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Paint Job
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Rating: 1/51

GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- After paying off my '07 Pathfinder, I wanted to get some things done so, I took it in for a rear bumper cover replacement and a paint job. The truck was originally white and I wanted it to be a matte black. I even had the jambs, and under the hood being done. The total was $2,252.81 so I do expected a great job, NOT what I got.

There are a lot of spots that just somehow were missed in various parts of the truck, and under the hood was not complete. There is black paint on my passenger front seat, the driver's seat, and on the passenger and driver's side of the second row seating. It's obviously shoe prints. There is paint on some of the doors interior too. There are a few noticeable "nibs" on the hood. There was a clear liquid that had run down one door and drips of it on other areas.

I found a piece of black foam that came from somewhere on my truck and I am going to take it into Fletchers on Wednesday to have them go over my truck. I have no idea how the jackasses managed to crack the piece that goes around my radio but, they did! I just had my sound system completely redone by The Geek Squad so I know for a fact it was NOT cracked!

The cargo area is a mess. There's even some kind of hard, white stuff on it. The weather stripping is missing most of the clips to hold it in place and one of the larger pieces was flat out broke so now that all needs to be replaced. I have been back once but their customer service and especially the lack of care for a person's vehicle! Is just crap!!! They have been around for a really long time so you honestly just assume they are going to actually give a ** and treat your vehicle with respect.

Poor Mgt, Destroyed Brand New Interior
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Rating: 2/51

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- First ** was awesome at the 10200 N. Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX Location - he should be the manager. Took my 84 Corvette in to be painted and spoiler installed. Got a call that an additional $300 would be needed for the install, they had to take off the whole bumper. I questioned this to the manager ** (sweet guy) that you could access through the tail lights. His response was he was not going to put his guy in an uncomfortable position, knowing damn well if I said do it they would have gone through the tail lights.

Well got the call to come get it. When I got there it looked good except for the runs and pop up bubbles, so another week to repaint, which I was ok with - it was getting fixed. Picked it up yesterday, 11-19-2014. I had a towel down since no seats and BRAND NEW INTERIOR INSTALLED - I hope you read that. I left work early today to install seats and to my surprise the interior was TRASHED. Are you kidding me? The whole Corvette had ALL new interior installed days before it went to Maaco.

I called right away and spoke to **. I knew this would go nowhere. I told him that the drivers side was covered in dust or primer or whatever that would not come up after I scrubbed it. The rear hatch carpet had some glue or adhesive or window seal all over it and of course they use no such material. Told him I had pics and not good enough, wanted to see the car.

A 3rd drive to N. Austin, 40 minutes with no seats? I don't think so. Lets be honest, I would have got there and there would be no responsibility accepted from this guy so I would drive bake 40 minutes with no result. Thank you Maaco, I did fix it. I had to buy FABRIC PAINT FOR MY BRAND NEW INTERIOR for an 84 Corvette. You are AWESOME. I'm not a manager at Maaco but if I was, I WOULD PUT PLASTIC DOWN!!!

I don't expect anything to come of this so I am just going to use the internet to voice my opinion. Also I am active duty so take the 'Thank our troops appreciation' down on Facebook, you don't even offer a military discount buddy. Again **, thanks - he has great customer service and took care of a lot. The manager, JOKE.

Horrible Paint Job, Repair
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Rating: 1/51

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY -- I brought my SUV to Maaco in Linden, NJ last year for repair of rust, complete paint job, and some repairs. I was given the runaround each time I went to pick up the SUV. It took at least 3 times going back and forth to see the owner and resolve the issues of a sloppy paint job, cracked luggage rack, side view mirror that vibrates, and within 4 months, the rust that was supposed to be repaired and painted is now rusted again in the exact same place.

After dealing with the owner and getting nowhere, I contacted Customer Service and their response was that the rust is only covered for 3 months at most. I purchased the 5 year warranty and paid cash which was my first mistake, but nowhere in the contract does it say anything about rust coverage which I assumed was what the 5 year warranty meant.

I contacted the BBB but Maaco did not respond. I will now contact Consumer Affairs. This company is clearly unreliable and does not stand by their horrible work. After seeing the president Jose Costa on "Undercover Boss" last week, I became more infuriated since he praises this company highly and does nothing of what he perceives. I will also try to contact him. Stay away from any of these dealers as they are franchised and no one cares!!!

