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Rip off Scheduled B service
Posted by Nycdoc1619 on 11/16/2010
NY, NEW YORK -- I took my 2009 MB SL 550 with only 13,000 miles in for it's scheduled "B" service. At the time of service I mentioned that the brake pedal was a bit low and that the IPOD cable had a crack in it. A few hours later the service advisor called me and said the B service was over $450 dollars and that my car needed a recommended "brake flush". He said the brake flush even-though a recommended service was not included in the B service and would cost $180 dollars. He also said that the IPOD cable was not covered under warranty and would cost $100. He also said my wiperblades were streaking and, you guessed it, not part of the B service and would cost $80. When I got the car back I checked what was done for my $450 "B" service......basically an oil change and a 27 point safety inspection which they will do for free if you bring your car in.
What a rip off. I will never buy another MB again. I have a 2010 BMW 750i. BMW covers all maintenance for 3 years....including cables and brake flushes.. I repeat do not buy a Mercedes Benz. If you do then definitely do not bring it to MB Manhattan they are a rip off.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2010-11-16:
seems like the issue is where you brought it not the car brand. MB doesn't own dealerships You do have other options
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-16:
I guess they feel you can afford a MB, you can afford to get ripped off on the maintnence.
Posted by MJ on 2013-05-13:
Glad I read this, I did a svc B once and that was a 300 dollar hit. Have private MB tech I am looking into, if he's not available, I'm going to a reputable oil change garage and call it a day. I know they gotta make their money, but I got mine pre-owned, not brand new with a single check. God bless those who can do that, until I'm one of them, cost IS a factor. :-/
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Mercedes Benz Huntington
Posted by Rramjit on 06/14/2009
HUNTINGTON, NEW YORK -- I went into the pre-owned showroom yesterday and was close to singing a deal for an E350. Unfortunately I ran into Mr. Mitchell (pre-owned manager) and was disgusted at his actions. He suggested my brothers were there to steal from the vehicles there and stated, "You look like some of the kids who stole from here before." It was clear, the discrimination that went on, from Mr. Mitchell alone (the other two sales persons there did not say a word) stemmed from skin color and age. We have bought 2 cars from your dealership before and will never purchase again from your dealership because of this experience. I will be placing a call to MB corporate as well as documenting my experience online at various review sites.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-14:
Did you ask to talk to the owner or at least the GM?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-15:
Wouldn't you just love to hear the dealer's version of this story?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-15:
God, yes! This is too odd a story NOT to hear the other side.
Posted by MSCANTBEWRONG on 2009-06-15:
Once again the race card with little evidence to back it up. I can't imagine someone would just walk up to you out of the blue and say something like that. Maybe I'm naive...
Posted by Shawn on 2013-06-25:
No idea what happened---- but when they don't think your buying they ignore you at the dealership so I believe it!!!!
They saw my tattoos and ignored me--- yet I own 3 mercedes --- love the cars yet hate the service --ugh!
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They cheat
Posted by Swood on 05/09/2006
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Mercedes Benz Houston Greenway is the worst dealership I have ever experienced. We had our car serviced there for several years because they are the closest one. First we ddi our routine maintenance there for 3 years until one day I realized the front tires worn a lot. It turned out, they never did tire rotation even they charge me for it. Who knows what else they did not do but charged me for? Secondly, after my car is out off warranty, I bought an extended warranty from an online dealer and they said they are happy to accept the warranty. But every time I used it, they will find some excuses to charge me more. They even try to cheat me by saying that the rear view mirror is not electronic so my warranty will not cover it. The parts there are also way more expensive than other dealers. They charge over $12 for a light bulb, but you can buy it from another dealer for $4. I now go to Star Motor for service and repair. They are much better. Mercedes Greenway is worse than a Junk car dealer when coming to cheating your money.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-09:
It has been said that you don't have to be rich to buy a Mercedes, but you need to be rich to own one!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-09:
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-09:
Rule of thumb about auto dealerships - "They're in the business of selling cars not repairing them"
Buy your parts oil, air filter, etc from the dealer then do some research and find an independent auto shop (check the BBB site in Houston) http://bbb.caller.com
Good luck
Posted by ducati900ss on 2007-04-11:
Isn't that a song? "Lord won't you fix my Mercedes Benz."
Posted by thetaxterminator on 2008-08-22:
I had a horrible experience attempting to buy a car there. They sold me a car and then took it away AFTER the contract was signed. Then they said they would replace that deal with one at cost, BECAUSE THEY HAD A LEGAL PROBLEM. They also have a greed problem, as they made $4,100 more (per dealership personnel) on the first car by stealing it out from under me. Then they verbally agreed to a deal on another car to make it right, but they changed the price by over $3,000 when they put it on paper. THIS DEALERSHIP CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Go elsewhere!!!!!!!
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Fraud Action at Service Department
Posted by Ediosli on 12/11/2013
Good afternoon!

