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Poor or No Delivery
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Rating: 1/51

ON LINE -- The first order from Macy's was left on my neighbor's porch to be rained on while he was out of town. I was not called to tell me my package had been left on his porch. My second order is listed as delivered on the Macy's tracking site but "where" is the question as it is not at the neighbor's or at my house. Calling 1800 by Macy's gets you attached to a "survey" for an over 50 help product so I hung up. 1800-289- 6229 gets recording with long wait time.

The Macy's complaint site is useless as my complaint does not match their list. So my solution will be to refuse to pay for the items when I receive my credit card bill as well as any shipping costs. I will then take my time returning the items to a Macy's store since the reason I shopped online is that the closest store is 40 miles away. Bottom line is that I suggest everyone bag Macy's.

Useless Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a set of dishes from Macy's. They were delivered within the time expected. When opened, two plates were broken. Macy's is not responsible for shipping damage, things like that just happen. I tried to contact the customer service line to resolve the problem and was on hold for about 15 minutes.

Finally, a person came on and the voice was so garbled, I could not understand a word being said by him. After he repeated himself different times with no better result, I was left to end the call in frustration. Next, I called a local store (45 miles away) and talked to a girl in the China department. All she could do was give me phone numbers of other stores, in other states that might have the pattern. I wonder how many hours I was expected to be on hold to resolve this. Useless customer service and I will never buy from Macy's again.

"Worry No More" Warranty Sold by Macy's -- You Better "Worry"
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Rating: 1/51

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- Don't do it! Don't buy the "Worry no more" warranty... recommend that you take not of the manufacture warranty and buy from a manufacturer that provides a decent warranty... You will find dealing with 'Worry no more" to be a total horror show!! I'm in MA ordered a sofa and love seat from Macy's furniture and bought the "worry no more" 7 year bells and whistles plan since it was sold as a full coverage plan... They should call themselves "Worry"€ because if you purchase the service that is what you will end up doing. They have no concept of service! They are unprofessional! They lie and they waste your time! Don't waste your money or your time with "Worry"€...

And Shame on Macy's management for linking with "Worry no More" and allowing 'Worry" to use the Macy's name to peddle such inferior warranty service. Why I say "€œWorry" sucks? Put in a claim May 2nd (**) with "worry" on May 2nd and after a week or 2 back and forth we settle on a date for them to inspect the issue which was Saturday June 15th. And then the Tuesday of the week they are to come out. They bounce me to Macy's furniture and cancelled my claim saying (without inspecting the loveseat) that what is wrong with it is still under manufacturer warranty...

Macy's furniture did a good job working one of the issues which may be related to back support of the furniture, but since there is an issue with staining also Macy's got "Worry" back on the horn for me and "Worry"€ setup a new claim and noted that they would have someone come out the Saturday June 15th to assess the issue, and stated that I would get a call regarding my 3 hr window... Saturday comes no call regarding 3 hr window so I call "Worry" worried and they tell me my window is noon to 3 pm, and state I would get a call 2 hrs before the inspector arrives...

Yes, at this point you would think all is going well... Well you would be incorrect since 2:30 pm comes and no one called and when I called "Worry" I was told they cancelled my claim again. Well the associate at worry seeing that the service has been has been totally screwed up tried to put me through to a supervisor but I got cut off...

So I call back again and the belligerent male I got is yelling at me telling me I need to listen to them explain to me how "Worry" operates when all I want to know is when is someone coming out to look at my furniture... And all I would like explained is how they could tell me wait between noon and 3 pm. As of 9 am the morning and then cancelled my claim was well as the inspection for the same day... Well the belligerent male would not connect me to a supervisor and hung up on me... To which I had to call Macy's who got things back in order again...

So it seemed but somehow it came off the rails yet again... As previously stated, "Worry" has no concept of service! They are unprofessional! They lie and they waste your time! Don't waste your money or your time with them... And shame on Macy's management for linking with "Worry no More" and allowing 'Worry" to use the Macy's name to pedal such inferior warranty service.

