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Shopping for Cookware is easy!
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- My husband took me out shopping for my birthday last weekend, hoping to buy me a new large cooking pot. We went directly to your store to see what was being offered. When we got to the cookware department, everything was laid out, easy to see & easy to price. We were able to review our options (there were several!) & find a quality 8 quart pot (by Martha Stewart) quickly & easily. Even the sales representative was friendly & helped us make the purchase so we could get out the door without a care in the world. I love Macy's & will be coming back to your store many times every year.
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madconsumer on 04/14/2010:
I have always enjoyed these macy's compliments.

very helpful!!
Anonymous on 04/14/2010:
My wife loves this store too.
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Macy's Bangor Mall Jewelry called me a thief!
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BANGOR, MAINE -- Last summer there were two bracelets bought in my family. My mother bought a $1600 diamond tennis bracelet for my daughter as a graduation gift and my boyfriend bought me a gold link bracelet for my birthday. The diamond bracelet was purchased in Boca Raton, FL and the gold bracelet in Portland, Maine. Back in September I noticed a spacer on the gold bracelet was broken so I took it back to Portland to be fixed. No problems whatsoever. They happily took back the item, fixed it, called me and seemed more than happy to help me. I noticed a few weeks ago that the link broke again. In the meantime, my daughter decided to start wearing her diamond tennis bracelet every day, and after about a week she noticed one of the diamonds had fallen out.

Last night I was in Bangor Mall in Bangor Maine. First I went to the jewelry department and nobody was there. We shopped a bit then went back. I had the price tag for the diamond bracelet and the sales and repair receipt for the gold bracelet. The sales person in Boca Raton told my mother that that little tag had the bar code on it that would bring up everything about the bracelet in the computer.

There was a boy behind the counter named Alex who basically told me I might have gone to another jewelry store in the mall or anywhere for that matter, bought an inferior product and then brought it to Macy's to be repaired so they had no proof that the tag belonged to the bracelet. REALLY??? I was trying to steal repair service from Macy's?? Then they told me they couldn't do anything about the gold bracelet unless I had a service plan on it. They told me three times they had a 30 day return policy. RETURN POLICY? Did I say I was trying to return anything? I did get a little angry that I was being called a thief. Insulted, hurt and very angry. I might have started yelling a little and probably got a little loud, but they just accused me of being a thief. Then the kid back peddled and claimed he said "some people".... give me a break!

Then the manager came over and they brought out a sheet of stickers and said that unless the bracelet had one of those stickers on it, they couldn't help me. Anybody ever have stickers on their jewelry that they wear?? Me either. He said those stickers allow them to look up anything in the computer and it will bring up a copy of the receipt so they can see the purchase. I thought the bar code on the price tag was supposed to do that.

History time... the same manager a few weeks ago wouldn't let me exhange a blouse that had one of those "stickers" on it because he told me the sticker was just an inventory control and that it didn't bring anything up in the computer.

The sales people involved didn't want to give me their names. I got the boy's name, but I wasn't able to get the girls name as she ran away fast. So I took a picture with my camera phone. I was then told that it is against the rules to take pictures in their store. LMAO... really???

So basically I bought have two pieces of expensive jewelry from Macy's that are defective and the Bangor Mall Macy's won't help out.

I called Macy's in Portland Maine this morning about my gold bracelet and they said "no problem, please bring it in we will be happy to help". I asked them about the diamond bracelet and they said they will call the Boca Raton store and get the information based on the tag information I called them.

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Anonymous on 12/29/2009:
Are you going to send the picture to the FBI?
Ponie on 12/29/2009:
Maybe it's just me, but I've never heard of a replacement diamond being supplied at no charge. Perhaps I'm mistaken but I presume this is what you were trying to accomplish. Take the bracelet to any reputable jewelry repair shop. They'll be able to put in a matching diamond. Of course, you'll have to pay for it.
Is 'Macy's East' different from just a 'Macy's' store? All the sales personnel in our Macy's stores have name tags.
Anonymous on 12/29/2009:
"RETURN POLICY? Did I say I was trying to return anything?"