I leased an ML350 on March-2011at Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay in Miami, Florida. I prepaid the maintenance, but in my busy life I didn't realized that I was being charged every time my car was on service when I was supposed to pay nothing. I totally paid 3,796 dollars during the 3 years lease.

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Fender Cracks Caused by Design Defects/problem for CL500 2002
Posted by Traveljjr on 11/28/2013
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- 2002 CL500 Coupe - 100k miles now - just ended my extended warranty. Car had some service work done at Sacramento dealership on Howe Ave. Routine service work was done at a certified Mercedes Repair shop. All recall work and ABC system problems that occurred before 50k miles were checked by the dealership. Numerous cluster problems on dash.

ABC system had to be repaired twice under warranty. The front end of the car dropped down on the tires. I was told by mechanics and other owners that this is a big problem with these cars. My car has never been in an accident but now I have cracks on both fenders in the same location.

When you open the hood you can see where the cracks started. Appears to be a design defect. Mercedes tells me that's a body shop problem--too many miles and nothing can be done after 50k miles. Why should I have to pay almost $5,000 to fix plastic fenders that I did not damage? This car cost 100k brand new. I bought it at 28k miles and in excellent condition from a private owner.

If this is how the Mercedes Company treats their car owners--not offering any accommodation for my problem--they will never get my business again. Plus everyone I know will hear my story.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-29:
It's a 12 year old German car, repairs costs are going to be high. And yes the car cost $100k brand new, but now it's work $10k-$12k.

Frankly $5000 to repair a German car of that vintage isn't too bad. At any rate MB didn't make much money off of you, as you bought the car from a private seller. So I don't think your threat of not giving them any future business really bothers them.
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Mercedes Refuses to Honor a Recall on My Car
Posted by Spgallagher924 on 06/19/2013
EVERYWHERE, NEW YORK -- My email to them which covers it basically you'll get it!-

"I have a 2004 e320, it has what appears to be a cracked left side fuel sender. Or so it seems!? This is a common problem on e class models ---as I'm more than sure you know. Campaign 2008-020001 covers this exact problem on 211 models 2003-2006, which my car is. However when my vin was run at the dealer, it is supposedly not covered!? The service manager tells me its ridiculous, that its again, "more than obvious", its the same problem or defect. Yet not covered. He suggested I call Mercedes and after an " investigation" I was told nothing would be covered!? An investigation that included or predominately was decided over, the fact that I have stopped regularly servicing my car at the dealer! My car looks and runs like new other than this problem, in fact I researched it and found the recall because I wanted it perfect as to trade in or sell and replace it! So Mercedes won't cover a problem that has 1000s of complaints pending with the NHTSA. I cannot fill my gas tank because if I do the backseat (drivers side) fills with fumes and my children complain. I pulled the backseat in the service area parking lot and we opened the hatch and saw the gas sitting in the sender ( see attached pic). It was like we were looking at the pictures attached to the campaign!!! Yet not covered!?

I have owned 3 Mercedes Benz in my lifetime. I can honestly say that I firmly believe they are the best constructed, most reliable, and sharpest looking cars on the road. I have spent years telling everyone I know, anyone that would listen, that once you own a Mercedes Benz you can't own any other car. And I routinely argue with my BMW loving best friend ( a luxury car dealer) over which is the better vehicle. My car has reached 125k, it's time for a new Mercedes. If any part of you believes I will ever buy another Mercedes when the company will not in good faith fix my vehicle that is so obviously having a problem that is manufacturing defect, then you are out of your mind!

I'm no idiot, I realize if you have even bothered to read this far into the letter, the company could probably care less about one consumer, but you will have lost a truly faithful customer who would've never bought another brand. And whom will exhaust my fingers and wear out my iPad on every blog, website, complaint site, NHTSA hot-line, and anywhere else I can to be sure that I will deter as many people as I can from ever buying a Mercedes because a multi billion dollar company didn't stand by their product, and fix a maybe $1500 problem.

