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New Alma Meijer Store a Big disappointment...
Posted on
Rating: 2/51
ALMA, MICHIGAN -- Like most folks in the area, I really looked forward to the grand opening of the Alma Meijer store. Produce is my passion and I would travel to East Lansing and other Meijer stores in order to get fresh organic produce. Fuel, travel time was/and now is again a bit of a pain but worth it to me.

The store opened earlier then advertised and I was one of many smiling bobble heads crossing the threshold. I went straight away to the produce and was extremely surprised and disappointed with their produce department. The Kale was riddled with larva holes, wilted, turning yellow and soaked with water. The cucumbers were moldy and rotted.

I reached out to Meijer (see attached images below) with my concerns and I prefaced these concerns by letting them know that I'd never had this happen before in any Meijer store. Along with my concerns I asked that they look into this. I received a prompt and courteous reply from Meijer customer service who stated that she would be forwarding my correspondence to the Alma store directly and that I would be hearing from them directly. To date I have not heard from any Meijer representative.

Assumptions are never very reliable however when one's concerns get dismissed one has to wonder why this happened in the first place. Is this perhaps a demographics issue? Do corporate bean counters determine that country "corn fed" folk won't be as interested in organics as much as our more trendy locations so let's give the Alma store everyone's seconds??? The organic produce I looked at were basically nutrient depleted yet the big fat organic price was fresh as ever.

I think it important to include that I had made just under a dozen trips to the Alma store before stopping all together. I will be following up with any future developments to include pictures if I find the organics in the same shape as I expect them to be. On the same note.... if my visit finds a produce department fitting of the store's namesake I will update with that information as well.
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Questionable "Accompanied by Gift Receipt" Return Policy
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
INDIANAPOLIS METRO AREA, INDIANA -- Thanks to all the people who have shared reviews on Meijer Company. In the spirit of fairness, I would like to add my "cents worth."

This posting is not meant to disparage the name and reputation of the Meijer company, but is rather to call into question a specific corporate policy that I believe demonstrates frank discourtesy toward the customer.

In general, I have been reasonably pleased with the quality of products and level of service provided by the local stores in my area. However, more recently I have noticed a decline in the quality of the apparel they carry, and am not pleased with their Christmas return policy.

My understanding is that when you receive a gift that is accompanied by a store's own original gift receipt, if you return the item with the receipt, the gift receipt has the record of how much the item cost, so that the full dollar amount of the returned item as listed on the receipt would be applied to the item exchanged. Not so at Meijer!

I received a sweater that was purchased at Meijer that needed to be exchanged for the correct size. This was not some frivolous return. I really wanted the item, but as a pre-Christmas sale item, it was out of stock, and would not be in stock. I waited until just a couple of days after Christmas to do the return, because I didn't want to waste so much time standing in line on the day after Christmas just for a single return.

When I brought the item and the receipt to customer service, I was told that it was okay to exchange it for anything else --well and good, so far. Imagine my shock and surprise when brought up something else for the exchange, and the value they credited to the exchange was just barely a couple of bucks! What they didn't immediately know, but I knew at the time was that I had purchased the same sweater for someone else (and during the same sale time as the person who purchased one for me!), so I knew, based on the date of the receipt, how much the item was sold for that week. The gift-giver paid nearly $15 for the item.

When I explained that I knew how much the gift-giver had paid for the item, and that it could be verified by the receipt date, I was told that didn't matter. I was informed that the policy for gift receipts --regardless of the date the item is purchased -- is to give the customer who returns an item the value of the "most recent sale price" on the item. So, when you are talking about something for Christmas, and you return the item after Christmas, you can may expect only a very small fraction of the price paid in return.

What an unjust return policy! Receipts are supposed to not only validate a purchase, but also serve as evidence of price paid! Not so at Meijer. Why even bother to request a gift receipt?

So now when I want to buy something for someone else as a gift at a Meijer store, I really think long and hard, and probably more than just twice. If it's someone I know well, who wouldn't be offended to see a price, I'll give them the regular receipt. Otherwise, I try to buy elsewhere.

In fairness to the company, I haven't purchased a gift for someone else at Meijer in many months. I hope that they have updated their gift receipt return policy so that they are in step with other retailers.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 06/20/2013:
Interesting. The very first line of the Meijer's return policy states that ALL returns are subject to the most recent sales price.

I agree - I would take my business elsewhere. That is ridiculous.
Jeff on 06/20/2013:
That's ludacris...and should be illegal. If you have a gift receipt, they have the codes and can pull up the transaction and see EXACTLY how much was paid for said item.....I wonder what happens if the item happens to have INCREASED in price....think Meijers would give you more money back? I HIGHLY DOUBT IT...If I were you Id call corporate and complain to them too. That's got to be almost illegal.
John Nicholson on 06/20/2013:
They give you the "most recent sales price" as a return amount because, especially with apparel, the prices tend to be reduced over time, sometimes rather substantially. There is big profit in clothing and no one need pay the regular price on the tags as it will most likely be on sale and continually reduced over the next few weeks. I buy all my shoes and shirts at Meijer, but have never paid more than $12 for a pair of leather Nunn Bush shoes or $4-5 for a shirt that originally was marked $24 or so. It would be silly to pay regular price for much of anything. Meijer will exchange or refund up to 30 days with a receipt, but with a gift receipt they allow more time. Reasonable, as the item is a gift. Their policy is what it is. I like Meijer and highly recommend them over the rude, crude and inept WalMart.
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Know who your dealing with
Posted by on
GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I was once an employee of Meijer and left because I was 8-balled for whistle blowing. I am not a previous disgruntled employee but someone who has a business degree and understands how business works but had to learn through the school of hard knocks how business works for Meijer.

This is not your standard typical company. This company is all about alienating itself to such the extent that the expense it generates by mistreating it's own employees and constantly mismanages it's own leadership that it cannot afford to provide the basic necessities to create and maintain a pleasurable consumer shopping experience for YOU the consumer! They will not train anyone! Unless of course you truly believe that one can achieve all the necessary training by computer modules. When something is not right or goes wrong anywhere within a store, the first order of business is to determine where to place blame. Once blame is cast, chaos is then instilled which may very well include a store director or a district director yelling at the employee in the middle of the sales floor while YOU the consumer watches. That would be the standard morale builder that upper management will hope that it brings the employee down enough to either step down or quit. But if that fails then the employee will be placed under a microscope and management find that one mistake the employee will inevitably make or made 10 years prior and fire them for that. They usually look for things like if he/she were caught that one time shop lifting when they were 15 years old and the records are juvenile and sealed but because he/she didn't reveal that information on their application they will terminate the employees employment and deny unemployment benefits because they lied from the onset. All this even though he/she is now 45 years old and was turned into a scape goat over someones agenda to get the fashions department in the order they wanted.

So the next time you shop at Meijer and you become disgusted about the conditions or the incorrect pricing or the lack of customer service or the lack of cashiers, think about it! This is how corporate Meijer wants it. You are in their store NOT YOURS! YOU will play by their rules NOT YOURS! EVERYONE will tow the line or there is the door NO EXCEPTIONS including YOU the consumer!