So, were you trying to return it, or not?

beanbagbritches on 12/29/2009:
Actually, Macy's is pretty good about replacing something defective within a certain time-frame or providing an alternate item. I had to return a watch because the crystal face came off & our local store didn't have another similar watch. However, I was able to choose another style (which I still wear) & just paid the difference for. I'm not sure what the problem is with having gifts fixed, but the Bangor Macy's does sound somewhat under-educated about how to handle these things.
Ytropious on 12/29/2009:
"The sales people involved didn't want to give me their names. I got the boy's name, but I wasn't able to get the girls name as she ran away fast. So I took a picture with my camera phone. I was then told that it is against the rules to take pictures in their store. LMAO... really??? "

OP, how would YOU like it if some angry woman was trying to copy down your name and TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU. You wouldn't like it very much. Give me your name, let me come to YOUR job and take a picture of you to tell your boss how much you suck. Doesn't feel very good does it? How rude of you.
PepperElf on 04/13/2010:
"I might have started yelling a little and probably got a little loud"

this may be why they "might" not want you taking photos of them in the store
plus it's private property...
punxnotdead80 on 04/13/2010:
"So I took a picture with my camera phone. I was then told that it is against the rules to take pictures in their store. LMAO... really??? "

Ummm, yes?

Stores generally don't let any Tom, Dick or Harry take pictures of stuff in their stores. Too many risks involved if they allow it, from stealing trade secrets to casing the place for theft.
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Guess where I will not be doing my Christmas shopping
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WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have for a long time held Macy’s in high regard. However, this opinion was greatly changed not so long ago when I tried to return a gold bracelet in your department store at the Wellington Mall, in West Palm Beach. What a disgrace – and I can’t believe it happened at Macy’s of all places.

On Sunday 28th October, my boyfriend decided to buy me a very special gift for my Birthday, at Macys. He managed to get a 65% discount on it so it cost him $156.00. When my boyfriend gave me the gift he said if I didn’t like it I could take it back. Of course I loved it especially as it was carefully picked out by him.

About 4 weeks later the bracelet broke. I couldn’t believe it as I really hadn’t done anything to make it break. Unfortunately my boyfriend had already thrown out the receipt. Neither of us imagined for one minute that I would have to take it back. I really didn’t want my money back for it, I just simply wanted to get it fixed or replaced. I took the bracelet back to the store in its original box (this is all they gave me) and explained what had happened. The store clerks were very rude and told me that there was nothing that they could do as I had no receipt. They really treated me as though I was a thief. I was stunned. I complained to the floor manager who told me that the fine jewelry department was not owned by Macy’s, it was contracted out to another company. Why would Macy’s have their name on everything and then not be responsible for its merchandise? Sounds like a convenient “rip off” to me. The manager for the fine jewelry department was off that day so I left all my contact details. Although I thought that my boyfriend had paid cash for the bracelet I could tell them exactly what day, what time, how much he paid for it and which day and time he picked it up.

I ended up having to call the jewelry manager myself. I told her that the bracelet was paid for in a presale. The manager snapped at me and said that wasn’t possible as they never do presales. She was very rude and also implied that I was lying.

As it turns out after talking further to my boyfriend, not only did he pay for the bracelet in a presale (Sunday 28th October) his Mother who was with him that day took out a Macy’s credit card just so they could save an extra 15%. He was not permitted to actually pick up the item until November 1st. According to the Manager of the jewelry department she has no record of the bracelet or the transaction. The transaction is clearly stated on the credit card statement.

So far I have still not been able to return the bracelet, which by the way I had a jeweler fix, only to have the bracelet break again in exactly the same place. I’m now glad that my boyfriend only paid 65%, just imagine if he paid full price for it. If he had bought a cheap trinket from Wal-mart, and had no receipt, they would simply have given him store credit. Macy’s just looks down their noses at you and calls you a liar.

I am thoroughly disappointed with Macy’s and I am now going to post my story in as many places as possible because I find it intolerable.

Guess where I will not be doing my Christmas shopping.
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Tc1073 on 12/11/2007:
No receipt = No Proof. However I agree there should be a record of the purchase it can not be readily available, the burden of proof is on you not Macy's. I do not know if it is still the same way but before Macy's purchased Famour Barr their Fine Jewelry department was a different company who basically accepted Famour Barr charge as payment.
shawnp80 on 12/11/2007:
Anonymous on 12/11/2007:
Devonnes jewlers?
Suusan B. on 12/11/2007:
When are consumers going to learn to familiarize themselves with retail return/exchange policies and put their receipts in a safe place?

No receipt means no return and unfortunately, the burden of proof is always on the consumer.

