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What's Up With the Site?
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Rating: 3/51

I just came back on after several years away and notice that everything has changed. There are no star ratings for users, I can't pull up my old comments, some of my old reviews are missing. I still love reading some old reviews now and then and don't care about the ranking system, but I wanted to read some of the old reviews I may have commented on just because.

Advice for New Review Writers
By -

I've been surfing M3C for about a year now. I've posted a few reviews and I've replied to a lot more. Among the reviews that I've read, I've come across a lot of the same issues and I thought that I would give a bit of advice to the new posters out there.

  1. Don't write angry. When you come home after having a lousy experience, don't automatically hop on to M3C to tell the world. I will guarantee you that you will only sound like a raving lunatic. Take a walk, blow off some steam, sleep on it. Do whatever you have to do to calm yourself down. Then, if you still feel the need to write the review, go ahead. Hopefully, the time that has elapsed between your experience and writing the review will allow you to gain a bit of perspective and allow you to write a fair and accurate one.

  2. Use good grammar and spelling whenever possible. Everyone has the occasional typo or run-on sentence. I know my grammar isn't perfect either, but I try to read my review before I post so that some of the more obvious errors will be flushed out. Some of the long-time members here can be a little harsh when it comes to the blatant stuff (not that that excuses them).

  3. Give details. Just saying that the food at Joe's Hamburger Stand sucks, the service is slow and the waitresses are rude is not enough. You need to describe exactly what was so bad about the food, how long it took them to give you service and what exactly the servers did that you perceive as rude.

  4. Leave the race card in the deck. It doesn't matter if your review is clear, precise and grammatically correct. The minute you mention that the person who offended you was black, white, Asian or purple with green spots; you will lose all credibility with other people on this site.

  5. Try not to be offended by the people who reply to your post. On the same token, try not to offend people when you post on their reviews. Don't call people names and don't get upset if people don't agree with you. Just as you are entitled to your opinion, others are entitled to theirs. If you don't like it, turn off replies in the options. That way you won't be offended.

OK, that's all I have right now. If anyone else has some tips, please post them below. I promise not to be offended! :)

Company Response 10/1/2009:

Good advice. Thanks for sharing!

Unfair Practices by
By - does the Internet community a great disservice by accepting and publishing anonymous complaints. This opens the door for every kind of foul play and criminal activity. Among other things, it give disreputable the opportunity to slur their competitors and perceived enemies with being held accountable for their claims.

If someone will not give their name when complaining, they have no right to have their complaint published, especially when they are trashing the reputation of good citizens and legitimate businesses. At the very least, should make it just as easy for someone to respond to a complaint against them as it is for a complaint to be filed. That is only fair. Without an opportunity for a response, My3Cents is just publishing one side of the story, and becomes party to spurious, unfounded complaints.

The complaint filed against me and broadcast by is false and injurious to my reputation. The issue in the complaint was reviewed by both the Northeast Florida Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Complaints Division of the State of Florida and found to have no merit. Those reviews are a matter of public record and anyone interested can read them.

In my professional opinion, the person who filed the complaint against me is mentally and emotionally disturbed. I invite anyone to go to my website ** and check out my academic record and 20-year reputation as a career counselor, then compare that to the ridiculous anonymous complaint filed against me.

I respectfully ask that remove the complaint on their website. Note that it dates to 2002 and the complainant did not give his name. For the record, his name is **, and if you will contact me, I will provide copies of the professional work I performed for him and leave it to you to decide if the quality meets professional standards.

Could Anybody Give Me Any Suggestions?
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- I run operations for a small business in which we have storage available for people who would like to store things! We have indoor storage as well as outdoor storage for things such as campers, RVs, boats, etc. Well here is the problem... this past Saturday, we had a violent storm roll through our area, and lightning "supposedly" struck somewhere on our property, causing our electronic gate to malfunction. In other words, it is totally fried. The technician came out who represents the fencing company we use and looked at the gate and said he would be able to order another circuit board of some sort to where we would be up and running within the week.

