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Customer Service Number!!! Instructions!
Posted by AmeliaRose on 06/11/2008
LARGO, FLORIDA -- Metro PCS has the WORST customer service! I sat on the phone for an hour trying to be able to talk to a real person.

What I ended up doing was calling a local store [whose number I found by yellow pages] and asking for a different number.

He gave me 1-800-373-2876. That is a dealer number when you call it asks if you are a dealer or a customer. Silly me I said I was a customer and got the same run around I had been getting. SO I decided to hang up call the number back and say I was a dealer.

Wouldn't you know it but I was connected RIGHT AWAY to a PERSON!!

So, if you need to get in touch with a PERSON call 1-800-373-2876 and say you are a DEALER and follow the prompts as a dealer and you will get a person!

Just helping out.

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Posted by Ginette on 2013-06-16:
I made a mistake in paying my bill phone, my problem I pay two time, normally the second time you said to me there is an error. Ok mais I thank you could connect my phone but nany the phone doesn't match. then I don't know what to do. What do you think about this
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Metro PCS Customer Service & Online Service
Posted by Davidian on 09/06/2007
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- My cell phone was stolen on Atlanta’s transit system last weekend near the Arts Center Station. I filed a report with a MARTA officer. It is not my intent to expound on the theft. I did venture to MARTA’s Lost and Found center at Little Five Points. To no avail, no cell phone was returned. The thief needed my 4 digit pin to use the phone. Therefore, I can still retrieve my voicemail messages and the phone is obsolete for the thief.

After perusing the internet, I decided to order a new phone and cell service with Metro PCS. I ordered the phone online between 12am and 1am online September 5th. The system took approximately 2 minutes to “process” yet I never received a confirmation email. When ordering merchandise online I always copy and paste my order form and print or save for my records. Please do not confuse my order form with an order confirmation form. I examined my copy and all of my information was correct. I checked my email in the morning for a confirmation email. I had none. I checked my online AMEX credit card statement and it showed the monies for the cell phone debited. The charge was not a pending charge. I spoke to AMEX rep. to confirm the completed transaction.

My dilemma is with the “customer no service department” of MetroPCS. They do not have a record of the transaction. I was on the phone for approximately 94 minutes with several representatives who lack the basic skills of critical thinking.
I have never spoken to representatives who are like robots reading from a script and antagonistic in tone and phone demeanor. I initially spoke to Jaime. Jaime promptly transferred me to some outsourcing company called “Bill Matrix”.

Rita the Bill Matrix representative promptly told me she only handles monthly cell phone payments. I then again, spoke to a MetroPCS rep. David who was no help and spoke to Ebonics. I do not think he even understood what I was trying convey. He wanted me to give him my confirmation number and call the number on my confirmation email. I told him several times I never received a confirmation email.

I spoke to Lisa who made light of the situation and thought it was funny. She attempted to be disparaging until I let her know I was taping the phone call. She claimed she was attempting to locate an 800 number for me to call to confirm my transaction. It took Lisa 12 minutes to tell me she would need for me to order another phone with her now in order to retrieve the 800 number.

Lisa constantly placed me on mute and made a few slips of the finger. Her slips included telling a co-worker she hopes this woman hangs up so she could go to lunch. Lisa told someone she (me) will have to wait that much longer for a supervisor (for making her miss lunch with Shronda).

After about 10 minutes, I finally spoke to a manager named Margaret in Dallas, TX. Margaret makes the other representatives look like Mensa members. I am not joking. This woman was incapable of actively listening and basic problem solving. She insinuated I did not make an online purchase. I told Margaret I would give her any information to confirm my AMEX transaction or even fax my online statement. Margaret had a defensive attitude and simply would not listen. It took about 10 minutes to get her to understand I was a new customer and not trying to pay a monthly bill. As the conversation progressed her tone became abusive. I had to plead with her like a defense attorney pleading for life instead of death for a client. She stated 7 times during the conversation, “I really do not think I can do anything to help you.” She also reiterated several times that she did not know what department handled “online mishaps”. She said maybe AMEX can help you. I told her I had no intention of bothering nor disputing AMEX for an issue that has nothing to do with them. I told her it is imperative I receive my merchandise. I also told her I would do everything legally and within my power to hold MetroPCS accountable for their actions. Margaret became even more fluttered and incoherent.
Margaret took my name and number. She claimed she will email a department about my dilemma and call back the next day. I do not think she did anything.
I have yet to receive a call back and I doubt I will receive my cell phone by Friday.

