. How much more time do you need? I am business traveler and I am left just with my laptop. I can't continue my business trip since I do not have any clothes!!! This is my second luggage lost in 10 days and both by Lufthansa!!! My previous luggage was delivered after 3 days!!! Lufthansa do not have any workable Customer Service and their response was not on a subject or informative.

Lost luggage tracing system is not responding too... They did not know where I was and where I was traveling to. My recommendation: This is not airline for business class travelers and airline without any Customer Service services!!! This is a disgrace for Germany and aviation industry!

Lufthansa -- Poor, Poor Service, Please Read
By -

EAST MEADOW, NEW YORK -- I'm waiting to see whether Lufthansa will keep ignoring my letter, sent 3 weeks ago. After their flight arrived late (from Geneva to Munich, July 10th), I had to sleep over in Munich and catch their flight to Chicago the next day. The ticket agent told me she'd reserved a room at a Sheraton, then barely caught up with me on my way down the elevator to say they were booked full, and I'd be at the Holiday Inn.

The next day, I flew from Munich and watched everyone around me enjoy movies...while the monitor in the seat in front of me wouldn't work for the next 8 or 9 hours. No music, no movies, no nothing. You'd think they would want to reply to my letter, some sort of token of their regret. We'll see. I tried to get their phone and/or email for Customer Relations (on their site), but the links don't seem to work there.

Poor customer relations
By -

Ever since Lufthansa allied with United (the worst airline in the skies) they have dragged themselves down to United's level. Yesterday I made a reservation from Los Angeles to Frankfurt, Germany - the flight I would have liked was $1,222.00 so I booked a later flight for $954.00. Today the flight I wanted is $954.00 so I called Lufthansa and ask if I could change to the earlier flight. They told me there would be a charge to make the change of $250.00 per ticket because it was just over 24 hours. I spoke to supervisor, ** and he said there was nothing he could do because these rules are made with their alliance (United once again).

The tickets are nonrefundable so I am stuck this time. However I have been flying Lufthansa every year that I have gone to Europe for at least the last ten years but this will be the last time I ever fly Lufthansa. I haven't flown United for about 15 years since the last time they screwed me so it will be the same with Lufthansa.

Items stolen from luggage
By -

My daughter recently flew on Lufthansa from the USA to where we live here in Turkey. After numerous delays (caused partly by the weather and so not entirely Lufthansa's fault) her luggage did not arrive with her, but was delivered to our apartment the next day. Three digital cameras which her mother had ordered as Christmas gifts were not in the suitcase when it arrived. Inside the suitcase were documents indicating that it had been opened for inspection by both the TSA in the States and by security in Munich.

We have filed a complaint with Lufthansa, but have not heard a word from them. Their customer service lines both here in Istanbul and in the States are constantly busy. If something like this has happened to you, how did you resolve it? BTW, the credit card with which she purchased the cameras doesn't cover items in checked baggage.

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