He called us this morning to inform that what we supposedly need is discontinued! Therefore, he said we could possibly claim it on insurance to get a whole new system installed. What we have now is a card reader system (HID Corporation), to where you just tap the card against the reader, and the gate will open automatically.

Well supposedly now, we have to get a whole "upgraded" system. It doesn't affect me as much as of course the owner (my aunt). She's so mad, I think she's going to go hostile and destroy anything and everything in her path. So now, when a tenant comes in to check on their storage, they have to "manually" open the gate up and close it behind them when they are done. It just doesn't look professional at all on our part, and we need to get this problem fixed ASAP. Does anybody have any suggestions on what to do here? I just didn't know if anyone on here runs business or has had any problem of similarity in the past, or knows anyone with a problem like this.

I had to go through our entire index of tenants and call every single person to inform them of the situation, which took around three hours to do. We are working massive overtime just to overlook that nobody breaks in or tries to do anything of that nature. Any pointers would be fine and dandy!

Advertisement - Complaining about complaints
By -

I think this website has shown us what people are made of. This is people's outlet to complain. Listen to all the people whining about their horrible problems like, "I didn't get greeted with a smile or a hello when I walked into Wal-Mart." I know what kind of people write complaints on this site because my family has owned a retail store for 25 years. Even after all these years it amazes me how high everyone's expectations always are. It's obvious that retail stores will never be able to meet people's expectations, which is why sites like this exist.

I have heard people complain because their merchandise took too long to get here. I've heard people complain because their merchandise came in too fast and they were not ready for it. The main thing I have learned is that consumers DO NOT LISTEN! We tell every customer the same thing when a sale is complete about returns, delivery, policies. But people always demand that we told them something different, or that we promised something totally different than what we tell every customer.

I have read many complaints on this site and it really upsets me how impossible our business has become. I hate going to work sometimes because I know I will get cussed out or yelled at or accused of something by a customer. We have so many people who show up to work every day and work so hard to make people happy and keep people satisfied, but I know they feel like they are trying their hardest for no reason. Customers are relentless many times and make employees feel so bad, usually for no reason other than to throw their weight around and show that they are in charge.

Please consider that businesses are made up of people just like you, who have good days and bad days. People who are doing their best to make sure you are taken care of. Also consider when you are complaining about policies and rules that, businesses had to create all of those policies and rules because of people who complain and try to take advantage of businesses. That's my 3 cents!

Please respect other members when posting your message

Why is it so necessary to belittle people about spelling and grammar? I find it usually happens when there is nothing else to say. Some post/reviews are just bad and are so bad that it needs to be pointed out. These are not the prime reason that it is done. We have all done it, yes me as well and I am not above it as many think they are. There is not one among us who hasn€™t been caught doing it and I mean telling someone else they did it or caught in the act of using bad grammar and misspelling words.

I see it when and this to me is the most offensive, when people can€™t use their brain to see through the misspelled words or the wrong grammar to understand what is being said. Then the stupid comments start: why don€™t you use a spell checker? Well spell checkers don€™t always work the way we think they should. Then, you must go back to school€ and the person saying that should learn what respect means. It goes on and on you all know what I am talking about and I know this will have little to no effect on this at all but I just wanted to say it.

When I see this being done by people that think spelling and grammar is the be all and end all to communication, I see small-minded people that would never make it out in the real word. There are so many different dialects, slang, and ways to spell things. It€™s not funny and that€™s just the English language. Most of the €œgrammar€ I see on here would not work if we were to use the €œKings English€ and most people would be beat to tears if confronted with people that use the kings English.

I see a lot of the so called, self proclaimed SMART PEOPLE on here who think they know a person by what they type and how they type it, I see them type big smart sounding sentences that I can google up in a heart beat and the same people want to say they know you are plagiarizing.

I could go on but if you don€™t get the meaning of what I am saying then maybe you need to go out in the world and experience it for yourself. Some people will never get it and will always equate intelligence with the only ability they have, they can spell but haven€™t a clue how to communicate. €œPlease respect other members when posting your message. Thanks!

