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Stole my points - FRAUD
By -

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- I used this website to purchase many things for my family members. There were over 20,000 points in my account until Mar 24. I won a game on that morning and it rewarded me of over 320,000 points. I was sooooooo excited to see my total points became over 340,000. Since the points are still pending, I planned to shop around when they are in my pocket.

However, on Mar 26, I found my account freeze. It was suspended by I emailed their customer service (NO direct phone you can contact him with) and they said my issue was passed to the MOP Team (I have no idea what it is). I waited for 5 days and emailed them again, they just gave me the same answer. Two days later, I emailed them again and asked for the direct phone number that I can talk to them. They just gave me the same answer: "your email has been forwarded to the MOP Team". Where are my points? I think that is a fraud. 340,000 points equals to over $2,000 gift certificate. I would like to hear from them ASAP.

Help me
By -

I have tried and tried to stop receiving their emails. Gmail doesn't give a block option. They flood my inbox every day. I don't want to receive them at all. But so far have been unable to unsubscribe. Any suggestions how to do this.

Refusal To Credit Points
By -

I purchased over 1000 dollars worth of books for a class I was teaching. I was supposed to receive over 10,000 points from Mypoints. Well, they never credited the points. They have been running me in circles for the last two months. Saying how they talked to where I bought the books and the order number I gave them does not exist.

Then they told me they couldn't find the transaction in their system which only holds records for 90 days so It never happened. Then they asked for my account info again. Told me how it wasn't valid. I have sent them info from the site copied directly into the email, again the account number doesn't exist. Call the book company, all my info is still in the system - everything I gave is correct. Again they reply that everything is incorrect. I would just follow the links and try and find a better deal elsewhere because Mypoints is not a safe place for larger transactions. I have been a member since 2002 and never had this problem until recently.

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