If you took the time to read this, and take the time to compare my symptoms and pics to that of the campaign ( and I'm sure millions of complaints), then anyone with any power, and want to do the right thing, will help me and keep me on team Mercedes! "
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-06-19:
When you no longer service your car at Mercedes it gives them an excuse as to why they won't cover any repair. As all businesses even Mercedes looks for loopholes to save money. No cares anymore about "faithful" or "loyal" customers anymore. It's all about the bottom line.
Posted by Sam on 2013-06-25:
Mercedes benz service = douche bags
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Mercedes C Class Caught Fire While Driving
Posted by Guynew28 on 07/08/2012
NJ, NEW JERSEY -- My husband has a few years old black Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan. Car was purchased brand new at Mercedes authorized dealer. There is no modification made to this car and all the servicing done at Mercedes authorized dealer. It had only 58000 miles. Last B servicing which checked any safety related issues and includes regular maintenance, was done at authorized dealer on 02/18/2012. No issue was informed on 02/18/2012 to us by Mercedes authorized dealer servicing department. On 06/21/2012, when my husband was driving this car from work to home, he turned on A/C, A/C shutdown and he started smelling smoke. On left side of driver side, there is A/C vent and he saw fire inside the hood through that vent. He pulled over car right away and electricity went out with in 1 min of his pulling over and within 4 min, whole car was burnt and now totaled.

This issues poses very serious security risks to public and it needs through investigation.

My husband contacted Mercedes head quarter for investigation and Mercedes declined to investigate. GEICO stated in report that hood is stuck and cause of fire is unknown. GEICO Insurance Company authorized Mercedes engineers to investigate further upon my husband's request and Mercedes USA does not want to investigate further. We do not want others to go through same ordeal as we went through. Mercedes manufactory should be fully responsible for it since there is thousands of people out there driving the same car. It's very shocking that such a reputed company refuse to do anything about it.

Mercedes said it's because our car is too old so it's not their problem, which I found it ridiculous because it only had 58k miles. I understand that things will break when it gets old, but it should not turn into a hazard product which can kill someone. And the servicing department at the local dealer totally agreed that it should not caught in fire like that.

What should I do from this point?

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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-07-08:
There is nothing else to do. You brought it to the attention of Mercedes Benz.

Man-made machines that use fuel and electricity can catch fire for various reasons, and as they age the possibility increases. Mercedes cited the age of the car (C230 Kompressor has been made for over 13 years) - my guess is they feel an accessory or wiring caused the problem, and it is not a manufacturing or design issue.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2012-07-08:
What is "a few years old"?
Posted by ok4now on 2012-07-09:
I would report them to the Insurance Institute and see if there are similar claims. M.B. should have done more to help with this life threatening problem.
Posted by Lugose on 2014-03-28:

Saw something similar to what you were talking about yesterday. It appeared that he was just sitting there when it started to smoke and then burn. I didn't hang around till the fire truck got there.
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Tire Wear
Posted by Zbratt on 04/10/2012
2010 C300 with 29k miles needs 3rd set of tires due to cupping. The original set and the replacement set did the same at 15k and 14k. Never had a car to go through tires like this before.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2012-04-10:
sounds like an alignment, or inflation problem. Not a manufacturing problem. Did you try taking it to an alignment or frame shop to see if there is a problem? Did you buy this car brand new?
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-04-10:
What brand/model tire did you use?

Have you had a shop with a good reputation examine the car to diagnose the issue? That is what I would do.
Posted by BigAl on 2012-04-10:
The first thing would be to have the shocks and or struts checked. However there is not enough info from the OP to make any conclusions. Was there a wear problem with just the front tires? How often did you rotate the tires? By the term set do you mean 2 or 4? Just not enough info.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-04-11:
Been a few of the German taxis' in my household (I don't like them but the Mrs does) The OEM tires are very soft compound and 20K miles is about all you'll get out of them....Like all luxury cars they want repeat business so customer service is very responsive. I'd suggest you contact MB USA.
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Mercedes Poor Engineering
Posted by MOMMI194 on 11/02/2011
I purchased a brand new ML-320 and C230 for the total of $110,000. They both had many problems. I spent 400,000 almost 4 times of what I paid for it. The cars were constantly at shop. I hope they learn from Japanese and Korean car manufacturing. Can someone explain to the Mercedes manufacturing, what is the purpose of having a good looking car that does not run.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-02:
Koreans? Not ready for prime time in the luxury market yet. Mercedes problem isn't poor quality its their oft times over engineered components. As someone that's owned 3 MB's, 7 counting my wife's 4 come away from the dark side. Lexus is your friend!! Amazing engineering and when you speak, they listen.
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Horrible Customer Service and Bad Service in my
Posted by Pdr200 on 09/08/2011
After buying two Mercedes from Mercedes Benz Manhattan I contacted them to schedule a drop off on August 2nd for service (fix damage from a car crash). I contacted them 2 weeks before the scheduled date to make sure they knew that I was going to dropped off my car. And they confirmed for me. As a courtesy I contacted them a week before to ensure that they knew that my car was going to be dropped off.

