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Mary Kay Lady, Very Unprofessional
Posted by on
Wow, what a winner, this lady had a bunch of smokey product (smelled like her house) she advertises on a local ad engine. Says she is selling it for her daughter, sells outdated junk!!!!!! Beware of Mary kay products, smelled rancid.
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dan gordon on 05/30/2011:
mary kay like lots of multi level mktg is sold by tons of people some professional some not so much. Its not mary kay its the lady you were dealing with
Alain on 05/30/2011:
It sounds like the vendor, not necessarily the products, were the problem here. Contact Mary Kay, Inc., Corporate Office, 16251 Dallas Pkwy., Addison, TX 75001 (972) 687-6300 to convey your concerns about this situation.
Anonymous on 05/30/2011:
What she is doing, smell aside, is a no-no.
madconsumer on 05/30/2011:
I wonder if this person picked up some old products and is trying to sell them. make sure to contact the corp office and report this.
Anonymous on 05/30/2011:
Consider asking for a refund and telling her what she is doing is not OK and could jeopardize her daughter's position with the company and possibly get her into trouble herself.
DebtorBasher on 05/30/2011:
This doesn't have anything to do with Mary Kay products, it's the rep that is selling it.
trmn8r on 05/30/2011:
At first I thought this person is selling "smoked products," like Slim Jim, for example. I guess was waaaaaaay off.

I agree that this complaint is against Smokey - the woman selling the old/nasty product.
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Do not buy from Mary Kay (O'Fallon Mo)
Posted by on
Mary Kay promises to be a honest and true company, however it's representatives surely don't honor that. After contacting [snip] several times after I ordered over $100 dollars, she soon started to ignore my calls and emails. I clearly stated to her that she should either either pay me back or send me the product, it would be the right thing to do. Altogether, it's very sad that a person such as she has claimed to have such a wonderful success story but has now retreated into stealing money from others while cutting off all contact.

She has clearly shown that she has become a con-artist for Mary Kay and is a disgrace to its name
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Fufu487 on 11/23/2010:
have you contacted MaryKay headquarters or anything like that? They may want to know one of their independent sales ladies is pulling this. Also, they may be willing to try to make up for it in one way or another.
Anonymous on 11/23/2010:
Contact ANY OTHER local Mary Kay sales person. They will be able to help you track down her Sales Director. Whether they make it right or not, someone definitely needs to know she is doing this. Mary Kay does not stand for foolishness like this AT ALL. I am sure she invited you to her weekly meeting. Go there. Turn the thief in.
Anonymous on 11/23/2010:
incrediblelee is right, either her SD or her NSD will make this right for you.
swirlo on 11/23/2010:
Mary Kay main office is in Dallas. Don't let her get away with that.
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Not Worth Time or Money
Posted by on
BEWARE!!!!!!! Even though I love Mary Kay products, selling it is a whole another story. I started to sell Mary Kay about a year and half ago. WRONG. You have to pay out the but to make any money. I maxed out two credit cards to buy stock but I not a people person. I get shy when it comes to that. with Mary kay you either have to have a lot of money to spend to start up the business or no work and do it full time or both. But luckily I was able to sell my products back to the company and get about $5000.00 back for my stock and be done for good.
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MRM on 07/27/2009:
Awesome Tid Bits: Mary Kay Ash founded the company that bears her name in 1963, after 25 years of direct selling for other companies, beginning in the late 1930s. A direct sales career allowed her the flexibility she needed as a single mother raising three children.

For many years Mary Kay was a sales representative for Stanley Home Products, presenting "home shows" at the residences of customers. She operated as an independent contractor who purchased merchandise from Stanley and then sold it herself. After a slow first year, the next year she became "sales queen."
skelly39 on 07/27/2009:
I'm happy for you that you were able to get some of your money back, but didn't you know you'd have to talk to people to sell it?
Anonymous on 07/27/2009:
Check out this site for more details on the Mary Kay pyramid scheme
madconsumer on 07/27/2009:
exactly raven2002!!
BokiBean on 07/27/2009:
Why are you even complaining? If you're not a people person, it doesn't make any sense for you to get into sales... Mary Kay bought back the product you didn't sell. What's your gripe?
Anonymous on 07/27/2009:
Welcome back boki.
Anonymous on 07/27/2009:
Boki, when Mary Kay buys back the product, they don't do it at 100% of what you bought it from them for. In addition, they do not buy back materials, samples, supply cases, and all the other stuff they insist a new consultant MUST have.

The products are great. The pyramid scheme and pressure to buy more every quarter, using the "you cannot sell from an empty wagon" nonsense is just overwhelming.

it actually makes more sense to sell the product and the materials on eBay. That's what I did when I had enough pressure a few years ago.
Ky00 on 01/19/2010:
Firstly it isn't pyramid. Firstly its illegal and if people educated themselves on what pyramid selling is they would see that. I am not sure what pressure you are talking about because I have never experienced any pressure. My Mary Kay business is successful and strong and that happened in the first year. WHY?!?! Because I went out and did the few hours of work necessary to earn a really great income. No work, no money. It cost me just over $100 to get my kit and start. Not sure who told you what but its really unfortunate that this happened but it isn't the Company's fault if an individual told you misinformation.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
It is called multi-level marketing but it can and does resemble a pyramid scheme in some ways. You have to know how to "skirt" through the laws forbidding it, you know?
I had a friend that sold Herbalife. What a joke!
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
"You have to pay out the but to make any money" Every retailer does so. You buy product, mark it up, then sell it.

"I get shy when it comes to that."

So you bought product but were too shy to try to sell it?

