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Macys - Worry no More Protection Plan
Posted by Maineraised on 06/23/2010
SOUTH PORTLAND, MAINE -- Does anyone know if there is a class action suit on this??? Apparently a lot of complaints Do not bother buying this plan!! They will not cover anything they simply do not want to pay on claims. Bought a 4 piece leather living room set from Macy's in 2004 and was encouraged by the sales person to purchase a 7 year protection warranty on the furniture. We have kept this furniture looking like new but recently spilled some beer on part of a seat cushion causing discoloration in an area about 4 inches by 8 inches. We reported the incident within 24 hours ( 10 day required time) calling the number stated on our copy of the insurance policy. The person on the line identified themselves a a customer service representative for Worry no More and said they will call with a 3 hour time frame to schedule an adjuster. They did call back scheduled an appointment, the adjuster showed up on time with a bottle of some kind of spray. took some pictures and said he would have to recommend a technician to come a recolor the leather. He also asked me if I had experienced any problems in getting action on this ..said he was getting an earful everywhere he went. I waited a week and called back to see if they were scheduling someone and was told they were denying my claim ..they do not cover this sort if thing. I looked at my policy and it states "accidental staining or damage to upholstered leather and vinyl furniture" and beverages was included. I have found out that the insurance carrier I a company out of Florida operating under the name of Uniters. If anyone has more info in the form of help please pass it on to me.

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Posted by Robert H. on 2010-06-29:
I work for Macys and manage this program and I can assure you that we process 1000's of claims successfully every year. We received 27 compliments just last week. I'm sorry your experience has not been good up to this point. Based on your description of the problem you should have been covered. If you are able to provide the claim id # we will research the claim and see if we can resolve this issue for you assuming the problem is as described in your complaint.
Posted by BK Macomb MI on 2012-01-06:
My husband and I purchased a Bernhardt leather section from Macy's Eastland. We too were "encouraged" to purchase the worry no more plan. What a joke! for our 300$ and numerous calls to Worry no more, Visits to Macy's and phone calls i have received a 15$ ink removing kit for ME (not a furniture professional) to use... Unbelievable. Very unhappy.
Posted by California Complaint on 2012-12-10:
Please send in all complaints on Uniters to your state insurance board. Most have an online form you can submit. Macy's will also take notice as the reduction of customers burned by this scam and their lack of standing behind it.
Posted by Deenah G on 2013-03-12:
We have had insurance from Uniters from a purchase at Macys for over two years and when we had any problem they were not able to help. That is after finally finding our Claim- taking hrs on the phone. How can a company run like this and still be in business?
Posted by LilMrsD on 2013-03-25:
What a SCAM. The technician comes out and reports that there are other visible stains that results in the couch being "untreatable". They get off the hook and keep the money! Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit?
Posted by Anne on 2013-04-01:
I agree that Worry No More is a waste of money. We purchased the most expensive (supposedly best coverage) mattress protector for our son's full size bed. The cover cost half of what the mattress cost! He has leaked through twice on the mattress right through the cover where we've had to call Worry No More to send someone out to clean it for us. It would have been more, but I put a crib waterproof cover under his sheet. Unfortunately that shifts sometimes and doesn't cover where it needs to. We wasted our money on buying this cover to protect the mattress from urine stains....it doesn't keep it from going through AT ALL. On top of that, when I called WNM to have the mattress cleaned I was told a service representative would contact me in 5-7 days....so the urine can set in completely and my 4 year old can sleep on the floor all week??!? ...and that's just to be contacted...who knows how long it will be until someone can come in to clean it. I want it cleaned today. SOOOO disappointed!!!!
Posted by Dr khan on 2013-06-10:
this company is a scam macys should be ashamed of it self for recommending i didnt even check about this company because i trusted macys because of macys good customer service we dont have a macys near us and had to order the sofa set specially i wont be purchasing any furniture from macys because of worry no more
Posted by Anoymous on 2013-07-23:
I purchased furniture and reported scratches and received this response back:

"Please be advised that the technician reported that the damages have accumulated over an extended period of time. If you choose to dispute this, please email disputes@unitersna.com.

