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Just testing this 'bank'
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Rating: 3/51

I have recently received a card from MBNA on the promise of 'no interest' for a year, in order to reduce my higher-interest debt elsewhere. Their initial transfer of funds worked. However, so far, I haven't been able to even access their online banking page.

Three efforts resulted in 3 messages indicating the site is 'down'. Telephone contact is virtually impossible - the automated system that 'sets up phone banking' will ask you a barrage of questions, some of which are impossible to answer, e.g. "what form of personal ID did you use when setting up your account" (I used none). Any sign that they are debiting my account for any unauthorized 'interest' or fee will result in my closing the account. Remember, you can always prevent a firm from debiting your accounts (if you have a Pre-authorized withdrawal) by asking your home bank to freeze the creditor out.

MBNA Credit Card - Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

OTTAWA -- MBNA has re-designed their system and sent everyone new credit cards that work for about a month and then you get declined and the explanation is the pin is locking. We have had 3 credit cards in the last few months because their transition did not go well to their new system. Each time I waste at least an hour on the phone with them, then wait for a new card, then it only works for about a month.

They are rude, hung up on me when I told them what I thought of their current system. They will not let you speak to anyone of authority and they offer you 2500 points for your troubles and surprise you never get the points added. They are the most ridiculous people to deal with and I am done. Anyone have a good credit card company to recommend? I plan on never using MBNA card again.

Increased Interest Rate (ALMOST DOUBLED!) Without Proper Notification!
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Rating: 1/51

I have been a card holder with MBNA since 2004. Several years ago, I called to see if I qualify for a lower interest rate (or if they had a low interest rate card) than the 19.99% I had at the time. Indeed, they reduced it to 11.99%, and I was allowed to retain the reward program for the card. I was just digging through my electronic statements, and realized that my interest rate has been increased to 21.99%!!! As I continued to look back in my statements, I realized this increase happened over a year ago, and nothing was mentioned in any of my electronic statements.

I assumed this was a mistake of some sort, so I called to resolve it. I was informed that it is within their right to increase my rate at any time, even though I have never missed a payment or overdrawn my balance, and always pay more than the minimum payment. They are required to send me a letter to notify me 60 days in advance. However, because I only receive electronic statements, I do not always open paper mail I receive from MBNA, because it has consistently been promotional offers.

While this increase is technically legal (I will be looking through my unopened mail for that letter!), I think it is horrible customer service to nearly double the interest rate for a reliable and loyal customer of 10 years, with only a paper letter, particularly when the customer only receives their statements electronically. I'm disgusted with them! I will be paying off my balance as soon as possible and closing my account.

DO NOT deal with this company
By -

A very long story made short, I put in a new driveway this year, and I paid for it with a credit card I expected to pay off with a tax refund in February. I went online and researched 0% cards so I could balance transfer from my well loved credit card and finance the drive for nothing: I found a 0% offer from MBNA. When I called them, I specifically asked if there was a fee. The answer was "no". A month later when I got the bill, there was a $225 3% percent of the balance transfer fee on the bill. I called. I was cut off. I called I was transferred around. I was cut off. This went on for fifteen minutes until I got a manager.

I told them what happened, we agreed to a $50 fine. I was told the info about the 3% was on the back of the paperwork. I told him I didn't HAVE paperwork and when I did get AFTER I agreed to the balance transfer over the phone, it was written so small I had to hunt for it to see it. Then, I set the account up for automatic payments. What did they do? They raised the minimum payment by $58 WITHOUT notifying me, so when the payment I made was short, I not only got socked with a late fee, they took my 0% from me AND a $47.00 finance charge.

I called five times, was treated like a criminal, and finally, I went from nice to nasty and got one girl to agree to give me back the 0%, and remove the finance charge. I didn't trust them, so I removed the automatic payments option. A month later, the finance charge was still there. I pulled out my trusted ten year old card, the one I had used to buy the drive in the first place, called them, and they offered me 4% with a flat $75.00 balance transfer fee. I arranged to have the whole balance placed back on the card, minus the $47.00 I didn't feel I owed MBNA. I called MBNA again, before the balance transfer went through, I called four more times to get the finance charge removed.

When they did, the transfer went through, the balance was zero, I closed the card. What did they do yesterday? They pulled the automatic payment out of my account (you know, the one I SHUT OFF) and made a payment on a closed account. I just called them again five minutes ago and got the "I'm sorries." I said, "Raising my minimum payment when I haven't made a charge is illegal. Taking money out of my account when I haven't authorized it is stealing, and accepting a payment on a closed account just proves how incompetent your company is. This has been a nightmare."

