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Customer Service on Missing Purchases Stinks!!!!!!
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Rating: 2/51

GEORGIA -- I've been with MyPoints since they basically started and was really pleased, but I'm sorry to say they aren't what they use to be. It's now difficult to ensure your searches and purchases are truly being applied, and heavens help you if you try to go through their customer service. They keep sending you back to their redemption process for issues, and believe me, this process stinks!!!! I've yet to get a live person to assist me, so, like AT&T they have become more interested in their own revenue vs the customer; whether you're a long time customer or not makes no difference to them. I'd look around for other reward programs first, and read the reviews!

Started Since They Open
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Rating: 3/51

GEORGIA -- I agree with another user. When they started I love to use them. Now... I ordered airline tickets and hotels through MyPoints and they don't have records on those clicks. It just happened on those that's expensive items missed? Submitted missing points requested, they had been good with missing points until this. Even you have proof. They ignored. They said they will talk to the company and it has been more than one month. So disappointed with them now.

Will start look for other similar program. If I find one, there will be farewell to MyPoints. Just don't use CheapOair, Expedia, with MyPoints. Expedia one after I submitted the complaint they did credit me back but that one is only like $200... Others were over $1000... lost...

Just Started Shafting
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Rating: 1/51

Long time user without an issue. Recently tried to exchange points for a gift certificate. For the first time they ask you to enter birth month and day. When you enter it you get an error message saying it does not match their records. I went into my MyPoints site and there is no place that asks for this information. I have sent several emails, and provided information they requested. They no longer respond to my emails, and just try to call them. They can keep my points.

My Points Has Paid Me Over $200 and Counting!
By -

I have been using MyPoints for about a year now and have not had a problem. I was reading the reviews here and thought I should write one to let everyone know that not everyone has problems with the site. Typically I use their Bonus Mail to get my 5 points at a time although I have done several trial periods (one for Rhapsody and one for LifeLock) to get more points - 1000 and 500 respectively. I have also shopped through their site for things I can buy online and have signed up for DirecTV through their site (10,000 points).

There have been several times (although not the majority) that I have not been awarded points. On those occasions, I emailed them a copy of the confirmation email and then I got the points within 5 days. They usually send an email within 24 hours to say they are looking into it. If they need more information, they email me again. Otherwise, they just email me after a couple of days to say the points were awarded. Once, when I signed up for DirecTV, I accidentally used the wrong email address. I emailed them after the 30 days to see if the points were awarded anyway. I just changed out the email address in the confirmation email and the points were awarded.

I typically redeem for $25 gift cards since I want them as soon as I can get them. So far I have received over $200 and I have another $50 pending. I see people complain about this, but it is an optional service. Even with a few glitches (one being that I have never received points for their MaxPoints offers where you sign up for newsletters), the majority of the program works well.

I get all of my points for bonus mail, most of my shopping points, and all of my click through to offer points without any problems. If you typically buy things online, there is no reason not to use this program since you can still get points on your credit card and get extra points and money back for shopping you would do anyway!

By -

I'm another person who's gotten 'screwed over' royally by MyPoints. I'd actually been a member since late 1998 and had never even redeemed my points once, as I wanted to accumulate a large amount and get something really nice with them. Well, having accumulated a huge number of points through them (over a faithful 12+ years!!!), I just today got an email saying that my MyPoints account was canceled. They said I'd violated their 'Terms of Service' somehow, though no definite reason was given.

All my points were canceled. I'd advise everyone: Don't waste your time with MyPoints. You'll be clicking your brains out - for absolutely nothing! I'm going to talk to the BBB about them. You've been warned - so beware MyPoints!!

Ripped Off By An Mypoint Offer / No Responses To Emails Sent
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I signed up to participate in an offer MyPoints was running with Goldster. I received an envelope from Goldster to used to send my gold jewelry to this company for purchase. By participating with MyPoints, I was to receive a $25 above the purchase price of my jewelry. Accoding to Goldster, I would be notified of an offer for the purchase of my jewelry within 3 days. I could accept or decline. If declined, my jewelry would be returned.

I never received notification from Goldster on the purchase price for my jewerly. Weeks later, I received a check for $5.95. Yes, I did say $5.95. I was shocked. I would NEVER have accepted an offer so low. I trusted that this was a trusted vendor, because the offer came from MyPoints. Repeated emails to have not been responded too.

MyPoints Opt Out SPAM
By -

Look at the bottom of every BonusMail you receive. In many of them in teeny tiny print, it says you have to opt out of future emails from this advertiser. Suddenly I'm on all kinds of email lists I didn't opt in for PLUS many of these are sleazy companies that quickly sold my email address on. Opt out that is snuck into very fine print is not best practices for advertisers and makes BonusMail a huge pain in the ass because you have to check every email even if it's not one you would click through on, otherwise you'll be stuck with SPAM.

Complain long and loud and especially make a complaint at Every spam email you receive should go to SpamCop. Maybe when their advertisers get their IP addresses blocked for SPAM, they'll change their completely shady business practices.

Account suddenly closed??
By -

I have been a member of mypoints for many years now and have never had a problem with them or receiving rewards (with the exception of a few delayed points posting). I currently have 31,931 points in my account (some of which are still in pending mode). Yesterday I received a bonus mail from them and immediately clicked through. Suddenly the page changed and it said, "Your account has been closed due to violation of our Terms of Service. To view the MyPoints Terms of Service, click here."

I thought it had to be a mistake and I emailed them immediately (as they have no other contact information). Today I got a response back, "Thank you for contacting MyPoints Member Services. Your inquiry has been forwarded to our MOPS Team for further review."

I was curious as to what a MOPS Team is so I googled it and came across the my3cents website and it appears that this is the norm for accounts around the holidays - making purchases, accounts suddenly closed and points stolen. If I had of known this in advance I would have made my purchases through the airmiles website. This is total bs. That's all I can say.

Stole my points - FRAUD
By -

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- I used this website to purchase many things for my family members. There were over 20,000 points in my account until Mar 24. I won a game on that morning and it rewarded me of over 320,000 points. I was sooooooo excited to see my total points became over 340,000. Since the points are still pending, I planned to shop around when they are in my pocket.

However, on Mar 26, I found my account freeze. It was suspended by I emailed their customer service (NO direct phone you can contact him with) and they said my issue was passed to the MOP Team (I have no idea what it is). I waited for 5 days and emailed them again, they just gave me the same answer. Two days later, I emailed them again and asked for the direct phone number that I can talk to them. They just gave me the same answer: "your email has been forwarded to the MOP Team". Where are my points? I think that is a fraud. 340,000 points equals to over $2,000 gift certificate. I would like to hear from them ASAP.

My Yearbook
By -

If my yearbook was created by kids then it should be for kids. They have let the adults turn something good for the kids, & make it obscene including my kids own father - it is bull. He set up a my yearbook account & all 4 Of our kids have one.

He added the kids as his friends then blocked them just because he was getting interested in the bad messages. I know he is a grown adult, that is my point. My sons are receiving the same things & some of them girls are automatically becoming their friends without them accepting it. Whenever it happens, my kids come & get me. I think It should be set for 18 & younger. There is always Myspace, Facebook or something more private they can take it to.

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