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Mercedes Refuses to Honor a Recall on My Car
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EVERYWHERE, NEW YORK -- I have a 2004 e320. It has what appears to be a cracked left side fuel sender. Or so it seems!? This is a common problem on e class models as I'm more than sure you know. Campaign 2008-020001 covers this exact problem on 211 models 2003-2006, which my car is. However when my VIN was run at the dealer, it is supposedly not covered!? The service manager tells me it's ridiculous, that it's again, "more than obvious", it's the same problem or defect. Yet not covered.

He suggested I call Mercedes and after an "investigation" I was told nothing would be covered!? An investigation that included or predominately was decided over, the fact that I have stopped regularly servicing my car at the dealer! My car looks and runs like new other than this problem, in fact I researched it and found the recall because I wanted it perfect as to trade in or sell and replace it!

So Mercedes won't cover a problem that has 1000s of complaints pending with the NHTSA. I cannot fill my gas tank because if I do the backseat (driver's side) fills with fumes and my children complain. I pulled the backseat in the service area parking lot and we opened the hatch and saw the gas sitting in the sender (see attached pic). It was like we were looking at the pictures attached to the campaign!!! Yet not covered!?

I have owned 3 Mercedes Benz in my lifetime. I can honestly say that I firmly believe they are the best constructed, most reliable, and sharpest looking cars on the road. I have spent years telling everyone I know, anyone that would listen that once you own a Mercedes Benz you can't own any other car. And I routinely argue with my BMW loving best friend (a luxury car dealer) over which is the better vehicle. My car has reached 125k. It's time for a new Mercedes. If any part of you believes I will ever buy another Mercedes when the company will not in good faith fix my vehicle that is so obviously having a problem that is manufacturing defect, then you are out of your mind!

I'm no idiot, I realize if you have even bothered to read this far into the letter, the company could probably care less about one consumer, but you will have lost a truly faithful customer who would've never bought another brand. And whom will exhaust my fingers and wear out my iPad on every blog, website, complaint site, NHTSA hot-line, and anywhere else I can to be sure that I will deter as many people as I can from ever buying a Mercedes because a multi billion dollar company didn't stand by their product, and fix a maybe $1500 problem.

If you took the time to read this, and take the time to compare my symptoms and pics to that of the campaign (and I'm sure millions of complaints), then anyone with any power, and want to do the right thing, will help me and keep me on team Mercedes!

Awful Experience with Mercedes-Benz Customer Care
By -

Here's my rant. I've actually had a few weeks to think about it before I hit the boards with what I think you guys should know. I'm extremely disappointed in Mercedes-Benz Customer “Care” or lack thereof. First a little history; I'm a Mercedes guy. I bought my first Mercedes 12 years ago at Ken Garff Mercedes in Salt Lake City (one of the absolute worst dealerships you could ever impose upon a car buyer). It was a 300TE 4-Matic. My brother had a 300TD and I fell in love with the car. Since then, I've owned an ML320 (still own) an E320 4-Matic Wagon and the current car in question our E500 4-Matic Wagon. I've been a mouth piece for Mercedes with all of our wagons and my ML that won't stop running.

Here's my story; I bought the last wagon used. It had 48k on the clock when we decided to get a few last minute details buttoned up while still under warranty. I brought the car to Ken Garff Mercedes with complaints of the automated CD door not shutting. They looked at it and replaced the door under warranty. My wife got in the car and drove it away. Never checking the door… it was down, life was good. We rarely use the CD player anyway.

Fast forward about 1.5 months later. We're in Yellowstone on vacation with the car. We decide to load a CD. Push the button. Door goes up. Won't come down. Same problem. I think “no problem, they should still fix this even though the car is now 1k over the warranty period.” Upon further inspection, they misdiagnosed “why” the door was not functioning. The problem was the CD player not the door. I still thought nothing of it. Wrong.

They now wanted me to pay for the CD player as the car was now out of warranty. This is where things started to get weird. Do you like the run-around? I got a plain and clear “run-around” Ken Garff stated unequivocally; “You need to talk to Mercedes-Benz Customer Care. They are the ones denying your claim.” I spoke to Mercedes-Benz Customer Care and they stated unequivocally; “You need to talk to Ken Garff Mercedes. They are the ones denying your claim.” Back to “Ken Garff Mercedes” who states it's ** from Mercedes-Benz USA.