Please I seek your advice and suggestions. Thanks!

P.S. I searched for an email address for MetroPCS to send a letter about my experience…and found nothing. I would love to send Roger Linquist’s executive assistant a copy of the 94 minute conversation or an email.
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Posted by moneybags on 2007-09-06:
Why don't your just call AMEX to remove the charge and credit your account with a debit to this idiot face company. Simple. Then, start over.
Posted by Doctor DEA on 2009-05-19:
Yes Metro PCS is horrible when it comes to customer service. Plain and simple, there is no customer service department. How in the world did you ever get to speak to a live rep?

When you call, you get the automated system that you must speak to.. When you get tired of the redundant questions and say, operator or agent the system says, I can probably help you here faster so lets go through the questions again!!!!

You never get to speak to anybody!!!

They have also managed to raise the monthly bill by $10.00 this month and I never made any upgrades!!! I can not even call anybody to see what the hell is going on because there is nobody to talk to at Metro PCS!!!!!! They are stealing...
Posted by Gennifer on 2012-10-27:
I have been to several Metro PCS store this year only to be told they only take payments at this location you must go to the corp store which takes me 40 min to get there. on Dec 2011 I purchase a phone for $349.00 the new Android not even a year later I had nothing but head ach constant repairs but never getting a new phone even with insurance on the phone ....What a rip off
Posted by someone secret on 2013-06-08:
My friend would like to go to regular keyboard on her cell fone. It keeps freezing up.
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Don't take Metro PCS International $5.00 plan - Poor Service, No Service
Posted by Simmy on 07/28/2009

This is my experience. A friend came by my house and told me that MetroPCS has a $5.00 unlimited calling plan to my home country. So all excited about saving some money and being in touch with my relatives I ran down to the MetroPCS store, bought a 195.00 Samsung phone and left AT&T to join the MetroPCS bunch.. regret, regret. Phone works in the USA but international service is always down. The phone calls the foreign number and they hear you but you do not hear them. This happened for 5 days straight. Called the customer service desk and all the reps know to do is reactivate your phone and ask you to try it again. No One can tell you if its a bandwidth problem or some other thing. Is MetroPCS trying to gain customers by lying about their international service?.

Anyway, thank God I did not move my whole family plan from AT&T. I will soon be moving back to them. Its better to pay a little more without this type of irritation.

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Posted by ksmom on 2009-08-04:
Oh no, that is too bad. I have it and it works great. the only thing is you need to check their website to see if the number you want to call is included.
Posted by gilly on 2012-03-30:
I too have that plan and it worked for me. But as of yesterday the country that i call is no longer available on the calling plan..mind u..Metropcs neglected to inform their customers about the change...so then what the hell am i paying $5/month for????
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A Whole World of SUCK...
Posted by Kidahl on 04/17/2008
I *finally* realize paying 100 dollars at another carrier rather than 55.18 a month for all services at Metro PCS would be FAR GREATER A THING than continuing service with them now.

Not only do the Ghosts at MetroPCS exercise perfect and constant negligence, but they have amazingly devised a way to keep their own company from getting money from its own customers! Hilarious!!

In addition to imposing a limit on a customer's own desires to spend their OWN money, I could not make a credit card transaction which would allow me to speak to my fiance in Italy...because I could not add moeny to my secondary account. Why did this happen? EASY. MetroPCS decided to be my parents for a minute by telling me I had already "reached a limit of spending" with the company.

Why? Because I bought a couple accessories, paid a monthly bill and put money on a secondary account all in one week...and MetroPCS was "trying to protect" me from myself.

