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Will Not Send Password
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Rating: 1/51

INTERNET -- Several months ago I joined MY3CENTS and was supposed to get a password verification e-mailed to me. It never came. When I try to get a new account it says that my e-mail already has an account and it asks if I would like the password e-mailed to me. Of course I say yes but the e-mail never comes. I have tried at least 5 different times but never receive the promised e-mail. I also check my spam folder but nothing there either. There is a problem somewhere and I don't think it is on my end. What's up guys?

Advice for New Review Writers
By -

I've been surfing M3C for about a year now. I've posted a few reviews and I've replied to a lot more. Among the reviews that I've read, I've come across a lot of the same issues and I thought that I would give a bit of advice to the new posters out there.

  1. Don't write angry. When you come home after having a lousy experience, don't automatically hop on to M3C to tell the world. I will guarantee you that you will only sound like a raving lunatic. Take a walk, blow off some steam, sleep on it. Do whatever you have to do to calm yourself down. Then, if you still feel the need to write the review, go ahead. Hopefully, the time that has elapsed between your experience and writing the review will allow you to gain a bit of perspective and allow you to write a fair and accurate one.

  2. Use good grammar and spelling whenever possible. Everyone has the occasional typo or run-on sentence. I know my grammar isn't perfect either, but I try to read my review before I post so that some of the more obvious errors will be flushed out. Some of the long-time members here can be a little harsh when it comes to the blatant stuff (not that that excuses them).

  3. Give details. Just saying that the food at Joe's Hamburger Stand sucks, the service is slow and the waitresses are rude is not enough. You need to describe exactly what was so bad about the food, how long it took them to give you service and what exactly the servers did that you perceive as rude.

  4. Leave the race card in the deck. It doesn't matter if your review is clear, precise and grammatically correct. The minute you mention that the person who offended you was black, white, Asian or purple with green spots; you will lose all credibility with other people on this site.

  5. Try not to be offended by the people who reply to your post. On the same token, try not to offend people when you post on their reviews. Don't call people names and don't get upset if people don't agree with you. Just as you are entitled to your opinion, others are entitled to theirs. If you don't like it, turn off replies in the options. That way you won't be offended.

OK, that's all I have right now. If anyone else has some tips, please post them below. I promise not to be offended! :)

Company Response 10/1/2009:

Good advice. Thanks for sharing!

Unfair Practices by
By - does the Internet community a great disservice by accepting and publishing anonymous complaints. This opens the door for every kind of foul play and criminal activity. Among other things, it give disreputable the opportunity to slur their competitors and perceived enemies with being held accountable for their claims.

If someone will not give their name when complaining, they have no right to have their complaint published, especially when they are trashing the reputation of good citizens and legitimate businesses. At the very least, should make it just as easy for someone to respond to a complaint against them as it is for a complaint to be filed. That is only fair. Without an opportunity for a response, My3Cents is just publishing one side of the story, and becomes party to spurious, unfounded complaints.

The complaint filed against me and broadcast by is false and injurious to my reputation. The issue in the complaint was reviewed by both the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Complaints Division of the State of Florida and found to have no merit. Those reviews are a matter of public record and anyone interested can read them.

In my professional opinion, the person who filed the complaint against me is mentally and emotionally disturbed. I invite anyone to go to my website ** and check out my academic record and 20-year reputation as a career counselor, then compare that to the ridiculous anonymous complaint filed against me.

I respectfully ask that remove the complaint on their website. Note that it dates to 2002 and the complainant did not give his name. For the record, his name is **, and if you will contact me, I will provide copies of the professional work I performed for him and leave it to you to decide if the quality meets professional standards.

What's Up With the Site?
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Rating: 3/51

I just came back on after several years away and notice that everything has changed. There are no star ratings for users, I can't pull up my old comments, some of my old reviews are missing. I still love reading some old reviews now and then and don't care about the ranking system, but I wanted to read some of the old reviews I may have commented on just coz.

Is Anyone Else Having This Problem?
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Rating: 3/51

When getting to the bottom of the first page of reviews and when you want to advance a page it says "there are no more reviews in this category"? This just started a week ago. I was hoping it was a glitch but it is lasting too long.

Latest Reviews not available anymore?
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Rating: 5/51

I understand that My3Cents did a wonderful re-design on its website. I have no problem with that. However, I loved to check latest reviews at which I bookmarked it. I loved to read latest reviews daily from glance. That link is not available anymore. I would love to have that feature back if possible.

Resolution Update 04/28/2013:

Thanks, Susan, for responding and resolving it.

Company Response :


Thanks for the feedback. We apologize for the confusion of the latest reviews page missing. After the redesign we combined the latest reviews logic onto the homepage, and added a "Show more reviews" button in place of the previous latest reviews link.

We can add a redirect to forward requests to the old url to the new homepage. Hopefully that will fix any broken bookmarks!

Thanks again for the feedback.


Why do I have to start over and over
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Rating: 1/51

I have tried to write a review 3 times now, and each time, all of a sudden, I am back to square one. I see no point in trying again as I can see nothing wrong with what I do. I was writing a complaint about a travel company. Didn't even get this far in writing it, sometimes not far at all. What to do?

Why Have DirecTV Reviews Taken a New Format?
By -

DirecTV reviews are now formatted differently from other reviews. In addition, many reviews on DirecTV in the past month have been removed. Has DirecTV purchased some special privilege on my3cents?

When does the "week" begin?
By -

"The community tools are currently offline for maintenance for a week. We apologize for the inconvenience!" Does anyone know when the "week" is to begin counting down?

M3C Block list
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Rating: 1/51

Why is it possible to put a member's name on the block list and have no way to erase it having no contact or use for the NAME FOR 5 YEARS?

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