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Best Product I've Ever Invested In!!
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I've talked with a few people who have heard of this product before or seen the television special promoting it on LeSea Broadcasting, but not many. So I thought it might be beneficial to add this review post for anyone who might be interested in trying this type of thing. I do realize it isn't for everyone.

They have several products that I currently purchase and take, but the one that I will never stop talking about is called Mineral Rich. They sell it with or without aloe vera in it.

A lady by the name of Maureen Kennedy Salaman is its creator. This is a Christian based company, for what that is worth to anyone out there.

Mineral Rich is a liquid mineral. There are lots of liquid mineral options out there - this one, however, is very different.

I do not work for these folks, nor do I know anyone who works for them. I am strictly basing what I have to say about this product on experience.

Mineral Rich is different in that the liquid minerals in the bottle, are already in what is called a "state of suspension". In a nutshell, it means that your body does not have to break the minerals down itself like it does with other brands out there. It goes straight into your blood stream. It is made with organic strawberries and also has vitamin B12 in it, which of course is a natural energy booster.

You can get the full scoop concerning what other minerals are in thereby going to their web site and viewing the close-up of the Mineral Rich label.

This stuff.... just totally and completely changed my life - and then the lives of several of my friends who decided to give it a shot as well.

If you suffer any kind of fatigue or depression, you feel the difference that the Mineral Rich makes within a week. (As we age, especially, we lack the minerals and nutrients that our bodies need to function properly, and any time just one of the many minerals that our bodies needs is lacking, the result is fatigue and depression) I myself noticed a difference within about three days. I had more energy, and depression just... lifted.

I was supposed to begin taking blood pressure reduction pills around the same time that I purchased my first bottle of Mineral Rich. I decided to try this, first, before resorting to pharmaceuticals. Upon returning to my doctor, he was very impressed with how well the pills he had prescribed lowered my numbers - then I told him that I hadn't taken them yet, that I had decided to try this first. This was one month in, that my blood pressure dropped to an almost perfect level. I can't explain to you how or why that happened because of the product; I can only tell you that it did. My doctor was shocked that it had come down as much as it did, being that I never filled the prescription. This reduction of high blood pressure has also been the case with friends who have tried it as well. A friend of mine whose BP also came down went to the doctor and was told "whatever you're doing, keep doing it."

By the time I had finished my third bottle, I was sleeping regular hours and waking up ready to go about my day verses waking up and still feeling sleepy, I have asthma and simply noticed one day that I had no idea where my inhaler was and wasn't concerned because I didn't need it and hadn't for some time at that point, acid reflux disappeared as did the rolaids, and I just felt absolutely fantastic for the first time in years and years.

I buy my bottle of Mineral Rich every month before I even go to buy food. It's that important to me. It comes in a 32 ounce bottle, which lasts me about a month and costs $21.00 for the regular bottle, and $22.40 for the Mineral Rich with aloe vera included. They offer a money back guarantee, and the one time they ever sent me a bottle with a cracked lid that had leaked about 1/4 of the bottle's contents, they had no questions whatsoever, did not ask me to return that bottle but merely sent me another one within days. Eventually I started buying other products from them as well due to my success and trust of the Mineral Rich.

My recommendation? TRY THIS PRODUCT!! My review of the Mineral Rich is also on their web site along with others who swear up and down that it helps their painful joints considerably I cannot attest to that, as I never had painful joints to begin with. But I believe that with no hesitation. Try it, try it, try it. You just can't lose with this one.
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User Replies:
rebelnrocker on 08/01/2007:
Wow, you've got me convinced. I'm glad to hear something has helped. Much continued success!
Vez on 09/03/2008:
You sound suspiciously like someone who works for the company. Either that or you plagiarized from the company itself. Either way, suspicious.
MRM on 09/03/2008:
Advertisement is prohibited on this site and it shall be removed by the moderators.
goob on 01/28/2009:
I don't work for the company. Nor did I plagiarize anything. But thanks. I'm going to take that as a compliment to my writing ability. I'm like that.

Nobody said you had to buy it. If you think it's b.s then so be it. I know what it's done for me and I will continue to use the product. If someone else benefits from my post, I think it's fantastic. This site is for the purpose of stating your experiences with a product, and that is what I did.

There will always be folks like you out there though. So I get it. Satan means the accuser.
goob on 01/28/2009:
By the way - If you had bothered to check some of my other posts, you would have realized that it is not the only positive feedback that I gave regarding a product. Maybe I work for all of the companies. Some people do comment on "good" experiences with products or services that they've come into contact with verses bixxing about bad ones.
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