Incompetence And Broken Website And Broken Company
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Rating: 1/51

I have been trying to pay my bill for over an hour online. Macy's decided to hire an incompetent morons to revamp the website which IS NOT WORKING. It is stuck in an endless loop. Calling Macy's, I got outsourced and demanded a U.S. representative so I could understand them and not have my personal information stolen yet again (I am a victim of identity theft twice, I trust no one).

Over an hour later, and back and forth from the U.S. to Philippines to U.S., I still have not been able to schedule a payment. At best, Macy's will take a payment and not schedule a payment as I would like to do. This has been the most insane hour and a half of my life trying to pay a damn bill dealing with the most incompetent people and company ever... and my bill is STILL NOT PAID. Macy's executives are obviously incompetent by hiring people that have no clue if they are breathing or not and do not know what the heck they are doing.

By outsourcing, Macy's is damaging our nation by not providing jobs here at home so they can have customers shopping in their stores. With the treatment I have received today, I am surely finding more businesses that will appreciate me and my money other than Macy's and you should, too! BOYCOTT MACY'S FOR OUTSOURCING AND INCOMPETENCE! They are not the only game on the block!

Worry No More Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- Spent a good amount of money on the "Worry No More" extended warranty at Macy's. Unfortunately I had to use it for some stains in my sectional. I called and spoke to 2 representatives at Worry No More. I submitted a claim and was given a claim number and told someone would call us back within the following week to set up an inspection. That was over a year ago... No call, no show, no nothing!!

They have managed to keep me at bay for over a year. They say there was never a claim filed, then they found it, then they were coming out then no show again... It's been horrible. I still haven't had anyone out and I'm pretty much defeated at this point. Just do yourself a favor and save your money on the warranty and use it to have a professional come out to clean your furniture when it needs it.

Macy's Discriminates against Plus Sized Women in Kailua Kona
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Rating: 1/51

KAILUA KONA, HAWAII -- I have been a Macy's customer for years but I am sad to say after visiting the Kailua Kona Macy's I will not be a customer anymore. I was sadly disappointed when I went to their store for a pair of Black Pants. Should have been an easy item to purchase but the Sales Clerk informed me that the store there does not carry any Women's sizes over an XL. Since their store normally carries plus sizes I find it strange that they would choose to discriminate against Plus Sized Women at this location but that is exactly what they are doing.

It is a shame since I have always liked shopping at Macy's but if they choose to discriminate then I have no choice other than to Boycott buying anything at their store. Sorry Ladies, if you want Plus Sized Clothing in Kailua Kona Macy's evidently does not want you to shop there and discriminates against larger Women. Best to spend your money some place else who wants your business.

Problem With Ordering From Bridal Registry And Zero Customer Service!
By -

My Brother and his Fiance got Married in March of this year, and they had registered at Macy's for the bridal shower/Wedding. I had gone online to view their registry and ended up ordering something off of it to be used as a gift for the bridal shower which was at the end of February. The website indicated the item was in stock, and I had ordered it to be delivered to my brother and his Fiance's house giving plenty of time for it to arrive before the shower. (3 weeks).

I went through the whole order process, and entered my credit card info...etc. And at the end of the transaction, it stated it was complete and I would receive a confirmation when the item had shipped. 2 weeks went by, and I still hadn't received any confirmation of shipment. I started to panic a little because the shower was now only 1 week away. I attempted NUMEROUS times to contact somebody to give me info on my order, but all my emails went without response, and all the phone calls I placed to get someone from online were all dead ends full of countless hours of being put on hold/transferred/disconnected.

I checked my credit card, and it had still not been charged yet, so I figured maybe my order didn't go through for whatever reason, but by then, I didn't want to reorder through Macy's again since the customer service was zero. So I ended up ordering a whole other gift from another store instead, and this time had to also pay for faster shipping so it would arrive at their house on time. Now... Fast forward over 3 months later. The Bridal shower had come and gone, and so had the wedding. The honeymoon was long since over, and everyone was just back to living their lives.

Out of the blue, I get a phone call from my brother stating he just got a package from Macy's. It turned out it was the item I had ordered many months back, and now they finally decided to ship it. I was FURIOUS with Macy's now. I renewed my attempts to get a hold of someone who could help me. I wrote repeated letters complaining that the gift came way too late to be appropriate as a shower or wedding gift, and that I had already purchased those gifts at another store since they had failed to confirm, or notify me in any way since I had made the initial purchase in the beginning of February..... and it was now the middle of May!