Happy Holidays.
MRM on 12/11/2007:
Suusan B, it's as if they were born yesterday.
chris513 on 12/11/2007:
I am way too ghetto to ever shop at macy's, so I don't know how to help this time.
Principissa on 12/11/2007:
I don't like Macy's. Over priced crap. I could by the same stuff at Kohl's or Penney's for almost 1/2 of what they push it for there.

If the problem is with the clasp on your bracelet, go to a jeweler and have them put in a new one. I had a problem with a bracelet constantly breaking, they put a new clasp on it and it was fine.
old fart on 12/11/2007:
Since Macy's followed the trend of expansion and absorbed other retail companies like Hudson's and the like they have never been the same.
When I lived in New Jersey, it was a real treat to go to the flagship store in Manhatten. Back then in the 80's the clerks would do anything for you and the prices were great.
The Christmas season was a shopper's dream...
Cyane on 12/11/2007:
It used to be that if an item was purchased on a Macy's card, then customer service could look up the card history and see that purchase. I don't know if it is that way any longer.
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Useless coupons, misleading promotion
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I sent this to Macy's Vice President:

I used to like shopping at Macy's and am presumably the type of customer whom you would like to keep, given that I just spent $394 on three sweaters for my husband. However, you will not be seeing me or my money at Macy's again. You have bombarded me with coupons through the mail, in part because of the Macy's credit card which I hold - and which I am about to cut into two parts since I will not be using it anymore. I went with the coupons to the store, picked out the three sweaters for my husband, only to discover at the register that the coupons (ANY of the five coupons) applied only to one of the three sweaters. Having spent 20 minutes picking the sweaters out, I bought them but was quite displeased that the coupons were useless for two of the three. This will not happen again. I then went to try to buy some gifts for my daughter. I selected two items adding up to $48 and gave the sales person a coupon for $10 off of $30 in sales. OF COURSE, one of the two items didn't qualify for the coupon, which meant that I could not use the coupon. I decided to leave both items at the counter rather than reward Macy's for yet another "fake" coupon. I then went to the jewelry counter hoping to use any one of the coupons for a bracelet. Again, I was told that none of the coupons could be used. I did not buy the bracelet; instead I headed for the exit and I see no reason to return.

I am a marketing professor and teach the concepts of customer loyalty and lifetime value of a customer not only to MBAs but also to large executive audiences. I plan to use as an example your strategy of thinking only of attracting the customer but not of serving the customer so that he or she will return (e.g., lifetime value).

Please note: I once received such poor service from Bloomingdales (now owned by you) that I started using this incident of poor service in executive classes as an example of how NOT to handle service recovery. I had to contact the VP of Marketing at Bloomingdales to get my problem solved; however, it took two years to do so. I told this story to so many executive audiences that the VP at Bloomingdales heard about it and sent me a large floral arrangement asking me to stop telling the story; I have not stopped.

You have now provided me with another example of poor management and ill-directed marketing strategy. Your heavy use of coupons is directed to attracting customers to your store. However, the inability of the customer to USE the coupons (let's see, you can use the coupons on Tuesdays before 11am and Saturdays before the 27th of November and only on items whose brands contain C's, L's, M's or E's, plus they can't fall into any of 17 product categories) means that the customer gets to the register and finds that the coupons are useless; this is essentially bait and switch. You can't expect the customers to memorize the myriad of limitations to each coupon. If you actually do expect this of the customer, then you had better learn more about consumer behavior. If I have to educate myself about your rules in order to shop in your store using the very reason you provide to me to shop there (the coupons), I will not visit your store. There are plenty of other stores with good prices without having to use coupons, good merchandise, and no rules in tiny print with which I have to familiarize myself in order to make a purchase there at the expected price. The good news is at least that I did not have to stand in line at the register to learn that the coupons were fake; you have no lines! Apparently other customers have discovered the zero value of your coupons, have been equally offended that they took the time to visit your store only to find that the coupons were nearly without value - and that therefore your ultimate prices were not nearly as attractive as you would like the customer to think they are - and have voted with their feet. They are elsewhere shopping rather than forming lines at your registers.

The purpose of marketing is not just to attract a customer but to KEEP a customer. Your strategy is designed to frustrate customers who might otherwise be loyal. If you treat your customers as if they were stupid ("Oh, they won't notice that you can't use the coupons other than on every 29th item"), it won't take them long to leave you for good, as I am doing.

