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Mattress Warehouse
2982 Winfield Rd.
Winfield, WV 25213
1-866-637-3778 (ph)
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Mattresses: Terrible Return Policies, Unethical Sales, Short-sightedness
By -

EYSVILLE, MARYLAND -- My story with Mattress Warehouse concerns some questionable salesmanship, incredibly restrictive return policies, dreadful customer service and an inexplicable management philosophy. I would strongly recommend not buying from them. After a $300 loss, I went to Mattress Discounters nearby and had a very positive experience.

Summary: I stopped into Mattress Warehouse in eysville, MD to buy a twin pillowtop mattress. I looked at one for $1,000 and quickly requested a lower-priced . The next one I saw was comfortable and had a soft top, or so it seemed. I didn't think to confirm it was a pillowtop. I bought it, missing the sign on the wall that said no returns. When I got home, my wife and daughter said it wasn't a pillowtop, so I returned 19 hours later with the mattress in its original packaging. The assistant manager said no returns but he assumed an exchange was OK. That's what I was planning to do anyway, so that was fine. But when I finally spoke w/the manager – who sold me the piece, BTW – he said absolutely no exchanges either (what business outside of fresh food does this, when they can immediately resell the product AND still make the sale?). He said it was corporate policy and gave me their number. I called and finally got the district manager's voice mail. He didn't return the call, so I sent the CEO a letter (see below), saying I needed a resolution w/in a week or I'd have to buy another mattress. No call from him or anyone else. Case closed, at least from their standpoint.

Not from mine, however. I may be out the money, but I hope I can save others from a similar fate.

Here is the letter to the CEO of Mattress Warehouse - http://docs. After the dreadful experience, I shouldn't have been surprised by anything but still - what company wouldn't at least have a middle mgt lackey call and pay lip service after getting this? I was so frustrated by their rigid return rules, stubborn refusal to talk to the customer and lack of business acumen, I wrote a poem based on the fateful trip of the castaways to Gilligan's Isle - http://docs. Pass it along if it makes you smile (I didn't at the time).

Poor Customer Service- Still waiting after a month from purchase
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a mattress set accompanied with a headboard and foot board set on 1/6/08. My order was set for delivery on 1/9/08. I received a call on 1/8/08 stating that the bed would be delivered on 1/9/08 but without the accompanying headboard/foot board set due to manufacturer backorder. I stated that I did not want to receive the mattress unless I would be receiving the headboard and foot board within the two week delay due to manufacturer backorder. I was told that I would receive this by 1/23/08 and thus I proceeded with mattress delivery. The first problem was that I waited for delivery and then got a call saying they forgot to load it on the truck. I spent an entire day waiting and then had to take another day off for delivery. This was a small issue but the larger issue came later when 2 weeks later I had received no call on the delivery of my headboard/foot board. I tried calling the store the entire day of 1/24/08 with no answer. I then proceeded to call a different location and was told that they didn't know why I was not informed that they no longer deal with the manufacturer and would be unable to receive the product purchased. I was also told that my sales rep no longer worked for the company and that location had new management.

I contacted management on 1/26 and never received a call back. I waited until 1/27 and then went to the store to speak to the manager. The manager of the store told me the computer said the product was on back order and that he could not help me until Monday when he would be able to talk to customer service. I was told I would receive a call back on 1/28/08 from him but I could call customer service myself and try to resolve the issue. I never heard back from management on 1/28 or 1/29. I called customer service on 1/30 and was told that the company no longer worked with the manufacturer and was told I would receive a call from District Management.

I did receive a call from the Executive Director of District Management who told me they could offer me a different product due to the manufacturer having the product on backorder. I called the manufacturer and was informed the product was not on backorder. Thus, I feel I was again deceived by Mattress Warehouse. However, this was at the Executive District and Corporate level. I have yet to decide whether I will take the substitute offered. I would not have purchased the mattress from them if the headboard and foot board I selected was not carried by them. I am confused as to how the actual manufacturer, corporate customer service and management at an alternative branch can say that they no longer work with the products manufacturer and yet district management and location management say it is on backorder.

This has been the worst case of customer service I have ever experienced from any company-especially one that prides themselves in customer service

Don'T Get Taken In By Their Ads!
By -

Mattress warehouse

their tv ad sleep monkey is right on the money!!!
We won 2 separate court case's against Mattress Warehouse , therefore we got 2 judgements awarded us.

Case #1 delivery fee of $55.00 Plus court costs and interest.
Case # 2 full refund of our purchase price plus court cost's and interest .
2 Brand new mattresses went bad in a month and a half , they finally delivered two mattresses at the end August even though we filed complaints back in February.

