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Mathis brothers - NEVER AGAIN
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- We bought a very expensive living room set ($2800) and the added protection plan ($400). It was delivered about 2 weeks after purchase as promised. The movers ripped the upholstery on the couch getting it in the door. They took it back and brought me a replacement 2 weeks later (promised the next day). All was good for about 11 months then the mechanism for the recliner quit working. Called in to have it fixed but the protection plan does not cover structure, only upholstery. They offered to contact the manufacturer and order the parts to repair and it would be under warranty. A month goes by, no calls, no parts. I call to find out that the parts were never ordered.

They will call ** and get the parts. I get a call back 2 weeks later that the chair is no longer under warranty. $95 for repair parts. I paid and asked for service to install. They don't do repairs, only warranty work. No matter if you want to pay miles and hours for the work, they don't do that. Just happened to be in Tulsa and stopped in to check on parts a couple weeks later. They said yes they were in and were scheduled to deliver next week. I asked about the phone call, response was sorry about that. They dug the parts out of the delivery truck and gave them to me. I get home, pay a guy to dismantling the chair and rebuilding it for $100, sit down in it and I'm looking at the ceiling.

He tells me that apparently the parts are for a different chair because it isn't balanced correctly. I called and they said "sorry about that". They'd order the replacements and have them out next week. I told them do not deliver to me. I'll bring the chair to Tulsa and you can fix it in your shop. They showed up at my house 3 weeks later. I loaded the chair and parts and hauled it to Tulsa. Asked how long to repair, they said 2-3 days usually. "We'll call when it's finished." 2 weeks later I call to check on progress, they say it's finished. I asked about the phone call, they said "sorry about that". I go to pick it up and it's still not right. Exactly the same issue as when I took it in.

They told me they changed out the mechanism. I said it must not be the right mechanism. They said they'd take it to their shop and call me when it's finished, which is normally 2 - 3 days. We'll see. Totaled up to $400 useless protection plan, 3 120 mile round trips to Tulsa (2 pulling a trailer), 4 months without a piece of my living room furniture, plus parts, labor, and additional heartburn. I've never written a complaint review. And I've been shafted on a lot of deals, but this takes the cake. I'll never buy another thing from Mathis Brothers as long as I live, even if I have to pay more and drive further to get it.

Quoted Incorrect Price - Tagged $899, Quoted $899 But The Tag Was Wrong
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- My husband & I purchased a mattress and box springs plus a bed at Rooms Today (Owned by Mathis Brothers) 12/20/2008. In walking through the bedding gallery while waiting for the cashier to get our ticket ready, I spotted a Lady Americana knock-off set of the Tempur-Pedic bedding. The price on the tag was $899 and the salesman showed us that the bed was adjustable and said it was priced this low because that it was the last one in stock and the new models were coming in. He said the queen size was $899 or we could buy a twin size for $799 and that it was an exceptional deal.

Just so happens that one of our good friends had back surgery (4-vertebrates repaired) the week before and was in severe pain trying to sleep on his old mattress. I called him but he was asleep and didn't answer. My husband & I picked up the items we had purchased and my husband drove 20 miles to our friend's house to check on him and tell him about this "exceptional deal". Our friend said he wanted to buy it immediately. I called the salesman to tell him to call our friend immediately for his credit card number and my husband was going to drive back to Tulsa to pick up the queen size bed. The salesman was very happy to get everything ready for my husband to pick up.

THEN, 5 minutes later, the salesman called me back and said there had been a mistake. The "adjustable foundation" was $899 and the mattress was another $800+. I told him to call my husband who was unloading our purchases at our friend's house to have room on the trailer to come back and get this bed and tell him about the mistake. So - he did. Needless to day, no special discounts, no other offers, nothing but "I'm sorry" was made - just "sorry, we can't sell it to you for what the ticket was marked". It was too late by this point to return everything we had purchased today.

BUT, believe me, everything is going back tomorrow morning for a full refund and we are going to the only other store in Tulsa that I know of that isn't owned by the Mathis Brothers and purchase different items. I just got off of the phone with the store manager at Snow's - **- and he says they have a lot of people that come in with complaints about Mathis Brothers.