If I need a godd**n parent at age 36, I'll ASK for one.


1. No customer service AT ALL.

2. International calling services work 15% of the time on a first-attempt to call. All other attempts to call do not work and those attempts *STEAL* minutes from your secondary account funds - EXPECT NO REFUNDS OR COMPENSATION WITH NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO GIVE YOU ANY.

3. Calls drop *everywhere* and it is NEVER another carrier's fault.

4. MetroPCS is rumored to be a government-owned cell phone agency...so I hope you already expect to have your calls eavesdropped upon regularly.

5. The competence of ALL MetroPCS customer service agents at any store I've been to is more incompetent and high-school ghetto ebonic-oriented more anywhere than I have ever seen anywhere else. Expect attitude, hip-hop being blasted at the highest possible volume...and the punk kid from your high school days who always tried to beat you up helping you from behind the counter.

6. "Enhanced voicemail" gives my friends and family about 1 minute to talk before cutting them off and ending the call - whoever's came up with 'Enhanced Voicemail' at corporate MetroPCS can suck me dry under a maroon moon. No one likes a liar with money.

I have finally HAD IT with such incredulous and flagrant retardation in an AMERICAN company - it shocks me that this paltry, pathetic, loser company was actually able to be formed and continues to operate with 4 million losers just like I was all this time.

It's a shame the customer service values of some companies in America get away with the torturously stupid ethics they bring to the table.

DON'T go Metro...there's no one there.

UNLIMIT YOURSELF somewhere you really can...it will *never* be at this pathetic sh*t-shack of a company carrier run by the most irretrievably stupid corporate jerk-offs you could ever imagine.

I've known boxes of hair and piles of feces that play Life's game better than MetroPCS's degenerate investors and employees (that are actually THERE) ever could.

Thanks for reading and, please...spread the word. I've already talked 18 of my friends off Metro and they could not be happier paying more with someone else. Unlimit yourself...LEAVE METRO PCS!!!

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Posted by mrmaserati on 2012-05-10:
MetroPCS sucks terrible, horrible customer service.

For over a week I argued, begged and pleaded at every level, 6 store reps, 6 online reps. In my opinion all of them incompetent and many rude. Autopay account deleted and recreate at least 4 times. Everyone keeps saying the same thing just go in and update to account info. The account was even verified by a Corporate Center supervisor. Phone service has been shut off twice. Even after the store manager at the corporate Center assured me that it ad been restored.

Then I found the emails for coroprate HQ. Two emails to three execs and the problem was fixed in two hours. You do the math. Corporate email, fax number, phone number and my complaint letter is at http://SwensonStudio.com/MetroPCS.htm

Pass the link along
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State Of Emergency during Florida Hurricane
Posted by Jemi on 09/20/2005
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- We were under a State of Emergency yesterday during Hurricane Rita visit to South Florida. I had gone in the day before and paid my bill in person at a MetroPCS store. I paid the bill and got the receipt. I tried to call friends and relatives during the storm, but representatives a ^611 said my phone service was suspended for lack of payment. Apparently, a dollar and 50 cents had not been paid over the last three months, on two or three of the bills. I told them that I had paid exactly what I was told I owed when I inquired at the store. They said I would have to pay the five dollars (500 pennies) before they would restore my phone service. This is after being a customer for over a year. I told them that the store was closed because we were in a hurricane, and that this was an emergency. We were legally in a State of Emergency and the FCC and the FTC should look into this matter. If there is a super consumer attorneys group out there that reads this message and would like to help me please contact cullerjim@yahoo.com
Thanks, and may God bless anyone willing to help.
I will suspend my service with MetroPieceofCrapService permanently!!!!!!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2005-09-21:
Don't know specifics, but there are some sort of laws or mandates that prohibit terminating active service during declared emergencies due to non-payment.
Posted by Lisa on 2012-08-31:
you would expect more out of a civilized nation, yet the corporations run free and wild without any legal responsibility until people ban together and form a class action suit. A class action suit is the only way I know to make these corporations stand up and be accountable. I'm very sorry for your experience especially your torturous experience during the life and death situation which is declared by the State of Emergency!
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Metro PCS lie to rip off consumers
Posted by Fightback07 on 08/30/2007
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I went to Metro PCS in trust of getting wireless services for my daughter and myself. (Wireless Toys was the authorized dealer to sell MetroPCS). I had paid over $390.00 for two phones. They swore that the phones were brand new and that they would never never sell a used phone. I had problems with my phone first phone, it did not work properly. I took it in and they gave me another one. Of course, they took it in the back and came out with a box(pretending that it is a new phone, right out of the box). I had to get three replacements and they told me that they were new. Also, my daughter is having problems with her phone also. They lied and told me that her phone was new. I want every one that is with Metro PCS to note, (Are you receiving a new phone or a doozie. Yes, we need to start a class action lawsuit...