I will be using this in executive sessions as yet another example of poor marketing strategy. How sad that you have provided me with this opportunity.
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Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
The coupons were worthless yet you still spent close to $400 for three sweaters? So why complain? Macy's coupons are a joke considering that they are useless for maybe 90% of the merchandise in the store. Boscov's coupons are almost as bad.
Principissa on 11/28/2007:
I never cared for Macy's. I find much better deals for almost the same price at Kohl's.

It sounds to me like you should take your business elsewhere. Out of all five of the coupons you have only one worked. If you bought close to 400.00 in merchandise you would think that you could have gotten at least something in your purchase to make the coupons work. And they certainly don't tell you in the store or on the coupon what merchandise doesn't qualify so you have to find out just like you did. I get those same coupons in the mail.
Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
Pennies do not come from heaven, they need to be earned here on earth.
-Margaret Thatcher
Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
The coupons, at least the ones printed in the paper, do details what brands are not covered. But the print is so tiny you need a microscope to read it.
Principissa on 11/28/2007:
I know. I have had the same problem as her. It is so frustrating when you think that you are getting a good deal and then get burned at the register. I gave up shopping at Macy's for this reason. Their merchandise is over priced and I could get a heck of a lot more for that same amount at Kohl's or JC Penney.
Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
"burned at the register" is not as bad as being burned at the stake, let us therefore be thankful.
spiderman2 on 11/28/2007:
PassingBy -- I hear you on the Boscov's coupons -- they are a complete waste of the paper they are printed on. I don't think I ever been able to use one. BonTon/ElderBeerman is the same way. I love the Kohl's coupons because they are good on everything!!!
yoke on 11/28/2007:
Macy's also has the coupon items mixed with the noncoupon items. I refuse to shop Macy's for the same reasons. Besides like what principissa said you can find better deals at Kohl's and Penney's.
Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
Some say, that the American Dream has become the pursuit of material prosperity (Useless coupons, misleading promotions) - that people work more hours to get bigger cars, fancier homes the fruits of prosperity for their families - but have less time to enjoy their prosperity. Others say that the American Dream is beyond the grasp of the working poor who must work two jobs to insure their family’s survival. Yet others look toward a new American Dream with less focus on financial gain and more emphasis on living a simple, fulfilling life.

Thomas Wolfe said, "…to every man, regardless of his birth, his shining, golden opportunity ….the right to live, to work, to be himself, and to become whatever thing his manhood and his vision can combine to make him."
Anonymous on 11/28/2007:
Yolk is making a lot of sense here.
atln on 12/13/2007:
I am sure Macy's appreciates your business. Retails send coupons to customer's to not only entice them to purchase, but if you are purchasing applicable items, it is a reward for the consumer. As a marketing professor, I would think you would review the exclusions, or ask, prior to selecting and then, just because you have spent 20 minutes shopping, expect the store to accommodate you. The retailer has informed you in advance what will and will not be accepted. As a former marketing major, I am glad I did not have you as my retail/marketing instructor.
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The Ring
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2300 EAST LINCOLN HIGHWAY, PENNSYLVANIA -- My search began when my wife spotted a diamond ring that she really wanted as an annivesary present in a Macy's catalog advertising their one day sale on various items 3/31/10. It matched her wedding and engagement rings and, much to my delight, was on sale for a couple of hundred dollars less than other rings she'd looked at. So I went on-line to order it. The web ID number wouldn't take so I called their Catalog center and got Irene. She couldn't get the ring to come up and her computer was jammed so she had to call tech support and promised to call me back. Okay, this is beginning to look a bit dicey, but by God I'm going to get that ring. Irene calls back after about 15 minutes to tell me the ring is no longer in stock at the catalog center warehouse, but she found several stores (my local Macy's wasn't one of them) that show it in stock, one of which is Oxford Valley/Langhorne, PA near Philly (I'm in Pittsburgh). She gives me the phone number to call them. It's now a quest. I will get that ring if I have to drive 7 hours to buy it. Fortunately, I get Meena in Macy's Jewelry Department at Oxford Valley. She checks stock (it's there!), takes down my shipping information, double checks to make sure it's the ring I want, and quotes me the price (sale price, but I'm paying shipping which is fine and a heck of a lot better than driving there). Meena calls later that night to tell me the ring (I'm now thinking 'The Ring, My Precious' kind of like Smeagle in Lord of the Rings) is on it's way. It arrives, it fits, my wife is happy (and consequently so am I), and Meena calls to make sure it arrived safely. The customer service given by Irene (catalog center) and Meena (Oxford Valley Macy's) was excellent. They were courteous and helpful. The product was what we wanted. I get +10 points in the husband rankings from my wife. Great job, Macy's!
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User Replies:
mandy_Reeves on 04/10/2010:
cool! I love Macy's latley! Such nice folks at all the counters.
Venice09 on 04/10/2010:
I was thinking The Ring, as in seven days.. one of my favorite horror films.. :)

It's great when you find the perfect gift, and then everything goes right. I go on missions too if I want something badly enough, and it's usually worth it.

