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Excess baggage fee extortion
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FRANKFURT -- Lufthansa's check-in counter in Dubai, operated by Dnata weighed 5 bags, with weights of 24, 28, 33, 33 and 20 kg on a recent flight from Dubai to Europe. The Dnata agent stated 'you are 95 kg overweight and the charge is 20 euro per kg," made out a bill and held one of our tickets until we paid the fee. Lufthansa at the destination location would only say, "how do we know you have not changed the contents of your bags," and refused to make any effort to assist in recovery of the overcharge.

According to Lufthansa's webpage, the limit out of Dubai is 32 kg. The per kg excess baggage charge is stated as 20euro/kg. Unfortunately, this is only one of many bad experiences with Lufthansa. They have guaranteed seating assignments and then changed them without informing me. Their food service - sandwiches in open containers out of Dubai is unsanitary and unsafe.

Where's the Customer Service? Rude Miles and More staff!
By -

My first flight on Lufthansa from Brussels-Frankfurt-Singapore and here's my review. Seat is uncomfortably hard and not easy to even catch a nap on. My pull-out table cannot be deployed and I had to eat while balancing the food on my lap. This is a long flight and there's no personal entertainment system and it was impossible to watch anything on the small shared TV from my first row without spraining my neck! The fare is equal to or more expensive than other airlines offering superior services e. g. Singapore Airlines, BA, Quantas or SAS.

Lastly, there is no number for you to contact Lufthansa for providing customer feedback. I wonder how serious they value customer feedback. I had to write and fax my feedback to them and it's been a few days. I can only hope to hear from them (I will provide an update here once I hear from them). The only positive note on my trip is the crew. They were pleasant and nice, comparable to Singapore Airlines.

No Meals Provided On An 8 Hour Flight
By -

MUMBAI -- My Husband and I flew on Lufthansa Flight no LH 756 from Frankfurt to Mumbai on 30th July 2008. While boarding the flight an announcement was made that meals would not be provided to Economy Class passengers. Can you imagine an 8 hour flight without meals? Lufthansa feels a couple of juices should suffice. We may have paid less for our tickets than Business class, but we are humans too. People traveling with children had the hardest time. If the airline was unable to provide meals why was it not announced earlier so as to allow us to arrange food from airport restaurants? We are absolutely disgusted with Lufthansa and will never recommend it to any friends.

Nonexistence Of New Business Class Service And Disgusting Customer Service From Lufthansa
By -

I find myself in a somewhat frustrating situation. I have worked in the travel and tourism industry for nearly twenty years and for the first time find myself writing a letter of complaint. Having so many years in the travel and tourism industry I find that I am more patient than the average customer and certainly more understanding when it comes to "œproblems". As part of my role I travel extensively on business and vacation and was persuaded by a colleague to look at travelling with Lufthansa when taking my recent vacation.

I have not travelled with your company before and had experienced several problems with one of your Star Alliance partners (Tap airlines - Late departure of flights ) so was initially skeptical. My colleague however was quite persuasive and advised me that in his opinion the business class offering on Lufthansa long haul was exceptional. I went to your website and sure enough the description of the business class seating and the photographs shown were impressive.

It clearly stated on your website that this new business class was being rolled out on your fleet from May 2004, indeed the only photography of business class seating that was shown was of the new style flat bed seating. As I would be traveling in January 2007 I felt that it would not be unreasonable to expect to receive the service and style of seating depicted on your website in April 2006, I therefore went ahead and made my booking, reservation code **. My flight details are as follows: Manchester“ - Frankfurt LH4853 January 16th, Frankfurt -Bangkok LH782 January 16th, Bangkok - Frankfurt LH773 February 13th, Frankfurt - Manchester LH4850 February 14th.

When I boarded the aircraft in Frankfurt I was disappointed to find that rather than the heavily advertised new style business class seating, I was seated in a standard business class seat, this seat I found to be quite uncomfortable. The main reason that I booked with your company being your new style of business class seating. As I am six foot six I struggled to get comfortable on the seat, I was determined however not to let this mar my annual vacation.

On my return flight from Frankfurt to Bangkok (LH773) I was to be doubly disappointed, on boarding the aircraft I found to my dismay that once again your company had failed to deliver its advertised product and the style of seating in no way resembled the seating that you heavily promote on your website. I was allocated seat 25C, as you are no doubt aware there is a bulkhead directly behind this seat which prevents you from fully reclining your seat. The seat reclined to roughly the same level as an economy seat, I was able to confirm that this seat did not recline fully by comparing it to the level of recline of the passenger seated in 25B.