Furthermore (ready for this car guys?); because I change my own oil and do my own routine maintenance on my vehicles (brakes etc.), I was told the claim would not be granted because “I do not have a good service history with the dealership”. Keep that in mind… big brother is watching your VIN.

After 4 days of holding our car hostage they come back to us acting like the “Good Guys” and say. We'll pay for ½ of the CD player and your bill will be $440.00. More calls to Mercedes-Benz Customer Care. I couldn't believe my ears. To me this was cut and dry. The car was brought into a Mercedes-Benz dealership while under warranty complaining of the problem. I have the receipts. They know this to be true. It was not fixed properly and they “both” are unwilling to stand behind the problem and simply admit error and fix the problem.

Ready for more? I told them to fix the door and I declined to pay for the CD player. They then proceeded to erase all of my previous backordered items that were to be covered under warranty and told me this fine trick “It's all or nothing. You either take the CD at ½ off and we'll repair the door for free or it's full price for everything.” (You know why right? Because they knew it was the CD player all along).

At that point I had the moron service writer print me an estimate to have the car repaired. The new total is now $1,200.00. I have taken all invoices and notes to my attorney. I even have a phone message from Mercedes declining the coverage.

Why litigation? I don't know… I've never sued anyone in my life but this is clear cut wrong. A claim was made under warranty and not fixed properly. I was told by both the dealership and Mercedes-Benz Customer Care that because I am not a regular customer at Ken Garff Mercedes my claim was being declined. Shame on Mercedes-Benz Customer Care. I would say shame on Ken Garff Mercedes but they are beyond moral reprehension. They are simply the worst automobile dealership I've “ever” had experience with.

Honoring A Sales Pitch
By -

HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND -- In August of 2008, I went into Mercedes Benz of Hagerstown originally looking at a 2006 E350 4matic. That car was sold and I was pointed to a 2006 BMW 525i, that they had. I liked the car very much. It had only 31,000 miles on it, brand new tires, pretty loaded and got pretty good gas mileage.

So, I negotiated a good price for the car and drove it home. 3 months & 6,000 miles later, I pick up a nail in the tire and get a flat. I take it to the first tire place who says I need all new tires. Thinking it is just a sales pitch, I go to another tire place. They fix the flat, tell me I need all new tires, and that I have 2-3000 miles left on them. I decline their offer and head to the Mercedes dealer thinking there was a mistake, they had gotten new tires for the car and perhaps just did not put them on or something.

So, the salesman agrees, he did tell me the car had brand new tires, the service manager agrees, the car needs new tires. The sales manager comes over and says, "yes, but you drove the car, so we will put new tires on it for $900." I explained this made no sense to me, as I was told the tires were brand new and as it turns out, they were not, so I should get brand new tires.

He told me, that I got use out of the tires and that the old cliche "buyer beware" comes into effect. I told him, I expect "buyer beware" from a shady 2 bit used car dealer, not a Mercedes Benz dealership that prides itself on being #7 ranked for customer service. I told them that perhaps practices like this is why they are ranked #7 and not higher. They should honor what they promised - brand new tires.

He then offered me new tires for $450 saying that they did not make enough profit on the car originally to warrant the price of new tires. I asked him how their profit was any problem of mine, but that I had been told the car had brand new tires and I expect brand new tires. He would not budge saying that I had used the tires, therefore he was not responsible. I explained that had they been in fact, brand new tires and I got the same flat tire, I would not be in their shop now, as the tires would not need to be replaced. No difference.

I am shocked that a Mercedes Benz dealer selling a BMW, told the buyer to pound sand, "Buyer Beware" and do whatever I feel I need to do, but they are not putting new tires on the car. I told him fine, I will reach out to as many people as I possibly could and let them know all about it. All I expected was for the dealer to honor their sales pitch, put 4 new tires of equal quality on the car and we could have called it a day.