Why is this a complaint about Mary Kay? YOU spent money on product then did not even try to build a business with it. YOU failed yourself. You did not even try to make a go of it. I sell candles. It isn't easy, but I WORKED at it and built up a client base. I make money yes. But I wouldn't have gotten anywhere by buying up candles then sitting back crying that they weren't selling. They don't sell if you don't offer them for sell.
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
LadyS: Please respect the author and other members when posting your message. Please do not post personal information regarding individuals. Solicitations (commercial or non-commercial) are not allowed and will be removed. Thanks!
Stop 'hawking' your candles on here!
Anonymous on 01/19/2010:
Zz, I never said what brand or type of candle I sell, thank you very much. And I do not solicit for sales. I have a big enough client base that I don't have to do so.

The only reason I mentioned it is that my business is direct sales too. You have to SELL to sell.
kiki the cat on 11/06/2010:
Mary kay doesn't want people to sell products on Ebay. if they find out you're selling your mary kay products on eBay, they'll cancel your account and close out your business. I know a nigerian woman. she buys products from mary kay, I'm talking about a sale up to $12,000 and she resell them in her country NIgeria. she makes more money that way. for example she buys 3 in 1 cleanser for $9 she sells it for $30.00 US in Nigeria. Her director found out she's doing business in her country, they stopped her accojng immediately. so, Mary kay wants you to do business in America, you have that have the customer name, phone number, email address. as far as eBay, no selling on eBay if they catch you, you'll be out of business.
Anonymous on 11/06/2010:
Self employed sales is not for everyone. I was a Mary Kay consultant and did very well my first year, even making it to Seminar, because I planned my work and worked my plan. When it became obvious due to personal circumstances that I would soon be spending more than I would be making in profit, I quit while I was still ahead. I gifted to friends and family what was left over in inventory so that if I ever decided to go back into the business I could, because when you sell back your inventory to the company you are ineligible to ever sign back up.
jktshff1 on 11/06/2010:
Yep rip, it ain't. You have to have commitment, discipline, and be willing to work all the time.
Anonymous on 11/06/2010:
I sold Mary Kay in the 90s and it is in no way, shape, or form a "pyramid scheme". I made a nice chunk of change selling it. The only complaints I hear about MK are from people who bought the product but never bothered to sell the product. If you try even a LITTLE bit, the product will sell - what women don't love "look goods" and "smell goods"? I made a small fortune on Satin Hands alone! I left MK when I moved from MD to VA an gave my remaining inventory to a shelter for abused women. I STILL wear and stand behind MK products.
nikki on 05/29/2013:
I askedfor a refund on a product that dried out my face nd she said she couldn't do business with me no more
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So Rude!
Posted by on
MORROW, GEORGIA -- This related to my other review for David's Bridal. In short, we were duped into a Mary Kay party by DB saying we'd won a spa day.

Against our better judgment, we stuck around for the party even after we knew what we were in for. The women were so incredibly rude. The lead woman in particular was the worst. She was all up on her soapbox about how great it was that she sold Mary Kay because she could be a stay at home mom. Another said her kids were in the "accelerated" program at school because Mary Kay allowed her to raise her kids herself. This was incredibly offensive to me and I don't even have kids. It was doubly so for my friend's mom who was a working mom.

This woman would also not stop touching me. Every time she got near our table, she would grab my shoulder. It took everything I had not to swat her hand and tell her to back off. Unless I ask you to touch me, hands off. I did my best to be polite during our "independent consultation", but I know my displeasure with the situation came across.

Avoid the Mary Kay consultants at the Pink Cadillac Success Studio in Morrow, GA. They're awful! If you really want to buy Mary Kay, I'm sure you can find a friend of a friend who won't insult you with every word that comes out of their mouth.
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User Replies:
tonijo on 10/14/2009:
it doesn't sound to me like they were trying to be offensive.
what mom wouldn't brag about her kids being in the accelerated program? And it doesn't sound like she was trying to dog on working moms.
Anonymous on 10/14/2009:
First, I can tell you have never held a direct sales job.
Second, the consultant is not being rude or insulting. She is telling the truth as to what owning her own business has done for her personally.
Third, she was offering the same opportunity to anyone who wished to have it.
Fourth, your attitude probably caught her off guard. You could have left anytime.
Fifth, you sound like the rudest, most condescending, most hateful woman on the planet. Had I been the consultant, I would have gladly shown you the door.

The spa day was free. Mary Kay does have spa products and they are just as good as many spa houses use. The spa day was also free to you. There was no obligation to stay or purchase. However, I find it highly insulting that you would demean a working mother so while you perch upon your pedestal.

Not all of are able to flit around a life of leisure and look down our noses at the common folk. So sorry the common plebian of a working mom so offended your delicate sensibilities. You remind me of what my grandmother would call a high and mighty bitty.
PepperElf on 10/14/2009:
well first of all...

I will say a job like that CAN help a woman who wants to work from her home. I know one woman who had a child with special needs and she wanted to stay at home to keep an eye on her child... so when it came to getting her own job to help the family finances, she went with a similar company (but not mary kay).

as for being touched... I would have suggested you simply shook her hand off slightly or twitched away. she would have looked at you.... and all you would have had to do is shake your head... I'm sure she'd have gotten the message of "don't touch me"

personally though, I think your complaint should be with the bridal company for not telling you it was a sale's spa.

although I'm not any kind of mary kay fan... they did nothing wrong in this situation.

sure you weren't happy but... it wasn't their fault.
in fact the only thing they did wrong was touch you without permission.. however you made no attempt to stop her, so she didn't know how you felt.
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