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After Numerous Failed Attempts To Replace A Fuel Pump My Car Broke Down 100 Miles From Home And I Had To Have The Fuel Pump Midas
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- On my way to work, my car breaks down about a block from the Danbury Connecticut Midas shop located on Main Street. So, I headed to work and I had the car towed to Midas. Mike, the manager, called me at the office and told me I had a faulty fuel pump. I had Midas replace it. It was replaced the same day. Great!

A few days later I went to get gas and the gas poured out from under the car. The next day, I returned the car to Midas and they repaired the problem the same day. This time they used the BMW original gasket. Great! I went to the gas station that night and gas poured out from under the car. We’re talking about flooding the station with gas. Not just a trickle.

The next day I returned the car to Midas and Mike promised they would test the tank for leaks before returning it to me. When I picked up the car Mike, the manager, told me that they had used a special resin to make the seal. (Concerned, I asked and was assured they had not just used silicon. It turned out that it was silicon.) I went for gas a few days later – no leaks. Great!
About a week later, I was on my way to work and as I was approaching the Midas shop the engine shut down. I steered the car into the Midas driveway and left it. I got the car back that day. I was told that it was a faulty fuel relay switch and they repaired it at no charge. Great!

That Saturday, I headed South on the New Jersey Turnpike with my 14 year old son to visit family. Around exit 12 (about 100 miles from home) the engine shut down and I had to have the car towed to a Pep Boys. (Pep boys was right off the exit and the only place open the day before Easter.)The next day Pep Boys called me, I had a bad fuel pump, there was silicon around the gasket, and the electrical harness to the fuel pump had been cut and repaired with electrical tape. (PLEASE SEE MY “YELP” COMMENTS ON THE NEW JERSEY CARTERET PEP BOYS FOR THAT FIASCO.)

I borrowed my nephew’s truck and returned to Connecticut. I stopped in at Midas, the next day, to tell Mike what had happened and that I expected Midas to reimburse me for the new repair and the towing cost. Mike told me that he had to call Pep Boys and that he wanted to see the faulty fuel pump. A week later, when I was able to pick up my repaired car, I brought the failed fuel pump and copies of my bills into Mike. He told me he had to send the pump to Midas for testing and I would hear back from them in about a week. My expectations are very low. Tomorrow, Friday, May 9th will be a week. Check back to learn the outcome.

Needless to say, I will never go back to Midas. You can make your own decisions / mistakes.
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HUGE Mark-Up on Battery
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I took my car to Midas because I couldn't get in to my regular trusted mechanic for a couple weeks (probably because they are great guys and extremely honest about what you do and don't need). The customer service was fine and they were friendly. That part I have no complaints about.

I was told that I needed a new battery, serpentine belts replaced, cabin filter (you don't even really need this, btw unless you have really bad allergies) and an air filter. I knew I absolutely needed the battery and an oil change so I had them do this. I should have questioned the price but I was at work and in the middle of a million things and wasn't thinking clearly. I was charged $189.95 for a 25-60 carquest battery plus $15.99 to install it. After getting my serpentine belts and air filter replaced at my regular mechanic today, I asked about the battery price for a comparison. My mechanic showed me where the product number was on the battery so I could look up the Carquest price and told me that they get the batteries for $115 and charge $10 to install it. He was right on the money. The battery on the carquest website was $114.99. I can understand a small markup, but Midas is putting a 65% markup on the battery.

I know this is my problem for not being a more informed consumer, and I also know they can charge whatever they want as long as people agree to it. However, I don't appreciate the price gouging and do not plan to take my car back to Midas again. Do yourself a favor and look up the price of parts that they say you need! I will stick with my mechanic from now on. Lesson learned.
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User Replies:
Tezrien on 11/16/2013:
The next time you need a battery go to Autozone. Their store brand, Duralast, is a great battery and they install them for free.
Bill on 11/16/2013:
That's why you avoid Midas like the plague.
Besides the overpriced parts they try to find a million things that they can replace. I assume the mechanics and I use that term loosely get some kind of commission.
ok4now on 11/17/2013:
Costco sells 100 month 850 cold cranking amp battery with a warranty for $78.00 bucks. Took me a whole 15 minutes to put it in.
Paul on 11/18/2013:
I would not go to Midas for a battery or any routine maintenance. However, they aren't all bad - my local Midas is known for doing perfect front end alignments, and 35 years ago I got some great exhaust work done on my 280ZX Turbo. The factory called for dropping the rear suspension - the Midas tech figured out a different way that saved $$$.
Rich on 11/18/2013:
Just read Consumer Reports review on batteries, Walmart sells several on their recommended list and installs them for free.
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My "Non Appointment" Appointment Disaster/Horror
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Rating: 1/51
BARSTOW, CALIFORNIA -- Made 1p.m. appt. Arrived 12:40. They took the next local around me, asking if they wanted a front end alignment while they were in the alignment bay! (I found later, there is only one alignment bay) To which the man answered "no." At 3:00 p.m. my brother arrived to give me & my mother a ride to her house. He let me take his car and he stayed. They were just pulling my vehicle, finally, into the bay when I left. I found later, the woman was the owner's wife, so she knew exactly what she was doing; and had been her business' receptionist at least 25 years. Complained to Midas, (right after the complaint, my car quit, totally, electrical problem, but from two air sensors being plugged in backward into the idle air control? Something they weren't even working on. May have been in the way for the alignment?) I asked Midas not to give the complaint to the business as it was on the owner. I just asked them to investigate. I asked that may be they put someone like the lead mechanic in charge, someone who would run it fairly. They GAVE THE COMPLAINT TO THE BUSINESS TO HANDLE, WAS THE email REPLY TO ME. Midas official called me after I complained again, then said they were calling the woman, and then calling me back. So I guess after they talked to the woman, they took her word for whatever she said. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT MY 90 YR OLD MOTHER WITH WALKER AND VERY WEAK, SAT FOR 2 HRS 20 MIN. WHILE for some reason someone chose "they just didn't like me" and would make me wait. We both made the best of the time we had to wait, until over two hours passed, I went around to the bay to ask why my vehicle was not even yet in the garage) I complained, finally, around to the back area, as I did not want to upset my mom. Everyone arrived in perfect timing, including me, for the alignment bay. Two people were leaving and she could have put the man, who was after me, in either other bays.