Mercedes C Class Caught Fire While Driving
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Rating: 2/51

NJ, NEW JERSEY -- My husband has a few years old black Mercedes C230 Kompressor Sports Sedan. Car was purchased brand new at Mercedes authorized dealer. There is no modification made to this car and all the servicing done at Mercedes authorized dealer. It had only 58000 miles. Last B servicing which checked any safety related issues and includes regular maintenance, was done at authorized dealer on 02/18/2012. No issue was informed on 02/18/2012 to us by Mercedes authorized dealer servicing department.

On 06/21/2012, when my husband was driving this car from work to home, he turned on A/C, A/C shutdown and he started smelling smoke. On left side of driver side, there is A/C vent and he saw fire inside the hood through that vent. He pulled over car right away and electricity went out within 1 min of his pulling over and within 4 min, whole car was burnt and now totaled. This issue poses very serious security risks to public and it needs thorough investigation.

My husband contacted Mercedes headquarter for investigation and Mercedes declined to investigate. GEICO stated in report that hood is stuck and cause of fire is unknown. GEICO Insurance Company authorized Mercedes engineers to investigate further upon my husband's request and Mercedes USA does not want to investigate further. We do not want others to go through same ordeal as we went through. Mercedes manufactory should be fully responsible for it since there are thousands of people out there driving the same car. It's very shocking that such a reputed company refuse to do anything about it.

Mercedes said it's because our car is too old so it's not their problem, which I found it ridiculous because it only had 58k miles. I understand that things will break when it gets old, but it should not turn into a hazard product which can kill someone. And the servicing department at the local dealer totally agreed that it should not catch in fire like that. What should I do from this point?

Does Mercedes-Benz Care About Their Customers?
By -

EUREKA, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a 2009 E350 last month in Walnut Creek CA. We drove the car home to Eureka California approximately 300 miles. Shortly after arriving home some eight hours after we picked up the car from the dealer, the rear axle had a catastrophic failure. We lost all power to the drive train. It was all we could do using our forward momentum to weave our way through traffic to the side of the road running over the remains of a shopping cart. Although the damage to the front bumper was slight nevertheless our brand-new car was now damaged.

We call the 24-hour road service and our tale of woe problems continued. We were told that 24-hour roadside assistance is only good if you are within 30 miles of the dealership. That we could not have anyone come and get our car until the next day. When we told them the car was in an unsafe position, we were told we are the car owners and it was our responsibility to have a tow the car to a safe location. We even asked to speak with a supervisor but to no avail.

So we towed our car to a safe location and awaited someone come and get our car who had a contract with her Mercedes Benz to come and get it. They did the next day at approximately 5 PM. It took 11 days to get our car back. There was an argument about whether Mercedes should pay for the bumper damage, in the end they did. There was an argument about whether or not they would be responsible for returning the car to us, in the end they did after finding out that it was California law.

We were assured by the dealership that someone from Mercedes would talk to us that they wanted to do the right thing by us. We were also assured that the Mercedes mfg representative would be calling us. Never happened. I did receive one phone call from someone who was a case manager in customer relations. Unfortunately, we're a car full of people on the way to a birthday party for my 75-year-old mother-in-law. I could not talk to her. But no surprise here, no phone call after that. For the record I have called and left messages eight times.

This whole experience has been very disappointing to us. We bought a Mercedes Benz automobile because we felt it was one of the finest engineered cars on the marketplace. We entered into agreement assured that if we had a problem that Mercedes Benz would be there to help us. Not only are they not there to help us, they won't even call us. My advice to you, is if you're traveling with your Mercedes-Benz, don't rely on the roadside assistance get AAA. We wished we would've bought a Lexus.

Auto Repair Scam
By -

ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I brought my Mercedes 260-E to the dealership to have a few minor things done to it. It was running great, and had been since we purchased it. I had the following things done to it: lube, oil and filter change, dash light changed, speedometer cable changed, drivers front window switch fixed.

First of all it took them over a month to fix these repairs. Then, when I went to pick the car up with my son **, I paid them $2,000 for the repairs and left my son with the keys to take the car home because I had to get back to work. The car wouldn't drive off, so they jumped the car off and sent my son on his way. A half a mile down the road the car stopped on him. They refused to take any responsibility for the car that ran great when I brought it to them.