Hey, everybody join in and send your complaints to Consumer Protection and the Attorney General's office. Complaints to the Attorney General will show that we are not angry and stupid unsatisfied customer with invalid complaints: There is a pattern Here!!!!

Get Action, contact the AG and expose these Deceptive Trade Practice Act Violations....
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Posted by petepeters on 2007-10-22:
Something like that happened to me too with a low end phone I purchased from MetroPCS. The phone that I purchased had names and numbers in the directory and usage time on the life timer . The service wasn't good for me so after a few months and wound up giving the phone to a friend . It appears that they resell a new the phones that people buy, try and return . This is a bad practice and I hope that they are prosectuted for this .

Anyone buying a "new" MetroPcs phone should check it or have it checked before the 30 day return perion is up .
Posted by JV1286 on 2008-05-30:
It would appear that your problem is with Wireless Toyz not Metro PCS. They sold you the phone, they are only an authorized Dealer of Metro Pcs. If they are selling used phones as new thats a problem to be taken up with Wireless Toyz! Furthermore, if you get a replacement phone from Metro Pcs stores there is a chance they are re-conditioned phones which is completely within the bounds of the warranty agreement.
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A bit of info for everyone
Posted by Foxdie on 07/08/2010
Hello everyone,
I've noticed a lot of people here have had their complaints about the company, and I don't blame you. All the complaints so far do seem very unfair and quite idiotic.

i work for a MetroPCS authorized dealer(not corporate) and I can tell you honestly that the company is not completely at fault for what is going on in their stores.

authorized dealers pretty much just hire anyone they like without really determining whether they are even fit for their job.

i read a review here saying that the manager told the customer that they had to charge them accessories in order to get their rebate, also another saying that they were charged double their bill without being told why.

heres some quick info:

1. most retailers just want to sell, they could care less if a customer is satisfied(unless they're purchasing something from them), sadly these type of dealers go on doing these things without being complained about to corporate. I have had customers walk in to my store screaming at me because another store applied the most expensive rate plan onto his line, and the store he had bought his phone from gave him a false number to customer support. the store had given him the number of their manager, so he got nowhere in looking for help.

2. rebate promotions apply to all phones in promotion with new activation(some cases it also applies to upgrades)! does not require a specific plan nor for you to buy accessories anyone that tells you you must buy those additional items are just trying to make more money out of you.

3.If your payment is past due, you DO NOT have to pay double your bill, you can reset your bill cycle date to the date of your payment for an additional 5 dollars. Lets say your bills due on the 8th, and you pay it on the 19th, for 5 extra dollars you can change your bill date to the 19th( only requirement is that you are at least 7 days past due). any MetroPCS retailer can do this, if they say it is not possible then they're just simply being lazy.

4.You can return your newly activated phone(s) and get a FULL REFUND. Whenever you purchase a phone from MetroPCS as a new activation it comes along with "Metro Promise". Metro Promise allows the customer to take the phone home and try out the service and to see if the reception and features satisfy the customer. If it doesn't, you CAN return your phone within 7 days of your purchase, must be in like new condition and have no more that 1 hour(60 mins) of talk time. You can review your starter service form(the yellow Sheet) at the bottom right corner of your form it explains the Metro Promise. as authorized dealers we are forced to honor this promise, if a dealer refuses to do so, file a complaint with corporate, don't let them steal your money, they'll BS you until you go away.