I did not make this up! The examples I wrote were truly examples! Much much worse takes place every single day! If you don't believe, just go to your neighborhood Meijer store and observe for yourself. You will see all this in all its glory at the Wyoming Michigan store. No one is happy and no one wants to be there but then why should they, back stabbing gets old after a while whether giving or receiving.

For YOU the consumer, good luck! You may seriously want to consider other alternatives unless of course you support diseased corporate environments of such!

By the way, the survey they ask of you on every receipt over $10.00 is designed to rid itself of whomever they can blame for your complaint. So before you get too detailed about your complaint, think about whose life your going to disrupt as a result of your complaint because honestly, where this company is concerned everything that happens is the dictate from upper management. Everything is done in accordance to a written process, EVERYTHING!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/17/2009:
"I am not a previous disgruntled employee"

But yet you say this.......

"They usually look for things like if he/she were caught that one time shop lifting when they were 15 years old and the records are juvenile and sealed but because he/she didn't reveal that information on their application they will terminate the employees employment and deny unemployment benefits because they lied from the onset. All this even though he/she is now 45 years old and was turned into a scape goat over someones agenda to get the fashions department in the order they wanted."

It's OK to be upset, just don't fib about what you're trying to do.
MaggieMcT on 09/17/2009:
The employment applications we use have a very specific statement that if you lie on it, you're gone. The sad part is, we've had to turn down people who lied about something (like a DUI) that wouldn't have been a problem if they'd been honest.
Alain on 09/17/2009:
Classic two sides to every story.
PepperElf on 09/17/2009:
sounds like
clutzycook on 09/17/2009:
sounds like a disgruntled former employee to me...
Alain on 09/17/2009:
Objectively speaking, you'll be happier not working for them anymore.
PepperElf on 09/17/2009:
and there are worse things than being fired for lying on an employment application

knew a guy who screwed up his clearance paperwork for the military and they pulled his clearance and kicked him out of his workshop (cos you had to have a clearance to work there)

and he was lucky cos... on those things they say they can also find you up to $10,000 if you lie
Anonymous on 12/07/2009:
Whistle blowing won't get your fired. No company would set themselves up for a lawsuit for doing that. What did you really get fired for? Lying on the application?
anon on 07/12/2013:
I have been working at meijer for almost 2.5 yrs. I experience the same crap. Its so stressful. And I'm affraid to lose my job everyday. And all the management does is yell at me.
anonymous on 12/10/2013:
My husband was fired for violating company policy. What was he fired for, you might ask? He was fired for going outside the store with a fire extinguisher and helping a customer put out a fire in his vehicle. No injuries, no damage except for the customer's dashboard. The customer thanked him repeatedly for helping him save his van and any other nearby vehicles. I guess company policy doesn't include helping customers in obvious distress.It's now wonder Meijer has only 20% of it's original employees since it opened 4 years ago.
HankJMejer on 07/05/2014:
I worked there for many years and left when Fred stepped back and his lazy sons handed the keys to a know nothing college professor.

Meijer is now a backstabbing Union in the pocket below Walmart sleazy retailer. Meijer was buying directly from China long before anyone knew who Walmart was. While Fred was around they were able to maintain the "Family" image, not anymore.

FYI - Whistle-blowers get fired all the time. Company's come up with some mundane violation to terminate you (unless you get a lawyer first) and good luck finding an equally sleazy lawyer who will defend you. Yes I know a former Meijer worker that was fired after filing a complaint with the NLRB, the company find an unheard of violation and dumped them, making them look disgruntled.
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Relationship Discrimination
Posted by on
FORT GRATIOT, MICHIGAN -- My boyfriend and I were unfairly discriminated against by a cashier (unknown) and the 2nd Shift manager, on the evening of May 7th, 2009. We were attempting to purchase a bottle of liquor when the cashier informed me that Meijer policy states that all adults purchasing liquor must show ID. When asked if I could return the car and have my boyfriend re-enter to purchase liquor in the interest of preserving the sale, we were ordered to leave. We understand that the cashier was acting in her best interest to protect company policy, but her personal verbal attacks were way out of line.

The cashier made several statements regarding the age difference between myself and my boyfriend (I am 29, he is 45) and referred to him as my "sugar daddy" while on a phone call to bring her manager to the register. Another customer overheard this and was appalled saying aloud "did you hear her? That was extremely rude." Additionally, she took my boyfriend's license and did not return it while she went to the phone and we fear she was taking information for an identity theft scheme, as we saw her remove a pen and paper and write down notes about it while waiting. Then, when returning his license, she struck an aggressive stance and threw it onto the register in our direction. We asked her not to be so hostile, which only increased her aggression. The manager did little to stop her personal rant on us.

We planned on spending over $500 in this location this weekend alone for an impending Mother's Day Celebration and would have returned the following day to purchase a variety of cooking supplies and products. Additionally, we spend $200-$300 monthly on items like hot dogs for "customer appreciation" for professional functions. Fortunately, there is a Wal-Mart located directly next door to this Meijer, so we will be moving all of our business to these locations instead.

I am appalled by the injustice that was done to us. Having our relationship referred to as being "suspicious" and "inappropriate" by a manager and a cashier simply based on the fact that I look young is discriminatory and offensive.

When we asked if my boyfriend would be allowed to buy liquor with his daughter (a minor) present, we were informed that "was fine because that is his daughter, but because I look old enough to be an adult, I must present ID." What I don't understand is that this "store policy" seems to encourage discriminatory behavior amongst Meijer associates, and does little to prevent minors from obtaining liquor. We understand that these employees were doing their best to follow company policy, but their verbal attacks on our personal situation were unnecessary and wrong. I have been encouraged by several friends to seek legal counsel for this incident, but I believe that doing so would only encourage more speculation on our healthy romantic relationship, which I am unwilling to do, not matter what type of financial gain I would receive. Some things are more important than money, like values and morals.

I pride myself for practicing anti-discriminatory values in my daily life and consequently am glad today to know that I will never cause anyone to feel as violated as I felt on May 7th 2009, when verbally attacked by the staff of the Fort Gratiot Meijer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
For the life of me, I can't quite understand why people don't carry ID.

Bunza-Bsk on 05/08/2009:
I didn't have ID simply because it slipped my mind. I understand that part is my responsibility, but I think, MissMarple, you are overlooking the reason for this post, which was to explain a case of customer discrimination.
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
Your boyfriend is a lucky guy but needs to be a little more proactive in your disputes!
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
Customer discrimination? How about poor customer service?
Bunza-Bsk on 05/08/2009:
No, unfortunately we are both professionals in the area and do not wish to rock the boat. This incident only happened yesterday, so I'm blogging away while he's working :)

And he is a lucky guy, lol, and tells me so everyday! Thanks!
jktshff1 on 05/08/2009:
I don't see the discrimination here anywhere. Bad manners & comments, yes but no discrimination.
Bunza-Bsk on 05/08/2009:
The cashier clearly made comments in regards to him being a "sugar daddy" which is considered discrimination in an May-December Relationship. So is the term "gold digger" etc; it implies I am only with him for money and not for love, which is not the case! :)
Starlord on 05/08/2009:
One of my favorite questions to drivers I stopped used to be, "What are you doing driving on my roads without your license?" Pinal County could have built new roads on the fines from No Driver's License In Possession. That is not to mention the number of arrests I made for Driving on a Suspended or Revoked License.
BokiBean on 05/08/2009:
There's nothing discriminatory about commenting on a older man with a younger woman. I know, my first husband was 15 years older. You have to suck up and grin at the 'gold digger' remarks, they're part of the territory.