We brought the car back to them and they called me a few days later and told me that it would cost over $5,000 to fix it. Naturally I was devastated by the news so they kept the car because I could not afford to fix it. They have the car and this took place in July of 2007. I never could afford to pick it up. Can you imagine a car that ran perfect when I brought it to them not running at all when I went to pick it up?

It is my experience that some dealers like this one actually causes the car to malfunction so that you will spend more money with them. This dealership would not take any responsibility for my car or fixing what they had done to it. I have many witnesses that this car ran great before I brought it to them. Do not trust this dealership because they scammed me.

Rip off Scheduled B service
By -

NY, NEW YORK -- I took my 2009 MB SL 550 with only 13,000 miles in for its scheduled "B" service. At the time of service I mentioned that the brake pedal was a bit low and that the IPOD cable had a crack in it. A few hours later the service advisor called me and said the B service was over $450 dollars and that my car needed a recommended "brake flush". He said the brake flush even-though a recommended service was not included in the B service and would cost $180 dollars. He also said that the IPOD cable was not covered under warranty and would cost $100. He also said my wiper blades were streaking and, you guessed it, not part of the B service and would cost $80.

When I got the car back I checked what was done for my $450 "B" service... basically an oil change and a 27 point safety inspection which they will do for free if you bring your car in. What a rip off. I will never buy another MB again. I have a 2010 BMW 750i. BMW covers all maintenance for 3 years... including cables and brake flushes. I repeat do not buy a Mercedes Benz. If you do then definitely do not bring it to MB Manhattan. They are a rip off.

Fender Cracks Caused by Design Defects/problem for CL500 2002
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Rating: 2/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- 2002 CL500 Coupe - 100k miles now - just ended my extended warranty. Car had some service work done at Sacramento dealership on Howe Ave. Routine service work was done at a certified Mercedes Repair shop. All recall work and ABC system problems that occurred before 50k miles were checked by the dealership. Numerous cluster problems on dash. ABC system had to be repaired twice under warranty. The front end of the car dropped down on the tires.

I was told by mechanics and other owners that this is a big problem with these cars. My car has never been in an accident but now I have cracks on both fenders in the same location. When you open the hood you can see where the cracks started. Appears to be a design defect. Mercedes tells me that's a body shop problem--too many miles and nothing can be done after 50k miles.

Why should I have to pay almost $5,000 to fix plastic fenders that I did not damage? This car cost 100k brand new. I bought it at 28k miles and in excellent condition from a private owner. If this is how the Mercedes Company treats their car owners--not offering any accommodation for my problem--they will never get my business again. Plus everyone I know will hear my story.

Mercedes Benz refused to comply with warranty
By -

MONTVALE, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a new Mercedes SLK in 2005 (a 2006 model). About a year later, the navigation system began to malfunction intermittently. I have taken the car to my dealer (RAB Motors in San Rafael, CA) eleven times for this problem but it has not been fixed. The dealer's own records state that the problem has been observed and verified by their service technicians. They have replaced some parts of the navigation system but it still malfunctions.

Both Mercedes USA customer service and RAB refuse to do anything further. RAB blames Mercedes and Mercedes blames RAB. The car is under warranty both because the problem arose during the warranty period and because I purchased a seven year extended warranty from Mercedes.

I have never seen a company simply stonewall a customer when the problem is documented. It clearly is covered by warranty and they simply have no defense. This was my seventh Mercedes car but Mercedes does not seem to place any value on customer loyalty. I will sue them if necessary but I am really shocked at the lack of concern for a loyal customer and total disregard for their legal obligations under the warranty.

2001 S 600
By -

TENNESSEE -- I have a 2001 S 600 the car is very well taken care of, it still looks new. I am reporting a safety violation with this car and the dealership is making the customers pay for it. The hydraulics lines run above the transmission and it develops a leak and it runs down on the hot exhaust system. I want this fixed and not out of my pocket. I will sue Mercedes if they don't address this issue and fix my car.

Also I am now having accelerator problems. Sometimes I don't get a response when I am turning at an intersection and then it will suddenly lunge forward. This problem started after I started having problems with my hydraulics systems leaking.

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