She apologized, and I repeatedly apologized to her, as a human... but MBNA is awful, just awful. What would have happened if they overdrew my account??? My money is being mailed back to me within 7-10 and I have no doubt I will have to call them about it. Does anyone out there know if my bank can stop automatic payments from their end? I'm worried about next month.

Be very careful when doing balance transfers!
By -

AKRON, OHIO -- I called MBNA to take them up on their 0% for a year credit card balance transfer deal. My credit card currently sits at 9% (not bad, but 0% is better when we're talking $6000.)

During the application process, I spoke with ** and I asked her how many balance transfers I could do on this card. She told me they were unlimited. I asked if there were any fees involved, and she told me, "It's a zero card, no charges for a year." So far, so good. I balance transferred the amount charged to do waterproofing to my basement and then told her I would be balance transferring $2,300 more for the balance on the driveway reconstruction in a few weeks. Do you know what this idiot did? She balance transferred the payoff to my old credit card (good) AND sent them $2,300 more. So now, I have a $2,300 credit on my old card.

Long story short, I called MBNA. The girl was at a lost to explain it or to do anything about it. I called my old credit card company and explained to them what happened. They said they could send me a check for the over pay amount in 10-14 days. Meanwhile, MBNA charged me $222.00 for the balance transfer.

Looking at the small print on the paperwork that then came with my card, written information I didn't have BEFORE I did the balance transfer, they charge 3% of the balance transfer in fees, you know, the fees I asked about? Furthermore, the way it is written in the paperwork makes it sound like this is what I will be charged AFTER the year is up, not before.

So, I called MBNA again, explained to Rep what happened. She transferred me to another department. They said I had been transferred to the wrong department and that I need to speak to a manager. I was transferred again. Then, an automated voice said, "We are unable to transfer you at this time. You are exiting the system." By this time, I'm not upset, I'm not confused. I'm angry. I called again, was put on hold for ten minutes before I talked to a nice human being.

I asked for the manager as I was told to do. He asked if he could resolve the problem before "bothering the manager" with it. I'm thinking, "Isn't his job to be BOTHERED with customers?" I remained calm and nice. I explained to him what happened, that I've been lied to about fees, my account has been screwed up by $2,300, I have been transferred, cut off and put on hold. To this, I added, "I will pay you every penny I owe you, but I will not pay a balance transfer fee. I asked questions about fees. ** screwed up. If I knew it was going to cost anything to do this, I wouldn't have agreed to it. So, no offense, you won't be getting this money from me."

He was very nice, he put me on hold, he spoke to someone and said, "Since we sent the money you were going to balance transfer to your old card, charge the balance on your driveway to THAT card. The money credited on that card we sent should cover your new charges. We will cut the transfer fee to $100." I said, "How about $50?" I agreed to this because I AM using their money interest free for a year, and because I figured he would agree to it. He did. He sincerely apologized and that settled it.

I learned to make sure to ask the right questions- asking about fees was too vague for the idiot I first talked to. I needed to ask about balance transfer fees. Two, I should have just asked her about allowing an additional balance transfer and not mentioned the amount.

Be careful when doing balance transfers. I have good credit, so I get 0% offered EVERY DAY in the mail. If you look at this information, which I took another look at, it doesn't mention anything about a 3% interest charge on BT's. If you use the 1-800 on these papers, be very specific in what questions you ask and get them to clearly explain the answers. I just trusted them to do the right thing and that was my mistake.

By -

We are very dissatisfied with your Customer Service Department. There was an unauthorized charge on our account (a scanner) for the amount of $2786.36 placed by LACC.COM. We never placed that order. We also asked the merchant to send us documents that prove that we placed that order online (provide us the email address registered with the order, IP #, documentation of the order history, etc.) The merchant was extremely rude and was unable to provide this documentation to us.

Thus to avoid confrontation, they asked us to ship the scanner back but stated that they will not be responsible for shipping charges. We strongly felt we are not responsible for ANY of the charges relating to that transaction (including shipping fees) therefore we placed a dispute on the entire charge including shipping fees (when we ship it back) and asked MBNA to assist us.

I spoke with ** with Customer Service on 4/28/06. He placed a conference call with ** from LACC.COM (Manager) and I and tried to resolve the situation. ** was rude to ** on the phone when ** was asking him general questions. When ** realized the conversation was going nowhere, ** advised me to wait until we receive the next statement and send all documentation to MBNA. ** also stated that we could use the same credit card to pay for the shipping fees to ship back the scanner and dispute both charges together.