5. Some stores will higher the prices of their Handsets simply because there is no competition around them. Go to Metropcs.com to view the actual handset prices, if the dealer is selling them for a higher price, walk away and find yourself one that sells them for their true price.

6. Employees work on commission, so they'll try to add features to your rate plan so they can boost up their performance logs and get more commission regardless of whether or not you even ask for the features. Whenever you purchase something from them, ask them why the price is that price(tell them to break it down to you) and always check your receipt. They're sneaky.

I Truly believe MetroPCS is a great company on its way to shutting down those other rip-off carriers, but its the unfit idiots that those authorized dealers are hiring that is giving the company a very bad image. Find yourself an helpful, honest and knowledgeable store and everything should go great!!!
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Posted by gsgustin on 2010-10-30:
as a consumer who has experienced the "this great corporation that will shut down the other carriers" - I'd suggest you keep other employment opportunities available. This company is going no where...other than perhaps to multiple small claims court appearances, and class action suits.

Your own post exposes many of the retail problems, and the multiple complaints posted by others - expose the service issues at the corporate level.

I did write to "corporate" - still waiting, must have a lot of correspondence to catch up on as it's been 3 months now...
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MetroPCS - deceitful, and borderline predatory practice
Posted by RJC on 11/25/2009
FLORIDA -- On Monday, November 23, 2009, at 11 AM, I went to a Metro PCS store in Spring Hill and purchased a cell phone (Samsung Code). This type of cell phone is what's considered a Smart Phone. It's a Windows Mobile phone. The cost of this phone (including taxes) was $319.93. After getting it home, I decided I didn't like the phone and was going to return it. Metro PCS's has what they call "Metro Promise" and it reads is as follows "You can return your phone within 30 days of purchase with less than one hour of talk time. No questions asked".

On Tuesday morning, November 24, 2009 at 11:30 AM, I walked into the very same store I bought the phone and said I wanted to return it. The sales representative at this store made a call informing someone I was returning the phone. She must have been asked to check on the call time. The sales representative did so, and it was discovered that the call time was 1 hour and 37 minutes of call time on the phone. My immediate response was "that's impossible", I hadn't made or received any calls on this phone! The sales representative then said I couldn't return the phone because of the call time. Again, I said that I had not made any calls or received any calls on this phone, and if the timer was at 1 hour and 37 minutes, then they must have sold me a used phone.

I returned home and looked at the timers on the phone. It was at this time that I noticed that the call timer did in fact read 1 hour and 37 minutes. However, 1 hour and 37 minutes were used up on Data calls. Which simply means that when I received this phone, I had to download Metro applications to this phone, such has Metro Mail, Metro Navigator, and a few others. And apparently when downloading these Metro applications, the phone dials a number to retrieve them!

I then called Metro's customer service and spoke to a gentleman and explained what was going on. I was told that the Data calls were not my fault, and that I should go back to the store where the phone was purchased for a refund. He also said if there was any problems, to have the sales representative call them. I did has he stated, and again, I was refused a refund even though I pointed out that it was Data calls, and not Talk time that was on the phone. I told her what customer service said, and she proceeded to call them. When she couldn't get through to customer service, the sales representative called 2 other people from this area. One of the people she called was Ron Pelletier (a service manager). He spoke with the sales rep, then wanted to speak with me. When I got on the phone with him, he stated that there would be NO refund on this phone because of the 1 hour and 37 minute call time. I informed Mr. Pelletier that it was Data calls, and Not talk time. I also reminded him that Metro PCS has a return policy that states less than 1 hour of Talk time, not Data time! His response was " I'm an attorney, and I'll interpret what the policy states"! After a heated exchange between Mr. Pelletier and I, he hung up. I then left the store and came home to file this complaint.
What I also found out during this experience is this. Not only is this store not a cooperate store (although disguised as one), no one (on paper, when you enter this store, or a sign) tells you that it's privately owned business. This is not only deceitful practice, but borderlines predatory practice as well!