I checked my credit card balance, and sure enough, they had charged it May 12th. What pisses me off is that not only is the customer service and communication completely lacking, but they put me in a situation, where it would be socially awkward to tell my brother that this shipment from Macy's was a mistake. It would be rude of me to ask him to return it even though I had already bought his wedding presents and had given them to him at the appropriate times.

This is a warning in general to be wary of ordering anything off the online Macy's registry. They make it impossible to get any kind of help if something goes wrong with your order! Especially important when the gifts you buy are time-sensitive like for weddings!

Beware Macy's Credit Card
By -

Around Xmas I took out a Macy's credit card - BIG MISTAKE. I had some coupons from a friend but could only use them with the store credit card. I immediately paid off my balance in the store after my purchases. I was told that I would get a 15% discount on my first bill.

The exact opposite happened and Macy's by their assignee Department Stores National Bank has done the following: First they sent the card to the wrong address, so I immediately cancelled without ever receiving the card.
After returning the items to the store (the gifts did not fit) I was told I could only get the cash I paid put back on the credit card and after two weeks on a cancelled card they would automatically return it. NOT TRUE this is April and I after numerous request for my cash I still don't have it.

The worse part is they DEDUCTED 15% from the CASH I actually paid on the card, claiming they were taking back a 'new account savings' which they NEVER gave in the first place. I have written numerous letters, and spent lengthy hours on the phone to their outsourced customer service in India where they just don't give a damn.

I have shown the reps that no way should a store deduct from actual cash paid on the bogus claim that they were taking back a discount. I am entitled to the full amount of cash I paid once the items were returned. Moreover I HAVE NEVER RECEIVED THE 15% DISCOUNT IN THE FIRST PLACE. They claim it was given in the store. This 'promotion' is still ongoing where they rope you in by claiming to give a 15% discount on your first bill for all purchases done within the first 2 days of getting the card. NOT TRUE - a total ripoff.

Each month I receive a statement saying if I want my cash back (minus the fraudulently deducted 15%) I should submit the bottom part of the statement. Instead of a check I got a 3 line letter saying they did not have sufficient information to review my dispute, or return my money. On top of it, I was told I would have received a Macy's Visa, but the statement shows it is an in store card with a whopping 22.90% interest rate.

The entire operation by Macy's Stores and Department Stores National Bank is a huge scam against consumers - the old bait and switch. The reps have every detail of my transaction even the codes on the receipts and the items purchased, yet I am told by the dispute department they have insufficient information to attend to my dispute. Pure Crap!!!

I went back to the Macy's store in Valley Stream NY and the explained the fraudulent accounting. He agreed that I 15% should have been deducted from my cash balance on returned items. He tried to contact customer service with me on the phone - and the rude woman at the other end said, it was not his account and she could not talk with him, even though I gave her permission to discuss my account.

I intend to pursue this matter to the ends of the earth if I have to. And Macy's should be paying me 22.90% on my cash balance they have been refusing to send, plus on the fraudulently deducted 15% I intend to pursue a small claims court case under local Business Law for double the amount owed.

These kind of things happen when big corporations outsource financial and private matters to Asia where it is obvious the reps don't give a hoot, and also are not beyond stealing. Personally I think the surge in identity theft comes from outsourcing.

My Experience With Macy's Customer Service
By -

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My Experience with Macys Furniture Department and Customer Service. The Good the Bad and The Ugly! 2/10/2004-Ticket Number **. My previous address is **. This is on the first page of your computer screen. My new address is on the second page. I know because I've been through this conversation over 20 times. Well my experience with Macy's Customer service and delivery has had its good and bad parts. To start off when I first received the order back in 2004 from Macy's it had to be returned because that somewhere along the way the back of the leather had been cut with a knife. I had already had trouble with the delivery people showing up at all.

So then I had to wait for them again to exchange the couch. This time it was correct and they did exchange the couch. Later in July 2007 when the couch broke I discovered the Macy's delivery people never put the middle leg on the couch to begin with. Thanks delivery. I loved this couch. You see I'm only 5' 2"€ and I can only touch the floor on so many couches. So sad and hard to find something that fits like the three little bears. (Just a side note the worry no more program you sell to the public has a less than admirable Better Business Bureau Report).