GOT HOME WITH MY MOM, WHO DOESN'T EVEN FINISH A WHOLE "ENSURE" WHO GULPED IT DOWN WITH HER LIFE SUSTAINING MEDICATION, AND WOLFED DOWN FOOD I PREPARED QUICKLY FOR HER WHILE SHE WENT TO THE RESTROOM, AS SHE COULDN'T EASILY USE THE RESTROOM AT MIDAS AND DIDN'T TRY. So later, this woman who purposely left a 90 yr old sitting for over 2 hrs, tried to call me numerous times, after my complaint; and every time I hung up without saying a word. I had already told Midas I did not wish to speak to her, or see her ever, when they called. I had to complain to them online again, to ask them to have her stop calling me. I told them I didn't want anything from them, as they obviously didn't want to handle a problem involving the owner, themselves. I never told them about the $400 repair (thank God from my trusted mechanic at Purrfect Auto) that could have cost $1000-$2000 elsewhere on my type veh). So Midas, cost me $400 to replace my idle air control, plus their repair cost, plus a 3 hr wait for the actual repair work with an appointment time (the time they finally released my vehicle), for which the actual alignment was probably no more than 15 minutes to do. And the unexplainable idle air control sensors being switched into wrong positions, ruining the idle air control. It must have been God that got me home. The next time I drove my vehicle after stopping at home, it quit running just past the security gate exit of my community. Luckily I have towing with my insurance.

THIS WAS A FEW MONTHS AGO, BUT WHEN I SEE THE SWEET LITTLE MIDAS COMMERCIAL ON TV for the last few days, it angers me. I wouldn't use MIDAS if they were the last repair place on earth. Especially, you will find IF YOU HAVE A COMPLAINT AND SEND IT TO THEM. THEY DON'T REALLY LISTEN.
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User Replies:
azRider on 10/12/2013:
You know Midas is a franchise right? each one is owner operated. the corporate office has no control over them outside of making sure they buy products from the main office and follow franchise rules. so there is little than can do about any rude owners. to be fair, it sounds like the owners tried to contact you to set it right. maybe say they were sorry and offered you something for it. instead you just ignored them. I think you should have given them a chance to and see what they said. even if it did not satisfy you, you should have taken the call.
Old Timer on 10/12/2013:
Tough one to sort out and follow. But, I do agree that Midas is a bad choice for auto repair. They have a history of overcharging and charging for work never done. I would lump Midas in with Pep-Boys and the other bottom feeders in the auto repair biz.
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Do Not Go To Midas… They Are Scam Artists That Will Do Whatever It Takes To Earn A Few Extra Dollars!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- I brought my vehicle in to the PALATINE, ILLINOIS location to get an oil change. After the technician emptied the oil, he mentioned that the drain cap had broken off and was kind enough to show me what he was talking about. He told me that I would need to get a new oil pan but in the meantime I would have to get put in a temporary plug to keep the oil from draining out. He offered me two choices, one for about $20 and the other for a little over $60. Since they were both temporary solutions, I chose the one for $20.

About half hour and approximately 15 miles after leaving Midas, my car started to overheat so I called to let them know. I told them I was going to pull over to let my engine cool down. The manager agreed and said he would send someone out to my location to check the car.

A short time later, the manager arrived at my destination. As he was checking the oil, it started to sleet. As the car had oil, he said that I would have to take it back to the shop in order to do a full examination. I started to follow him and a few miles down the road the needle on the temperature gauge started to approach the red area. Before I could pull over, the oil light came on and then my car died.

A police officer and the fire department came on the scene to assist me and to check out my car to make sure it was not on fire. The officer wanted to call for a tow truck, so I called Midas and asked who would be responsible for the tow bill. I was told that if it was Midas's fault, they would cover the expense; if not, I would have to foot the bill. At that point I was less than pleased. My entire day has been disrupted when all I wanted was a simple oil change. I had enough and I wanted a neutral party to conclude who was responsible for repairing my vehicle. Therefore, I had the car towed to a third party, GMC dealership. While at the dealership, it was discovered that my coolant cap had been off and all my coolant had drained out which resulted in my car overheating. The dealership replaced the cap and the fluid costing me $199.47.

About two hours later, I took my receipts to Midas and met with the manager, asking to be reimbursed for the expenses that I had incurred due to their INEXPERIENCE. He told me he would submit it to corporate and get back to me. About a week later, I took my car in for the district manager looked at my car. He asked me why I had the car towed to the dealership, and I told him that I needed a neutral opinion and my trust for Midas was completely gone. In the end after insulting my intelligence by telling me that the damage done to my car was caused by an accident, and that my car was not overheating due to my coolant being drained. He said Midas was not at fault and they would not cover the expenses. The technician was completely careless when servicing my car, and I hold Midas fully responsible for all damages and expenses incurred. DO NOT GO TO MIDAS!
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User Replies:
clutzycook on 07/20/2012:
Normally I would say keep fighting them, call them every day, show up in person, take them to small claims court, etc. But, since you mentioned that it was sleeting when you started having this problem, my guess is that the whole incident took place at least 6 months ago.
trmn8r on 07/20/2012:
What about the damage to the oil pan, when the "technician" stripped the drain plug? You should have been reimbursed for that.

This boils down to Midas taking responsibility for what likely happened, which they declined to do. There is every reason to believe that their technician left the cap off (why they would take the cap off, I do not know), but if they fought you, you would have to go to court.

It sounds like this happened some time ago. You may consider cutting your losses and moving on, and be grateful that your engine wasn't damaged. Good luck.
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Never Again
Posted on
Rating: 1/51
INDIANA -- I rarely take the time and effort to write something like this but I was so p*ssed off It was impossible for me not to. About a week ago I had the Midas in Plainfield Indiana to do an alignment on my car. I drove it home about 6 miles and thought that was it. 3 days later on a trip out of town I noticed the car had a slight pull to the left and the steering wheel was not quite centered. I called the Plainfield Midas and asked if they would be able to get the car in to check the alignment. It was short notice so when the man said that he couldn't get to it that day I understood and said I would try again in a day or so.