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Posted by candyd on 2009-12-07:
The same exact thing happened to me at this store posing as Boost Mobile store, but the business is actually called talk to talk wireless privately owned. This owner also told me I had over an 30mins. hours talk time when I didn’t. Its an accuse and line they use, so they can refuse to refund your money back. There is no customer service and they care nothing about how you feel as a customer. They enjoyed ripping you off and taking your money. But all bad things come to an end. Don't worry, I can almost guarantee you that they will be out of business pretty soon. My advise would be, alert everyone around about the business, preventing, the same thing from happening to them, plus giving these scammers posing as corporate stores less business. This terrible experience has made me open my eyes, to do more research before getting into anything or buying anything.
Posted by zoe on 2012-01-27:
My situation is even worse. I am only over 34 seconds. and they wouldn't let me return it.
Posted by lonnie on 2012-10-03:
Sure glad I saw this post, I was ready to go with Metro, After reading this I changed my mind, Don't need this kind of service
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Class Action May Get There Attention?
Posted by Venus4us on 08/15/2009
Metro PCS is waiting for a class action law suit to fall upon there corporation, due to non-professional customer service, consumers being misinformed by cust/svr there lack of knowledge in trouble/shooting problem's Within there services, there lack of warranty coverage on products they sell, there failure to monitor privately owned and operated Metro PCS distributors in which represents there logo & company, there customers care is so negligently handled, and there consent & deliberate intent on never resolving issues with consumers has been going on since day one of business..

This is a huge company with so much potentials to become one of the most highly acclaimed companies of this new era. But due to there own greed, deception, and undeniable way of ignoring consumers is surely there own demise just waiting to happen, if all consumers with this history of complaint's like disconnect after paying bill, flashing, defective products, misinformation, et...would contact the proper authorities and create a web site to connect with a interested Civil/Corp Lawyer that would be wiling to Launch a CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT Metro PCS

May very well have to file bankruptcy if found liable... which will not only effect there Reputation once the media gives it the attention it desires it will not be good for this company, and also it will possibly cause them financial hardship and all because there business is ran so poorly???, there business concept was GENIUS!!, but there Consumer Communication skill are horrendous, Who ever is in charge of mandating & orchestrating Departmental guidelines pertaining to Consumers need to be replaced ASAP and an immediate revise put into place as well as a mandatory training for all Call Centers handling (611) calls on how to deal with consumer issues, trbl/shtng issues.

There should be a Dept strictly for handling consumer complaints & issues..
A Dept strictly for service issues and Metro PCS is expanding so rapidly while even in this recession that they can afford to open a technical center in each major city where consumers can bring there phones into or mail into for repairs or replacement at a reasonable charge... Also information given to consumers via phone (611) should always be the same as in the location offices of consumer, this can be done via data info programmed into there software to assist in the consumers in there locations they reside in so that customers will be advised on what there options are in that particular location.

Flashing should be halted immediately and any flashed devices with software problems should be fixed/ replaced/ or credited to those who has suffered a lost due to misinformation given by Metro PCS Customer Care Line..I believe the flashing was a great big mistake on Metro PCS part, this is where there legal issue will stem from the most... Consumers are being mislead to believe they can flash service over to Metro PCS only to find out that there services are limited and that software problems will and can be an issue, they should not inform consumers they can flash other phones for a fee then afterwards inform them of the problems due to flashing??? like limited service, signal issues with Samsung M800 model( no reception once you leave the center???)
what a deception is that??

If there is no signal available? why is it available at the location the phone is being flashed at? and if you go back to that location you can get a signal, but as you leave the area your signal fails?

This seems like intent to deceive by the Local Dealerships??? are signal boosters being used inside these locations? giving a few bars to these flashed phones just enough to allow consumers to believe that the service is OK before they leave the store???
and when you come back to see why they tell you it must be a software problem with your unit??? and that is it??? no refund, no replacement, even after assuring consumers that if they take insurance out on the flashed phones if there is a problem you are covered??