Then I tried the email address and gmail told me it doesn't exist. RIDICULOUS!! SCAM of a company. I plan to fight this and will escalate if necessary to law enforcement.

I found numerous complaints online, including a report from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There are 226 reports filed with 175 being Guarantee / Warranty Issues.

The report reads the following:

“Our file contains a pattern of complaints from consumers alleging they are unable to place claims against the warranties. Claims are allegedly denied for issues such as reporting time frame or "normal wear and tear." In some cases, Uniters North America, LLC informs the consumer that their damage claim is not covered.

Uniters North America, LLC responds to these consumers by explaining that, due to the Terms and Conditions of the warranty, Uniters North America will be unable to take any actions on the consumer's claim.

On, February 8, 2013, BBB sent certified correspondence to Uniters North America, LLC requesting their voluntary cooperation in resolving complaints on file with BBB and providing steps it will implement to eliminate the pattern of customer complaints. BBB will update this aspect of the Business Review once additional information becomes available.

On February 15, 2013, responded to BBB's concerns. Uniters North America, LLC states they administer all programs specific to the terms and conditions of which the consumer purchases. Uniters North America feels there is no underlying problem to correct. Uniters North America goes on to say their company does not sell any of their programs directly to the consumers. Furniture retailers sell the consumer the programs. In the training to the retailer, Uniters North America specifies detailed explanations to the terms and conditions to the consumer. In recent years, most of Uniters North America's programs have been changed to increase reporting time frame, adding coverage, etc.

BBB will continue to monitor the complaint activity of Uniters North America, LLC and update the Business Review as needed.”

Posted by Unhappy Costumer in FL on 2013-08-10:
I had bought the 5 year ins pushed by sale personal, he stated anything that will go wrong Ins will cover. I called to add a claim and explained to the representative, that the thread had broken on 3 of my couches she put me on hold for 15 min. came back on and said that they didn't cover that. I went to explain that the sales person had tolled me that it would cover anything that went wrong and that I had 2 witness with me that day.. I asked to speak to a Manager I was on hold for exact 48 min. when Manager came on the phone she was rude when I asked her name she hung up the phone. I called Macy's costumer service and explained they didn't care to hear it. Phone representative went the extra mile... and stated loud and clear. They had nothing to do with Ins. this was a outside comp. they just offered it to costumers and they were not forced to get it.DO NOT waist your money as its loud and clear Macy's doesn't care! They allow their employee's to lie and be deceitful to costumers as long as they get their money. They should be ashamed.
Posted by Adrienne Williams on 2013-10-09:
I purchased a dining room table w/leather trim and 4 leather chairs from Macys in February of 2010. The chairs have cracked. I filed a claim and Uniters says that the Worry No More Warranty do not cover the seating area of the chairs. So mad right now. I am going to fight this until the end. Macys and Uniters is a scam. I purchased my furniture at the Eastland, Harper Woods Store in Michigan.
Posted by Maria calandra on 2014-02-22:
Bought mattress and springs a while ago also purchased the protection plan,my question is we just moved and accidentally my mattress pad cover has been damaged so since I have protection plan can you send me another mattress cover pad! I will greatly appreciated, As always I am very pleased with Macys customers service.thank you,Maria calandra 843.603.7781 or cell 603.675.0006 email Nonna.calandra@gmail.com
Posted by Jamil, N on 2014-02-24:
Purchased WorryNoMore 7 years plan for a leather sofa, loveseat and daybed. A few weeks ago Noticed that a cushion takes a longer than usual to come back to original position after getting up. Lase Thursday looked under the sofa to found out a broken frame in the middle.
Wend to Macy's on Friday and they told me to call the customer service for warranty claim. Called the claim this AM. Told them exactly what I wrote above.
Rep and the manager is telling me that I must have filed a claim withing 10 days of "noticing" that there is something wrong!!! I told her that I did not "discovered" the actual damage only three days ago! but she insists that that does not matter! I must have filed withing 10 days of noticing!!! So much for the "worrynomore".

