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I Was Done Wrong
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I ordered $300.00 worth of Mary Kay products and it broke my skin out. I then contacted the Mary Kay consultant and she offered me a new product. I tried it and again my skin gave a negative response. I made a second attempted to reach my consultant, only this time requesting a refund. She responded with "I'm going out of town and we can try something new when I return". And I haven't heard from her again.

Mary Kay Lady, Very Unprofessional
By -

Wow, what a winner, this lady had a bunch of smokey product (smelled like her house). She advertises on a local ad engine. Says she is selling it for her daughter, sells outdated junk!!! Beware of Mary Kay products, smelled rancid.

Before you decide to sell........
By -

When I decided to look into becoming a consultant for Mary Kay, I really took my time in making my decision, and I called the director several times with questions during the few months that I debated, until I truly felt that I had asked everything I needed to know.

One of the questions I asked was "Will I always receive 50% commission?" and I was told "yes" plain and clear. After putting the $100 into the starter kit, this woman came to my house to get me started, and that's when she informed me that I'd have to sell $200 (totally $400 to those purchasing) worth of product before that commission applied to me, and had to sell that much every few months to keep the 50% commission.

When I questioned her on why she didn't give me this information when I asked the question, she explained to me that she wanted to wait until we were face to face because it was so confusing to explain, and she also explained that she did not want to scare me away, because she was going to help me make a sale this big, all I had to do was book the show and she'd come in and make sure I sold this amount.

I explained to her that she had misled me, and that she had to know she was doing so. I had not planned on doing shows, I had planned on simply selling a few products here and there to the people I knew, and she had told me that it would be absolutely fine for me to do that. Well, she explained that I still could do that, I just have to have a show once in a while that totals that amount.

In the future, I will need to get information like this from a person in writing before signing up, and if they are unwilling to put it in writing I will be unwilling to participate, but I am definitely finished dealing with this company that I feel has gone out of their way to mislead me.

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