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Fraud Action at Service Department
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Rating: 1/51
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- Good afternoon!

I leased an ML350 on March-2011at Mercedes Benz of Cutler Bay in Miami, Florida. I prepaid the maintenance, but in my busy life I didn't realized that I was being charged every time my car was on service when I was supposed to pay nothing. I totally paid 3,796 dollars during the 3 years lease.
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Tire Wear
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Rating: 1/51
NEW JERSEY -- 2010 C300 with 29k miles needs 3rd set of tires due to cupping. The original set and the replacement set did the same at 15k and 14k. Never had a car to go through tires like this before.
Mercedes Benz refused to comply with warranty
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MONTVALE, NEW JERSEY -- I bought a new Mercedes SLK in 2005 (a 2006 model). About a year later, the navigation system began to malfunction intermittently. I have taken the car to my dealer (RAB Motors in San Rafael, CA) eleven times for this problem but it has not been fixed. The dealer's own records state that the problem has been observed and verified by their service technicians. They have replaced some parts of the navigation system but it still malfunctions. Both Mercedes USA customer service and RAB refuse to do anything further. RAB blames Mercedes and Mercedes blames RAB. The car is under warranty both because the problem arose during the warranty period and because a purchased a seven year extended warranty from Mercedes. I have never seen a company simply stonewall a customer when the problem is documented, it clearly is covered by warranty and they simply have no defense. This was my seventh Mercedes car but Mercedes does not seem to place any value on customer loyalty. I will sue them if necessary but I am really shocked at the lack of concern for a loyal customer and total disregard for their legal obligations under the warranty.
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Mercedes-Benz Model: CLK-Class CLK 320
Chassis No: WDB2084652T081499
Registration: Y201VGA

Thank you for your recent e-mail concerning warranty for corrosion
on the above Mercedes-Benz CLK-Class.

This vehicle had a three year warranty from the first date of
registration which also included the paintwork and any corrosion issues. For
an undefined period after the warranty expires Mercedes-Benz can consider
goodwill towards repairs classified as manufacturing issues. The vehicle is
now in its seventh year outside of warranty and at this age Mercedes-Benz
will not provide any financial support towards repairs.

Thank you for contacting the Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance
Center Maastricht N. V. with your enquiry.

Yours sincerely

Customer Service
Mercedes-Benz Customer Assistance Center Maastricht N. V.
Gaetano Martinolaan 10
NL-6229 GS Maastricht, the Netherlands

Phone No:
00800 9 777 7777 (international freephone)
0207 660 9993 (charged at national rate)
2001 S 600
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TENNESSEE -- I have a 2001 S 600 the car is very well taken care of it still looks new.
I am reporting a safety violation with this car and the dealership is making the customers pay for it. The hydraulics lines run above the transmission and it develops a leak and it runs down on the hot exhaust system. I want this fixed and not out of my pocket. I will sue Mercedes if they don't address this issue and fix my car.

Also I am now having accelerator problems sometimes I don't get a response when I am turning at an intersection and then it will suddenly lunge forward this problem stated after I started having problems with my hydraulics systems leaking.

Take Your Business Elsewhere
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LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA -- I brought my newly bought used car in for regular service in November. It is used by my daughter in No. Calif. I had it checked out before purchase by a reputable foreign car mechanic who said it was in good condition. I wanted to establish a relationship with a MBZ dealer for regular service so I brought it to the Laguna Niguel dealer. After it was checked out, the service representative called me and listed $3500 worth of repair that needed to be done. After each item, I asked if it was a safety issue. He said yes, except for the wipers. I had the work done, as I was concerned about my daughter's safety and she had to return to No Calif the next day. When I showed my husband the invoice, he said I had been taken. They also repaired the wipers when the tech said they wouldn't. Three days after service, the battery died. I sent a letter to the service manager. He did not respond. I emailed the letter to him. He did not respond. I emailed it again and copied the manager. The service manager said he'd take a look at it and get back to me. He never did. MBZ headquarters called me because I took a post-repair survey. I told them the story. They called the service manager to make sure he called me. He never did. I emailed the manager once again to complain about the lack of response. He never responded. Take your business elsewhere!
Mercedes Benz E270 - Gear Box Problems
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I would like to comment that the Mercedes Benz E270 is one of the worst cars I have ever driven. My company in Zimbabwe bought a brand new E270 in 2003, through a dealer and from day 1 that car has been more at the garage than being driven. In April 2008, it developed a gearbox problem which was "supposedly" sorted only to pack up again a month after coming from the garage. I have written letters of complaint to the dealer and as recent as yesterday the 3rd of June 2009, the car is still being fixed for a gearbox problem. I think my experience with the vehicle has made me skeptical about the brand and I would really want to contact someone in Germany to address my problem.

Can someone advise me how I can get direct contact with Mercedes Benz Germany as I can't seem to get any joy on the issue.
Auto Purchase Disaster
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Mercedes Benz of Houston Greenway Auto Purchase Disaster

BEWARE if you go to purchase autos from Mercedes Benz of Houston Greenway location. They have the same owners as the Houston North location. We purchased a 2007 Lexus from the Greenway location. The salesman pulled the books and keys one afternoon and was told my wife would be there the next morning to sign papers. She arrived the next morning, SIGNED the papers, and went to financing. While in financing, a disturbance broke out in the dealership. My wife found out a few minutes later the reason for the commotion.