Happy Anniversary!
Anonymous on 04/10/2010:
Excellent review. Other stores need to take lessons from Macy's in regard to great customer if they would just lay off pushing their employees to shill credit cards, that would be cool. These nice, well trained people are doing a good enough job without that pressure, too. I've never had bad service at Macy's. I hope the wife loves The Ring.
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Crediting Payments To Wrong Account Assessing Late Fees
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SALEM, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Macy's. It's by far my favorite store. My problem is with their business practices.

Every time I open a new account with Macy's (I have had many over the years), I get my bill with the account number on it, so I create a payee with my bank. I send in the payment, usually payment in full and the credit department will credit the wrong account and assess a late fee.

Every time this happens, and it happens every time, I call them to bring this to their attention and am always told that I need to add 2 numbers to the end of the account number in order for my payment to be credited to the correct account. So why don't they just give you the complete account number in the first place?

It seems to me that this is a fraudulent business practice and that some folks who may have many accounts with them, like myself, won't notice these extra fees and just go ahead and pay them.

My second problem with their business practices has to do with billing and charging late fees. On December 3, 2008, I received a bill for my department store credit account for $242.32. I paid it in full on 12/9/08 even though it wasn't due until 12/29/08 according to the bill I received. When I go online and view my account, I notice an additional charge of $33.76 with no explanation as to what it is for. So I complain (this is the second complaint for assessing late fees in one month, by the way) and get this response:

-----Original Message-----
From: Macy's - Credit Services
Sent: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 11:23 pm
Subject: Re: Question Regarding a Transaction on My Bill

Dear Deestyle

Thank you for being one of our Best Customers and taking the time to contact us about your Macy's account. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your inquiry and address your concerns.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience this matter has caused. Since you did not receive the previous statements correctly, I was happy to remove the late fees and finance charges you were assessed. As of today, you do not owe anything to Macy's.

For the record, I have never missed a payment or been late on a payment for any of my Macy's accounts. EVER.
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Anonymous on 12/11/2008:
Why are you complaining, when Macy's has fixed the problem?

jktshff1 on 12/11/2008:
and why do you keep opening new accounts? That in itself would cause some problems. Why just not keep the one open ya got?
Deestyle on 12/11/2008:
I'm complaining because this happens ALL THE TIME
Deestyle on 12/11/2008:
I'm complaining because this happens ALL THE TIME and if I don't babysit each account, each month, I will be paying late fees ALL THE TIME and they can screw with my credit rating.

And I have so many accounts because there are some many different types of accounts offered by Macy's. I opened the last account because they offered me an extra 15% off a ring I wanted for Christmas to open it. Did I mention how much I love the store? I was able to buy the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen in my life, originally costing $2400 for $700.00...
Anonymous on 12/11/2008:
yo have every right to complain.....I'm voting your review very helpful
Deestyle on 12/11/2008:
I'm complaining because this happens ALL THE TIME and if I don't babysit each account, each month, I will be paying late fees ALL THE TIME and that can screw with my credit score. Yes it always gets resolved, but I should not have to call them to fix things so often. I'm left feeling like they are trying to rip me off.

And I have so many accounts because there are some many different types of accounts offered by Macy's. I opened the last account because they offered me an extra 15% off a ring I wanted for Christmas to open it.

Did I mention how much I love the store? I was able to buy the most gorgeous ring I've ever seen in my life, originally costing $2400 for $700.00.
jktshff1 on 12/11/2008:
Eileen rings a bell
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Customer Service
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ORLANDO FASHION SQUARE, FLORIDA -- My compliments to Linda Ramos for her help in selecting an infant gift. She was attentive and searched with me until I found the perfect gift. She showed as much interest in the choice of gift as if it was her purchase. She offered many suggestions that made it easier to make a decision. Excellent customer service!