Worst Job Ever
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Rating: 1/51

PASADENA, TEXAS -- They are the most unreliable service and job ever. The total time of painting and fixing their job is 2 months or more and still can't get it right. I've had nothing but the runaround, and in the end they'll tell you "This is what you get in $1,200 job."

They will advise you after they take your money, (should have gone to dealer) so they justify their incompetence with bunch of words. As I sat there, I saw so many other customers unhappy with their work, and I heard nothing but lame excuses such as "It was raining," or "A painter drama." The manager says "I would have gone with $2,500 platinum paint job." I said "I am glad I didn't because you would have come up with other excuses." And I spoke to the owner himself, a man with lots of tricks under his sleeves.

Please don't spend/waste/throw your money and precious time at this place. I called corporate office for a complaint and describe all the problems. According to them, they will resolve the issues. But, when they called me back they said they are just the mediators who just receives and deliver messages from the shops and in the favor of their own. They said they couldn't do anything because the shop owner says they did their best job and some imperfections may be there, and yet the whole job is disaster. They play with people's hard earned money.

Fact / Statement Discrepancies
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Rating: 1/51

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- Maaco was told to replace front bumper, front side/door driver panels, replace light and horn. Maaco gave estimate of 17 hours to fix. Car left first thing on Friday morning. Called Tuesday afternoon. Jeff said they didn't work on Sat/Sun & needed 2 days. Rental car extended to Wed. Jeff said "only needed to be painted, ready Thursday morning".

No phone calls made to them, turned in rental car & went over to Maaco Thursday afternoon almost closing. Brian stated "wouldn't be ready until Friday afternoon". Stated calling me. No phone calls were received at home as claimed by Brian. How many "problems" can crop up when you can't paint 3 panels on a car? Why was there no entry of any phone call from Maaco, nor did they return the calls of my insurance company, as told?

Auto Paint Job
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Rating: 1/51

FLINT, MICHIGAN -- Took car in for a paint job after we completed body repair ourselves. Paid extra for sand and seal to have a better paint job done. Car came out with air bubbles, runs in the paint and dirt stuck in paint. Car looks terrible and to top it off we now have a dent where we didn't have one before.

Contacted manager and he agreed to look at it. We took it back and he blamed us for the air bubbles, crap in paint etc. He agreed to see what he could do to correct it but only touched a few spots, left the rest and said that's the best he could do. Car still looks like crap and paint is so thin that if we try wet sanding it, we could take off all the paint. I would not recommend this business to anyone ever.

Auto Repair
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Rating: 1/51

ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I am watching Undercover Boss right now with the President Jose Costa. If he really knew how their shops operated he would fire half of his employees. My car was so screwed up so bad I had to go back several times, confront everyone to get what was supposed to be done. Outside were screws on the L quarter panel, clearly visible. No buffing, my car was filthy and all my gas was gone.

I was really livid. It shows men will take advantage. I had to MAKE THEM FIX these items. I drove from NC each time. This shop is on Cherry Rd in Rock Hill, SC. Never take your auto there. I could have done a better job blind. Oh yes, they got their check and I got screwed. Thank you Maaco for your sorry service, lies, cutting corners and improper repair. I hope Mr President knows this shop needs an overhaul in more than one way.

Dishonest - Incompetent
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Rating: 1/51

MENOMONEE FALLS, WISCONSIN -- I am extremely dissatisfied with the service I received at the Menomonee Falls Center M2407. N56W13306 W. Silver Spring Road, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin 53051. Phone:(262) 783-5447. On 9/15/12 I delivered a brand-new tailgate to have it painted. The tailgate was still boxed, in fact double boxed. The manager told me that they would have to open the box and inspect the tailgate to ensure that the tailgate matched my 2008 Ford F-150.

A worker unpacked and inspected the tailgate and said everything was good to go. He offered to take the packaging and throw it out for me at which time I told him only if he is 100% sure the tailgate was okay. He said yes and took the packaging. The manager said I would have the tailgate back in a day or two. I also received a quote to have damage repaired on a 2005 Ford Five Hundred.