When I got there to drop off my car at Mercedes Dealer nobody knew about my car and they said that they have to check if they can take my car for service. After 30 minutes of discussions, Katie came to talk to me about checking the car, because it was an insurance related claim and she was the one to handle it, really fast she took the insurance check from my hands even though she didn't know the reason my car was going for service. After I schedule two weeks in advance and have confirmed a week ago, they should be responsible for their schedules, but in this case I was the one who drove over 50 miles to drop off my car in a good dealer and been sent home. I thought it was outrageous. Because of their internal communications problems and I was the one who would have to do the same thing twice. After one hour of back and forth, they accept taking my car. Katie assure me that she would contact the insurance company and reserve a car for me, so I could pick up around noon and drive back home with my 3 months old daughter and my mom.

When I got at the dealer around 5 PM my car was driven to NJ and no arrangements were made about my rental. Katie never called Enterprise, she called Enterprise when I got back to the dealer at 5 PM and told me that there wasn't any car available for me. This was the worst customer service or customer care that I have ever experience. I reminded her that she was supposed to call the car rental and reserve a car for me and she didn’t do it. When I asked her about that she just left, as she didn't need to answer to me. I asked to talk to her supervisor Gail. When Gail came to talk to me, I told her the situation and she start to explain for Katie, protecting Katie and not even listen to me that I need a car and I need to take my daughter and my mom home. Gail did not even try to get me a car to go home, she didn't care at all how I was going to drive my family home. She was basically telling me that Katie had no responsibly to get me a rental for my car even if she told me she would get me a car she didn’t have to do so. Gail simply told me that I have to find a way to go home, but she couldn't do anything for me.

I called the insurance company to schedule a car rental and they schedule the car for me. At that time I was at Mercedes already for 2 hours trying to get a car to go home.

Mercedes and its personnel did not do anything for me they only want the insurance money for the service and care less for me. It was the worst experience I ever had I my life with customer service.
After I arrange the car from Enterprise I left Mercedes around 8PM. I stayed there for over 3 hours trying to fix a mistake made by their employees. Before I left Katie guarantee me that she would call me and let me know the car status and when should I return the rental and when should I pick up my car. She never called me, I called Mercedes 3 times and never heard back from Katie. I decided to call the insurance company to find out how everything stands and they explain to me that Mercedes is trying to get more damages repair in the car and they would have to hold the car for more days. I told the lady at the insurance company that I called because my body shop hasn’t communicate with me at all and every time I call they don’t know anything about my car. I need to be informed and know when I am supposed to return my rental otherwise it would come out of my packet. After the insurance lady called the dealer to find out the status in my car and give a date to drop off the rental she called me back and let me know. I couldn’t believe that Mercedes Benz Manhattan could not call me to let me know about the status.

When I picked up the car the car was showing a message about service and they did not called me if I would like to have the service performed while my car was at the dealer. Now I have to send my car again for service (in a different dealership, because I will never go back there). It is extremely inconvenient.

On top of that they stole $60 in quarters in my car, the plastic container that is located in between the driver and passenger seat, the triangle, my car charger, a back protection, CD’s and they used up all my gas and returned it to me without gas to go back home.
Send your car to Mercedes Benz Manhattan if you want to be humiliated by bad customer services, if you want to be ignored every time you call to ask if your car is ready, and they will tell you that they have no idea about your car. And send your car to Mercedes Benz Manhattan if you want to be robbed and have your accessories missed when you pick up your car. I have over $400 dollars lost with my quarter, my charger missing, CD, the plastic container missing…
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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-09-08:
I didn't follow all the details, for example you were going to pick up a rental at 12 noon, but you arrived at 5pm.

In any event, it sounds like Katie really dropped the ball - I had a dealer arrange for a rental once and it worked very smoothly. Despite your attempts to make sure everything was arranged, it is as if you never called.

As far as missing valuables - that stinks. I never leave any money in my car, and I probably would leave CDs either - there is too much opportunity for doors to be left open, temptation, etc.
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