After a little thought I decided against taking it back to the Plainfield Midas. They didn't get it right the first time so I wanted to have another Midas Look at it. On Tuesday July 3 2012 I decided to call the Midas in Brownsburg Indiana to see if they could get it in to check the alignment. I asked " is there any chance I can get a car in today for an alignment check "? The man asked a few questions, make, what's the car doing, my name. He looked over his schedule and said he could get me in at 4:00pm. That was great for me since I had just got home and it was close to 2:00pm.

I arrived at the Brownsburg Midas at 3:53pm. Went to the counter where I was greeted by the counter guy. I showed him my receipt from the Plainfield Midas and explained that they had done the alignment and that I would like for his store to check it. I told him the car pulled to the left and the steering wheel was not centered. Amazingly he explained to me that he probably couldn't get to it that day, he had several brake jobs ahead of me and they had to be done by 6:00 before close. He was happy to reschedule me for July 5th.

Now someone less cynical than myself might accept his story and just be happy with the rescheduled appointment. I on the other hand recognized his bullshyt story. The Brownsburg Midas was not interested in doing my warranty work that day but apparently they would have been happy to do some new work. As someone that works in the service/trades I understand things happen or go wrong from time to time. Its how they're handled later that makes the difference. Midas has failed in that respect.

No need for a call, an email, a letter. I wouldn't even accept a full refund at this point. Since the age of 20 I have had at least 2 or more vehicles. Currently I have 4. I will NEVER bring another vehicle of mine to any MIDAS STORE. Midas does not honor or stand behind their work. Unfortunately I will be forced to complain about this situation and Midas to the automotive blogs, BBB, Angies List and anyone else that might want to listen. P*ss poor way to run a business .
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 07/04/2012:
Yes, it sounds like he lied to you to take customers with new money and avoid fixing someone else's lousy work.

I can well understand why you chose a new location, but I can also understand it location not wanting to get involved.
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Rip Off-they will put a mechanics lien on your car for unauthorized repairs
Posted by on
SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I took my vehicle to the location of 3819 Fredericksburg Rd in San Antonio, Texas. OOOh my gosh, what a big mistake. I asked them for an estimate for the brakes and the exhaust leak. they had no problem dropping me off in my OWN CAR, no shuttle, they drove my car that needed repairs, to a friends house. before I left, I specifically said "DO NOT DO ANY WORK WITHOUT SPEAKING WITH ME". They said "ooh, no problem, we won't". My boyfriend called and the man said "can I call you back, I am on the line with someone". We received no call back. An hour later we called again and the same man said "your ready to go", "its all fixed". We got a ride to the shop and said "we didnot authorize any work". He said "your boyfriend authorized the work". My boyfriend said "I didnot, you were supposed to call us back". He said "well the work is done". I explained we didnot have the funds to have all the work done. He stated thay had a payment plan they could put us on, but only with a check. We do not have checks. He explained a check from anyone, he didn't care whose check it was. They would not let me have my car until a portion was paid. I called San antonio Police and they came out to the location, thery explained this was a civil matter, I would have to take them to court to get my car back. Keep in mind, I never sighned anything. We agreed to pay a portion of the work, I needed my car for work, we share 1 vehicle. We got a check from a friend and picked up my car. Apparently the check bounced and 3 months later they towed my car in the middle of the night. We paid the remaining balance, but the owner would not release the car until an $800 towing fee was paid. He kept my vehicle at one of the Midas shops. The car was parked outside the shop, off their property. I took my car back. They never had a mechanics lein on the car, they just took it without any lawful means. I called the owner 2 weeks after and he explained he just processed the lien with the county clerk. I had already called the county clerk to give them a heads up, they said they will not approve the lien. This owner claims he is an ex-police officer (I wonder why). He is crooked and he will not work with you, BEWARE OF THIS SHOP.....THEY ARE A NIGHTMARE
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User Replies:
Alain on 01/29/2011:
Sounds like you need to get a free consultation with an attorney about this or call the Texas Consumer Protection Hotline at 800-621-0508 and see if they can give you some advice.
Andre Dillard (General Manager of Midas Auto Servi on 07/19/2012:
Well, a smart and intelligent person can see that every story has two sides. A smart and intelligent person has a good since of smell to tell which story smells. This customer bounced serveral checks and didn't pay their repair bill they authorized repairs to their vehicle that was broken down. Serveral letters and phone attempts and did not pay repair bill. So I had to use other methods to get that customers attention. Someone needs to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions.
St. Louis, MO on 11/15/2012:
A St. Louis Midas would not honor my lifetime warranty on a muffler, and fixed a muffler pipe without telling me and overcharged for it, so I also think Midas takes advantage of the customer. The guy kept my car keys until I paid him by check which made no sense what with credit card usage. I told him to stick the check where the sun don't shine. He kept my warranty and said they no longer honor them??? I am 71 and not stupid! Is this even legal.
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Worst Car shop ever... They don"t fix your car they rip-off your money :(
Posted by on
IRVING, TEXAS -- I took my car to one of the Midas car shop about a month ago to fix muffler. They told me it has the exhaust leakage and since there is no check engine sign on they don't know any thing else. They fixed the exhaust leakage now my car has check engine sign on and my car shakes like hell. So I took it back to them second time they said I have to change spark plugs. I did that too but the problem is still the same. Third time I took it back to them they said now something else is wrong with the engine they have to look at at it. They kept my car for 15 days then they said third cylinder has low compression and it costs $1500 to fix it. When I asked why my car is shaking so bad and check engine sign is on. Mechanic told me, check engine was on from the beginning. And the manager kept adding problems after problems. My car was drivable and used to run smoothly but rt. after they fixed what ever they told the problem is, it is in its worst condition.
The store manager did not know how to talk to the customer. He yelled at me and instead of fixing my car he told me my car is too old and I can take it somewhere else to fix my car. He ask money to fix my car and if I don't pay him he will not give my car key.
I called their customer service no one responded me. Finally I got their shops owners no. and called him, at first he was unaware of the issue and when I was trying to explain my problem he hung up on me.
This is the worst car shop ever. If there is any kind of issue they tell you to go to court. They just don't know how to fix the car.