Any ideas how best to fight this non-sense??? Will appreciate all the help.
Posted by Patricia Mershon on 2014-02-24:
Bought a dining room set, had it for about 9 months. 6 chairs the seats are off white cloth. Had a Super Bowl party, all 6 chairs had food or drink spilled or dropped on them. Called Worry No More phone number the next day. Tech came to clean a week later, couldn't get the stains out. Took pictures,said he'd give in the information and I would hear back from someone. Got an email 4days later saying sorry the warranty covers food and drink spills but not if they stain. If I'd like to dispute their refusal to cover the claim I have to submit it in writing with at least 5 upclose pictures in good lighting from different angles and I'd get a response in writing in approximately 30 days. The fight goes on...
Posted by annette sparks on 2014-03-20:
Called numerous numbers, until I found a agent for the company Brad, located in Florida. He said he was filing my complaint and that I would here from them in 5 days, at the latest, no word yet two weeks later. I will never purchase the product again, it's worthless, furthermore why does Macy's push the product on it's consumers? They don't handle whatever problem your complaint, with exclusions their contract, what a joke, and a scam.
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Very Happy
Posted by Nisapayne on 04/23/2009
NEW JERSEY -- I wanted to post this review because I walked away very happy with Macy's furniture. My leather sectional began to peel after 8 months from the time of purchase. Macys sent service techs to repair the defected seat and they did a terrible job. Macys sent a letter stating the issue was satisfied with the repair and that is all they could do. Long story short....I wrote a letter to Macys Furniture explaining my situation and in 2 weeks had a brand new couch delivered to my home.

Thank you Macys for doing the right thing by your customers.
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Posted by Ponie on 2009-04-23:
Although a bit pricier than strictly furniture stores in our area, if it's good quality you're looking for, Macy's is one of the best. I've found it's a pleasure shopping in any department in the store. They'll usually go the extra mile to satisfy a customer. That is, within reason, which I think your request was. Good review.
Posted by old fart on 2009-04-23:
I read this and got home sick for Macy's in Manhattan...
Posted by Ponie on 2009-04-23:
OF, just go to the one in Fashion Square Mall. That's a pretty nice one.
Posted by old fart on 2009-04-23:
Ponie... It's OK unless you've never been to the flagship store in New York during Christmas season... That was a STORE!
Posted by Ponie on 2009-04-23:
That's what I've heard, OF. Last time I was in NY I was attending a convention and didn't have much free time to shop or browse. Glad I at least got to Sardi's before they shut down. And made it to the Russian Tea Room about two weeks before they closed their doors. But I heard they're reopened again.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-23:
Oh for heaven's sake...Sardi's closed? I feel like I live in a cave sometimes...
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Avoid Macys Online Retail
Posted by Weenubbin on 09/29/2012
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- Macys online shopping is among the worst on the net.

My first experience involved Paypal purchases. Twice my order was cancelled because of a discrepancy between the cost at time of transaction and the transaction value Macys brokerage firm attempted to push through. By the time I was notified of the failed transaction, the item(s) were no longer in stock.

My second experience was even worse. This time I issued my credit card info and purchased 3 items online. The first shipped within 1 week, the remaining 2 were in "processing" status for about 3+ weeks. I contacted Macys customer support and was assured the order was being processed. After another week, or so, I contacted Macys again and according to the csr, there was a "warehouse problem" and did I want them to try to locate stock.

Totally unacceptable and unprofessional conduct. I live in a relatively small community and I purchase a lot of stuff online mainly because of unavailability locally. I've honestly *never* had the kind of negative experience I've had with Macys. It frustrating and ultimately disappointing. My advice, especially to other international shoppers is to avoid Macys online like the plague! Compared with most of the other online etailers I've shopped with, Macys is really amateur and incompetent.

Strike 3 Macys... you're definitely out. This is one customer who will never spend another dime in your organization and I'll tell anyone who will listen.
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Posted by Mr N on 2012-12-03:
I had a similar experience.

I made an international order (I'm in the UK), and the items I wanted were both in stock and available to the UK. So I ordered, went through checkout successfully and received the confirmation emails.

