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Stole my points - FRAUD
Posted by on
MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- I used this website to purchase many things for my family members. There were over 20,000 points in my account until Mar 24. I won a game on that morning and it rewarded me of over 320,000 points. I was sooooooo excited to see my total points became over 340,000. Since the points are still pending, I planned to shop around when they are in my pocket.

However, on Mar 26, I found my account freeze. It was suspended by I emailed their customer service (NO direct phone you can contact him with) and they said my issue was passed to the MOP Team (I have no idea what it is). I waited for 5 days and emailed them again, they just gave me the same answer. Two days later, I emailed them again and asked for the direct phone number that I can talk to them. They just gave me the same answer: "your email has been forwarded to the MOP Team".

Where are my points? I think that is a fraud. 340,000 points equals to over $2,000 gift certificate. I would like to hear from them ASAP.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 04/03/2007:
Sounds like they are still investigating... keep us posted if you get any updates. What kind of game did you win? If they do pay up and the site is legit, I might check it out...
tander on 04/03/2007:
I believe is a survey site.
MRM on 04/03/2007:
Speaking of fraud, did anyone watch the 2nd series of 'How to catch Identity Thieves" on Dateline NBC, Tuesday night? That show was very informative as the investigative reporter tracks down the thief who uses stolen credit card to buy goods online. Now that was a must see TV!
Anonymous on 04/03/2007:
MRM, you must be back east? It's not Tuesday night yet in California. But I do plan on watching it, later. :)
MRM on 04/03/2007:
I just saw Dateline at 8pm in Virginia. I guess I asked the question little early.
Anonymous on 04/03/2007:
Is it like neopets because if it is maybe someone stole your points by going into your account. They do that sometimes.
Sparticus on 04/03/2007:
MRM - I saw that program tonight... I was hoping they would actually catch those crooks! Scary how much of that is going on...
kllou on 04/04/2007:
It was just a jackpot game and see if you are lucky enough to match everyday's lucky number. It is not like the neopets, nobody hacked into my account. freezed my account for no reason and didn't let me use the points to redeem gift certificate after I won the game.
Emailcheck2003 on 11/14/2008:
MyPoints is a SCAM. After spending hours on surveys and clicking on sites that led to excessive soon as you earn enough points to redeem a good reward, they close your account and will not reply back with an explanation. Don't waste your time!!
Anonymous on 11/14/2008:
Not true, Emailcheck2003. I've redeemed multiple gift cards that I've earned from them. $50 WaWa, $50 Target, and $50 Wal-Mart to name a few.

I've used them for several years, with absolutely no problems at all.
dianalynn on 12/25/2008:
Since the economy is bad My point is reniging on their original offers. they totally froze my accounts and didn't give me or my family any points that we earned saying we broke the contract. I have been with them for years...this is news to me... I think they are making excuses not to reward people due to the economy and they should be reported.
Becci on 06/17/2013:
Seriously, these comments are from 5 and 6 years ago. To continue leaving this on your site when it is so outdated is awful.
I am with MyPoints and I too, have been very successful in redeeming my rewards.
They tell you right up front that it takes at least 30 days before you can use the points accumulated, and some even longer. It is NOT just a survey site, you get points for reading your email, purchasing online and doing surveys. Even if you don't "qualify" for a survey, after you have filled some of it out, you still get points, anywhere from 5-10.
I was skeptical when I first tried MyPoints but have come to love the site and reallllllllly love using all my gift cards. They have now added PayPal gift cards to the 100's of available stores and sites to choose from.
DebtorBasher on 06/17/2013:
It's not outdated when people are still reading and commenting on you did today.
junebuggy on 07/31/2013:
I like the program and have very good experience with them. sounds like a computer glitch or something and then they are not responsible for it.
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Help me
Posted by on
I have tried and tried to stop receiving their emails. Gmail doesn't give a block option. They flood my inbox every day. I don't want to receive them at all. But so far have been unable to unsubscripe. Any suggestions how to do this.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/12/2010:
There is a "click here to unsuscribe" near the bottom of the email.

They also recommend this:

If you wish to close your MyPoints account, visit the My Account page and select "Close Account."
goduke on 08/12/2010:
Or you can log into your account, go to the "My Account" page, under "Manage My Account" click on "Manage Email Subscriptions", check the box that says "no longer receive any email from Mypoints," and click the "Update" button at the bottom.
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