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User Replies:
trmn8r on 01/03/2011:
A cylinder having poor compression could indeed cause the engine/car to shake. You paid to have the exhaust repaired and plugs replaced (maybe not necessary). I would take the car elsewhere for a second opinion. I'm guessing they want to charge you a lot since they have had the car for a few weeks. Tough one.
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Very Very Bad Service
Posted by on
COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA -- This is the letter I sent to corporate
Dear Midas,
My name is D J W and I am writing to you concerning my recent service at Midas in Columbia SC on October 25th. I called Midas and asked them if I towed my car in if they would look at it and fix it. The manager said yes. My car had no power whatsoever. A few days later Frank called and said they found that the main wiring harness wires were bad and needed to be replaced. HE also told me that the fuse between the starter and wiring harness was blown so they changed it. Due to trusting Midas I took it to an electrical place called southern armature in Columbia.

This is the second tow fee of 60.00. Southern armature calls two days later and says your electronics are fixed but now it isn’t starting but it is turning over. Tow it back to Midas; third time. Frank says he will look at it. A couple days later he calls and says we found the problem, it was the distributor. Come pick it up. I was charged 403.00 for labor and the distributor. I drove to Lexington and something was wrong.

I popped the hood and found the distributor not tightened down and so the timing was jumping due to Midas not tightening the bolt. Now I was getting upset due to being stuck again and calling another tow truck. It takes two minutes to tighten the distributor bolt down and this time wasn’t taken to make sure the service I just paid for was quality. So I took it back to Midas to fix what they didn’t do in the first place.

By now I’m in the money pit 240.00 for towing, 272.00 for wiring harness and coil, 403.00 at Midas and it still isn’t fixed. They call me the next day and tell me it is running and the alternator is bad””(?)”” Now, pay attention because this is where it really gets interesting, or as I call it, the second phase of me being really pissed. So I pick the car up and drive to my apartment and change the alternator. Drive it the next day to Lexington and guess what, it freaking breaks down AGAIN. So now I go to another mechanic. Within 2 hours he calls me and tells me what he finds.

The reason the car was shutting off was because somebody didn’t hook a wire backup to the starter. That is the first thing Midas checked due to the fuse being blown from the starter to the wiring harness. The positive battery cable off the battery was fried on about 2 inches of it in plain site. Next, Southern Armature replaced a coil on my car and the wire plug that went into it had the clip broke and it fell off with the use of a fingertip accidentally touching it. Car doesn’t do nothing without that plug being hooked up. So, was the replacement of my distributor or alternator necessary? Myself and my other mechanic don’t think so.

He also found two bare wires right beside the coil that should have been found and repaired. When the car broke down the battery was checked first by me and Advance Auto Parts and it was good. If the alternator was bad before all this it would not have been charging the battery. So was the alternator bad before this; NO. Was the distributor bad, Probably not, but know one really knows. Was the last two tow jobs necessary, most likely not. I question whether the tow from Southern Armature and any tow job after that was necessary at all if somebody would’ve hooked the wire back up from the start.

I went two weeks without a car and because that I’m a FT student with two internships, a job, two kids, think about the BIG inconvenience all this is, even typing this letter has taken time that I don’t have but I want the owner and the corporate people to know what happened to me. My dad has been going to Midas for a long time, I go every once in a while, but no more. I work too hard for the money that I have spent due to trusting the Midas Corporation. Heres another bad Midas representation. I was going to get rid of the car so I called Frank and asked about getting the money back out the distributor. He said he couldn’t because he didn’t have the original box due to the core being sent to the store he bought it from.

I called some auto parts stores to ask about whether I could return the distributor or the alternator and they said yes if I had the receipt. He didn’t say anything except that It was too bad. Not, I’ll check into it, or anything else. What a freaking great reply. I was just trying to get some money back out the car and recover some losses but that’s TOO BAD for me because I don’t have the receipt for the distributor that cost 236.20. I know Midas has it but I don’t. Even though I kept the car because the other mechanic fixed it and I have no longer have had any problems out of the car, this was still the biggest aggravation I have ever received from any auto service place in my life. My question to the Midas Corporation is this; How are they going to fix this situation before I take this matter any further. I would like to tell people that Midas did the right thing by me but that is up to the corporate office because I know the local shop don’t care or think a little person like myself doesn’t matter.

I do know this, some of the problems and costs couldn’t have been avoided due to the problems with the car, but I know some of the costs and issues could have been avoided if somebody would have taken the time to look over my car. The towing fees, what Midas charged me, the southern armature bill, the alternator, some of this could have been avoided if somebody hooked the starter wire back up in the first place. I don’t want to post this on telephone poles, or make any t-shirts, or posts this problem on the bulletin board all over USC campus, but my advertising skills will come in handy with all the news stations and the e-mail contacts I have. I don’t want somebody else going through this. I will go this length if somebody don’t acknowledge this as a major problem in your company.

If the manager said we are not capable of fixing this problem it would have worked out fine, but no he said yes, and because Midas is a well known corporation I took my dad’s suggestion and the fact that Midas has a sign on the front of their buildings that reads, “Auto Service Experts” I trusted the company. To resolve this matter I can be reached on my cell phone () and hopefully someone will let me know that the Corporate people care more about the customers than the local shops, or at the least the owner of the shops in Columbia because that he owns the one in Columbia and west Columbia. Please call.
Love, D J W
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Anonymous on 11/10/2008:
Anonymous on 11/10/2008:
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Issue? Don't trust Midas in Nashville
Posted by on
MADISON, TENNESSEE -- In November 2007 we noted an indicator light (check engine) on our 2001 VW Jetta. I used an OBD to review the issue and noted fault codes for cylinder 1 & 2 (misfire). We took the Jetta to the Midas Auto Service Experts at 1211 S Gallatin Road in Madison, TN 37115 for a tune-up (plugs, wires, filter, oil, etc). The work was completed on 11/10/07 and did not include the plugs and wires. The fuel filter was replaced; cooling system was drained and filled; oil change done; engine and cabin air filters replaced. Total cost was $337.47 (invoice # 5103423). The manager told us he cleared the fault codes, but the VW plugs would need to be ordered. Additionally he said the codes may or may not return - if they did, they would have the plugs and wires to replace the old ones and it would fix the indicator light (clear the codes).