The dealership informed us they had sold the vehicle to someone else the night before. This was AFTER the keys had already been pulled for us BEFORE that alleged buy. Here is one of the important points. Per the dealership personnel, they were paying $4,100 more than we were. So it became a "violate people's legal rights to turn a buck." The dealership manager called me and admitted they had a LEGAL problem. He stated, "I am going to make it right for you." He went on to say that the buyer had until 4 PM to show up to complete the purchase. He said he would call me if they were not thereby 4 to allow me to make the purchase. Dealership personnel (including this manager) have admitted this buyer did NOT show up by 4 PM. Yet he didn't call me.

He EVENTUALLY completed the deal for all the extra money. The manager then said he would sell me a car at cost (or 2, as we wanted to buy 2) to "...make it right, because we don't do business this way." To make a long story short, they NEVER did. They have continued to try to sell autos to us for more than TRUE COST...even reneging on a verbal $ deal we made to remedy this nightmare waste of time. By the way, the supposed "make it right deal" reveals the nature of the dealership. We agreed on a vehicle to test drive. When they finally had it available to test drive, it was 3 days later. Yet it had a SPARE TIRE, A 2ND GASHED TIRE, A PAINT PROBLEM ON THE TRUNK, AND WAS FILTHY. BEWARE, BEWARE!!!! They clearly have no intention of making this right, and the attitude reflects such.

Cons: Dishonest, Lacked Integrity, Lacked Respect for Customers
E320 Air-heat system keeps failing
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YORKTOWN, VIRGINIA -- I purchased a new E320 in 2003. I am very disappointed with one aspect of this car. In approximately four and half years, its climate control system has failed five times. I do put about 20k miles per year. But this car has its climate control system failing about every 20K miles. For a fifty eight thousand dollar car, FIVE failures in a common comfort system are unacceptable. I suppose Luxury Car means luxury from these hassles of every day problems.

1. Apr 8, 2006 Leak Detection Drier Bottle O-Ring in A/C
2. Sept 8, 2006 Leak at Drier Bottle
3. Jan 8, 2007 A/C Sensor Replaced
4. Sept 29, 2007 Clear Fault Code in A/C System
5. Jan 30, 2008 Heating system failed

Every car I owned—Mazda, Honda, Acura or Saab, it is the only car where climate control system fails on an average every 20K miles. BYT, there were other service issues with this car which I don’t wish to expand. On the reliability rating, this vehicle did not meet our expectations at all.

Now lets look at the service level, I wrote to the Mercedes two times and I got nasty replies.

Read this an expensive sorry from Ms. Robyn L., Customer Relations Liaison:

“We regret you disappointment with the performance of your vehicle and any inconvenience you may have experienced while attending to repair. Lacking direct involvement in the operation and maintenance of your vehicle prevent us from commenting the specifics. Your dealer is in the best position to evaluate vehicle performance and, if necessary, request technical assistance for repairs from Mercedes-Benz USA. ….

We value your patronage of our products and are sorry that your E320 did not meet your expectations. Please accept our best wishes for many years of safe and pleasant driving…..

Signed Robyn L., Customer Relations Liaison”

Read this an ARROGANT response to my second complaint from General Manager, Customer Assistance Center, Mercedes-Benz USA (Assistance my foot) MR. PAUL G. JURON.:

“If your request is that we continue to cover repairs to your vehicle indefinitely, then we must decline.” After full explanation that problems have started well within the warranty period and still continuing a Customer Service General Manager can’t determine what a customer is saying.

This car and this company both sucks. I bought a new car this month and I am glad to report it is not Mercedes but Lexus.
Auto Repair Scam
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- 1/14/2008

To Whom It May Concern:

We had the most horrible experience with the following company:

Mercedes-Benz of South Orlando
4301 Millennia Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32839

I brought my Mercedes 260-E to the dealership to have a few minor things done to it. It was running great, and had been since we purchased it. I had the following things done to it:

Lube, oil and filter change
Dash light changed
Speedometer cable changed
Drivers front window switch fixed

First of all it took them over a month to fix these repairs. Then, when I went to pick the car up with my son Brian, I paid them $2,000 for the repairs and left my son with the keys to take the car home because I had to get back to work. The car wouldn’t drive off, so they jumped the car off and sent my son on his way. A half a mile down the road the car stopped on him. They refused to take any responsibility for the car that ran great when I brought it to them. We brought the car back to them and they called me a few days later and told me that it would cost over $5,000 to fix it. Naturally I was devastated by the news so they kept the car because I could not afford to fix it. They have the car and this took place in July of 2007.

I never could afford to pick it up. Can you imagine a car that ran perfect when I brought it to them not running at all when I went to pick it up? It is my experience that some dealers like this one actually cause the car to malfunction so that you will spend more money with them. This dealership would not take any responsibility for my car or fixing what they had done to it. I have many witnesses that this car ran great before I brought it to them. Do not trust this dealership because they scammed me.

Janice Marie Alexander
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