I could also tell anyone reading this quickly that another couple that are friends of ours purchased a bedroom suite for a little over $6,000 at Mathis Brothers two years ago and they delivered broken pieces FOUR different times over a period of six weeks before our friends told them to take back everything and give them a refund.

They would not give them a refund since they had had one of the pieces for the full six weeks - a dresser (the only piece that wasn't broken in the initial delivery) but would give them a store credit towards a "different" bedroom suite. They had to go back to the store and go up in price from just over $6000 to over $8000 to get a bedroom suite that was not cracked, split or broken. Since then, they have had more problems with this bedroom suite splitting on the 4-poster bed posts, hinges breaking, etc., but Mathis Brothers will not do anything to help.

I'M DONE WITH MATHIS BROTHERS AND ALL OF THEIR STORES. Since they own most every furniture store in Tulsa, it's very difficult to buy furniture here. In the last 2 months, my husband and I have purchased new living room furniture and dining room furniture from the AMISH Furniture store in Chouteau which is very expensive but they are the most caring, careful bunch of people that I have ever worked with and if it hadn't been for the fact that they don't sell mattress sets, I would have made this purchase there too. What Rooms Today did to us today was very typical of the old "bait and switch" game. BEWARE MATHIS BROTHERS OWNED STORES!!

Our Mathis Brothers buying experience
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- We were nearing the end of our protracted living room makeover, and decided to go to Mathis Brothers Furniture (MBF) in Tulsa, OK of buy a new sofa, love seat, and cocktail table. We live in Coffeville, KS, which is around 70 miles from Tulsa, and were attracted by the excellent prices offered by MBF. Overall, this furniture buying experience was to good one, in spite of a few problems encountered.

This journey began on 10-20-07 at the MBF store at 71st and 169 Hwy, and the first salesman to greet us was **. I had read horror stories about the salesmen swarming upon customers at MBF, and was somewhat apprehensive. ** greeted us and introduced himself and we immediately informed him of why we're there and what we were looking to buy. ** quietly and methodically guided us to the furniture area that contained what we were seeking. I recommend ** as your salesman of choice should you choose to shop at MBF; you can ask for him at the desk when you enter the store.

Eventually, we made a decision on the sofa, love seat, and cocktail table to purchase. ** had watched patiently, and observed that we were drawn to a particular sofa/love seat combination, and proceeded to develop the sales paperwork to give us a bottom line on the cost. **, then guided us to the checkout counter to pay for the selected furniture, and stayed near until the sale was completed to answer any questions that arose..... and there were several. It took at most 20 minutes to complete the deal.

The furniture was to be delivered to Coffeyville on November 2, 2007, and it was delivered on time as scheduled.
Now, this should be the end of the story, but it is not. The furniture arrived, but the sofa was a reclining sofa and had a faulty mechanism that would not allow it to remain locked in the down position; the sofa went back on the truck. The love seat was a dual reclining type with a console between the seats and it had a small tear in the leather; it, too, was returned.

We were back where we started, with no furniture in our LR, so on Sat, (11-3) we drove back to MBF to find a different sofa/love seat. We were successful in finding a replacement (the selection is extensive), and now had to go through the accounting process.

While this took longer than during the original purchase, it was not excessive, in my opinion. At the cashier's desk, it was somewhat more difficult, in that it had to pass through 3 hands to come up with the appropriate balance due. One of the difficulties involved finding the returned furniture. Our furniture was delivered and returned on a Friday, and the practice MBF is to leave the furniture on the truck to be logged into inventory on the following Monday. The bottom line reflected the new balance for the furniture and they gave us immediate credit for the returned furniture.

Our replacement furniture arrived on the following Friday (11-9), and was delivered on time. The sofa/love seat arrived in good condition and the cocktail table had some very minor abrasions that were resolved with a furniture marker. The table was structurally sound and otherwise free of defects. A follow up call to MBF customer service on Monday (11-12) confirmed that the returned furniture was back in MBF's inventory.