To further compound my unhappiness there was a young baby seated in row 24 who was unable to settle and spent the majority of the flight screaming quite loudly. I realize that this is something that is totally beyond your control but when added to the fact that I was seated in the most uncomfortable business class seating that I have ever experienced it led to a truly awful flight, certainly one that I would not recommend to friends and colleagues. I look forward to some kind of explanation as to why the service received was not as advertised and would expect compensation for the inconvenience and discomfort that I experienced.

I am frankly outraged that a company of your reputation could allow such blatant misrepresentation of its services on its website and I am sure that this is not the first time that you have received a letter commenting on the misleading contents of your website. As mentioned earlier I have many years experience in the travel and tourism industry and am fully aware of my rights as a consumer. Should I fail to receive an appropriate explanation and offer of compensation I will have no hesitation in contacting the relevant consumer watchdogs and ombudsman.

The lost meaning of �a better way to fly�

I had to attend international training on microfinance in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, from 22 to 26 September 2003. I used Lufthansa airline. The flight is Jakarta –-Frankfurt –-Munich -Sarajevo. The flight to Sarajevo began in Jakarta at 19:00 o'’clock, September 20, using LH 779, and the connecting flights are LH 216 and LH5328. The trouble began in Cengkareng Airport, Jakarta. When I checked in, and I arrived right on time (around 17:00), the officer told me that I cannot take the flight caused I do not have visa to enter Bosnia & Herzegovina.

I showed the document from Bosnia & Herzegovina authority explaining that the visa would be issued on my arrival in Sarajevo Airport. The officer does not sure and he asked his supervisor. Then the worse came. Ms **(the senior officer, Ms **) informed me that even if I was right that my Bosnia & Herzegovina visa is on arrival, I couldn'’t take the flight because I do not have Schengen visa. I told her that I do not have any intention to stay in Germany and I just transit there to travel to Sarajevo. She informed me about ‘the domestic flight’, Frankfurt – Munich, which needed Schengen transit visa. ** clarified that I couldn’'t go unless I reroute my flight.

So I asked, why Lufthansa do not inform me about the visa requirement when I ordered the ticket? Surprisingly, ** argued that I supposed to know and if I do not know I must ask. How can I know? Does the customer supposed to know better the product sell by a company? Should have been the company who inform the customer about the product that they sell. As I must take the flight, I made no longer argument and accepted that Lufthansa reroute my flight through Jakarta-Frankfurt -Ljubljana-Sarajevo (Flight number: LH 779, connecting flight LH2504, and then JP700).

To reroute from Frankfurt –-Munich to Frankfurt -Ljubljana, I was penalty for US$120. And for Ljubljana-Sarajevo I have to buy new ticket at US$440. Surprisingly, I cannot reimburse my ticket which I would not need from Munich to Sarajevo at all. It took around two hours for me to settle the entire ticket/visa problem. I checked in at 17:00 and only by around 18:45 I have to rush for the plane. What a stressful check-in I ever done. We landed in Singapore for transit at around 21:00. Like thunder striking in daylight, the Lufthansa officer informed that the flight had technical problem and had to be grounded for repairmen.

As there is no spare part in Singapore, it took ten hours to bring the component from Frankfurt plus four hours for repairmen. In total, many passengers have to wait 24 hours in Singapore before continuing their flight. (Please refer to Lufthansa Singapore office announcement dated September 20, 2003). Lufthansa did not do much to get another flight as soon as possible for their passenger. Instead they only provide accommodation for one night stay.

In the morning, I phoned Lufthansa to inquire about my flight. They explain that my flight would be reroute through Frankfurt –-Vienna -Sarajevo. Because Vienna is in Schengen visa countries, I explained the problem I encounter yesterday and urged them to find out the immigration issues. From the morning, I also informed the officer that I had have to attend training which begin in Monday morning, September 22. If I would arrive later than Monday night, I prefer to cancel my trip and will demand reimbursement on my ticket and compensation for my training fee which cost me US$1500.

The officer told me it is possible for Lufthansa to reimburse my ticket if I cancel the flight, however Lufthansa will not cover any other cost that I would have burden. Isn'’t it wonderful? If the customer presumably made a mistake, Lufthansa could charge high penalty. But when Lufthansa fails to deliver necessary service, the customer must bear all the loss occur. None of Lufthansa officer called me back to confirm my enquiry. So I called again several time from 14:00 to 16:30. I have to make all the called, none Lufthansa officer has the initiative to inform me about my enquiry (although they promise to do so).

Finally, at 16:30, it is confirm that my flight would be through Vienna. Lufthansa officer said they would prepare document for immigration office in Vienna that explains I only transit in Vienna to travel to Sarajevo. The route and flight number are Singapore -Frankfurt (LH779), Frankfurt-Vienna (OS122), and Vienna -Sarajevo (OS757). It is expected I will arrive in Sarajevo by 14:30 on September 22. During my stay at hotel, I also notice that none of Lufthansa officer present there to explain any progress on our flight. While their customer stranded, it seems no care was taken by Lufthansa.

