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Zero Customer Service and Failure to Honor Warranty Claims
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VIRGINIA -- I purchased a mattress from Mattress Warehouse in August 2008 and was told there was 10 warranty on the mattress that would be honored only if the mattress was free of stains, rips, etc, so I also purchased the mattress cover they recommended for about $100. Just a couple months after purchasing the mattress it began to sag on both sides where we sleep in excess of 2 inches. After submitting a complaint on, I waited several days for a response and ended up sending three emails, leaving 3 messages with their customer service, and they still never returned a call.

I finally got to through to an actual person about 4 weeks after submitting the initial warranty claim. They informed me that my complaint had been received but the mattress vendor had gone out of business and therefore the 10-year warranty would not be honored "because Mattress Warehouse just the middleman" and there was nothing they could do to assist me.

I went to another Mattress Warehouse in the area and discovered they still sell the same brand of mattress (Royal Series) and one of the reps informed me they had not gone out of business. I have tried to contact their customer service multiple times and after 15 minutes of waiting, I am automatically directed to an answering service. I have left multiple messages and have not gotten a callback.

I contacted the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint against Mattress Warehouse and found out I was the first person to do so, which I was surprised after seeing all the complaints on this website. I highly encourage anyone with a complaint in the Virginia area to do the same. The BBB's telephone number is 757-531-1300.

Serta Mattress
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- We went to Mattress Warehouse and bought a very expensive Serta bed. Once at home I found the mattress would sink in all around me making me hot and uncomfortable, not to mention hurting. So I called the store and they let me come down to get a second mattress but firm. I thought this would fix the problem but nope this bed also had sink spots and I woke up hurting worse than when I went to bed. I explain to them I'd had surgery for my back and this bed just wasn't any good.

So once again I tried to replace it but the store wouldn't let me even though I'm supposed to have a 10-yr. warranty, so much for warranties. I ended up calling a Consumer mediation clinic to help me out but still got nowhere because the clinic closed for the summer.

Now just last week I had to pay $45.00 for a second inspection which consists of a string test, which everyone knows that won't show any sink spots. But I'm waiting again. The manager is very nice and understanding at the store as he's seen these problems many times over with the same bed Serta but the company seems to care less. They need to step up to the plate instead of ripping people off. Tired.

Do Not Buy From This Company
By -

USA, MARYLAND -- DO NOT FALL PREY TO THESE ADS BUY 1 GET 1 FREE (Mattress Warehouse). Mattress Warehouse will not give a HOOT about your complaints neither does SERTA mattress company. If you are contemplating on purchasing new mattresses this is a public warning to protect you and your money. Mattress Warehouse runs this ad buy 1 get 1 free.

Are they excessively over priced for 1 set? If you buy a queen set then get a half bed or smaller or anything in between as the free set you will come out the loser on both ends. DO NOT BUY THIS MATTRESS FROM ANY ONE GENESEE by SERTA - total junk.

Have they just doubled the price and added more to 1 set good QUESTION. My understanding is in New York these types of ads will not fly to protect New York consumers. New York has SOME SMART PEOPLE. They have 132 stores. Check NJ, PA, DE, MD, VA, DC.

If you want to know about Mattress Warehouse check all your local consumer affairs office. I have found at least 65 such complaints. They all have 2 major themes sagging springs and the company refuses to talk to customers period - refuse to call back. Type in Mattress Warehouse. See complaints. Md has a lot so does Va.

I was given some information by one company not related stating they have bad reputation with customers. They do not care. Every mattress this company has checked for Mattress Warehouse all came from the same manufacture in Landover Md, king koil, Serta, Simmons from what he has seen. He even went as far as to say mattress pays between $250.00 to $300.00 or slightly according to size.

By -

SPRINGFIELD, VIRGINIA -- The items were purchased on a Saturday late in the afternoon by my wife. At the same time about 50 miles away my son was purchasing the identical set. The next morning I returned the set my wife bought because it is close to our home. I explained to the young lady what had happened and she agreed to the refund of what we had spent the day before (in cash). She then said she needed to get an approval for the refund from corporate, she called and spoke with a manager who argued with her but finally said OK and for her to send the invoice in and they would cut a check and send it to me.

I was not real happy with this since we had paid cash less than 24 hours earlier. I agreed and he said it would take up to 2 weeks to receive the check. That was January 15, it is now the 26 of March and nothing. I called the customer service rep who said she would look up the account and call back still nothing. I have tried to call 7 more times and have left messages but to no avail.

Beware!! Please Do Not Purchase From Mattress Warehouse!
By -

FREDERICK, MARYLAND -- Totally unprofessional and dishonest, they will sell and deliver to you a defective mattress and refuse to cover it under any type of warranty! I noticed within one night of sleeping on the mattress. Get everything in writing and even then beware, they will not give any type of refund or mattress!

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