The cashier could have handled this a lot better simply by being polite, but what you got was a bad case of customer service and not a case of discrimination....unless you're using the term in the loosest way possible.

Let's save the discriminatory label for cases involving discrimination of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.
jktshff1 on 05/08/2009:
+1 Boki
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
I look young and constantly get hassled at bars and stores when I buy liquor. They always stare at me, my id, back at me, the id again. This goes on for a few minutes. Then they ask me for my middle name (a trick question since I don't have a middle name), my address, weight, height (to which I reply "short"). I'm used to it. When I'm 40 it will be a huge compliment whenever someone tells me how young I look.
BokiBean on 05/08/2009:
My mama got carded for wine one time (well into her 60's) and we'll NEVER hear the end of it! :D

thanks, jkt!
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
I would love to have a rich sugar daddy
BokiBean on 05/08/2009:
Amen to that, yaya. You can fall in love with a man with money as easy as a po' man... I want you to have a man who will treat you like a queen, you deserve that.
MRM on 05/08/2009:
You're a wise woman, Little, you can have any men you like as long as they got money.
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
I will be accepting applications for a new man starting immediately. Poor men need not apply
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
rips up Application .
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
Aw Wally. You don't need to be super rich. You just need enough money to buy me dinner, drinks, some jewelry, maybe a new Coach purse and matching wallet.
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
pssst! yaya... If your aiming high, aim for the Luis Vuitton (spell check). >:-)
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
Burns Application .
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
OOPS! Everyone! Back on topic which is "discrimination".
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
I don’t care if my woman used me for money as long as she delivered the goods.
Anonymous on 05/08/2009:
OK John, I promise not to discriminate against men with money. But, if you are poor but really hot, I will not discriminate either
madconsumer on 05/08/2009:
yes this was blatant discrimnation.

sue em.
Ponie on 05/08/2009:
No ID? How would they know where to ship the body if you were involved in an accident? Evidently you haven't lived in MI for very long if you tried to purchase alcoholic beverages without proper ID. Live and learn.
madconsumer on 05/08/2009:
lol ponie .....
old fart on 05/08/2009:
Ponie... you're more likely to die in a drive-by shooting than an accident in the state of Michigan..
Ponie on 05/09/2009:
OF, LOL. Depends on which part of the state you call home. Doggonit, they keep creeping north of 8 Mile Road.
melime on 06/01/2009:
I would say all the needs to be done is file a customer complaint against the cashier. I work for Meijer, and if a group of young adults comes up and one has alcohol, we must card everyone. We aren't doing it to be jerks, but we are doing it because we value our jobs.
Anonymous on 06/18/2009:
In the store I work at, if you do not have a license, you get no liquor. If the person who ASKS or PAYS does not have the license, the partner is NOT allowed to show theirs. Same with tobacco. If you go the register and ask for smokes, but do not have an ID, the person with you CAN NOT show theirs and buy them.

You ask, you must have ID.

Now, the comments should have been kept to the clerks self. AS for the ID being taken to the phone, the manager was probably asking what the DOB was and what state the ID was on, and the Expiration date.
ladyjaja on 07/05/2009:
She referred to your boyfriend as your "sugar daddy???" Is she still employed?! LOL! Seriously wtf? Also, you were in error with the ID. Just make sure you always carry it with you, and not only because there may be a chance that you're going to be buying alcohol that day. ;-)
Anonymous on 07/16/2009:
She shouldn't have even asked for your idea unless you were splitting the cost of the bottle of liquor with him. I used to work at Meijer and I know for a fact that only the person or persons paying are the ones that need to show identification for purchasing alcohol. I think you made the right choice, just take your business elsewhere. I don't think Wal Mart sells alcohol though...
Anonymous on 07/16/2009:
Oops, I meant "ID" not "idea," sorry.
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Liz, many Walmarts sell alcohol. In TN, if you touch the alcohol, you must have ID. If you don't have ID, your friend, mama, daddy, boyfriend, yada yada yada can not buy it for you.
madconsumer on 09/07/2009:
hi ladyscot!

welcome back!!!!
Anonymous on 09/07/2009:
Mad, thank you! It has been awhile! Walmart keeps me busy lol!
/\ Idiot on 12/06/2009:
Maybe this all happened exactly the way you described, but that is very hard for me to believe. I don't doubt the cashier made those comments, but I'm sure you were no innocent bystander.

The way this plays out in my head is quite different, the two of you start yelling at this clerk, calling her every name in the book for daring to card you, which by the way, is the cashiers call to card anyone in the party, for whatever reason, and if they can't present I.D. they have the right to refuse sale.

So the two of you continue your verbal assault of the cashier, smug with the notion that she can't do anything about it, because you, after all, are the almighty and omniscient customer. The cashier is finally pushed to the limit of being harassed, calls up her manager, and makes those comments.

You were not this innocent bystander, who was the victim of some unprovoked "discrimination". Here's how I know, because at my store I have both the most guest complaints, and guest compliments, and it should be noted the the compliments outnumber the complaints about 3-1.

I get talked down to by people all day, and most of them don't even realize it. Whether they are putting my intelligence into question because I won't give them a sale item I have already determined wasn't on sale, or because I handed them their receipt "wrong", or any number of things. I am cursed at for not doubling expired coupons, that I was nice enough to accept in the first place. In most of these situations, I keep my cool, but I am, like 97% of people, only human (it's a joke).

There comes a time when I stick up for myself. My particular brand is wit, delivering a sarcastic line so dry they don't know whether or not they should be insulted. This is my last resort, I don't like to use it, but sometimes it has to be done. So, how do I still have a job, because I treat people that treat me with respect (and very many that don't) with respect, which, I mean is humanity 101.

I have had plenty of research into what leads up to a cashier blow up. Everyone wants to think they were an innocent bystander, and are being victimized, but there are always precursors to situations like these, whether or not the customer believes it.

Am I sticking up for the cashier in question, not necessarily as I wasn't there and clearly don't know the entire story. What I am saying is this, next time you think your cashier is rude (and I'm not talking about not smiling or carrying on long conversations with you, because some people are very shy) take a look at what you are doing, really look, you may just find that you are doing something to exacerbate the situation.
Anonymous on 12/21/2010:
Maybe it's just the Wal Mart near me then.... My mistake. I guess in Ohio the laws are more lenient.
meijer x on 12/06/2012:
It is policy to check for the customer ID before selling liquor to them, but the comment I believe was out of place. Being an x Meijer person I would not have sold you the liquor, nor would I have sold it to your friend with his minor daughter next to him. I would have explain the policy and asked that you both return with ID without the minor. Now, as far as the name calling the supervisor should have step up and corrected the person, and asked forgiveness for the behavior. Cashier are fired daily for not getting ID for the purchase of liquor and taken off the property by the police in the area. Sometimes they are even taken to the police station (not sent home). So I agree with not selling the merchandise, but not the comment.
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Racism At Store #62
Posted by on
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- My name is LaRonda, and I work for a corporation that provides services to Mentally Challenged Adults. I work in a management position, and was given $1,300 in Meijers gifts cards, to do start up shopping for 2 new consumers. On October 27, 2008, I went to store #62, and purchased a significant amount of merchandise. I had two carts loaded with needed items for my 2 new consumers. I knew I had not completed the shopping however I'm only one person, and had two carts, so I decided to check out.