At 20:30, the bus took us to the airport. Surprisingly, when I check in, I have to face another shock. Lufthansa officer at check in counter said that I couldn'’t take the flight through Vienna because I do not have Schengen visa. How could this happen? I have reminded them about my condition since the morning. I also told them what Lufthansa officer in Jakarta informed me. But why Lufthansa officer in Singapore does not know about the procedure?

This case may indicate that Lufthansa has no standard information about the requirement for ticket sell in certain route. This case also suggests that actually Lufthansa cannot put the blame on me for my ‘mistake’ earlier in Jakarta (So I cannot be charged/penalty for any reroute). Lufthansa officer reroute my flight once again. They informed me that the flight route (and number) would be Frankfurt-Zagreb (OU411) and Zagreb-Sarajevo (OU342). It took around two hours (from 9:30 to 11:30) for me to check in. And again, I am one that check in early, I also the last one that get into the plane. What a disgraceful service!

The flight LH779 arrived in Frankfurt in the morning (around 05:30) of September 22. As soon as I arrived in Frankfurt, I directly checked my connecting flight and report to the Lufthansa counter. Just like another hard punch straight to my face, I found out that my connecting flight would be at 18:00 o'’clock. While waiting, I found out that there were another three flight to Zagreb (and the time) on that day. The flights were OU417 (at 09:55), LH3436 (at 12:10), and OU405 (at 12:10). So I wondered, why Lufthansa officer did not put me in the earlier flight? Why I must wait almost 12 hours at the airport for my connecting flight.

I decided to inquire at transfer/ticket counter whether I change flight schedule to an earlier flight. The officer turned me down because I have baggage in the flight. With great disappointment I just wait my flight at the airport. The flight from Frankfurt-Zagreb-Sarajevo itself was another trouble. I arrived in Sarajevo at 21:00, just to find out that my baggage did not arrive. I report to airport officer about my baggage problem (baggage tag **, baggage irregularity reference **). My baggage arrived at the hotel in Wednesday noon.

On my return trip to Indonesia, my flight went smoothly. Only small annoying thing happen; my baggage once again did not include in my flight. But later that night, my baggage arrived at my home around 24:00 o’'clock. The bag itself seemed like have been ‘torture’, because the corner at the bottom was tear off. What a tormentor flight! I have to pay more, yet I get the worse service. The distance of Jakarta-Sarajevo may need around 15 hours flying time, but it took me 50 hours to complete the journey (the delayed time was longer than the flight itself). I completely lost the meaning of “a better way to fly”.

Appalling Customer Service
By -

UK -- On 06.09.05 I traveled from Birmingham to Sofia via Frankfurt on flights 4907 and 3430. On arrival at Sofia airport, I and a number of other passengers waited to collect our luggage, only to discover 30 minutes later by observation alone that our baggage had not arrived. No announcement was made, passengers were not furnished with any information whatsoever, no Lufthansa representation was available anywhere in the airport, and more importantly no apology was proffered at any time.

I and others then queued for 3.5 hours to file missing luggage reports, without any trace of sympathy from airport staff , and passengers were not even offered of a glass of water during this time or the courtesy of any kind of explanation or public announcement. It should be noted that Lufthansa representatives were still nowhere to be found throughout this time. When I eventually managed to speak to the lost luggage company (Tourist Holdings) I was advised that my luggage had been routed via Vienna and would be arriving in Sofia at 11 pm later that evening (06.09.05).

The representative then stated that my luggage would be sent on by car to my booked accommodation in Sozopol, and would arrive by no later than 10 pm the following day.€ Why the need for a 24-hour delay between the luggage arriving in Sofia to it making its final journey to my hotel was not explained. Is this the gold standard in customer service set and aspired to by Lufthansa? As expected, 10 pm on 07.09.05 came and went and all attempts to contact the Tourist Holdings office in Sofia failed. My luggage eventually arrived in Sozopol at 3.15 am on 08.09.05!

On speaking to the driver I was informed that he alone had delivered all the lost and missing Lufthansa luggage and had that day been €˜driving all over Bulgaria delivering bags!! As a result of this extraordinarily shambolic series of events I rang an acquaintance of mine who is employed by Lufthansa to get his views, and who shockingly advised me that this often happens when a flight has reached its payload capacity, particularly affecting passengers like myself who are connecting on later flights, and whose baggage never even makes it onto the aircraft in question.