On 9/17/12 I dropped off this car to have it repaired and painted. On 9/21/12 my wife and I stopped by to pick up the tailgate and car. A worker drove the truck to the rear of the building where he installed the tailgate. When he pulled up to the front of the building, I was shocked to see two large dents in the newly painted tailgate, at which time the worker said, “just don't touch it with your hand and you won't notice it”. I told him that was a new tailgate and that I could see the dents from 25 feet away.

I went back inside to show the on-duty manager. He came outside, looked at the dented tailgate, shrugged his head, and said, “We will make it right for you”. I left the tailgate with them. A day later I received a call from the manager. His first words to me were, “the tailgate was damaged before we painted it”. For 15 minutes we went back and forth. The bottom line is the tailgate was delivered new, inspected and okayed by his staff, and damaged while in their care.

Frustrated, I finally told him to call me back when he was ready to make things right. No call from him on Monday, no call from him on Tuesday. Finally I called him at which time he said they were going to repair and paint the tailgate. Well yesterday I picked up the tailgate. Hoping this was the end of this ordeal, I now found that the sides and inside of the tailgate were not painted with the final coat, and that the surface of the tailgate has specks of dirt embedded in the paint. And the dents were still visible. As for my Ford Five Hundred, they left a section inside of the door jamb painted only with primer and did not paint it with the finish coat.

The quality of the work performed on my two vehicles was sub-par to say the least. Not only was I accused of delivering a damaged tailgate, but the whole experience had convinced me not to take either the tailgate or the car back to have them fix what they should have done right the first time. I will never use Maaco again and I will be sure to discourage family and friends to patronize this location as they are completely inept.

Horrendous Customer Service & Lies/Unable to Deliver on Promises
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- My husband went to the Maaco franchise in Martinez, GA on March 13. Got an estimate and was told "bring the truck on a Saturday and you'll have it the following Saturday". He was impressed with the estimate and we took the truck back on the following Saturday, March 20.

A few FYI facts: (1) the truck was originally dark green with gold on the bottom - he told them to paint it exactly as it was; (2) we live over an hour away from the franchise; (3) hubby gave his cell phone number because the shop hours were during his working hours and wanted them to be able to reach him if there were questions or problems.

While we were there, we decided to let them find a new hood which was part of the original estimate discussion. When hubby removed the bed liner, he found an area of rust/corrosion. **, the "manager" told him as a complimentary service, they would brush out the corrosion and just do a cursory spray on the bed since the liner would be replaced - "you don't want that corrosion to go untreated" were **'s words. ** called my husband on Monday, March 22 and told him he found a hood and it would be delivered to them by Wednesday. He then told him it would be ready the following Saturday, March 27.

Friday March 26, my husband called and was told "we've been busy and haven't done any painting except the bottom (which was to be painted gold and cost an extra $150) - the color wasn't right so the painter had to start over. It can be ready early next week - Wednesday at the latest." Hubby wasn't happy but he had some co-workers interested in seeing the job for potential future work. He mentioned this to **. ** told him he was happy for the referrals and would take "extra care to make sure the job was perfect - not that he didn't do that with every job".

The following Tuesday (the day before we were supposed to get the truck back), March 30, my husband called and was told there were some issues with the roof of the truck. Apparently they said there had been previous body work and they were trying to make it perfect. Getting frustrated by now, my husband asked how obvious these "imperfections" were from the ground. "Well, not noticeable" was the answer. He told them just to make it look as good as possible - it is the roof and not many people are going to be hovering over the roof to inspect the paint.

Again, we were told the truck would be ready on Saturday, April 3. Friday, April 2 my husband called to find out what time to be there on Saturday. He was told the truck would not be ready until the following week. By now, he is beyond frustrated. Not only has it taken a week longer than promised, hubby has had to make every phone call himself - no phone calls were made by Maaco to inform us of any issues or delays.

The following week, we planned to go to Maaco on Thursday, April 8. Wednesday, April 7 my husband got home at 6 pm and found a message from ** on the home answering machine, stating that there was a problem found after final paint on the passenger door which was very noticeable and he felt we would regret not having it taken care of. Due to the late time we got the message, we could not call back until the following day.