Flash Forward 7/2007-Present my month long venture with getting things fixed. Ticket number ** and Ticket Number. A Whirlwind of frustrations brought me to this point that I felt I needed to write a letter. It all started on 7/22/2007 when I noticed the couch frame seemed to be broken on my chocolate leather Natuzzi couch style number 214247/806140/025. Being the person I am and understanding the importance of timeliness I went directly to the Macy's store.

I had called and left a message prior but did not get a call back until two hours later from the furniture department at which time I was already making the 20 minute drive to talk to someone about what had occurred. Well I got to the store and told me I had to call the 1-800-511-2865 number and there was nothing that they could do. This of course made me infuriated that on a Sunday I could not get a hold of anyone to ease my mind that things would be taken care of. So I went back home to my house to attempt to call Macy's customer service.

The first call I did not write down whom I spoke with or what time. I thought things would go fairly smooth. So I did not get a hold of anyone on Sunday because customer service is closed. I then called on Monday the 23rd to set up an appointment for my couch to be looked at. They set me up an appointment for July 30th. I was told I would get a call from someone on the Saturday before confirming the time of the appointment. Well no one called and so I just assumed they forgot and would show up on the 30th of July.

Well I did call on Monday morning to get a window of time from the furniture repair department and nothing was set up. So I called customer service again and spoke with **. I was disconnected from him and called back. I then spoke with ** at extension 65644 at 9:45 a.m. and was told there was no way to get someone out that day to look at my couch. I had taken off of work that day to wait on the repair people because I did not know what time they were coming. So I was offered a $150 gift card after asking if there was any compensation that I could receive for my troubles.

I was out over $300 in income waiting on something that did not happen. I found out from the customer service department that furniture services 911 forgot to process my work order. They were then rescheduled to come to my house on August 6, 2007 and they were to call with a time. I asked that I be told a time. ** called me from Furniture Services 911 1-678-947-4272 ext 137 to tell me they would be out at the house between 3:30 and 7:30. Again I took off work in the afternoon to wait. I got a call at 2:30 p.m. from someone at Furniture Services 911 telling me that they could not make it out to the house.

I then called ** ext 65134 and told her what had been going on. They said that they could come the next day during the day. I tried to call ** and he never returned a call. Why does Macy's only contract with one company that only has 30 employees I'€™ll never know? They only have one technician for my area. Anyway, after a lot of complaining I got them to come out to the house after 5:30, which is when I get off from work. They did show up this time. Thank God.

The repair guy told me at that point a middle leg had never been installed on the couch and there was a knot in the wood where it broke under one of the seating areas. He told me that it could be fixed. He would order the parts and they would be in around 3 weeks and to call customer service in three days. I called and told them at customer service what had happened with the couch and why it broke.

In the meantime I got a call from ** 8/10/2007 saying the couch had been discontinued and that they could not get the parts to fix the couch. She told me that they could only replace the couch itself and not the chair and ottoman. I told her my mom was having breast cancer surgery and asked her how long I had to find something. She told me to take my time and that I would have 30 days. I went to the store and sat on everything. I could only touch the floor on two couches and was upset that I had to find a couch to match the other two pieces. So I called and left a message for ** asking her to see if they could special order the couch I already had.

I left two messages on 8/13/2007, two messages on 8/14/2007 for ** asking about other options. On 8/14/2007 I also spoke to ** (at this time the Macy's customer service system was down) and he could not tell me anything either about what to do next. On 8/15/2007 I spoke with ** and left a third message for **. On 8/16/2007 I spoke with ** and left message for ** asking them to reorder the couch. By the way when I asked what had been documented in the computer nothing had been documented about the last three days of phone calls trying to get a hold of someone who could explain the return process.

Finally I got a hold of ** 67808 who told me that it was Macy'€™s policy to replace the entire set for a manufacturer's defect. So then I went back to Macy's to look for furniture. She told me I would get a full credit for the entire amount on ticket number **. She told me that ** must not be aware of the policy of full replacement for a manufacturer's defect. I finally found furniture, which was all right. Nothing any the store stuck out to me like the Natuzzi couch I'€™d bought before.