Then a day later, I received an email saying "As you were advised at the time of checkout, we are experiencing problems with out stock control. The items you ordered are no longer available".

It took a week for Macy's to work out whether all or part of the order was unavailable. Then they cancelled the order (without telling me). I had to make five calls to the US to discover this.

Now the payment is stuck in my Paypal account as 'pending', and Macy's customer service don't seem to have a clue how to remove it. They didn't even recognise the order number that came to me in a Macy's email.

Like you, I've never, ever dealt with such an incompetent company. I would advise everyone to steer clear of Macy's online, as they really have no idea what they're doing.
Posted by JULIE on 2013-01-05:

I bought a knife set for my mother-in-law a week before christmas and as I was buying it I realized it was on order so I wouldn't even be getting it until February. Which I was ok with because it was my mistake for not paying attention. So I order it on 12/17/12 and I leave it alone thinking I'l check it in a week or so. I forget all about it and remember on 1/4/13 and when i check my order status I find out that my order was canceled on christmas day. No notification, no email, no nothing!!! How is that possible?? Every other store always keeps me updated on where my shipments are! My product makes a move and I instantly know whether its through email or a text message yet my $700 shipment was canceled and I can't even get an email from them!!! Worst place ever!! Don't ever shop online here!!!
Posted by MissNJ on 2013-07-24:
I put in an order for over ten items to ship to my niece in Tennessee for her birthday!! Everything was in stock and ready to ship. I get a phone call when I am at work on my home phone asking me to verify information to complete order. I called at 6 when I came home, they cancelled my order becaus they needed to verify card holder info. They said they were replacing it and shipping out. They never delivered the packages!!!! I called again today and the dumb b on the phone said that they cancelled the order because they were selling the items to me cheaper than what they paid for them???!!!! What?!!!! They chose to just cancel my order because they felt they were not making enough money on it!! They still charged my Macy's card over $300 BtW and no order was placed. Never AGAiN!!!!!
Posted by SL on 2013-09-16:
Horrible Systems Support and Service RIDICULOUS
Posted by SL on 2013-09-16:
MACYS Worst Online shopping experience EVER!
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Fine Jewelry
Posted by Revan on 12/03/2011
My wife bought a pair of earrings in fine jewelry for $2600. The saleswoman Nancy took the tags off the earrings and stuck them to the receipt and told her that she could return them in 30 days. We went and tried to return them about 15 days later which is today. Nancy and her manager Marina who wouldn't give her last name told us that they aren't returnable because the tags are not attached to the earrings. Nancy lied and says that she told my wife they were not returnable if the tags were off. It does say that on the receipt but who reads the receipt if the salesperson tells you verbally that you can return it. So a warning to all who shop at Macy's for jewelry. Do not let the salesperson take off any tags, because they know that if they do, their commission is guaranteed and you will not be returning anything without a tag attached. I know that this has happened to others because its a scam. Salepeople should not be taking tags off of anyone's purchases. They have too much to gain and nothing to lose. I will celebrate when Macy's files for Chapter 11 and Nancy and Marina get downsized.

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Posted by Skye on 2011-12-03:
Your review is a great reminder to ALWAYS read your receipt and know the stores return policy.

Sales people will tell you anything to seal the deal, and yes they do lie. Its what is in writing is what matters. Verbal means nothing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-03:
Quite often, sales people will ask, "Would you like me to remove the tags?" Almost like a knee jerk reaction, we consumers usually say yes. Excellent review when dealing with Macy's. I will keep this in mind when dealing with other department stores as well. Thanks!
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-12-04:
I am not sure how tags are attached to earrings. Are they attached to the jewelry itself, or are they attached to one of those plastic cards or are they in an actual small jewel box? My assumption with earrings of this price would be in a box. If the earrings were on a card or in one of the boxes, the tags wouldn't have been attached to the earrings anyway, so Macy's has no justification for not making the return. Maybe I am not understanding how the whole earring set up works.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-04:
I'm confused about this, as well. Tags don't stick, so I don't understand how it stuck to the receipt. A tag can be easily reattached, so it shouldn't have been a problem.

