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So Rude!
By -

MORROW, GEORGIA -- This related to my other review for David's Bridal. In short, we were duped into a Mary Kay party by DB saying we'd won a spa day. Against our better judgment, we stuck around for the party even after we knew what we were in for. The women were so incredibly rude. The lead woman in particular was the worst. She was all up on her soapbox about how great it was that she sold Mary Kay because she could be a stay at home mom. Another said her kids were in the "accelerated" program at school because Mary Kay allowed her to raise her kids herself. This was incredibly offensive to me and I don't even have kids. It was doubly so for my friend's mom who was a working mom.

This woman would also not stop touching me. Every time she got near our table, she would grab my shoulder. It took everything I had not to swat her hand and tell her to back off. Unless I ask you to touch me, hands off. I did my best to be polite during our "independent consultation", but I know my displeasure with the situation came across. Avoid the Mary Kay consultants at the Pink Cadillac Success Studio in Morrow, GA. They're awful! If you really want to buy Mary Kay, I'm sure you can find a friend of a friend who won't insult you with every word that comes out of their mouth.

Mary Kay products contain Talc
By -

Mary Kay uses talc in their products. Talc can cause cancer but they don't seem to care. I was a consultant but no more. I need to throw away as of my powdered products to include the eyeshadows.

I was done wrong
By -

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA -- I ordered $300.00 worth of Mary Kay products and it broke my skin out. I then contacted the Mary Kay consultant and she offered me a new product. I tried it and again my skin gave a negative response. I made a second attempted to reach my consultant, only this time requesting a refund. She responded with "I'm going out of town and we can try something new when I return". And I haven't heard from her again.

Mary Kay Lady, Very Unprofessional
By -

Wow, what a winner, this lady had a bunch of smokey product (smelled like her house). She advertises on a local ad engine. Says she is selling it for her daughter, sells outdated junk!!! Beware of Mary Kay products, smelled rancid.

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