So, while the process of acquiring our new furniture was extended and somewhat convoluted, the end result was quite satisfactory. For a one-stop furniture shopping experience with an extensive selection (try finding some furniture NOT made in China.....) and low prices we recommend Mathis Brothers Furniture of Tulsa.

False Promises of Delivery
By -

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased an Aspen Bedroom Set from Mathis Bros on 2/9/09. The night stands and dresser were in stock but the bed would be 4 weeks away. When we got home we decided to add a TV cabinet. This item was also in stock for immediate delivery. We paid for all items in full at the time of order. The day before delivery, Mathis called and left a message saying we owed them money. We didn't get the message for several hours and then called them back. Apparently they forgot to charge us shipping on the TV cabinet ($24.00). We paid the charge by credit card over the phone. The next day the night stands and dresser arrived but no TV cabinet.

Called their office to see what happened. We were told that the remaining cabinet would be delivered the next day and that we need to be home. So, now we have to be home two different days to receive part of the furniture we ordered. OK fine. Two weeks later, one of our night stands shows signs of termite dust. Not knowing what if was, we cleaned it off.

Within a few days, a lot more dust appears. We call Mathis Bros. to get it replaced. They say that we would have to pay them to make a special pickup of the night stand or we could wait for the bed to arrive at which time they would pick up the night stand. We didn't want the termites in our house so we took pictures of the dust on the stand and then delivered the stand to their store (20 miles). While dropping off the stand, we showed them the dust.

They seemed concerned and set it off by itself. A clerk wrote up our complaint and (we thought) processed the night stand back into stock and reordered a new one. Several days later we received a credit memo to our credit card reimbursing us for the night stand we returned. We called to make sure they reordered the replacement night stand. No, they didn't. Two weeks passed and our bed was now due for delivery. We called to get a specific date but were told that it would be four more weeks. They explained to us that the salesperson should never have given us a four week delivery date in the first place.

Upset, we filed a complaint with the store. We received a timely response explaining that the furniture wouldn't have any termites as the cargo bin coming from China gets sprayed prior to unloading! This was the first we knew that our "AspenHome" furniture was coming from overseas. More upset now, we emailed the clerk back to voice our dismay. The store manager ** emails back assuring us that she believes the termites exit and that Mathis is apologetic that we have not been kept informed of the delivery delay.

Two days later we get a phone call from our salesperson saying the night stand will be delivered in a few days and the bed may arrive at the end of the week. We received the night stand but no bed. Late the following week, we call Mathis to see when the bed would arrive. The new delivery date will be two to three weeks! If we are unhappy with that delivery timeframe, they will be happy to refund our $4,000 and pick up the furniture. Isn't that some concession! We've slept on the floor for nine weeks (on a mattress), after ordering furniture that was promised delivery in four weeks. Do we bail out now or wait the two to three more weeks for delivery?

All we know for sure is that Mathis Bros Furniture couldn't have handled this worse. Our friends and family come to our house and marvel at our patience. This can't be good advertisement for a major company. Will they wake up? Bet not! If the bed is delivered as they now promise, it will have taken twelve weeks to get a bed that was promised in four weeks. Good job Mathis Bros.

Most offensive customer service EVER
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- We had a defective mattress from one of MBF's stores, Rooms Today. Customer service directed us to Mathis Brothers and we began dealing with them. We were met with extreme hostility at all steps when trying to resolve the issue. A representative from the company came to our home and acknowledged that the mattress in question was indeed defective. We were advised to go to Mathis Brothers to choose a replacement mattress, as we were under warranty.

We went to MB and found the mattress that the salesperson stated was "identical" to the one we already had (it was the new model, but 3 salespersons have told us they are the exact same mattress, including the woman we originally bought it from, which is why we bought it). We then came back the next day to meet with the customer service department to complete the exchange details. The customer service representative (**) greeted us impolitely and did not get up from his desk to acknowledge us. We were told that we would have to pay $60 for the company to come pick up our DEFECTIVE mattress and bring our new mattress.