I've never looked at earrings in that price range, but I'm assuming they come in a box with the price sticker on the box or have a tag hanging from the earrings. It would be helpful to know more about the tags/sticker.

I can't find any information about this on Macy's website. It only states, "Jewelry items purchased from macys.com must be returned within 30 days of receipt in its original condition and in its original packaging." Nothing about tags or in-store purchases.

If the OP is correct, that's an awful way to do business. Even if the info is on the receipt, it would be useless if the employee already removed the tags/sticker.

Unless there's another reason for not accepting the return, I would argue with them until I got a refund.
Posted by ok4now on 2011-12-04:
Sounds like Nancy doesn't want to loose her big commission on this sale. If this purchase was put on a C.C. dispute it. I'm surprised that Macy's, who is very customer friendly would do this.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-04:
If it's true, I'm surprised the manager went along with it. I have a feeling there might be another reason we're not aware of.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-04:
It isn't likely you'll see Macy's going out of business anytime soon.

The reason for the policy is to protect themselves from people desiring to get jewelery for that annual holiday party and then returning them. A reasonable policy it sounds like and especially if it's provided in writing with the receipt.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-05:
This complaint is not about the policy. It's about the employee removing the tags knowing that the earrings couldn't be returned without them.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-05:
i agree AYS. i have read many times people have done this. not only with clothes and jewelry, but other things like applicances, televisions, and other electronics.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-05:
Wait. Are At Your Service and madconsumer saying the OP deserved the treatment she received? Did you miss the part where the employee removed the tags?
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-05:
my comment is from experience.
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-12-06:
No question madconsumer. Unfortunately, there are those people who really will try to take advantage of retailers. I'm sure it happens the other way too. That is why the policy exists and seems more than appropriate in this case.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-06:
We all know why the policies exist. That's not the point of the review. It's about the OP supposedly being tricked into not being able to return the earrings, which would be wrong on Macy's part.
Posted by madconsumer on 2011-12-06:
macy's is is a top notch store. their policies are extremely fair.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-12-06:
It's not about the policy. It's about the employees. Did you read the review, madconsumer?
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-12-06:
Macy'y looks pretty healthy. It is trading today at a 52-week high, 50% above its low during that time frame. Have you heard rumors of bankruptcy that investors have missed?

The way I read this complaint, it looks like the employee should not have removed the tags. I am assuming that jewelry is returnable if it is in like-new condition. The way the review is written, the only way to do it is if the tags are attached.