On 11/11/07 we noted the indicator light returned. I used the OBD and noted the same codes - fault codes for cylinder 1 & 2 (misfire). We took the Jetta back to the Midas Auto Service Experts at 1211 S Gallatin to have the wires and plugs installed. The installation was completed on 11/13/07 for a total cost of $285.46 (Invoice # 5103425). The manager told us he cleared the codes and the car was ready to go.

We were out of town for the holidays and did not use the car for a while. When we did use the Jetta, my wife noted the indicator light came on again. I used the OBD to review the issue and noted fault codes for cylinder 1 & 2 (misfire). This was the third time we had the issue and we had already spent $622.93 at Midas for the same issue. We decided to take our Jetta to the dealership - Hallmark VW/Hyundai at 2431 Gallatin Road in Madison, TN 37115 on 01/15/08.

I received a call from the VW dealer in the morning on 01/16/08 and they noted the same fault codes I saw using the OBD - cylinder 1 & 2 (misfire). They said this indicated the Jetta required a tune-up. I explained to them that I have the car recently serviced at a shop recently and I need the old parts. I called my wife and she contacted the Midas shop manager and told him of the issues. She also reviewed the process for a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint. The BBB noted a request / requirement to contact Midas at 615.327.0722 before filing a complaint.

When I picked-up the Jetta later that day the VW dealer noted the wiring for the cylinders were done incorrectly ("wires routed incorrectly") rand the plugs were "hand tight" (as noted on my VW dealer invoice). Also, the shop (Midas) did not use the OEM plugs or engine filter. The cost for the repairs (replaced the wires, plugs, and engine air filter) was $377.04 (Invoice or "RO" #: 121477). I stopped at the Midas shop and spoke to the manager.

He told me it was unlikely the cylinders were wired incorrectly and that the work had a warranty - that I should have returned to his shop. I explained that I brought the Jetta to his shop twice, for the same issue, and still had that issue after each visit. That the total cost for the tune-up (just at Midas) had cost me over $600 and a third visit, for the same issue, would be an act of stupidity on my part. It was a judgment call and a reasonable person would not return for a third visits. I asked what Midas intended to do regarding the issue and he told me he had received a call from my wife earlier in the day and contacted his manager; who would call me the next day (01/17/08). I asked him to call his manager and ensure I was contacted as early as possible - I also provided my cell number 615.319.8864.

On 01/17/08, I did not receive a call as of 3PM and called the number noted via BBB above. I asked to speak to someone regarding this issue - gave the shop location and the make / model of the vehicle and cell number. As of this note (01/18/08 at 9AM), no one has contacted my wife or I about this problem.

On 01/22/08, Rick Crowder called our home phone and left a message. I returned his call on 01/23/08 and we discussed the VW.

Rick was adamant that no diagnostic was done on the car at the Midas Auto Service Experts at 1211 S Gallatin Road and questioned the time frame. He was concerned we brought the car in the second time on 11/13/07 and did not report another problem until 01/15/08. I explained that we were out of town for the holidays and did not use the car until the New Year. Rick stated that we did not give them an opportunity to fix the issues and I explained to him that the total cost for the tune-up (just at Midas) had cost me over $600 and a third visit, for the same issue, a prudent person would not return a third time for the same issue to the same place. It was a judgment call and I believe a reasonable person would have done the same thing.

Rick stated that the car should have been returned to the shop per the warranty and I explained that the car was at the same shop twice for the same issue and each time the manager told us the codes were clear. The second time the manager was adamant the car was fine and the codes were clear. I explained that the car indicator light was on after the second visit and I did not feel a third trip to the same shop was a good idea. He again said no diagnostic was done on the car but could not tell me how his shop managers knew what the problem was if they did not do a diagnostic -since I never told him I used the OBD.

I suggested we use the BBB process because he was not listening to what I had to say. Rick stated that the car should have been returned to the shop per the warranty and asked again why it took two months to notice the problem. I explained that he was repeating himself and not listening to me. We were on vacation and the second time the manager was adamant the car was fine and the codes were clear. I explained that the car indicator light was on after the second visit and I did not feel a third trip to the same shop was a good idea.

Rick insisted we should have taken the car to the same shop for warranty work… I thanked him and said we use the BBB process because he was not interested n solving the issue, just arguing the same points. He said, “Well, you should have brought it back.” I thanked him one more time and said we should let the BBB run its course. Rick said, “You should have brought it to us sooner, why didn’t you?” At that point I knew he was being resistant to the conversation and understood his goal was not resolution. I thanked him and said good-by.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/23/2008:
Check out the big brain on Alley.
Anonymous on 01/23/2008:
Don't flatter yourself, blondie.
Anonymous on 01/23/2008:
Stew -- how have you been my lil' bro?? I haven't talked to you in a while.

Ya' still feeling the need to wear the 'big pants'?
Midasmgr100 on 02/18/2008:
Okay... several things to address in this. First off, is your check engine light back on? Did the dealership conduct and charge you for a diagnostic which should have been done in the first place? Did the manager at Midas suggest a diagnostic inspection to properly diagnose your problem before any work was done?

Often customers will bring in a vehicle with a check engine light and they "know" what the problem is either because they have used a cheap OBDII scanner to pull the code or had a parts store do the same for free. The scenario continues with the customer being adamant that they "know" that the vehicle needs a tune-up and they decline our diagnostic against the service advisor or managers recommendation. Then the inevitable call has to be made to tell the customer that the tune-up did not fix the problem or make the light go out and sometimes the customer will blame Midas even though we did all we could to properly diagnose and repair the customer's concern rather than simply "throwing parts" at the car.