One mattress was fine as to known defects, the other had a large stain it was sent back , they delivered the other mattress a month later to replace the stained one , it to had a defects it was coming apart at the stitching looked like angel hair pasta dumped on it. That to was sent back .

They were to deliver yet another one on Saturday weeks later we waited no one showed up but we did give them another hour after being held hostage in our home every time.

So in effect we had gotten 5 defective ones and we also discovered we had a bad box spring, sagging and springs about to pop out. The other new mattress was not 2 months old yet and it started to sag already are they selling factory seconds as new or selling factory rejects as new. One must wonder. No more Serta's for us.

Do they sell junk or what I hope none of you have to go though that mess but I do know this company Mattress Warehouse has tons of complaints and yes they contain sagging , seems like some people from the news media needs to investigate this poor excuse for a company.

I would not recommend them to a ding dog or any one else my best advice run as fast as you can out the store.

BOY COT Mattress Warehouse RUN SCAMS
By -

Mattress Warehouse are they running a scam on the general public. Selling Selling mattress's over and over. Selling to one customer then say it was canceled then sell it to another customer then sell a higher priced set to another , then sell what one paid for to yet another customer.

I was talking to a guy who used to work at A Mattress warehouse , he told me the managers are supposed to lie to the public just too make a sale and the company seems to ignore customers complaints as if we / they do not exist.

We had a serious situation in our home that almost killed us. The house was completely taken over by a mold that is the second most dangerous one, it w as 2 times the standard level.. We were both hospitalized in November, advised not to return too our home until it was safe. We were able to move back in on December 25th of 06 after 5 weeks of living in a hotel. We had to clear our house of all it contents plus pull up all carpeting , gut 2 rooms to bare studs. Neither me or my wife had a chance to recover like most people day in day out we were moving things out or tearing thing out even the crawl space had to be gutted of all plastic and all insulation.

You could just imagine how we felt drained totally wipe out and it is still ongoing the cost is high , we lost hundreds of dollars in our belongings still going though them.

Every thing we can keep must be sanitized before it is brought back into our home. The insurance company has refused to help or pay for one thing. This deadly mold is known as Aspergillus , trust me it is not to be taken lightly it is quit deadly, it took over the whole house and heating a/c system. The cost just to remove this mold was over $4,000.00. Here is my complaint that did nothing but add to our situation which I wish on no one.

We knew we could move back in on December 25th, so we needed two sets of mattress's and box springs. We had to trash ours do to the toxic mold contamination. We went to Mattress Warehouse to purchase these items but they did not have them in stock the salesman could not tell if they could be in by Saturday 2 days before Christmas. He didn't seem to smart. He showed us two sets of queen size although we wanted regular size mattress's, He told us they were sold to a customer but they canceled the order, so we could buy them pick them up Sunday Christmas eve, they cost more but we agreed do to the fact we had to have some thing to sleep on after all we have and are still going though. We financed it the deal was set only because we knew we could have them to pick up on Sunday.

Well this jerk sold one set to the same customer who had canceled the order even though we had paid for them and he knew our story what kind of business dealing is that to pull on a customer a scam a criminal act, I had to sleep on the cold floor the whole time until these jerks got us the other set in which was Friday , so do to rain we had to pick it up Saturday January 6th of 07. This lousy company couldn't even deliver it to our home we had to pick it up. You may ask why not sleep in the same bed as my wife she has other medical problems so it was not feasible.



The experience was great! Larry made it fun and easy to get a new mattress!
StarStarStarStarStarBy -
Rating: 5/51

FLINT, MICHIGAN -- We went in looking for a new mattress that supported both of our sleeping habits. Larry was great with our little guy! Larry was not pushy and got us in and out with a fantastic deal! We enjoyed our experience and love our new bed!

Mattress Warehouse and Serta Mattress Problems
By -

I bought a Seta King set at Mattress Warehouse in Olney, MD for $1500 in May, by August it was sagging terribly. We placed a claim and the inspector came out. He told my husband and I (who were watching him run the tests) that the sag was 1.5 inches. Naturally, we thought our claim to exchange the bed would be approved- but it was denied. When I called and spoke to the claims department they told me the sag was only 1 inch (the warranty is for 1.5) and they would not budge. I asked to speak with a supervisor and they told me that they would call me within the week... I'm still waiting for that call! So now it's 3 months after our denial and I'm getting ready to submit the papers to have the inspector come back to hopefully get an exchange approval. Fingers Crossed.

After reading reviews on this and other sites, I believe that Serta has been making inferior mattresses. If my warranty claim is not approved I will consider getting the Montgomery County's Department of Consumer Affairs involved. Just a bit of information too: my mattress was manufactured in Lanham, MD. I wonder if there is something shady happening at this plant. So buyer beware, get a different mattress brand!