I would stay in their face on this one and tell them you are going to file a dispute with the CC company and complain to the BBB. write your senator. No, not the last one, but I would not let this go. Good luck!
Posted by JASMIN on 2013-01-31:
Posted by Madconsumer2 on 2013-02-13:
All Macy's costumer who is buying fine jewelry item should be informed by the sales associate not to remove the tag or return label if in case they want to return the item and there should be a sign in the fine jewelry area that informs customer not to remove tag and return label if they want to return the item. As a customer you feel really bad when the item that you've been saving for and will be paying with your hard earned money is not the one you wanted. You will really feel bad that you were not informed of their policy...was it deliberate so they will have a sale and earn their commissions?.....I know that there are lots of good and hardworking people at Macy's.....there are also customers who worked hard to buy at Macy's....lets just be honest with each other, after all...honesty is still the best policy.
Posted by lori on 2013-05-17:
In the future steam the tag off and keep it aside just in case. If you do end up having to return the item just apply again with crazy glue. Just did it at Macy's with a 1600 tennis braclet, thought about how much my husband paid for it (overpriced) had already ripped the tag off...just glued it at the tear. it is that easy.
Posted by Yolanda on 2013-09-20:
Brought a Ruby and Diamond necklace retail price was $10,000 on sale for $4500 took the necklace to get appraised for my home owners insurance and it was appraised for $750.00 the appraiser told me the necklace was 14k the diamonds were real but poor quality and the ruby's were lead filled to make the bright and poor quality I returned the item, but had to show them the appraisal they started to tell me cannot return it because the tags were not on the item, but realizing that I had the appraisal for the item they hurried and refunded me back. Beware of a big purchase from Macy's and get an appraisal to make sure the item is worth the price you pay for it.
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Returning a Scratched Ruby Ring
Posted by Nimmi.muralidharan on 12/21/2013
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Me and my mom brought a ruby ring on sale from Macy's expecting it to be a real ruby ring, after multiple enquiries with the sales associate we were told it was as the inclusions were visible. We purchased the ring and sent it to be resized, once we got it back we realized that the main ruby had multiple scratches on it. We immediately returned the ring and got our money back. The Macy's associate argued with us that a ruby and a diamond can easily be scratched by a steel knife and he can prove it. In truth, a ruby and diamond are 9 and 10 on a MOHS hardness scale and can only be scratched by a something equally hard such as a ruby or diamond not a steel knife which is 7 on a hardness scale. This post is to warn everyone to be careful before making such expensive purchases at Macy's.
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Add Does Not Figure When All Stores Do Not Have the Same Item From Manhattan to Montauk
Posted by Fadrlene712 on 11/29/2013
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- When You advertise an item then not have it available, lets say in TEN stores, from New York City to Montauk LI NY, and of course online, then I would say that it is false advertisement, Macys I am sure is well aware how they advertise, knows about this, and has an army of law firms to back them! I for one, will not shop there any longer. Oh yes, have there credit card, which they would not let me use, 48 hr for payment to go through, but if you are late, your done, with them!!!!! Class Action Suit ABSOLUTELY.
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Worry No More Plan made me Worry More!
Posted by Reaber4 on 10/08/2013
PENNSYLVANIA -- We bought a leather sofa from Macy's a few years ago. We purchased the Worrynomore Premium protection plan that costs $338. We thought this was a good idea that would give us piece of mind. No long after before our final payments we noticed small cracks beginning to develop on two of the seating cushions. We contacted the protection plan company and explained our concerns. They sent out a representative who examined the couch. He told us that he had just examined a couch like ours that was a couple years older and the cracks had become splits and they were replacing or repairing it, he also expressed that it was from body oils. The seat cushions haven't even been sat on where body oils would be transferred to the leather, and there isn't any sign of discoloration on the leather. It is an obvious defect. Days later we received a call from the company and said that it wouldn't be covered because the examiner said it was due to body oils. Also if you do not place a claim within 7 years you get your money back. Now that we placed a claim we have a ruined couch that we can't replace and we wasted $338 on a protection plan that was a huge waste of money. I am very disappointed in Macy's and this plan. I would not waste my money on this plan. You would be better off buying cheaper furniture and replacing it every few years.
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Posted by maria on 2014-04-08:
I had same story.
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On Online Gifts for Shower Sent to Bride Instead of Me - No Shipping Info on Order
Posted by Poopedpeg on 07/04/2013
NEW JERSEY -- I ordered on line through bridal registry gifts for shower. I gave all my credit info - checked that I did not want card or message sent. I expected to receive packages to my billing address since I did not see shipping info. My shower gifts were sent to bride instead of me ruining surprise. Now I have no gifts to bring to shower.

I checked my order info and saw in very tiny print that order would be sent to bride - cannot understand how bridal gifts would be sent to bride way before wedding day - very disappointed.

I am a senior citizen and live on a budget so therefore it will be quite embarrassing for me at shower - will never use your registry again. Tried to call and no one answered - it seems you could do a better job in that department and add shipping address very clearly on any orders.