Diagnostics are largely misunderstood. Autozone cannot diagnose a vehicle however they can pull a fault code from the vehicle's computer. If it comes up a misfire, Autozone will try to sell you spark plugs and wires, if it comes up an O2 sensor code, Autozone will try and sell you an O2 sensor. Autozone is there to sell parts, Midas is here to fix your car. They have a $130 code scanner, Midas has a $5,000 complex OBDII diagnostic computer and access to resources to assure the diagnostic is accurate.

OBDII fault codes can be very misleading. You cannot plug a scanner into a car and it will tell you what is wrong and what you need to replace; it unfortunately doesn't work that way. The code serves as an outline for the technician so that he or she knows which system is exhibiting the fault and what diagnostic path to follow. For example a misfire does not mean a plug or a wire is having a problem. There are many other components in the system that can cause that condition including everything from ignition coils to camshaft and crankshaft position sensors. If the computer shows an EGR Flow efficiency problem, that does not mean to replace the EGR valve itself; there are problems that occur with the EGR passages, the valve position sensor, the electrical connection to the valve as well as many others. The vast majority of the time, not being cheap and paying for the diagnostic service will save a lot of money and headaches for the customer.

As far as this customer's review goes; I don't know what exactly happened. He may not have been offered the diagnostic service, the parts could have been improperly installed as mistakes can happen. However it is virtually universal that you cannot take a warranted product to a non-warranty providing facility and go back to the warranty provider and expect an instant refund. This is true with every product and service I can think of. This customer went back twice for services he requested, he did not go back twice because the vehicle was messed up as he implies.

All this being said, I as a manager for Midas would do my best to reconcile the situation to make it beneficial to all parties involved and having a BBB complaint filed and an unhappy customer is not in the best interest of either party. I sincerely hope that both you and the Midas that served you uses reasonable judgment and can solve the problem you presented in your review.
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Midas Manager's Comments
Posted by on
Hello. I am a manager with Midas and have been with the organization for about a year. I looked at this website about two months ago and frequently check back with it. The first time I read all the complaints about Midas, my feelings were genuinely hurt. I spend 12 hours a day doing my best to assure that each customer is advised to the best of my ability of how to take care of their vehicle. In my automotive career, I have studied extensively, I have several training certifications and I am even ASE certified as an automotive service manager. There are several factors I want to point out in response to these complaints. First, we are franchised. Just because one Midas may have given you bad service, please don't scratch out them all; I swear the MacDonald's across town tastes much better than the one nearest to me. See the point? The organization I work for owns several locations across the country... actually I own part because we are an employee owned company; every employee has a stake in how well we care for each customer.

We have several managers and technicians that have been with the company for 15, 20, or even 30 years. Everything we do is designed to take care of the customer's needs because our organization understands that is how you build a business and profit. This is what Midas International stands for even though a couple of locations in other organizations may lack leadership or experience. One major complaint I would like to address is "my car is still not fixed". Unfortunately it happens that a misdiagnosis can happen for many reasons. Sometimes a vehicle may exhibit a symptom that is almost always caused by a certain failure yet that was not the cause. The main interface between the customer and Midas is the Manager or Service Advisor; it is their job to relay the likelihood that a certain repair will fix the symptom. For example; a customer comes in with a poor idle, lack of performance and the check engine light on.

I will ask probing questions about previous repairs (or the lack thereof) that have been done to the vehicle. If the customer states that they have owned the vehicle for 5 years or 60,000 miles and they have never had a tune-up, I may recommend the tune-up because it is a needed repair and a likely cause of the problem but I will always suggest a diagnostic to find what is causing the customer's symptom. Another example is a customer complaining of a knocking noise in the front end. The technician finds a bad upper ball joint. I consult the customer and they approve the repair. Once the upper ball joint is repair, we can see play in the lower ball joint and it may still make noise. If the upper ball joint had so much play in it, the lower ball joint with less play may have been not noticeable before the first repair.

Then the Manager or service advisor must do the dreaded act of adding to a repair bill. We hate doing it and we know that auto repair facilities have a bad reputation but we must be honest and have the customer's best interest in mind. Keep in mind, even though the entire front end problem was not fixed with the first repair, the vehicle definitely needed the first repair and the customer was not sold something they didn't need; they were just not sold enough. Air conditioning repair is famous for running into things along the way. I have had to call a customer three times to get a larger amount approved to fix a/c. I hate that but sometimes you can't see a problem until the another part of the system is functioning but it makes me look like I'm just seeing how much I can get out of them. NOT TRUE.

I don't want to make that call anymore than the customer wants it; it makes me look dishonest. Another major issue with complaints is warranties. Understanding the lifetime warranty that Midas offers on brakes, certain shocks/struts, and mufflers is extremely important to customer satisfaction. I have gained the habit of fully explaining the warranty at the time of the sale of the job so there are no misunderstandings but I have noticed that often times customers will hear what they want. The lifetime warranty on brakes and mufflers does not cover labor. We cannot weld or clamp a muffler onto rusted and rotted out pipe so at that time we will require the pipe replaced. If it fell off, we would have to warranty it yet again and we want it to be fixed right so the customer does not write complaints on sites such as this. You must keep your warranty paperwork.

The franchise must have certain numbers on it to get credit from Midas International for the warranted part; it is the customer's responsibility for just about all other products to keep their receipt. Something else I have noticed about certain supposed customer complaints about Midas is that they involve other major companies names and are obviously written by an employee of the competition. I have noticed in only a few of the reviews that lingo is used that typically only someone in the industry would use or certain details are wrong or overlooked like a 95 sunbird having a R134a conversion when it was R134a refrigerant from the manufacturer. Read them closely and you'll see, pay attention to the other shops named and portrayed as heroes.

Another of the primary complaints is time of completion. Every manager has an intense struggle when deciding what estimated time of completion to deliver to the customer. On one hand, you want the sale and want to give the most optimistic estimate possible. On another hand, you know that certain things can pop up, especially on large repairs such as a part not being in stock that the supplier told you was, a machine shop keeping a part longer than they told you. Also you have to factor in whatever other repairs that technician has before it and the over-runs they may have. I've had problems such as putting on brand new parts that were bad from the factory, finding another component is bad along the repair or during disassembly for the repair and getting the wrong part happens all too often. All of these factors and more can effect the completion time, but the manager does not want to lose the business by giving the most conservative completion time.