Thursday, April 8 - hubby called ** and told him he was unhappy about having the message left on the home phone because we went out of our way to give the cell number so he could be reached during business hours. ** told him the labor for fixing the "imperfection" on the door would be $300 but would cut it to $60. We told him to finish the truck. ** said it would be ready sometime that Friday, April 9. My husband told him we would be there at 9-9:30 am that Saturday, April 10 and to have it ready to go when we got there.

Saturday, April 10. 9:45 am. We arrived at Maaco. Side note: a co-worker of mine was there getting an estimate on a paint job - definitely have to talk to him Monday morning... ** got to us at 10 (after taking my co-worker to the back to show him finished jobs). He told us they were getting the door untaped from the touch-up work he called about. We asked to go back and take a look at it. He said "You know what, we have a ton of stuff going on back there. It's not going to be possible to go back there." Mind you, this was the same place he had just taken my unsuspecting co-worker.

At this point my husband was getting exasperated, and voiced his he did not raise his voice, nor did he use profanity (for which I was grateful). **, the "manager" told him he was not going to have that argument with my husband and told him "you need to simmer down". At this point, my next to the last nerve was being trampled.

Twenty minutes later, the gate opened and one of the painters drove out in my husband's truck. The first thing I noticed was the silver at the bottom...not gold. I immediately walked into the store and asked ** why the bottom was silver and not gold. He hollered "painter" and went back to what he was doing. Last nerve is now being tested.

I walked out the door with Mr. Painter. The guy who drove the truck out the gate was already out there with my husband disagreeing about the silver/gold issue. As I walked up to the truck, the painter was telling us "that is gold not silver - you need to look closer". At this point the driver said and I quote "I don't know what you're looking at, but you people need to get your eyes checked because what I see is gold". At this point I figured I would need to come up with bail money to release my husband but again he restrained himself.

As I turned to walk back into the office, he hollered "I swear on the lives of all my brutha's I served within the corps that it is gold and you don't know what you're looking at". Any self-respecting Marine would have stood up and slapped him for using the honor of the Corps as an excuse to be rude, thuggish and degrading.

I went into the office and told ** to give me the bill so I could pay it and leave. At this point Mr. Driver came back into the office and proceeded behind the counter to ring us up. He started rudely mouthing off about color-blindness and I held up my hand and told him he needed to stop. He opened his mouth again and I looked him squarely in his eyes and repeated Stop - once. I asked ** to please ask Mr. Driver to leave the office. He looked at Mr. Driver and told him to calm down and turned back to his computer.

I paid the bill (every stinking penny of $1327.00) and told ** that his first customer service mistake was telling us we needed to simmer down when we were simply expressing our frustration in a very normal, dissatisfied customer, ADULT manner. I then told him that the second mistake was allowing his painter to rudely tell customers they needed to get their eyes checked when we told him the color was wrong.

I am very aware of my rights as a customer who used a credit card to make a purchase. One word - CHARGEBACK. This will put a hold on their request for our money. This will also allow ample time for us to contact their corporate headquarters and give them a very detailed account and let them know that we expect at the very least a refund of the $150 we paid for gold paint. I will post our horror story to every possible media, and alert the local "on your side" consumer reporter if necessary.

By the way - the last straw which I did not notice until I got home...possibly because I need my eyes checked....they never TOUCHED the truck bed, did a poor job taping areas that should not have been painted, and did not correctly re-install the hood and windshield wipers.

My Maaco Paint Jobs
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Rating: 4/51

GROVETOWN, GEORGIA -- Over the years I have had my car painted by Maaco. My first $200 paint job was a basic complete painting of my car. I did not have any real complaints. The car looked great as the years went on. The paint started showing that was not going to hold up. I had the same car painted again. This time it did not come out looking the best as it could. Maaco took it back and gave me the top of the line paint job at their cost. I drove that vehicle for years it always looked clean all the time. It just was a great paint job and held up. It always looked as if it was just painted years later.

Ten years ago I purchased a Ford Bronco II. It was just had been painted by Maaco. It was the top of the line paint job. After ten years it still looked great. The person I purchased this car from said he and Maaco were not getting along. He had complaints, he had bumped heads with them until he was happy and they corrected the issues. It is a crap shoot! You take your chances to save money.

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