Only to find out that you are not covered until after 30 days and then they are not guaranteed to get the same phone or equal, but just a replacement, leaving you without service for over 30 days, this is very unprofessional and misleading to consumers...

This Company had a great concept of building an Empire I pray that they will come to an understanding that the consumers is the ones who will rise them to the occasion and the very same ones that will also crumble there empire to the ground, it is important how you treat the consumers who patronize your business that matters the most, Customer Care is so important in running a good and successful business in today's economy...There is an ole saying if it sounds to good to be true it very well may not be? so be mindful in all your decisions.. watch out Metro PCS Virgin Mobile is easing up in your lane would be a shame to have your concept stolen and taken to another level by your competition....
because they have better people skills......
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-15:
Yeah, alright.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-15:
Be sure and let us know how that works out for you
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-15:
hell i couldn't even see his actual complaint

it was mostly just rambling
Posted by lessthanzero on 2009-08-16:
What was that all about???
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-08-16:
no idea
but i really doubt one person can start a class action lawsuit himself

i think he should actually investigate how much it will cost to launch the lawsuit before he suggests that it might exist
Posted by montecristo1 on 2009-08-17:
I agree that customer service could use a little more technical training on their products. But I totally disagree with your review. I have been a metro pcs customer since it came to my are in 99 (before that I was a Sprint, Verizon and even a ATT consumer). Sure like ANY other cellphone carrier, you sometimes get some issues. But, I have remained with this company, not only because of the great unlimited deal, but because of it advancements. I am one of those who has a flashed phone on metro. I have the Sprint's HTC Touch Pro, previously HTC mogul- with working internet, MMS, gps-the works. Customers are told up front, you flash another carrier's phone, and web and mms might not work. But customers still do. Then they complain. There is a LARGE following of smartphones metro-flashed like Treos, HTC, and Samsung. Metro makes their money on their phones, so by allowing these phones on their network- they aren't making money, but never the less, they allow them. Kudos to metro for that! Think for minute, if metro starts training their reps who to add wap and mms, then they will have to boost prices. Aren't customers that are non-tech happy with the Blackberry Curve? It is thanks to companies like Metro that other carriers such as Sprint and Verizon are jumping on the unlimited bandwagon or pay as go.