Before we decide to ship the scanner back and charge the fees on the card, we wanted to make sure MBNA gives us the confirmation that they will credit us those shipping fees. After receiving the statement and sending all the documentation to MBNA, we gave MBNA a time frame to review the dispute so we can wait for further instructions to ship the scanner back.

On 5/26/06, we received a letter from MBNA stating that your company was going to credit the amount back to us but need contact information to continue the dispute. We faxed over our information and called the 800# on the letter because we had questions on how to ship the scanner back.

I spoke with ** with MBNA on 6/15/06, he stated that he was the Account Manager. As an Account Manager, I assumed he would provide us with excellent customer service and help us resolve this in a friendly, kind manner. Unfortunately, he didn't. He was just as rude as LACC.COM. He interrupted me occasionally and didn't let us explain our situation. We understand that every time we call the 800#, we will be talking to different representatives, that is the reason why we have to explain in detail every time. It's very time consuming for us. We never wanted to be in this situation in the first place.

We thought he would be able to help us but instead he was rude and didn't let me explain. He said shipping costs are the buyer's responsibility and MBNA WILL NOT dispute or credit us for those charges. It didn't matter what the explanation was. I tried explaining to him that ** told me that the shipping costs WILL NOT be our responsibility but ** again was interrupting and said I may have misunderstood. MBNA is very unorganized. It took us a lot of time and effort to deal with this nonsense and when different representatives tell us different things it's completely absurd.

** then made a conference call with LACC.COM – ** and us. ** was not surprisingly rude again and stated facts that was not true, so we tried to explain our side. ** interrupted us and told us to let ** finish. Of course, again ** would not budge on the shipping costs and estimated that it would be about $30.00-$35.00 to ship it back. When the conversation was over, ** said he would give us an additional $25.00 credit on our account for shipping.

We agreed, but we wanted to know if he can provide us a confirmation of this in case the credit doesn't go through because if we call back it will be another representative. If there will be no documentation, it will lead us to nowhere again. We always want everything to be documented and in writing in order to ensure this misunderstanding will not happen again.

The bottom line is that we strongly felt that we were NOT OBLIGATED to pay for any shipping charges. The $25.00 was not our major concern. Our main concern is the principle of this entire situation. MBNA did not help much with our dispute. Our time spent on this issue was worth much more than $25.00.

In conclusion, we thought this whole situation wasn't handled professionally by MBNA. We assumed MBNA would be able to help us resolve the situation smoothly. Different information was told from different reps. Some were kind some were rude, and we're pertaining to **. His attitude was not pleasant to us. We are very disappointed with your customer service and are demanding an explanation and apology from your company. We do not understand why MBNA customer service are rude to their customers. MBNA should be more organized and provide us with better service because we've been a loyal customer for a long time.

If you have any questions, please give us a call. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Closed account
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- When I called to ask why my monthly payment went up almost $70.00 a month, they forwarded me to the lending dept. The lender reviewed my account (no late or missed payments, EVER!), he arbitrarily closed my account. Below is my response to their letter telling me about my account:

I received your letter today regarding your decision on my account. That decision is very upsetting to me, but what's worse is your total lack of consideration and your attitude on the phone the other day, (if it was you. If not, you have rude lenders who talk to your “loyal customers”.)

I don't want my account reinstated, but I do want your time for a few minutes. I am a college grad, and I was gainfully employed for 25 years. On May 30, 2005, I was a passenger in a car, which was hit by a drunk driver. I and my other 2 friends were sober, (a conscious decision we made as members of MADD), and the drunk driver was 3 times the legal limit, driving the wrong way on the interstate, resulting in a head on collision.

Her actions resulted in my friend's, (the driver), immediate death. My injuries were life threatening when they cut me out of the car, (which caught fire), and I was rushed to the hospital. Following 4 surgeries, (with 3 more to come throughout 2005 and into 2006), I spent 2 weeks in intensive care. I then spent another 5 months in a hospital bed in my home, with round the clock care, and in a wheelchair, having to be fed, and using a bed pan. I lost my job and my group benefits.

My non-group Blue Cross policy, which I established after I lost my job), went up from $189.00 p/month to $304.00 p/month, following my accident. And none of those charges went on my MBNA credit card. So where do you get off judging me and making assumptions about how I use my credit card????