So I called the customer service number on 8/21/2007 just to find out the process of things after going to Macy's at lunch to find the gentleman I had been working with was not coming into work until a half hour after the time I had on his card. ** from Macy'€™s Louisville took the time to look everything up for me and was very helpful. I ordered new furniture to be delivered on August 30, 2007. I had to open another Macy's account in order to get my credit, which I was told would be in the store.

This was very frustrating and I can't believe a company would make a customer do something like this in order to receive credit for bad merchandise. Yes I had an account before and it has been cancelled for three years. Anyway I call customer service again today and spoke with ** who was very helpful 8/22/2007 to give them my account number and have the credit be placed on my account. I will not get the credit until the 30th of July (I hope this actually happens). I'€™m looking forward for this month long process to be over. The new ticket number is **. I hope this furniture is of better quality.

While I was writing this I finally got a phone call back from ** who I called yesterday. Someone else called to help me because as she told me ** does not have time to get back with me. This was at 1:14 p.m. today 8/22/2007. That makes me feel important. I'm glad I went ahead and took care of everything myself by calling until I got someone who could help me.

I'm praying and have my fingers crossed to not have the delivery, repair, and service experiences for the remainder of my business relationship with Macy's. I hope that in the future Macy's finds a better way to integrate all customer service aspects of the furniture department to make it more efficient. Education of all staff at all levels is key on policies and procedures.

Thanks for your time and I really hope this gets some attention. I would hate other customers to have the same experience I have had. Oh, by the way while I was waiting to reorder all of my furniture another customer came in and complained that she never got her confirmation phone call for the delivery for her furniture. Lord help us all!

Update -9/25/2007. It'€™s almost October now and I'€™m still going. My first couch was delivered with nicks on the leather and scratches on the wood. I called for a replacement. It arrived a long time later and this one is worse off than the first. It looked alright in the drive way but upon getting it in the house I discovered loose threading, nicks in the leather, more scratches on the wood than last time. I'€™m sick and tired of waiting on people from Macy's to exchange the couch so I asked just to have a repair person sent. They will be coming out on October the 8th. This is the earliest they could get there so I would not have to take off anymore work.

I quit taking names because it really doesn'€™t matter anymore. I hope they can repair the couch but I feel like I should be given back some of the money on the couch for keeping the damaged one. I'€™m sure nothing will be done about this because I already sent a letter to the corporate headquarters. It is not the delivery people doing this. It has to be happening in manufacturing.

Quality Control does not seem to be doing their job. I received a phone call for another exchange and they told me that I should call customer service and ask them for part of my money back. I did and they offered me $250 that barely covers the cost of the warranty which will be voided. They offered this on top of the $105 gift card that I was given to spend more time waiting on someone to come to my house to look at the furniture. I did not accept because I don'€™t think that they will be able to fix the couch.

10/22/2007. Update - Macy's came out to the house repaired the $2600 couch and is having to send four new legs to me for the couch because they were all broken. Ahh.. quality! You can't ask for more. Macy's headquarters has not responded and I never spoke with the manager from the store who attempted to contact me. We played phone tag for three weeks. Well I'm now stuck with a $2600 couch that was not showroom quality when I got it. Still waiting on the legs to the couch. I'€™ll update when I know more.

Miracle at Macy's
By -

MIDDLETOWN, NEW YORK -- The employees in the Housewares Department of Macy's are extraordinary. Every time I shop in that department, the employees go above and beyond to help me find what I'm looking for. If they can't find it in the store, they search online and let me know where it can be found at other Macy's locations. They do everything possible to send the customer away satisfied.

During my most recent visit, I was looking for certain pieces of cookware that I saw online but couldn't find in the store. After an associate determined that the items were not stocked at that location, she went online and found them at other Macy's stores. I didn't want to travel the distance, so she offered to have them sent to my home with free shipping. She also honored the online price, which was substantially lower, and gave me an unexpected 15% discount!

I can't vouch for other Macy's locations, but the one in Middletown, NY has never let me down. The employees are not only helpful, they are also pleasant and friendly. They treat customers like guests in their own home. The employees make the store a wonderful place to shop.

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