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User Replies:
woodsk1 on 07/18/2008:
PLease be sure to take hte survey at Have friends that work in the stores and they do like the feedback, both positive and negative.
dancingqueen on 09/20/2008:
On two occasions I was in the dress department at Macy's, Nashaminy Mall. First to purchase a dress. My Sales Associate was Elaine, 158-017-5930 who was very helpful in finding my size (2 or 4) in the dress I selected. It's difficult at my age to find a dress in my size that is classic and Macy's fills that need.

I returned the dress today and bought it again using a a Macy's discount card I received in the mail. My Sales Associate was Renee Jelle,158-017-5932. Renees was pleasant, helpful and efficient in the return and repurchase of the dress with the discount. Thank you for your courtesy. Sincerely, Jean Civitillo
babushka on 10/11/2008:
I highly commend Nancy, in the Clinique Dept. She was incredibly helpful, kind and considerate in everyway as I made choices in her department. This took place tonight (Saturday, October 11th).
J. Hanks
s1ss1e on 10/26/2008:
I really enjoy shopping at Macys. the service is unbeatable, the stores are always clean, they always have the merchandise that is advertized and all the reps are courtious and friendly
old fart on 10/26/2008:
Macy's antidote...

While the original Macy's store on 34th. street in New York is a fantastic place, most of the others are acquistions, I.e. Hudson's in detroit, among others...
Good service is wonderful but any business with NO complaints doesn't exist...
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Very Helpful Employees
Posted by on
HOLYOKE, MASSACHUSETTS -- I was helped by a wonderful woman in the ladies lingerie department at the Holyoke Mall store the other day. I have had a very difficult time finding a bra style that will stay on my shoulders and not slip off. Mary came to my aid when she showed me the line of Warner bras that have a bit of very soft rubber that runs under the bra straps. I have finally found a style of bra that I can wear in complete comfort!

Thank you, again, Mary for the wonderful help that you gave me. I'll call to be sure that you will be there the next time.

Sincerely, Donna
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User Replies:
sarahnkrystal on 06/08/2008:
Mary sounds like a wonderful employee!
Ponie on 06/08/2008:
townie, might I suggest you run off a copy of this letter and send it to the manager of Macy's East at the Holyoke Mall? Although I may be mistaken, I don't think there's any way the store will know about the compliment you paid Mary. It was good of you to write. Too many of us (me included) will complain when something doesn't go exactly our way, but we seldom take fingers to keyboard to pass on the compliment. You are the exception.
woodsk1 on 06/08/2008: The comments go direct to the managers of the stores. They love to hear the good stuff!
Edie on 07/10/2008:
On 7/8/08, I returned a pair of Lacoste shorts that I had purchsed for my son's birthday. After wearing them one(1) time and after laundering them, he asked me to iron them. During ironing, I found a tear about 1" long at the back pocket. I then found my receipt and returned them hoping they would replace them. I was lucky enough to get the salesperson, Gabe Duttlinger. From the time Mr. Duttlinger started helping me, he was wonderful. So agreeable, courteous and helpful. They didn't have the same shorts in the size I needed so he called the Lacoste Store in the mall and found a pair for me. He returned my money and I walked down the mall and picked up the new ones. If only all retail stores could have people like this working for them,It would be so pleasant for your customers. I know all customer returns are not valid, but this one was. The shorts were defective and I appreciate he could see that without making me feel like I was doing something wrong. This young man deserves all nice things in life. This is the first time, I have taken time to comment on an employee, but Mr. Duttlinger is truly an OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE. J. Conley
Pete the Broker on 07/23/2008:
Ed, of the Men's Dept in your Saugus, MA store was very helpful to me when I was shopping there July 9, 2008. I was waiting in line at another register when Ed came over and offered to take me to his register. He was very upbeat, took my coupons and processed my purchase without delay. He thanked me for shopping at Macy's. I would say he is an example of an Outstanding Employee and left a positive impression on me.