Now, I am permanently disabled, (no more dancing for me, or going to the gym, or working in my garden like I've always done). I am currently working with an attorney to obtain disability benefits, which I paid into for 25 years, as a healthy, tax paying American. (It takes anywhere from 12 – 18 months to get approved. Yet another corporate cluster of nonsense!) Since the drunk driver had no car insurance, I was left with co-pays and deductibles in the thousands of dollars, none of which went on your credit card either). My husband couldn't handle the situation, and he moved to Florida. (nice, huh? Men!) But I am so lucky to have had friends and family to help me out.

Why am I telling you all this? It's because you, (or the unidentified lender that I spoke with), talked down to me like I was pond scum. He lectured me about “living on credit”, as if I were a child. I wish to remind you that through this whole, horrible ordeal, my injuries, despair and depression, I never once missed a payment, nor was I ever late with one. For 6 years, I was a good customer, with a great credit rating. You have ruined that for me now, and I wanted you to know that.

Mr. ** I hope that nothing like this ever happens to you or your family by the grace of God, and that you are never treated with the rudeness and disrespect with which I was treated by the lender, (or was it you?), at MBNA.

When you die and go to heaven, I don't think that God is going to rate you as a human being based upon how many people you screwed with your decisions, or how high up you got on the corporate ladder, or how much money you made for your company and yourself. May God Bless You, and give you a little compassion and help with your people skills. Thanks for your time, and always remember that you can't possibly understand a person's situation until you have walked in their shoes.

Customer Service at It's Best
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Rating: 5/51

I have MBNA credit card since 1998 and not one experience negative whatsoever. In fact, the only customer service department who solved every issue I raised in less than 2 minutes. I missed payments by 2 days a few times and every time I called they fixed it to my satisfaction. No other credit card company is as client friendly as MBNA, as for I am concerned. Now I got 2 MBNA cards on my name, one to use on the net with lower limit. I congratulate MBNA staff to exceed my expectation.

By -

I have been a customer card holder with MBNA since 2001. I have never defaulted on a payment or neglected to pay off a balance in full. I increased my credit limit from 10,000 to 15,000 last year. I chose not to use my card until I had a need to use it which I believe is my own prerogative. I called in just the other day to order cheques and I was informed that my available credit was decreased without any notification to myself (meaning no phone call, no letter and no e-mail to myself informing me that I was being penalized). This company decreased my available credit of $15,000 which I worked so long and hard to qualify for and obtain all the way down to $400.

I was told that they had to decreases my available credit limit because that I was not using my card and they had to minimize their risks just in case anything security-wise would have happened. I was shocked that I was treated like this and was unable to do anything about it. They also told me that I would now have to re-apply for another increase in credit which we all know would affect my credit rating once again because anytime you request a credit increase, it goes against your credit score.

People, can you imagine if I was at a business luncheon and the meal was over $400, how embarrassing that would be for me to not know that the card that I was holding now only had $400 worth of credit available instead of $15,000! What a fool I would look like not even having money to pay for a business luncheon.

I have now cancelled my card with them and I have now told everyone that I come into contact with that this MBNA company is the absolute worse company that you can deal with regarding anything. Their customer service is horrible and their ethics and controlling manipulating ways really gives banks a bad name. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY as you will become a victim!

3 Months Interest On One Late Payment!
By -

I held my credit card with the Bank of Scotland for around nine years with no problems at all until the company was taken over last year by MBNA. Until recently I paid off the full amount every month but while busy caring for my dying mother I made two payments that were a few days late. I accepted the fault was my own and expected to be charged interest on these amounts, which I immediately paid.

However, today I received another statement with interest charged. When I phoned to query this I was told that MBNA charge interest and CONTINUE TO CHARGE INTEREST until an account has been 'in the clear' for a further TWO MONTHS after the original late payment! I have so far been charged £59 for having sent in full payment a week late.

When I then asked to have a full statement sent to me so that I could close my account I was told that "a) this was 'impossible' to do until the statement's normal due date, and b) this statement would show a further interest charge as I was to be penalized for yet another month for the same late payment."

MBNA insist that what they are doing is absolutely legal and not 'dishonest' because customers are warned of this. Not on their statements, they aren't! It's quite possible that this may be mentioned on some other list of 'rules' sent out separately and only once, but I think it very unlikely that people who make a habit of paying off their card every month feel the need to dig out the rules as bedtime reading on a regular basis. In fact, if this practice is legal, it is certainly not moral and amounts to charging an interest rate that far exceeds the one they advertise.

I really would recommend that anyone who normally pays their card in full every month be made aware of this as it only takes the merest slip to send a single late payment and then find you are being penalized with 3 months' interest instead of one.

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