I must include, I was followed around the store during my 2 hour shopping trip, however I understood that. Back at the consumers home, I put away the belongings, and headed back to Meijers, to complete the shopping. I spent another 11/2 hours, shopping, and being followed around the store. Upon checking out, once the receipt printed, this Barbie doll looking woman, came to me and said "may I see your Identification", I ask her for what. She didn't respond. She then ask me to give her my receipt, to which I asked why, she explained " I received an alert from my office", she went on to look at my receipt and ask me "why are you spending gift cards to purchase gift cards", I told her come on woman, your harassing me, you have my receipt in hand, and you look like an intelligent woman, no where on that receipt does it show, that I'm using gift cards to buy gift cards".

She then ask me to see the credit card with which I purchased the gift cards. I told her "hell no' I said you are harassing me because I'm black and spent $1,100 dollars at this store, this is absurd. She at that point said I'm not harassing you, as you have done nothing wrong. I responded, "then why the hell are you in front of me demanding to see my Identification, the receipt, and the credit card" once again, she replied " I got an alert from my office" I took my items and left, feeling much like a criminal, as other shoppers had stopped to look at this woman's demands on me.

I feel if I were a white woman, who shopped at Meijers and spent $1,100 dollars, I would have walked out of the door with no problems. One employee who worked their also ask me was I a career shopper. I was totally harassed throughout my time spent at Meijers, as one associate came to me while I was shopping to ask me was I interested in purchasing some Meijers photos. I told her no, however I did ask to be directed to the floral department. This particular Meijers is close to the neighborhood in which I live, as I am a home owner who owns a home in Forest Park. Because of my ties to this community in which I'm very active, I have decided to raise awareness to the black community in regards to shopping at Meijers store # 62.

I have also e-mailed channel 4,6, and 10 in regard to this senseless act of being black while shopping at Meijers. This should not be allowed to happen to any other African American, and as I long as I have breath in me, I'm going to make damn sure it doesn't happen again.

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
You need to change this from a compliment to a complaint.
Good review and you made some valid points. Usually, when someone posts a discrimination post here it automatically sets off alarms.
It seems as if you were targeted.
Good luck.
yoke on 10/28/2008:
One of the reasons I stopped shopping at WalMart is the "greeters" in the store near me only stopped white people to check receipts.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Two trips within hours, over a thousand dollars spent - yea, I can see why there may have been some suspicious employees, and I don't think it had a darn thing to do with your skin color. Was it too hard for you to explain WHY you were there spending so much?

And btw, you didn't mind being followed around for hours while you shopped - you just let that go, but once questioned at the register, that just put you over the top? Right.

Sorry jkt, I disagree, this complaint has no valid points in it that I can see.
Principissa on 10/28/2008:
I can tell you as a white woman who has purchased a large amount of merchandise at one time, it happens to us too. Trust me. As embarrassing as it was for this to happen, and granted this person could have handled this much better by explaining the issue to you instead of outright demanding things of you, it happens to everyone, not just people of color.
cherpep on 10/28/2008:
Your purchases that day triggered an alert of unusual activity. Perhaps next time you could speak with a manager at the store before doing that volume of shopping with gift cards. You might even be able to get one of their employees to help you, since you are only one person with a lot to buy. I don't think you were targeted because of your skin color, it sounds like it was just the activity.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Blah, complaints like this make me sick... Laronda, if you need a real example of racism, check out the news story on the two skinheads plotting to kill 100 African-Americans and ultimately Barack Obama, for no other reason then "they hate blacks" and wanted to make a point - That's racism.

You should remove this post and come back when you have a real subject to talk about.

DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
Cue the Violin music.

It isn't unusual for a store to be on the watch for someone making a large purchase as you did on your first visit, and return for another large purchase...I agree I would not have given them MY credit card to them. However your comment, "Barbie doll looking woman," pretty much sums up who it is that is seeing color and making racist remarks.

Yes, I would have asked "why"...but if I was told they had an alert from the office, I would gladly show them the receipt to prove them wrong...refusing to do so just makes for more suspicion.

Have one of your Barbie Doll look a likes from work go to the same place the next time and do exactly what you did...two trips, large purchases same check out clerk and see if she's questioned as you were. If she is, no racism, if she isn't then you have a complaint.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
I understand what you other guys are saying, and usually I agree but, what keyed me in on agreeing was the fact that after the purchase, ID was requested, not by the check out person, receipt was asked for and the credit card was asked for. This person was singled out. From the post, it would seem to have some credibility to the claim of "profiling" for race.
Once I have paid for and have a receipt in hand, the property is mine, whether I'm in the store or not. When I used to shop at wally world, I kept going instead of stopping to give my receipt. All merchandise was in their sacks and came directly from the register to where the gestapo agent was waiting. They followed me out of the store and I told them to go away or call the police and I would wait for them and file a complaint for unlawful detention. They declined the invitation and left me alone.
cherpep on 10/28/2008:
I think this triggered an alert to management because of the high volume being purchased with gift cards - which is why they asked to see the credit card. If someone stole a lot of gift cards and somehow got them activated, a receipt for the items they purchased would be meaningless. I would not want to show them my credit card either, but perhaps if the manager would have pulled this shopper aside or if the shopper remained calm, it could have been straightened out. I just don't see this as a racial issue.
heaven17 on 10/28/2008:
I'm not satisfied that this was due to racism. As the others said, unusual shopping activity was probably more the motivation.
"Barbie doll looking woman"? Really? Comments like this tend to erode sympathy. Two wrongs and all. Even if this was a clear cut case of racism (and again, you have nothing to go on there), it's always best to take the high road instead of resorting to grade school insults.
MRM on 10/28/2008:
I agree with the others that unusual activity is what caused suspicion and therefore questioned you. This has nothing to do with race.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
OK, I concede to the masses. lol!
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
LOL...but we really do love you JKT!
And it's OK to disagree with the Basher, as long as you realize I'm right in the end...Crabby does it all the time.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Unusual shopping activity??? Having to produce the credit card that purchased the 'gift' card? *rolls eyes*... Getting hassled for a receipt. It's none of Meijers business why this lady does what she does.. NONE..NOTTA... If they suspected criminal activity then make a citizens arrest and call the cops. Once you purchase merchandise that merchandise belongs to you... You are under no obligation to prove ownership of your property to anyone especially to some racist dipspit Meijers clerk. Good grief, what have we become?
Hugh_Jorgen on 10/28/2008:
I think you missed an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive. Instead of getting defensive, perhaps if you had calmly explained your position and that you are working for the benefit of mentally challenged folks you could have asked the store employees to extend a discount to you since you were buying so much stuff.

DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
I agree with Hugh...I thought the same thing. Some stores will actually donate to places like this if they know their store is being used to supply the needs of the people.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Hugh Jorgen - hands down, best answer!

Crabby, a business has every right to inquire for further information if they have reason to suspect suspicious activity.

I'd like to hear Meijer's side of this alleged racism.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
HJ Best answer.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Agreed justcuz and you have every right to refuse. I have every right to ask you your social security number or your dad's name or what color panties you wear.. I have every right to pretty much ask you anything I want. That wasn't the issue I was raising.. I think what I said is the customer is under no obligation to respond or comply. That was the point I was making.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
If I run a business and you come in my business and raise suspicions, I am going to confront you, by asking appropriate questions. You may choose to become hostile and claim racism, or you may choose to understand that I am doing my job and comply. So, you're right Crabby, you do have a choice, but in order for me to run a successful business, I will follow these guidelines, whether you agree or disagree. Again, I'd like to hear Meijer's side of this story, I bet it's quite different than Laronda's.
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
I can post the truth about his whole racial issue...but it would surely get me kicked off this site for know that what I am thinking right now is absolutely RIGHT!
madconsumer on 10/28/2008:
rolls eyes ..... oh brother .....

I want to hear the stores side of this tail .....

if you did nothing wrong, then why not comply? by not showing the lady the info she requested, makes you look even more guilty.
yoke on 10/28/2008:
I was thinking, if it was suspious why not question her before the sale? Why not come up to her and ask why was she there a second time getting a lot of items? I don't think it was racism, but it was harassment. Were they afraid of losing the sale if they questioned her? That is why I hate Walmart. I'm good enough to load my cart onto the conveyor belt and take my bags off the spindler, but when I try to leave they give me the 3rd degree.
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
Yoke, it may not have been questioned until she paid with more gift cards. By that time, everything was already rung up.
Ponie on 10/28/2008:
For a person in a so-called 'management position,' your choice of language in response to a request leaves a lot to be desired. Bet this corporation you work for is very proud of you. I don't care if you were purple with pink stripes (other than your hair), pushing around a couple of carts at the same time then returning for more would send up red flags in *any* store. Get a grip, Laronda--the world doesn't revolve around you. Meijer personnel doesn't have to bow down to 'your majesty'--they're just doing their jobs.
Suusan B. on 10/28/2008:
It doesn't matter what color you are - - spending 3-1/2 hours shopping with $1,300 worth of gift cards would raise the suspicion of any retailer. If you were doing nothing wrong then why not just comply with their requests?
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
Because she's black Suusan and she doesn't have to follow the same rules as everyone else. She's special..she's a "Strong Black Woman".
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
come on DB..stop the hate
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
I don't hate anyone...I'm just answering Suusan's question based on the poster's attitude.
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:

Principissa on 10/28/2008:
Guess what DB, I'm a short strong white woman and I got basically the same treatment at a store once when I bought our 360 and 6 games. I dropped close to a grand and they asked for my ID and CC to make sure the signatures matched and everything. Why? Because I was spending a ton of money on electronics and they needed to know that I was who I said I was and not some ID thief on a shopping spree. Did I like it, hecks no! Was I embarrassed, hecks yes. But if they didn't do it, I could have walked out of the store with a thousand dollars worth of crap on someone else's dime and they would be none the wiser! ;)
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Your race card has been denied thank you come again.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
LOL ww
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
Basher what rules are you talking about? There's no rule against using as many gift cards as you want. There's no rule against buying $1100 of merchandise then coming back and doing it again. There's no rule against telling somebody to kiss your ass when they ask you to prove you own what you own... And there's no rule against saying 'No' to the silly request of over zealous store clerks.

90% of mental health is the ability to say 'No'. I admire this poster for saying 'No' to unreasonable and intrusive requests. Why are you playing the 'Race Card' Basher? You of all people who bashes anybody else who dares play it but I guess it's okay for you to play the race card because you're special, eh Basher?
Anonymous on 10/28/2008:
you shouldn't go back to that racist store.

Hope all works out for you
MRM on 10/28/2008:
Princi, why would you be embarrassed if they ask for your ID after spending a $1,000. The store should be applauded for taking security measures to make sure that you're not somebody else on a shopping spree, especially with the holiday coming up. Again, bravo to the store employee for taking security action.
MRM on 10/28/2008:
Holiday is approaching and I would suggest to everybody to be thankful that the retailers are taking security measures to prevent idendity theft. Don't be embarrassed when they ask for ID. The only ones that should be embarrassed are the criminals taking advantage of someone else identity.
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
jktshff1 on 10/28/2008:
If they asked for ID when paying, not a problem to verify id etc.
My biggest problem would be that they wanted to question the op AFTER they had paid for & "taken possession" of the goods.
It should have been done at the check out.
bargod on 10/28/2008:
Very good point, jk.
DebtorBasher on 10/28/2008:
Crabby, where did I play the race card? SHE said she is black, I did't make that up...her attitude is saying, "I'm a strong black female"...which I'm sure she will not deny...was my mistake made when I referred to her as a "Female"...cause I don't think she actually said she was female, but that's not a race card anyway.
Principissa on 10/28/2008:
MRM I was embarrassed because all the people behind me were staring and whispering. One woman even had the nerve to say to the person behind her that I was trying to scam the store. The employees didn't embarrass me at all. It was the behavior of the people behind me that embarrassed me. I would much rather have them ask for identification while I am making a large purchase then have them not and have to make a phone call to Visa wondering why they let a one thousand dollar charge go through that I didn't make.