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Posted by ILOVEMYSON on 2013-07-04:
I just placed a order from someone's registry and it clearly and not small at all says during the checkout process before you even enter the payment info that it will be going to the bride and groom and that the address is not shown for privacy reasons, and under that it says or add new address which is where you would click that and put your info in..You just needed to pay more attention..
Posted by andbran on 2013-07-04:
just explain the circumstances to the bride. you did give her a gift just not how you wanted to do it.
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"Worry no more" warranty sold by Macy's -- you better "Worry"
Posted by Scottlovell on 06/15/2013
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Don't do it! Don't buy the "Worry no more" warranty... recommend that you take not of the manufacture warranty and buy form a manufacture that provides a decent warranty... You will find dealing with 'Worry no more" to be a total horror show!! I'm in MA ordered a sofa and love seat from Macy's furniture and bought the "worry no more" 7 year bells and whistles plan since it was sold as a full coverage plan... They should call themselves ‘Worry” because if you purchase the service that is what you will end up doing… They have no concept of service! They are unprofessional! They Lie and they waste your time! Don't waste your money or your time with “Worry”... And Shame on Macy's management for linking with "Worry no More" and allowing 'Worry" to use the Macy's name to pedal such inferior warranty service…. Why I say “Worry” sucks? Put in a claim May 2nd (C1322192)with "worry" on May 2nd and after a week or 2 back and forth we settle on a date for them to inspect the issue which was Saturday June 15th, and then the Tuesday of the week they are to come out they bounce me to Macy's furniture and cancelled my claim saying (without inspecting the loveseat) that what is wrong with it is still under manufacturer warranty... Macy's furniture did a good job working one of the issues which maybe related to back support of the furniture, but since there is an issue with staining also Macy's got "Worry" back on the horn for me and “Worry” setup a new claim and noted that they would have someone come out the Saturday June 15th to assess the issue, and stated that I would get a call regarding my 3hr window... Saturday comes no call regarding 3hr window so I call "Worry" worried and they tell me my window is Noon to 3pm, and state I would get a call 2 hrs before the inspector arrives... Yes, at this point you would think all is going well... Well you would be incorrect since 2:30pm comes and no one called and when I called "Worry" I was told they cancelled my claim again.... Well the associate at worry seeing that the service has been has been totally screwed up tried to put me through to a supervisor but I got cut off...

So I call back again and the belligerent male I got is yelling at me telling me I need to listen to them explain to me how "Worry" operates when all I want to know is when is someone coming out to look at my furniture... And all I would like explained is how they could tell me wait between Noon and 3pm as of 9am the morning and then cancelled my claim was well as the inspection for the same day... Well the belligerent male would not connect me to a supervisor an hung up on me... To which I had to call Macy's who got things back in order again...

So it seemed but somehow it came off the rails yet again... As previously stated, "Worry" has no concept of service! They are unprofessional! They Lie and they waste your time! Don't waste your money or your time with them... And Shame on Macy's management for linking with "Worry no More" and allowing 'Worry" to use the Macy's name to pedal such inferior warranty service
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Fine jewelry...buyers Beware
Posted by Ankager on 01/03/2013
LA MESA, CALIFORNIA -- Purchased $600 gold bracelet 10/6/12. Wore it approximately a dozen times---last time worn (9weeks after purchase), had feeling like a pin-prick and noticed that a gold filament had broken and was poking into my skin. Checked bracelet more thoroughly and it was broken in 4 places. Because I had removed tags, they would not take it back and only option was for it to be sent to their repair shop to have it repaired at my expense (because I had not purchased extended service warrantly). Told them that tags were removed so that I could wear the bracelet as my intent was obviously to keep. Extended service warranty irrelevant and applied only to repairs, not returns....a product like this should stand up to gentle wear for longer than 9 weeks.

So, no consumer protection at all here for a product that is of poor quality. Wish they had lemon laws for jewelry!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-04:
Thanks for posting your experience for all to see.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-04:
Macy's seems to markup their jewelry to a high "retail price" then heavily discount it. Then they discount it again with their 20% off coupons. This gives the illusion that you are getting a great deal. They are still making a huge profit on this questionable quality jewelry.

Here's a better way...Shop Costco. They have tremendous buying power and only mark it up 12%. No sales, coupons, special prices etc. This is the real deal for high quality "eye candy" at close to wholesale prices.
Posted by wimbosbimbo1 on 2014-02-13:
We must have bought the same bracelet....very little wear and it started to show "dents" in the gold....then basically fell apart like foil....we also did not have the extended warranty but did return it for repairs....Macy's repair shop couldn't even repair their own jewelry.... No more shopping at Macy's Fine Jewelry for this family!!!
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