Again, it is up to the service manager to inform the customer of the possibilities. Another complaint to address- prices. You can always find a cheaper part, and in some cases a lot cheaper. That doesn't make it better. We buy quality parts that we can put our stamp of approval on and warranty for one year (varies for each organization). If the part goes bad in the warranty period, we may or may not get credit for the part but we won't get credit for the time and labor to replace it. We assure we buy good parts and not cheapy crap. The automotive parts industry is extremely competitive which has caused some of the national chains to start carrying cheap crap that fails often and sometimes when it is new or shortly afterwards. We avoid that. We do mark parts up a little, but not near as much as people obviously think. Small price to pay for a nationwide warranty. If we sold parts for what we bought them for, we wouldn't be in business long.

Midas employs ASE certified technicians which are the top of the bunch and are expensive to keep but worth every penny. We pay these technicians more and charge more than "Joe's Tire Barn" because we offer quality work by quality technicians with excellent warranties. Take your car where you want, but I'm a believer in the organization I work for and I hope you will be also.
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User Replies:
MRM on 09/05/2007:
Thank You, Midasmgr100, for an informative article on the perspective of a manager. You definitely clear up some of the misconceptions that customers have on car repair shops.
moneybags on 09/05/2007:
Very nice write-up.
ThinLazyAmerican on 09/05/2007:
The Midas I used to go to had a knack for finding something wrong with my car every time they took it out for their "mandatory test drive".

It's also my experience that Midas used the "Cheap Crap" brake pads on my car for their "Lifetime Brake Guarantee".

Those crappy pads ruined my rotors and the rotors had to be resurfaced twice. The pads always felt like crap. I got no-name pads, not Raybestos as I assumed I would get.

Two months later I trashed those pads and went back to OEM parts/pads. I had someone else install the OEM pads of course.

I do believe the "Lifetime Guarantee" for brake pads is to get me to come back more often to pay for labor and parts while I get free brake pads.

It's also my knowledge that Midas orders parts from whatever wholesale parts supplier in town that has the parts in stock and those parts are not the top of the line parts they are usually remanufactored no-name parts.

When take your car in for an oil change, watch Midas take your wheels off without your consent to surprise you with problems they found on your car.

If you get anything done other than an oil change, wait and watch for the parts truck, car or station wagon and ask to see the parts they deliver before the parts are taken to the mechanic.

Unless you tell Midas you want a specific kind of part, you get whatever they order.

While the Midas I went to always found something wrong, I knew I could always say "No Thanks" and look elsewhere for a second opinion and price quote if I actually needed the part.

Another reason I no longer go to Midas is, I found out they put 10w40 oil in my car when my car uses 10w30. I specifically asked for 10w30. Their answer to this was: "That's what everybody uses, everybody uses 10w40"!

Whaaattt?? That load of BS was the final straw.
Anonymous on 09/06/2007:
Well written. ThinLazy brings up some valid points
Anonymous on 09/06/2007:
The OP sounds like a manager who actually cares. A rare breed. The Midas shops near me are to be avoided even for a simple oil change as they always find something else to charge for.