This unwritten policy is a disgrace and deliberately misleads and affects passengers who are kept in the dark throughout. Lost luggage aside, on 09.09.05 I received a call from my office back in the UK requesting my urgent return to the UK on 11.09.05, at an earlier time to which I had booked (flight 3435 Sofia to Munich at 1655).

I attempted to call the Lufthansa office in Sofia at various times over the following two days to check if a change would be possible only for the phone to ring and ring without answer. Because of this I was forced to catch the 23:30 night bus on 10.09.05 from Sozopol to Sofia in an attempt to get to Sofia airport early enough to speak to Lufthansa in person.

At 7 am the Lufthansa desk was unmanned and the security gate was closed, but a representative from Austrian Airlines, a Star Alliance partner who share the desk with Lufthansa was at her post. She checked flight details and confirmed that seats were available on the 13:15 Sofia to Munich flight, but stated that as my ticket was non-transferable I would have to purchase another ticket, which I was willing to do. I was informed that Lufthansa staff were €˜on their break€™ and would be back at their desk at 10.30 am; or as an alternative I could visit the first floor Lufthansa office which I duly did in an attempt to resolve.

When I knocked on the door I was eventually €˜greeted€™ by a surly ** and explained my predicament. Without bothering to check any system or paperwork I was immediately informed that the flight was full and that there was no alternative to catching the later flight. I stated that Lufthansa'€™s Star Alliance partner at Austrian Airlines had checked the system just two minutes earlier and that seats appeared to be available. ** responded by confirming (again without checking) that the Austrian Airlines system was €˜different€™ and that there were indeed no seats available.

No offer of standby or any other solution was proffered; indeed I got the distinct impression that I was interrupting Miss **'€™s day and that she had much better things on which to be spending her time than assisting Lufthansa customers. In any event I decided to wait around and visit the Lufthansa desk at 10.30 am to ask ** to check her computer and confirm the lack of seats. When I returned at this time the Lufthansa desk was still unmanned and the security gate was still closed.

So, once again I spoke to the Austrian Airlines representative who confirmed that ** had spoken to her in the interim, and stated that her system was indeed different and that the available seats she had identified earlier were not actually available to be purchased, just available to book as Lufthansa operate an overbooking policy on all its flights. I would add that whilst sitting in the viewing area at Sofia airport I observed the boarding of the 13:15 Sofia to Munich flight and the number of passengers boarding the aircraft did not seem to equate at all to a completely full flight.

The above catalog of errors clearly demonstrates that the level of service provided by Lufthansa falls woefully short of the minimum standard expected, and has raised serious doubts as to the commitment Lufthansa has to customer care and hence my confidence in the airline.

Incidentally, I would point out that as of 12.09.05 the contact page on their website does not work, the telephone number (01803803803) listed on their website does not exist, the telephone number listed on their Yellow Pages advertisement (08457737747) is incorrect, and the statement on their website to contact Lufthansa with "Complaints and Compliments" via email is apparently untrue, as when I spoke to a representative on ** she informed me that no email address actually exists to send comments, and that any feedback has to be submitted by letter to a PO Box address in Dublin!

And finally, the country code and fax number listed for the European Customer Relations Centre in Ireland is also incorrect!! This is hardly a ringing endorsement to Lufthansa'€™s commitment to customer care. Despite faxing their European Customer Relations Centre and Wolfgang Mayrhuber on four occasions since 12.09.05, Lufthansa have just chosen to ignore my complaint! BE WARNED!!

Excellent Airline
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

I flew to Germany several times on Lufthansa and found them to be one of the best in the business in all categories, from booking the ticket to the destination without a hitch. I just wish they would ditch United Airlines.

Reimbursement for Lost Luggage Expenses
By -

My luggage was delayed during my recent trip to Europe. It took Lufthansa over a week to deliver it to me (it was Christmas and the big mess with snow in Frankfurt am Main). To cut the story short, I followed the steps published on Lufthansa website and applied for reimbursement of incurred costs (toiletries, clothing etc.). About a month later I had a check in mail for the entire amount claimed. All is well that ends well.

Stolen Camera from Luggage
By -

I recently flew on Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Delhi. One camera and some books was stolen from my luggage. I had complained to Lufthansa regarding this, but they said "we are not responsible for your camera." Please let me know where I will complain regarding this.

Lufthansa Air CEO Is a Loser
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I will never use this airline again. I have traveled all over the globe and this is by far the worst airline. They made me pay an additional $100 because the person on the phone told me to enter erroneous information at time of booking, the CEO is allowing this to happen, he should be fired. Before booking please talk to someone. The most rude service and the extra $100 they got from me was put in the CEO's pocket. He owes me $100. I predict this airline is gone in 5 years. They are the worst.

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