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Being Robbed by Malaysia Airlines
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On the 5th of April 2020 I flew with Malaysia Airlines from Melbourne to Kuala Lumpur. I arrived at Kuala Lumpur Approximately around 6.20am and my cousin was waiting for me at the pick up area. Upon arriving my cousin place, I wanted to change, I notice that one of the numerical padlock into the larger compartment of the luggage was missing. When I open the bag I notice some of my belonging was gone. I called Malaysia Airline emediately I was ask to called Malaysia Airline Lost and Found Luggage Department in Kuala Lumpur, no one answer the phone until around 4.30 of the same day.

When I finally spoke to the men on the phone, he assure me that the issue will be solve before I leave Kuala Lumpur, and he said that police report was not nessesary. He also given me a number to called which I did. The next day I called again I was ask to come to Kuala Lumpur International Airport Level 3 Malaysia Airline Luggage Lost and Found Luggage counter, which I did. There the guy just smile at me, like it was somekind of joke to him. He said I should go to MAS Subang Office which I refuse to do. I called the Customer Service Officer again and I was transfer to a lady who said to me the issue will be solve within seven days. However I never get any respond from them. I called today and she said that she need another week to solve the problem.

I have been treated like a "ping pong ball' by Malaysia Airline. Really Malaysia airlines is a irresponsible carrier. After being violated and treated like a ping pong ball, from one person to another, delay after delay, promise after promise, no result have come out of this. I travelled extensively and I never been robbed before.

By the way Malaysia Airline have treated me, I felt that they condon the robbing of passanger luggage and intentionally delay the complaint. They just not worth flying with. No one should fly with Malaysia Airline, if you do make sure you strap your luggage.

Malaysia Airline condon luggage robbing and will not take responsibility toward it. They will treat you no less than a garbage.
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Rohit on 07/12/2013:
That is so true !! I have travelled from Sydney two days back. My bag containing all gifts and other stuff is lost and they don't respond to the email and their policy of 24 hours luggage return is absurd. I would recommend not to take thiS flight which gets delayed , cabin crew service sucks ! Worse than air India ...
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Smartphone stolen from my baggage
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I must admit I was stupid to put a valuable item into my check-in luggage, however it was a newly purchased item still in the box with accessories and I did not have space for it in my hand luggage. Also the suitcase was locked with a sturdy padlock so I didn't think anything of it at the time. We checked in to business class about 2 hours before the international flight in Kuala Lumpur and our luggage went into "Priority" handling.

When we arrived in Sydney my suitcase came out on a tray and I noticed it was open with everything exposed. The padlock had been pulled off the luggage, with the Zipper still attached to it and all my goodies in plain view of other passengers at the baggage carousel.

On closer inspection I noticed that my brand new Smartphone was stolen from it's box, with one side of the box ripped open, even though I had tape around it. Everything else was still in the bag, but this particularly valuable item was taken. Someone in the Malaysian Airlines baggage handling area must have seen the Smartphone (with its distinctive full keyboard) through the X-ray machine and decided to help themselves to it.

This type of behavior is worrying given the heightened security and baggage checks these days, how could someone tamper with baggage and not be noticed or recorded on camera? Apart from my expensive loss, how can international airlines put up with this behavior and not have procedures an systems to prevent or detect it?

What worries me most is that a baggage handler could just as easily insert a banned substance into your luggage and cause a lot of problems for a passenger.
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Anonymous on 01/11/2008:
I am guessing you didn't use a TSA approved padlock that could be opened to inspect your bags and reclosed afterwards.
GothicSmurf on 01/11/2008:
Hard lesson learned. Next time make room for your valuables in your carry on luggage, or take just the phone out and put it in your pocket and leave the box et all in your checked in luggage.
MRM on 01/11/2008:
Not this type of complaint again. Always put your valuables in your carry-on bag not in your check-in luggage.
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Wedding Gown
Posted by on
I really don't need to say much, just read how their response!!!!

Meanwhile, same request was sent to Contintental, where there going to be a 16 hour flight VS Malaysia Airline, a 5 hour flight, Continental said there surely will not be any problem at all and a warm and sweet Congratulation Message!!!!!

Sorry to inform you that wedding gown is not allowed to be hanged at the first class closet.

You may carry your wedding gown on board but it must be within dimension of the cabin baggage (22in x 12in x 7in), one piece only and not more than 5 kgs. If it’s exceeding the above prescribed dimension and weight so it must be checked as check-in baggage.

Aminah Jaafar
Customer Relations Department
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Eloise on 08/14/2009:
Ben There on 08/14/2009:
I have noticed that most flight crews don't care what goes in the closet as long as there is enough space for the items brought on board by premium cabin passengers. That said, Asian carriers tend to be a lot more formal and proper.

Make sure you print out the email from Continental, as the flight attendants might have a different opinion on closet space over the rep that emailed you.
PepperElf on 08/14/2009:
at least they told you upfront?
Anonymous on 08/15/2009:
It might be easier, though not necessarily safer, to ship the dress to someone you trust near the wedding location ahead of time.

Congrats on you upcoming nuptials.
Anonymous on 08/15/2009:
This seems rather odd. 16 hrs vs 5 hrs....personally I'd ship it and save 11 hrs of flying. I'm assuming you are connecting out of Guam which often has connection delays and a somewhat limited schedule...this is a bad itinerary build. I rarely disagree with Ben but...I'd be flying on a F class ticket on CO as I've never seen a coach pax stuff placed in a closet.
Ben There on 08/15/2009:
VF-213 - most of the times I have seen coach passenger stuff get to ride in a closet were military bags, wedding dresses, or anything that is brought up that was too big for the overhead 3 seconds before the door was supposed to be shut. I saw a pinata once as well. Honestly I see it most on AA Super 80s, probably cause the bins are soo small compared to so many other larger jets.
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