Pete, the Broker
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Stolen credit cards used at Macy's
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MISHAWAKA, INDIANA -- A year ago my wallet was stolen and I lost both my credit card and debit card. The thieves did some shopping at WalMart within 10 minutes of stealing the cards (that is another story). Then they went to Macy's and tried to use the debit card. That card had already been flagged by my bank and they were unable to use it. So they flipped out my credit card and Macy's took it without any questions. I spoke to the general manager of Macy's and was told that it is their policy to never question a customer on the validity of their credit cards because this might upset their customers. I think this is totally unacceptable. Two men were trying to use a woman's credit card and they did not ask for any ID. This took months to straighten out.
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bigboxworker on 05/03/2008:
As I posted in your other review, its against merchant policy to ask for Photo ID as a basis for accepting a credit card, a merchant is subject to hefty fines if caught. And Macy has no right to question the thieves about the use of your credit card; they only time they can refuse the purchase is if the back of your card was NOT signed, and that is the ONLY reason a mercahnt can refuse to accept a card.
hello dolly on 05/03/2008:
Oh but a merchant can request ID to accept any card. Macy's may have chosen a different policy in their stores but no merchant is penalized for requiring id with a credit card.
bigboxworker on 05/03/2008:
No that is not true. I've worked in retail for over 6 years now at the corporate level dealing with POS operations. In the fine print of every merchant agreement we have with our acquiring bank and with Visa, Mastercard and Amex, we are NOT allowed to ask for Photo ID. Fines usually start from 400 dollars. However, many merchants do request to see photo ID because very few people are aware of such policies, or do not bother to complain or feel its in their interest. Either way, a merchant is not allowed to ask for ID.
yoke on 05/04/2008:
bigbox, if that is the case then merchants should be held liable for 100% of the sale if it was with a stolen credit card.
heaven17 on 05/04/2008:
I don't get it.
Why would there be an agreement to NOT check for ID when a credit card is presented? What is the reasoning for this bit of fine print? Can someone explain that to me? There must be some precedent for it, though I can't fathom what that might be.
And I've never understood why people go off when they're asked for identification. Seriously. I'm THRILLED when a cashier asks me for one, which hardly ever happens.
And if a scenario like the one involving the OP happens, that's when all of these folks who freak when asked for ID do a 180 and ask why no ID was required at the time of purchase!
I REALLY don't get it.
DigitalCommando on 05/04/2008:
Heaven, the CC companies are responsible for the loss of any fraudulent transactions, not the store. Therefore why should the store try to police it? CC companies want their transactions to be performed swiftly and conveniently for the customer. The real way to solve the stolen credit card issue, is to have your picture on the front of the card, as some banks and credit union cards do now. I think it should be mandatory for all cards. Losses to the CC companies from stolen cards only represent about 2-3 percent of their total losses, write-offs of bad debt make up the balance. So you can see why they are not as concerned as we think they should be.
Nohandle on 05/04/2008:
Heaven, I don't either. I commented on Jeannel's other review on Walmart. What is this, the right to privacy? I remember when one gave a check to the cashier and automatically presented his driver's license at the same time. I have no problem proving my identification.

DC, you answered my question before I could post: CC companies are responsible for the loss of any fraudulent transactions, not the store. Your comment is the first I've heard of pictures on the front of the card. Obviously this is something new, or has not come to my area yet.
DigitalCommando on 05/04/2008:
Nohandle, due to the dept. of homeland security requirement that all drivers licenses be produced in a machine readable format, store scanners will be able to "scan" your license and store all of the data on it, including your home address. Hackers have broken into virtually every major retailers system already. Laptops have been lost and stolen which contains sensitive info and I'm sure you have seen several cases of this on the news. This additional information would be the biggest contribution to identity theft ever seen before and hands hackers all of your personal information including your photo. Being "open and free" with your identity is becoming more and more dangerous especially with the DHS's "REAL ID" act requiring all states to comply with this new drivers license format.
Nohandle on 05/04/2008:
Well, DC, there appears to be no solution to this problem unless you can think of one. Again, I'd not heard of photo ID on credit cards until you mentioned it. Would this be the beginning of a solution?
Ponie on 05/04/2008:
Nohandle, several years back I had a CC which mailed me an offer of a card with my picture on it. Can't swear to it, but believe it was a Citi card. I was to mail in a certain dimensions pic and they'd issue a card with it displayed. Never took them up on it. I also don't remember the name of the company that advertises this, but some company says they'll issue cards with any picture you supply, such as your cat(s). :) This is a background picture over the whole card.

