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Miele Appliances Poorly Constructed
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PRINCETON, NJ -- Six years ago, as our house was being remodeled, I had no intention of purchasing Miele appliances. My Maytag washer and Kenmore dryer were both in excellent condition and functioning perfectly after 20 years.

Unfortunately, the architect who designed our new laundry room neglected to take into account the space required for my American appliances. I had no choice but to bite the bullet and plop down thousands of dollars for a brand-new Miele washer and dryer.

From the get-go, the washer and dryer were disappointing. Neither is spacious enough for large loads. Both take twice as long to complete their cycles as my old appliances. The dryer rarely dries completely; I often have to add a second cycle to ensure my clothes are not damp. Front-loading machines are, for me, difficult to negotiate.

Since the purchase and installation of the two appliances, I have had various issues that needed service, all after the warranty had expired. The expense of a Miele repair far exceeds that of my previous appliance repairs -- not to mention that in 20 years time, my previous appliances only needed professional service twice. But I paid the price and decided that it's not worth getting upset about.

Until this: the front plastic panel of the dryer began to chip off in small fragments. When I complained about it to the company, I was told that the fault was mine: that I was somehow applying "stress" to the dryer. How that is even possible -- are they saying that I take a hammer and bash the front of the dryer? that I lean my 110# body against the dryer?

I will never purchase another product from Miele. They are certainly not worth the money. In my experience, Miele products are not only not "better than" other products, they are inferior -- which would not be so bad if the company were willing to take responsibility for the inferior quality of their construction.

Installation Rip Off
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SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- We purchased a Miele Freezer and Frig, built in shallow depth style. When we purchased our appliances Miele was having a deal that if Miele installed the appliances for a fee then the customer would bet some sort of warranty or coverage if there were any problems.

A Miele representative came out and looked at the framing etc. and gave our contractor specific instructions on the modifications that would be to be made before Miele would agree to install the freezer and frig. The changes were made and then inspected by the Miele representative approved and then the freezer and frig were installed.

However because the freezer and frig were installed to far left not only are the units not centered in the opening the freezer door does not open wide enough for the drawer of the freezer to come out. We contacted Miele and their official response is a noted:

"Specification sheets are available for each appliance. It is the contractor's job to make sure cabinetry is built accordingly and placed where you will want it. The installers verify the dimensions, and they can make suggestions, but it is the customer's responsibility to prepare the site according to the specification sheets (in this case, you delegated that responsibility to your contractor)." - Ms. Emily Birch - Miele Supervisor

So basically we were held hostage by Miele, they wanted the framing done one way and would not install the appliance until it was done according to their instructions which prevented the door from opening all the way but ensured that the unit would fit?


Mold And Mildew
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GEORGIA -- I had a Miele front loading washing machine that developed a terrible mold and mildew problem in and around the gasket. The reason for the problem is that there is about 1/4 of water in the gasket after each cycle that cannot drain given the position of the drainage holes. To its credit, Miele replaced the machine but, since the machine is exactly the same, I anticipate that the problem will recur.

Miele tells me that I am their only customer with this problem so I'm wondering whether others have had a similar experience.

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Washer not 3 weeks old is leaking water from front door and Miele can't get someone to fix for 1 week so it is go to laundry mat or ruin my hardwood floor. This after the dryer they delivered did not work and I was unable to dry clothes for a week waiting for replacement. Spent too much money to have these problems in less than 3 weeks.

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