jk, I think the question was that she was purchasing gift cards with other gift cards. That's what probably raised a red flag in the office. However, she wasn't purchasing a gift card with a gift card and the receipt proved that. The store employee was just doing her job to make sure this woman wasn't trying to scam them. That's all. Not to mention she had two rather large purchases within hours of eachother and that also raised suspicion at the store as to what she was up to. It's not like the employee screamed "YOU'RE BLACK, YOU'RE TRYING TO RIP US OFF." She was doing her job and the poster got defensive.
yoke on 10/29/2008:
jkt, agrree. The time to question is BEFORE they check you out. Why ask for someones ID after the fact. It is the cashiers job to make sure the CC and ID's match and it is the person trying to use it CC and ID. As for using the gift cards, the store already had the money for the gift cards when they were bought and now they are harassing someone for using them. Did the store question someone wanting to buy $1300.00 worth of gift cards? If it was such a problem why was the manager not called to the register when the gift cards were being used?
Starlord on 10/29/2008:
As someone who formerly worked in Loss Prevention, I can guarantee you that your statement that if it had been a white woman, she would not have been questioned is dead wrong. It matters not if you are black, white, green or sky-blue pink with orange-purple polka dots. You make two trips to the same store and spend over $1,300 in gift cards, you will be investigated. Maybe you are unaware of groups of people stealing or counterfeiting gift cards and using them to make large purchases, then selling the goods to get the cash. If you are such a high muckty-muck in your organization, if you had kept your cool and worked with the obvious Loss Prevention Agent, you might have gotten the store as a sponsor for your organization, rather than antagonizing what could be a valuable asset. Your race card has been denied, come again soon.
earthjewel on 12/15/2008:
Well first of all, I have to say that I work at Meijer and you were only targeted for the length of time you spent in the store, the amount of money you spent and the way in which you purchased the products, NOT because of the color of your skin. It is very wrong to assume that. I understand some people like to play the victim, which that seems to be what you are doing, to get attention.
1. When A CUSTOMER spends a lot of time in the store, security tends to follow the customer around, to try to discourage theft. What is wrong with that?
2. You made a very large purchase on a credit card. Who's not to say that card had been stolen. Meijer policy includes checking identification and the name on the credit card on purchases over $500. (ie: one night I had a guest, a young WHITE male, who asked me to open the video game cabinet so he could purchase FIVE video games and some movies for his PSP. His bill was well over $500, and so I told the cashier to check his identification. He paid cash, nonetheless.) We try to prevent ID theft and not take checks that have been stolen, etc. You get the point.
3. You came back to the same store. THAT in itself is suspicious. What you should have done, was told a manager what you needed and what you were doing to put yourself in a better position. Think about it. If you had done that, the store, employees and managers, and possibly even security, would have known what you were doing, and they would have been more prone to leave you alone!
udragon on 03/15/2009:
First of all what corporation doesn't have their own personal business checks to use, why would you have that much in gift cards? I would be curious too if I were an employee of a store watching you and for a flag to be sent up from an office it must have been because of some activity that was suspicious, no store is going to stop you from spending thousands of dollars just because your a different color. And how did it conclude? Did you get your merchandise? did they pull you into the office? I'm curious. Meijers wouldn't have given those gift cards to your business for the handicapped people as a present, and they were being spent unaccordingly would they? Just a thought.
koolJ on 05/31/2012:
I'm a black male, and I do not feel you were racially profiled. because first of all if the company gave you a credit card why do you need to purchase gift cards . your activity was very suspicious because criminals, use stolen credit cards to buy gift cards which gift cards can not be traced . I know this because it happened to me at that same meijer, someone cloned my credit card and bought gift cards. I wish someone would have checked his ID and asked to look at the credit card he used and maybe they would a caught this bastard before he wiped out my bank account. oh no baby you were not profiled ,they did exactly what I should have done. after reading your comment I have a lot more respect for that store now so I thank you .
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Customer Will Never Shop at Meijers Again
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLUMBUS, OHIO -- They threatened to have me arrested for couponing. I was only using manufacturer coupons if cashier and register take coupons them I'm not doing anything wrong. They really lost a very good customer. I did all my shopping at Meijer for the nine people who live in my home. I purchased all my food items dog food all household school clothes school supplies most of Christmas shopping almost every cashier knows me by name there was a girl who works at service desk and she always treated me very unkind and I'm sure she had a lot to do with this.

And I've heard many other people complain about her and the general manager does not do a good job I have been shopping at this Meijer since the day it opened but never again and I also worked at this store as a vendor but I quit my job just I wouldn't have to return to this store.
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User Replies:
CU on 07/18/2013:
There is SO much more to this story.
Old Timer on 07/18/2013:
Would sure like to hear Meijer's side of this one. I know markets are starting to fight back over the extreme coupon shoppers. Nancy, your review does have some other issues to it though.
John Nicholson on 07/18/2013:
We do most of our shopping at Meijers. Never a problem using coupons. Much more to this story to be told.
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Falsely Accused of Shop Lifting. Accidentally Forgot Ring Up Something in My Cart
Posted on
Rating: 2/51
DAYTON, OHIO -- I went through the self check out at Meijer. I scanned some chicken. Apparently it didn't scan. I scanned all my groceries in the cart. I had two toys in the bottom of my cart. I made a mistake and was distracted by my phone. I forgot to-ring the 2 toys up. I spent around 75.00 in the store.

I was stopped by the loss prevention person. I told her over and over again it was a oversight on my part. I never tried to conceal any thing. I offered to pay for the items. I told her it was an accident etc... I even stated when she accused me of not ringing up chicken that I remembered having trouble scanning. That it wouldn't scan.

I asked about hidden cameras etc... She threatened to call police or I could get a Lawyer. The fee was 65.00. I was mad, confused. The loss prevention person was rude. When I told her I made a mistake that wasn't paying attention that I could pay for it she said no and if that made me feel better about myself I could say that it was accident. I have shopped here for a number of years. Spent thousands of dollars I am sure. I was embarrasssed and felt like there was nothing I could do or say to prove myself. She even accused me of doing the same thing on previous shopping trips but had no proof of such and stated she could catch up to me. which is ridiculous since I am in that store at least 3 times a week.

I felt like she didn't have any real proof of anything. I was given a civil fine of 65.00.
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User Replies:
At Your Service on 01/13/2013:
If I'm not mistaken, a 'civil fine' is Meijer saying to you that they believe you were caught in the act of shoplifting and that the amount of $65 is what they believe a judge would force you to pay should it come to that.

Did you sign an agreement to pay the amount? If so, this signature could be considered a binding contract. However, especially in this case, you could claim the agreement was signed under duress.

If you haven't paid the fine, you do have the option of disputing it and basically refusing to pay. From what you've stated here, they have no legal authority to force payment except for pulling you into court. Therein lies the issue. Meijer can still pursue legal charges against you. You may feel 'they have no proof' but they have you leaving without paying for the merchandise. That is, in fact, the proof. If they pursue the charges, you could be hit with both civil and criminal penalties and have the infraction put upon a record leading to other, even worse issues, like the loss of a job and/or denial of future credit.

If you admit to trying to leave without paying for the merchandise, regardless of why, you're in the wrong. $65 to not have them pursue further charges, in my opinion, is getting off easy.
ConsumerMan on 01/13/2013:
The last line of your review sums it up. You said they had no proof, but you had a chicken and two toys you didn't pay for.
jktshff1 on 01/13/2013:
Good info. Just another reason to stay off cell phones and avoid other distractions, especially when using self checkouts. While I understand your frustration, the store was well within its rights to stop and fine you. At least this will not be a criminal charge on your record.
Anonymous on 01/13/2013:
I'm sure they've heard the "I forgot to pay for these items" excuse a million times. You may have made an honest mistake, but bottom line is: you left with unpaid items. By law, that is considered shoplifting. Just like if you accidentally ran through a stop sign. A cop would still give you a ticket.
Dakota1015 on 01/13/2013:
Something similar happened to me at a Target. We had just finished moving into our new house and had run out to Target to get a few things. I was probably looking a little scruffy as I had spent the day moving furniture, etc. I waited for my wife while she used the restroom, which was near the door, but I stayed well within the main store area while I waited. While I was waiting there one of the checkout people accused me of preparing to make a run for the door with a cart full of merchandise. Really? I am thinking I could buy and sell this kid five times over, and he is accusing me of thinking about running from the store?
When my wife returned we checked out, asked to see the manager, who was not interested in what happened, and later contacted Target corporate in Minneapolis and never got a response.
Bottom line? We never set foot again in any Target store, and over the years this has cost them thousands of dollars.
As for the $65 charge Meijers charged you, that is simply another revenue stream for them, $65 of pure profit. If they said you had done it before, why hadn't they stopped you then?
I will stop using self checkouts after hearing this. If a mistake is made while checking out, let it be their fault, not mine. How many times are mistakes made by the stores that cost customers money (sale prices not coming up correctly, etc.). Can we charge them $65 every time they try to rip us off this way?
trmn8r on 01/13/2013:
A couple of things pop out here. As a "self serve" shopper myself, I am well aware of the "item that won't scan" problem. However, if you know a item isn't scanning, it is hard to argue that ultimately you thought it scanned if it didn't. From the store's perspective, I can see how they may find this a hard argument to believe.