We then were told that we would only receive store credit, which would not allow us to replace the mattress with one of equal quality because the price had gone up 30% in the FOUR months since we purchased the defective mattress. We were also told that we could not be refunded our money. Because we could not believe that we were being asked to pay $360+ just because we had a defective product, we asked to speak to the manager (**), who met us at customer service. ** approached us with a very combative attitude from the beginning and never showed any sign of listening to what we had to say.

I cannot put into words (at least in polite company) how unthinkably offensive and disrespectful ** acted toward us. We explained to him that there was a difference in returning the product (and getting store credit) versus having a warranty that should replace a defective product. He cut us off and said we would have to talk to another customer service person the following day (**). As he walked out the door, he stated, "you didn't even buy the mattress at this store!" While that is correct, the tone of the comment was that we were stupid and/or cheap.

We had been told that if we had any issues with our mattress, we could return it and have it replaced with another just like it. This absolutely was not the case. The entire situation was clearly a bait-and-switch. We bought a defective product, we are not being given a replacement or one of equivalent quality, and are also not being given our money back.

Attempted Fraud
By -

INDIO, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a new office suite from the Mathis Brothers Store in Indio, on June 9th, 2008. They had 5 of the 7 pieces in stock, and promised the two remaining pieces by the end of the month. We got the 5 pieces home and upon unboxing them, discovered that 2 of them were damaged. We took the damaged goods back.

June 25th, they call and say that 2 of the pieces are in, but they can no longer get the Main piece, (the desk), and they offer us the damaged desk that we returned, at a discount. I tell them NO, we want the NEW furniture that we paid for. July 3rd, they call, saying all pieces are in. When we get there, they try giving us the damaged desk that we returned, back to us. We refused it and they said that was the only one they had. We told them to cancel our entire order, and mysteriously they came up with a NEW, in-the- box desk.

We got it home, and when unboxed, discovered that it too had been dropped from a forklift, crushing a corner and breaking it off. Mathis Brothers offered to have someone repair it. We refused. They told us they would order new, and put notes on the account, to insure only new, undamaged furniture would be delivered. July 10th. The truck got here and started to unload a "Used" unboxed Hutch. I told the driver we did not order that. He then stated to unload a "Used" unboxed desk. I could see cracks in the side, where it had been screwed into another piece of furniture.

I told the driver that it was supposed to be new, In-the-Box furniture. He told me, they told him, to tell me it was new. I refused the delivery and called Mathis Brothers. They said that there were notes on my account to only deliver NEW, In-the-box furniture. They could not understand how used furniture was being delivered. They now tell me that they will deliver "new" furniture, this time, and I should expect delivery by July 25th, almost 2 months after my original purchase. What do you want to bet, they deliver used, damaged furniture again, and try and pawn it off on me as "new"?

Use "Extreme" Caution when dealing with this company, as they will attempt to charge you full, premium price, and deliver used, damaged, or showroom demo furniture, and fraudulently pass it off as new.

Help Fight Mathis Brothers Furniture
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- I am writing this invitation to all that have endured the painful experience of dealing with Mathis Brothers Furniture (MBF) customer service. I too have had a horrible experience and I have found that we are at their mercy. We need to join together in an effort to bring light to this injustice and hold MBF accountable to their actions.

I purchased a sleeper sofa on March 17th of 2008 and it is now Jun 24th of 2008 and they have just rescheduled the delivery date for the 4th time and it's now Jun 30th! How can they expect me to trust them? It'€™s worth mentioning that they have never attempted to contact me to let me know the item was not arriving on time, I have had to make contact with them every time. Also, the careless attitude in which they deliver the news is offensive, like a slap in the face. Not only are they not interested in keeping you as a customer but they disrespect you with their carefree way of handling your call. As if they are doing you a favor in taking the time to look for your item.