As far as customer service, they have come a long way. I remember when they first started...it was horrible...I think they are heading in the right direction...you failed to mention that Metro pcs won the JD award last year for customer service: http://www.prepaidreviews.com/blog/metropcs/metropcs-takes-home-top-customer-service-award-35394/ There are always three sides to a story, yours, mine and the truth...
Posted by ksmom on 2009-08-18:
I also have metro. really am trying to understand this review. Have you ever really tried to resolve issues that you have? Totally not my experience at all.
Posted by Ponie on 2009-08-18:
Aaargh! I couldn't get past that first long, rambling paragraph which had 8 'there(s)' instead of 'their.' No periods. But maybe it was made up for by putting two of them at the end. I know the grammar police can be pretty fierce at times--but this one takes the cake and icing, too.
Posted by j dean on 2009-08-31:
One thing i have noticed is that ,the company does seem to have a habit of hiring incompetant workers. Look at what you see when you go to cingular or verizon. You see people who have a good handle of the english language and for the most part are competant. As today i went in searching for a software upgrade at the metro pcs store and this hispanic lady who had very minimal mastery of the english language greets me in spanish and im like oh no im hispanic but not that fluent! So i proceed with my inquiry in english and she tells me that the reason my phone is not taking certain features is becouse it is broken and that i have to get a new phone. This is the thing though all she did was look at it and notice that the numbers on the keys where a little faded and that i had colored them in with a sharpie.I was pretty aggravated by this since she was insisting that i did not know what i was talking about and that i needed a new phone so i told her " what ,do you have like some super human eyes that let you see past the external components of the phone and into the internal circuitry. It was upsurd what she was trying to put across,so in a desprate plee i begged the girl next to her to please help me. And she did solving my problem and answering all my question . By the way it was my second time in the store in 15 minutes becouse the first guy was of no help. Actually third time if you count the other store i came from in which i got the feeling that they did not know what they where talking about neither so i went to the story in which my story with the lady and the hairy eye occurs. That is two stores in less than an hour and three separate reps .They need to hire people who can fully comprehend english and speak it clearly enough to be understood accents are not a problem but we need to be able to understand what your saying without having the pressure in are brains get so stiff it feels like brain swell.I personally do not want the metro pcs buissness not close down becouse its idea is good and the unlimitd service plans are great,but coustomer support does have a reputation for being faulty.
Posted by jenna28 on 2010-01-15:
he talks about greed and selfishness and all i got from his review was lawsuit lawsuit lawsuit i think thats nothing but greed and selfishness u had a bad experiance suck it up and do some push ups... u cant please everyone
Posted by herzco on 2010-01-30:
This is a good review, except for the fact that the spelling and grammar are so incredibly bad that it is rendered unreadable. It makes it difficult to take seriously, even though the person seems to have thoughtful things to say.
Posted by kc8nqa on 2011-02-15:
disagree jenna28, Just suck it up? I don't know why Anyone Would Say That? So.... that's how you live your life, you get blatantly ripped off and suck it up. The greed is the Company ripping off the consumer. Suing a company makes them come clean and compensate the people that lost because of their criminal acts!!!! Your attitude Is Not Helping!
Posted by mary cranfill on 2011-08-15:
metro is a big joke. they help no one. the people that work for this company don't even use metro them selfs. everyone i talked to said they did'nt use metro to enclude the supervisers. All they can say is i'm sorry i can't help you. my phone got a mind of it's own i only had it for a month. and they want me to pay for a new one. mined you i had just paid my bill put extra money on my account the phone messes up, ican't even dial cust. serv. and they won't credit my acct. or help me in any way. guess i'm a little dumb too though cuz i had metro over a year ago for about 5 months and every month i was buying a new phone. i got feed-up and quit their serv. dummy me decides to give them another chance. nothing has changed. NO one there can help with anything ther only there to RIP PEOPLE OFF. They won't give any moneies back on your acct they just keep it. their only good for taking peoples money.
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A positive review for a change.
Posted by JWhipple on 07/10/2009
First thing is first. I am NOT a representative of MetroPCS, nor am I affiliated with the company in any way, shape or form.

In May 2009 I was laid off from my job and am to this day living off my severance. In order to consolidate bills, I did away with my home phone and moved from Verizon to MetroPCS. I was very happy with Verizon, but because of the cost, plus the need to carry an additional data plan on top of my normal plans due to my phone, I decided to give MetroPCS a try.

I purchased the BlackBerry 8330 and ported my Verizon number over to MetroPCS. The $50 for the Blackberry plan with MetroPCS (which INCLUDES data) is less than my plain-jane minutes on Verizon, and then Verizon charged me an additional $30 a month for data.

Thus-far (it's been a month) I've had NO dropped calls, no call quality issues, no missed calls. Signal strength is better in all areas than with my Verizon HTC Touch Pro, especially inside my house! On Verizon I would lose calls in 2 of the rooms of my house simply by walking into them.

Data speeds are only 1X, which is not full EVDO speed, but still is zippy enough for me to surf the web and read emails without any delays. I am also able to chat on Yahoo/MSN/AOL messengers with no delays.

The only issue I had when I first ported over was that text messages from outside MetroPCS would still be pointed to my old Verizon phone, which of course was no longer active! I could send to anyone but unless they were on MetroPCS I would not receive a reply. This issue was cleared up in less than a week.

At this point after having had them for just shy of a month I am confident enough in their service to shut off my home phone and just have my MetroPCS phone as my sole number.

I want to point out just because there are complaints out there doesn't mean that there are not happy customers. I am VERY happy with MetroPCS, as is my sister who decided to switch to them after I had positive things to say. My mother now has been considering switching from AT&T as well after having used my sister's phone and mine a few times when she couldn't get enough signal to get a call to go through.

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