As for the other two items, this adds fuel to the fire. Both not realizing the item didn't scan and not observing the items you had may be related to being distracted by the cell phone.

You should be able to see the store's position here - think of those (not saying you) who would argue "I was distracted and didn't know". Sadly, there are many who would do this to scam the store.
Nohandle on 01/13/2013:
I guess I'm the only one on the planet who doesn't utilize a self check out register (if available) but I'll just stand in line and wait my turn. Often it's no quicker to scan the items yourself. The time might come we all have to do the scanning ourselves but until then I'll let the store have the honor.

Perhaps the next time you are experiencing a problem you might consider letting your cell phone ring unanswered until you took care of business at hand.
DebtorBasher on 01/13/2013:
You're not alone NoHandle...I'm right with you...I hate those self checkouts. It's not like you're getting any discount on your items by cutting out the middleman (cashier) or, why not give them some job security? LOL!

It's just like pumping your own gas...the purpose of it was to pay less for gas if you pumped it yourself...all it did was put the pumpers out of a job.
trmn8r on 01/13/2013:
I'm begging to disagree with basher. Please basher, please? May I disagree?

I did "it" today - twice in fact! Scanning yourself in fact saves time, unless there are "full serve" checkouts open.

At my local WallsMart, that I strive to avoid, the self checkouts were replaced by "10 items or less" registers that are never open, because of all the thieves that frequent the store. How many people can shop at WallsMart and buy less than 10 items?

That's all I have on self checkouts. I'm going to go do it again...
DebtorBasher on 01/14/2013:
8er, 8er, my 8er...That's Basher with a capital 'B'!!!

Of course you may disagree with me...if you don't mind being wrong ;)

I have been to Walmart plenty of times and bought less than 10 items...they also use the 10 item or less counters for returns as well.

Mrs. Bosh on 06/16/2013:
I'm guessing Meijer don't have cameras. Why get upset when sales about them they shoulda showed u proof them just calles the cops.
Unnamed on 03/19/2014:
Same thing happened to me only I just wasn't paying attention and my kid unloaded cart forgot nuts and a dvd from up front
In a regular line no less not self checkout
Instead of "hey you forgot something" they apperantly watched knowing (having seen child unload cart onto belt which made me feel very much like it was a setup) and waited for me to step one foot out store and then say shoplifting
I said same thing "sorry wasn't paying attention let me pay" they just turned little accident into huge ordeal and I will not me shopping there ever again
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Made in USA
Posted by on
I want to buy American Made. I needed a new Microwave oven. Checked them out on line and found one that listed all the feature and said, (MADE IN USA). Got it home, set it up, opened the door, and there it was Assembled In China. Now that to me is not Made In America. If any part was made in USA then all should be and that is how the assembly lines put people back to work. It can be done. The United States needs to be working again here at home. you can be the first to put the assembly of the GE Microwave oven back to work. You should save this country not China. I'm very disappointed that the word China was on the label inside the door where consumers could not see it till they got it home. The inside label should have read Asssembled in the USA. This is my feelings that to many jobs have gone out of the country. I would appreciate acknolegment of this review with a reply.

Thank you.

Loretta Jackson.
Wyoming, Mich.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 09/23/2011:
I suspect you will have a long search to find a product that is 100% made and assembled in the USA, especially for electronics.
Slimjim on 09/23/2011:
I agree with the poster, that is not made in America and should not say such. Lee is right and I'm not sure there even is a US totally made microwave out there. Long gone are Litton and Amana Radar Ranges. Magic Chefs and Maytags used to be American made 15 years ago, but I doubt they still are, if they exist at all, but still may be worth checking.
Bernie on 08/21/2013:
I am so sick of see China it hurts. What they make will last maybe 6-8 months, just about time for the warranty to run out. I purchased a Sharp Microwave about 6 months ago from Target and heard this strange noise this evening when I was cooking some Green Giant Steamers, and ran up to the kitchen and it looked like it was lightning in the microwave. This going back to Target tomorrow! Not only is it some of the electronics, but anything that is of a so-called leather type material, whether it be shoes or watches, it breaks me out terribly and the rash takes almost a month to go away and that's with prescribed creams. I'm through, I'll go back to cooking on the stove, only if the pans are certified Made in the USA and slowly I am getting China out of my house. It may take a while, but it is certainly worth it. We Americans need to really wake up and stop letting outsiders control out lives. Unbelievable, never thought I would be writing something like this. It's a shame, but we all need to actively do something about it. We're buying and using trash and junk!
glove11 on 10/16/2013:
Totally agree with you Bernie,not unless people in this country will stop buying any product from China, then nothing will change because shoes/retailer will keep supplying their shelves from China.No wonder why we lost U.S jobs .
Brian on 10/17/2013:
I bought a Craftsman saw and I got home and the saw did not work I press the trigger on it and only the lights came on it its a piece of junk.
Brian on 10/18/2013:
I Went To The Store To Buy A Microwave And All Of Them Or Made In China That's No Good.
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Meijer from both points of view.
Posted by on
I have read many reviews criticizing Meijer from a consumer point of view. Much of this is entitled customer rubbish, where people fail to read signs (thus they claim to be overcharged because they pick up a 30oz bottle instead of a 10oz), use the self check out fast lanes when they do not have the knowledge or patience to learn how to do so, and go shopping at midnight and expect the same kind of service as during the day. There is a delusion that just because you have a dollar, that you OWN the people who work there. This is wrong. It is not moral. Meijer like all big-box stores is a direct result of how Americans have chosen to spend their money. YOU wanted bigger, faster, cheaper. You got sprawl, u-scans, and Chinese lead-laden garbage, and overworked underpaid employees who are working their hardest just to make ends.

What I have learned as a customer and an employee of Meijer is that the customer is NOT always right. People must go home at some decent hour. Watching people on Christmas eve whine like children about how the store closes at 7pm is disgusting. These people have families and work hard. I have had customers throw potatoes at me, threaten to hit me, and swipe at me with their hands, not to mention lie repeatedly. I believe in a society of mutual respect and conduct. I have always acted in this manner while shopping, returning my cart myself, not using plastic bags, saying please and thank you no matter what, not using the u-scan when I knew I would need help, and NEVER heckling of whining at hard working people.

Meijer is a family owned store. It's employees are union members. When you shop at Walmart or Target and pinch pennies, what you fail to realize is that Meijer helps it's employees, all who works over 12 hours to have healthcare, instead of pushing it off on the government welfare like other corps.