The reason I was given (their excuse) is that the manufacturer is waiting on a full truck load before driving it down to their store. Can you believe this company does business and stays in business this way!! So, does this mean that if the manufacturer doesn'€™t have enough order to fill a full truck until Nov I will have to wait until then for my sofa? I am sorry, but I paid for my sleeper sofa I should not have to wait for anyone else to order.

Since there is nothing we can do as individual consumers, this is what I suggest. Please, if you have had any negative experience in dealing with MBF file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Oklahoma, it will not take you more than 5 min to fill out and I am including their web address below: **. Also, you can file another complaint with the Attorney General for Oklahoma at: **.

MBF is a member of the BBB and must respond to each and every complaint and try to resolve it. If they have enough complaints they will lose their membership and most importantly they will realize that they are not untouchable. They must be held accountable for their lousy business practices and the consumer must have a "€œBuyer beware"€ for this unethical furniture dealer. Please, take the time to immediately file your complaint regardless of how long it has been. Together we will make a difference and bring a little justice to this world. Thank you.

Furniture Protection Plan is apparently useless.
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I purchased a living room grouping from Mathis Brothers Furniture a year and a half ago. At the time, I decided to pay the extra $400 to purchase the Furniture Protection Plan and have the furniture sprayed with the protectant to keep stains at bay. Within 6 months, it was apparent that the furniture had no protectant sprayed on it and furthermore, the stains were the least of my problems. The furniture is falling apart. The structural frame has failed in both the love seat and the couch. I was horrified to learn that the furniture protection plan does not cover structural problems but they would send someone out to see the stains and the misshapen cushions.

A month later, I called again as no one had visited to see the furniture. 2 months later I actually visited the store's customer service department and complained that no one had been to my home to inspect the damage so that it could either be repaired or replaced. They placed a call and said that someone should be in touch with me by the following Monday. Someone did finally call me and again, explained that someone would be out the next day to inspect the damaged furniture. I am still waiting for someone to show up. What a HUGE waste of $400.00.

Unbelievable No Response
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA -- On Saturday 2-2-13 my wife and I went to Mathis Brothers in Ontario, Ca. We were greeted immediately at the door by a salesman. ** was friendly but I felt like I was buying a used car. We found the furniture we liked and bought it $1981.00. The next day was Superbowl Sunday and our stuff was to be delivered between 4 pm & 9 pm. Those times came and went no call no show. When I called on Monday to see what happened I was told our salesman never scheduled our delivery. We were told they would deliver Tuesday between 4 & 9 again.

They did show up earlier than expected around 5:30 pm. However they did not have the slat for the bed frame that the box spring & mattress would lie on and said they would bring them back on Wednesday evening. I received a call on Wednesday afternoon from the same delivery company from Mathis Brothers stating the would bring out the correct slats on Thursday.

I was promised a 10% discount when I first called to complain on Monday that did not happen. I've left 2 voicemail messages on Tuesday & Wednesday for the gm ** and did not receive a callback. On Thursday at 11:00 am I called again to speak to the gm. I actually spoke with her assistant who said she was on the phone. I explained my issue to the assistant and she said she would have ** call me back. I'm still waiting...

Customer Service
By -

TULSA, OKLAHOMA -- I purchased two sets of furniture from Mathis Brothers, one for myself and the other for my daughter. I was promised a certain date of delivery, before the sale was complete. I called the salesman to confirm. He not only confirmed, he act like he was reading an actual delivery report with my name and address. My daughter was having a graduation party for out of town friends and family, since the new furniture was coming we gave her old set away.

Long story short, no delivery. I called and called the salesman (cell phone) no response. I went the store and demanded to speak to the Manager. I was told that I had to go back to the front of the store and have the info counter call him. Mind you I standing right by his office. The story I was given began with, cell phones msg system was not working properly, he then switched to placing blame on me. Saying I must have misunderstood the information. He offered me 10% off, saying that was the best he can and would do. I felt duped since they already had my money. I went home and looked up the corporate number.

I called and called and called until finally someone called back. With malice in his voice he ask what is it that I want. I told him I want all my money back, but since that is not going to happen refund me half. He said fine, this is where it ends and he hung up the phone.

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