Fraudulent Customer Service
By -

FALLS CHURCH, VIRGINIA -- I ordered a mattress from Mattress Warehouse in Falls Church, VA, on Dec 4. On Dec 5, I returned to the store to cancel the order because I found out that the salesperson had misled us into thinking there was a warranty on the mattress. Since we bought a floor model, it turned out there was no warranty. I filled out the paperwork to cancel the order. This was faxed to the district manager to be approved on Dec 5.

Note that the mattress was never delivered.

Since Dec 5, I have spoken with Dean several times as well as Aaron at Customer Service asking about the status of the refund. Their customer service dept is very difficult to get hold of. I have left several messages and have never been called back. When I have gotten hold of someone, they have each assured me that the district manager has the paperwork and the cancellation will be coming any time. I am still waiting for a credit as of Dec 29.

Restrictive Return/Exchange Policies in Ohio
By -

MENTOR, OHIO -- I recently decided to invest in a quality mattress and have never bought a mattress before. We purchased a Sealy Embody Motivation from Mattress Warehouse.

After making our purchase, MW missed the first and second delivery dates due to the model being backordered. The mattress arrived on the third try while my husband was in the middle of something. The delivery guys asked if the plastic should be removed and my husband replied yes, unawares that meant a final sale according to MW's return/exchange policy. Apparently in Ohio, there are strict regulations and an exchange/return is voided if the plastic is removed.

While the mattress is beautifully made, it's not the mattress for me. The mattress was slept on 2 times and was protected by a waterproof pad purchased at MW. I've called MW to ask for a refund or exchange, yet they refuse to entertain the idea and say I have no recourse since the plastic was removed. Is it really possible that I'm stuck with a $2000 mattress that I hate? If the consequences of plastic removal are so severe, shouldn't the delivery people be instructed NOT to remove it? If they had made the first or second delivery I would have been there and the plastic would have stayed on. And how is it really possible to try out a mattress with heavy plastic on it?

I've not found any information on Ohio State regulations with regards to mattress purchases, which leads me to believe that MW's incredibly restrictive return policies are unique to them and designed to finalize sales.

No return once merchandise leaves store
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- My husband bought a ComfortPillow from Mattress Warehouse on Thursday,
January 28th at your store located at 451 North Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, Maryland.

He bought the pillow as a gift for me, but I do not feel I need a new
pillow. I did not even open the box to look at the pillow.

My daughter and I went to the same store and attempted returning the
pillow on Wednesday, February 3rd. We were shocked that John, the same
salesperson at the store, told us that there is a "no returns" policy
for the store, posted on the wall. My husband was never informed of this
"no returns" policy.

John tried to fax the receipt to the main office to see if he could get
approval for the return, but his fax machine was broken and he could not
make contact with the corporate office. However, he took my home and work
phone numbers and promised to have someone call me.

One week have passed and I have yet to hear from anyone from Mattress

I did an Internet search and learned that hundreds of complaints against
Mattress Warehouse stores have been filed:
As I stated in my email to Office of Consumer Protection and others, I have learned that hundreds of complaints have been filed against Mattress Warehouse:

Additionally, Mattress Warehouse Corporation is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and received a grade of "F".
4949 New Design Rd.
Frederick, MD 21701

Zero Customer Service And Failure To Honor Warranty Claims
By -

VIRGINIA -- I purchased a mattress from Mattress Warehouse in August 2008 and was told there was 10 warranty on the mattress that would be honored only if the mattress was free of stains, rips, etc, so I also purchased the mattress cover they recommended for about $100. Just a couple months after purchasing the mattress it began to sag on both sides where we sleep in excess of 2 inches. After submitting a complaint on, I waited several days for a response and ended up sending three emails, leaving 3 messages with their customer service, and they still never returned a call. I finally got to through to an actual person about 4 weeks after submitting the initial warranty claim. They informed me that my complaint had been received but the mattress vendor had gone out of business and therefore the 10 year warranty would not be honored "because Mattress Warehouse just the middleman" and there was nothing they could do to assist me.

I went to another Mattress Warehouse in the area and discovered they still sell the same brand of mattress (Royal Series) and one of the reps informed me they had not gone out of business. I have tried to contact their customer service multiple times and after 15 minutes of waiting, I am automatically directed to an answering service. I have left multiple messages and have not gotten a call back.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against Mattress Warehouse and found out I was the first person to do so, which I was surprised after seeing all the complaints on this website. I highly encourage anyone with a complain in the Virginia area to do the same. The BBB's telephone number is 757-531-1300.

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