In this case, we have a consumer who complains because no ID was required for use of the card. OTOH, they're probably the same consumers who would complain to high heaven if they were asked for ID when trying to use their own card. Doesn't bother me one bit if I'm asked for ID to use my CC. I just whip it out and thank the cashier for checking. It's a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't.
DigitalCommando on 05/04/2008:
I think having your picture on the front is idea #1, #2 would be to require the entry of a pin number (just like you have to do with a debit card) and no other ID would be required or necessary. JMHO
CrystalSword on 05/04/2008:
I don't sign any of my cards...where the signature is supposed to be...I put "CHECK I.D." and they do ask for my ID almost every time. The town is small enough that most know me by name and I think they'd be more inclined to ask for my ID if I paid with cash!
hello dolly on 05/04/2008:
Bank of America offers the picture on the front of both the debit card and credit card. Since they have taken this safety measure I use only the debit and credit card I have with them. If only the whole industry would get on the program.
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Furniture Department
Posted by on
SOUTHFIELD, MICHIGAN -- Let me first say that I am not one to normally complain. However, Macy's furniture department beginning with their advertisement to their employees knowledge and competence are just, well...ridiculous.

My 75 year old mother saw an ad in this weeks Detroit News for a leather recliner on sale. She went to Macy's at The Southland Mall where the chair was actually displayed and was told they did not stock the chair but The Macy's at Northland and Oakland Malls both did. The following day, I drove 45 miles in my truck to my mother's house and then drove another 20 to Northland Mall. First of all the furniture dept. almost appeared as if it was closed due to the absence of anyone around. Seriously, without embellishment someone dishonest could actually walk out with a room full of furniture from the showroom and no one would even know it.

When we finally found a salesman we also ran into a retired couple who were interested in the same chair. They had originally gone to Macy's at Twelve Oaks Mall and were also told they had to go to either Northland or Oakland to get the chair. The salesman upon hearing this began a rant and said how those sales people are incompetent and don't know the facts (nice image for the store). This response was because that actually none of the stores stock furniture. Even though the ad says "In Stock". The warehouse is in Ohio and even if you were willing to drive there, customers cannot pick anything up there. Just to get the chair to one of their stores it would be $15 !!! This is crazy!

So the advertised sale price of $ 599 should actually be $ 614. Let alone that this practice is just wrong and actually false advertisement. "In Stock" means a customer can leave with the merchandise. The whole thing does not stop there. We finally said okay, the whole transaction took over 90 minutes !!! This is for a single chair. During this time there were quite a few other customers who needed help and could not get any. I was appalled by the whole thing. I closed on my home in less time than it took to buy a chair. I doubt anyone from Macy's management will read this as it seems they do not care.

All that furniture inventory sitting there month after month adds up and costs quite a bit. Any financial difficulty that Macy's experiences can probably be greatly aided by better logistics, management and policy. A chain as large as Macy's should be professional and efficient. Maybe they figure adding $ 15 to the price will make up for it?? I would like to say that the Manager "Marlene" did come over and do her best to alleviate the situation, it did appear that she was up against crazy store policy and trying to please customers. She was apologetic while assisting the incompetent salesman. I hope someone from Macy's reads this however, I highly doubt it. The next time in the market for furniture, I doubt I'll even consider Macy's.
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yoke on 12/30/2007:
We had a similar problem with Filene's (now Macy's). The item was in stock and we could pick it up right there, but we would have to pay an additional $15 just to get it out of the store. We decided against the piece and got something similar at Ramour and Flannigan(we did not have to pay a fee to get it out of the store).
Does anyone know if the furniture department is owned by another company and that is how they can charge the $15 release fee?
Ponie on 12/30/2007:
I once wanted to purchase a chair from Macy's when they were Marshall Fields. I could get next day delivery--for $80. Wouldn't let me pick it up myself. Told them thanks, but no thanks. Went out to the Art Van Clearance Center on 14 Mile Rd. in Warren. Saw a comparable chair. I bought it, tossed into the back end of a friend's truck and all I had to pay in delivery services was a 6-pack!

I absolutely hate Northland Center!
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
I thought that was what stores were for, you know, you walk in and you buy something and you walk out with it? Well what a new concept we have in today's world, "come in and give us your money and we will get back to you" now that's something I just can't seem to get a handle on...
DebtorBasher on 12/30/2007:
It was just announced yesterday that there are 6 Ohio Macy's stores closing down because they are not making any profit...seems that false advertising like this can be a good reason.
Anonymous on 12/30/2007:
Lidman--I totally agree. It is sad the way some stores are run today. As for the comment by AlleyS--if you make a comment on this site, who are you talking to, if not to everyone? A moot point, I would think.
anonymous on 09/28/2013:
If you read the fine print on all store adds you will see that they do explain what in stock or that delivery fees apply. It can save time if you read the full add and the fine print
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