Coupons are often an issue. In college, I found that making a list (and yes, shopping at my local meijer) and sticking to it, without coupons was always far cheaper than what other girls in my building did with chasing sales and clipping coupons. These are advertising tactics that get you to buy what you don't need. I personally wish meijer would do away with them, and just lower prices overall. Coupons are made by many different vendors and often do not work correctly. Be patient and courteous with your cashier when you hand them a wad.

I agree that it has gotten too big, but as I mentioned above this is a direct result of us demanding bigger, better, faster, cheaper. If you have at u-scans, don't use them. (and I'd like to dispel the rumor that they take away jobs. they create many higher paid tech and production jobs and are constantly monitored.)

My experience has lead me to believe that the general American consumer does not understand how to get what they want, and how to express their opinions in a productive matter. Logic tells us that if you dislike something you want it to be fixed, yes? But the current approach does the total opposite. Don't buy foreign products if you don't like them. Don't shop at anti-union stores if you are tired of corporations beating on working people, and forcing us to pay for what they should in taxes. And if you have a problem with a store, don't shop there and write a clear, respectful letter, maybe a few times even to the company.

Abusing employees only decreases your level of service. Shop at decent hours of the day. Spend time with your family, and just stop rushing so much. We really don't need more stuff. What we need is piece of mind, community, and passion in life.
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User Replies:
leet60 on 12/24/2010:
I agree with a lot of this post. However, this point went against the grain

"...go shopping at midnight and expect the same kind of service as during the day. "

If a retailer opts to be a 24 hour store there should be no less expectation of reliable customer service and assistance as during daylight hours. Those who shop during this time, may well be time restricted by jobs and other responsibilities during what the OP considers "normal" shopping hours.

While I fully expect reduced staffing during overnight hours at a retailer, I do not expect, nor accept poor customer service at any time of day.
Inat on 12/25/2010:
I was with you "...Don't shop at anti-union stores if you are tired of corporations beating on working people, and forcing us to pay for what they should in taxes." - Unions usually make me spend MORE money by inflating the cost of labor and enjoy my tax dollars in the form of pension bailouts, gov't favors, etc. Unions are a blight
Ponie on 12/25/2010:
Meijer has 'red shirts' (employees), and 'blue shirts' (supevisors). In my family/extended family, I have some of both. I think I live amid the largest concentration of Meijer stores in MI, 7 of them. One about 18 miles distant, all others much closer.

I think wunderwmn has been hitting the eggnog a bit, after all this was posted Christmas Eve. :)

I find a couple of her points amusing: Just because I may have never used the selfcheck lanes, why shoud I stay away from them? We all have to learn some time. I use them whenever possible except when I have coupons--easier to have an experienced cashier handle those transactions.

Had potatoes thrown at her, threaten to hit her, swipe at her with their hands? Blue shirts abound in all areas of these stores and it would not be tolerated--a Shout out would bring them running.

She has one point correct--it's a family owned business. And a darned good one, too.

I think wunderwmn was ticked off because she had to work Christmas Eve. One of the blue shirts in my extended family had worked 18 days straight without an off day until today. His attitude? He's glad he has a dependable job and since he works nights, has time during the day to spend with his family.

Lighten up, wundrwmn.
old fart on 12/25/2010:
Ponie,,,, I bet dollars to donuts you live in the Grand Rapids area..
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People need to stop blaming Meijer for their own fault at times
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I have been shopping at Meijer for about 5 years and I have to say that I don't have a problem at the store I go to. I like how there are a lot of variety. They live up to their "One stop shopping" I can go there and buy car items, groceries, plants, electronic items, clothes and home essentials without having to go to different stores. I have worked for retail before and I can understand some things can be out of worker and company hands. I do have to agree that they do need more cashiers and less U-scans (I personally hate those things) just because for one they take jobs away from people. And of course that is what companies are striving for. Their prices are good especially when they have items on clearence!

I have read some of the post on here that are just so ridiculously stupid. One is made because it is possible like he said that he probably hit the pay inside button, OK that is not their fault. Consumers take things way out of hand and don't stop to think that may be they might have done something wrong or they didn't read the sign or didn't read it properly and they jump down the workers throats and demand they get it the price they "think" they saw or get it for free. Then later complain that prices are going up. HMMM well when you have thousands of people who come in and out of the store there are mound to have people who are going to complain or leave perishable items in lanes instead of walking back or handing it to a cashier so they can take it back, the company is going to lose out on that money and of course it is going to effect the prices and when it effects the prices and people don't want to pay the price then the company doesn't make the money and they are losing out on more money and then its effect the workers because now the company have to start cutting hours. Then people start complaining about not enough workers at the store or hard to find a job, but it is all a chain effect.

So since I have worked in retail I can understand when something goes wrong. And that is fine mistakes are going to be made oh well move on. When I have a problem and I ask one of the workers and they are nervous it upsets me because IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT and its like they are waiting for someone to yell at them or to call them stupid (which I have seen). And it's NOT right. And people want to complain about workers are rude or they have an attitude, hmm I wonder where it came from??? I bet one of those customers who do yell at these workers probably wouldn't be talkin' all that crap if that person was not on the clock. You just don't go somewhere and call people the B word or stupid because something didn't work in your favor OR you did something in which you believe wasent your fault.

But like I said I don't have a problem with Meijer nor for any other comapny I shop at. Like they say you have to be in the other persons shoes to understand it and I have.
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 09/02/2010:
I personally like the self-scan lanes. What I don't like is being stuck behind someone who doesn't know how to use the self scan lanes.
oldisgood on 09/02/2010:
I guess I am the one you are probably stuck behind. The first time I used one of the self-scans I embarrassed my husband so bad because I was literally yelling (not loud) at the stupid machine. I swore at that time I would never ever use a machine that was smarter than me. A few months later, I tried again and only cussed a little bit. But---I did conquer it. However, I think I like the cashiers better because they go faster than I can. Meijers, however, has the u-scan lanes with LONG belts so the machine isn't saying "put the item in the bag" all the time when there is no room to put the item in the bag. I have encountered some very friendly Meijer cashiers who have helped me through and been very, very courteous. I LIKE MEIJERS
Venice09 on 09/02/2010:
And I'm next in line, oldisgood. I don't even want to learn how to use the self-scanner. I like dealing with humans.
clutzycook on 09/02/2010:
The only problem with the self scan lanes at my local Meijer is that they seem to put the B-team members on those lanes. But I'm with you oldi, I like the longer belts.
Nohandle on 09/02/2010:
Nice reminder for everyone. I personally have never made a scene at any business I've shopped at. I still love the story of shopping with my SIL in another area. She smugly looked at me while I waited in line to have a cashier ring up my purchase and she was in the self-scan line or whatever it's called. I wouldn't take any thing for propping my foot on the bottom of the cart, looking at my watch and she was still having a problem trying to check out. I was ready to go and she was still fooling around. A big smile at the memory.
Anonymous on 09/02/2010:
they used to have self scans at my Wal-mart but they got rid of them. Prob cause every minute someone was calling an employee for help and the dang thing malfunctioned half of the time.
clutzycook on 09/02/2010:
They got rid of them here too, wally. I miss them, actually.
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