Freedom of Belief

It seems My3Cents administrators have taken it upon themselves to decide what you can and cannot believe and/or talk about. Today on the community forum one of them decided to delete comments about God and Jesus Christ. I for one dont care if you are a believer or not. I will not condone nor condemn a person for their own personal belief. But I will fight you to hell a€™s gate to defend my right and yours to say what you believe and not have it edited.

Here are a few of the comments and at the end the letter I wrote. Please read and remember the point here is to be able to speak what you believe, within their rules and this was well within their rules. Thank you.


Stew (03/03/2007) I'm a strict creationist so lidman your use of the word evolve is troublesome. You may spit on the bible and want to spend eternity in Hades but don't expect the rest of us to follow down your Darwin trail of doom. Lidman, why do you mock the lord?

Lidman (03/03/2007) Then Stew you should read the book and start at the beginning: Genesis contains the historical presupposition and basis of the national religious ideas and institutions of Israel, and serves as an introduction to its history, laws, and customs. And learn that Jesus is your Lord and savor.

Stew (03/03/2007) Well Liddy, it seems proclaiming Jesus as your Lord kind of conflicts with one of the ten commandments. "I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery; you shall have no other gods before me." Seems pretty simple to me so please don't hang your Christ on me... as I said before I'm not following you to Hades. Lidman, why do you want stew to burn in hell?

Lidman (03/03/2007) Stew you must let go of your stupidity that man has taught you and open your mind to God. It is written, " Your thoughts are not my thought's and your ways are not my ways. So how can a man come before the Father except by way of the Son" -- GOD

The letter I wrote:

To whom it may concern, On the community forum "Another star project" By Stew there were comments deleted that were not only within your rules but were of a very personal believe of mine and who ever did this had no right what so ever to delete these! These comments made reference to God and Jesus Christ yet, someone took it apron them self's to get rid of just these comments. I demand you reinstate these comments with an apology for deleting them in the first place. You have crossed a line and I find it very offensive and a directed violation of my right to free speech as a citizen of the USA. What do you think?

Resolution Update 03/16/2008:

This review was and is resolved thanks to the Admin and my self. Why do people like chow and HappyASAclam want to start trouble I don't know but if you must carry on. This REVIEW IS RESOLVED.

Will Not Send Password
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

INTERNET -- Several months ago I joined MY3CENTS and was supposed to get a password verification e-mailed to me. It never came. When I try to get a new account it says that my e-mail already has an account and it asks if I would like the password e-mailed to me. Of course I say yes but the e-mail never comes. I have tried at least 5 different times but never receive the promised e-mail. I also check my spam folder but nothing there either. There is a problem somewhere and I don't think it is on my end. What's up guys?

My3cents is an excellent website

When I first came to this website it was to write a review about an experience I had at a Sonic Drive In. For reasons that I don't understand, commenting was blocked on it by the admin. A few judged me for my thoughts, but right or wrong I know it's an easy thing for people to do. Aside from that I have noticed when reading reviews that the bulk of the commenter's here are extremely knowledgeable and most times helpful. Especially when posting contact information to help the author resolve their issue.

Not sure why people can't do that on their own, but it is good to see that there are others here willing to do it for them. And it's nice to see those who have a firm grasp on life and finances offering their advice to those who appear to be less fortunate. I've read some comments that flat made me laugh, and humor is always a good thing as well.
Overall this website seems to be helpful and enjoyable with a great group of knowledgeable people willing to help others. I sure enjoy it. I have learned some things.

I'm Impressed
By -

I first found My3Cents a couple of years ago and was a regular visitor. That is, until I had a reason to post a complaint and was "ripped to shreds" so to speak over the complaint reason, why I felt I had a complaint and so on. Needless to say, I didn't return for a long time.

A month or so ago, I thought I'd check it out again to see what was going on. I must say that I was very impressed with the change in the tone of comments given to various posts. No longer did I see the barbs, sarcastic remarks and things that led to my not visiting the site for a while.

I would like to thank and commend those of you who post comments to posts on this board. It is refreshing to see such polite and professional responses. That's not to say that there hasn't been some tough criticism of some of the complaints posted, but even then, it is done in a polite manner. So, to those of you who post comments and replies, I say "Thank You". You make this board enjoyable to visit!

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