Always use OEM brake parts. After market parts work okay but
the quality usually isn't the best.
Anonymous on 09/06/2007:
Thanks for the great explanation.
Midasmgr100 on 09/10/2007:
I would like to respond to ThinLazyAmerican. I want to further discuss a few items that is in your response to my comments. First; I have NEVER seen a set of brake pads ruin rotors. It does not happen unless the brake pad is grinding on the backing plate or some other interference has occurred. Could it be possible your rotors just wore out? It is a widely held misconception that if you have never been "grinding", you won't need rotors. Pressure, heat and time cause the metal or your rotor to wear away. Grinding simply causes it to happen much faster. In regards to getting your rotors resurfaced, nearly all manufacturers or brake pads recommend resurfacing (machining or turning) of your rotors every time your replace your brake pads. Three main reasons: Noise, efficiency of braking, and pad longevity. Midas only recommends rotors if the thickness as measured by a micrometer is less than either the "machine to" specification or the "discard" specification. Simply put, rotors can be machined to a certain point and they are only safe to another point. Most people that have driven for any length of time have had a brake "pulsation". This is caused by rotors below the "discard" specification which results in heat causing warpage to the rotor. In severe cases the surface of the rotor can actually separate from the hub causing lack of braking. I have seen "OEM" referred to a few times in the responses to my comments. Original Equipment Manufacturer brake pads may be available for your vehicle but will usually not qualify for any promotional pricing. Depending on the manufacturer of your vehicle they may only be available through the dealer. I've been in this business for a while and have Midas pads on my own vehicle and have seen no reason to think that they are inferior. I can name some inferior brands of friction material, but I won't due to professionalism. Mr. Lazy, there is no such thing as a "mandatory test drive". If a customer asks me not to test drive their vehicle and simply pull it in and put brake pads on it, I'll have them sign off on that request and that is what I'm going to do except in a couple of circumstances. The most obvious is a life-threatening safety situation. If you want me to only put brake pads on the vehicle but the rotors are ground down to the fins; I'm not going to work on that vehicle without at least getting it safe for travel. That is a responsibility of everyone in my field plus I don't want the liability. Lazy, we do often times get parts at a commercial discount from local parts houses but we are always aware of the brands and parts houses to avoid. If you have ever known an experienced technician you would know that they know their parts and they don't want to put poor parts on a vehicle because they will have to redo the job. We are also always open to customer suggestions as to what brand to use including oil. "Remanufactured no-name parts"??? I don't know where your knowledge came from but you are wrong. In the event we use remans it is only on certain parts like master cylinders power steering pumps that carry one year warranties and all the likely failure parts are replaced. We are in the business to be competitive and if by experience we deem a product to be worthy of our warranty, we will use it but Lazy, you are one of those customers that says you only want the best until you have to pay for it and I don't know about the 10W40 thing, I can't even tell you the last time I put 10W40 in a motor. We keep a certain oil "on tap" so to speak, in a big container with a pump that comes out a gun. I'm not sure I have more than a couple quarts of 10W40 on hand. We use 5W30 as the bulk oil with a stock of 10W30 and 5W20 (for certain Ford motors). What Midas was it that has 10W40 on tap? Also we do take the wheels off a car when we do an oil change with a tire rotation and have a bad habit of peeking at the customer's brakes, not only so we might make a new brake customer but also so that customer isn't grinding brakes and mad at us because we didn't at the very least let them know. We don't take wheels off without permission. We do a courtesy check of vehicles that are in for repairs or oil changes not only to suggest sales but as a way to alert vehicle owners to potential problems. Throughout everything I've read it seems people have forgotten that Midas is here to get business and be a profitable company so we can all feed our families and live our American dream. As I stated before, we know that if we take care of our customers in an ethical manner, that will come along with it. Unfortunately there are misunderstandings and personalities to deal with that cannot be satisfied.
zslim on 10/04/2007:
Midasmgr First off let me thank u for your response. OK to answer your question about my window yes they are power and one out of four has a mind of its own but ironically that is the one that was left up. I understand that you work for Midas and you all have a policy you go by but does that mean lie to the customer to make the customer feel better? I was giving false info about what was needed on my car and got a half "a" job. I should have been giving a full detail of what was needed and I wasn't at all. I believe a customer should get all the information about what's needed and then let them decide on what they want to pay for. Since I wasn't told everything I got half the work done and now my car sounds the same. How do you go from new to grinding in a week?
rol on 10/19/2007:
Midas uses defective parts bought from China and will damage your car and then sue you for not paying for the deceitful repairs. Rotten company - not interested in the safety of their long time customers.
Midasmgr100 on 10/22/2007:
rol... I have no idea where you got your information but it is completely false and you probably know it. Maybe some of the parts are bought from China, I'm not totally sure but a lot of times they are the same brands you get at Napa, Autozone, Carquest, Advance, O'Reilly, et cetera. Do they sell parts that damage your car too? Our country does a lot of trade with China; is it all bad? We sell a lot of parts made in the United States and other places around the world. You simply sound like you don't know what you are talking about or you are out to damage a great company's reputation.
AnotherMidasChump on 10/26/2007:
Lies and Damned Lies!
No one from Midas should be trusted! Every time someone brings in their car, they're taking the dare to be overcharged and sold a bill of goods!
Awww...you feel hurt by the negative comments? Then stop cheating people of their hard-earned money! Anyone who gets off on cheating people are just scumbags who will tell you anything just to get your money!
For example, after getting shoes replaced by Midas, you wind up with a bill that doesn't cost the $90 of labor, but anything upwards of $200 to $400! You might as well save your dough and go to your dealer! At least they're up front with screwing you over!
Briana on 11/02/2007:
Thanks for your review on Midas, I think it's great that you care enough to make a stand for this company. Every single business in the world will always have somebody who believes they are being unfairly serviced and/or charged; thank God that everyone has the chance to complain about it. Unfortunately, I believe a lot of the people who are intent on bashing Midas' repuation do not think about both sides of the coin. I do believe that if a customer brought a car in to my shop and I saw a radiator hose that was about to blow or brakes that are grinding and I didn't tell them, that they would extremely unhappy to not be told by a professional that there is something wrong with their car that may leave them stranded on the side of the road. The reason we perform the courtesy check is to help you know what, if anything is wrong with your car. You have the option to refuse the courtesy inspection, all you have to do is tell the service writer/manager you don't want it! Some people need a reason to complain and will look for it wherever they roam, and will never be satisfied. I can safely say that here in the great NW, I take excellent care of my customers and they would tell you the same thing, I promise you that. And from the sounds of it, Midasmgr takes good care of his customers as well. Kudos to you Midasmgr; and for those of you so willing to run down any business, you should stop and remember that nobody and no business is perfect; the poor performance of one individual for a nationwide company does not necessarily mean that is the status quo for all involved.

PS Rol, your comment begs the question: who in their right mind would pay money for defective parts? Seriously!
Midasmgr100 on 02/18/2008:
When we get angry, we rush to post a complaint. When we are happy with our service, how often do we post a positive review??? Nearly never. Keep this in mind when viewing the surprisingly low amount of complaints about Midas on this site and others compared to other companies. Midas has a policy of being honest and taking care of their customers with the strongest of ethical standards.
greg11050 on 09/11/2009:
I have to say, I received excellent service. I was recommended new shoes and rotors. I knew they were grinding and was pretty sure my rotors were past the point of turning them. I'm an hvac mechanic myself and know what its like. A good diagnosis and fix will often work then brings up another problem. You run that chance running anything that has actual use. I believe these guys do their best and are honest, and I know complaints are the foremost on here because people that have had positive experience tend not to post on sites like these. I'll be taking my vehicle to Midas from now on because they have an excellent staff and warranty, may be a little more pricey then joes corner shop but well worth it. Yes there are bad seeds everywhere but don't give the whole franchise a bad name, that's just low.
midasm on 06/21/2010:
I have worked for Midas at different locations for many years and the shops you have to stay away from are the independent's just because they have to pay Midas a fee to have the name. The fee is 10% of total sales. So if you look at the numbers 10% for fee's 25% for parts 14-20% payroll 22% electric,water,rent and 25-30% for the owner to have a new IPHONE 4 and other toys. Now add up the numbers and you'll see why they buy cheap pads and rotors from China. In my experience the best kind of advertising is FREE (WORD OF MOUTH). My wife works for a company that has vans on the road and I WILL NOT HAVE HER GO TO MIDAS just because it takes all day to get the service manager off his ass to find the part or try to come up with a price. And when he does it so overpriced that she could have gone to the dealership and had a factory part installed for the same price or cheaper. I do like the structure of the company but the owners are so focused on car counts and ticket average that I am looking to get away from this negative atmosphere for good. If you decide to go to Midas or any other shop and have your brakes done just be sure that you look at the estimate and don't fall for the caliper cleaning or caliper service. It is a SCAM. When a good tech with half a brain does brakes he/she will clean the caliper and grease the slides for free. IT'S PART OF THE JOB.
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